Mike “Ian fu*ked us again, fu*k Wil!” Frank “Can we really just say fu*k everyone and go at this alone?”

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 2 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon)
Last Evicted Houseguest


12:20am Janelle, Joe and Ashley are in the kicks room talking. Janelle says that there are so many people that are still in the house that they need to get rid of. Ashley says that Dan has been coaching Danielle for this twist the whole time. They talk about how everyone will still be playing in teams. They talk about how mad Wil was that the coaches entered the game. Joe says that he wanted to just leave and go home now. Joe brings up Shane running up and kissing Danielle when she won. Ashley says that she is jealous. Janelle tells Ashley that she needs to win HOH next week so that she can get back rubs from Shane. They talk about how Boogie didn’t want to come into the game and is annoyed. Janelle says that all the work they did as coaches has been a waste and they are basically playing for second place. Joe says yeah you just lost $50,000. Ashley says yeah, right.

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They’re all sitting around the kitchen table trying to figure out the bed situation. Janelle asks if she can sleep up in the HOH room. Danielle says well I guess so, Britney asked too. Britney says well maybe we could just alternate. Janelle decides to sleep with Jenn. Janelle tells them that she just won’t sleep with a guy, she is married, duh! Janelle leaves and heads into the bathroom. Britney joins her. Britney asks what is going on in this house. Janelle says we are fu*ked! How are four people going to take on an entire house. Britney says I would have never thought in a million years that we would come in the game and no one would be evicted. Britney says instead I am sleeping 3 men deep. Janelle says so she doesn’t want anyone sleeping up there at all? Britney says no. And I don’t understand why. Did you hear what Frank yelled when you walked out. Janelle says no. Britney says that when you said you would not sleep in bed with a guy, he yelled you’re on big brother. Britney says that she is so down because of all of these. She talks about how Wil and Frank are all buddy buddy now. Janelle says fu*k him, they are both pieces of sh*t. Britney and Janelle agree that they need to win HOH next week or they are fu*ked.


Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!12:50am Dan and Danielle are in the have-not room talking. Dan tells her that he would rather she save herself and throw him under the bus. Danielle says no. Dan says it was my job to get you to the end. Danielle says that Janelle is trying to start a coach’s challenge. Danielle says that she has already shown her cards. She says that she hates Janelle, she did not cheer for me, not one time. And she gave attitude about where to sleep. Dan says she wanted to sleep up there with you. Danielle says hell no. Danielle says that she thinks she can work long term with Wil. They talk about how Wil hates Janelle. Danielle says that she would probably put up Janelle. Danielle asks Dan who to put up next to Janelle to make sure she goes. Dan suggests she should put up Ashley. Danielle says that she could do that, see I am not afraid. They talk about how Shane kissed her after. Danielle says that Shane told her if she won he would kiss her. Danielle says this was no crap shoot, this was who wanted it more and I proved I wanted it more. Danielle says that you can trust Britney, she is the reason Ian dropped and when she did she told me you got this, I love you and then dropped. Dan says that he trust Britney almost as much as he trust Danielle.


1:20am Frank and Boogie are in the kicks room talking. Boogie says that Shane thinks we should be appreciative. Boogie says that Frank and him will go up to the HOH together to talk. Frank says that they were honest with them, but that they blindsided them and if you want to make it up to us they you can show us now. Boogie says that when he was walking up to the HOH room. Joe came up to him and said you me and Danielle I am rolling with ya’ll. He says you could have done that last night. Frank says that if he tries to spin a tail to us this week, we should just pretend to buy, it and then get him out next week. Frank says that Janelle needs to worry about her boy Joe, he is trying to rally the troops. Mike says Ian fu*ked us again. Mike says fu*k Wil he is done with him too. Frank asks can we really just say fu*k everyone and go at this alone. Mike tells Frank to play the newbies and he will stay sort of close to the coaches.
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1:25am Danielle comes out of the diary room and asks who wants to see my HOH room! They all head up to the HOH room and go inside. They all look at her photos, country cd, and HOH basket. Danielle then reads her HOH letter written by her mom. She says that he mom didn’t know she was coming in here. Slowly some of them head back down stairs. Shane bugs Ian for peeing just 15 minutes into the endurance competition.


1:50am Janelle and Mike are talking. Mike is complaining about the coaches entering the game. Janelle tries to encourage Mike to play the game and not just roll down and die. Janelle talks about how pointless Wil’s lie was. He says that he doesn’t like Danielle at all. He says that he is not happy about what happened. Mike says that he might wake up feeling different. He says that he has seen the finish line before, but that now they are such huge targets. They talk about how it is like week one with 12 people. Janelle says that one of her players didn’t want to work with her. Mike says that Ashley is loyal, but she’s competition now. Janelle says that it was so much easier being a coach. Mike says that someone bad is going to win. Janelle says that they need to get the leader types out of jury, work at it week after week, their chances are slim but they got a shot. Janelle asks what Mike would do if Danielle won the game. Mike says that the entire house was in on it and lied to him. Mike says that if Danielle wins the game he is not going to the finale. He says that she annoyed him so much last week, how she acted and now he knows why because she was lying to him. Janelle talks about wanting to get all the anti-coaches out first. Mike says that’s Wil and Joe. Janelle says that’s Frank.

2:30am Shane, Dan, Britney and Danielle are talking up in the HOH room. They talk about bringing Ashley into their alliance. Dan pushes for they to bring Ashley and Janelle into the alliance. Danielle says that she would rather work with Mike or Frank than Janelle. The others want Danielle to put up Frank and Mike. They talk about putting up Wil and Frank. Danielle says that she wants Janelle to play in the Power of Veto says that Frank won’t win it. Dan asks Britney and Danielle if they can girl it up with Ashley and Janelle. Dan tells them to bring the girls into an alliance, but tell them that they can’t be seen together.

Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!3:30am Janelle and Wil are talking about who they think Danielle might nominate. Janelle says that Danielle is going to want to protect Dan. She says that he is her number one ally. Janelle says that two people who are coming after Dan are going up. Wil asks who are these two people? Janelle says anyone who is saying get the coaches out. Janelle then asks Wil if he has been saying that. Wil lies and says no. Janelle tells him that he should be fine. Wil says that he doesn’t trust Ian. Janelle says that she doesn’t either. Wil says that Jen will be loyal to Mike. Janelle asks what the fu*k was the point of last week. She says we could have just sat on our a$$es and done nothing! Wil says that it cheated Mike and her out of the $100,000. She says that they had a 40% chance at winning. Wil says that he was loyal to everyone else, and all he has to do is get Frank, Boogie, Ian, and Jenn to trust him. Janelle says the he can always come to her. Janelle says as far as she is concerned, we are still working together. Wil says yeah, you give great advice.


3:45am – 4:30am Dan and Danielle are up in the HOH room talking. Dan says that they have to pull Janelle into work with them because she will carry them a week or two. Danielle agrees. Dan says that Danielle has to secure Joe’s vote tomorrow by telling him he can show some loyalty by voting her way. Danielle says that she will use her southern charm. Dan says goodnight and heads downstairs. Danielle heads down too. Janelle, Danielle and Wil are in the bathroom talking about the HOH competition. Janelle then heads up to the HOH room with Danielle. Janelle tells her that she rocked it! Danielle says that she was so scared Mike or someone would win it. Danielle says that she made a deal that she would not put up Ian and she won’t go back on it. Danielle says that she doesn’t know who to put up. Janelle says that she is in total shock now that she is playing the game. Danielle says that she was doing really well at the coaching thing. They talk about the competition. Danielle says that she thinks everyone underestimated her. Janelle says that she looked strong and that Britney looked pissed. Janelle and Danielle talk about working together. They talk about not wanting just a one week deal. Danielle says that she doesn’t even want to make one week deals with others. She says that she isn’t going to tell people who she is going to nominate either. She says she won’t make a deal with anyone tomorrow. Janelle says that it’s so awesome you’re the first girl to win HOH. They talk about how Kara and Jojo have been sitting in sequester for a month and now are going to be told to go home. Janelle talks about how depressed Boogie is and how he just wants to go home. Janelle heads downstairs to bed.

6:20am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9am They are all still fast asleep..


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Mike pissed at Danielle is quite funny, guess he doesn’t like the taste of his own medicine. I hope he gets a blindside that actually happens, wanna see how he would react.


Oops, forget this comment, I misread. It happens you know.


you do realize they cant actually blindside him now that he knows they all lied to him

you do realize he had no interest in joining the game, and said blindside would have been of his meat shield, who he knew would go fight it out to return, yet cbs just did one better

the problem is cbs keeps handing these comps that are so incredibly unfair to any of the men not named ian, then what are the odds ian has the mentality to tough that out? he didnt, so of course, hey brit, here is a free HoH and a free week for you, while since we gave boogie such a gift of entering a game full of people hes been coaching against, not playing against, therefore not creating relationships, why not go ahead and screw his chances in this game.

boogie will be nominated with frank. which is BS. put up joe. but no, they put up the coach who said NO to returning to the game, and the coach who provides th e LEAST threat in comps as he cant win those brit tailored comps, isnt as good as janelle in those hoh style question comps, and isnt as quick as dan will be in a dan tailored comp.

this is why I REALLY didnt want boogie to enter the game, its freaking pointless for him to be there right now, and if anything, its just halting the real drama from starting


I kind of feel bad for Boogie. He’s the one that I expected to press that buzzer so fast to get into the game, and he ended up being the only one that didn’t.

Anyway, Team Shane!

So surprised that Danielle won this HoH, she’s not completely useless after all.


Oh and I love Dan too. He’s such a sweetheart.

Dark Horse

I just had this feeling that Danielle would win…now let’s see how this goes.


My head is still spinning from last night…not b/c the coaches got to enter the game, but from how it went down. I honestly thought it would take place AFTER Frank got evicted.

So…random thoughts:

1. Dan it too careful a player to “make a mistake”, in my opinion. I don’t buy his story about “getting too excited.” Me thinks thou doth protest too much, Dan. (If I’m right, I’m still not sure why he would have done it.) ???

2. Simon, I saw on an earlier post that you thought Shane has really been screwed this season? If my eyes actually did see that, then I agree. He seems to have gotten the shortest end of the stick right from the get-go…this last week was just the cheery on top for him. I’m not a big fan of his (okay, really not a big fan), but I do feel bad his whole HoH week (and PoV use) was for nothing.

3. The conversation with Danielle and Janelle in the HoH room made me laugh. Fake, fake, fake (on both of their parts.) You know Danielle really wanted to tell Janelle what she really thinks of her! Lol

4. Poor Ian! I really feel for the kid. The look on his face while he was cooking the chicken was heartbreaking. At one point, he looked into the camera and look terrified!!! And, did he really pee himself 15 minutes into the HoH comp? Wow. (I didn’t see it go down, so not sure if he had to go and didn’t care, or had to go but couldn’t exactly get off the boat.) I’m starting to get a bit worried he’s going to have a nervous breakdown soon!

5. Shane…you finally got Danielle to realize “you’re just not that into her.” Don’t go muddy the waters by kissing her just b/c she won. A hug would have been fine!

6. The twist totally cheated the viewers out of seeing Boogie’s reaction to realizing he’d been played as he watched his “prize stallion” walk out the door. Booo! I was really looking forward to that. Lol

I guess that’s all for now, but (as they say on Robot Chicken when they make fun of M. Night Shyamalan)…”What a twist!” ;)

production rigged it

yeah i agree with u about dan he’s supposed to be one of the best players ever so why would he tell boogie that.


