Dan and Britney want the public affection to end “Say kissing Danielle was like kissing your sister”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

10:40pm HOH Cam 1-2 Danielle and Britney Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Danielle is going on and on about Shane doesn’t want to look at her after their Kiss.. She feels that Shane thinks she’s a bad kisser. Britney tells her that it’s not like that Shane probably doesn’t want to be kissing you in front of everyone. Danielle is getting a bit pissed about Dan pulling her away from the alcohol (Danielle was clearly getting drunk and Dan asked her to come talk with the guys for a bit and let Janelle finish the wine) Britney explains to her that Dan is just looking out for you, he’s very protective and in this game thats a good thing to have. Danielle keeps going on and on about the kiss with Shane and how he probably doesn’t like how she kisses, Danielle wonders why the kiss was so short and why he never tried to kiss her again. Britney tries to explain that he doesn’t think she’s a bad kisser he probably doesn’t want to be kissing when you are tipsy drunk in front of a bunch of drunk people. Britney changes into something more casual asks Danielle how she looks.. Danielle: “You look hot” Britney: “i don’t want to look hot” (I added a picture of what Britney is wearing in the Gallery below) They head downstairs so Danielle can change. While downstairs Danielle tells her she’s buzzed right now. Britney doesn’t feel the alcohol at all mentions that the drinks they had during the sushi party were gross. Danielle starts to change Britney tells her to really watch out that the camera doesn’t see you “Nip Slips last Forever” Danielle knows. Danielle tells Britney she is so glad they met. the girls hug.

11:15pm Cam 1-4 everyone talking it up having a good time with the exception of Joe and Danielle. Danielle is siting on her own near the fire. (She’s probably pissed that Shane isn’t sitting beside kissing her)

11:45pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Danielle

Shane’s joking around saying that at least with Jeff and Jordan. She won a HOH. Danielle brings up the spin the bottle game.

Shane says his hair is getting long he needs to cut it.
Danielle: “your hair looks hot.. .‘You were so sweet tonight”
Britney and dan come up.

Dan jokes around asks Shane if every girl he kisses turns into a starry eyed girl like danielle.
Dan and Britney really want to tell them about the dangers of a showmance. Britney explains that a showmance will make them a target. Someone will put them both up on the block. Danielle says that dan told everyone at the sushi party if she was going to have a showmance he would like her to have it with Shane.
Dan: “I was joking”
Britney says no more public affection
Shane: “So what you are saying is it’s bad for our game” (What he’s thinking is thank god she might leave me alone now)

Britney and Dan are serious though, Dan points out to them there is no point being in a secret alliance if they are having a showmance.
Shane: ‘What should I do.. kiss other people?”
Dan: “No say something like kissing Danielle is like kissing my sister”
Britney asks Danielle if she can act tomorrow like kissing Shane was a big mistake. Danielle says she can if it’s good for their game.
Shane: “You want me to throw a zinger and ask Wil to sleep up here with me”

Dan heads downstairs and Britney goes to the bathroom. Danielle asks about the kissing. Shane tells her she’s not a bad kisser.

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12:00AM Cam 1-2 Boogie and Frank
Boogie is wondering if Jenn could beat anyone in the final 2.
Boogie: ‘My biggest fear next week is if Janelle wins and keeps Wil safe.. Wil’s got to go everyone likes him he’s like the court jester”
Frank disagrees says that earlier today Wil was burning a lot of bridges.

Frank says Wil was talking mad shit about Britney when they were at the sushi party.

Boogie is thinking if he can trade a player he’ll take Shane and give Britney Jenn. Frank thinks Shane will be excited to join them.
Boogie: “I love jenn and all but I don’t think she has a 5th gear” (meaning she sucks at this game)

Boogie thinks that Dan knows he has someone that will take him to the end but he knows that Danielle won’t win the game unless she’s up against a HUGE floater.

Boogie: “He’s hoping for the Jordan 2009 strategy”

Boogie says Dan doesn’t really care about Danielle making winning because deep down he believes they are coming back into the game. Boogie explain how he’s talked to Dan in detail and Dan wants to work with Boogie, Frank, Jenn and Ian. Boogie: “At least in the short term” Boogie does not think the coaches will come back in.

