Mike tells Wil actions speak louder than words, if you pick me for HG choice to play in the POV that will go a long way with us.

POV Holder: ??? Next POV: Aug 4 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon)
Last Evicted Houseguest


8am Mike and Wil are talking in the kitchen. Mike tells Wil that he didn’t understand why Wil was still joining all their little meetings. Wil says that he was genuine with his feelings, and that I think I am up on the block because of Janelle. Wil tells Mike that he was told he is a pawn and that they didn’t want to put Mike up with Frank because they told me that you would probably go home when they want Frank out. Mike and Wil head into the arcade room. Mike tells Wil that in a matter of hours you could have a necklace around your neck that could save you and change things dramatically for you. Mike explains that it was a good move for Wil to separate himself from Janelle. Wil explains that he felt like he was doing a lot of the dirty work for Janelle. Mike says that if someone does me wrong, you better watch out. Mike explains his conversations with Britney and Janelle about them trying to get Frank out. Mike tells Wil about how right as they were heading out into the backyard for the endurance Dan told Mike that he knew last night that they were voting out Frank. Mike says that he realizes his chances of his name getting drawn for the POV are slim. He says that he hasn’t burned the Wil H. bridge yet. Mike tells Wil that actions speak louder than words and if you pick me for house guest choice to play in the power of veto that will go a long way with us.
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8:35am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Mike says that it is only 1 out of 10 people that I will win HOH next week so I guess that isn’t that threatening to people. Mike tells Wil that he made a big mistake but that he made it early and that Frank and him aren’t upset with him. It wasn’t just you it was a lot of people. Mike says that he will be gunning for Janelle. Mike says Wil that Janelle wanted to work with just the coaches when they were brought in and he was like why? I don’t want to. Mike says that the Power of Veto Meeting players will happen in one hour.


8:45am – 9:25am In the kitchen Janelle whispers to Wil what the votes are and how Wil is safe and doesn’t need to worry. Janelle then starts talking about all the long black hairs she found on her soap in the bathroom. Frank joins them in the kitchen and the whispering stops. Mike comes back into the kitchen and whispers to Frank that he had a little convo with Wil that he will tell him about in the arcade after breakfast. Janelle and Wil are in the arcade. Wil tells Janelle that he isn’t mad at Danielle and that he didn’t get a chance to show his allegiance with the vote. Janelle asks him if he is mad at her. Wil says no. Janelle asks do you still trust Ashley and Joe? Wil says that he trusts Ashley but not Joe. Janelle talks about how all the other teams are sticking together, but ours is falling apart. Wil says that Danielle told her right before he jumped off Danielle told him he was safe and now I am on the block. Janelle says what if I ask Danielle to pick me to play for the power of veto and then if I win it I use it on you. Wil says well if you want too that would be awesome, but don’t burn any bridges. Janelle tells Wil that if Boogie wins the POV and saves Frank that would be the worse case scenario.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Mike tells Frank that Wil admitted that he is the pawn and that Janelle is co-running shit with Dan. Mike says that if we could get you off, I think I could talk Dan into back dooring Janelle. Mike says that we would have me, you, Ashley, Jenn and Ian. Mike says that we will need to start making deals, it will be tough and that we will have less than 48 hours to make it happen. Mike calls Janelle a cu*t. Mike says that he is willing to do whatever it takes and that he thinks he can get Dan.


Janelle goes up to the HOH room and tells Danielle that she went to Wil and told him that if he picks me for house guest choice to play in the POV that I would use it on him just so that he would pick me. Danielle says that’s good. Janelle comes down and takes Wil into the arcade room and says OH MY GOD! She said yes! She said I could use the power of veto to save you! Wil asks really, that’s amazing! They hug and jump up and down.