Team Shanielle yo! I am also feel bad for Mike Boogie! Where is the Mike Boogie I know who started chilltown? Come on Mike Boogie! Where your chilltown spirit?

MU Tigers

Boogie isn’t the same player without Will. I suspected that all along, he’s proving it now.


more like hes not the same player when thrown into a house of people hes been with and coaching against

if you put him in a house full of people he didnt know, fresh, he would still be a darn big threat

but at this point? cmon. stop being a hater, he should have just gone home, as its his heart thats not in it, its not like hes incapable of being any good at the game. hes got 500 times the intelligence any of the newbies do in playing the game



I cant believe how many say this. they handed shane a comp where his coach, and the girl who loves him, would 100 percent win. you think they didnt know this? its actually quite obvious, much like keeping frank.

but with shane, they handed shane a free week as well. he would have been UNABLE to compete in the next hoh, and would have been the number 1 target with no coaches, and no frank, in the game. seriously, if you think otherwise you are insane. the amount of comps he has won, any coach would be pushing a backdoor


Great twist, but they totally screwed shane!


PLEASE someone tell me HOW Ian could pee 15 minutes into the comp? Are they all wearing Depends? Are they allowed to jump off and tinkle then get back on?


Uh…..he peed his pants. Thought that was pretty clear. No, they don’t give potty breaks in the middle of endurance comps…lmao.

Production went a little too far this time with messing with the integrity of the game. The newbs that made it this far HAVE to be pissed, b/c all their game thus far just went out the window. If one of the newbs wins, BB should give them the extra 100k they were offereing to the coaches for having to play an extra 4 weeks more than the coaches.

Btw, Dan IS a human being, and not a super genius mastermind. I think he genuinely made a mistake, and because he feels so bad (b/c he’s not heartless) that is why he is apologizing so much. It was a pretty BIG mistake too. He could have spun it and thrown Will, Ian, or Jen under the bus, but he didn’t, and that may have cost him his and possibly Danielle’s, game.


@TheBarkBark I agree Dan made a mistake.. he’ll recover though as long as they take out a strong player this week and not someone like Joe.


Thanks for the info BarkBark. No, it wasn’t clear to me, which explains why I asked. Now all I have to say on the subject is EWWW!


i think the only thing Dan feels bad about is that boogie told frank what he said and dan knew it would get back to Danielle and the others.

I love how he ‘coached’ Danielle on how to repair the damage – tell frank she lied to Dan about who she was voting out – making her into a liar in franks and – when frank tells the rest of the house – everyone else’s eyes. Yeah he really cares a lot about Danielle – he ignored her until she was his last chance to stay in the house and the first thing he does is throw her under the bus when he gets into the game.

I wish Danielle would get over her daddy-complex and tell Dan to go to boogie and tell him YOU lied. And when he suggested they stage a fight to show how mad she is at Dan she should have said “I’ll nominate you for eviction – that will show them how mad I am”.

Notice how along with choosing 3 women to be on his team Dan now wants his ‘alliance’ to bring in 2 other women – Janelle and Ashley – he has serious control issues and gets off on manipulating women – yuk.


Nailed it on the head here!!! Completely agree!!!

Karen S

I have to agree. If Danielle tries to cover up Dan’s oops.. It makes her the bad guy.
Man up Dan.. .you’re safe this week any way!


Think about this too.

Dan is Catholic. They are the masters of guilt.


C’mon everyone. See the light!!! Dan was just covering his own ass because he knew there was no way in hell so many people would keep their mouths shut about the backdooring deal! I’m sure when they were all in the living room Booger was saying to not push the button, and Dan saw that as an opportunity for an excuse. Dan wanted to be in the game, and by telling Boog that he just saved his #1 player, he thought he’d get brownie points with him. I can almost guarantee it that Dan will tell us that in his DR. Nice of Janelle and Britney to let him take all the blame though (dripping with sarcasm).


heartless? no. but is he a total hypocrit? yes. he claims to play such an honest game, then says he can just pray away anything he does wrong in the house. free himself from sin

what a bunch of crap.


If he did it, then I assume he just let it leak out… He’s a weird one for sure.


Janie is definitely in control of the game. They can’t stand her, but they do what she tells them to do. Use to like her on previous shows but not anymore. Why does she hate Frank so much?


because Frank has backbone and she knows she cant manipulate him or beat him at BB.


What game are you watching? How is Janelle controloing everything? She is control of Ashley and maybe Joe.

Wil hates her and will not be controlled by her.

Boogie and Frank will smile and nod and take her out ASAP

Ian could be swayed by Ashley, but Boogie has him.

Jenn will roll with Boogie before siding with Janelle.

Danielle really would like to remove Janelle from the game.

Britany plays Janelle like a fiddle.

Shane will side with Brit and Dani

Dan wants to use Janelle to control the game longer.

So, tell me again: How is Janelle “in control” and making everyone do what she wants.


Hey Janelle, how does it feel to be beaten by a southern floater. Who is floater now? That right! You Janelle, your a queen of floaters. I can imagine right now! Janelle without the sovereign 6 alliance watching your back. Too bad, you will be leaving. Bye Janelle!

MU Tigers

Hey Captain, you know she can’t read this right? Funny thing, all your hating on her don’t change the fact, that Janelle has done more with her life than you ever will. Enjoy that thought. Janelle > You


Dude, I’m just a huge Big Brother Fan. The only reason I don’t like her because of her cockiness, which she is a floater. I’m also huge & close friend Jeff schroeder. I have a great life & you don’t see it.


“close friend Jeff schroeder” ?


Yeah, ditto here re: the ‘close friend’ part.




Simon, I went to Ridgewood High School in Norridge Illinois with Jeff Schroeder & yes I’m really close to Jeff when I was a Freshmen & he is a Senior. I met him at school cafeteria and we got to know each other. That’s how I met Jeff Schroeder. If You don’t believe me, look up the facebook of my bio. I graduated in Ridgewood High School. He graduated in 1996 & I graduated in 1999.


