Mike “Danielle you are a chubby annoying girl from the sticks in Alabama. Go back to where you came from.”

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 2 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon)
Last Evicted Houseguest


Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!9:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Mike is talking to Frank saying that they were going to scumbag us. I want to go up there and have a serious talk with them. Frank says that he does too. He says that he doesn’t trust him anymore. Mike starts talking about Dan saying that he had wanted to work with him and they now he finds out he was trying to screw him. Frank says that he doesn’t fully trust Wil anymore either, and what he said about Ian. Mike says now it is fu*king on, if I get a little power it is on! Mike fu*k him, we trust none of ya’ll. Mike says P.S. in the back get your editing sh*t out I am fu*king heated! Frank says it’s a reset, but it’s not a reset. Mike says yeah it’s not a reset we were coaches and now we’re not. Frank tells Mike that he is the only one he can trust. Mike says that Ian is worthless he is all talk, he hasn’t stopped talking about how he will win endurance and memory comps, he isn’t that valuable, he is a liability. Frank says that Ian made a deal during the competition and he didn’t need too. Mike says yeah he wasn’t in jeopardy of going up.
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10:20am Mike says you (Danielle) are a chubby annoying girl from the sticks in Alabama. Go back to where you came from. Mike says that Dan thinks he is winning this again, he thinks he is so much smarter than anyone else. I lost so much respect for him last night. I didn’t trust the others but I trusted him. They talk about how they hope Danielle stays up in the HOH room sleeping. She needs to look in the mirror and figure out a new make-up scheme, because that shit ain’t working. Mike says and fu*k you Janelle, now you want to suck up to me. Frank says that Janelle was one person he didn’t want to win. Mike says that Janelle not wanting to sleep in a bed with Joe because she is married is bullsh*t. She was in a pretty committed relationship when she was up in here with his man Dr. Will. He says that he won’t go into it because of his man Dr. Will but she was up in bed in the sequester house with him. Mike complains about being released into the game with 12 people, he says that he gave up so much to be here and not for a 1 in 12 chance. Mike says that he wants to call people out today. He says that he does not want people to come up to him with deals or nothing. Frank complains about being stuck in this house with this stigma on him. Mike and Frank talk about how Wil was the one trying to get them out. Mike says that he is super fu*king pissed and negative right now. They hope Danielle will put up Wil, especially after we tell her everything.

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10:55am Frank says that he going to stay the same way he was in the beginning, I am a straight shooter. Frank says it looks like everyone was lying to us all and making us look like mooks. Mike talks about how Dan got sh*tty players and he is the one that gets the break. It should have been that two coaches have to hit the buzzer. They think Britney hit it too, but that maybe Janelle didn’t. Mike says that he missed all that time with his son for this! Frank says that it is just a hard road to climb at this point. Mike says when our attitudes reset, and they don’t get to taken back by our candor and our lack of wanting to make a deal … then if we make it past this week, maybe we just do it on our own. We would obviously be two of the best competitors. Frank says that he really wants to call Wil out in front of everyone. Call a town meeting. Mike says that Wil is the one to lie to your face and be the one that came up with the lie to get you out. They talk about how they miss Willie, because at least you knew where you stood with him. Frank says that he is ready for Wil to wake up and get into it with him, I am ready to put it on blast. Mike says oh yeah me too! Frank gets called to the diary room.


