Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power Of Veto Players Have Been Picked!

POV Holder: ??? Next POV: Aug 4 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (? & ?)
Last Evicted Houseguest


Power of Veto Players are: Danielle, Frank, Wil, Ian, Jenn, Shane

10:25am When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA, Dan and Shane are in the stereo room talking. Dan asks Shane how he feel? Shane says good. Dan says to Shane that there is a three horse race between you Danielle and Frank. Dan says that he thinks if Ian or Jenn win the power of veto they would probably use it to take Frank off. Shane agrees. Dan says that he thinks this competition will be less physical.

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10:30am Britney and Danielle go up to the HOH room to talk. Danielle tells Britney her conversation that she had with Mike. Dan comes up to the HOH room and tells them that he will do whatever they want him to do. Britney asks if he is officially going against Boogie. Ian says yes, he doesn’t know it yet, but yeah it is done with us, he doesn’t know it and I am kind of afraid to tell him but we are done. Britney says well he will know if you win it and don’t use it to save Frank. Britney asks Ian how it feels to be in a relationship with her. Ian says it feels great. Ian says so what are you thinking, you want the nominations to stay the same? They tell him yes. Ian says well that is good because then if I win it I can say that I don’t want to use it because then he would go up as the replacement. Britney asks so where is Jenn at? Ian says that Jenn heard that Mike said she was expendable so she is pretty much done with him.


10:40am Frank comes up to the HOH room. Britney and Ian leave. Frank tells Danielle that he didn’t talk to her yesterday because he was hurt and figured she would come apologize to him. Danielle says that she wasn’t sure, and that she didn’t want him to go home. Frank tells Danielle that she had told him that she was not wavering and that you were 100% sure in your decision before the vote and now you say that you didn’t know what you were going to do. Frank says that the past is the past and I can let that go. Frank stars to put some of the blame on Dan. Danielle defends him and says that it was all her and not Dan’s doing.
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Dan joins Danielle and Frank up in the HOH room. Frank tells them that he wants to work with people that can get him further in the game. Dan asks who is off of your list of people you would not work with? Frank says Wil and Joe. Frank says that he can’t trust Joe because he was up in the HOH three hours after throwing me under the bus. Frank says that he trust Mike a lot and doesn’t want him going up in his place. Danielle tells him that she is glad he came to talk to her and she appreciates it. Frank says that he can move forward without a grudge. Dan says hypothetically if you come down from the block, and since we shot a shot across your nose, how do we know that you won’t come back at us next week. Frank says that he wants to work with people he can trust and if I try and come after you next week I would just be in the same boat as I am now. If you guys are willing to work with me, then I am down. Frank says that he would put it on Nana, and says that he really means it. Frank says that when he was asked who his favourite players are, I had two names and you and Mike were my favourite and I was so excited to possible work with both of you. Danielle heads down stairs.


11:10am – 11:25am Dan tells Frank that his is worried that if Frank won HOH next week that he would put the both of us up just to out us. Frank says to be honest yesterday I would have said that I would put you up, but after talking to you I want to put it in the past and work with you. Dan asks do you think Jenn or Ian would take you down if they won? Frank says yeah, but to be honest I don’t think Jenn will win unless its a guitar and she has to rock it out. They talk about what they think the competition might be. Dan says say you win veto and you come down, what is your core group of people you would want to role with? Frank says you, me, Danielle, Mike and Shane. Maybe Britney if you guys really want her to be apart of it. Dan explains that him and Danielle aren’t really attached to anyone. Dan get Danielle to agree that they aren’t working with anyone. Frank asks would Janelle’s name be possible if I came off or if Wil came off. Dan says I don’t know. Dan says that he doesn’t understand why he would tell Janelle he was coming after her. Frank says because he wanted to get it out in the open so that they could move forward. Frank says that even if I don’t come off the block but that I get the votes to stay then I know I can work with you because I know I need at least 2 more votes. And if that happens then you will know I am not coming after you. Frank says that even if we want to keep us a secret we could plan a little fight so that people don’t think we are working together.