Boogie tells him that this years cast is really weak. If they can get rid of Shane early Frank will have the win. Frank thinks if they can work with Shane next week and get Wil out then hopefully Ian or Jenn will get the HOH and put up Shane. Boogie thinks they can engineer it so Frank votes to keep Shane to secure a jury vote. Boogie foes want to work with Shane for a bit but at the end of the day Frank will not win if Frank is up against him with 6 POV’s and 3 HOH wins.


12:45am In the backyard, Joe and Jenn are talking. Jenn tells him the other girls have talked about keeping the big guys in the house fight it out, so that they can stay under the radar. Joe says that’s a great idea, a smart way to play it. He says that it’s smart for the girls to lay low right now because the guys aren’t going to pick them off, they are busy picking each other off. Joe tells her that if he goes to jury he will work on votes to sway towards the girls in the event one of them makes it to final 2. Joe says that he doesn’t want one of the guys to win this game. He says that everything he has heard from others leads him to think that Ian will be the next target. He says that Frank and Shane will most likely have a hand in sending him home. Joe says that nobody wants to be up against Ian when it comes down to Q & A memory competition. Joe says that Boogie is trying to sell the power male thing. Jenn says that she has known that since day one. They both comment on how Dan is they best coach and that Danielle is lucky. They say that they both wish they would have been on his team. Jenn says that Dan gives great advice. Joe says that Dan is a really smart guy. Jenn says that she talks to Danielle and Ashley a lot. Joe says that Ashley is going to need you when I’m gone. Joe says that he thinks Wil and Janelle will abandon her. Joe and Jenn decide to head to bed.


1:10am Ian is the only house guests still awake. He is sitting in the hammock rocking back and forth. He says to himself that next week is kind of a mess. He says that he got himself into a decent position, that’s for f*cking sure. Ian says that he can’t put Ashley up if he wins HOH. Ian heads inside and gets ready for bed.


1:25am All the house guests are asleep…

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76 thoughts on “Dan and Britney want the public affection to end “Say kissing Danielle was like kissing your sister”

  1. I really liked that shirt Britney changed into tonight. Bent over and gave us a few good looks at the twins.

    1. Yeah, there’s nothing quite like a tiny chick with DDs, just phenomenal. A little later when they are outside and she wants to measure her height against Ian she nearly gives a down shirt shot when she gets off the couch.

      I’m glad the Britney and Dan sat Shane and Danielle down and told them to save it til they get out of the house. That was one of the best moves they made all season. And you can see Janelle was instigating the showmance thing because she knows the same thing, it puts a target on them and off her players.

  2. Just got to the part where Britney changes and good lord she is hot. Anyone that can make tracks and a tshirt look that sexy is good in my books. Too bad about her whiny attitude when she is sober. When she is buzzed after a few drinks she is great, too bad she cant be perma buzzed cause that is the perfect package…

  3. see thats what happens when you have a person like Dani who dont know shit about the game and thinks a showmance is not a prblem.
    Shes the same hg that didnt in pre interviews that the Nom ceromony came before the veto ceromony. I lke her because she’s with Dan but damn she
    can be so weak minded sometimes.

  4. Love her or hate her, I think we all better start getting used to Danielle. Something tells me she’s going to be around for awhile.

  5. this is rough for dan. he has to tell her constantly what to do, what to stop doing etc. and what scares me about her, is how much she overreacts to everything. if boogie says something, she is just shocked, if shane doesnt want to show the house that he has danielle’s vote til death do us part, she freaks out.

    dan may have to just dump her completely when/if he enters the game, because unlike boogie’s team, you can’t work with danielle, and she is actually fairly useless as even her pretty attractive cute southern bell ways seem to fail in attracting the men in the house. I mean shane was more into JOJO!!! that just speaks volumes about how annoying danielle is. nothing against how jojo looks etc, but gosh, danielle is about 100x more attractive.

