McCrae says Amanda is the scapegoat like how Hitler used your people as the problem as to why Germany was a piece of sh*t!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin,
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


12:10am In the lounge Spencer, Howard and Amanda are talking. Amanda is talking to them about Candice throwing her name out. Amanda says that she never talks about Candice. Amanda asks Howard to make sure her name never comes out of Candice’s mouth. Howard says he will tell her to not talk to her. Amanda says you don’t have to say that just tell her to keep my name from coming out of her mouth in a negative way. Amanda asks him to talk to her because he is closest to her. Amanda asks Howard if he was protecting her. Howard says that she isn’t on the block, so she doesn’t need protecting. Howard asks Amanda she was protecting him? Amanda tells Howard that he isn’t answering the question. Amanda asks Howard if he knows what an alliance is? Amanda asks am I in the Twilight Zone right now? Amanda says you are beating around the bush. Howard says you don’t talk to me. Amanda says you don’t talk to me either. Amanda asks him again to ask Candice to keep her name out of her mouth. Howards says okay I will do that. Amanda asks Howard if they are cool with each other. Howard says yeah! Amanda leaves.

Kaitlin then comes in and joins them in the lounge. Kaitlin says that now I may have to go home. She says after I have been so nice to people today. Andy talks about how over the top Elissa was about thinking they were laughing at her. Andy talk about how when Elissa has her mind made up, there is nothing you can do to change it. Spencer said she was creepy in the room tonight. Kaitlin says that Elissa mentally blocks out what she does, she convinces herself that she really isn’t lying. Andy says that even if I had a videotape of Elissa talking about Aaryn, she would still deny it. Kaitlin says she is a liar. Howard says that Elissa questioned him last night asking him like he didn’t deserve to be here. Howard says that she talks down to him and he doesn’t like it.

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Up in the HOH room – McCrae and Amanda are talking about how they are being used as scapegoats. Amanda says that is why we have to get rid of Kaitlin. McCrae says yup that’s a done deal. Amanda complains about how Howard talks to her. McCrae agrees, says he is so pissed off about the entire situation. He says that Amanda is always the scapegoat here. McCrae says that the term scapegoat originated from the 1940’s when Hitler rose to power and he scapegoated your people as the problem as to why Germany was a piece of shit. Know what I’m saying? Amanda says yeah. McCrae says its just funny how you are the scapegoat here too. Amanda says just for Howard, Spencer and Candice.

1am – 1:20am Howard is now talking to Candice about his conversation with Amanda. Candice says that she only told 2 people that she felt Amanda stirred up the drama tonight. She says of them was Spencer and the other was Jessie. She says but she didn’t think Jessie would tell her. Candice says that it somehow got back to Amanda. Candice says that she thinks it was Spencer that told Amanda. (It was Jessie that told Amanda not Spencer.) Candice says that Jessie wouldn’t have told Amanda. Candice says that Elissa feels that Amanda set Elissa up for the fight today because all Amanda does is talk bad about Howard. Candice tells Howard that Spencer knows Howard is the bigger target for the other side now when it used to be Spencer so it works for him. Candice says that Spencer lies. She says that she found out that it was Spencer who said Candice sat on the hat. Candice says that she thinks she can get Kaitlin to be loyal. Howard says that he thinks he can pull Judd and possibly Andy. Candice says that she thinks Elissa and Helen don’t really talk to McCrae. Candice tells Howard not to tell Andy about Spencer’s betrayal because he won’t turn on him. Candice says that Amanda has Aaryn. Candice says that Aaryn is desperate right now but says that Kaitlin isn’t. Candice says that Howrd, Candice and Elissa will vote out Aaryn. Howard says that he needs to talk to Judd because Spencer keeps saying they will vote the way Judd wants.

1:30am Out on the backyard couch – Kaitlin, Spencer, Judd and Howard are talking. Kaitlin says that she thinks she needs to campaign now. Kaitlin asks Spencer what he thinks about the night? Spencer says that its craziness, into craziness, into craziness. Spencer says that he feels that if they keep Kaitlin, they will say, see there is an alliance. Spencer says that Amanda wants to get into an argument.