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11:35am Dan starts asking Frank why he and Wil had an hour long conversation after the HOH comptittion. Frank explains that it was about the vote. Frank says that Wil was lying to me again. Frank tells Dan that Wil blamed it on Ian. Frank says he called Wil out on it yesterday. Frank says he told Wil it will be a hard road building back trust with him. Dan said he didn’t get that because he didn’t even need to do that. Frank says that he was surprised by that because Wil was so honest with Kara. Frank says he didn’t know what he did to deserve it and doesn’t know what he did to deserve all the deception. Britney and Janelle come up to the HOH. Janelle just barges in and doesn’t even ask. Britney asks if its okay, or if they need time. Danielle then joins them. Dan says that they can come in they aren’t talking about anything. They start talking about random things. Britney describes the worst thing ever is when you are standing in line at a grocery store and you have an inch in you vag and you can’t scratch it.

11:50am Britney asks Janelle if she wears fur. Janelle says that she doesn’t want to say because the live feeders are listening but if she did she would like Mink fur. Frank asks them if they think todays veto competition will be a puzzle because they are all tight from the HOH endurance competition. Ian comes up to join them. Janelle brings up how someone abused her soap. (Janelle knows it was Ian) Ian says ew that’s gross. Janelle heads downstairs.


Janelle and Danielle go into the arcade room. Janelle asks what Frank said to her. Danielle just tells her that Frank apologized for not coming up the other day and that he felt the whole house was after him. Janelle tells Danielle that she wishes she was picked to play so that she could help Danielle win it.
Up in the HOH room, Dan, Danielle, Britney and Ian are relaxing. Danielle is listening to her cd. Dan asks Ian why it got so uncomfortable when he came out to the hot tub the other day. Ian says yeah it did get quiet. They ask him what they were talking about. Ian says nothing really just the whole coaches coming into the game.


12pm – 12:30pm Janelle and Frank are in the bathroom on the couch talking. They both admit that they are afraid of each other in the game. Janelle confronts Frank about him wanted to get her out. Frank says that it was because he thought it was because the coaches were coming into the game. Janelle says no it was 2 days before Shane’s HOH. Frank disagrees. Janelle says yes it was I have a good memory it was day 21! Janelle talks about how she has no one in this game. Frank says he feels like he and Mike are alone. Janelle says at least you have each other. Frank tells Janelle that Mike and him were thinking about who they could work with and you Janelle were the first one on the list. Janelle asks so you don’t think Jenn or Ian would save you. Frank says he doesn’t think so .. Ian always gives magic 8 ball answers. Frank tells Janelle he hopes he can work with her and that he doesn’t hold grudges. Janelle asks Frank why he said he hoped they would show close ups of our faces because we don’t look good, and that you hope we cry. Frank say that he didn’t say that, I said I hope they show close ups of you face to catch you being shocked at the vote. Frank swears that he said he was going to come after Janelle was a joke. Frank says that he is not going after Mike and asks if she believes that. Janelle says that she doesn’t know. Frank says it was a joke he is smart enough not to tell her if he was really thinking that. Frank says he took that as a joking conversation. Frank says he didn’t think the coaches were coming into the game. Janelle says you did think that because you and I always talked about it. Ian comes in and takes a seat. Frank tells Ian can you give us a minute I am on the block and I am trying to hustle here right now. Ian leaves. Frank says that Ian is always doing that to him. Frank and Janelle continue to talk. Janelle says that if she has to go then she would rather go before jury. Frank says he is sorry and that he really thought we were friends. Janelle says we were, but I do not tell my friends I am coming after them. Frank says that he was just joking and that he is sorry she took it that way.


