New Big Brother 14 Alliance “The 3 Amigos”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

5:15pm Cam 3-4 Boogie, Ian and Danielle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

More or less Boogie is trying to sway her onto his side. He tells her that he was planning on leaving Janelle next week but Shane winning the HOH and firing 2 shots at her has changed his plan. Boogie tells her he’s worried about Janelle being in the Game because she is so powerful in the coaches competition. He says there is no final long term deal with Shane but they are working together in the short term. He really wants to take out Janelle’s players. Danielle says she trusts Boogie’s players much more than

Boogie adds that he is 100% on board with Shane, Janelle is campaigning to get Frank backdoored there is no way he’s going with them. Boogie: “Frank has won 4 major competitions in a row”

Danielle asks him if his team wins Head of Household next week is she safe. Boogie says yes she is safe they will target Janelle’s players.

5:20pm Cam 3-4 Arcade room Ashley and Joe
For some messed up reason Ashley thinks that Shane and Britney are very receptive to working with them. She thinks that Joe has to start talking to Shane and making him feel like they can trust him.

5:23pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Britney Head of Household
Boogie wants to know what is janelle trying to say to persuade them to team up with her.
Britney says she’s trying to tell them all the trouble that has happened the past 2 weeks was Frank’s fault and Boogie is just a flat out liar. Boogie laughs. Boogie says why would he team up with Wil and Ashley who haven’t won anything when he can team up with Shane who is a BEAST. Shane joins them.

Frank joins them. Britney tells them that there is some major FRICTION in Janelle’s team. Frank says that Joe is downstairs lying up a storm. He told Frank that the Diary Room asked him to make Britney and Shane a breakfast for a segment of the show. Shane and Britney go over all the crazy conversations they have had with Joe, Wil and Janelle.

Shane says they need to talk to Danielle because he’s worried that Janelle will sway her over. Boogie mentions that he had a good conversation with her he thinks they are on decent terms. Frank also is starting to talk to Danielle more. Boogie thinks that Dan is a smart enough player to know that Janelle offers nothing for Danielle’s game. Britney mentions again that Janelle’s team is breaking apart and there is going to be a blow up soon.

Frank and Boogie bring up a final 4 with Jen, Ian, Shane and Frank.

5:34 Cam 3-4 Danielle and Dan

Dan warns her when she talks to Boogie he’s trying to read her so she has to be careful and give very clear direct answers. Danielle: “He’s talking MAD CRAZY Sh!t about Janelle” Danielle adds that Boogie told him he wants Shane out before final 4 because he doesn’t think his players can beat him. Danielle says that Shane wants to take her to the final 2. She wonders if Shane should put Frank up. Dan says if that happens Danielle decides who goes home. Janelle and AShley barge in say they have the sushi tonight.

6:01pm Cam 1-2 HOH Shane, Britney and Frank Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Frank is thinking Jenn and Ian want to take each other to the finals. Frank is happy with the 4 of them getting to the end then fighting to win. Shane and Frank both agree they do not want to play a dirty game were they backdoor people.
Danielle joins them

Shane says if Wil wins the HOH it’ll be Shane and Frank up on the block. Frank agrees says he’ll fight as hard as he can for HOH next week. Britney starts deconstructing all the Sh!t Joe was starting during Willie’s HOH.

Frank says he was calling Janelle out for throwing him under the bus and she continues to lie to him right to his face.

Britney leaves to make a coffee. the three of them agree to have a secret alliance.

Frank: “The 3 amigos”
Danielle: “Is this for real right now”
Frank and Shane tell it is but they have to keep it secret.
(I wonder if Dan will agree to this)

Frank says there is 7 players in the house and Frank is confident he can get Ian and Jenn’s vote at least for one more week. Danielle is really excited that she is in a secret Big Brother Alliance. (Any of you feed watchers notice that Danielle points out to everyone that she is the smallest person in the house other than Ian, She does this at least once every 30 minutes)

Talk goes into the coaches joining the game. Frank says he will try and take out Boogie and Dan they are by far the biggest threats in the game. Danielle tells him there is no way the coaches coming back into the game she says it’s a mathematical impossibility.

