Janelle says if Frank wins POV, saves himself she wants to win HOH and whisper in his ear you’re going home!

POV Holder: ??? Next POV: Aug 4 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (? & ?)
Last Evicted Houseguest


1:30am Ian and Joe are in the backyard playing the cornhole game. Meanwhile, Britney, Dan, Janelle and Danielle are up in the HOH talking. Janelle tells them that she is totally screwed. Her entire team hates her. Wil won’t even talk to her, not one word. Janelle says she said to Wil hey can I talk to you? She says that Wil said no. Janelle says uh okay, you’re not getting my vote! Britney heads to bed. Janelle says that she feels like the whole house is against her. She asks how can there only be four of us, how can we take on a whole house? Dan says we aren’t, we have Danielle and Shane. Janelle asks so Shane won’t put me on the block? Danielle says hell no! Dan says but we need you to get Trixie (Ashley) you can’t let her get tubed up. Janelle says Trixie needs to know that the best place in this house is with me! But she is a little confused right now! Dan says why, who is pumping her full of air? Janelle says Joe. Danielle asks why is she listening to Joe? Janelle says she listens to me the most though! Dan says good, I hope Wil stays up then. Janelle starts talking about Frank and how she has wanted him out since week 1. Danielle asks Janelle who she would nominate if Frank was gone. Janelle says she would nominate Jenn and Wil. Danielle laughs. Janelle asks is that mean?
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1:40am Danielle asks so am I considered a coach now? Janelle says yeah you are the fourth coach, you, me, Dan and Britney. Dan says that Ian is still working on getting his whistle. Janelle says Ian is still a referee; he is working his way up. Danielle asks what about Ashley. Dan says Trixie is still in the stands. Janelle says that she is a cheerleader. Janelle says that none of her team appreciated what she has done, they just went and sat in the hot tub. Unappreciative fu*ks. Dan says if we can’t beat them in HOH we should just go home. Danielle says lets look at the sides its you, me, Dan, Britney, Shane, Ashley. Everyone on this side has won something. So hopefully, possibly Frank is going home. Dan says so it would be 6 on 5 then. Janelle says that we need to start studying. Danielle says on that team you have Joe, Jenn, Ian, Wil, and Boogie. Janelle starts laugh at how the other side hasn’t won anything. Dan says that Joe is good at hosting. Janelle jokes that if Danielle pulls her name for the veto she will say I am totally going to save you Frankie, thanks BB! Dan heads to bed.


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2am – 2:55am Danielle and Janelle start studying the events of the past competitions. Janelle jokes that if Frank wins POV and saves himself she wants to win HOH and to run up to him and whisper in his ear you’re going home! They both laugh. Danielle says it would be his third week in a row, people must be getting tired of saving this person. Janelle talks about going to bed. Danielle tells Janelle that she to sleep in the HOH room with her. Janelle says no I better go sleep with Brittney, we don’t want people to think we are working together. They discuss what type of competition the power of veto competition might be like. Janelle asks was Wil upset that you put him up? Danielle says she told him that Frank was the target and she just need to make sure he goes. And if she had put up Boogie and Frank, then Boogie would go home. She says that Wil said I understand. Janelle heads downstairs to go to bed.

4am all the house guests are still sleeping..

7:47am Wil is up drinking coffee everyone else sleeping


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The Rose

I have just a few things to say. 1st I think Ian is autistic/asperser syndrome. That says a lot. He has a high IQ and when he starts talking about this diagnosis BB cuts him off. I did catch when he was talking about “stemming” and BB cut him off. He talked about the difficulty he had in high school and BB cut him off. Autistic folks have a difficult time socially because they think so concrete sequential. 2nd he has Booger for a coach. Who is a rich, selfish asshole who doesn’t give a crap about coaching Ian. He has put all his energy into Frank, the smooth talking beach bum. He tells Ian to just shut up and is only using him for his vote. (Same with Jenn) NO coaching and NO advice. No sympathy, ok fine welcome to BB. BUT Booger was placed here to be a coach. And he sucks at it. I absolutely have to give Ian some credit for seeing that. 3rd Dan is a true coach. His encouragement and advice to Danielle and the valuable experience of telling her that she is on her own to give her opportunity to grow was amazing. And we see it now. And Ian sees it. I think that if they take Ian into their alliance, we will see him grow too. Ian appears to have asperser syndrome. (Look up the traits. Does anyone else agree?) He was right on today when talking to Britney on the hammock. I think that if he would have had Dan as a coach, he would be the HOH instead of Danielle. Booger was in the house and only came out to demand Ian to stay on…..that (I’m sure) was just intimidation and bullying on Booger part. I love that arrogant Booger is sulking. NOW Booger, who only wants the title, is saying that he doesn’t get into the title thing. I have to laugh because he isn’t here for the money! And he says he isn’t into this because of fans? Yea, right! And when he “got got” he saying BB isn’t fair? What an arrogant loser. Met his match!!!!! I hope he blows and shows his true shitty character. He’s pisted about houseguest lying? What a joke!!!! The jokes on you! And telling America that Dan is a phony? Ok, booger and you aren’t? Poor, poor loser Booger and Frank! Great season BB! LOVE IT!!! Go IAN and Dan!! (Guess that’s more than a few things to say.)