1:30am Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Amanda and McCrae are talking to Andy. Amanda tells them that she thinks she is dumber from that talk in the cockpit. Amanda says that she didn’t know what the fu*k Howard talks about. Amanda asks Andy what was happened when she left the room. Andy says that they solidified their alliance. Amanda laughs. Kaitlin joins them and asks to talk to Andy. Andy and Kaitlin head to the hammock to talk. Kaitlin tells Andy after Amanda masterminded the rumor that she was in a secret alliance with Spencer, Howard, Gina and Judd, She says ow none of them can vote for her because it would look like they are in an alliance and voting to keep her. Andy says we need to stay calm. Kaitlin says that if she stays, she will nominate McCrae and Amanda. She says that Howard too. Kaitlin wonders why Amanda wants to keep Aaryn. Kaitlin says that she told Helen that she felt Amanda was campaigning against her so now she’s worried Helen will tell Amanda. Kaitlin asks Andy if he has her back. Andy says totally. Andy says you won’t know who votes what this week though.

2am Helen is talking to Elissa in the lounge. Helen says Elissa that the reason Aayrn came to her is because Aaryn can’t talk to you. Elissa says that she just started yelling at me. Helen says she is sorry. Helen says that she didn’t say anything because she was confused. Helen asks if she thinks Judd is lying to her? Elissa says that Howard and Spencer are always coming to her saying they don’t lie. Helen tells Elissa that she just want to make sure Elissa was okay with the house so she doesn’t get evicted. Helen says we need to do damage control now. Elissa says all I did was ask her a question. Helen says poor Judd, good thing you didn’t call him out. Helen tells Elissa that we need to draw attention to someone else in the house, so that they are not mad at her. Elissa says she think it’s rude if they’re mad at me, I have the right to ask her a question. Elissa says that the bottom line is if people are really this disloyal to me then I am upset. Elissa says that she didn’t do anything to call out our alliance. Helen questions Elissa about calling Judd a liar by saying you’re all liars. Helen says it hurt his feelings. Elissa says that her feelings were hurt. Helen tells Elissa she can go with an alliance and have the numbers or she can do her own thing.
2:48am Spencer is talking to Howard about how he gets his strength in the game. Howard sees Judd coming over and bolts out of the hammock and runs straight for Judd. Judd laughs and says he’s was playing chicken with me.

CBS Interactive Inc.

2:50am Up in the HOH room – Andy, Judd, Amanda and McCrae are talking. Andy tells Judd what Kaitlin was saying to him at the hammock. Judd tells them about Spencers plan for Judd to talk to McCrae and Amanda to see who they want to go home. Amanda wonders why Kaitlin thinks that Amanda is making up a true scenario that actually happened. They all laugh. They laugh about how Spencer and Kaitlin were blaming Amanda for making up a rumor about a real alliance. Meanwhile Kaitlin and Gina are talking. Kaitlin tells Gina that Candice will be campaign for her. Kaitlin says that Candice told her she has pull with Elissa so Kaitlin might not have to worry about the MVP nomination. Gina says she wonders why she was the MVP nominee then. Kaitlin says that her and Aaryn are the targets. Kaitlin says that Amanda is the reason Elissa stayed a few weeks. Gina says that she wishes she could have done that with Nick. Spencer joins them. Kaitlin says that she thinks Andy will vote with Helen. Gina says that Andy is a little bit*h about voting. Judd comes out into the backyard. Kaitlin says oh look! It’s the secret alliance! Judd wonders how Amanda knew about the alliance. Kaitlin says she thinks it wasn’t anyone, it was just her seeing them all together. Judd says that Elissa needs to go. Kaitlin says once McCrae and Amanda are is gone, Elissa will only have Helen and Andy.