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Frank and Ian GET OUT . god damn people. if janelle gets evicted im done with this show its so ridiculous! terrible TERRIBLE cast. Britney is a terrible player. Mike is a terrible player who rode wills coat tails to the end.


last year was way worse in my opinion


FCK Janelle!!! Disgusting BCH!!! Team Froogie!!!


I think the recent twist has brought a lot of drama worth watching these players egos and personalities make it better.


With Ian now being onboard (IF he really is–“actions speak louder than words”), sounds like Frank’s end may be sealed without a PoV win from him.

We’ll see.


Frank is such a cockky, arrogant person. I mean he wants HER to apologize to him for the nominations and blame it on Dan right in front of her. Is he just trying to get himself evicted at this point?


Ummmmm, he’s not asking her to apologize for the nominations (the whole point of the conversation was that he didn’t come talk to her BEFORE nominations like he didn’t give a sh!t if he got nominated), he was feeling like she owed him and apology for lying to his face the entire week last week, and saying she was going to vote for him to stay, then he found out they planned to back door him all along…….thanks to Dan…..


Danielle is to loyal to Dan. She would give up 500k for second place just for him. I think it is funny that everyone (except Dan) think Janelle is teamed up with Boogie. LMAO Just because she talks to him and is civil to him they think she and him are teamed up. Too many of these people play this game so personal. I think if Wil wins HOH we will see some fireworks because he is not scared to do anything to advance his game and I like that about him. Boogie and Frank treat Ian so poorly! I hope Ian gets to the end and if he doesn’t win the BIG prize, I want him to win America’s Fav Player!!!!

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

as we all know there is no such thing as “America’s player” or America’s anything for that matter, it’s the world according to that d-bag Allison Grodner.

As always, Allison Grodner is a d-bag


Cheers to that!


AG must have a real hard on for Pignelle – I cant believe the good girl next door glam edits she gets on the CBS show – when she parades around in her pink sweat suit I guess AG gets to live out her Kermit fantasies.


Boogie or Frank should definitely go home this week!!!!!!

Jen W

I agree. Mainly because I’m tired of hearing the bitch & moan. I can’t believe they have the audacity to complain about being played when they jumped around & acted like cocky fools when they were playing others! To have the nerve to expect people to apologize to them is laughable!!! Go home cry babies!!!!!!


Well said!


To have the nerve to expect an HOH to apologize to them is laughable. Danielle has nothing to apologize for, it’s a game, sooner or later they’ll pull the same moves on someone.


Damn this is asot on updated site! Thank you. Thank you.


Dance newbie puppets, dance!


Chilltown & the Donato alliance were sort of alike.
They both had one person who won a lot of competitions, and one person with a wicked social strategy.


chilltown did it on their own and danatos needed americas player and production to get them through


“Ian says well that is good because then if I win it I can say that I don’t want to use it because then he would go up as the replacement.”

If Ian won the POV and saved Frank, wouldn’t Ian be safe as well?


If Ian wins veto he CAN’T be put up as a replacement.


Ian meant Boogie. His excuse for not saving Frank would be that Boogie would be the replacement.

Carol & Steve

If Ian were to win & do whatever the DDSB wanted with the veto then he could prove he was thru with Boggie, etc. He told Brit he was afraid to tell Boogie he was thru with him, so the way to keep Boogie’s wrath off him would be to say he didn’t use the POV b/c he wanted to save Boogie. Might keep Boogie from going off on Ian when Frank goes home. Of course, with Frank gone then Ian may be thinking the same thing as Dan that he/they can now work with Boogie.

I’d really like for the POV to be used and Janelle gets backdoored – she’s the biggest threat to any of the coaches or newbies.


true true, I want to see Janelle getting backdoored too, and she’s pretty much a floater this season
why is she always against Boogie/Frank hello! once those are gone, she’s next!


Backdoor season for Janelle. Your going Home Janelle! I’ll be celebrating if she leave! Ciao Janelle! Have fun talking to your husband.