    1. I’m so glad the fans love my showmance with Shane y’all. I have to ask Joe to teach me a few things about the kitchen y’all. I need to be able to prepare great meals for me, Shane, and our new baby y’all. I really believe that Shane’s wonderful kiss got me pregnant y’all. I’m just waiting for Production to gimme the pregnancy test kit y’all.

      I’m glad Dawg is winning the poll y’all. When he is done, I hope Simon puts up a poll on baby names that Shane and I can choose from y’all. That settles it: I’m not FAT y’all, I’m just INFANTicipating y’all. I hope Daddy Dan and Mom-in-Law Britney do not ruin our showmance y’all.

  6. Oh my god! Allison did a terrible job picking these people! Joe is a fuckin loud ass, Ashley is fuckin retarded, Danielle’s voice is really annoying, Jen is boring as hell, Frank is freakin ugly, Wil is a slimy asshole, Boogie old ass needs to go some where, Janelle used to be my favorite, now she’s a complete bitch, the only reason i like Shane is because he’s the only one winning, and because of that he is probably going to get evicted in a couple of weeks. Watch either Danielle, Ashley or Jen will win, which will fuckin suck. If Boogie wins I will fuckin gag!

    1. if boogie wins what?

      considering hes won the game before and all….

      he has a piss poor chance if coaches enter the game. just think about it, numbers wise, if they just team up vs the coaches its over. I just don’t see how boogie who has been coaching a perfect game, would do well in this particular group since he basically has only been talking to his team, and shane.

  7. I want janelles team to be in the final 2 (atleast one of them to win) But i do think joe is leaving this week…. so stupid of shane because frank is going to get rid of him next chance he gets he even said it

    1. Team Janelle will never make final 2. Not a chance in a million because wil will crawl from power to power and wants to get rid of Frank so badly. Ashley, well She still version of Porsche 2.0. Shane, your the man of the hour. Shane, send Joe home now! Team three amiagos 4ever!

  8. How old is Danielle really? not older than Selena Gomez right? I swear every time she got a Brazilian blowout, out went her brain cells!

  9. the fact that boggie is probably going to win makes me throw up in my mouth. c’mon wil, pull this HoH man get frank or shane out! hell or even ian

  10. Shane doesn’t have many options on the female dating pool. Danielle is too annoying, Ashley is probably pissed a bit she’s on the blOck, janelle & Britney are wives, and jenn us not his type, his best bet is Wil cause let’s face it with long like that, lights off and tons of shots Shane wouldn’t know the dufference!

      1. What a strange thing to accuse the future daddy of my baby y’all. Of course Shane is str8 like the number 8 y’all. He kissed me and he is so in love with me y’all. That makes him str8 y’all.

        We’re both dying to get out of this house and start a family y’all. How does “Mrs. Danielle Meaney” sound y’all?

  11. Danielle has been driving me nuts for days now, but after watching her at the party tonight, I had a bit of a light bulb moment regarding her insecurities and meekness. (I’m tired…can’t think of a better word then “meek” right now. Sorry.)

    I know she said her father was quite abusive when she was younger. (I don’t have the feeds so haven’t heard the stories. I just remember her whispering to Dan in the first week where she shared a bit. I couldn’t really hear most of it though…she’s a really quiet whisperer!)

    If she had to walk on eggshells around her father, then it’s normal to now have that built-in fear of not being perfect or good enough. As a child, if she wasn’t “perfect”, her dad might get violent. Also, she’s used to giving up her power to men and/or authority figures. Dan is both to her. I mean, if I was drinking and having fun with the other HG’s and my coach pulled me away like Dan did to her tonight, I’d tell him where to go! Lol

    Her behaviour towards Shane is also indicative of early abuse (whether she was victim of it herself or just a witness to it, it would still affect her relationships with men.) Being clingy is just another form of needing that male approval (for a sense of safety, of being “good enough”, etc. etc.).

    Anyway, I’m going to end my armchair-psychiatry moment now. (Yay, I know! Lol) But, after watching her tonight and having that light-bulb moment, I really just feel sorry for her and will have more patience with her. She’s a really sweet girl, very intelligent, but she definitely needs to start taking her power back and work on resolving her insecurities. I really wish her luck. :)

    1. That’s exactly why I can’t watch her….. I mean deal with your shit already. She annoys the crap out of me. Everything that comes out of her month is me, me, me.

