Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Results – Shane: “Bye Bye Joe”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

4:20pm Cam 1-2 HOH Shane and Brintey Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

talking about how sour Joe and Wil are because they never won the POV. Shane is mega pissed that they didn’t even shake his hand. Shane points out that Frank is really acting pissed. Britney thinks Boogie is worried because they now have the power to get rid of Frank. Shane looks at the camera waves says bye bye Joe, ‘Sorry Joe’s wife and Kids but he’s gotta go he did it to himself” Britney is just pissed that Janelle’s team are such poor sports.

They want to keep all options open but right now Shane is sticking to getting Joe out. They are still worried about Frank backstabbing them. Shane says they have a day and a half to figure out who goes home.

4:33pm Cam 1-2 Shane, Janelle and Britney Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Janelle comes up and says there is a HUGE threat in the game and he shouldn’t worry about her 3 players because they have never won anything. Shane agrees says that Dan is so strong something has to be done.

Janelle: “HUH what! .. Umm Dan’s not playing”
Shane: “Yes I know that but Dan is dangerous”
Janelle says Frank is the player she means he’s the most powerful

Britney points out that Janelle wants to work with Shane but all of Janelle’s players are super hostile to them. Shane: “None of those players shook my hand”

Shane calls her out for gunning for him says why does he want to team up with Janelle when they made it very clear he was going home. Shane won competitions and now he’s finally in a position of power.

Shane says that Janelle and Boogie had a final 6 deal and now because he has a power they want to make a deal with him. Shane wonders if Frank goes home this week and Ian wins HOH will Janelle’s team go to Ian?

Janelle says that she’s never backdoored anybody in the 4 HOH she won in her season. She claims to play a honest game and doesn’t turn on people. Shane: “You’re telling me to Backdoor Frank right now! and you turned on us week one”

Wil Joins them tells Shane he’s a beast

Britney points out to Janelle if Frank goes home this week she cannot think of a single person other than Shane that Janelle will want out.

Wil says they want to team up with Shane and take out Frank. Britney mentions that they had a chance to take Frank out week one why didn’t they. Britney: “You voted to keep Frank and we voted to evict him what’s wrong with this picture”

(Shane absolutely destroys Janelle calls her out on everything.. this is crazy worth flashing back to)

4:58 Cam 1-2 HOH Janelle, Wil, Shane, Britney and Ashley Janelle gives them her wedding ring says if she turns on them they can keep it. Britney grabs it gives it a look then gives it back.

Order of POV – Wil, Joe, Frank, Danielle, Ashley, Shane winner

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105 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Results – Shane: “Bye Bye Joe”

    1. Right now Shane is tied with James from season 9 for three POV wins in a row. If he wins again next week, he will set a new record of 4 in a row.

  1. If only Shane knew the coaches are coming back next week he would get Frank out before its too l8. Frank and Boogie working as a team will be tough to beat in the competitions.

  2. I called it first! I said Shane would be the POV King of this season! I hope he beats James Rhine and Janelle’s record for POV wins!

    So happy Joe is out the door this week. Tired of him and Janelle’s team of floaters.

  3. Damn damn damn lol but janelle will b back in the game so shane your pov wins days are over because the queen is about to get back in this bitch!!!

    1. EW Janelle is such a bitch…she NEEDS to go…she chose a shit team who are all soar loosers (they probably all got that from her) and she is playing a horrible social game cause everyone HATES her including Ashley…which is kinda hilarious !! :p

        1. Well sorry…Its a spelling mistake. I’m not 2…I know what LOSE and LOOSE means….Thanks though :p Your services were greatly appreciated ! :D

  4. Shane is a monster at comps!
    He may break a record if they don’t find a way to get him out of there. Hope he stays though, at least he is earning his place in the house.

    1. And if production has any brains at all they will give these people LOTS of alcohol tonight and watch the fur fly!
      Except Joe is a have not….bummer I would like to see him get wasted and lose it.

  5. Wow Shane is a beast! Great Casting decision there, I think Frank wont backstab Shane that would look really bad on his part. But the way this season is going is the one at the bottom win the next HOH but if Janelle enter the game there is a good chance she will win especially if its endurance…..I really dont want the coaches to enter.