2:50am – 3:30amKaitlin, Candice and Gina are talking on the backyard couch. Kaitlin comment that if they vote to keep her now people will think they really have an alliance. Candice talks about how she knows the plan is to go after Howard. Kaitlin says that Helen and Elissa are going after him. Candice says oh I know, he is a huge black man of course they are going after him. Candice says she went up there and told Amanda and McCrae and said not this week. Gina says that’s why I went up. Kaitlin says if Aaryn stays she will be on their side going after Howard. If I stay I will be going after them. Candice says that they lied to me and told me McCrae was the MVP last week when it was really Elissa so that if they put up Howard I wouldn’t be mad at Elissa because we’re friends. They continue to talk about past events of the house.


3:40am -4am Out in CBS Interactive Inc.the backyard – Kaitlin asks Judd what he was talking to Spencer and them about in the hammock. Judd says nothing just talked about home. Kaitlin says you’re lying. Judd says no. Judd says that Spencer was and I was talking about my blog and tweets and stuff. Kaitlin asks what his tweets were. Judd says that he said that she had a good heart. Kaitlin says awe your sweet. Judd laughs that he forgot about doing one for Gina but did a funny one about Nick. (Judd’s tweet about Nick was: s/o to Nick, guess I got you before you got me! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. U shoulda picked smarter allies than Spencer and Howard.) Kaitlin asks do you think we still have this Judd. Judd says I hope so! I am anxious to talk tomorrow. Kaitlin says be fu*king confident! Kaitlin comments that Candice doesn’t believe that there was an alliance (Kaitlin, Judd, Howard, Spencer, Gina) that it was made up. Judd and Kaitlin high five on Candice not believing it. Judd says if she is going he will let her know I don’t want you to be surprised. Judd tells her that she better win Thursday. They talk about what the competition might be like. Kaitlin says she is worried of Elissa winning it because she is athletic. Kaitlin laughs that it will be yoga based. Kaitlin and Judd say goodnight and head inside to go to bed. Kaitlin gets ready for bed but goes out to the hot tub by herself and puts her feet in.

5am All the house guests are sleeping..

9:45am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests…


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amanda isnt the scapegoat….elissa is the scapegoat

julies rice bowl

poor Amanda. Now they get to portray Howard as Hitler.


If they do that, I’d be annoyed. Everyone thinks its Aaryn only, and GinaMarrie and Kaitlyn cause they are sort of the outcasts, so that makes their comments more racist than any others. Jeremy was a bully for trying to strong arm people, yet Helen got away with it? Amanda too. These people are starting to get on my every nerve. I’m starting to even get annoyed with Elissa’s attitude. She’s giving up. I want Howard to win HOH, put up Amanda and McCrae and watch the cockroaches scatter and kiss ‘Howie’s’ bum. I AM STARTING TO HATEEEEEEEEEEE THEM. Just when you think Season 6 was the worst season in terms of annoying people (Nerd Herd), season 12 came along. Then you think Season 12….season 14 comes. Now I hate Season 15 cast. If this keeps up…well.

Dream Thursday:
Aaryn evicted.
Kaitlyn/Howard win HOH

Dream Week:
Kaitlyn/Howard as HOH
Nominate McCrae and Amanda.
MVP goes to Elissa who then decides out of pure annoyance to nominate ‘Code Red’ aka Andy
POV goes to Howard/Kaitlyn
POV not used
By a vote of whatever to whatever, Amanda you have been evicted from the BB House.

That would allow McCrae to play for himself now without all this dead weight I call amanda who is pulling him down. It would also let Andy know not everyone is fooled by him.


Could not agree with you more! Want the bedbugs aka amandamccrae out of the hoh room!

Big Sister

Agreed! She is even wearing the HOH robe! Judd has been a colossal disappointment and a wimp. If they give us another “chance” to vote who goes up as America’s choice to go on the block, we have to rally people to put up Amanda.