11am Joe joins Frank in the backyard. Frank asks what was up with Joe putting his hand on his butt last night in bed. Joe says that he woke up to Frank saying something and then realized his hand was on his butt and said what the fu*k! Frank laughs. Frank says so Wil was BS’ing me the whole time? Joe just smiles and says I don’t want to say anything. Frank says so was he lying to me the whole time or just last minute like he says. Joe says I don’t want you to say anything to anyone … but he would be the least person you could trust in here. Joe says that he will not work with Wil at all this entire game, he was told not to play that kind of game and he chose to do that. Frank asks so did you know anything about Danielle’s vote. Joe says that he was told he had her vote. Joe says that she was in on it too with Wil. Frank says so Britney too. Joe says probably. Frank says he has only played a straight shooter and has been up on the block twice. Frank asks so what was your vital information you wanted to tell Jenn? Joe say everything about Wil. Frank say oh that makes sense. Joe says that he just didn’t want to go out without throwing Wil under the bus. Frank says that Britney is good at lying too. Frank tells Joe that Mike is one of the only people he trusts in the house. Frank says he asked Wil why he lied and that Wil said that Ian made him nervous. Joe says that it boils down to trust and he will go and say anything to anyone.


11:20am Danielle is up in the HOH room talking to herself. Danielle says that she really needs to talk to Wil and that she will possibly put Wil up against Frank OR Jenn up against Frank. Dan joins Danielle up in the HOH room. She asks him if he still thinks she should put up Jenn and Wil. She tells Dan about her conversation with Janelle and how she wanted to work with her long term. Danielle says that Janelle said she should put up Frank and a pawn and get Frank out. Dan asks if it will be scary to put up Frank and Wil. Danielle says that she isn’t afraid of putting up Frank but a little scared about putting up Wil, because she feels he has been honest with her. They talk about if they tell Wil he is the pawn and he goes to Frank about it, then they know they can’t trust him. Dan tells her to talk to Wil and if he tells you the truth, then maybe you can trust him after this week and if he doesn’t we will just have to see what he says. Danielle says that she might as well just put Wil on the block. Danielle says I thought we were going to be put on lock down, if not I am going to have a shower.


11:35am Big Brother tell them they are on a backyard lock down. All the house guests head outside. Joe tells Janelle that it’s a good thing she didn’t end up sleeping with him last night because he ended up grabbing Franks a$$! Janelle says oh really! They all sit in silence. Britney comments on how they tore the comp down really fast. They discuss the competition. Wil complains that the bar was low and not made for a tall guy. Britney says that she feels like she was in a car accident.

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11:51pm There is a live feed leak where one camera view shows the outside the HOH room. We see a guy walk into the HOH room. Shorly after big brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back all 4 cameras are on the backyard. The house guests continue to talk about the competition and past seasons.


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Omg boogie has turned into the biggest baby. Hes nothing without Dr will.

Dark Horse

I agree.

Danielle won HOH and now left the whining to Boogie…”missed time with his son for this” ummm now he has a chance to win 500K for his son…

…oh I see Boogie knows he cannot win without Dr. Will…so now this has become a waste of time. UNREAL!


boogie is a millionaire owning some of the finest dining establishments in the country he does not need 500k or want to live on slop hes already proven hes better than janelle and doesnt feel he has anything left to prove

Dark Horse

I understand that. Since he is a sucessful millionnaire, why not stay home with your new baby and just watch BB. Why bother coming on coaching for 100K? Dr. Will is home with his new baby…


Put Boogie and Janelle up and let them grovel at your knees.


This is absolutely the direction I would go as well. At a minimum put up Janelle, Danielle can’t seriously be thinking about working with her after seeing how she works for the last 3 weeks. I think Dan is just trying to keep Janelle and Boogie in the house as they are more likely targets for the people who want to take out coaches than he is.


absolutely…it would be in Dan’s best interest if Boogie and Janelle stayed but hopefully Danielle has figured out that she doesn’t have to play Dan’s game anymore. Even if she loses Dan as an ally in this decision, i’m sure the rest of the house would be onboard


Still can’t get over how there was no way Frank was going home in the first few weeks.

