Ian says he is scared and wants an alliance with Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane.

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 2 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon)
Last Evicted Houseguest


12:20pm Joe asks are we doing anything today? Britney says nominations. Joe says oh that’s today. Big Brother ends the outdoor lock down. Ian, Britney and Danielle are up in the HOH room talking about how it’s a difficult to be HOH this week because you have to feel out where the lines are drawn. Ian says that his word is gold and that once he gives it they can trust him. He says that he hasn’t given his word yet because he didn’t want to write a check he could not cash. Danielle tells him that his key will be second coming out of the box after Britney’s key. Danielle tells Ian that he is safe. Danielle asks would it matter to Ian who went up as long as it is not him. Ian says no not this week. He hopes he earned not going up. Ian says he has not given his word to anybody, the only thing was this week if he got HOH he would not put Shane up or Britney or Danielle. Dan joins them.
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Britney tells Dan that Ian is alone downstairs and is tired of being a free agent. Dan says that he would be willing to join up with Ian. Ian says that Mike’s heart just isn’t in the game right now and that worries me. Dan says so say he snaps back into it and is fine. Ian says he needs something solid. Britney tells him that he can no longer go whisper with Boogie or Frank. Dan tells Ian that if you give your word to an alliance you need to keep it secret from others, can you do that, I know you are a straight forward guy. Ian says that he kind of has to do that now. Dan asks Ian so if you were up on the block with Frank you know what way Boogie would vote don’t you? Ian says well have been in a couple of physical challenges with Frank and I have beat him. They talk about how they think they can get Shane. Ian says that it sucks that we can’t get Frank to work with us. Dan says that he trusts Ian but says once you shake 5 people’s hands then you need to stay loyal to the end. Ian says that after the reset button was hit everything got reset and that he never gave a definite time frame that he would work with them. Ian says that he is basically alone and is come up here to make a deal out of fear. Dan says that he thinks Mike didn’t really coach him, that it was more like he told you to be quiet. Ian agrees.


12:45pm Ian says again that he didn’t write any checks he could not cash, and that he didn’t bounce any checks… no shystie business. Britney tells him that she thinks they can trust him and that they want to work with him. She says that she will talk to Shane to see where he is at. Ian asks so thoughts on names? Dan says I will let you decide that. Ian says I have a few that I have thought of.. Dan tells him to wait until everyone will be up here together.

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1pm – 1:30pm Frank, Mike, Dan, Ashley and Ian are making lunch. Meanwhile, Dan and Danielle are talking up in the HOH bathroom. Dan tells Danielle that he thinks they will be able to trust Ian and that if they shake his hand he will be good with them. Dan says that Ian said that likes Frank and that they needed a strong guy in their alliance. Britney said that we would get Shane. Danielle says that we will know if we can trust Ian if he votes Frank out. Dan says that Ian wants to make an alliance not a deal. And as long as we catch someone for the first time about making an alliance then they are good. I don’t think Ian has it in him to come up here like that and act. Danielle talks about how Ian has been pulling it out and that he beat Frank in a couple things and almost beat me in this one. They talk about what to tell Wil when he comes up here to talk. They discuss nominating Frank and Wil for eviction. Danielle says that she will tell them that she didn’t know where either one of them stood.


1:50pm Dan tells Danielle to tell Wil that she heard he threw her under the bus after the competition. Dan says that Frank and Wil were talking after for a long time so it would be believable. Dan tells her that she never needs to reveal the source. Danielle says that she can then tell Wil that he is the pawn and not the target. Britney joins them. She says that it is so awkward downstairs; she tells them that Ashley just told her that she was told that Danielle is asking everyone who they would put up. Danielle says that the only people she has talked to are Janelle and Ian. Britney says that Janelle is small beans compared to Wil, he is telling Frank that he wasn’t going to vote him out, meanwhile he was my BFF telling me him voting out Frank was going to be the first time he would break his word. Britney says that Wil is outside with Frank and Boogie. Danielle says done, that makes it so much easier! Britney says that they only reason Wil isn’t up here is because he thinks he is safe. Dan goes to get Shane to make sure he is on board with being in an alliance with Ian.