OMGGG perfect scenerio! that would be too good!!!!


i dont think anyone was comparing howard to hitler. i dont know why mccrae would even bring this up, but he was talking about the origins of the term “scapegoat” bc candance randomly blamed amanda for tonight, even though it was clearly elissa/kaitlin’s problem. hence scapegoat. as a general rule, you shouldn’t bring up hitler and the holocaust for minor situations like these bc it’s disrespectful, but he definitely wasn’t calling howard hitler…


Amanda has really done a lot while not winning anything. I could not stand her before but she is able to get into people’s heads in the house. If they were smart they would evict her next week since she is masterminding all of this and using Reilly as a puppet. Kudos Amanda you are good, which is why you have to go!


again with the overrating of her – shes not that good a player because she has unnecessarily made herself a huge target with massive overplaying

she has to go because she is annoying


Sorry but when you don’t trust an alliance member about what they told you and you try to find out the truth yourself? That’s fishy to me. Also she told Helen that she had to know herself to keer herself sane.

You can find out without having a TOWN MEETING. This is Big Brother, if you can’t handle ppl lying to you than you weren’t ready for the game. She still doesn’t believe it. I’m super objective, if she just played smarter I would root for Elissa, don’t throw your ONLY allies you have in the game under the bus, that’s like BB101!!!!!


scapegoats arent the actual reason. Elissa blew this up and is the complete reason this happened. She got caught and her entire alliance knows this.


now we know what happens when elissa (a) doesn’t get her way, and (b) loses mvp power. she turns on her alliance and blows them up, just to get her power back. hope it backfires.

This Season Blows

LOL…. sure. Rachelissa is the biggest problem in the house, she can’t even stay tuned-in and loyal to her own alliance (as shown by her meltdown and turning on Helen) and her only loyalty is to production. When she’s handed her rigged check at the end, the other houseguests will rue the day they voted out David instead of her.


She has every reason to not trust her alliance. They have been talking about getting rid of her since the beginning. They said when they can’t use her MVP they would get rid of her. Even Helen is now on board and is talking behind her back. No one can be trusted with this cast. So each person should be playing for themselves. They aren’t trying to win for each other. They are trying to win for themselves and their families.


Amanda is the biggest problem in this game. She drops little mines here and there and stands back and waits for them to explode. Elissa had every right to find out for herself what is going on if she is hearing different stories. Trusting ANYONE in this game is a huge mistake. And, when did BB become a team sport? Why should you trust your alliance if they are pushing you to do something that you believe will harm your chances in the game? You are not playing to win $500K for any of them? And the comment that Elissa just ruined everything…ruined what???? They still have the numbers to do what they wanted. WHat? They wanted her extra vote so that they could try to hide their alliance? There are so many alliances, side alliances, faux alliances – who knows what is real? Kind of think that this is a season of mostly floaters who are playing the Shelly Moore book on how to play BB. They are primed to jump to whomever is in power if the need arises.

Elissa shows that she will NOT be bullied by Amanda and McCrae into doing something she is not comfortable with. Perhaps she gets emotional over it. Perhaps she has a problem keeping track of everything that is going on – I can’t fault that because this game changes every minute. How about this? Why does Elissa’s supposed alliance do something for HER game and get rid of Aaryn? Why don’t they work Kait to their side? Perhaps it is because Kait is more savvy than Aaryn? If I were Production, I would be pushing folks like Judd, Jessie and Helen in the DR to vote out Aaryn. CBS needs to get rid of her.


Yap but Kaitlin is being sucked in by Howard. Howard from the start is alligned to Helen and Elissas group but he keeps on turning against them. He keeps on recruiting others to turn against them one of his biggest target is Helen. Helen caught him three times and the girls were always on board with him until,they found out the guys alliances and keeps on lying when asked. Howard promised not to betray them again with his bible and when helen was on curfew his campaign to get her out started again and recruited Kaitlin, Judd, GinaM and Spencer and I am not sure but I think the others too. This got back to Helen and company. Let us just wait for tomorrow. Candice remarks on that Helen/Elissa gunning Howard cause he is a huge black men is wrong, if she only knows that they are trying to protect her too from him as he is just using her. Candice does not believe that Howard has a secret alliance minus her.