6:20pm Arcade Cam 3-4 Britney, Wil and joe
Joe claiming that one of the reason he signed up for Big Brother was because of Britney being on BB12 and “The whole Lane Thing” (He actually said that and she kept a straight face OMG)
They are trying to get a final 4 deal with Shane.. Joe and Wil engage in some Ian bashing saying he’s throwing competitions and once there is a mental HOH he’ll win it.

6:40pm HOH Britney, Danielle and Shane Britney tells them about the conversation in the arcade room with Wil and Joe. She brings up Joe saying she was the reason he signed up for Big Brother. They all laugh. Britney mentions that Wil is being nice again Janelle must of had a talking to them. Danielle asks her if they are getting to her. Britney says no way, they are trying to guilt her but its not going to work. She points out that perhaps Shane was a bit too cocky with them. Shane agrees says his emotions got the better of him.

Chit Chat starts up they talk about losing their virginity. Britney: “I lost my virginity with my husband”
Danielle says she’s had 7 partners, Britney won’t tell them how many she’s had. Shane makes it should like he hasn’t had many.

Britney leaves.. Playful flirting starts.

(I think the Danielle/Shane showmance is starting up. ._ )

7:06pm Getting ready for the Sushi party tonight

7:40pm people just milling around gettign ready for the sushi dinner.. Boogie, Janelle, Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane are attending.
7:53pm Sushi party coming up
8:30pm random conversations going around about casting, reality shows.. etc etc.

8:51pm Cam 3-4 Sushi Party Starts

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74 thoughts on “New Big Brother 14 Alliance “The 3 Amigos”

  1. I thought the “Threesome Alliance” would sound better. But, whatever, y’all. I know I’m the third wheel, anyway, y’all. What do y’all guys think? Do I look FAT in this?

    1. Oh hey Danielle. Your “pink” dress was very pretty. A lot of people hated on it, but I loved. ;)

      Loving that you’ve teamed up with Shane and Frank too! Stick with them and you’ll make it far.

    2. 2 dudes and a chick… clearly it then should have been called The Devil’s Threesome Alliance.

      Or possibly Chinese Fingercuffs Alliance.

    3. I think this could actually be a decent alliance, I mean it includes the only 2 people in the house that have actually won anything 3 weeks in. Let’s hope it stays an actual secret and they don’t tell their coaches before they enter the game.

    1. Most likely true.

      That’s why I am hating how the coaches are going to come in and ruin shit…

      I just want Shane/Frank to stick together.

      They really should take out the veterans; I mean did they see the previous season?!

  2. a.k.a. – JohnnySik

    Q: What’s for dinner tonight chef Joe?

    A: Hepatitis A, sprinkled in fecal matter.

    When BB shows the players occupation under thier names, they should just put unemployed under Joe’s from now on. He certainly wouldn’t have a job anymore in my joint after seeing that!

    Anyone else get the impression he isn’t really a chef, and just a short order/ line cook somewhere?

    1. This Joe toolbag tried to convince them too keep him around because he wants too spend extra time in the house for his kids and his ‘chef’ stuff. seriously ? even more reason to send him home ! Boogie was pretty spot on when he said put Joe on the block, and sit back and watch as he self destructs….He can go home and sing in his own kitchen and cook for his family, no 2 seconds of fame for him haha

  3. Well Ashley, they did want to work with you from the very first week, but you just kept running back to Janelle, Wil, and Joe the people who care about you so much. I’m glad you’re on the block, although I hope you dodn’t get evicted because that’d just be a waste of an HOH.

  4. I can’t wait for the coaches to join the game. All of the newbies will ban against the coaches. Too bad it will be too late, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Are shane & Danielle the new Jeff and Jordan? I see many similarities, but I thought Shane had something going with Kara. So since she’s gone Danielle’s convenient?
    Elsewhere, the veto comp better be real exciting and different or else I’m switching to the Olympics.

    1. Yeah there is a showmance brewing between these 2.. we’ll have to see what happens when the coaches come in.. It’s going to be crazy.