    1. Frank doesn’t care how bad it looks member he thre Willie under the bus when he had willies word he was safe.

  6. Na Na Na Na Na Na! Hey Hey Hey! Good-Bye! Bye Bye Joe! Have fun be evicted! Shane, keep the nomination a same!! Keep Frank and Send Joe out of here. He did this to himself! What’s the matter Team Janelle? Stop being a sore loser. Joe is going home!! You lost Joe! Just give it up!

  7. With the coaches coming back into game I would not be surprised if Shane-Danielle-Britney team up with Boogie and Frank for a final-5 deal. They would dominate the cometitions if they did.

  8. I bet CBS when they hired this actor Shane for a showmance didn’t know he be a beast at all the comps. It’s also possible that he’s gay being a male model and CBS got played. Bye JOE, but it’s ok if dumb Ashlee leaves too. Good thing Ian has been throwing all the comps so far, lol.

    1. You never know Shane could be gay. When Brit asked him what type of girl he liked he did say he did’nt have time for a girl. And not every gay man carries himself like Wil does.

    2. Shane is a house flipper, why would he hide that he is a model or actor, CBS has actors and models on BB all the time. And why would he hide that he is gay, I think he is legit straight just isnt super into how Danielle is throwing herself at him. He seems like the type to like to chase a bit and well Danielle isnt really putting up a race.

      1. Leave it to Team Production to play up the “house flipper” angle. Makes him sound like a stud even if he is in fact a dud. He pro’lly shoots blanks y’all. (OK, that’s just me sour-graping).

        Shane is a model and he has online ad as a personal trainer. When he gets out of BB house, there’s a newly-divorced Hollywood actor who might give him a call y’all.

        I hope the house votes out Ashley just to keep the Joe crazy saga going.

    1. Can’t wait for that update.

      It is about time someone called Janelle out for her two faced, lying, backstabbing ways. She has infected all her players. (I can’t believe she picked the 3 people that wanted to play the game the same way she did when she was a player.)

      1. Wow God forbid someone on big brother doesn’t play honestly. Get fucking real big brother is about lying, being fake, and kissing ass

        1. 2 things:
          1. You’re right, but if it’s so obvious that everyone knows about it then it’s not good for the person being fake (it’s almost like an insult to the other houseguests). For instance, if Shane & Britney know Janelle is lying to them, anything she say will be viewed as a bald-faced lie.
          2. Lots of people really don’t appreciate or want that treatment in real life so it’s difficult to separate how you should act outside and how you act inside the house (although the lying/backstabbing should be expected)

        2. Yeah, but she lies about PEOPLE making them look bad. not about game moves, but making them look like bad people. And she calls out floaters when her and her team are the biggest one’s of all.

    2. About time Shane called Janelle out on her BS especially after taling to Danielle that way (saying JOJO called her fat)

  9. So happy Shane won. I would LOVE to see him beat Janelle’s pov record, would love to see the look on her face. hahahaha….

  10. shane is the best player I have ever seen on BB EVER! He wins every comp and have a n awesome social game, shit Dr Will look out your title is about to be taken!

  11. Shanes the man…Knew he was going to win it again…Fat Joe seya buddy. Dont have a heart attack on your way out the door.

    1. ha ha!!! paramedics may have to be called in to get joe’s heart rate to a more “normal” level! but…it isnt over until julie says the votes are in, so anything can happen.

    2. I personally find several other, more important reasons to dislike Joe other than his weight. Is that what people really hate about him? :-\

  12. i love it!! shane is letting janelle have it. she’s so desperate for a deal and he just isn’t having it lmaoooooo(:

  13. I have to say, Shane and Brit are winning the discussion with Wil and Janelle. LOVE that they are throwing everything back in Janelle and Wil’s face. Everything JaWil is saying is exactly what they have done themselves. Love when they get silent when Shane nails them! Maybe it isn’t so bad having a player in the game who has never watched BB. He says what he is thinking and doesn’t play into all the previous BB scripts.