Then by the same logic I’m a huge & close friend of MADONNA… my cousin worked on her father’s grape plantation in Michigan and a piece of Madonna’s clothing brushed against his arm and I touched that spot on his arm when I bumped into him one time so now me and Madonna got it like that… check it out on my facebook page… I visited michigan once!!




4 years apart, meet in the school cafeteria, and you are now “close friends”. did he call you when jordan won BB? did he text you after last season?


I told you, I haven’t talk to him for awhile since he graduated from Ridgewood High School in 1996. That why if I bump into him, I will let you know.


That’s a good enough explanation for me, Captain, but honestly, I’ve read your posts for a couple of years now, and I really kinda honestly thought you were from a different country. I mean no offense by this… I just really thought that English wasn’t your first language.


OMG, FOR THE LAST TIME! I’M AUSTISTIC, NOT A FOREIGNER! WHY EVERYBODY KEEP ASKING ME THE STUPID QUESTION ABOUT MY LANGUAGE! I’m not mad at you, I am sick entire of all you guys know my language. I am born in the United States. I’m really pissed off right now! I am apologized but please stop asking me about my language.


I had no idea you were autistic. I actually have two family members who are, and have worked with other people with autism, and their grammar and spelling tics are completely different from what I see in yours, so I didn’t catch it.

Dark Horse

LOL…Show receipts!


Tell me this is not a real discussion. Lol.


First off, Thanks Simon and Dawg for the recommends on feed viewers. I used that “junkdrawer” thing and it’s pretty cool (also signed up for feeds from your link). So THANKS!

Second, watching Danielle complain about how Janelle did not cheer for her, I swear I remember Rachel pulling shit like that last year too. It hit me she is this weird combo of Rachels insecurity and Jordons dingbattiness, with enough crazy thrown in to bear down and win an endurance comp!
Either way, she is one scary ass mess of emotion and willpower, those people should be worried about her.


what a skeeve Dan is – trying to get in good with frank and boogie by telling boogie he hit the button to come into the game to save frank because he was going home – throwing Danielle, Shane and Brit under the bus – and then telling Danielle he just got excited and blurted it out – conveniently his spontaneous blurt happens to help his game and screws everyone else he was working with – his double dealing smarmy smugness is sickening.


I want to trust Dan. But I don’t like how he appears to be more aligned to Mike and Janelle. Dan is trying to keep too many side alliances. His “slip” to Boogie was BS.

Yankees Fan

I still like Mike and Frank………..I hope that stick it up Dan’s ass and Janelle. Two faced bitches!


amen! but of course danielle is gonna to listen to dan, shane, britany and janelle and put up frank and boogie. cause these people cant do it their selves and make their own decision. new flash! its about yourself now. shane is a bigger target than frank actually..3 pov’s and 1 hoh compare to frank’s one hoh. give me a break. this season should be called big brother 14: season of the two faces and brainwashed ass kissers! i swear if frank goes up on the block again imma stop watching. do something different.

production rigged it

well if production hadn’t screwed shane over by not having an eviction then frank wouldn’t go on the block again now would he because his ass would have went out the door.


can you please just re-read what you just said

so BB screwed shane, and the result was that he is safe this week, which he wouldnt have been otherwise

looks like BB saved frank AND shane for another week, frank for the last one, shane for this one

not sure how that screwed shane, if anything, this screwed dan, which im glad for, since he just uses the “ill pray and itll be OK” to justify his gameplay, then will talk bad about not being able to trust boogie, who hasnt shown ANY signs of playing cutthroat this year

production rigged it

what the hell r u talking why don’t u reread what u just said because it makes no sense, how is bb keeping frank this week make shane safe, if frank was gone shane would have been safe either way because danielle won hoh, which is what u mean by bb keeping shane safe this week i know because the competition was made for her, but it still screwed shane in the sense that his hoh was for nothing and now boogie and frank know that frank was going home that’s how he got screwed maybe u understand now?


While I was watching the endurance comp last night I was thinking about what they would do if they had to pee. I’m sure most of them waited for the water to start spraying them and then just let it go – who would ever know unless you told them! haha


correct me if i am wrong but shouldn’t janelle do some better math? a 40% chance at 100,000 dollars? i think it should be 25 % lol, but i’m not genius either…feeling bad for boogie is something i just can’t do…he got a taste of his own medicine and he doesn’t have anything to wash it down with…i think it’s wonderful!!! danielle, shane, dan and britney in final four would be awesome…

Dark Horse

I’m with ya there. I cannot feel bad for Boogie…this guy already won BB and is successful in life. His greedy @ss already has 6000 in his pocket…get him out and have someone else win.

Funny how I don’t feel ^ way about Dan – lol


sigh. if janelle or dan took that money, it would have been looked at as good gameplay to keep the target off their players

remember, winning cash is an easy way to gain a target, and if you are a coach, there is no target, taking the money was the BEST GAME MOVE AT THE TIME.

boogie just got screwed by being forced to enter the game when he was playing for the 100k, not the 500k, if he was as GREEDY, as you claim, he would have gone for the 500k no question. but of course you refuse to look at this, because of your bias against boogie because he is a goofy guy who is cocky about his BB game. do you see him being cocky right now? no, because he knows he had no chance, thats the sign of a guy who matured, not a guy who is the same as he was at all stars

Dark Horse

Come on now…Expect the unexpected. Its not like BB pulled the rug out from underneath him and said coaches in the game, they all spoke of this since the beginning.

There was nothing in the contract that said you will NOT enter the game under no circumstances…perhaps Boogie should have read the contract instead of his agent.