9:40am – 10am Mike goes up to the HOH and explains why he didn’t come up and talk to her yesterday. Danielle tells Mike that she doesn’t like back dooring people and that she would not do that. Danielle explains that it was not Dan’s fault and that it was all her making the decisions. Danielle says that she was upset that no one came to talk to her yesterday and that everyone just assumed I would nominate Frank. Mike says that he wanted to let her know before the veto happens that she does want to work with her. Mike says that when your key comes out last, it was a pretty good chance that you will go up if someone comes down off the block. Danielle says that she didn’t make any deals with anyone yesterday. Mike says that he was mad at the world and that is why he didn’t come talk to her. Mike says that Dan reaching out to him was good at getting them in a better place. Danielle explains that Dan gives her advice but that she is her own player. Danielle explains that Frank didn’t come talk to her and didn’t give her enough respect to come talk to me and that if he had he might not have been up on the block. Danielle says that Frank gave her the stink eye too. Mike says that it might be my mistake in why he got nominated. They agree to talk after the power of veto and that a lot can change between now and Thursday. Mike heads back downstairs. Dan comes up and Danielle tells him the entire conversation she just had with Mike. Dan tells Danielle that Mike wants to work with them. Danielle says that if Frank goes home, we may need to consider it. Dan says yeah if Frank gets taken off then there is probably a chance to work with them, but there would be a lot of holes in that parachute. Danielle says that he just wanted open lines of communication. Dan says yeah he just said that so that after the veto he can come up here and make a deal. Danielle says you and Boogie should be fine now. Dan says we will be better if Frank is gone. Dan says pray when you pull you chip out and I will pray you pull mine. Danielle is called to the diary room.

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10am Mike tells Frank about the entire conversation he had with Danielle. Frank tells Mike that if you or I win the power of veto and take me down, I almost want to go up there and say FU*K YOU, You should have apologized to me yesterday! Mike and Frank leave the room. Mike tells Frank that he should try and have a conversation with Dan before it happens.


10:10am Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA for the players to be picked for the Power of Veto Ceremony.

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Boogie is becoming even more arrogant. Just getting his named picked for POV means nothing, especially given his track record so far this season. He should just stick to sleeping and pouting.

Danielle's Tiny Brain

Hey y’all. Shane is so grateful to me for winning I just know he will propose to me at the finale. And Dan likes me so much he promised to name his first child after me, Danielle if it’s a girl, and Dan if it’s a boy.


Danielle or Frank, please don’t pick Janelle as houseguest choice to play PoV. Backdoor Janelle, I would love to see Janelle face that she never get picked & she will be leaving next Thursday. Bye Janelle!


Don’t pick Boogie for your choice let him deal with it. He burned so many bridges

Take Shane instead and he gives his pov to Wil then backdoors boogie then its frank and boogie who ever goes home is perfect

Beyonce Fan

Boogie go home you not about this life no more you to old.


Not going to happen! Janelle will go home to her husband & her kid. I’m glad she is gone. Now that’s a truth! Bye Bye Janelle!


Considering Dick won it when he was older, age has nothing to do with it. He just doesn’t want to play the game like he used to.


Hey wil, pick me so i can save frank and send u home. Sure boogie, no prob. Umm, yea. What i whiner. Boogie screwed so many flippn peeps n S7 and now tht its bein done to him he is a “victim??? Gv me a break. Grow a pair, be a man, and play the damn game!!! Please send frank home and mike right behind him.


I hope Wil goes in the DR to tell what he thought of Mike asking him to choose him to play in POV. ” OK, so you win POV and take Frank off, and that helps me how?”


I don’t know why production is working so hard to save Frank. Is it because they spent so much $ to do that feature piece about his family? They wouldn’t have wasted that money on somebody going home soon.


Julie wants a Eudy to touch her tra-la-la and then a different Eudy to service her best friend, Sheryl.


If Wil pulls Hosueguest Choice and picks Boogie, he deserves to go home for being stupid. Who does he imagine that Boogie would take off the block? I have no words for Boogie that I can express here. He is so low class. To use the “C” word directed toward any woman is inexcusable. It is no different than using the “N” word or the “F” word. It is hate speak. But, there is a double standard here where women are not protected against hate speech like any other group. Too bad someone can’t rivet a metal plate on Boogie’s mouth (a la Beetlejuice) so we don’t have to listen to any more of his trash talk.