    1. This is so beautiful oh my god, I think Shane’s my fave right now. But if I were him I wouldn’t call Janelle out what if Wil or Janelle wins next week then they can say ”well we came to you last week to make a deal but you weren’t having it, so now we’re not having it…” It’s nice to see them get called out for all their bullshit but power shifts and when it does Shane might not last long in the house….sadly.

  14. Yeah Shane ! its awesome but keep your enemies chose to you. Like Frank and Willie next week Shane is strong

    Maybe it will be Danielle Chance to become HOH then frank and Willie should really worry ! Because with them to on

    the block! Oh janelle and boogie would be so pissed

  15. Shane- smartest thing to do is get out Frank. He’s gunning for you, and the later he stays, the harder it is to get him out. You have the opportunity, just do it. Joe is someone who can go anytime, he’s easy to get out. Janelle is guarantee you at least 1 week safety if not more. You’re sitting pretty for next week, and that is important because you can’t play in the HOH.

  16. I feel because Shane keeps winning,Frank will go after him and so will Boogie!!!watch out Shane you have a target on your back

  17. Shane and Brit. Don’t drink Janelle’s kool-aid. Stick with the plan. When the coaches come into the game, the only chance Shane has is to stick with Frank and gun for the coaches. Janelle’s team is FOS.

  18. I totally wanna see Shane break Janelle’s record for competition wins, just to see the look on her face.

  19. How long after team Janelle leaves the HOH room before they start smack talking Brit and Shane. I bet they don’t even get downstairs before they make some nasty comment. Team hypocrite strikes again.

  20. Shane may not be the sharpest knife in the draw but the kid is a beast in pov comps. He’s
    more then half way to breaking Jani’s record for pov’s won.

    It cracked me up last night when he told Dani if shes on the block he’ll just win the pov and take her off!!
    Not in a cocky way he just believes he can win. I see him going out on a backdoor move… if he ever goes out.

    With the right strategist (maybe Dan) he could go all the way.
    This dude is a PROBLEM,for real!

  21. An early prediction for thursdays live show.
    After Julie shows the weeks highlights and has the voting ceremony and the person (joe) with the most votes is voted out and Julie does her intervirw with him she says after the break we will anounce to the house a game changing twist.
    After the break Julie goes to the house (without telling us the viewers first) and announces a new twist. She tells them America voted for the coaches to have a choice to join the game ( of course whether America did or not is besides the point) then well you all know the rest!

    1. My prediction, and the way it should be done, is that after Joe is evicted, the newbies are sequestered in the HOH room. Each coach is moved to a separate room (or the back yard) and called into the DR 1 by 1. In the DR they are told the twist and then returned to their rooms. Then they anounce that the first two coaches to volenteer will go into the game. The other two will just pick one player (from their own team) that they think will win and will be out of the game from then on.

  22. I would like Frank except for Boogie. I can’t stand Boogie. If Frank would distance from Boogie he and Shane plus a couple gals could take out Boogie when the coaches enter game.

  23. Shane has really proven himself; he can win competitions. It does make him a target but I honestly hope that he gets out of his situations. If he is up on the block, he will take himself down and win it all. I want to see him do that to the end.

  24. Shane’s game is going so well I’m afraid production will try to even the playing field. for example how do they introduce the vets into the game? Before or after the Thurs vote? Joe doesn’t have the votes to stay even if the vets vote so he is evicted. But will all 4 enter or will Britney stay a coach to mentor her ‘winner’. Lots of variables to consider on Thurs. Looking forward to it.

  25. Shane needs the best BB player ever dan. with dan there will no competition and shane and danielle or dan(depending if coaches enter the game) will be
    final 2

  26. Can’t wait to see dumbass Joe leaving! I’m going to miss you. NOT! wtg shane. Keep the nomination a same. Let Joe squirm!

  27. You think Janelle has a fake ring she bought into the house to promise anyone anything because she knows its a fake The pic looks like its fake

  28. Ring promises? This is sounding a bit like the ‘Straight Shooter’ and her CZ promises. LAME ALERT… Why is Janelle trying so hard to make me dislike her this season?