Much like Janelle, I dont feel bad for someone who enteres the BB house when they just had a baby…no one forced Boogie to come back…they could have offered Rachel who would have jumped on the opportunity.

By looking at Boogie do the “Chilltown” DR with Frank…shows he’s much like how he was in the past.

but thanks tho.


so the final 5 is basically decided


gosh, this will be such a fun summer watching such serious moves as taking out joe at 6, or the huge backdoor of ian at 7. YAWN


Boogie was the ONLY coach that didn’t press the buzzer to enter the game for the 500,000 prize. He’s not as greedy as you think. Even I was surprised when he refused.
You can tell that he didn’t want this at all to happen & that he genuinely wanted Frank to win. I don’t think he wanted to come back into the game at all.
I do kind of feel bad for him, and this is coming from someone that despised Boogie.

Britney shocked me when she pressed it because this season I was getting a vibe that she didn’t want to be in the actual game at all either, but I guess she was feeling bold since she has Shane in her corner.

Dark Horse

If all four coaches had to press the buzzer to enter the game then I would not see Boogie as greedy…only one coach had to press and they all knew that.

If I were Boogie I would have not pressed it either, knowing that other coaches would press it…then I could play the “I didnt press the button game”…and tell everyone that I did not press it.

Give it time…and him the power. Chilltown Boogie will be out and playing the game.

Lets not forget this game changes by the day…sometimes minute.


@Dark Horse.I know what you mean.But that probably has to do with Dan not being a arrogant jerk like Boogie.Dan also doesn’t try to threaten people in order for them to do what he wants.I’m sure you remember the week that Willie was HOH,Boogie basically threaten Britney.The bottom line is there isn’t a mystery as to why Boogie isn’t well liked.

Dark Horse

good point jw!


the way boogie is reacting and talking about danielle speaks enough for his character…i will admit danielle’s obsession with people making her feel good about herself and with shane and the whole i’m a pound lighter than ashley crap is annoying but boogie is being down right rude and degrading toward her and he hasn’t even asked for her side of the story…everyone of those coaches knew from the contract they could go into the game and they’ve been talking about it for the last 3 weeks…he can’t be that surprised…he might as well suck it up and try to get some decent game play in before he ends up going home…he really has no idea how to play this game without dr will in there to drag him along!

Dark Horse

THANK YOU ali!!!

I agree about the Danielle self confidence thing too. It appears that everyone in the house realizes this…boogie calling her chubby is just as bad as Janelle telling her what JoJo may/or may not have said. IMO


Janelle’s (or Boogie’s) 3 divided by 8 players left= 37.5% chance at winning the coach’s prize. it was 25% at the beginning of the game when everyone had 3 players.


yes that’s what i am saying…she was basically saying that she had a 40% chance of winning as a coach…


Last night really brought back some Awesome Big Brother. I know a lot of people are pissed about the twist. If it was me I would of wanted an entirely new cast from the start but because CBS brought old players back I’m happy it went down the way it did. (Still feel sorry for Shane)

Dan / Danielle are still tight
Shane and Britney are still tight
IMO DDBS are still tight
Danielle told DAn that she trusts Britney and it was because of britney they were able to talk Ian into jumping off early. Dan agree says he only really trusts Shane, Britney and Danielle

Dan has a large target on his back now Frank is coming after him.

Frank and Boogie are tight

Ian, Wil, Jenn, Ashley and Eagle eye are kind of hard to tell right now.. Wil doesn’t like Janelle and Jenn has a pretty good relationship with Dan

Not sure who is still loyal with Janelle..

The next 3 weeks are going to be some seriously awesome Big Brother. My holidays start tomorrow looking forward to bb14

Dark Horse

I totally agree last night was great. Glad I’m not the only one who was excited watching the show…I wish BB was on for 2 hours duing endurances.

I had to resist the temptation of coming to this site last night, since I know its gets heavy traffic and I think makes it more difficult for you guys to update.

I just had this feeling that Danielle would win…and kudos to Britney for making it easier for her…good game play on Brit’s part.

I was on the fence on how I felt about the coaches coming in…I guess I’m ok with it now…at least Shane got to play in the HOH, it would only be fair since they reset the game.

MU Tigers

That’s why I suspect we will see Dan and Janelle pushing Danielle to get Frank out this week. Considering the mood Boogie is already in, losing Frank just might crush his spirit. He’s just not the same without Will. But I don’t think that comes as a great shock to many on here.


One hundred percent on board with you here, Simon! This is the first time in years I’ve watched and seen more than a couple of players really playing the game:)


It’s great eh.. This year blows last years away with the abilities of the newbies..


Could not ‘amen’ more here! I have a feeling BB’s higher ups made quite a few changes to their casting and creative staff after last season. I should go back and just watch the credits to at least one episode from last season vs. one from this season and see if the names are as different as I suspect they are.


I also think ABC’s Glasshouse might have motivated CBS to get off their butts and be creative. Now that they know ABC show stinks, this may be the last good season for awhile. This was much better than the returning vets last year, where the vets dominated from day 1. This setup made the newbies play awhile, get used to the deep end, before the sharks were let loose.


Ginger, that’s brilliant!!! Didn’t even think of that!


i don’t know…

Pros: newbies were able to form a relationship with the vets this year

Cons: newbies shared ALL of their strategies with the vets this year including their secrets and lies and this is powerful ammo if the coaches break from their players.