Here is everything they did for Frank just in one week
First DR convinces Shane to not put Frank up at first, even though they were giving all the power to Boogie’s group.
Then Frank gets to play for POV.
THEN a clip about Sid Vicious to warm people up to Frank.
Julie: “If you choose to give up coaching… there would be no eviction tonight.”
And also only one person needs to hit the button.
But wait there’s more. A lackadaisical plan if coaches all decline somehow, someway: “But if you choose to remain as coaches… (Insert Frank) will have the chance to come back into the game.”
Then Julie adds who will comeback will be decided later. In other words, we just kind of wing it as we go along


Shane’s (by Shane, I mean Britney and Danielle since Shane doesn’t think for himself) intention was to backdoor Frank if Frank didn’t win POV. Given the number of competitors at the time, the odds of Frank NOT playing for POV were pretty slim.

Big Brother does those puff pieces on players every season. Just because Frank’s dad is relatively famous doesn’t make it any different for similar ones they did for Shelly, Adam, Dick, etc, etc, etc over the past 12 years.

The twist was coming up no matter who was on the block. Frank just happened to be there. If it were one of your favorites, would you be so adamantly negative about production saving that person.

The potential comp for a returning houseguest could have meant anything. Regardless, it couldn’t have been any worse than last season when Brendon went against three newbies whose votes were going to be split among them and then having an athletic comp against Lawon of all people? At least if it were a short, athletic comp or some sort of memory comp, Kara, JoJo, and the next evicted guest would have a chance against Frank.

I understand everyone has their favorites and non-favorites but I feel like people dig way too deep sometimes to be negative toward their least favorite HGs.


Let me put it simply. The genius part of it all was they not only had a plan to keep Frank in,.But they had a back up plan for every plan,

Frank was not put on the block. Only bad thing could be a back door. He was selected.

Frank could stay in game if only ONE coach wants back in the game. Only bad that could happen is if they all said no. But evicted players are let back in game, if they do say no.


Again, digging way too deep. The coaches were coming back into the game regardless.


BB has a history of doing this. They want to keep him in. But, normally ,they are not this obvious about it. But I guess giving him the Coup D’etat wouldn’t work because America, at large, doesn’t like him, so they cancelled the vote.

Why would they have a week of nothing for? Why not let coaches in when JoJo was evicted? I can’t even counter punch before you answer because I have no idea what you would come up with for this question.

Karen S

I agree! Notice how as soon as Frank and Boogie want to call everyone out.. they get called to the DR? sigh~
I truly wonder what this game would be like, if they were allowed to think for themselves?


It would be like sports. Sometimes the underdog would win, sometimes the favorite would stay in it. So basically it would become more unpredictable.

Karen S

HOH’s often make the mistake of putting a pawn up and then creating an enemy.
It would be such a waste of an HOH again this week if she doesn’t draw her line in
the sand with Janelle and Boogie. With those two up, the current alliance with Dan
and Danielle will hold strong and they have the numbers to control the vote. *shakes head*


mikes being such a cry baby bitch and if frank was smart he would stop feeding into it mike keeps saying how he doesn’t care he has money if he goes home he can be with his kid but frank ain’t rich so if he was smart he would try teaming up with people who want to stay in the house not sit around and cry especially since if it wasn’t for this twist his ass would of been gone last night


Mike Boogie, the big showoff… You know you pissed everyone off and made them disgusted with you. That’s why you are mad at the change in the game. You know you burned most of your bridges in the game already, and you don’t want to play because you made yourself such an underdog! Frank’s best move would be to disassociate from you. Cry me a river, Boogie. Whaaaah whaaah whaaah.




you do realize this is what makes the game……..entertaining?


i’m not about entertaining….the drama isn’t entertaining to me…it’s the game playing and strategy that makes it interesting…the moves that they make…not bad mouthing and trashing other people with disgusting comments…that is really not needed…if you don’t trust someone…FINE!!!…but bad mouthing EVERYONE just makes you seem low and disgusting


They all do it. I complain about just ONE person doing it makes no sense. It’s just plain personal for you. Realize this…Mike didn’t want to be in the game again and someone else’s SELFISH choice made him have to go into the game. Hence the man is angry. Let him vent. Are you perfect. Highly don’t think so. Relax. The real Boogie will be playing in another day. Needs to get past the anger first.