Howard Backer

In fifteen seasons, I’ve never seen someone so chastised for just trying to play Big Brother. He was the only one to stay loyal to the Moving Company and is trying anything he can think of into creating an alliance with anyone he can. How is he sucking in Kaitlyn, he’s trying to save her? What should he be doing, telling the truth and just wait until Helen or Amanda decide it’s time for him to leave? Meanwhile, Judd, Andy, Helen, Amanda, McCrea lie to everyone. I think someone like Jessie is going to win this season because at the end they will be left with a bitter jury who will give a floater the money over someone who deceived them.

As far as swearing on the bible, for some reason Dan Gheesling was considered a genius for doing the same thing. Even Helen says that if she was watching she would have voted him for MVP. I’m just so confused by these people and their scheming and overplanning everything.


i don’t see Howard as a bad guy at all! He does have game and if Amanda would get off his ass & hers for that matter,we might actually see some strategy happening that is long term, not week to week!


I do feel bad for Candice. She actually believes that Howard likes her. He can’t stand to be around her. He has actually said that the two should not hang out together (using the excuse that they will be a target, but really wanting her to leave him alone so he can lust after Jessie). But why Candice thinks they are scared of a big black man I don’t know. He claims he is throwing comps but the first have not comp was so funny. Howard could not paddle, he could not go underwater, he could not do anything. I don’t think he is throwing these. He is not as fit as he seems. He gets out of breath very easily. The only thing he has is muscles. Spencer is more likely to win than Howard. I just wish Candice didn’t have to look like such a fool for falling for a man that can’t stand her.


Exactly! But don’t you worry about all those unexploded landmines[ are their any left she wonders!],the landmine clearing crew is putting on their gear and on the way!…they have to step through some other manmade landmines on the way though!…and they’re knee deep in it!


Funny how often this season the houseguests have mentioned jumping off this to do Amazing Race! Don’t they realize that America has to get behind them for that to happen? Who wants to watch McManda lolling around prostrate in countries around the world?


Amanda is playing too fuckin’ personal. she’s bringing out the real hatred she has for people outside of the game. Amanda has some serious personal issues in real life. you can tell she’s jealous of the other girls in the house. she’s playing real stupid and it’s gonna cost MC big time. I don’t understand why these idiots can’t focus on the $$$. this is BB, it’s not the dating game.


Excellent psychological analysis of this miserable chica! Enjoyed that! Interesting to see if McCrae has game when she goes…Kaitlyn has stepped it up!


that’s because Amanda has a FLAT ass……….


McCrae is SO ignorant, when it comes to the historical meaning of the word scapegoat, I literally LOL’d when I read his explanation 🙂

The term scapegoat is chiefly Biblical. A scapegoat is a goat let loose in the wilderness, on Yom Kippur, after the high priest symbolically laid the sins of the people on its head… that’s it! That term had been around thousands of years before Hitler showed up


I rolled my eyes on that one too. The lack of general education and/or smarts in this house is appalling.


CAmanda is America newest target… 3rd nominee..
If anyone stands up to her she will go around and paint them out to be a bad guy, so Anerica let us remove her from the game. #ANNOYING


Amanda and Aaron need to go. Aaron for being such a racist b$tch and Amanda just being an annoying as hell manipulater. If CBS and the hg do not get Aaron out this week. I quit watching. People like her do not deserve air time


Could have really done without the picture of Amanda’s wide, flat, cheesy ass. Lol


How can you be a scapegoat when you are the one stirring drama and planting seeds in people’s head. Amanda is crazy control freak. She is the biggest threat in the house. I hope she ends up on the block next week. CBS is doing a fab job at editing out her crazy and manipulative ways.


Amanda and McCrae are very adept at spinning things in their favour. This is who Aaryn’s family should hire as publicists for their daughter

Stating the Obvious

I’m so sick of seeing Amanda in that house. I would love to see her out so we can see Mcrae’s true potential as a strategist in the game. With Amanda in the house, Mcrae doesn’t really think for himself anymore but rather just listens to her dictatingto him. I wish these house guests would realize that Howard is their best bet on splitting up the Amanda/ McRae showmance without any blood on their hands. Yet they choose to side with Amanda who only focuses on getting Howard out. You would think that some of these people would realize that there’s got to be a reason that Amanda is so determined to get rid of Howard.