2pm – 2:25pm Shane goes up to the HOH room to talk to Britney and Danielle. Britney fills Shane in on what has been going on with Wil. Shane says that Frank has been giving me the cold shoulder ever since he went into the arcade room with Wil. They talk about how there is no point in calling Wil out on what he has been doing. They talk about whether or not they are okay with Ian coming into their alliance. Shane says that he trusts Ian. They talk about how Ashley has a one week deal with Danielle but that is it. They all agree not to let Janelle or Ashley into their group. Danielle says that they need to make sure Ian doesn’t tell anyone about their alliance. Dan says that they will get Ian up and do a quick conversation with him so that no one’s knows he is up here. They want to see if see if they trust Ian from the way he answers the questions and go from there. Britney says that Ian names the alliance, he can name it the quack shack or duck tails …whatever he wants!


Out by the pool, Ian tells Frank and Boogie that he is sorry he couldn’t hold on for them. Mike tells him that they aren’t even worried about that. They are pissed about being slim dogged. Mike tells Ian to be careful about being too close with Salsa Ball (Dan). He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I didn’t know god gave you a pass to play in a game. You should not even come here if you are going to play like that. Mike asks if I’am not being too nosey what were you talking about up there with them? Were you just suring up your deal? Ian says yeah just finding out if I was safe. Mike did they tell you who was going up on the block. Ian says no. Dan comes down to try and get Ian but can’t because too many people were around.


2:35pm – 3pm Wil comes up to the HOH room to talk to Britney, Shane and Danielle. They talk about how they know Janelle wants to work with Boogie. Britney complains about how Shane’s HOH was worthless. Britney brings up how Janelle is trying to work with Boogie. Danielle says that she doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Britney starts talk about how a huge appeal with her coming back was that she could go home after she was evicted …and not have to go to the jury house.. and now I have too. Shane confronts Wil and asks him if he threw them under the bus to Frank. Wil says no I didn’t throw you under the bus. Wil says that Frank said he could not trust him and that Wil replied well don’t, you can’t trust me. Britney asks Wil if Frank thinks he can trust Janelle. Wil says that he isn’t going to play that game, I am not saying anything. Wil heads downstairs. Once he leaves they all say liar liar! They talk about how Wil was totally lying to them. Dan says sorry buddy you are going up. Britney says that Janelle is going to be happy with these nominations and that makes me sick.

Wil says so nominations are today? Danielle says yup, and I don’t know which way I am going. Wil says well I guess we will know which way people are going. Britney and Dan both pretend to go to sleep to try and get Wil to leave. When Wil finally leaves, Britney says what a fu*king liar! Britney rehashes everything that Wil lied about. Britney talks about how Frank and Boogie have been down there scheming and counting people on their hands. Shane joins them. Danielle goes to get Ian to get him to commit to the alliance. Britney starts wondering what Ian will call the alliance like the mongoose or the mayonnaise fountain. Dan tells them that he has Ian’s Duck and that they will all swear on it.


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I love this alliance (Dan/Danielle/Brit/Shane/Ian). I think Ian actually wants that alliance. Danielle’s smartest move is Frank vs. Boogie, but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I guess they could always backdoor Boogie or Janelle after the POV.

Dark Horse


Danielle puts up Frank & Boogie.

Shane wins POV AGAIN, keeps it the same.

LOL, I know Shane won’t win POV this week [so surprised if he does] I have a feeling that Janelle will win it.


@DARK HORSE, Not going to happen. Shane will win PoV because he can maintain his pace & breaking Janelle’s PoV record! Janelle will go home! She a floater & she done!


Oh man you just jinxed it….because the opposite of everything you say always happens. lol


Dan and Britney for final 2 all the way.


Well, love or hate the twists, it certainly livened things up if these comment sections are any judgment tool. I’m more or less okay with this group too, liking Dan the best, but want Ashley added in. I’m not a big Danielle fan, but have to give her some credit for the HOH, but not buying the showmance and feel a little sorry for her, but my God, what Olympian self-absorption! I hope it’s Boogie and Frank up, with Frank going. Not a huge Shane fan either, but think he was somewhat robbed of his big move.


They can use Janelle and her people/person to help them get rid of Frank, then take her out. both Boogie’s and Janelle’s groups will be weakened.

Dark Horse

Ian will win HOH when least expected. He would be a good candidate to work with but he is so wishy washy, I couldn’t trust him fully just yet…even after him jumping off HOH comp.

