Big Brother After Dark on Showtime Confirmed for BB14


Big Brother After Dark on Showtime is on the networks official schedule. According to the schedule it starts on Friday July 13th
12:00 AM (July 12th 9:00pmPST). It’s on SHO2 and SHO2 HD.

Big Brother After Dark is a nightly 3 hour (9pm – 12am Pacific Time) block from of the live streaming video from the big brother house. After Dark lets you see one our of 4 live feed cameras. Big Brother After Dark started on season 8 of BB and has been on for every season since that.

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Are they going to have HD this year? Or is it same as always — Standard def.


BBAD will actually start at 1am ET after the premiere tv show airs in the west coast the nite of July 12th…?…


Can’t wait to see it


.I was wondering,what’s the point of paying money to have the live feeds?Anyone that wants to know,what’s happening in the Big Brother house,that CBS isn’t showing the viewers on tv,would only need to come to your site.I started coming here,back in season12.The updates that I read from here filled me in, on the conversations that was said between the house guests.This site also inform people ahead of time,about who won certain competitions.Which brings me back to my original question.What’s the point of paying money to have the live feeds?I would think,that reading your updates would be enough.What exactly are people missing that don’t buy the live feeds,but come to your site for updates?


.Thank’s for answering my questions.I’m content with coming here and reading the updates.Even though you said that you and Dawg can’t capture everything that goes on in the feeds,the stuff that you guys do capture is more than enough for me.I’m interested in the alliances that are made,strategic moves and spoilers,and you guys do a good job at providing that information.On a side note,you said there’s a recent bracket from superpass,it has Rachel&Jordan final 2 for best Big Brother player of all time.I would love to hear the reason behind that,because in my opinion that’s a joke.


hey simon just writing in from canada and im curious to know if its possible to watch bbad up here in the north ??????????? we dont have showtime at least not in bc????????