      1. I would hope when that d-bag AG drops the coaches in this week that at the very least Shane is allowed to play in the HOH comp……

    2. hardly! why is everyone pushing so hard for a shomance between Danielle (keep her away from the razor blades ) and Shane (batman 2012 ) if you really want a good shomance let it be Wil and Jenn,now that would be a shomance worth watching.

      1. Thankfully the possibility of a showmance is getting smaller and smaller. It would be great to have a season without sappy fake romances. If Ashley wanted to cause Danielle to melt down, all she needs to do is flirt with Shane every chance she gets. Guaranteed meltdown and possible cat fight. For now, Janelle will be at a disadvantage when the coaches come into the game. I don’t think any of the coaches will want to work with her. Her and Boogie will be the biggest targets if they don’t win HOH. I really want to see Dan, Ian, Shane and Frank as final 4, and I want Brit to last longer than Janelle. With the coaches in the game, Danielle will be dropped from the “alliance”

        1. LOL too friggin funny (ashie throwing herself at shane driving danielle crazy ) everything you said i could’nt agree more (that’s why I love your posts) you keep it realistic :)

        2. I think there’s a good chance that Dan,Boogie&Janelle will work with eachother,but they’ll try and make everyone else think they aren’t in a alliance.They’ll have side alliances with a few newbies(and pretend like the side alliances is their only alliance).Boogie is good at pitting people against each other and Dan is insanely good at playing people.They’ll work with Janelle,so she can help win competitions for their alliance.Boogie&Dan might try to use the angle of the both of them have already won this game.Therefore,they’ll try and convince some of the newbies that if they were to take one of them to final 2,one of the newbies will win over them,because no one will vote for Dan or Boogie because they’ve already won the game(which ofcourse isn’t true.Unless the jury will behave like a bunch of sore losers,like season3 with Danielle Reyes).I’m obviously just throwing ideas out there,but it seems like Dan,Boogie&Janelle will decide to work with each other,not long after Julie tells them they are now allowed to play.They need each other,but it will have to look like they aren’t in a alliance.Which probably mean they will talk trash about one another to the newbies.Going by these house guests decisions so far, of who to nominate and the people that they’ve already evicted.They don’t seem like the smartest group of players,game wise and they also haven’t made the best strategic moves.Which make me think they(Dan&Boogie) won’t have a problem playing these people.As long as production doesn’t tell the newbies what’s going on.If those three coach’s don’t work with each other,I think it will be very difficult to get to the end.It sure is a good thing that Dan&Boogie aren’t stupid,when it comes to this game.

  6. “Frank and Boogie bring up a final 4 with Jen, Ian, Shane and Frank.”

    Why the fuck would Shane want to be #4 in the pecking order? Because 3 of boogies players and him in an alliance, that’s exactly what he would be.

  7. yea this alliance will be over by the end of next every other alliance people make..never last. very rare if do. IM still not totally trusting boogie and frank.. shane needs to trend carefully..and not be so cocky.

  8. @Simon. Out of a scale of 1 to 10,how confident do you feel about once all the coach’s enter the game.Dan,Boogie&Janelle will stick with one another?At least until they have to turn on each other.

    1. Nobody knows if they will or not, but I’m 100% BB plan was for them to not. With the twist, it is set up for each former house guest to have a small army of pawns to protect them.

  9. Simon, guys…..Need to know you guys opinion will big brother after dark be worth watching tonight or will it mostly be talk?

  10. For everyone watching the live feeds, do you see Danielle throw herself at Shane? Meanwhile, he turned the opposite direction in the bed. You can tell that he’s annoyed with her. lol

  11. I really don’t see a showmance brewing. Shane’s body language says it all. A while ago, Danielle was in the bed with him, talking sex, he turned his back to her and the way he looked up at the camera, it was like he is saying to himself, “please make her STFU”. Every time he wants to just lay down and rest, she is there. He liked Kara. Danielle is not his type, he is trying to handle the situation, but she could really mess up his game if the rest of the house think they are together. He needs her vote right now, but I really don’t see him getting involved with her. Her game play reminds me of Erica, offering herself up and ultimately letting herself get played. I predict Danielle will be crying on finale night when Shane gravitates to Kara at the party instead of Danielle.