      1. do u really have to be such an a$$hole or did u just not comprehend what WytchyD ‘s comments were about, that would explain why danielle is the way she is and for u to be so sensitive just makes u a jerk you’re not a psychiatrist so quit trying to act like one why don’t u deal with your own sh*t and let danielle deal with hers however she sees fit.

      2. Makes alot of sense, I had forgotten about her conversation with Dan early on in the game. She annoys me too, but maybe that will help to try and understand her. Oh, for the one who said get over it already, people dont work that way. What she needs in the house is a decent friend, with sound advice, ie Dan, not fake , mean girl, Britney

  12. I’m sorry but the more I watch this disaster showmance, the more I am convinced that Shane is in the closet…. Gay gay gay gay gay…. NOT INTO Danielle AT ALL!

    I guess the coaches will be voted back in? Will be fun to see if any of them stay loyal to their current team players.

    I liked Britney better on her previous season.

    1. Simon, I think this thread should now be called, “Why I hate that whinny, annonying, leave Shane alone b!tch Danielle.”

    2. why does he have to be gay if he does not like daniell..maybe he is just not into the minnie flubber.

    3. No I don’t think he’s gay I just think he’s not into her at all. If you’ve ever had someone clingy who’s obsessed with you but you’re not interested but they keep trying then you understand.

  13. Coming soon! Big Brother 15: Showmance edition
    1.Team Jordeff
    2.Team Brenchel
    3.Team Ashlian
    4.Team Shanielle
    5.Team DD (Dominic/Daniele)
    CBS Production, make it happen
    6 newbies & 10 veterans
    Whoever male/female got evicted will receive a golden rose.

  14. I agree with Raymondj, Shane is is setting of my gaydar. Unlike when Jeff and Hayden was in the house now those were some hot men clearly interested in women. He probably wanted to kiss Wil

    1. I can tell you as a gay guy myself I don’t think he would want to kiss Wil. To kiss Wil would not be much different than kissing Janelle…

      1. Tim, may I ask your opinion as a gay man?
        Do you really get zero pings on your radar when it comes to Shane?
        Honestly until last night I just ignored the gay comments everyone was tossing around in regards to him.
        But I noticed something. He was sitting on the couch and Wil came back outside, he was like “You want me to scoot over Wil?” (seemed like he wanted Wil to be next to him). When they were up in HOH and they were telling Danielle she could not sleep up there the first thing Shane said was “I’ll get Wil up here to sleep and throw them all off”.
        I know it’s not a BIG thing, but it seems like subconciously he may be digging on Wil a bit. Maybe he is BI?
        Honestly it would be great if that was Shanes secret. It is so hard to get a read on him I have no clue.
        Hell I don’t know. Danielle coming at me probably might make me want to switch sides, even for the show duration!

        1. I agree I too thought maybe he is bi, he showed no interest in her. I know that men can have that oh I am gonna play it cool attitude with women but he wasnt doing that. He was laying on the bed listening to music and it was like he had put up an invisible brick wall…and then when she laid down next to him his body language wasnt inviting towards her to share conversation…it was like dont bother me I want to be left alone. I think he may be a little interested in her, but at the same time the comments about Wil, also gave me the impression that there is some interest there too.

        2. NoName – I really don’t get the gay vibe from him. I think he’s just super nice – you know almost to the point that he can’t be straight forward with her. I think he was into her at first but then later when she showed how needy she was he probably lost interest…. my take anyway.

          1. Thanks Tim, you too Hate Machine.
            At this point I wish the poor guy could get a break from her, he is gonna be in a tough spot if she ever realizes he just isn’t into her and she goes apeshit in that house!

            1. And something else to consider – Shane might be playing the game for real whereas I think Danielle truly likes him and will get her feelings hurt when/if he cuts her. We haven’t seen her win anything yet so who knows if she’ll be any good at comps – but it’d be more likely that he & Frank could get to the end because they both can win either HOH or POV every single week. If he evicts her she is going to take it personally and there will be lots and lots of emotional outbursts and crying… just saying… I would hate to watch it and hate for her to have to go through it. She just isn’t playing the game….