McRae is as skanky as Amanda. And he has more influence over Amanda than you give him credit for.


Amanda is not a scapegoat or a victim- she is an obnoxious a$$. Please McCrae with the coddling- GAG. Also, how can Amanda tell Howard to not let Candice talk bad about her? Amanda talks terribly about EVERYONE, but now she is a victim. She just keeps making me dislike her more and more. McCrae needs to grow a pair and play this game!!!


This house is sooooo flip floppy that I think I may be losing my mind! Now, Elissas true “Reilly side” is coming out and everyone in America can see that she is just as unstable as her sister! I was rooting for Elissa but now I think it’s time for her to go!
I can’t even begin to keep up with who is in what alliance with whom and I’m totally lost on the whole Aaryn concept! Does everyone like her now?
I used to think that Candice and Helen were smart, savvy players but now I realize that they just spit ball every possible case scenario so much that they will always , even if only for a few minutes, figure out what is truly going on with every instance!
I love this game but it’s doing that “fish out of water” flopping so much that I’m getting lost!
They NEED to get rid of Elissa but I know that she makes for good TV.


Elissa is a loose cannon in the superfriends alliance. She is emotionally unstable and just plain crazy. I practice yoga and it’s hard to imagine her as a yoga teacher. My yoga teachers are calm and down to earth, as well as natural looking. She is so emotionally charged and plastic, such a disconnect between yoga and what she acts and looks like.

As for Amanda, she’s got a lot of haters because she’s a strong woman. She hasn’t won anything, yet she’s been able to have a major part in controlling the house. She has taken the high road in dealing with Elissa (in the apology that she made for Elissa going off on her). Also, she’s targeting Howard for very good reason. He wanted her out. She found out about it. It’s smart for her to want him out if she knows he’s targeting her. Also, he’s strong and could win competitions. If I was in the house, I’d want him out too! He’s been lying, lying, lying since day one!

Go Amanda!!!!!


Amanda must go! all she do is pick on people and be caddy and rude and racist ….. I do not like her at all and I bet outside of the house she would get her mouth knock in………………… And she is not smart but very devilish….. I wish I could see her out of the bb house and see how bad she really is but I am sure she is all talk…………………………………………Evil is her real name…..


I am not too sure you know the definition or the behavior of a truly powerful woman. A strong woman would not get others to take on her laundry list of insecurities, play them back to her targets,then call foul when she’s exposed! She’s a weasel in the chicken house who’s about to get trapped! Go Howard&Candice!


I agree, Buddhistgirl, Amanda is not my definition of a “strong woman”. She’s spoiled and pushy with a BIG (often funny) personality. She was my early favourite, but she lost with me with her demanding ways and complete and utter laziness.


Amanda is targeting Howard and can’t stop speaking negative about him 24/7. However, now she is upset how Howard talks to her, when Howard hardly says anything to her. Howard, I am not sure how you survive. You have Candice who is actually hurting your game. She is way to sensitive to play BB. Now Candice has Howard questioning his strongest ally in Spencer. He might lose his strongest ally because Candice, who hates Spencer, jumped to another wrong conclusion. Candice says I am sure it wasn’t Jessie. Why is that Candice, because Jessie wouldn’t lie? Just like you were 100% sure Howard wasn’t lying to you earlier in the game. Candice, wake up, this is BB. Everyone is lying to everyone in some manner and plays the game in their own way. You have a clue in your hand, someone informed Amanda about your conversation, reason it out. However your love or hate of people doesn’t allow you to see the obvious. Jessie, not Spencer is not trustworthy.

Howard has an alliance with Judas….I mean Judd, and for some reason hates Howard just as much as Amanda. If only Howard had someone to help him ask the right question. How did they know about his alliance? If Howard, Kait, Gina and Spencer didn’t say anything, could it had been Andy or Judas? Howard you are surrounded by enemies and bad allies, good luck, you are going to need it.