BBwatch MI

I do very much agree with you, I am a mother to a son who is autistic, with Asperger’s. he is very smart, but socially no not good in that department. I think at least BB should let the other players know this. I feel so bad for Ian having Boogie as a coach. I want Dan to know what he is dealing with in Ian and then maybe they can work together. I hate that Dan thinks Ian is a rat like Ronnie was. I hope things change, maybe Britney can tell Dan what’s really up with Ian, and he will understand. otherwise I think Ian will be leaving soon.

luke wallis

He defintely has Asperger’s. I worked with that population for years. He has been broadcast stimming (providing stimulation to I believe the central nervous system with repetative movements) several times. Textbook Asperger’s.

Dannie Boy Rocks

I’m down for an Ian and Dan alliance. They are both smart and could probably stay under the radar without anyone suspecting them of being in an alliance together. Dan needs to replace Boogie (aka Booger) with Ian. Anything that furthers my boy Dan in the house is a winner for me.

~Dannie Boy Rocks!


I work in this field, autisim can be viewed as a 180 degree spectrum, with Asperger’s (don’t know why people object to the name, it’s coined after the guy who worked it out at the “high functioning” end, and there’s a whole lot of shades a grey in the spectrum and sub-spectrums. I would say Ian may be on the spectrum but he’s fairly socially adept (it can be far “worse”) so it’s a light diagnosis. Maybe developmentally delayed in some ways, but that evens out with time and experience. I agree that Boogie hasn’t been supportive of Ian or Jenn at all, all his money and energy is riding on Frank. I agree that Dan works coaching well (I’m a teacher now) and he’s the one I’m most supporting, along with Ashley (not exactly sure why, but I like the girl). Trying hard to like Shane, but can’t quite get there, but pulling for this alliance.


Very well said! I couldn’t agree more about Mike as a coach. Ian and Jenn were only good for the votes and nothing more. Ian and his family should be SO proud of how well he is handling the stress of the BB house! I could tell he was dealing with challenges but very impressed with him. Especially when you see the stark difference between someone so genuine (Ian) and someone like Mike who is so full of himself he can’t imagine not being treated like royalty. Only time I saw Mike compassionate for a second was when he had a pic from home.

Dan was the best coach, hands down – Britney surprised me and is much better than I thought she sould be so props to her. Janielle is such a big disappointment – so transparent and phoney. Boogie is so arrogant and is nothing without Dr. Will.

I hope Ian does become #5 in the alliance with Dan, Britney, Danielle and Shane. Maybe they will be called the duck alliance???


Danielle or Frank, please don’t pick Janelle. She needs to leave next week. Get rid of the queen of floater Janelle. She floating around & raft. Shane, win the 4 PoV in the row. Keep up a good pace.

bb14 fan

Who is willing to organize a fly by plane again this year and expose the real coaches alliance?

Saying something like:
Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle are the real coaches alliance

Then it exposes the whole house after all their lies for two weeks. I am sorry, but this season sucks and the house needs a real wake up call from BB fans.


Organize? No thats too much work. But I would donate to the cause….


I think Ian has agreed to join Dan’s team so the banner could read…


Red Lampshade

At least Janelle seems to finally realize that Boogie is a lost cause. I just wish Shane and Danielle would realize that can’t just blindly follow Brit, Dan, and Janelle. I’d almost like to see them try to backdoor Janelle. Her face would be priceless if that happened! Lol.


her nose will drop… XD

Red Lampshade

I think I’m Team Brit and Team Danielle this year.


Simon, what happened to Team JoJo you liked when the show started, did you jump off when JoJo got evicted?


What have they done with the “coach’s suite”.. is Dan sleeping in there now or did they close it off??


It’s closed off now. It is the room that they generally use for Pandora’s Box.


Shane, better win the 4 PoV in the row! I would love to see Janelle’s face when she will be replacement nominee. Janelle needs to go!

bb14 fan

Do you think that could happen? I dislike her this year.

