Amanda climbs on top of Candice and says if I had a di*k, the things I would do to you!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin,
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

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12:40am Amanda tells Andy that she wants him to tell Kaitlin that someone in her alliance told him it’s true about the Grasshoppers alliance. She wants him to tell her that it could sway his vote. They talk about how they are voting out Kaitlin because she is coming after Amanda. Amanda says that she wants to find out the truth because they’re not sure Judd is telling the truth. Amanda says that she wants the target off of her. Andy says that he thinks Kaitlin would still lie. Amanda says that Kaitlin would go back to the other people in that alliance and point fingers, which would take the target off of her. McCrae says there’s no point. Andy says it’s risky, but says he wants to get the target off of Amanda. Andy says that he is annoyed that Judd doesn’t want blood on his hands. He says that Judd told Andy not to say the reason they are voting Kaitlin out because that’s what Judd wants. Andy says we need to stay strong (McCrae, Andy, Judd, Amanda). Amanda says that Andy is the only one who can get the truth out of Kaitlin.

In the havenot room – Candice and Jessie are talking. Candice says that she will talk to Judd and vote however he wants. Andy comes in and asks them if they think the five person alliance is true. Candice says that she believes the 5 person alliance isn’t true at all. Candice says that she sees the bigger picture but doesn’t want to say it because she thinks that would put the target on her back. Andy and Jessie talk about how they think there are bigger targets in the house. They agree to go with what the house wants.

130am Up in the HOH room – Howard, Kaitlin and Gina are talking. Kaitlin comments that Spencer is acting weird. Howard tells her to look him in the eyes when you asks him if you are staying, he can’t lie. He won’t look you in the eye when you ask him. Howard comments that on the other votes Spencers acted weird too. Howard says he thinks he doesn’t have anyone. Gina says I don’t have anyone either. Kaitlin and Howard say that they trust Andy.


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Andy, Spencer and Judd are in the lounge room talking. Howard joins them. Howard asks what’s going on. Judd says I don’t know, I know she doesn’t want to be blindsided but there isn’t much we can do. We are thinking Kaitlin, but we can’t tell her. Howard says if that’s what the house wants McCrae says that he has to vote her out, she is coming after Amanda so I have to vote her out. Andy says that the only things is that Kaitlin has been throwing names out there and Aaryn hasn’t been. Andy says that he also doesn’t know where Aayrn stands. Judd tells him to vote how he wants then, I don’t want everyone to pin it on me. Andy says well I will vote how the house wants. Judd says I don’t vote, I put up the nominations and you all decide what you want. Howard says that he will ask people tomorrow and see what the house consensus is and I’ll vote that way. Judd says I am in a bad spot, I told her one thing and another thing is happening. Andy tells Judd that he is

1:50am In the bathroom – Howard talks to Elissa and says that everyone was saying one name and now they’re saying another one. They are showing their hand. Everyone first wanted Aaryn out and now it’s Kaitlin. It doesn’t matter to me but it’s just weird. Elissa says that she is leaning towards wanting Aaryn out. Howards says that he will ask everyone again tomorrow and see. Elissa complains about someone putting their fingers in the Vaseline. (It was Judd who stuck his fingers in it and whipped it on Andy’s hair.)


Andy, McCrae, Judd and Spencer are in the lounge talking. McCrae says that Aaryn staying will be going after Elissa but Kaitlin staying will be coming after Amanda. Andy agrees. Judd says I want the MVP gone. Amanda joins them. They all heads up stairs to the HOH room. Amanda asks Spencer what he wants to do. Spencer says if you all say Kaitlin is coming after you then I am down with that. Andy says that the pros are starting to add up for Aayrn and the cons are starting to add up for Kaitlin. Howard comes up and says that he just wants to ask everyone publically because I don’t want the vote to flip and I not know about it again. Spencer says that he thought Aaryn was going up until 15 minutes ago but now Kaitlin is going. Andy agrees that he is starting to see reasons why to vote out Kaitlin. Kaitlin joins them and the conversation ends. They start talking about random things like how old their parents are and how long they’ve been married. Spencer says that he once had $ex with a girl that was the same age as him because he wanted to see two genitalia that were the same age having $ex. The conversation turns to talking about what each of their parents do for a living. Spencer asks what each of their plans are after the show. McCrae says that he may move to Florida to be with Amanda his sugar momma. Amanda says I’ll be your sugar mamma. Judd isn’t sure if his job will still be there. Amanda says go on vacation with her fiancé. Candice says that her womb is ready for babies so she wants to have kids. They ask her if she has someone in mind. Candice says I have options. Howard smiles and shakes his head. Howard says that he is going to go back to weight training kids, finish his masters. Andy says that he will go back to teaching and hopes to travel a bit, help out his parents if he wins some money. Spencer says that he will go back to the rail road. I may use some of the money to go back to school. Candice yells get Marilyn a ring. Spencer says I will be working in that direction. Amanda says that she may have some hit men after her when she gets out. She says that her ex said if she even flirted with anyone he said she would never work in this town again. Andy says he sounds like a real winner. Howard says that he may work on having kids in a year and a half. Amanda says well there is someone right here that’s womb is ready. Amanda climbs on top of Candice and says if I had a di*k, the things I would do to you.