I wish boogie would just walk out of the game. He’s such a whining little baby. Dr will would be horrified to see him acting like a little girl.


Boo hoo Mike, for once it didn’t go your way. You made your bed, so sleep in it.


He didn’t make the bed, he was the one who didn’t want to get out of bed.


How many times did Dr Will and Boogie lie straight to people’s faces and tell them they were safe during “Allstars” right before voting them out? It’s hilarious to watch it happen to “Chilltown 2.0”. Keep crying Boogie….. it just proves that the $500 grand you won in “Allstars” really belongs to Dr Will.

Dark Horse

Alright, Danielle needs to put up Boogie…he will bug and make for great entertainment, even more so than Willie.


bitter, table for two.
C’mon Boogie you’re the BB master why are u down? Keep that weird looking chin up.
I liked Frank at first but he is falling in Mikes fucked up ways about the game. Mike is
such a sore loser. smh


Boogie avitar=Gollum http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Gollum Power hungry, whinny, cry baby.


what is weird as a boogie fan, or a brit hater, is that ive never looked at their appearence, as I prefer to realize im not perfect

i recommend you do the same


Then what is the point of avitars and caricatures if not to show some resemblance to the real life person? If you notice, I mentioned Boogie was a power hungry, whinny cry baby…..I didn’t say anything about his looks, but since Boogie does have some resemblance to Gollum……if the shoe fits……….


Eh, I think Boogie looks like a gremlin, but not really in a bad way. I’ve also seen a few people mentioning Frank as unattractive and I don’t really see that either. They both pull of their looks. I still haven’t seen a lazy eye on Britney. Honestly, the only unattractive person I’ve seen in the house is JoJo, and that’s more a result of her having bitch-face. I can see a potential attractiveness there, but she looks like a bitch so I wrote her off quick. Even Joe would be a passable guy if he got rid of the landing strip on his chin.


lol Dan really screwed himself over last night, as soon as danielle hoh is over the whole house is going to be gunning for him


Mike Boogie is acting like a little BITCH! I never liked him and Frank is a damn fool for buying into his bullshit. I want to see Janelle and Boogie on the block. I would target Janelle and leave Bitchy Boogie in the game to self destruct.


I wonder if he’ll ruin his legacy with this outing. He is acting like a bitch who didn’t get her way. Boo-hoo. Man up and play the game, Boogie.


I think that Mike realizes that Danielle is under the control of Shane and 5 house members want to f*** Shane so it does not look good for him (“Extra Knuckles” Britney, Janelle, Wil, Ashley). But Mike also knows that the game can switch at anytime so he knows better than anyone the game is very fluid. As far as we know BB might throw in multiple twists to allow them to be safe. Shane will win as long as half the house is in love with him. I think you ought to keep a sharp eye out for “extra knuckles” and Shane. Watch and see if she does weird stuff or flirts indirectly with him…but also see if Frank or Wil do the same thing. If they do, we should change Shane’s name to “Pimp Shane”


god i wanted fucking frank to GO HOME


why does everyone want frank to go? cause he lied, backstabbed and was screwing people over left to right? oh wait…thats brittany, shane, dan, danielle, janelle, wil, joe, ashley etc. do i say more?


It’s only lying and backstabbing if someone you don’t like does it. Everyone does it. It amazes me that fans (and HGs) get so offended when they get lied to. It’s even more amazing when vets get all butt hurt about it.


i completely agree contrary to what i originally thought would happen boogie and frank have been the only honest 2 in the house

Dae Yum Yum

Why? Just curious? See my last post


Boogie may be annoying but all he said about danielle is sooo true! N if he ever says to her face she will go willie 2.0….she is too insecure and sensitive for this game. She needs to hop off BB n get on eharmony


No, she won’t. She’ll start crying. She’s very sensitive. Boogie’s the dick here and all because things aren’t going his way. It’s pretty pathetic, actually.