Beyonce Fan

Janelle win pov save wil put mike and frank up ohh happy days ohh happy days. Lol its ok for boogie and frank to make fun of people but its not ok for people to make fun of them.


Don’t bet on it! Mike Boogie or Shane wins PoV! It’s backdoored for Janelle! Oh Happy day! Oh Happy day! Janelle’s face will be priceless if she leaves out of door. The three time loser!


Yeah, Boogie asking Wil to pick him for Veto was tooooo funny. Anyways, seems like Boogie is playing the game today–so, it’s very nice to see that. Still want him or Frank to go home though. But hey, if Boggie gets back into game mode, all the better for me–the viewer.

I really want Shane to get picked today and win another one. Also, if Shane DID win, Dan would have to share a bit of the power this week. Wonder who Danielle would listen to if Dan and Shane’s viewpoint of what to do next differed…..

That’d be interesting to see, at least to me.


Yeah! I am a big fan of Shane’s he should win pov then he should take of wil and boogie would be but I thinking any one would be nice


Captain, you’re like Willie, you can’t think straight without having your fruit loops when you wake up. Oh wait, never mind…that wouldn’t help. Anyways they seem to have a jones for Frank, but if he gets pulled off they have to pop a coach out, or we’ll have a repeat of last year. Boogie would be a good replacement assuming he doesn’t win the POV, otherwise Janelle would be next best, since Danielle can’t see what Dan is planning. I say Janelle as a strategic move, not like a certain person(see above dribble) who has spewed his backdoor spiel on her 50,000 times since the HOH comp.(See above) *Sweet smile*


I’m not like Willie, Period! The only reason Mike Boogie or Shane will wins PoV because it would be opportunity to ge rid of Janelle. Janelle is strategic move! Really, Really,Really! Backdoor Janelle is strategic move. Danielle will be singled handed evicted Janelle.

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

What the hell janelle be sleeping in lol I’m not even.


Every one of your posts is about Janelle. I swear, she must have pissed in your Coca-Cola.


Honestly if Dan recruits anymore people to be in an alliance with him they won’t have anybody to nominate for eviction next week.


I am not liking Dan this season. I wanted to root for him like I did in the past. He is too sneaky. He’s directly putting Danielle at risk. He is over-thinking things. If he thinks he can really work with Boogie, then he’s got another thing coming.

Dannie Boy Rocks

What amazes me the most is the transformation that Danielle has gone through. It is simply remarkable what Dan is done with Danielle. She came from nothing to this power player. Dan is an awesome coach. I wish he could work with Ian and coach him in the same way. Way to go, Dan!

~Dannie Boy Rocks!


Power player??? ROFLMAO.


Cu*t is now hate speech

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Y’all don’t like dan now because he useing danelle get over it you did not think the ddbs was go last lol get over it and be great and @captinwed stfu.


As incoherent and nasty as ever. Get over yourself. If you can’t discuss the game without making it personal about other people here that have as much right as you to have an opinion, maybe you should go to another pro Janelle board and save us the trouble of scrolling past your insults. I hope you have sent Simon and Dawg a large donation to make it worth their while putting up with your juvenile rants. Judging from the calibre of your posts, you probably aren’t old enough or stable enough to have a credit card or Paypal account.

Godless Monkey

Thank you for that, Chloe! Beyonce’s post are a clear indictment of America’s failed education system. She can barely put together a readable sentence, the bad grammar, syntax and lack of punctuation. If she’s even old enough to put together a resume I would love to read it! Pure comedy, I am sure.


Well said!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bitten my lip over Beyonce’s posts. She/he/whoever has a right to be here, so I don’t say much, but it’s just nice to know that I’m not alone.


Don’t tell me to stfu! You not the boss of me. I speak the truth! My opinion, my thoughts!


I don’t even know who in hell is doing what anymore……. and I love it!!!!!!!;)


lol, it is interesting to watch… that’s for sure.


Well for those of you that did not


Shane, 5 PoV to go! You can do it!


go home Janelle