I’m glad they won’t put him up tho.


go danielle! put up booger and frankieboy

Dark Horse

At this point it seems like its their only option…Boogie & Frank are coming after them anyway..since Dan got excited and got diarrhea mouth.


should be interesting nominations. I would put up Janelle and Boogie if I were Danielle but I don’t think she is smart enough to do that with Dan and Brittney controlling her. I would be surprised if a newbie won the game


It would be smart if you put up Ashley & Joe and backdoor Janelle. I would love to see Janelle’s face if she leaves.


I really think this 5 person alliance could run the game if they stick together Ian danielle and Brit all proved they were competitors last night shanes been a beast all season and dans a previous winner they can own comps frank and janelle are the only ones who will be a threat maybe boogie if he quits bitching and starts playing


Mike Boohoogie :)


look at the numbers, why do you think hes complaining. he has nothing but lying vets, lying newbies, and ian even just turned on him. and ian is useless other than for his vote, which now makes boogie useless in this game

it sucks, I want boogie on big brother in a house full of people he is MANIPULATING. instead, we get boogie in a house full of people who know him very well as he was coaching his people a certain way. its just so stupid, it wasnt a reset, it was a total boogie screw job, people say shane was screwed, but it bought shane multiple weeks. hes now the freaking hero of the newbies

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

There is no way “America” I mean Allison Grodner will let this happen. She has to shake the show up and F someone over in order to create ratings. It doesn’t matter how you play the game inside the house it only matters how D-bag Allison Grodner wants the game to be played!!!

Allison Grodner is a d-bag


If you don’t like it why don’t you just stop watching it?


seriously, ian might have just ruined the season. with no opposition, I can pretty much put a boot list out that will be off by 1 or two spots. that sucks, big time, to be able to know what is going to happen because of these stupid rock solid alliances that vote together. its ruined the game of BB because there is no james rhine who is playing the entire group etc.


boogie needs to know ian turned, but now he has no info in the house, has a friend who no one gives any info to, its pointless, we have reached a point where they might as well double evict frank and boogie, as they serve no purpose in the house.


If this alliance falls through, I’d wonder if Janelle and Mikes teams would work together, then it’s five on six going into next week (assuming Danielle keeps her word and gets rid of Frank or Wil.


if AG doesnt give boogie or janelle that hint, that they must work together or its over, and the season becomes a stupid dan and brit show which is so freaking annoying as I get tired of this “dan plays a clean game” when hes just as big of a liar, and worse because he actually believes hes not one, so either they tell J and B to work together, or its over. and that sucks

the brigade, great alliance and all considering the outcome, but it was so boring, they were ineffective, useless, and gave no strategy. hearing about grenades, when they did nothing but let a grenade out their rear end, was annoying, the only true move was keeping brit along for the ride. and now that brit, is all of a sudden some loved BB mastermind? oh BARF. Boogie has the deck stacked so far against him that its almost ridiculous. its why frnak had to be put back in, boogie would have WALKED OFF THE SET, its pretty ridiculous.

J and B, work together, now. please. give us something to break up the holier than thou alliance.

production rigged it

awwwwwwwwwwww booooooooooohoooooooooooooo!!!!!!


boo hoo? grow up!!! seriously. talk the game, or don’t, but just STOP with the childish BS


It’s not entirely Production’s fault that Boogie is now a bit isolated. He put all his money on the Frank horse and didn’t really build other relationships up, Ian to some degree, but let’s face it, cute as the kid is, he’s a bit flakey. Boogie is responsible for his predicament too.


Any alliance with more than one coach and also newbies is stupid. A coach ain’t winning if they are in an alliance with multiple newbies. Dan needs to go with boogie and janelle. They would kill.


all this talk that boogie is nothin without dr will is a little irritating lets face it their nothin without each other cant wait til boogie flips this game upside down meanwhile everyone jumps on the brit bandwagon who is quite one of the worst players in big brother history she only made it as far as she did in her season cause she was atached to lanes penis once he realized he had the clap aka brit she was gone


I second thought, put up Joe & Wil and backdoored Janelle. Mike Boogie, maybe but he needs to pull a Chilltown 2.0 playbook.


gosh. how exciting, a 5 person alliance with 12 people left who will vote together til the end, it might even be as exciting as the brigade.