    1. That’s strange.I could’ve sworn last week in the DR,that Shane said Danielle is his type.He said he loves southern bells.Or he might have said,he love girls with a southern accent.Didn’t Jojo get jealous when she heard(I can’t remember who told her)that Danielle is Shane’s type?

  12. I like where this is going. I don’t think this season will get dull from this point on. Janelle and her team burned the bridge on both sides and they know it. Now viewers will get to see how well they handle the pressure. She should have taken her loss of joe and stayed loyal to Boogies team. They would have still had the numbers going into the next HOH comp. What was she thinking. I am glad she wasn’t thinking!

    1. All in all I think that Janelle doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “loyal” or any of it’s dirivitives.

  13. I just feel that now would be the time to take out Frank…. Love the dude but other than Shane he’s probably one of the ones that would actually win this game. Why take out Joe at this point….. He’s not at all a popular player anyone in this house would win against him in the final 2.

    1. The only way Frank and Shane can stay in the game is by working together. Otherwise, if Shane picks off Frank. he will go on the block next week, and unless he wins veto, he will be gone. If Frank stays and takes out Shane, he will be the only target left and everyone will want to get him out. Then we will have Danielle Jenn, Ian, Wil, Joe and Ashley “battling” each other for the win (supposing the coaches don’t come into the game). With the coaches being dropped in the game, Frank and Shane still need each other. If Frank wins HOH, he can put up Janelle, and maybe even Boogie. They will have a fighting chance of taking the vets out before the end game.

  14. danielle literally walked around the house checking herself out in every mirror in that stupid blue, kimono sleeve dress for at least 30 minutes…i wonder if she knows she’s the expendable member of the alliance?

  15. @Chloe I just think that Frank is the next member of chilltown and that him and boogie will go after Shane. I would take out any of the strongest players now. Look at the weak ones kind of like on Survivor like you can take them to the end but the have played such a horrible game there would be nothing for them to say to the jury to win the 500 G’s

  16. Joe pleads to Britney this afternoon to not take him out of the game so he can do more for his ‘chef’ business. He now knows that he will NOT win now but just a couple more weeks of advertising would really help him out. Please! As if the reason for voting is so that someone can promote their business…what a lame reason to bring forward. I think he has mashed one too many potatoes!

    Joe – Timex called to say, your time is UP!

    1. LOL. What chef biz is Joe talking about? Who will hire a chef known as Ebola Joe for using toilet and picking his nose and not washing his hands? Even the cafeteria ladies with hairy moles are grossed out!

  17. coaches SHOULD NOT come back. Let those who got evicted come back. I hate it when past players come back and given a 2nd chance its just not right. Let the new kids have a chance

    1. I totally agree with you. The old players are just that…….OLD PLAYERS. Let the new kids have a chance. Bring back the two girls that were evicted, (kara and jojo) and lets see the fur fly. Both have a beef with Janelle and her pawns. This could be really good television viewing.

  18. unless they change the rules and let shane compete in the next hoh which they should because if they don’t the newbies will be screwed once the coaches come into the game because frank will be the only one playing against them that has won anything and that was just a true/false competition.

    1. shane is HOH this week. no matter what I can’t sse production letting him play agin back to back even if coaches become players (wouldn’t be fair now would it)

      1. i don’t see them doing it either because like u said “wouldn’t be fair right” but letting the coaches play now after 3 weeks of safety “would be though right” leave it to production to screw up another season.

        1. no letting coaches play is lame and very unfair. they all have the advantage of knowing everyones game play and also how they have influenced them all. But I don’t write the show Alison Grodner does and she doesn’t care what BB fans want to see (even though without us there would be no show) al she cares about is her favourites and for them to keep coming back ( like a bad pimple).

  19. There is only one showmance it’s Wil and his weave, can someone please tighten his tracks, uggghhh! Can’t believe I was cheering for him in week one.

  20. If danielle is pretending to be clingy to shane touche…she better be cautious cuz she can’t win in the 3 amigos crew. She needs to tone it down cuz she looks like she has some serious insecurity issues. Shane is playin her good, but he is being a little to cocky. It will be funny when frank and boogie backstabb him next week. It seems he and britney play the game with more emotions than strategy cuz frank should be gone this week. Britney annnoys me…she is just as much as a caddy chick as the others. Lastly I would love the coaches back cuz of all the possible scenarios and new drama.