              1. Something to consider is I wonder if this is her gameplay, if this is part of her strategy. To get him off his game so that she has an advantage, Hmmm

          2. IMO, I think Shane isn’t interested in Danielle and is trying to be nice. I think he likes to flirt but does not want it to get serious. When JoJo was making comments, he probably liked the attention and knew with her that they can just hook up with no strings attached.

  15. I know some do not believe if the coaches enter the game they will win. I disagree based upon last year. The newbies had an opportunity to band against the Vets but instead out of fear many aligned with a vet. This will happen. The Vets will win the first three comps once they enter the game and the newbies will be running like rats. Frank,Shane, and Ian VS Boogie, Britney, Dan, and Janelle everyone else will float and be used as pawns. Ranking floaters from most dangerous to least, Wil, Ashley, Jenn, and Danielle. We will have three teams once the coaches enter the game.

  16. Watching Danielle last night was pathetic.Did anyone else notice that he was trying to avoid touching or looking at her when she was in his bed, then we got fish and when we come back he has his arm around her with a stony look on his face. I think production wanted him to give them some cuddle for the episode so they can keep pumping the showmance and keep the cat ladies happy. Dan sees that he doesn’t like her, Brit sees it but Danielle doesn’t get it. When Dan and Brit said no more showmance, Shane almost jumped up and did a happy dance on the bed, but even with his comments which were pretty non romantic and borderline making fun of her, Danielle doesn’t get it. She thinks he loves her deeply it’s all daddy Dan’s fault for telling him he can’t date his girl. I feel bad for her, but she shouldn’t have been cast at all. She is the type of person that will read all the blogs when she gets out and will probably need counselling to deal with it. I feel even worse for Shane. It’s not his fault she fell in puppy love with him. He really didn’t do anything to lead her on, and he isn’t playing her when a lot of guys in his situation would take what they can get and use her to get them further in the game. He is trying to let her down gently and not hurt her, but she isn’t going to get it until he spells it out in cold hard words like, “Leave me alone, you psycho stalker. I like you like a sister, but that’s it. You aren’t my type, I only go out with grown women” But Danielle is so delusional she will think he is joking.

  17. Let see:
    1.Shane wins PoV-Check
    2.Forming secret alliance w/Frank & Danielle-Check
    3.Keep the nomination a same-check
    4.Get rid of Joe-Check
    5.Frank wins HoH-Check
    6.Nominate Wil & Jenn-Check
    7.Shane wins PoV-Check
    8.Piss Janelle off-Check
    9.Send Wil Home-Check
    10.Final 3 deal-Check
    Bye Bye Joe. Wil, your next!

    1. Simon, I did not post that one. This is pissed me off. Can you please delete that comment. If this continue of impersonate, I will get my revenge. Can you please, please stop impersonate or I will impersonate someone else? Just check the comment. I did not post that. My post has my own thoughts. If they starts something of impersonate me, I will get even.

  18. Britney tells her to really watch out that the camera doesn’t see you “Nip Slips last Forever”

    BITCH… we wanted to see Dani’s boobies

      1. and what about the people who operate the cameras (assholes) i mean really ashley steps out of the shower completely naked and they don’t catch it but they catch ian streaking earlier this season and then again last night along with wil ( starting to wonder about the camera operators if u know what i mean)

  19. Shane: “You want me to throw a zinger and ask Wil to sleep up here with me”

    the simple fact that, this idea came into his head, says A LOT….. Guess there will be no nookie for Dani

  20. Boogie: “He’s hoping for the Jordan 2009 strategy”

    Good name for Jordan’s win, that was only possible because the other 2 sucked so bad, and were bigger floaters than her…

    Adorable as she is, last season proved that, when she’s up against competitors and NOBODY throws a comp to her, or production doesn’t hand her a comp so they can get a celebrity in the house(Hasselhoff) c’mon everybody who watched last season know she didn’t really win a comp(they didn’t want the celebrity to not be on the show, behind the HGs all getting questions wrong), and she didn’t win HOH (everybody in her alliance threw it to her)…… her and Jeff are jokes

  21. “Boogie foes want to work with Shane for a bit but at the end of the day Frank will not win if Frank is up against him with 6 POV’s and 3 HOH wins.”