Ikr, granted I only caught Candace’s conversation on BBAD before it all broke loose. You would think she would reason all possibilities of who may have told the conversation. She’s actually pretty observant but just needs a little extra in reading people especially subtleties. Or a good ally to bounce this stuff off of. And that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen unless something flips. Her days are numbered. To say that this or that person wouldn’t do this or that is giving these people way too much credit. Oh Andy wouldn’t do this or that, really?And unfortunately she didn’t seem to pick up on something when she initiated wanting to talk to Helen. Helen says Jesse do you want to join us? And Candace proceeds to talk to Helen without a true filter right in front of Jesse who in turns runs upstairs to the Master.


Elissa……deal with Aaryn later. Just vote Kaitlin out. Do this for the house? Keep Helen until jury.


Keep Helen all the way she was the only one who came to her in the first week when no one else did. They all hated her and talked about her and she was crying in the room and it was only Helen that befriended her. I really do not know what is going on with Elissa right now.


Elissa is the BOMB…literally! I went from HATE to LOVE overnight. GO>>GO>>GURL! Blow the roof off.


uh the term isn’t scapegoat, it’s escape goat dumbasses


No your the dumb ass…per Wikipedia … “In modern usage a scapegoat is an individual, group, or country singled out for unmerited negative treatment or blame. A whipping boy, “fall guy” or “patsy” “


please, don’t feed the trolls.


umm from the same wiki article if you bothered to read it dummy, ” William Tyndale rendered the Latin as “(e)scape goat” in his 1530 Bible.”. i’m right, i win.


You’re kidding, right? It’s scapegoat.


It’s a shame these people can’t stop talking long enough and put their thinking caps on – that might help a few of them remember how yesterday afternoon/evening unfolded. But that’s probably way too much to hope for. BB is all about being played – but this group can’t see the forest for the trees…. Hoping the DR comes through today and plants some interesting seeds in the HG’s mind – but having said that – with this bunch, those seeds will need a lot of water to grow and Elissa is holding that can.


For all you who think Elissa is weak in calling out Aaryn pls remember this.

2 weeks ago every fan on this site wanted Aaryn out of the house myself included.
Elissa spoke last night up and she has issues?

People this is the BB house where there are no rules. You are allowed to attack someone, scheme and backstab.
I’m not a huge Elissa fan but in that moment would you rather watch her say nothing on the live feeds and just vote with Superfriends or speak up.

Kayla J

By the way, the term scapegoat is gotten from a biblical old testament ritual in Leviticus.
McVag should just stick to delivering pizza.
What a stupid boy.


well she is sort of a dictator like hitler…..


We are getting played, folks.


mcrae is an A$$!! Scapegoat has been used since biblical times, this is the worst cast ever, sorry to repeat myself, im really sick on how tits mcgee and pizza boy are always using the HOH room for their breeding sessions, i would love to see one of them go


I hope Kaitlin stays…..that would be fun to watch.


So, everything’s the same…right? Kait going home?


elssia will win hoh cbs dont want her going no where just at she might not win but it to earley for her to go home thats why i think she win hoh this week

Geez Louise

That awkward moment when you realize you are more confused than the houseguests even though you can “see” everything that goes on yet they can only “see” what people want them to “see”. I may need some medication to be able to watch because this season is making my pressure go up… 😉


Agree, I have to keep reminding myself that I haven’t taken a hit of acid since 1968 and didn’t accidently drop one yesterday afternoon….


Awkward moment for sure! This site needs a running account of daily “alliances”{and I use the term loosely!!!} formed,rats who have departed for new parts unknown,and how many times a day GinaMarie can butcher the English language,Yo!

Janelle pov queen

Kaitlin is so dumb Elissa was helping you dumb bitch


Maybe she wanted to help…but what Elissa did was the exact opposite. After Elissa’s display, not only do I see no way for Kaitlin to survive, but Arryn managed to likely secure herself a spot in jury, if not much further.


Maybe, if Aaryn will survive the next week eviction.


The only person targeting Arryn is Elissa, as of now even if Elissa wins HOH and put her up, she will most likely stay. Amanda’s team would vote out Howard’s team member and vice versa.


What if Aaryn getting Backdoored and Howard wins PoV?