King Silva

I guess I am happy with the alliance of Shane, Britney, Danielle, Dan, and Janelle.

They all have won stuff or done pretty well and I usually like people who can you know win shit/do well.

I really hope either Shane, Britney or Dan can win HOH next week. Janelle seems to be on board but you never know..

It seems they have a good chance to win again especially if Janelle is on their side and it would only help their chances if they get Ashley [Trixie *love that nick name*] for sure on their side. She would be kinda stupid to not side with Janelle and this side because the other side is a sinking ship and really besides Wil, Ian, and Boogie has no shot of winning shit!

Not that I want Trixie to win or even go that far I just would like her to help my favorite alliance go farther. :p


I think DDBS cannot trust Janelle, because she floats around from week to week. She been kissing up Danielle’s A$$! Somehow, somewhere, someday, DDBS can realizes that Janelle can’t be trusted!! She will continue to kissing up to everyone.


Team Janelle


I just don’t get how stupid the new players are the last 2 seasons. As soon as the coaches come in the game you gun for them. I would’ve put Dan and Janelle up and backdoored Brittany if one of them won POV. Boogie just doesn’t seem to be all in so I would gun for him last. If all the new people played 100% together they could pick the coaches off one by one. The last people I would want to be playing against are proven winners in this game. All the while you are doing this making your alliances for when they are gone. Start thinking for yourself you mindless drones. On a side note I would ask Brittany if she talks to any of the brigade members everyday just to get under her skin


I think, for now, having coaches on their side will pay off, they’ve got plenty of HG to get rid of first: Frank, Wil, Jenn, but I agree, they should work the new players as a sub-alliance. Not sure I like/trust Janelle but she can be an asset and like the numbers if she joins along with Trixie (I like the nn too). PS: I forgot to mention above that I agree Ian could use a little Dan-time.


it’s so great to hear Will’s real voice when he is talking to boogie right now in the kichen. he isn’t throwing his voice into that high pitch. his real voice is beautiful!


Geez! I go away for a day and Danielle puts up 2 newbs? WTF!!! Frank and Wil? She is an airhead. These nominations do nothing good for her game, they put her beloved Shane at risk going forward and help the coaches, maybe not Boogie, but the rest of them yes. Especially Dan and Janelle. Earth to Danielle, the game is reset. You don’t need your coach. They will gang up and pick off the newbs, and use players like you to take out THEIR biggest threats, and they won’t stick their necks out for you when they see the big bus speeding towards you. Wil and Frank are not a danger to YOU. They are a danger to players like Dan, Janelle and Brit. If Danielle had put up Janelle and Boogie, one of them would go home, and the other would have limited options unless they win HOH next week. But now you have forced Frank to work with Boogie, when he probably could have been used to take out coaches instead of newbs. If Frank or Wil goes home, Shane will be the biggest newb target. I can’t believe they are making the same stupid mistake as the newbs last season. She needs to think about who she can beat in the end. She has made enemies this week and last week, and her game will be over soon because she is still playing for Dan. Shane may be a beast at competitions, but he is dumb. Dan and Brit are using them to take the heat and protect them, but when Shane and Danielle end up on the block together, all bets are off. If they try to backdoor Boogie, he will probably fall on his sword so he can go home. He doesn’t want to be there because he knows that there is nobody in the house that he could beat at final 2. He really is playing for second place. But if he stays and Frank goes, he will cause a ton of shit just for the sake of causing shit. He might even pull other players into an alliance and help them, not because he wants them to win, but to prevent Dan, Brit, Shane and Danielle from winning. If she had put up Boogie and Janelle, none of the newbs would hate her. And she doesn’t seem to be the only one that doesn’t know that it’s a new game. Ashley still hanging with Janelle, Jenn and Ian still adoring Boogie, Shane still with Brit and eating her paranoia pudding. Wil doesn’t want to work with Janelle, so put him on the block???? Gawd she is an airhead!! And Dan is probably going to win this game.


You make good points about reducing the numbers of a new player alliance and maybe it would be better strategy to get rid of coaches sooner than later, but still think wisest eviction right now is Frank. That gets rid of Boogie too, right?


Team Shanielle Yo!


Frank and Wil talking in kitchen this morning, regarding Danielle, Wil says “She is a sock puppet”.


Oops, sorry. I meant Boogie and Wil (not Frank and Wil).