2:35am In the kitchen – McCrae tells Spencer that he wants to be straight with him and not pull the rug out from under him on this vote. Candice joins them. Spencer says that Howard has been acting weird for about two weeks ever since they we got close. McCrae tells Spencer that he trusts him because you talk to me, but Howard doesn’t talk to me. Amanda and McCrae head into the lounge room.

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Up in the HOH room – Candice, Howard Judd, Spencer and Andy are talking. Howard says that he just wants a witness around to ask about the vote just so he doesn’t get the back lash. Judd says that he is tired of being the scapegoat just because I am HOH and then next week I can’t compete. Howard says this vote doesn’t bother me it is next week. Spencer says that there are pros and cons to each, and if Kaitlin is coming after them (Amanda and McCrae) then I am fine with that. Candice asks are we doing a consensus vote like Jeremy’s vote or are we doing what we want? Candice says if everyone keeps their vote a secret then no one can be mad if votes don’t go one way or another. Or we all vote together. McCrae and Amanda both say they are voting out Kaitlin. Andy says Jessie, Helen and Elissa want Kaitlin out too. Candice says if Aaryn stays then someone is protecting her. Amanda says no one is protecting her, Kaitlin is coming after us so we are voting her out. Andy says regardless of who goes, we can’t let who stays win HOH. Andy says I think even if Gina wins HOH I think we can get her to do whatever we want. Candice if everyone want Kaitlin out, then that’s what I will do. They discuss how it should be a 9-0 vote.

Howard asks Andy to be around when he asks Helen, Elissa and Jessie who they are voting for. Andy says yeah I will be there. Amanda comments that Kaitlin also said she was going after Helen who said she was protecting her. Candice says I never heard that. Judd says he heard it a couple times. Spencer says who talks about who they are going after when they are on the block. Judd says that he doesn’t want to blind side Kaitlin. Amanda says I got in trouble for tipping off Jeremy he is going home. Judd jokes and says I would really appreciate it if you woudn’t go behind my back and vote out Gina. Spencer says it should just be a blood free next two weeks.

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3:05am – 3:25am Andy goes into the lounge room with Kaitlin. Kaitlin asks if he, Helen and Elissa are still voting for her. Andy says yes. Kaitlin says then I would have you, Helen, Elissa, Howard and Candice. Andy tells her he would rather vote Aaryn out. Kaitlin says she wants to know how Spencer is voting because she thinks he is lying to her face. Andy says that people keep listing off pros and cons to both. Andy says I think it will be a 5-4 vote. Andy tells her that it should be, I will know more tomorrow and I will keep you in the loop. Kaitlin asks him do you think Helen and Elissa would lie to you? Andy says I hope not, I don’t think so. Kaitlin heads back to the kitchen. She talks to Gina for a minute and then goes into the bathroom to talk to Andy again. She questions why Helen and Elissa would vote one way and McCrae and Amanda vote another when they are working together. Andy says that he doesn’t know, we will see when the vote comes out. Kaitlin talks to Gina in the bathroom. Kaitlin says she doesn’t like being lumped in the same category with Aaryn. If I am just going to go up each week I would rather just go home. Kaitlin says Elissa plays a personal game, there is no way she won’t vote Aaryn out.
Kaitlin and Gina decide to head to bed. Gina heads into the kitchen and starts pretending to brush Nick’s hair. The HOH crew watch her on the spy screen and laugh.

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3:50am – 4am Howard, Judd, McCrae, Amanda and Spencer are talking. Judd starts talking about the period blood stain on the living room couch. He says he heard Gina cleaned it up but that you can still see it. (Amanda talked about how it was her that made the stain a week ago but right now she isn’t admitting to it.) The conversation turns to talking about the up coming HOH competition. They wonder if they will only get one shot at it. McCrae and Amanda head down stairs.


4am – 4:20am Judd tells Howard and Spencer the reason they (Amanda & McCrae) want Kaitlin gone is not the reason I want her gone. Judd says that Amanda talked like she was talking for the whole house. They talk about how they will tell Gina she is safe and right before tell Kaitlin that she is going home. Spencer says Howard and I need to make it to jury. Spencer tells Judd to just tell Kaitlin that the numbers aren’t looking good. Spencer asks Judd to convince Amanda that we aren’t coming after her if she questions us. We will be loyal to you till the end. I will go down protecting the both of you. Spencer says that Amanda has a lot of pull, it was all Aaryn, Aaryn, Aaryn.. until Amanda changed her mind to go after Kaitlin. Judd tells Spencer and Howard to have random conversations with Amanda and McCrae. Judd says I hope Andy isn’t mad that I snapped at him but I don’t like people using me as a scapegoat. Spencer says you hear all these web of lies but right now its hard to wrap your hands around it. Amanda and McCrae join them again and the conversation turns to talking about random things again. Spencer heads done to go to bed. Judd wonders who will win HOH. Amanda says me I was getting good at it. Judd mentions that Spencer and Andy were doing good at it too.