Before Janelle sees her husband, she will first head to “The Biggest Loser,” due to all the crap she has shoved down her throat… My gosh, that girl can eat, eat eat!


Wow, so unless Danielle or Shane win the POV, chances are Frank will be removed from the block, and then I suspect Dan will talk Danielle into keeping Boogie and instead putting up Joe or something and the Boogie/Frank due will remain intact.




I was hoping Danielle would go with the nominations she wanted but I guess she listened to Dan….


@ Goofy~

No. Any of them winning will not take Frank off the block. SMALL Chance Jenn would, but super small. It ain’t teams no more. Hoping for Frank to come off the block now is hope beyond hopes. FRANK has to win PoV. Doesn’t mean he goes home. Wil could, and might implode, but no one except Frank (outside chance Jenn) is saving him this week.


I think that Boogie’s team will still stick together, no matter how much they may deny it. It will all depend on what Boogie wants to do. He may talk Dan into keeping Frank. I really think this is a possibilty, since Dan is looking for himself, not for Danielle or anyone else.

Danielle's Pathetic Ego

Does anyone else but me see that Frank has been playing this game EXTREMELY WELL??? He’s had a great social game going on, his competition skills show potential and as Boogie reiterated to Dan, he’s been playing thus far very straight forward. The way I see it, there are a few key problems here that are preventing Team Danielle from seeing the potential ally they could have in Frank:

1.) For some COMPLETELY unknown reason, Janelle has it out for Frank. Simon noted this as well. What exactly IS her beef with him??? Is she just trying to show her husband that a guy who jokingly described his ideal girl as someone who mirrored her, will get sent packing as soon as she had the opportunity??

2.) No one seems to realize that Frank is a pretty happy-go-lucky guy who jokes around a lot! Yet every time he makes some joking/ribbing, wink-enhanced remark about “putting someone up on the block”, Janelle takes that and runs with it.

3.) Wake up Houseguests!! Janelle is trying to run this entire house to her own specifications!! She will say ANYTHING, to ANYONE to get what she wants! Does she want to win? Sure and I don’t blame her for that, I just think that SOMEONE needs to see through her bullshit, realize that she’s in this solely for herself and that Frank is NOT the monster she’s portrays him to be! Janelle wants DESPERATELY to be the house guest that took Mike Boogie down!! Isn’t it obvious to everyone by now that Boggie has NO GAME without Dr. Will???

But the idiots in this house are gonna continue hitching their wagon to Janelle until they wake up one morning and find themselves out of the game.

And PS….. It may be a moot point to even say this, but Danielle is THE most insecure girl I have ever met. Poor, poor girl….. I’m afraid she’s going to have a extremely hard time reading these posts after BB14 is over and seeing that her insecurities were exposed for the world to see.

Just sayin…….

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

first of you never met danelle but whatever frank call danelle a bitch he said to ashley he comeing afther will then tallk to joe and said he comeing afther ashley and jen frank need to go if not bye bye boogie lol.

Godless Monkey

OMG! Please go back to school and learn, at the very least, just the most basic of writing skills.


Really, seriously! Janelle will go home & Mike Boogie is not going anywhere! Just give it up!


Janelle’s first stop after BB is “The Biggest Loser” after all the stuff she keeps shoving down her throat. Man, that girl can eat, eat, eat!


Janelle will be on Biggest loser! She probably win something, but it won’t happen! She is a biggest loser.


lol trying to read that made me dizzy


I disagree with you on the Janelle/Frank thing. Frank’s been a threat since day one and, on top of that, he’s working with Boogie who will do anything to get ahead. I personally find Frank to be really annoying. The way he talks. The way he smiles. He’s too cocky and too forward with people. And, he smells.

I also don’t understand how you can name yourself as Danielle’s Ego and then write how insecure she is. It’s one or the other.


Uhm hello!! They said “Danielle’s PATHETIC ego”! Learn how to read before you comment being a jerk!