boooooooo. Im a boogie fan, I think he should just go home, but I will stop watching if it just turns into the 5 of them running the rest of the season. there is ZERO strategy when this happens, its obvious moves, and boredom. and a lot of smack talk from brit, who of all people needs to get booted.

awful. just awful. and ian, I am seriously disappointed in you. you are seriously naive if you believe they will carry you to the end, you aren’t mentally strong enough to do it on your own, and you just turned your back on potential jury votes if they last that long, or if you somehow did, just dumb. turning on boogie, good call ian, that sure puts you high on the totem pole in that stupid alliance.

why brit, why of all people must it be brit.

production rigged it

do u even know how this game works they’re not there to make it exciting for u they’re in there to get to as close to the end as they can for a chance to win and a 5 person alliance is a great way to do it even if it makes it boring for u (just don’t watch)


yes. I know how it works, yet some have made it fun for us, others have not

my point is that this route, the 5 strong, is not fun to watch

why you get hurt over this, I dont know, stop reading what I write if its so offensive to you.

Boogie sure made all stars fun, janelle made her season a heck of a lot of fun. S9 was fun, S10 was pretty cool, will kirby made season 2 awesome, jun made season 4 awesome

but yeah, I dont know how the game works, says a guy with the name insinuating production rigs the game, which is sort of the point you dolt, that its only exciting WHEN production messes with the game


why even get rid of boogie

I mean really. hes not getting the votes to win against anyone.

he holds no power, has 1 alliance member

I would take out frank, then drag boogie to the final 5 hoping somehow he makes it to f2 so you can sit next to him and say “hes won before, he owns resturants, etc”


Boogie’s not playing for the $500 K, I just remembered, he’s a coach so can’t be put off, right? (Slap to forehead).


yes, I know how its played

I enjoyed season 2, 4, 6,7,9, 10 among others that had EXCITEMENT

production rigged it is your name, yet you miss the point, this season is ONLY EXCITING with them jumping in and screwing with the game

no one wants to watch a single group go f5 by just voting together, and saying “No, you aren’t going home”. whoop de doo.

im saying boogie provided more excitement, im saying dr will provided more, im saying freaking james rhine, janelle, and marcellus provided more.

we are stuck with brit, she is awful, one of the worst players ever. she only wins comps that are designed for her, or someone her size, its moronic in so many ways


thats my point, I wont watch

but I wish I could.

you would be the type who hated russ hantz on survivor, im the type that felt like it was fun to watch his gameplay, instead of the usual.

I enjoyed watching james rhine play janelle, boogie play janelle, I enjoyed watching will use methods to win, creative methods. I dont enjoy 5 people voting together to the end with no backstabbing, no drama, no nothing

and that is my right

why you need to make it seem like its not, I dont really understand

I can show my dislike with this show right now, is there something wrong with this? No, there is far more wrong with someone trolling me




Watching Julie Chen announce not only the coaches’ twist -we all knew it was coming-, but also the “BB doesn’t want Frank to leave”-twist, I felt reminded of Joe begging pityfully for votes, promising that he’d only be there for 2 more weeks, his children were about to start crying, and that he promised whoever eternal servitude. He knew the TV audience would always see him as a pathetic loser with no backbone.

Except here, it wasn’t a desperate player, but Julie Chen and a whole franchise selling all of its integrity. I understand the need for better ratings, but Julie Chen taking her clothes off and telling America that everyone who keeps watching the show until the end gets to spend one erotic night with her is not the way to go, people just become disgusted with the desperation and loss of integrity, just like I did with Joe.

How could any future player ever feel the urge to “attempt a big move” again, when they have to suspect that Big Brother will bend the rules for “their favorites” to remain in the game, and like what happened here, “reward” Shane for “winning HOH + POV + making a big move + successfully blindsiding Boogie and Frank” by saying all is for nothing, and hence only making his situation in the house much worse by no fault of his own.
BB, a great concept of a game, hast sold out in a last attempt to improve ratings, and they might have just destroyed any future Big Brother for many years. Very sad. I’ll stop watching now.


dude. if frank got evicted, then boogie was forced to play,he would have just quit

boogie doesnt need the money, and now, cant even come close to winning it

they had to do it, because boogie stood zero chance, now he stands about 1/100000000000000

I hate this season so much


This is the reason I think BB is having to recruit people into the game now…I know that America did not vote those coaches back into the game…not to mention the money from the texts to vote.