I agree boogie is acting like an idiot, but at least he is mad about the game danielle has spent the whole week either getting upset because she thought people were calling her fat or cause shane doesnt like her desperate ways


you try having everyone who you think is on your side tell you everything is fine your safe blah blah etc. only to find out that they were lying to you and making you look like a fool. put yourself in boogie’s shoes. would you be happy?


I understand why he’s angry, but I didn’t like that ‘chubby annoying girl from sticks’ comment. I think that’s getting unnecessarily personal. And, especially, because it was about Danielle. She may be in love with love itself, and it’s a little annoying, but she’s a sweetie. She doesn’t deserve that.


Agreed , some comments are getting personal especially towards Danielle , boogie needs to grow up , this shows that boogie is nobody without Dr Will period


Well said Jr.

Let him have his moment of anger and watch the game play pick up now.


Really, everyone hates boogie? I mean the whole house thinks he’s a liar but he hasn’t done anything in this season to warrant that? At least in comparison to the other coaches. What’s stranger is they are trusting these two faced coaches more. I guess I’m weird to like Boogie, he tells it like he thinks.


Exactly I don’t know what everyone else is watching but Dan is the only coach trying to play everyone in the house. Janelle plays week by week and kisses ass. Britney is clueless but her side is winning comps. Boogie just goes after the obvious target and stays with his team.


Boogie is hated, at least when it comes to this season, on reputation. He hasn’t done anything THIS season to warrant so much venom.


Wow, Boogie is going crazy. This is too funny. d:-)


Honestly Dan is not even in a power position, he exposed his alliance and he only has three votes. If his target wins pov then its another wasted hoh and next week his alliance would likely lose a member either him or shane.


id be angry if I was boogie, he had a shot at 100k, has no shot at all at 500k, at least he knows this. without some diamond POV, its not happening. unlike when he won all stars and didnt even need it because he was so good, this time he would need like 4 of them.

I really do believe that if they said, we will give you 10 new people, and the same vets, boogie would go in there and WRECK them. but he played it differently as a coach

im starting to wonder if boogie wants to get himself evicted before jury, then will just use the “I didnt hit the button” excuse when hes evicted on thursday. I guess I can see where hes coming from just because if that many were working to get rid of he and frank, as he has realized, then really its pointless. one will go this week without a massive twist that allows you to save two people with the POV, the other will get taken out or will just float for awhile.

sadly, the only drama that will be left due to leaving boogie with absolutely nothing but 1 person to work with, is when the other vets turn on each other, which really wont be exciting at all. Dan is a liar, who uses religion to boost his lies, and brit is a BS talker, who uses DR sessions where she says awful things about people to gain popularity in a mean world.

boogie is just indeed too old in more ways than one. frank just isnt as good as shane. thats basically what it comes down to


Mike could careless he’s got all the $ he needs and all he’s gonna do it
mess up Franks game. Frank u need to get off the S.S. Booger. I guess the Evil Dr. did carry your ass
huh Mike? He knows he has a bad rep in this game who would really trust him.
He knows he’s screwed there is no chance he could win.
I would love to see Mike’s ass on slop the Million $ Man sleeping on a
metal slab….priceless! Iwanna see him break and lose his mind so bad for the bs
he’s done in BB on his two seasons.


that would be awesome if boogie becomes a have not he may evict himself he’s to pampered and used to the finer things he ain’t going to torture himself for money he don’t need and prob won’t win so either hell quit or just cry and bitch more than he already is


Booger better watch out for death threats on his family if he keeps up this trash talk. There are some crazy bb fans out there.


That is a messed up thing to say THC. If he does get threats, I guess they would come from you.
You are a mean spirited person to say something like that.
I don’t like Boogie or Frank but that is a really mean comment.


I agree with all of the above, I hope Danielle puts them up. Boogie needs to go so he can spend the rest of summer with his kid….

Lennon's Ghost

Mike Boogie = Napoleon ready to meet his Waterloo and exile.