Janelle needs to go now or they will have trouble getting her out at all. There is a very small window for the newbies to band together and take out the coaches. The smart move is Janelle vs Boogie, that way one of them goes home no matter what. It would be stupid to put any of the newbs up this week, if she does, Danielle can expect to be on the block as soon as another newb wins HOH. She will do what Dan wants, and speaking of Dan, I have a conspiracy theory. Dan knew all along about the twist because he is the one that pitched it to AG in the first place. I was pleasantly surprised at how the twist went down. I completely expected Julie to announce the twist after the eviction. I fully expected the newbs would regret the way they voted and I also expected that only the coaches would play for HOH. But cancelling the eviction and letting everyone including Shane compete levelled the playing field a bit. The coaches still have the advantage of knowing their ex players intimately, but they don’t have the numbers for now, and should in theory be relatively easy to pick off if the newbs keep in mind how last season went down. They need to band together and make a pact to not evict each other until they get rid of at least 2 coaches. I think this all might have been Dan’s idea for several reasons, and I was thinking it even before the twist. The whole coach angle fit him like a glove. It’s what he does in real life, and he’s good at it. His team picks make sense if he knew all along how the twist would go down. He wanted the strong players to be picked by other coaches so he could set them against each other and watch them take each other out. That way, the biggest threats would be out of the game when the twist happened, and he would be left with one or two airheads that would follow him to the end until it was time to Keesha them while making it look like someone else pulled the trigger. I also think that Dan is the only ex coach that could win the grand prize against a newb. If Janelle or Boogie make it to the end with anyone but each other, they won’t win. Janelle probably can’t win against anyone but Boogie. And I don’t think Brit can win at all. Right now, Dan holds all the cards, and I find it interesting that he wants to work with Janelle. I hope Danielle lets her insecurity and jealousy take over and puts her up in spite of Dan. Janelle should have been nicer to her last week, but that is Janelle’s biggest game flaw this time around. She is fake nice to whoever is in power, and downright nasty to whoever is not. It will come around to bite her. I don’t remember her being so needlessly nasty in season 6. Maybe it was just because the nerd herd was that much more unlikeable and made her look nicer than she is.

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Hoping that Janelle and Ashley end up working with DDBS for the time being. Then should that side lose a player, I hope its either Britney or Danielle. The twist was bittersweet for me, Shane got screwed (bitter) and Frank ended up staying (sweet). Unfortunately, the players that I like didn’t end up on the same side of the house.


This is kind of fun actually because there’s really no big-solid alliance in comparison to total houseguests. It really does seem like everybody hates everybody and that should make for unpredictable gameplay.


How did Ian screw over Frank and Boogie again? I missed this


He didnt really screw them he knew he couldnt beat danielle so he made a deal to keep himself safe and jumped off its ridiculous boogie is mad at him when he was the first to fall ian at least held out to final 3


Shane/Brit/Dan/Danielle! Loving that this team is still strong. Also love that Danielle brought Janelle in without revealing the alliance and that DDBS is probably going to backstab her a few weeks into the game. I’m not a huge fan of Janelle this season, and I really hope that she doesn’t even make 3rd place this time around. But we’ll see how production feels about that…

What do you all think is Danielle’s best move? Boogie and Frank?


YEs Boogie and Frank, and if one of them win POV then she can replace with Janelle.


Last nights fake “twist” was just too much. I understand its just TV and entertainment, but it is clearly a scripted show after watching that crap. Used to be the best on TV, now for some reason production just controlling everything. Everything we watched and heard last week was complete waste of time. Obviously frank or boogie will win because they will get special powers anytime they are threatened. Stupid. Just let them play the game. If I was Shane i’d quit. They obviously don’t want him to come close to winning. Very disappointed.


Production wanted boogie in the game too knowing he didnt want to be they forced him with their plan. I was told they would have brought Kara or JoJo back had a coach or two that didnt matter wanted to stay out.


you were told? “ring, ring” “Hello?” “oh yes, Muff Diver, this is CBS…”??? lol


Forget peeing thats nothing what about having to shit during the comp. Could be a good strategy though if someone dropped pants and shit next to you the smell might be an ally. Everyone would have fallen and ran to get away from the water last night if you dropped biscuits in it.


Off-topic, but Simon, how close are we to seeing the avatars here? I can’t tell you how much I look forward to that every season on this site:) And I can only imagine the world of possibilities for each player;)


On that same note, I haven’t been able to keep up with all the comments here, so If this has already been asked, I apologize: Do any of you guys have avatar suggestions for the HG’s this year?


I was thinking the same thing! Ashley should be Rainbow Brite ( I’m sick of all her butterflies and rainbows crap). Frank should be Bozo the clown or Carrot Top, maybe Dan could be a mist/ fog kind of pic… Wil should be the David Lee Roth tht he looked like in spin the bottle night;) Danielle should be Glenn Close holding knife from Fatal Attraction! ( sorry I just realized a lot of these are totally 80’s!!! At least they go w the house theme)


ROTFLMAO, I swear we must be related!!!!!!!!


Here is my idea for Avatar
Danielle is Kate Ziegler (Swimmer)
Dan is Ted Danson
Wil is Matthew or Gunnar Nelson (Rock Band)
Jenn is Rosey Perez (actress)
Mike Boogie is Elf
Frank is Shaun White (Snowboarder)
Janelle is Nicolette Sheridan (Actress Desperate Housewives)
Ashley is Kelly Carlson (Actress)
Ian is Carl (Phineas & Ferb)
Joe is Roger Clemens (Pitcher for Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros & New York Yankees)
Shane is Tom Cruise
Britney is Nicole Richie


I’ll start work on it this week.. I need to watch the players now without the coaches to get a feel for them.
Like usually I want all the regulars on the site to pick the avatars and I’ll tweak the suggestions a bit.


Another suggestion for Danielle’s avatar… When she does her DR sessions, she looks like she has Jack Nicholson’s Joker mouth.
Does this site support embedded images???




oops… Heres the real one



Ashley is rainbows butterflies and bunny rabbits.
Joe Dirt is a dirt cloud with his hand coming out of the cloud stuck in food and head out mouth open screaming.
Pig Face Janelle is very easy her head on a pigs body with a pig nose and dont forget the fungus on her chest.
Dan is the mist like joe dirt but water vapor.
Brittney is a bowl of mashed potatoes with big titties. She doesnt work out hence mashed potatoes.
Boogie just do him as a witch with nose touching his chin.
Ian is the old school MAD character but hairy with A cup titties.
Shane is a tiny muscleman with a unibrow and a hairline that almost touches the unibrow.
Frank Tha Stank is a smelly clown.
Jenn is a tattooed cloud since she does nothing and floats along.