The Dan things has me confused…he said he told boogie he did it to save his guy..but Julie said that a evicted player would be brought back into the game and we all know that would of been Frank so I am not sure I buy Dan’s story…Why would he throw Dani under the bus…is he trying to get her to play without him so he can team up with the coaches…he doesn’t want any of the coaches on the block..he even told Jani that they needed to split up Frank and Boogie because without Frank they could get boogie on there side.

I do feel bad for Shane…if CBS wanted a non eviction week it should of been the week Willie freaked out. Jani thinks she is the one that has worked the hardest but Shane is the one that has. I really don’t want to see a vet win this season.

If I was Dani I would put Frank and Boogie on the block..best move just like others here have stated.

Thanks for a awesome site Simon and Dawg..I really love reading your post and ideas.


Thanks SML much appreciated.


i HATE ian omg


So the new alliance is DDIBS .. I’m surprised Ian has jumped from the SS Boogie


Im not really, boogie should have invested a little more in Ian. Im sure as a fan Ian looked up to him and expected some good advice. Instead hes 110% Frank. He needs to stop trying to relive Chilltown and come up with something new.


That’s my take on things too, Boogie was an architect of this situation too,


The IBS part is fitting, since Danielle said the other day that she has Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


I’m not, boogie never supported Ian at all. You notice how last night Dan was out there the whole time rooting on Danielle, but where were Frank and Boogie? In the other room talking about how smart they are. Boogie kept Ian out of the loop and thinks very lowly of him, now it’s coming back to bite him.


Does anyone know what time the nominations are and if they are even today?


They’ll be today… not sure when


Simon, What about Havenot competition?


dunno.. I don’t think it was brought up on teh feeds yet


Pretty sure last night they were saying there would be no have-nots this week.


Ahh you’re right thanks!


Dawg what would you name your alliance if you get on bb Canada?


BIAM thats what I’m talking about.. get a couple JOJO’s in there tossing grenades yo


As far as alliances go it’s vets vs noobs. Wil sees it and he should lead the charge. Dan and Brit will float between the two groups as long as it benefits themselves. Why not put up two vets now. And if the POV gets used put up another vet. Noobs need to keep the numbers in their favor.


What show are you watching? Janelle is the supreme floater in the house right now not Dan and Brit, they seem to have a fairly strong alliance with Shane/Danielle/Ian right now, what would they have to gain by playing both sides?


You really can’t say janelle is a floater. #1 she was doing all that as a coach. She was just doing everything to save her players. As a coach your going to play different. #2 she wins comps and floaters don’t win comps. So right now she’s really not a floater. But let’s see what happens now that she’s in the game. Right now. She’s playing smarter then boogie. She knows the coaches need to stay together.


Can someone help me out here? What was the benefit of not putting the coaches into the game after JoJo was evicted?


good question.. I think AG and her gang were caught off guard they needed time to think.


Hopefully Ian is trustworthy…………Go DDBIS!!!!


If Boogie and Frank start to run the table here, I’m going to tune out. I’m not going to spend a month and half watching Boogie, already a millionaire, win another half million dollars.

Going to write a letter to CBS telling them how mad I am at all this


Can you, SImon, or someone tell my why they want Frank out so bad? From my perspective he played a cleaner game than any of the others. Don’t even talk to me about Brit – didn’t like her in her season and like her less in this season. Also, Shane is such two faced liar – and easily convinced to do the coaches dirty work. Looks to me like Dan is taking over whole game – Danielle needs to do what SHE wants – but that will never happen cause she can’t think on her own


2 reasons
A) As Dan puts it Frank is a major roadblock to the 500k
B) Frank is on the war path since finding out he was going home and was lied to all last week.