I really hope today is the day Ian solidifies himself in the DDBS alliance. I think the kid needs to get with someone and fast. Boogie is ALL Frank 24/7. I don’t think he will harm Ian in any way, but I don’t think he’ll help him much either–IMO, he hasn’t really helped Ian yet. Wil seems like he will never be close to or aligned with Ian.

I so NOT into Janelle being a TRUE part of the DDBS alliance. She floats to power. She’ll haul ass once this week is over, IF, IF some other “side” comes into power. I’m so not into her being a “true” member of DDBS. Keep her close, of course, but not all-in. She really cannot be trusted IMO.

Boogie and Frank BOTH need to go. <<< That's me.

Lastly, has anyone thought, now that the nominations ARE complete, that if Boogie sees it's inevitable Frank is going home this week, Boogie may just self-evict to save Frank. That tactic would save Frank at this point, yes??

If Boogie walks out of the BB House between now and eviction night, Danielle's HoH is complete. Going by precedent set last year that was even further explained per the Willie expulsion, is that not correct?? I do think that's a real option, IF, IF Boogie KNOWS Frank is gone this week.

POV is Frank's only real hope IMO. Otherwise I think the votes are pretty well set in stone at this point. Sure, anything can happen, but Dan, Brit, and Shane, and Janelle are all going to vote Frank out. They only need one more vote to ensure that happens. I pretty sure Ashley WILL vote with Janelle. Without a POV victory by either Boogie or Frank, I think this week is pretty much set in stone. Frank really looks to be gone.

Again, anything can change, but at this moment, Frank needs to overcome some pretty impressive odds.

Cue BB Production……..

We'll see.


team dan!!


Team Dan!


And in the scenario where Boogie wins POV and takes Frank off the block, what is Danielle’s plan B? Put up another really dangerous player like Jenn? I hope that happens, because Danielle deserves it.


If POV does save Frank (Frank wins it), you may just get your wish and a vet will leave. I think, as things stand right now if Frank is holding the PoV, Boogie hits the block as the replacement AND Boogie goes home.

That though, IMHO, totally depends on if Dan is really down with DDBS, or if he was being completely honest with Boogie in the storage room last night and sincerely wants to keep Boogie in the game.

I really do think Dan is calling the nomination shots this week, seeing as Danielle is the HoH. It all comes down to what Dan really wants this week.

If Boogie wins PoV, he will, of course, save Frank. Darkhorse Prediction: If Frank and Boogie both become safe, there’s a chance that Janelle may go up, a very slim chance though IMO. However, in this scenario, I think that Joe prolly joins Wil on the block and Joe prolly goes home. If Wil explodes, then Wil goes home.

All that being said, I think the better odds at this moment favor Frank or Boogie going home this week. Frank is in the lead to leave though at this moment.

We’ll see.


@Chloe. I think if Boogie wins the veto(I hope he doesn’t)and take Frank off the block.Their plan is to put up someone that will guarantee Wil gets evicted(Wil isn’t with Dan,Danielle,Britney,Shane&Janelle).But I’m not sure,I’m just going by what I’ve read so far.


Yeah, because Wil is such a threat. What a waste of an HOH, unless you are Janelle, Dan or Brit.


@Chloe — Bottomline is that you don’t want a vet to win, yes? I like Dan and the only other players I even kinda like on the noobs is Shane and maybe Danielle and Ian. Noooo….. I take that back. I like Ian better that either Shane or Danielle. So, really the only other person besides Dan I REALLY wanna see win this thing IS Ian.

What “new” player excites you Chloe? Just curious. Also, not being mean– I promise. Just wanna hear what new player ya like. And do ya like any of the vets? I like your posts when you go in deep BTW.

Go Team DDBS!!! And maybe, hopefully, Team 5 (with Ian).


No, I don’t want a vet to win. They had their chance. Two of them won. They have a distinct advantage because they know their players. They forced alliances that the newbs probably wouldn’t have chosen for themselves, they made them do things they probably never would have done if the season was all newbs, and they know their strengths and weaknesses. And for 3 weeks, the coaches were using them like chess pieces, risking them to eviction without a thought, while they were safe. The newbs had to fight to stay safe, while the coaches got a free pass for 3 weeks.

As for which newbie excites me, so far none of them. I was hoping someone would emerge with a game of their own after the twist, but it’s looking like that isn’t going to happen. I think I’d rather go camping than watch a rerun of last season.


What will really make this reset suck is that Danielle, Jenn and Wil are not BB fans in the past. Dani and Jenn were only exposed to BB in sequester and the game play is not something you can understand in a week. Ashley just has bad game play and will be ejected when the time is right. I was not an Adam fan but at least get players who are BB fans.