Have to think about the ofthers more.


Lmao! Booger does look like a witch! Sad but true about Ian and Janelle. Lol Jenn should just be a shadow on the wall image…


Forgot to write eagle eye for Joe, Pigpen from Peanuts for Frank– unless that was used on Gnat a couple years ago…

Dark Horse

Ashley should be a peace pipe or a dreamcatcher or something.

Frank is so carrot top…but when I picture Frank I just imagine he stinks like a skunk!


Frank can be Pepe-Le-Pew with carrot tops head or pigpens head.

Dark Horse



Ashley should be a very heavy lided Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen… I love his idea for Ian…


1. “Extra Knuckles” (Britney) hugged Shane too much and too high when he won the HOH; she also spread her legs in front of Shane when mocking Frank (she would do him)
2. Danielle is just waiting for Shane to do her
3. Janelle would do anybody, all they would have to do is make a move and she would “empty their PP”
4. Wil would do Shane if he would let him
5. Now Ashley wants to win an HOH so Shane would do her

Shane wins!

If I was Ian, I would take advantage of all of the girls who are horny and wants to f*** Shane and can’t and are frustrated

Did I miss anything?


If Danielle doesn’t put up Boogie and Janelle, then she is a total idiot. Worst case scenario if either Boogie or Janelle win POV, replacement nominee needs to be whoever is the closest ally of the coach that remains on the block. That way, the coach (if they survive eviction) is at least weakened by the loss of an ally.

production rigged it

if i was danielle i would put up boogie and dan to show dan i didn’t like what he did, obviously he can’t be trusted going and telling boogie what he did and now wanting to get danielle to work with janelle, so if i was her like i said i would put up boogie and dan and then if the pov was used then put janelle or maybe frank up just to split him and boogie up and tell them it was all dan’s idea then dan would have no choice but to be loyal to her, shane and britney. on a side not how in the hell can boogie have the nerve to say that ian fu&#ed them when he was the biggest pu$$y out of everybody being the first one off, ian stayed on a helluva lot longer than him or frank did, if ian only knew and flipped on them that would be awesome.


Is it just me or does it look like Danielle is stupid enough to put up Frank and Will and try to evict Frank?? Britney is poison in her mind


As long as Danielle doesn’t pull a Kalia and puts Shane and Britney up on the block Her HOH will be bearable.

She needs to take out a strong player there are way too many of them in the house right now.
Boogie, Frank, Janelle, Wil


After last night’s BBAD and reading these posts, I have come to the conclusion that there are two ways DDBS can handle the Dan Gaffe:

1) Do not put up Boogie or Frank even as replacements. Nominate Joe and Janelle. This way Danielle can say that Joe was her target all along and her nominations prove it.

2) Follow through with last weeks plan and evict Frank. Put up Frank and Boogie and replacement nominee would be Jenn.

The second option is the best because it takes less effort. (The Truth is easier than a lie because you don’t have to keep track of the Truth)


I don’t think of Wil as a strong player at all… he seems emotionaly weak. I would add Shane to the strong list.


Exactly. I’m not sure why everyone views Wil as a strong player. I haven’t seen him do anything to earn that. I guess just because he’s in shape, they consider him a strong player.


Janelle is pissing me off. Dan is too even though he’s my fave.
Don’t bring the two girls into the alliance!
You know they aren’t going to be loyal to you and will leak out the news about your alliance the minute Danielle’s reign is over!


simon i so agree but i think daniell is going to put up

frank and will

or frank boogie but if boogie wins pov he’ll save frank so they need to put up frank boogie …… janelle will be pulling for frank and will to go up


I personally think Danielle’s going to spare Frank in an attempt to try to undo the damage Dan did last night.


No,no,no pig face has got to go up with one of her players with pig face being the target.


i know this maybe kinda mean spirited but for your avatars, you should put demi lovato for danielle since shes seems to have the same issues with weight insecurites.(sorry im from alabama and she is an embarassment to my state)


I am a big time Nascar fan. I’ve been to almost every Talladega race in the last 5 years. TRUST ME… there are WAAAAY more embarrassments to your state than Danielle!!!

production rigged it

now that i’ve read everything i think danielle has to put boogie and frank up because they were going to backdoor shane next week if they got the chance and now they know that danielle was going to vote frank out and that dan knew about it so if she doesn’t then boogie and frank will be coming after them, plus if she doesn’t put boogie and frank both up one of them could win the pov and take the other one off, i do think they need to use janelle for at least a couple of weeks or until they get wil, joe, boogie and frank out, especially since she can’t stand boogie or frank.


I think that anyone who makes fun of an HG’s appearance, should be forced to post a recent picture of themselves.

Who cares what any of them look like? Its not a modeling contest and it always seems to be the women whose appearance is criticized.

It would be nice if we could talk about the game and houseguests without stooping to such low-class insults.

BTW….not sure I’m liking the twist. Shane (who I’m not a fan of) got screwed and it seems wildly unfair to him.

BBFan 4ever

They need to put Boogie and Janelle on the block immediately. Then Dan since he won already. Its a no brainer. Get rid of the coaches — they’ve already played the game.

Then HOUSEGUESTS take back the game.

I hate what they did last night. They should have completed the eviction and then changed the game. That could have made bringing Frank back a total game changer. Honestly I hope they bring Jojo back.

Production — you guys are messing this season up. What about Pandora’s box? Elf costume? Why didn’t they make all the “coaches” the HAVE NOTS for the week if they came back into the game.