You can’t have an ego and be insecure at the same time. Learn the meaning of ‘ego’.


“and he smells”

LOL What does this has to do with game

who cares if he smells


I care. I don’t like people who stink out of their armpits. He’s disgusting.


Sure, but you’re not in the house goof!


Goofy, I hear you smell. Take a shower bro.


Ugh stay away from Janelle. If Wil wins HOH next week she’s going to be pushing for people like Danielle and Shane to go home.
They don’t really need her so I don’t know why they want her so much. Although Britney isn’t a great player she knows what type of person she is and knows trusting Ian is better than trusting Janelle.
I think Dan is a big fan and would die to work with people like Janelle and Boogie…Big mistake.


Danielle wins one comp and now they acting like she’s Janelle or Rachel. I say its a two horse race Shane and Frank.


I totally agree about the 2 horse race of Frank and Shane. But, only if the 2 horses figure out that they need to get rid of the coaches before the coaches outnumber the newbies.


Frank’s only won one comp too.


Am I the only one, shocked that both Boogie and Frank were waiting for an apology from Danielle, why would she apologize, she wanted Frank out and the only reason he is still here is because of the twist. It is the game of Big Brother, where apologies don’t exist.


And wasn’t it Mike that told Ian “It’s Big Brother… you can bounce checks?” Its ok for his team to lie and deceive but not the other way around…. hmmmmmmmm


Apparently all the coaches will need to do to sail into victory will be to keep the newbies turned against each other. The big question is whether they newbies will figure it out and band together while they still have enough newbies to get rid of the coaches, or if, by the time they figure it out (if they ever do) it will be too late, because the coaches will eventually outnumber the newbies.


Simon, who hosting?


idk if you guys already heard it but i they said dans hosting in the hoh room when danielle brit and dan were talking bout how janelle asked danielle to pick her to host but she picked dan instead

Godless Monkey

IMHO Danielle’s downfall in this game will be, one, her insecurities; and two, her alliegance to Dan and Shane and her always seeking male validation.

I also am kind of rooting for Ian, to some extent, as he is a clear underdog in the game at this point, and as those here with specific knowledge in the field have pointed out, he’s also autistic which puts him clearly behind the 8 ball. Plus, he’s a really endearing little dude!


totally love ian – when he teared up at getting the 3K from boogie it was the sweetest moment ever on BB.


I agree. Ian has a very naive, honest way about him. I teared up myself.


There is so much game left to play and I am not choosing my favorite yet but Danielle, Jenn, Shane and Wil have not been BB fans in the past and it really shows how weak they are at game play. Shame on BB for picking these four. Dan has given Dani some nuggets of strategy but I swear she isn’t catching on to them. Oh well, these 4 will get what they deserve and learn their lesson sitting outside the house.


And I would like to add that AG/production planned that these 4 newbies should be in the game for the obvious reasons and that they can’t win against the vets.


shane is definitely playing the game and deserves to be here hes won the most comps and last week backdooring frank was a great strategy but big brother fucked him

nobody important

Janelle needs to go.
What an ugly person, inside and out.

Beyonce janelle fan who run the world.

Frank just look stank ugh.


Do you come with a translator?


Does really Dan want to work with Boogie? I mean, yeah Boogie won all stars bla bla bla.. he was in Chilltown bla bla bla…, Chilltown is awesome bla bla bla …

Honestly I am not the biggest fan of Chilltown, but I give credit where its due and Chilltown is in fact one of the best alliance ever. But really it wasn’t Mike’s doing, it was DR. WILL…

Really, Mike’s just one of dr Will’s main actor who is literally, NOTHING without him…

Come on Dan… You’re one of my favourite winner besides Jordan. You’re better than that


not true. they needed mike’s “romance” with erika that season. without it, they dont go nearly as far

will was taken out, boogie then took out janelle, by using smart tactics, the first HOH comp, he got her to pull her hand off the thing by tossing the first comp and yelling something about not needing it. he then won the 2nd part( a CAR) in a massive comp where he beat janelle straight up to get to go to the final questions portion. where boogie then beat erika to be the final HOH

where will fits into that equation I dont know. get your facts straight


has anyone considered this:

yes, mike is annoyed, hurt, and doesnt want his “name” to get walked on here.


hes sort of pulling a Will. by acting totally uninterested in playing this game, I have to wonder, has boogie literally just gone to the will strategy?