I understand he is on the warpath now but this evicting Frank has been going on since the beginning of the show. He only one once – what was the big threat? Actualy I feel bad for him and especially reading all the remarks about him having such bad B.O. Why doesn’t someone tell him in a nice way – wait, what am I thinking – people like Britney only know how to attack personnally. As you can see, I am a Frank fan and I feel bad that he was stuck with Boogie cause no one liked Boogie – now Frank has no choice but to stick with him and will probably go home next. Boo hoo


I missed this and haven’t seen the Thursday show yet. How did Frank find out he was the one going home? Did they vote, give the results and then say no evictions? Thanks in advance.


a mixture of Joe, Wil and Janelle with a “mistake” from Dan

production rigged it

if danielle doesn’t put up frank and boogie together and the other one wins pov and pulls the other off then danielle will have a wasted hoh just like shane did through no fault of his own because that just leaves jenn, will, ashley all of whom haven’t won anything and janelle who i don’t think dan will let danielle put up so be smart danielle and put boogie and frank up together so they don’t have the chance to come after u next week.


Wil and Frank are the best nominations for Dani and her alliance. Nominating Frank and Boogie will keep Frank in the game – Frank needs to go BUT if he wins POV (or Boogie does) then Janelle needs to go up as the replacement. Boogie isn’t a threat at this point.


I do think Boogie is a threat though –he can manipulate and rally better than anyone else can.

It should be Boogie and Frank up to prevent any issues with POV, I missed if there was a reason to NOT put up Boogie along-side Frank.

There is no need to even talk about how the votes were going to go against Frank — it didn’t happen, move on Boogie and stop whining about being “slime dogged”. He and Frank had their own slime dog plans, they just had no power. Ughhh!


I’m not real sure why Danielle is not going to stick to the original plan about 2 seconds after she go HOH to put up Janelle. If she put up her and Boogie, she has got the possibility of getting out two really strong players….plus they both tell the most unbelievable lies and stir up constant drama.
This may have been said already, but I just can’t understand what the disadvantage to this is.


Dan doesn’t want a vet nominated he knows if Boogie or Janelle leave hes going to be the biggest target left.


***get out one of two really strong players. Sorry, should proof read before I hit enter.


How retarded to side with Ian instead of Janelle. LOLOL


Great JOB Simon and Dawg… AS ALWAYS. Much props!! Great site each season.

If this five person alliance comes into total fruition and remains consistently solid and loyal, the outcome, is absolutely foreseeable.

Of course, the alliance will lose one OR two along the way, but one of these five WILL walk away with the 500Gs. It really is like the Brigade. If they stick together those kind of numbers are truly insurmountable.

Someone in that alliance will win it all. Production would have to do some unprecedented, devious shit (obvious and deplorable shit) to overcome those kind of numbers. The Brigade took out Brenchal even though we ALL know production INTENDED for those two stay until the bitter end. The kind of advantage that alliances with these type of numbers cannot be denied AS LONG as the team completely sticks together.

Again, one or two may be picked off along the way, but absolute and overwhelming odds favor that the last two standing are FROM said alliance.

Now, let’s just see IF they can ALL 5 really stick together for the long haul. Let’s also focus on IF production is willing to break new ground via poisonous interference to ensure their “sweetheart” (whoever that may be) stays in the game ’til the end. That is a big part of the puzzle to watch this season IMO.

As of right now, I am ALL ABOUT the 5. Loves me some Dan and have a real soft spot for Ian.

Go Team 5!!!!!!


Team 5 alliance yo!


Put up Frank and Wil and tell them to fight their butts off for POV so they can backdoor Janelle. It is the only way to get Janelle out. ALTHOUGH, I am tired of looking at Frank and Boogie I could barf!!


If Janelle plays POV, she will win.


I see the comments have picked since the twist. Pretty cool.

I don’t know what to think about this game anymore. It’s like the game has started over to when they all just entered the house. It’s weird.


i think Danielle wants to get rid of Frank once and for all…but the thing is …all this running around that Wil is doing is not doing himself any favours…it makes him look very untrustworthy…it could be a good move to put up wil or a bad one…we will see


also …if Ian joins this 5…i think this alliance might be the alliance that will actually stick together…everyone else is just running around jumping around into different places being wishy washy…and Frank and Boogie are just on their own right now…so…we will see…


Shane plays PoV, he will win. He will tied with Jeff. Pick up the pace. Just 5 more to go!

Beyonce Fan

If frank go home this week and janelle win hoh she will split them 5 up wil will tell her and boggie what just happen in the hoh I can se janelle puting up shane and danelle.


@BEYONCE FAN. You keep obesses with Janelle. Face it. She going home!