Come on — be creative!


this sucks. It just sucks. I can see why boogie doesnt want to play. its already over. Im sick of this.

so frank and boogie go in 2 of the next 4 weeks no matter what

so freaking lame. while NO ONE is going to stand up to dan, or brit? goodness, shane is so freaking lame.


I think its BS

had boogie done what dan did, OMG, what a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE person that must GO NOW.

instead, they tailor a fraking HoH for the girls, and now we get brit, danielle and shane in charge? cmooooooooooooooooon.

they need to get janelle and boogie to work TOGETHER, or else both sides will be picked off, and if its by brit and that group of idiots, it basically ruins the “legacy” of both of them. just sucks

Im really not liking dan. here is why

boogie: he owns it, he owns who he is, he knows hes weird, goofy, and won via deceit, but he keeps HIS people safe and close
janelle: she owns it too, she plays her game, and makes no excuses

brit: uses a this im so holy BS, Im sick of people trusting her because she continues to give her word, she DOESNT own it, she thinks she is actually better than others

Dan: NOTHING is worse to me, than a guy who truly believes that there IS a good and an evil in a game, and that he can be evil, despite claiming he doesnt play that way, then just “pray” and “ask for forgiveness for my sins”. yes, he said this on his first big brother season, go watch it. it makes me sick

so who is the poser hiding behind religion? Dan. who is the one who is the most vile and rude? brit

and who wont be winning this year? janelle and boogie.

how does that make any sense


I’m with you man, the hate on Boogie and Frank is unreal, they’ve played the cleanest game so far yet everyone thinks they’re liars. Janelle and Brit need to go, can’t stand them.


I seriously think mike boogie is a moron. Did he really think that Dan and Danielle would accept a final 4 deal with her and boogies 3 players so that then boogie could just wipe her out. After watching him this season he either was overrated and Rivas carried by Dr will or he truly has lost a step in this game. Its one thing to be upset but it’s another to continue to carry on and act like everyone should just have let him and his 3 players coast til the end. What boogie doesn’t realize is he needs to stop pouting like a little girl and team up with the 4 coaches. Because if mike goes against the coaches then the newbies will take him out as well. He’s not as smart as he thinks he is and boogie will seal his own fate if he doesn’t team up. Also boogie says he wants to go to the end with frank?? Ok so basically boogie just wants $50,000. Because the newbies will vote for frank over him. For boogie to win he needs to be next to janelle. Where’s a phone call from Dr will when you need one. I don’t know about boogie but I would rather be taken out by Dan or janelle in the final 4 then get taken out by someone like Ashley, joe or jenn.


really? because you must not understand BB

no one would vote for mike boogie to win big brother at this point. he knows this, you think thats why maybe he DIDNT HIT THE BUTTON.

if anything. look at the coaches, tell me, who owns the resturants, who is not liked by the jury come end of game? boogie

dan vs boogie, who wins? dan
brit vs boogie who wins? brit
janelle vs boogie
ian, frank, shane, danielle


the people who are stupid are those who havent realized this yet.


i dont agree on the often posted opinion that she has to put up boogie and janelle! because one will stay and come after danielle with some others. and both should be really good veto players.

she should make a deal with boogie or janelle and then get rid of one of them. say, she trusts janelle a little bit more, put up wil and boogie. with the chance after the veto to replace wil. and not the strongest players playing the veto.


If Ian volunteer of being Havenot one more time. I’m loosing it!


I am 100% on board that Frank and Boogie need to go up. Those two need to be split up and/or at least have them fight for votes. If one wins POV, then make a deal with one to get out Wil or Joe. They are both expendable. Janelle would be a great backdoor opportunity if POV was used.

Boogie is pretty much nothing in this game except a smack talker. The only person right now he wouldn’t screw over is Frank. That is a small alliance.


I hope Ian will not spend the another week in Havenot room. If he does, I’m loosing it because he is nuts and give someone else a chance to be havenot for a week.


I want Dan,Danielle,Britney&Shane to continue working with each other.I also agree with what Janelle told Boogie,about evicting anyone whose really against the coachs.Since the coachs aren’t coachs anymore, the newbies are their competition.Which mean that Janelle’s plan about the coachs working with each other makes sense(that is if they still want to win the grand prize.They can turn on each other when they have no other option).Maybe they should have side alliances with a few of the newbies that aren’t trying to target them.I obviously don’t have a problem with the vets playing the game this season.Last season the only vet that I liked was Danielle.This season I don’t just like Dan as a vet.Dan is the only person I want to win this game.So any ideas I put out there, will only be in the interest of what will get Dan to final 2 and have him be crowned the winner of this season.Lol.I have a question for the other people on here that want Dan to win.Don’t you guys think it’s best for Dan to convince Danielle to put up Boogie&Frank?That way if either of them win the veto,they can only use it on themselves.I think Frank has to be the target this week.It’s a waste of time for Dan,Danielle,Britney&Shane to try and work with Boogie&Frank,because I think they won’t get pass the fact that Frank was suppose to be evicted this week.I view Boogie&Frank kind of like Jeff.This is why,last season Danielle tried to get Jeff evicted.He never got pass that.Jeff held a grudge against Danielle the entire game.For some reason Danielle trust Jeff(the grudge holder)word over Rachel&Brendon.She evicted Brendon and kept Jeff.The following week,Jeff went back on his word to Danielle and evicted her.I think Boogie&Frank will hold a grudge against Dan,Danielle,BritneyShane(these four need to name their alliance,because I’m tired of writing all their names.Lol)But if Frank gets evicted,then that will most likely cripple Boogie.The bottom line is Frank needs to leave.I don’t think production will be that obvious and save Frank two weeks in a row.At least I hope not,but it’s worth them trying one more time to kick smelly Frank out of the game.


Janelle’s such a bitch, “Britney looked pissed” that Danielle won? Not even slightly.