No Boogie is being an emo little b***h and has no strategy whatsoever except ride with Frank and f**k em all. He should never be mentioned in the same sentence with Dr.Will again because boogie is just a weak sidekick at best.


its best for the GAME, if frank stays, and maybe can team up with shane and power to the end.

boogie, is done, and I do NOT blame him as its just a bad situation when you best ally outside frank is ian and jenn

then wil needs to win HoH next week


YAY! Jen gets to play in a veto. Looking forward to seeing how she does!


jenn is useless




I think production needs to give Boogie a shirt stating “No One comes between me and my Frank”, Boogie is a big disappointment without Will.. I believe production wanted Dan to be Boogie’s Dr, Will this season from their conversation last night in the storage room, Did anyone hear about production not being happy with Boogies attitude??


that wasnt hit point

what he was getting at, was that they brought him back to be a giant character, mostly for his DR sessions as we all know cbs loves them a good bit.

to be fair, boogie IS really entertaining in the box, other than being too cocky, hes fun to watch, so what hes saying is that if he mopes around, they dont get what they want, and what they wanted casting boogie

I think what sucks for boogie, is that this screws his BB “legacy” royally, and he didnt even want to actually play this summer, so its sort of unfair. I do agree they brought him there under false pretenses


Lol I hop Ashley hosts. Hate her as a player but, I love her diary room sessions.


oh stop it, mike boogie is a great player, he had NOTHING he could do once placed in the game, the way he coached screwed him getting placed in the game, and if you tell his reaction, he had NO IDEA it was going to take place.

I think it kind of sucks that boogie didnt get picked for veto. chances are he wouldnt have won, but gosh, how could they drop the ball and allow that to happen

if frank wins pov, they will just put boogie on the block

I think at this point, production may see this as the best case scenario. as a fan of boogie, I hope he goes home, as this just isnt his game anymore. I actually think hes lost his cutthroat mentality

Nick Z

It kind of sucks that Shane and Frank didn’t end up working together. I think they’re both pretty cool (minus the pink tube top on Shane) and they would have been a pretty big force in the house. They’re both solid competitors but Shane is stronger in that and Frank is stronger socially. That alone could get both of them to the end if played right. While I don’t really like the whole backdoor concept, I really hope Wil or Frank gets off the block and Janelle can go up. While I haven’t watched her original season(s) yet, she just strikes me as a bitch and a major floater this year.

Nick Z

Also I think it’s funny that nobody has paid attention to the fact that Shane tied the most consecutive veto wins with James from season 9 with 3 in a row…..

BB Fan 4 ever

I want Mike Boogie to stay this week and Frank to leave. I want to see what he will do if he loses his lucky chip. If not Frank I want Janelle gone to see how her group will react when she leaves. These are my best case scenarios for good t.v. and great reading on this web page.


Instead of America’s Choice award I wish they had America’s Waste of Space award and allowed us to vote out the player who came into the house with nothing to offer – last year it would have gotten Adam out and this year Jenn (unless she’s left – can never tell with her). It would motivate players to step up their game.




Agreed, her gameplay is literally never talk and throw every comp, so ridiculous. The kicker is she didn’t even audition for the show, she was recruited by BB, bet they’re pissed at themselves right about now.