I think that the biggest mistake any BB player can and always does make is thinking that they had/have any control over the game. Even the best players from all seasons wouldn’t have won if the BB gods hadn’t played their part. In other words, I’m really kinda thinking that the best thing you can do if you’re a HG in the BB house is to make yourselves invaluable not to the other HG’s, but to production. And even then, your chances aren’t solid;)


I dont understand why everyone is hating on Mike and Frank. If you were in the game and found that people were lying to you and trying to backdoor you wouldn’t you be mad also. Plus production really screwed the coaches. They were not told that there was possibility of getting into the game when they first signed on.


actually what i said too! if they were in boogie and frank’s shoes they would be pisssssed too.


Frank has no reason to be pissed. BB just saved his ass this week. Up until now, his only true ally (Boogie) didn’t even have a vote


Boogie is a boy in a man’s body. His arrogance will get him out sooner than later. His ego is too big and he is over compensating for something in his life. He seems like a little little man. A pouting little boy is so unattractive.
Friends say he’s trying too hard and he’s not quite hip
But in his own mind he’s the, he’s the dopest trick


how can frank and boogie be mad at shane for lying to them when they intented to put shane up if they won hoh.


What (Wil’s) lie from last night are Joe and Frank talking about?


Mike Boogie, where’s the chilltown spirit. You need to man up & start using chilltown playbook.


I find it funny Boogie is so mad.. wasnt he the one that said “its big Brother, you can bounce checks”.. which by the way, is the best one liner of this season so far.. lolol.. this should get interesting, lets face it.. production had to do something, these people were boring!

Dark Horse

I totally agree best one liner.

Boogie is like a whiny child that throws a fit when things dont go his way…how boring would THAT be if everyone Boogie wanted out was out…

**waits for production to make the game in favor of Boogie**


So Frank claims Dan is the one who got the break, yet he would have been evicted without this twist.


Simon does Dan want Frank and Wil nominated?


I’m out of the loop right now.. won’t be turning the feeds on until 3..

I’ll have a clear picture about it all later tonight.


yeah dan wants frank gone. he telling danielle to put up frank and danielle wants a pawn up that being wil. well…i hope she does that cause what do we know in big brother history? the pawns go home. but i am sick and tired of all this i cant do this on my own crap. besides frank. the other people who won hoh, willie, shane and now danielle are having their coaches/former coaches do the thinking for them. idiots. i hope it all back fires again! frank ftw!


I don’t think anyone really knows….everyone has deals with all their “enemies” right now. Last I heard Danielle wanted to get out Janelle. I think Dan was trying to move her away from that idea last night and towards Frank and Boogie but it changes so quick and I anticipate a Boogie explosion before nominations.


I agree that the story on Frank’s dad was a ploy for viewers to warm up to him. What they didnt tell everyone is that his dad(Sid Vicious) is a total scumbag whose “claim to fame” is stabbing another wrestler with a pair of scissors in a hotel room. He is a legend in his OWN mind. They are both just 2 white trash dumb asses from Arkansas or wherever they are from. By the way, can Mike’s nose get any bigger????? Goofy looking MOFO


Only diehard wrestling fans (which, assuming from the Bruiser Brody moniker, you would be one) would know about the scissors incident. I’m guessing most people who recognized Sid were probably fans from the late-90’s/early-2000’s.

But, again, BB does these puff pieces every season on different players. Just because his dad is a quasi celebrity doesn’t make it any different.

Dark Horse

WOW I didnt know that about Frank’s dad.

I didnt buy the whole family thing…I didnt even get the impression that his parents were still together, all for show & cameras.

Plus Frank mentioned that him & his father didnt have a close relationship…so CBS should have canned that segment and just played out more of the endurance comp.


Well, Frank has mentioned having to cover for his dad when he’s cheating before. I’d really like to see video of the family watching those scenes. But yeah, I wouldn’t have thought they were still together either.