  29. I’m glad Shane and Brit laid out the facts to Janelle. That’s the best way to shut her up and Wil needed to hear it too so he will be even more aware that he needs to play individually to stay in the house.

  30. Simon, do you think production really told Joe to make the breakfast in bed for Shane and Britney, like he claims, or did he do it on his own and was just trying to save face with the other house guests?

      1. Could be production called Joe into DR to ask him how he felt about being nominated and he went on a rant and they “suggested” he cook a breakfast for Shane (aka) kiss his ass.

        1. not a chance. i saw it on the feeds, he came up with this ‘brilliant idea’ to make the HOH breakfast in bed and described his plan to Frank, who said, ‘wait you didn’t make me breakfast when i was HOH!”.

  31. Holla! I am watching last night’s BBAD (very carefully) :)
    Janelles telling her players to play Shane so she can keep them safe. ( is the costume Janelle has on a costume from the comp) if not shit she does dress in the dark.
    Janelles rehashing the whole Jo Jo accusation of her saying shane and Brit said they wanted Jo Jo out to Danielle.
    Danielle goes to HOH room and brings up to Brit and Shane about janelle confronting her about Jo Jo was saying she was fat etc… Danielle says Janielle is friggin playin mind games. ( I am so over the fat thing) Danielle wanna see what fat looks like go take a peek at joe.
    Janeille says to ashie that Frank is the biggest douche (something) in the house. She also says Frank called her a hoe and that her husband would kick his fuckin ass (LOL)
    Ashie goes to HOH room and says in her drugged up dumbest blonde voice she just hopes they don’t vote her out cause Joe does all the cooking (with salmonella infested hands).
    show has been on for 39 minutes and haven’t seen Jenn, Joe, Ian and Dan hasn’t said a word.
    Janelle gets her chapped stick out and goes to HOH room to implant her implanted lips onto Shane’s ass saying she wants to really work with Brit and him. She is talking so much shit it’s turning her eyes brown. She brags how on her season she won 4 HOH’s yaddy yaddy yaddy. Shane is just going um hum, I know etc…
    Danielle lays next to Shane and he tells her not to fart on him again. ( I won’t elaborate on that one)
    Joe goes to HOH room to plead his case with Shane and of course Shane is polite and let’s him spill his BS. (remember yesterday Joe told Wil he was not gonna make a deal with Shane if he goes up and BOOM he’s making a deal).
    Booger is on for a sec washing his hands after going potty ( he should tell Joe this is what you do when you doo doo )
    Britney speculating that Jody could be in sequester and come back (what’s with all the jo names (jody, Jo Jo, joe what bout josephine, jolene, jomomma etc,,,)
    All in All most of the show was talking about winning POV (and we already know the outcome on that)
    Out of the 2 half hrs I watched about 35 minutes and of that (plus seeing the fast foward scenes as they were fast fowarding) Danielle, Janielle, Brit and Shane were the main focus what with being on camera bout 78% then the rest (minus Ian and jenn who aren’t ever shown) got their time in.

    1. Your side comments crack me up.
      Did you have time to notice if Dan was wearing the blue or red tshirt. For once winning BB, you would think he could afford more than 2