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4:30am – 5:05am McCrae talks to Spencer in the lounge about how Howard does a lot of double talk where he could talk all day and still say nothing. McCrae comments that Howard needs to calm down. Spencer says I think he will be very loyal if we can just get his head focused. Spencer asks McCrae if he can keep him safe and just be honest with me. McCrae says the more you keep Amanda out of your mouth and if you hear anything you come tell us. Then the more Amanda will trust you. Spencer says that Elissa is looking like the crazy one not Amanda. Spencer says I will be completely loyal to you guys. Do everything to keep me safe because I am a huge ally to you and Amanda. Do you thing Andy will be loyal to you over Helen? And where does Judd stand, no one knows. McCrae agrees. Spencer says don’t fu*king lie to me again. McCrae says no I won’t. Amanda joins them. Spencer tells her that they can trust him. Amanda says the people that make me nervous are Jessie and Candice I don’t need you to tell me that. Amanda asks so that alliance with you is a lie. Spencer says yes. Spencer tells Amanda that people like Amanda more than McCrae. You are playing good cop, bad cop. Spencer says everyone sees you fu*king whispering gets nervous. Amanda asks who? Spencer fu*king Judd, Andy, everybody! You’ve been doing so much whispering the last three weeks and you’ve made people nervous. Spencer says that he has their backs. Amanda tells him that he isn’t the target. Spencer says that he will try and get Howard under control. Amanda and Spencer agree that Howard talks in circles. Amanda brings up the alliance. Spencer asks why would I make an alliance with two people on the block? I will put Ginamarie up next week and prove I don’t have an alliance with her. Amanda says the proof is in the pudding. Spencer says if I get HOH you and McCrae are safe, just like if you get HOH I expect Howard and I are safe. Spencer says that people are worried that if they don’t vote with you then they will be a target. Amanda says I never said that you can vote how you want to vote. I haven’t pushed. Spencer says I don’t care either way I will vote Kaitlin out. They talk about how they don’t want Aaryn to win HOH. Spencer says that she was doing well at it too. Spencer says I don’t think it will be buckets, it will be more like slots. Spencer tells Amanda to get the scapegoat thing out of her head its not like that. Amanda lumps Spencer in with Howard and Candice. Spencer says I never talk to Candice I have nothing to do with her. Spencer says lets just keep each other safe. Amanda says keeping us safe is keeping us safe with Howard and Candice. Spencer says I will try and reel him back in. Amanda says if Howard or Candice win HOH and we go up then our loyalty with us is gone. Spencer says that is bullsh*t! If he wins it I will try and get him to put up the girls because that is all he has talked to me about doing. They end their conversation. Spencer goes to bed and McCrae and Amanda head up to the HOH room.


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The one thing I admire about Spencer is his ability to not be fazed by Amanda, almost anyone else in the house would’ve backed off immediately in that situation.


Howard’s mind being continuously in the gutter renders him oblivious to Amanda’s remarks..

the Truth

Waiting for the moment where the entire house wakes up to the fact that Amanda is a goddamn snake that needs to go! She is so freaking nasty and gross. I hope like hell whoever wins HOH puts up her and her puppet.


Ahhh, but the house has already realized this on more than one occasion, but she has managed to steer the target away from her for the most part. She is better at this game than most care to give her credit for.


Any suggested YouTube links for watching BB15 previous episodes.


If you purchase and download a VPN you can go to the CBS website and watch any episode. It’s easy and pretty cheap.


check out quirkydude on dailymotion he’s been posting there


Assuming that you are from Canada 😉


Also, TVGN (where BB After Dark is now airing) is doing Flashback Fridays where this week’s episodes prior to the After Dark on Friday. Last week they ran every episode


If Aaryn stays, she will agree to throw the HoH competition or let the houseguest whatever they want. If not, where coming after her.


Who is thumbing that down?

It’s exactly how it is with Aaryn right now. I think the problem is that some people who post here don’t watch the feeds and don’t know what is going on in that house.


I just read them.


I don’t watch the feeds, but I do watch the edited show and BBAD and I read the feeds here and one more site just to have a couple views points on what is going on. I think seeing a few different descriptions allows you to see things from a different light. I can tell you that next year I will sooooooo be getting the feeds.


Spencer and Howard winning HOH and not putting Amanda and MC Crae up will be their best move, it could potentially gain back their trust. I just hope that one of the superfriends win it tomorrow and boot them out first. It’s funny how they say they are loyal yet the moment their ship started sinking they go back to their word. Amanda and MC paranoia and lack of trust of their allies would be the cause of their downfall, people are already seeing that amanda is sketchy and her attitude is adding salt to the wound.


It would be a huge mistake for them to not put up McCrae or Amanda. Howard’s ship has sailed with Amanda and I don’t see her ever wanting to be in a legitmate alliance with him or wanting to trust him. She’s too head strong to reconsider her stance on Howard.


It’s amazing how they all trust Andy so easily yet he’s the biggest rat in the house. This season has been incredibly annoying thus far with the amount of people serving as rats and flipping back and forth. You can predict what will happen every single day. One “pocket” (I refuse to call them alliances for these people) will have a conversation. One person in that pocket will go spill to another pocket. One person in that pocket will go back and spill to the first pocket. Someone will go have a conversation with the outcasts on the block detailing everything that happened but lie about it completely. The outcasts will talk about this fake information. That fake information will go back to one of the pockets. Someone in that pocket will go tell the other pocket. And the process continues.


Judd is so wishy-washy. I was starting to like him, but now he his showing his character and trying to keep his hands clean. What side is he on? From Howard’s alliance to the Superfriends to back to Howard’s? Still waiting for one of these characters to make me want them to win this thing!


So, Amanda is the Queen and everyone else are her drones? Vote Kait out because she is targeting Amanda? What a load of BS. Do NONE of the drones think for themselves? When one of them does (ELissa) she makes them public enemy #1.