I hope Mount Boogie explodes today and turns the house upside down. Everyone is fibbing to everyone anyway. Danielle is dumber than a box of rocks, she might try and nominate herself – can believe Brit jumped off. Ughh!


I find it more confusing that Ian jumped off after cutting a deal to keep himself safe. He was in no immediate danger and created a rift with his team by doing that.


I think he jumped because he was about to die from hypothermia.. LOL


He could have jumped without making the deal.

Red Lampshade

But if you know you’re not going to last much longer, why not at least guarantee your safety first?


He wasn’t in any immediate danger of being a target from either Britney or Danielle. Ian has misread the game completely thus far. Goes to show that you can be a superfan and have a freakish memory of everything but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can play the game well.

Ian's Tip Toes

Danielle trying to nominate herself…..so funny!!!


Mike Boogie needs to relax & start playing his own game. Make Dr. Will be proud of you! You can do this, I know you can!


What is the first rule of Big Brother? What does Julie Chen say each and every season?

That’s right: “Expect the unexpected!”

I guess Boogie forgot that one.

Dannie Boy Rocks

Everyone thinks Dan doesn’t know how to play this game. Everyone thought the same thing during his season, including myself. Please trust that Dan will survive. Dan is as honest as anyone can be in this game. He could be a lot worse. You’re going to have to lie a little in this game if you want to win.

As far as I am concerned, Frank and Boogie have done absolutely nothing in this game but talk sh*t. Please grow some balls and play this game. All the crying is pathetic. You just might need Dannie Boy to save your a**.

~Dannie Boy Rocks!


so frank winning hoh isnt doing anything? and it mostly the other side of the house who talks shit and lies nonstop


@Dannie Boy Rocks.“Everyone thinks Dan doesn’t know how to play this game. Everyone thought the same thing during his season, including myself.”It’s funny that you said this.I remember watching season10 and at the beginning of the game, I didn’t see Dan as someone the other house guests should be scared of and consider him a threat.I remember one night while I was watching the show,I called my brother and asked him who he thought would make it the furthest?He said Dan.I think when he said that I was like,huh?You can’t be serious.But I guess my brother notice that Dan was playing the game,he(Dan)was just doing it in a subtle way.I agree with you.I think Dan is skilled enough to get his self out of this situation,as long as production doesn’t try and screw him over,I think the target will be off of him by next week. Unlike a lot of the other house guests,Dan can hide his emotions and keep his cool(which is something that’s important to do in this game).Anyway,I think Dan needs to get Danielle to put up Boogie&Frank.That way they(Boogie&Frank)won’t be able to save one another with the veto.Their target needs to be Frank.As we all see,Boogie is worthless when things don’t go his way.If they kick smelly Frank out,then that will cripple Boogie.If they leave Frank in the house and get rid of Boogie before him.Then Frank will try and get some newbies to help him take out Dan.And since your a Dan fan,you already know,we(people that want Dan to win)don’t want that to happen.Lol.


I think Danielle is making a big mistake by putting up 2 newbies…especially if 1 is Jenn. If she does put up Frank and Wil, and 1 of them wins the veto, she could put up Boogie, with Boogie probably going home. That’s her best option WITH NEWBIES if she wants a vet gone. However, I don’t see why she doesn’t just put up Boogie and Frank. If Frank is on the block and Boogie wins veto, Frank is coming down. If Boogie comes down, she can always put up Janelle.


I meant that if it’s Frank vs. Wil and Boogie wins veto, both Frank and Boogie will be safe.
If she does Frank vs. Boogie and 1 of them wins veto, Danielle can put up Janelle.


Here is the option, backdoor Janelle. She deserve to go home. She been floating from power to power. She is useless without her Sovereign 6 alliance. She needs to go!