Again, one or two will be picked off along the way (given), but Team 5 would absolutely still be running the house. Janelle is in a bad spot. She needs her team, including Wil, to come together as one just to put up a fight IF, IF those five stick together. If that doesn’t happen, then again, the numbers speak for themselves.

Example being: If those five truly do come together, that is 4 evict votes right off jump street. HOW HARD can it be to gain one more??? And that is ALL they’d need this week–ONE more.

Next week becomes simpler IMO. Shane and Dan and Ian get to play in the HoH. Physical–Shane (darkhorse-Dan) is the man to get it done. Brain–Ian (Dan-darkhorse) is in full effect. Ian has now proven himself IMO. Burrito challenge and Endurance–the kid is here to play. He hasn’t won anything yet, but finishing 2nd and 3rd is much more than I, and most, expected out of the little guy. He’s a gamer IMO. Socially, he’s at a disadvantage, but Dan and Brit can easily (IMO) smooth that right out.

Danielle, IMO, proved last night she can go toe to toe with Janelle in comps (IMO). If Shane and Dan play their part (with Danielle), this girl is going to win another comp. or two or three.

And then, when it’s all said and done, we STILL come back to the numbers. This is a good to great alliance–ALL ASSUMING they are loyal and trust each other and play their guts out. STRONG ALLIANCE.

Let’s see if it happpens!!!!!!!


@BEYONCE FAN It’s not going to happen. Janelle can’t even beat Ian in endurance,mental or even Q&A to win HoH. She always be a three time loser. The only reason she won two relign on three useless floaters. She can’t even win for herself. Also, other reason she won every comp because she was religned on her Sovereign 6 alliance. She will forever be a three time loser.


Brit is a bad liar. She’s definitely going to be a two time loser lol.

Beyonce Fan

It will be janelle wil joe ashley boggie and jen vs dan danelle shane brit and Idk what Ian will do.


@Beyonce Fan Janelle needs to go! Danielle will be single handed get rid Janelle and she will be a three time loser.


i hate to say it because i love frank and boogie and hate janele but i think their gonna have to work together along with joe and wil 2 more i dont like and lets face it and be real with ourselves no matter what ian says hes gonna do once the silver tongue snakes janelle and boogie get in his ear hell do what hes told like a good little asbergers lap dog that he is as will ashley and jenn


It’s funny people are saying seasons with big alliances are boring but season 7 had the 4 season 6 players running the house and it was great cus when they lost finally they had to scramble there’s no way a 5 person alliance will make final 5 it’s to big and the other houseguests will team up and the battle will make it interesting cus this 5 will win a lot of comps I think but they can’t win them all


Agreed, this week might be a little predictable, but once the 5 of them don’t have power they’ll show their true colors, and how loyal they actually are.


Im ALL for this Britney, Danielle, Dan, Shane & Ian alliance!!!! We’ll see how it plays out over the next few weeks..

Real Talker

Shane 4 POV!


The whole dani Dan Britney Shane and Ian alliance is so fuckig stupid. I know what’s going to happen just like last year. A terrible person will win BB (rachel) and my FAVORTIE (janelle) player will get voted out early(Daniele)


I like this alliance even more now that Ian is in it.
Also, can everyone stop worrying that the show is going to be boring if they make another brigade…
Don’t worry they aren’t that strong. The other side will win one especially if it’s a crapshoot.
Calm down!
And to everyone complaining about production rigging it so Boogie could get screwed over…WTF!!!
They saved his ass. Frank was going home and wouldn’t of even had anyone to talk to for these days especially since Ian and Jenn (eventually for her, she moves at a slow pace) will jump ship when Frank’s gone.
Frank pretty much got to evict two of his enemies during his HOH and Shane got to eliminate nobody.
Lastly, stop saying that competition was made for a girl. It was a hardcore endurance and you should give your props to the people who did good.
The last POV was made for a tall guy with long arms to catch the ball easier.
Some will help one side and the others will help the other side. It wasn’t an easy comp and Danielle deserved it.


as i was watching the network show last night i made it a special point to observe ian as julie was announcing the twist. he was kinda rocking back and forth in his seat and looking at other players. anyone remember the female character from saturday night live that when she got so excited…she would pull her hair out or jump through a window? i was hoping ian would freak out from the excitement and run through the backyard door or something!!! ha ha ha!!!