Watching last night’s show and the whole birthday “strippergate” issue, I completely get where Elissa was coming from. Amanda was being her trashy self and Elissa was embarrassed. At least Elissa has the morals and strength to say what she is thinking to Amanda’s face. I SOOOOO want Amanda out of the house…even more than Aaryn because I do not think she is a real threat.


Agreed. I believe Elissa made those comments especially because she out of everyone is beyond aware that the cameras are rolling 24/7. Every one of them forget – except her. She knows what certain acts and slip ups can do to ones reputation as her sister experienced the same thing and then some. And what these houseguests forget is that they have family watching them + people at home + clients who are then going to look at them a certain way after witnessing them perform sexual acts with other house guests – and that ranges from Amanda’s strip tease to her and McCrae having sex. It’s human nature, yes. But I think that Elissa realizes what those things can do to you once you get outside the house and that’s something that these other HGs, specifically Amanda, do not understand.


1. She didn’t have to be in the HoH when that was going on.

2. As long as Amanda and McCrae are having fun, they are two consenting adults.

3. Her choice of words was disrespectful, hurtful, and frankly, she sounded like a snob.


just for the record, amanda did not actually “strip” and her and mccrae have not had sex in the house. i am a little shocked they aired the spankings on national tv at 8pm!! i thought it was fun, but not for kids!


I agree, D! I had my grandson over to watch BB, and was shocked they showed that! A lot of the players watched since childhood with their parents/grandparents, but if they show that kind of stuff, then I’ll be watching alone. Shame.


she’s also a mother, I hate to state to obvious, but motherhood really changes how you think, act, view the world and carry yourself within it, I admit I might have done some of things Kaitlin does when I was her age (like kiss a guy or wear booty shorts all day) but as a mother, no matter what, I wouldn’t…and sexual talk, performing sexual acts, even just being in conversations about such things, would be a no no – more importantly, if people were saying things I didn’t agree with I would speak up not to cause friction but I would want my children to know what I stand for and to know I am not afraid to speak up for what I believe is right, and that I don’t condone such behavior. so I give her credit.


As someone who does not have the figure to wear a bikini, I was offended when Elissa kept making fun of Amanda….and anyone else….who would ever wear a one piece bathing suit. Also, she has done her fair share of lying this week but denies it with her passive aggresive personality. I used to feel bad for her, but she can be a mean girl, altho she is good at saying, What, little old me??


someone with really good morals and character wouldn’t say any negative comments. you are not supposed to judge others. elissa could have just walked away, no one was forcing her to help amanda get ready or be up in that hoh room. i actually think she wanted to be there just to make fun of amanda, like see the spectacle and be in the limelight. she should follow helen or howard’s example, even jessie, i never see them being overtly immoral or disrespectful.


Agreed with you D but the problem with Howard is that he cannot wait for the right time to betray his original alliance with Elissa and Helen plus the other alliance
friend. He keeps on throwing Helen name for eviction. He and Spencer are with the friends but they cannot wait to split the alliance that is why they are caught all the time.


I really don’t understand Why people want the best players out of the house??!! Amanda more than Aaryn?? Really, are we watching the same show??

Charlie Hustle

They start talking about their parents and Spencer says ‘I had sex with some my age just to see…’ Seriously? This guy is weird. I don’t buy for a second he’s ever had sex.


I’m more frightened if he is sleeping with anyone, what age he is choosing.


Everyday these people get more and more repulsive.


Just seeing Amanda on top of Candice, makes me wish we had lesbians on the show. 2 or 3 of em. 🙁


Candace and Elissa need to go.

Amanda is a chamleon

Looks like Amanda has adapted into her natural habitat and picked up the spencer syndrome.She will now look to have sex with anything that moves.


I look forward to America’s reaction that Aaryn is still in the house tonight/tomorrow with all the repetitive headlines.

It’ll be a fun day.


From last nights CBS BB show, it looks like Amanda is planted by production. She got a really good edit. Actually, she’s been getting very good edits. They make Elissa look bad for her insensitive comments, but Amanda has made countless insensitive comments about people.


It’s scary how much the CBS only watchers don’t know about the show or the houseguests they are rooting for. Watching them come to Amanda’s defense makes me cringe. But it also shows me how good Grodner is at manipulating one’s perception of these people. Amanda is set for final 2 (and definitely favorite player) as the CBS only watchers are in love with her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had Elissa along side Amanda just to have a good versus evil type of thing. After all, Elissa is beginning to show her “inner Rachel” which for some reason, I truly believe has to do with production. America was with her for three weeks and production wanted a change. Based on that production interfering third nomination (Elissa going up) and the edit they gave Elissa last night, they are now trying to turn the tables and make way for their new pet, Amanda. But, they need somebody to go up against Amanda. It’s all apart of the story line. And who better do that than Elissa: The most hated houseguest’s sister.


I’m actually watching the live feeds and following more than one blog and my favorite is by far Amanda, her and McCrae are running the show since day one! Amanda is so entertaining and %100 playing the game, a good game!


i agree with last night, but the 2 shows before, they were showing how bossy she was being with mccrae and how much she was going after howard, they showed her saying it so many times, kind of made her look bitchy/pushy, wouldn’t call that a good edit…


I actually read a post somewhere that a supposed ex-CBS employee is saying it was chosen ahead of time that Amanda would win and that all the edits and competitions will start swinging in her favor shortly….that was last week…..starting to look like it may be true. I will interested to see if that really happens. Amanda got an amazing edit last night for sure…..