Love the idea…much better than stupid bring the coaches back or what the have nots will eat america’s votes. Have production pick the 3 most useless people like a jenn or adam and have america vote 1 out instead of a regular eviction. Getting rid of boring people that just sit around and hide is a total win for cbs and the fans.






I can’t believe boogie didn’t get picked I was thinking production would definitely fill that bag with one boogie chip and the rest houseguest choice I guess production doesn’t control as much as we think





Dan is host btw.


did a googe search – ‘janelle’ is nordic for well-fed.


So,the people that are playing in the veto competition is Danielle,Shane,Frank,Ian&Jenn.I have a feeling this competition will be mental.I don’t think production likes Dan this season.I think they want things to go in Boogie&Frank favor.If Frank leaves this Thursday,then their(production attempt to save him by canceling evictions the week they knew he would be evicted,would be a waste because if things go how Dan&his alliance wants.Then Frank will be evicted the week after production saved him)I think production knows that it’s a good chance that if Ian or Jenn win the veto,they will save Frank.Production probably also is aware that Shane can be swayed to work with the people who are against the three coachs(Dan,Britney&Janelle).So far Jenn hasn’t shown to be good at physical competitions,therefore production is probably hoping that Jenn will be good at mental competitions,then she has a better chance at winning the veto and saving Frank.Production doesn’t want it to look too obvious that they’re favoring certain players,especially since they(production)just saved Frank from being evicted.There’s no way production didn’t know that Dan,Britney&Janelle would say yes if they were given the chance to play the game.Janelle told Britney that in the DR she was asked if she was given the opportunity to come in the game will she take it.Janelle told them yes.Production also heard Dan&Britney say, during the week that they were planning Frank’s eviction,that they want to come in the game.The bottom line is I think production worked the twist in a way that would guarantee Frank wouldn’t walk out the Big Brother door on Thursday.They knew all three of the coachs were down to come in the game,and that’s why the twist was if one of the coachs hits the reset button,there won’t be an eviction.Which means Frank will stay in the game.I mean everyone except Boogie and his team,knew that Frank was the one that would be evicted.But when it comes to the veto competiton they(Production)doesn’t want it to look too obvious that they’re still favoring Boogie&Frank.That’s why Boogie wasn’t picked to play in the veto competition.I hope I’m 100% wrong with what I’m saying about production.But I’ll wait and see how the rest of this season plays out.Even though Danielle is HOH it’s probably safe to say she takes the advice Dan gives her to heart.So,it’s basically Danielle&Dan’s HOH.The people that with out a doubt want Frank to be evicted next week are Dan,Danielle,Britney&Janelle.I know Shane is supposed to be with them,but I have a feeling it wouldn’t take much convincing from Boogie&Frank for Shane to work with them and the other newbies who want the coachs gone.I think Dan,Danielle&Britney can trust Janelle because it’s in her best interest to get newbies that aren’t working with them out of the game.But,what motivation does Shane have to stick with them?I would like it if Shane was completely with Dan,Danielle,Britney&Janelle,but I don’t feel confident about him sticking with them if Boogie,Frank or Wil come up to him and tell him to work with them to get rid of the coachs.I’m aware Boogie is a coach,but since it seems like Boogie refuses to work with the other three coachs.The newbies probably won’t consider Boogie as one of the coachs,that they must target.Most of this is my opinion and the rest is facts.But everything that I’ve written is how I view what’s going on now and what’s already happened.I should also mention to the people who aren’t already aware who I’m rooting for,it’s Dan.It’s not that I only want a vet to win.I like Dan and I want him to win this game again.As of now the best option for Dan to help him make it to the end,is to keep working with Danielle,Britney&Janelle and whoever else is really on their side.The coachs have to continue to keep each other safe,and get rid of the newbies that want the coachs out the most.As of now Frank&Wil are the most vocal out of the newbies that want to target the three coachs(Dan,Britney&Janelle)therefore those two need to be evicted one after the other,if the coachs have a chance to make it far in the game,and in Dan’s case win the game again.