  21. Thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping up the site, I really appreciate being able to come to your site and get updates on my guilty pleasure Big Brother. I found your site a few years ago and its the BEST place for updates and comments.

    OK with that being said I agree with a few of your other posters; do not let the coaches into the game! They have had their chance, this season it took a while for me to get a feel for the houseguests with this whole teams and coaches thing; and now they want to bring the coaches into the game to play to win the $500k I say no way!

    The houseguests will have to scramble and create a new strategy we have already done this….we have already brought back previous players, several times. Why not do something new! I think they should make a twist you know expect the unexpected. Dan or Britney lose their last player to the other and as a result they are given 3 brand new players to coach. That would send the houseguests spinning.

    Here’s another question: anyone else think if Booger’s hair was white he would look like an 80 year old man? Jenn-Hell looks like she has hemorrhoids for lips so less air time for those two!!

    Anyhow that is my suggestion…..any thoughts on it anyone??,

    1. too funny booger does look bad for only being 42 (even though he dresses and acts like a teenager) I like Jenn (basing this on the 2 minutes i see her here and there) but she is a bit scary. If I had kids (which don’t) I don’t think I’d let her near them. I wouldn’t want them to be tramatized the rest of their lives. :)

  22. I’m scared – when I saw Wil from behind in his shorty shorts & hat I asked Steve which girl is it? Then I realized it was Wil & got a litle bit greeped out – LOL!! YMCA anyone?

    1. he is around janelle too much and sucking all her feminine traits out of her into him. In the meantime janelle is sucking his tranny side and looking more and more like a tranny. the longer they are aound each other the more this is happening. soon Mis Wil (Wilamina) will have tits and wide hips :)

  23. watching BBAD and just saw wil i think i’m blind now, everybody who is watching u know why right?

    1. R U kidding me? What the heck is going on tonight? I know they are drinking alcohol outside at the sushi party, but what are they smoking inside at the pants off dance off party?

      1. he’s in his underwear with some kind of sailor’s jacket and hat on and it just got worse because Ian just streaked through the house showing his naked ass, obviously not what us guys wanted to see too bad it wasn’t britney, danielle or ashley oh well what can u do.

  24. I am so sick of these coaches! Now I have to sit here and watch them have a sushi party.

    Screw you Allison Grodner!!! You should be taken out to the parking lot and beaten!

    The coaches are playing a game also, but they haven’t had to worry about anything. 3 weeks we’ve put up with this crap! They get food, liquor, and sleeping accomadations every week. It would be more interesting if they could’ve become have nots themselves! There would have been the potental for them to be hungry, tired and cranky, and we all know when people are like that, they don’t make the best decisions. We might have been able to see “teams” turn against thier coaches for making bad decisions.

    Instead we have a bunch of little grodnerittes prancing through the house. They are haveing a sushi party and still bitching about the amount of alcohol the others got. STFU has been players! You shouldn’t have been here in the first place, and I can’t wait to see your asses out the door once AG drops you into the game (that’s right AG has already decided, so don’t waste your money voting america!!!).

    I’m tired of watching Allison ruin one of the best reality shows that’s ever been on television!


    Burn in hell Allison Groder, you stupid bitch!!!!

  25. Wildest night I swear you can never undersestimate a Bb Saturday night. I love the sushi dinner idea thought the ones that didn’t win that how rough it is not to give sushi on a gay boys Bday! If u live in Weho u would get that ! What’s fascinating is that the house’s personas are divide in two and it showed tonight. 2 cool 4school crowd is boogie, Dan, janelle, Danielle, Britney and Shane. The wild frat boy keg n bong bunch is jen, wil, Ian, Ashley. Joe feels out of place which brings to my question: did Joe make the sushi? I hope not. He makes sushi then gets eliminated next Thursday = Effied up awkaward situation. Btw who wants Willie on Celebrity Rehab?

  26. JohnnySik says: “Burn in hell Allison Groder, you stupid bitch!!!”. Now now Johnny…she always speaks so highly of you!! Lol.

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