Its like last week where everyone thought Nick was going home because everyone lied so much. We wont know till tonight!



Girl, Interrupted

Ditto…. Hopefully the new HOH will add some intrigue.


Don’t be so sure, Aaryn agree to throw the HoH competition.


Even if she tries to throw the competition, she’ll probably wind up winning. This comp is all going to be based on luck of the bounce. Anyone can win it.


I don’t know about that, hopefully Elissa or Andy


I am just so annoyed with all the flip flopping back and forth. There are no REAL alliances in the house. My thoughts are, “send all three of them packing!”


Agreed, I just want this season to be over at this point, such a terrible job of casting done this year. Hope BB16 is better.


This is a game with 1/2 a million dollars prize and I guess we cannot blame these houseguests to be trying. If you are in their position you will do the same. I have my favorite players but it is hard to say who is playing good and not playing at all. I just hope that the best player who is playing good wins.


Ok, Candice seeded the doubt in Howard’s head about Spencer. The only guy loyal to him. Candice couldn’t believe that Jessie was untrustworthy, and said it had to be Spencer. When in reality Spencer was very loyal to Howard. Spencer sees the change in the relationship and now is jumping ship. You got your wish Candice, Howard is now totally isolated. He’s just the last person to know it. Howard trusts Andy. Andy wants Howard out. Howard trusts Judd. Judd wants Howard out. Howard trusts Jessie. Jessie follows Judd’s lead and wants Howard out. Candice might actually burn the house down next week, when Howard gets evicted and Aaryn is still there. This is great TV.

STFU Donnie

You’re going to have to tell me where Spencer is abandoning Howard because it sure looked to me like Spencer was talking like they were a package deal and potentially setting the stage to throw Candace under the bus depending on who wins HOH. It will be an easy case for Spencer to make since even Candace’s two closest friends in Helen and Elissa place her in the discardable category.

Amanda is the only one obsessed with Howard and everybody else gives her obsession lip service. However when push comes to shove, the same people giving lip service, also know Amanda is running the game and Howard going only cedes Amanda more power. Despite all appearances, for me this game is Amanda/McCrea vs Howad/Spencer and the result of this battle will be determined by the other HG’s, who will float to whomever is HOH.


Had high hopes for Candace but since she got entranced by Howard she became a sh*tty player. She ignored the fact that Howard could have cause their demise if the moving company stuck together. She even ignores the reality that she is not “Howard’s person”, I can’t wait for Candace reaction when she gets evicted because of howard’s vote or when howard gets evicted.


Howard likely hasn’t made her confident enough in trusting Spencer. Spencer is more “his guy”. And Spencer has done at least two things that directly affected Candace so that’s probably why she doesn’t trust him and thought he was the one who went and told. But it’s strange how she didn’t even consider weird Jessie.


“11:57pm Elissa and JUDD JUDD tells her he knows she doesn’t like Aaryn but getting rid of Kaitlin is the right thing. Elissa says she has no personal feeling about Aaryn. She then starts talking about Aaryn lying about not campaigning against Gm and Kaitlin. Elissa points out that Aaryn has tried to make deals with every single person in this house to keep her safe.”

Elissa is a broken record, claims to not to think about Aaryn but it’s the only person she talks about

Elissa's Botox

“You’re disgusting, I don’t even think about you, you twist everyone’s words”- rinse , repeat

Aaryn has barely talked about Elissa..only when the rest of the house was complaining about her telling Katelyn in the kitchen did Aaryn really bring her up all week


Aaryn has been like the sweetest person in the house lately. It’s Elissa who’s freakin’ obsessed with her and keeps making up things that just aren’t true.


Aaryn is on the block and has been directed to not make waves. Elissa does not trust Aryn and wanted to keep Aaryn on the radar. You can’t fault Elissa for that.
Kaitlyn’s position on the block moved from pawn to target when Jessie informed Judd that it is Kaitlyn who she wants gone. Judd placated to Jessie’s desire because he see’s himself aligned with her, and he wasn’t fully convinced he wasn’t on Kaitlyn’s hit list (Jeremy).


Elissa is crazy. Plain and simple. She’s living in her own world where reality doesn’t exist.

Watch her conversation with Helen last night. Helen was looking at her like a mental patient. Elissa convinced herself that during that fight in the room, Aaryn yelled at her for 10 minutes and that she was attacked by two girls (I assume the other being Kaitlin). None of it is true, of course.

Absolutely crazy.


Bye. Kaitlin, have fun in the sequester with Jeremy.


have fun at the clinic,kait


You know he’s gonna pork her brains out.

Forget About It!

Really? What happened to the Grasshoppers? what happened to the Kaitlin supporters? are they acting? are they all going to vote Kaitlin out? Wow!! Are they (Howard and the grasshoppers) going to allow the ants to bully them when and if someone in their colony wins HOH? Kaitlin you needed to be way smarter than this CHICA. I am not defending Aaryn but she is playing the game! We will see tonight!

Ted Marie

Listening to Andy saying he is so irritated with Judd because he doesn’t want blood on his hands. Here’s an idea for you Andy, how about you go out there and win yourself an HOH and you can go ahead and get all the blood on your hands that you want. Geez, how ridiculous does he sound constantly bitching and moaning about the way people are actually playing the game and he just kicks back and feels he has all the room in the world to judge their moves or lack of. Give me a break!! It gets harder and harder to listen to him and watch him walk in on every single conversation in the house. He’s probably lost 20 pounds from all that constant running around.