    Damn what a prediction… I agree in this season Frank and Shake will win the most out of the noobs

    BUT the ever rigging production will throw a wrench into the game to fuck over the noobs just like they did last season….

  22. We would love to see Joe leaves! Janelle’s face will be priceless. Janelle’s team down to 2 players.Too Bad Wil will go home next. Can’t wait to see Joe’s face will be Priceless.

  23. All of Jordan’s wins were not thrown to her. Shane and jojo are not gonna get together. If he wanted to hit that he could have. If the coaches get in the game there will be more competition for Shane and Frank.

  24. Danielle is reminding me of Natalie from BB9, the way she followed Matt around. Matt was a jerk though, at least Shane is trying to be nice to Danielle

  25. Boogie always awake early. Looks like its him and Joe right now. Joe talking about being able to sleep last night due to claritan. Boogie in the hammick and Joe in another one. Dogs barking in the background has me laughing. I wonder how hungover Wil will be haha.

  26. Shane wants to make out and have sex with Danielle but they are both a tad more conservative than most 2 houseguests that hook up. So they hide that fact with eachother by playing hard to get. What also adds paranoia and awkward moments is the fact that NONE of the houseguests or coaches will leave them alone.they keep popping in on Shane &Danielle in the HOH sooo much! Shane should lock that damn door!! it’s annoying as hell! it was pretty cool coachness that Dan & Britney went in to give Shane& Dani a quick course of Showmance 101 and how to dispell it. Let’s see how the houseguests will buy that. SHANE is not gay he’s just a classy mom as boy with a lot of chivalry he will never be trashy on he show humping a houseguest like how that black guy and white girl did a few seasons ago under the sheets with no condom!

  27. Shane: “You want me to throw a zinger and ask Wil to sleep up here with me” I’m sure Shane was saying to hisself when he asked that question,”please say yes,please say yes,please say yes”.Straight men don’t put on and they don’t allow someone to put on them,purple eye shadow,eyeliner and here’s my favorite.After Jojo put the eyeshadow and eyeliner on him.She’s about to put the lipstick on him.But Shane thinks that’s going too far.He rather have shimmering lipgloss applied on his lips.Lol.I’m not buying the excuse that Shane wore make-up because he was bored.Boogie&Dan are in the same house as Shane.Yet for some reason(because they’re actually straight) they don’t say,I’m bored.What should I do?I know, let me get dolled up.Lol.I bet later this year or next year.This site is going to post a video that someone recorded of Shane&Wil or another guy.French kissing eachother.And the title of the post will say,Shane is offically out of the closet.Lol.By the way,the fact that he’s acting funny with Danielle has little to do with it.But the fact that a supposedly straight man,decided because he’s bored,that he will put on eye shadow,eyeliner&shimmering lip gloss has a lot to do with it.If you don’t believe me.Everyone should asked straight men that they know,If they had nothing to do.Would they ever put on eyeshadow,eyeliner and please don’t forget to ask them about the shimmering lip gloss?Lol.A real straight man might look at you crazzy,but then say NO.The reason why I pointed out the lip gloss is because I’m a woman and that’s what most women like.If there’s going to be any kind of showmance this season.It will be with Shane&Wil.I think Shane probably likes Frank,but he doesn’t think that he’s into it.So he might have to try it with Ian.Who knows.Lol.But he most definitely won’t be giving any girls (and this includes if they bring back the playmate,Kara)loving.Lol.

  28. Shane is definatly not gay 1. I have excellent gaydar 2. I am a theater kid and all the guys i theater wear make up(some just for fun) and most of them are

    1. Well,you have your opinion and I have mind.I also think,just because someone appears not to be openly a homosexual.Doesn’t mean they’re straight.I’m sure your aware there are a lot of men who have girlfriends.Heck,some men are married and have children.Then later on they in up coming out of the closet.But like I said,you have your views and I have mind.So,I’ll just agree to disagree with you.

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