BIG BROTHER 2012 Ultimate Houseguest Twitter List

Complete list of BIG BROTHER Houseguest Twitter Accounts, The best way to keep up with your favorite past BB player. All accounts have been added to a twitter list. Don’t forget to follow @dawgsbigbrother and @bigbspoilers for all the Big Brother 14 Spoilers

Twitter is the best way to catch up on what your favorite past Big Brother houseguest are up to. You’ll be surprised how different many of them are when they are not stuck in the stressful BB environment.

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Big Brother 8 Amber Siyavus Charged with DUI-Drugs and child endangerment

Big Brother Amber Siyavus better known as Whamber was slapped with DUI-DRUGS, FAILURE TO DRIVE IN TRAVEL LANE, EXPIRED REGISTRATION, POSSESSION OF 1 OZ OR LESS- MARIJUANA, UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF A CONTROLLED SUB-POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, CHILD ENDANGERMENT on Apr. 03, 2011. This is another of a growing list of BIG BROTHER players who have been arrested latley. Adam and Matt were arrested last year for Oxycodone trafficking. If you’re thinking about BIG BROTHER 13 theres still a couple BB13 open calls

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