Lol. It’s like they’ve made a customized passage way that only he can access to be a part of any conversation in the house.


EXACTLY!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself.q


I think it is hilarious!!!! He has literally walked in on every alliance and side alliance talking game and they literally just keep on talking while he is there. I almost die every time I see it!!!


The HOH tonight will be a total crap shoot. Anyone could win it, even Gina, Jessie, Andy or Spencer. I couldn’t take another Helen HOH, some of the most enjoyable nights this week were when Helen was under curfew. I’m kind of hoping Andy wins it so that he has to come out of the shadows and do something in the light of day. I am so over Elissa, I think I am starting to hate her more than Rachel, which I never thought would be possible. She is fake, she is entitled, she is rude and just an all round stupid player. Why would she go around pissing off the people that have kept her safe when she can’t play for POV next week? Unless she thinks she will be HOH and MVP next week. I get that she hates Aaryn and Gina, but this is the BB game. You have to talk and make deals with people you hate to get further in the game. Elissa refuses to talk to Aaryn, and then gets pissed off that Aaryn went to Helen to talk about her. What a nutcase! I really want Elissa going home this week. Her kids need her more than we do.


Hi Chloe Helen got the job done.


If I were Elissa…I would wake up to the fact that my life in BB is short. If she is nominated by her “side” of the house — which isn’t really her side just posers and users — I would blow the lid off of everything I know. I would but bulleyes as big as a house on Amanda, McCrae, Spencer, Andy, Jessie, Aaryn (of course) and even Helen and Judd…and I would do it at a house meeting. She owes no one in this house. They have pushed, bullied and used her. The whining from Amanda about saving her…every time Elissa tries to do something for HER game is getting old. She is not there to play the game for these losers. CBS should have never placed her in this situation…she does not have it in her. She should not have been the only relative of a former BB player – it made her public enemy #1 from the get go. And now, Amanda wants to use her…AGAIN, telling everyone that she has MVP this upcoming week and that she actually had it during Judd’s HOH. She has screwed Elissa’s game. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Elissa quite realizes her true threat is Amanda the troll.


Elissa did this to herself. She was given an incredible power for 3 weeks, and she used it stupidly. Don’t forget that week one she went to McCrae, told him she had the MVP and suggested that he could use her MVP as long as she was kept safe. What was McCrae supposed to do? Someone with power says, here I am, use me, and he was supposed to say no? If Elissa had been smart, she would have kept her mouth shut and put up a girl, then stir it up to make everyone think it was one of the other girls out of petty jealousy. She should never have told anyone! So now she has been protected by just about everyone with the understanding that she would do what they want in exchange for safety. And then she goes around blabbing about what she should shut up about and snubbing her own alliance members on a daily basis. I have no sympathy for her at all. She is wasting the power, just like Jeff wasted his wizard power by getting Lydia and Russell out instead of Gnat and Kevin. He had the power and wasted it, it was his game to lose and that’s exactly what he did. Elissa needed to play down her sister’s fan base instead of constantly mention the Brenchel army. She should have reminded everyone that Rachel also has lots of haters, that she is not at all like her sister, they barely see each other, etc. She has put the target on her own back. She has invited the others to use her and even when she can’t play pov next week, she continues to be a snobby bitch and throw the people that have helped her stay in the game under a fleet of buses and insult them on a personal level.

Forget About It!



It was many things. However SUCCINCT wasn’t close to being 1 of them !!


I guess I have to go look up not know what it


@blkg, good one. Although it would appear the people that gave name td’s don’t know what it means either.. LOL !!


i want elssia to win hoh cause amanda will not tell her what to do in im tired of seen amanda they need to show somebody else sometime if amanda win this game i would be un fair cause last week aryan was going now its kiklan casue she targetin amanda its wrong i will never watch it again if she win in never on the block

Dr Phil

Are you the real “Name” or an impostor? That comment you posted was horribly written. Name’s comments are usually well written and in English. In this post not a single period is used, words are misspelled, and its incoherent. If you are going to pose as someone else, at least make it readable.


NAME is what you get when you don’t type anything in the NAME box. Many posters do this. THere is noREAL NAME! Ilike this one best.I like her spelling…especially KIKLAN. Go spellcheck your mom.

Dr Phil

I am glad you can read it. It reads like gibberish. No one is asking for anything close to perfect English on these posts, but that’s just painful to read.

julies rice bowl

Ihave a friend who is brilliant but dislexic. you would not understand his writing, unless you TRIED. There are enough bullies here. BE nice. I misspelled dislectic ,dyslectic. Shoot me.


Andy…..go crazy on Havenots.


I just want to see him go all Gary on everyone and freak out!!! Kinda hope he does get stuck on slop again….( sorry Andy!) I actually like him and think he is doing ok. Just wanna see the freak out of him wiping all the chess pieces to the floor and screaming while he goes down the HOH staircase on his butt!!


The people that cause trouble in this house are Amanda and Andy they spread everything around so it looks like everyone is against each other when in reality they are the biggest snakes in the house. Andy is playing a really good game right now he’s totally under the rader I don’t even think anyone has mentioned his name to go up. If they leave Amanda in too long she will twist everything in the house!