good show last night…and on showtime, caught the last ten minutes of the comp.

i hope the house does blow up tonight. someone needs to call out joe. i think danielle should nominate mike and frank. then let the house decide who leaves…either win the veto, replace with joe as a pawn.


i’m not too worried about that alliance. as long as the rest if the hgs know about the lines in the sand, the other side should be more than able to compete. i’d take mike, frank, wil, joe, janelle, ashley and jenn over those five to win comps. the whole trick is for the 5 to keep it to themselves which looks hard for ian and danielle


Is the nomination ceremony going on right now?


not yet


TX Simon, think i double posted my question by mistake. Sorry. So Wil and Frank going up, is that the consensus?


I really hope Danielle goes with Dan’s plan and puts up Frank and Wil, give my boy Frank a decent chance in staying.


Boogie( aka Gollum )about Dan:“You should not even come here if you are going to play like that.”This is coming from the guy(Boogie aka Gollum)that told Ian“This is Big Brother,you can bounce checks.” In other words, Gollum is saying it’s ok to lie in this game.Yet he’s mad at Dan for playing the game the way Gollum told Ian it’s the way you play this game.Gollum is such a hypocrite.I also think the real reason Gollum is more angry with Dan than anyone else has to do with what happened earlier in the season.I’m referring to Gollum going in the DR and saying the only reason why Dan won his season is because he(Dan)was playing against a bunch of amatures.Which means that Gollum believes that anyone who gets played by Dan is a amature.Keep in mind that Gollum has said a few times that he trust Dan out of the people who aren’t on his team.Which means Gollum felt confident that Dan was with him.The problem Gollum has is he was played like a amature,you know just the way he said the people on Dan’s season were played.Gollum had no idea that Dan was playing him.Even when Dan was talking to Gollum&smelly Frank,he couldn’t tell that he was just being played by the guy(Dan) he seems to think he’s better at the game than.If smelly Frank wasn’t saved by production then he would’ve been evicted.The reality that Gollum had no idea that Dan,the guy Gollum thinks he’s better than,when it comes to the game,played him like Gollum was a amature,makes him boiling hot.Lol.


I, too, am totally down for the Dan, Brit, Shane, Danielle, Ian alliance. Hope it works out. And for those who think that alliance is boring….might be true but I doubt the producers of BB would allow it to be too boring- they have sponsorships and advertising dollars that are counting on the ratings gold that BB usually is. There will be some more twists, especially if they are considering the game “reset” (which, let’s face it- it’s not, but I think there’s some producers lingo attached to that terminology- as in, let’s just shake the rest of the season up and start the twists all over.)

In the end, it really doesn’t matter what we personally feel about the players- it’s how they are perceived in the house and how they played the game. Janelle- not doing so great in the social game…in fact, she has WAY overplayed and is now deemed untrustworthy by the rest of the house-even her own team. Boogie- in his own words, he would have played the game completely differently if he had known- or even thought- the coaches would be coming in- well…..the nail is kind of in his coffin for that and that was his own doing, not the producers (he’s been having talks for the last few weeks about the possibility of the coaches coming in- it’s not like it was that big of a shocker, he could have switched his game up a bit). Brit- she may not be the best person in the house, but she has been playing the social game pretty well the whole time-even when she didn’t have/want to. Dan- All I can say is he must really know his stuff because I don’t understand half the decisions he makes, but it worked out well for him last time, unfortunately for him everybody in the house knows this (but I am still 100% rooting for him).

As long as the coaches don’t all work together, I can see the rest of this season turning out pretty interesting. Guess we shall see!


Do you think there is a possibility for Boogie to walk out?


Oh definitely. He’s already said numerous times he might just pull a “Willie” and went on endlessly this morning about everything he left behind- possibly his sons first crawls/steps, etc.- all for a 1 and 12 shot at 500k, instead of a 1 and 4 shot at 100k. He also said he’s going to just start calling everyone out for everything because he doesn’t care anymore. (Too bad Danielle doesn’t know this otherwise she might not put him up against Frank if he’s just going to make it easy to get evicted). His head isn’t in it, nor his heart. But, in the BB house, that could change on a dime! I still think it’s a very real possibility.