“Dan says that Ian is still working on getting his whistle. Janelle says Ian is still a referee; he is working his way up.” Lol. Why is Wil always scratching his head,like he has fleas?Is Wil still mad at Janelle for saving him when she won the coachs competition and giving him advice on what to say to Shane?Or did I miss something and he actually has a real reason to be mad at her?


will revealed that he has hair extensions.


Wil’s an idiot. He is mad at Janelle because she told him she saved him last week (which she did). If she hadn’t won the coach comp he was going up with Joe last week. And she saved him the previous week. Smh All these newbies are dumber than rocks.


Watching the feeds this morning – Boogie and Frank. Boogie is lower than pond scum. IMO, using the “C” word when refering to a woman is just as bad as using the “N” word or the “F” word. And, Frank, for letting Boogie get away with it, is just as bad. Too bad that hate talk against women doesn’t get the same reaction as racial or sexual orientation hate talk.


@Cruizin596.So,Boogie called a woman the “C” word.I’m not surprised,on All-Stars(season7)Boogie called Erika the “C” word and a mouth full of other disrespectful and disgusting words.In my opinion the “C” word is the worst word someone can call a woman.It’s sad how so many people on here will still defend Boogie.I guess that means that they have no problem with calling women that word either.Which girl did Boogie call the “C” word?Not that it makes a difference.I’m just curious which woman was this disgusting word used on.I wonder if CBS will show the viewers how Boogie has no respect for woman and Frank doesn’t either.Anyone that hears someone refer to a woman by using the “C” word,and they don’t call that person out on it.Then they’re just as bad as the person who said that disgusting word.Obviouly I’m not expecting CBS to actually air Boogie saying that word,but they can still show it in a way so the viewers can know just how much Boogie disrespects woman.Basically they can censor the word and at the bottom of the screen,they can write C**t as Boogie says the word.But they might not want to do that because it will also show the viewers that the nice guy that CBS tried to feed them last week with Frank.Is actually a guy who doesn’t have a problem with hearing someone refer to a women as the “C” word.


I think Dan is a control nut, I would hate to be married to him. He is a snake in the grass. Danielle and Shane are dumb asses. Brittany and Janelle are brown nosers, will say or do anything. Could someone tell me how Brittany get back in the game as one of the greatest players to play the game, if I remember correctly, she never won a single competion in her season, she only slept with all the men on the show and cried. Ian is a puppet to who ever shows him any attention. Jenn and Wi are floaters, never do anything. Ashley is a airhead. Boogie only wants Frank to win. So that leaves Joe, I’m so disappointed with this season. After hearing Danielle and Ashley say they sent tapes to a dating show and got picked for BB, what does that tell you on how to trust them, so they so in control of this game it is sicking. And that is just my opinion. LOL


I agree that Brit wasn’t a great player, but she did win 2 or 3 vetos and 1 HOH. She really messed up Willie’s game, and that hurt Jo Jo and Shane. She will ruin Shane with Danielle’s help. Janelle is using her and will cut her loose as soon as the power shifts. Brit can’t win this game. I doubt she can even make final 4.


@Chloe. But,the three coachs(Dan,Britney&Janelle)understand that they have to stick with one another,because a lot of the newbies are out to get them.I think if Janelle wins HOH(she’ll have the power,that week)she won’t put up Dan or Britney because she wants to have a easier time at getting further in the game.I think Dan&Britney feel the same way.They(Dan&Britney)normally wouldn’t trust Janelle,but they know that Janelle wants to make it far in the game.It’s in Janelle’s best interest to keep Dan&Britney safe.It seems like the only way the three of the coachs can accomplish getting far in the game,is by doing what they’re doing now.Which is working together with a few newbies(Shane&Danielle,possibly Ian&Ashley).But you know who I’m rooting for,so if this is the best option for Dan to make it to at least final 2.Than he needs to roll that way.Hopefully for him it all works out.


I’m excited about the DDBS alliance too. It reminds me of the Dan/Memphis/Kisha/Renny alliance. It will be interesting to see if Dan forms a final 2 alliance with Shane as he did with Memphis. I still don’t trust Janelle although I think she can be useful for the time being. I question Janelle’s ability to read other people accurately. Before she saved Wil from the coaches’ comp last week, didn’t she know there was tension between them? If she did then why didn’t she trade him instead of save him? Actually, I don’t understand why she didn’t trade Joe too? She complains about how her whole team hates her. Well, didn’t she see that coming? Why didn’t she trade them?


Danille is so stupid. she considers herself a coach. no idiot they are in an alliance and not picking up on it.