Dan is playing danielle like a fiddle…he can basically tell her anything…i even think she will believe him over shane…Shane is also playing her like a fiddle after that kiss he gave her winning HOH…that is some player stuff right there, they r both total manipulating danielle and she is so insecure and naive she doesnt see it at all…im not goin to lie…i like frank more after know his dad was syd justice…lol i was a big wrestling fan…Janelle has to go, i can’t stand her, but honestly, Dan is the front runner to win this game. he is playing everybody in the house.


Everything Dan does is calculated. He has wanted the 500g since day one. He almost lost everything when Danielle was on the block the last time against Jojo but he knows how BB works and BB would keep him in the game. Danielle is screwed as long as she keeps listening to Dan. Dan will be aligned with almost everyone before the next eviction. Watch Dan work his game!


i knew the other coaches wont let her put up boogie i knew it was going to be will and frank … hope when boogie approach her later she doesnt cry i hate cry baby.. she cry so much already i just dont want to see anymore tears from daniel


Frank needs to have some honest convos with folks about what makes him such a threat. He needs to understand that one of the reasons he has such a large target on his back is Boogie. He is tainted because of Boogie. He has won ONE comp and that what pure luck. Shane and Danielle appear to be the big physical threats in the game and I think that Danielle might be a lot smarter than she is given credit for.

Boogie’s issue is that he cannot stand that he was being played by a woman. That a woman held his fate in her hand. I really don’t think that he likes women – actually, I don’t think he really likes anyone and has an overinflated opinion of himself.

I think, to prove the point to Frank what Boogie is really all about, Danielle should put Frank and a pawn up and then backdoor Boogie. Frank will then see exactly what kind of a person Boogie really is. Boogie going off on everyone because he was lied to by Wil, by Dan, by Danielle, etc….didn’t he just tell Ian the other day that this is the BB house, you lie to get by????

Send Boogie home so he can spend time with the son that he is going to turn into a misogynist.


Frank became a threat because of his workouts in the backyard. Boogie didn’t help but he would have been a target anyway.

The biggest threat in the house is Shane but because everyone has kept repeating to themselves that Frank is the biggest physical threat in the house, everyone seems to believe it.


Whether or not there is a showmance, I think Shane AND Danielle together pose the biggest threat.


@ Cruizin596 very well said!! I’m not one to attack people with their looks but Mike Boogie is an ugly person in and out. Look up the word ‘misogynist’ in the dictionary, you’ll see Boogie’s gollum looking face right next to it. He’s nothing without Dr. Will and needs to go home already!

@ Simon and Dawg…you guys are the best! Got the live feeds because of you but still live for your updates and thoughts. Great job and thanks guys!

Dan for the win yo!


Thanks MissDoc!


It always makes me laugh at the hypocritical attitudes of the people in the house. They lie and backstab and kiss azz and it is all part of the game, but when others do it, it is dispicable, uncontionable, and makes them a scumbag (or douchebag).

Makes me laugh


I hope Boogie says all of these things to everyone. I would love to see the fireworks! It would destroy his game, but who cares. Bye-bye, Boogie!


Putting Jenn up at this point would be a waste. She needs to put up Frank and Boogie and stick with last week’s plan. If Frank or Boogie goes home then it won’t matter how mad they are because the one left will have to align with SOMEONE.


Simon, do we have a havenot competition?


I don’t want Boogie gone. I think he is one of the best players in the game. He is a great social player when he keeps his ego in check. Right now he needs to stop thinking he’s gods’ gift to the game and start playing…
If Dan throws this competition I hope he goes home. He is a great player when he plays. But dropping all challenges .. not so much.
If Janelle wins look for Frank and Mike to go up. Janelle will be targeting Shane soon as well. He’s too big a threat to her GINORMASS ego. Do you really think she will allow someone to break her only claim to fame? Hoping the record for the most competitions won?
Also for everyone saying BB saved Frank… I think its more that with everyone guessing the twist and the chatter on the web about it forced their hand. Come on… how bad was it looking that the house guests figured it out that quick?


Danielle is leaning towards Frank and Wil going up! Do not like Wil anymore his true bitchiness is showing!