M eat Lovers Pizza

Can someone please correct me if I’m wrong, as I don’t have the live feeds. Is Amanda the only one who has confronted Aaryn about her racist remarks not once but twice? I know that a lot of people don’t like the way she did and that is a whole other discussion, I’m just curious as to who else aside from Amanda has actually spoke to Aaryn about her racist remarks? Thanks.


Amanda did confront Aaryn twice but since that time she has defended Aaryn’s comments and has made a few of her own. She basically said that Howard and Candice are too sensitive and blew it out of proportion. One has to ask if confronting Aaryn was for camera time. She is very two faced so it’s hard to know especially since she has participated in some very questionable discussions.

Meat Lovers Pizza

I knew there was going to be a sidetracked discussion of how and why she did it, but my question is and still remains, has anyone else confronted Aaryn on her racist remarks? I’m just curious.


Not to my knowledge. I will say that while complaining heavily to everyone that she is, “NOT A RACIST,” a few people have tried to “console” Aaryn and calm her down, thereby kind of saying that they don’t believe she really is a “racist.” Quite a few people have said to her face, “people are just sensitive,” and then go behind her back and talk about how racist she is. But to my knowledge, the only one that has gone straight to her face and pointedly discussed her behavior is Amanda.

Meat Lovers Pizza

Thanks BBRNDI! It was a simple question, not praising or condoning anyone’s behavior just something that I was curious about. I wonder why no one else has broached this subject with Aaryn.


if amanda wins big brother i wil never watch it agian arayn was goning home now she staying cause kiklan was targeting guess who thats right amanda this is the worst season i ever seen i hope every body get a chances to win in cbs should change their mind to a nother person win it over her cause she made a racist stay in send kiklan home cause she was trageting her it would be wrong to america lookhow many people voted for arayn to go in if she stays cbs shoulld not let amanda win big brother at all so america wont be mad at big brother cause after this week it will be alot of angery people i know i seen a post that said amanda winnig big brother 15 you will see the twist that will benifict her in i dont like it i hope its not true if so they should change their mind in let somebody else to win cause amanda mess up amaerica vote to get out arayn so to you cbs do you want amanda to win in lose ratings or do you want anybody else to win in save big brother


I really like your comments.Wish you used adifferent ID.There are so many people named NAME.


I hope next season the twist is that there is no twist. We have all come to expect twists that stack the game in favor of a few players. A season with no twists would be unexpected. My favorite seasons were season 2 (no twists at all), season 3 (no twists that I remember) and season 6 (even though I hated the outcome, the season was epic). Ever since that it sucks to to varying degrees because of the meddling and twists. Even though I loved Dick, I realize that he never would have won if America’s player didn’t have to flip the house against Dustin. I’d like to just see people play the game for a change.


season 2 is when they introduced the POV i think, and season 3 introduced golden POV, so those were the “twists” at the time. season 6 the twist was everyone went in as pairs, but a lot of the pairs got separated early, especially janelle’s partner went home first so I think that’s why ppl often forget.


hey simon, which houseguests are doing the best at the HoH comp practice? Thanks!


Last night it was Andy, Aaryn and Spencer I also heard that Howard and Elissa did alright


eff, in that case i hope andy wins! i just really dont want any of the friends (amanda, mccrae, jessie, judd, helen) to go!


I hope so, I think Aaryn will throw the HoH competition


She won’t


Not sure if this has been said on here before but the whole MVP twist we can thank the ABC show “The Glass House” (aka the fake big brother that network came up with that CBS thought about suing last year) for it. The three nominations isn’t the thing but how big brother goes about revealing to all the houseguests who the third nominee is. Big Brother pulled that from The Glass House where on the tv screen they show all the houseguests pictures floating around and then it stops on the one that got nominated. That’s pretty much CBS giving the big “F” you to ABC. I laughed a little the first time i saw that.


Thanks Simon I really appreciate everything. Your site is the best. Even when i get behind in watching the episodes i get updated on things in the house 1st through onlinebigbrother before i watch missed episodes.


Thanks! always nice to hear some supportive words glad you like our spoilers


If in fact the comment that was posted 2 days ago (from an ex-CBS emplolyee), that Amanda is the predetermined winner, it explains a lot.
Amanda has had her flat ass firmly planted to the HOH bed since the beginning (without anybody’s protestations). (Aaryn’s HOH – not as much).
She dominates and instills fear. (Not very admirable IMHO).
If Amanda does win BB15 this will be very disturbing and disheartening.
That would mean no one had a chance to begin with.
We Shall See.


Anybody somebody Simon/Dawg: How do I cancel my live feed subscription? SOS


It should be in the account settings if not contact CBS help it should be easy to do once you find the button


say simon do you think amanda win big brother 15 is true or false


I wouldn’t believe the rumour that is going around saying CBS has chosen Amanda as the winner. As for who do I think is going to win based on where they are in the game right now and their skill level
Helen, Amanda, Howard, JUDD all have a shot but a lot can happen and by this time tomorrow Jessie could be considered a powerhouse in the game.


simon who you got for hoh tonight i got elssia


it could be anyone tonight


what does predetermined means

Dog Days

Great picture of Amanda doing some serious contemplating about Judd’s crotch in the HOH bed. Would love for Howard to win if only to see if she still manages to make it her own.


Predetermined means cbs wants her to win and have chosen her to win. I am not sure the game is that fake though. It’s never come out how fake it is. I think they like keeping controversial people in the the house and it’s defineatly been said in there that production leans on the house guests to evict a certain person.


