New Big Brother 14 Commercial – Crazy, Freaky, Sexy – INSANE!


CBS has released another Big Brother 14 Promotional Commercial for the new season which will première on July 12th, 2012. The commercial features a number of Big Brother Alumni such as Lawon Exum, Keith Anderson, Rachel Reilly, Adam Poch, Brendon Villegas, Jordan Lloyd, Daniele Donato, Enzo Palumbo, Dr. Will Kirby, Lane Elenburg, Eric Stein, Hayden Moss, Amber Siyavus, Jeff Schroeder, Shelly Moore, Porsche Briggs, and “Evel” Dick Donato.


In the commercial the Big Brother Alumni say a few lines about what to expect in the new season:

Crazy Freaky Sexy – INSANE

Drama Crying Backstabbing Lying Cheating

Anything Can Happen – Expect the Unexpected – POW!

Big Brother 14 Season Premiere Thursday July 12th, 2012 ONLY ON CBS

This is going to be GOOD!


With a lot of past Big Brother House Guests in the commercial it makes us wonder if this season really could be an ALL-Stars or half alumni / half newbies! Interestingly enough, there are 17 Big Brother Alumni featured in the commercial and as CBS stated in the last commercial this season is going to have more house guests than ever. Previously the most house guests ever, was back on Big Brother 9 with 16 house guests. So will Big Brother 14 have 17 returning Big Brother Alumni house guests or maybe 17 newbies?! Only time will tell, as more information about the specific details of Big Brother 14 will be released shortly as we get closer to the première date. Take a look at our recent post about the Big Brother 2012 Dates, for specific dates to pay attention to prior to the première.

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It better be a GOOD season if it’s half newbies and half veterans again. Cuz I want to support both sides unlike 13, the newbs aside from Shelly were boring as hell and have the vets not win every comp (I mean rigged ones)


Coming soon: vets vs rookies!


Can’t we get just one freaking season with NO vets?????? GEEZ!!!!