  32. Shane looks at the camera waves says bye bye Joe, ‘Sorry Joe’s wife and Kids but he’s gotta go he did it to himself” Britney is just pissed that Janelle’s team are such poor sports.Huh?Does Shane have amnesia or the early stage of alzheimers?Wasn’t it Frank(Boogie’s puppet) not Joe that nominated Shane and planned on kicking him out the game?But, Shane won the veto,and spoiled Frank&Boogie’s plan to evict Shane.Why are Shane and Britney confused as to why Joe isn’t all smiles with them?Did they really expect Joe to say,”Congratulations Shane for winning the veto.Now you can evict me and end my chances of winning a half of million dollars”.Lol.I guess Shane doesn’t understand it’s crucial in this game not to win a bunch of competitions in a row,unless you have to.Since Joe isn’t a threat,but Frank is.And,since Shane refuses to kick Frank out of the game.Shane didn’t have to win this veto,and put a bigger target on his back.He already had a target on his back.So,now Shane basically has a sign on his back that says,”Attention all house guests,I’ve won 4 competitions in a row,and this is just week three.I’m a huge obstacle that is standing in the way of the rest of you winning the half million dollars.”Lol. Unless production help Shane out,I can’t see him winning this game because people will be gunning for him.This veto competition that he won,makes his total of wins at 4.Which means when all the coach’s come in the game this Thursday or later on next week.They can easily convince the house that Shane is a much bigger threat,because he has won 4 competitions in a row.I’m almost positive if Dan or Boogie or both of them get into the newbies head that Shane needs to leave in order for the newbies to have a chance to win the half million dollars.They will believe Dan&Boogie because they will be telling them the truth.Shane has won all of the competitions.(And that’s fine with me,because the only person that I want to win is Dan,but that’s not going to happen)But,who knows with this group,they might know the truth and still keep him in the game.Lol.

  33. I wish they would stop saying backdoor! There is no backdoor unless Shane plans to put up Jen or Ian. Shows how little the HG’s actually know about the show.

  34. I am so glad the coaches will be back in the game Janelle and Boogie will give frank and shane a run for there money. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out when the couches fates are not tied to the team and they can play for themselves and see who they will aline themselves with. No matter what you say about Boogie and Janelle at least they are actually doing something that looks like coaching all i have seen Brittany do is ride shanes coat talils she is a horrible coach i still find it funny that bb thought she is a good player she was horrible in her season and hasn’t done anything to change my opinion this season. I do like shane his only x against him is right now he is tied to brittany but i don’t think him getting out joe is his best movie as much as i also like frank shane is dumb for not taking him out. Joe isn’t really any kind of threat he hasn’t won or come close to winning the only reason i can see is he is trying to go after janelle but all this could be for nothing

  35. I love it. Janelle is arguing that the biggest threat in the house has to go. Yet, to my thinking, Shane is the biggest threat – one team HOH, one individual HOH and 3 POVs. So, if Janelle wants threats gone, one would think that next on her list would be Shane, since she can’t touch him this week. Glad they realize what a douche she is!

    1. LOL – we’ve seen that move before. And the funniest part was Brit looks at it and just hands it back. She isn’t one of the best players ever, but she’s such a bitch that it’s occasionaly funny and entertaining to watch.

  36. If coaches come back..ya think shane and frank and dani should team up and take out boogie and Janelle?

  37. Good Evening & welcome to Big Brother 14 Highlights. Let’s take a look at Mentor Standings
    1.Team Britney (5-4)
    2.Team Mike Boogie/Team Janelle (2-7)
    4.Team Dan (0-9)
    Stay tuned!

  38. Janelle: I’m a trustworthy person… here is my wedding ring…. What?
    Dear Mr. Janelle, your wife just threw you under the bus…for Wil with one L…

    1. I REALLY,REALLY hope julie has her hubby on the show to ask him how he feels about his wife offering upo her ring (like a crack ho does to get a hit of the pipe) to save her shitty team

  39. Janelle, what a desperate bitch, but her team will never win HOH, so she could be genuine … Frank or Ian will win, and she’ll be up their ass like the floater she is

  40. $20 says Janelle’s wedding ring she offered is a fake or a copy of her real ring she brought in the game to use as collateral to offer to WHOEVER is in power, when she’s in danger of being evicted/losing her team…… BITCH

  41. The thing that everyone missed is Brittney appraising Janelle’s ring before she handed it back to Janelle, 2 Carrots and a couple flaws… not worth the deal.
    Of course Shane and Brittney do not trust Janelle or Boogie… could someone remind me, didn’t Dan win his season by stabbing his best friend in the back?

    Shane is about to take Janelle’s most big brother competition wins record… He has won all of the PoV’s so far, fist team competition and an HoH… He is a Beast… why am I not a fan of him yet… I want to cheer for someone this season. I feel like the only one on hear that does not have a favorite, “Go Team That Guy, over there.. standing and making a face, yeah that one… ok”

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