If Howard and Spencer really want to make a big move and draw a line in the sand — but, of course, they’re going along just to get along, not knowing that EVERYONE else in the house besides Candice will put them up next week — they should approach Helen and tell her that, as of right now, we have three votes to get rid of Aaryn. Aaryn has a deal with Amanda and McCrae, everyone knows that. If Aaryn survives this week because you and Elissa voted to keep her here, and one of us (Howard, Spencer, Candice) wins HOH, we’re going to put you on the block next to either Amanda or McCrae. Then you can find out where you really stand in your own alliance. And we believe you are low on the totem.

Threats usually don’t work in BB, but they’ve been very effective this year. And if Howard and Spencer are doing well in the competition practice, that has to scare Helen.

Something has to flip this house. Please be something soon.


say simon i know you smart but dont you wish you could win hoh every week in next season do a endurance season everything endurance i will love to be on big brother how do i get on


Thanks 🙂 Getting on Big BRother is tough and can take years but if you are who they are looking for you’ll get one.

I think comps should be a mix of skill, crapshoots, quiz, endurance, strength, speed, puzzles etc etc


Hey guys, it would be funny if GinaMarie win HoH and have nick picture in her room. What you guys think?


When will there be an update?! I am dying to know what’s going on today!!!! Understandable that Simon and Dawg have lives though 🙂 and can’t update 24/7, they have to eat and sleep sometime! Keep up the amazing work y’all do!!!!


I don’t blame JUDD for wanting to play his own game, last week they were saying it’s what the “house” wants & this week they are trying to say it’s what JUDD wants. I know he wants to just go off on Elissa when she starts laughing & saying, “This is all just so ridiculous, This whole thing is just so funny” She just needs to go on back home then since she finds the whole thing so funny.


@ Pearl. It is like Elissa is paraphrasing what many on this site say. 🙂

gg's me ma

I think Amanda is a lesbian that’s why she is with pizza boy who if you close your eyes and make out with him you think he is a girl. …also she is using him like a puppet…get rid of this bitch she controls most of these morons.


OMG, I’m sooooooooo sick and tired of Amanda and McCrae plopping their funky asses onto the HOH’s bed every time! Amanda is playing a very good game of manipulation, but her colors are being shown and they are now getting hip to her deceitful ass. What turn me off about Amanda is that she is portraying herself as a strong mastermind, but she’s also looked as a major slut and slob! When she had her period on the couch and didn’t clean it properly, that made me sick to my stomach. Also with some of her racial slurs and sexual talk about if she has a penis, she’d shove it down Gina’s throat or what she’d do to Candace when she climbed on top of her. Most women would’ve told Amanda, “Back up, bitch…I’m not into that shit!” McCrae may seem like a puppy dog following Amanda, but like past HGs, some stick to strong players and they end up the Final Two (for example: Jordan stuck with Jeff, and Natalie stuck with Jessie and they were the Final Two after booting out Kevin). I think the smartest move for the next HOH is to put up Amanda and Howard because that would really shake up the house on both sides!

As for Elissa, she got a bad rap because Rachel is her sister. I admit that I didn’t like Rachel at first, but I had to give her respect for winning BB13 because she was good at manipulation, social game, and physical competitions. Is it fair she’s on because Rachel is her sister? Maybe not, but I gave her a chance and turned out to like her, but she really need to watch her game more closely. Andy is the master floater this season because his social game is excellent, but soon they’ll see what he’s been up to. Some may say Jessie is a dumbass and is there for romance, but don’t count her out…she’s not a stupid as we think! I like Helen also, but she need to learn to shut her fucking mouth at times and lower her voice when talking! Aaryn and Gina Marie…all I have to say about those two female major racists is that they’ll get a reality check when they get home and find that they’re on the unemployment line!! Kaitlin is a strong competitor, but after aligning herself with Aaryn, Gina Marie, and Jeremy…she dug her own grave (and please note…I’VE SEEN MORE PRETTIER WOMEN THAN THE THREE OF YOU!!!). Judd confuses the hell out of me and let’s leave it at that. Spencer is just a pig in general. Howard and Candace worries me because I think Candace is really falling for him and he’s just using her to get further in the game. Now with Howard being grilled over the coals for using religion to cover his lies…I don’t like it as much as everyone else, but have we all forgot that Dan did the same thing in seasons 10 and 14? If I had to pick a Final Three, it would in my opinion be Helen, Elissa, and Andy; and I’d think it’ll be between Helen and Andy for the $500,000.


All you people bitching and complaining about Amanda needs to go, Helen needs to go, Elissa needs to go blah blah blah….You all make me ill. Whos worse? The sucky personalities inside the house or YOU PEOPLE? Step back from your personal catiness for a second please. Ask yourself do I want to see an exciting show with characters that are going to drive the drama and storylines each week? Or do I want a SNOOZFEST FOR THE LAST HALF OF THE SEASON?? LOVE EM OR HATE EM, THE MOST UNPOPULAR PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD ARE THE ONLY ONES PLAYING THE GAME AND AMANDA IS PLAYING IT BETTER THAN ALL OF THEM! Rest assured, after tonight, then Aarayn and GM go…THEN YOU WILL SEE A WAR!!




i actually hope GM or Andy or somebody accidently gets HOH. it would be interesting to see how they ultimately make a stressful decision and take out a big player. Howard, Elissa, or Amanda is going home…count on it!!