Could you please explain yourself more fully? Thank you.


@Arthur. I’m guessing your being sarcastic because how long my post was. Lol.


I dont know why you cancel my comments when others write to fck this person and fck that person. Is it really necessary to edit me saying Pig Face Janelle can suck it?


I have to agree that if it’s an open site, then as long as it doesn’t break “posted” rules, owners of the site, should publicly post even the most absurd posts. Of course, you have the right to NOT post seeing as this is a private site, but that also clearly goes against basic free speech IMO.

This site allows foul language and even nudes. So to attempt to censor anyone’s posts isn’t fair, business savvy, or even consistent with the norm of OBB . If you want a Disney type atmosphere, then let that be known at the door. One has to let the rules be clear; otherwise, it’s best to let free speech rule the day.

I LOVE this site, but let’s not get swamped with censorship. Let’s do everything we can to avoid that. Cenosrship is a nasty concept that can have unwanted reprocussions.


Cool I was starting to think she gave you a hard on Simon.

Ive been out today Has the veto started?


The coaches should have been have nots for two weeks when they caame in. Production didnt thiink that through.


what would be neat is someone like Wil find out about the coaches trying to minipulate the newbies. He could have a private conversation with Shane and Danielle and if Danielle or Shane win they can get him off the block and put boogie on the block and mess with Dans plan, and Danielle can just tell him I did what I thought was best, I don’t trust Frank and Boogie, and Dan would have to live with it lol. and Wil just might join Danielle and Shane in an alliance if they save him. Danielle and Shane need to find a newbie that would work with them After all Danielle gave permision to Janelle to take him off. So it is an option.


can someone please explain what all the commotion over beds was the other night? why would there be fewer beds with the coaches in the game since they were already living in the BB house when there were more newbies still there.


Thanks Dawg! You and Simon rock! Love your site.


I love Dan but I think he is making a bad move here. He NEEDS Boogie. Why? Who else can Dan win against? Nobody – except for Boogie. They are the only winners in the house. The NEED each other. This is the perfect argument for either of them to make the other one do what they need them to do to get to the end. It seems so clear to me but I haven’t seen it here. Have either of them made this argument to the other?


If production decides not to screw over Dan(I think that’s doubtful)and he makes it to the end.I think Dan can win against Janelle.Now,before you say that the jury will vote for Janelle over Dan because Janelle hasn’t won and Dan has.No one in that house likes Janelle,people see her as a player that goes to who ever has the power.Dan’s a smooth talker and is great at social&strategic game play.He should be able to convince the jury to vote for him to win the money.It’s too bad that these newbies won’t base their decision on who to crown the winner, off of who has played the best game.I think these group of people will be like the other pathetic /butt hurt jury members like season’s3&4,all of them decided who the winner should be,based on who they like better or in their minds,who was the lesser of two evils.They(season 3 jury) didn’t care about who played the best game(Danielle Reyes).The newbies might even vote for Boogie to win over Dan,because as of now, Boogie doesn’t seem like he’s one of the coachs that the newbies want to target(Boogie doesn’t want to work with the other three coachs).It’s sad but I really feel like the newbies won’t care about If Dan played the best game.They’ll vote for someone with an inferior game than him.Well,if the jury doesn’t crown the person with the obviously better game as the winner,then at least that jury(season 14) will be put in the same category as the other butt hurt jury members.


season three is an anomaly. The voting houseguests were not sequestered and therefore they saw the show. after that, they sequestered the houseguests


The point that I’m trying to make is if the newbies refuse to vote for a coach to be the winner,despite if the coach in question had the best social&strategic game.All because they don’t want a coach to win.Therefore they rather choose a newbie that had a inferior game to be the winner.Then that will make the newbies a bunch of butt hurt babies.I hope it doesn’t go down like that, but I think it might.


Get Ian out! That kid weirds me out and is so two faced. He needs to stop twitching so much