@Carlos. And America.


Kaitlyn going out this week on a blindside would be so fun, I still can’t believe that Howard and Spencer trust Andy and Judd so much. If they were smart they would try to poach Helen and Elissa because they are on the bottom of the superfriends alliance. The next two weeks would be so interesting to watch. I can almost see one of the two strategist go home, Howard and Amanda.


Everyone has gone batsh$t crazy in this house. I think they need to up the dosages on what everyone is taking or withhold the meds and see if it turns into Lord of The Flies!


Ill be waiting for someone to say that McCrea is playing the “race card”……….*crickets*


finally a reason. to like Alissa. The house needed this blowup.I still like Jess and Aaryn F2.


Not going to happen, if Aaryn survives until Jury time. I think Aaryn won’t survive next week.


Well they are working on it, and so far somewhat successfully.


I’m just flat out lost….
I still want to see Aaryn evicted. Kaitlin is still a mean girl but she’s been smart enough to tone it down now that she’s in check. Give her and Aaryn some power and they will go right back to their bitchy ways.
I would like to see Aaryn gone and Amanda gone right behind her.


I don’t care who stays anymore, I just hope the one that does (even better if it’s Aaryn) goes after Elissa.
Go ahead and give Elissa MVP and it will be even better when everyone kisses her butt and then votes to evict her!


Amanda is not my favorite by far, but its totally unfair everybody is throwing her under the bus. It was actually Helen that called her and elissa in the storage room yesterday morning and told them about gm also being in the alliance with Spencer, Howard, kaitlin, and Judd. Everybody has talked shit about Howard and Spencer, but only Amanda is getting blamed for it. Howard and Spencer flat out lied to everyone trying to cover up all their alliances. I’m not saying Amanda is innocent by far, either is Howard or Spencer. I hope one of the superfriends wins hoh, and they call them out at the nomination ceremony, that will be awesome tv……


Everybody is talking crap about Howard because Amanda has been talking 27/7 about it and now the rest of them are too. She started it all. And since that is almost all she is talking about, everyone is starting to beleve her. She and McCrea were the one who started the alliance with Spencer and Howard. And McCrea lied to get Howard to swear on the bible. He did it to trick Howard into thinking he had the power. So yes, Amanda is the one behind almost everything. And her alliance tends to believe whatever she wants them to.


Actually Howard and Spencer were talking shit about amanda first, because they thought she was on to their mc alliance. Honestly it was Howard’s muppet Candice and Helen that was the ones on the boys alliance, but they just wanted McCrea by himself. They were always talking shit about her and wanting to get rid of her, so I dont blame her one bit. Everybody seems to feel sorry for poor Howard, he’s a jerk.. he’s totally using Candice. She truly is falling for him, and he has made it clear to everyone in the house he doesn’t care about her at all. And Spencer he is just a complete pervert, the way he talks about the girls in the house….


How do you trick someone to swearing on the bible, that was Howards decision. What you said does not make any sense. If Howard’s faith is strong he would not have done it or would stand by his deal. When you bring the bible into this game & use it as a tool and want to play reverend, you had better realize that it is a double edge sword. It can work for you and against you. Howard problem is who he is aligned with and his bad gameplay. If it is alright for Howard to target Amanda then it is alright for Amanda to target him.


I read that it is Amanda and McCrae that are throwing the blame on themselves. It seems it is their twisted strategy of ultimately deflecting blame to someone else. Usually Howard.


elssia in my opinoin did the right thing cause when you in a group you ask what do you think but they say you need to vote out this person in last week they had a metting about mvp nom in didnt even tell her just told her to put up howard whould you trust them i want


I wish I could have seen Elissa go nuts. I may be in the minority but I actually like Elissa so far in regards to her personality. She’s off color. Can she be asinine in the way she speaks to people? Yes. And she just doesn’t express herself as well as she could because she gets too caught up in her own emotions. She doesn’t seem to strategize or think it out enough. But I think the longer the she stays the more explosions you will have because she doesn’t strike me as the type where she’s going to bow down and be told what to do. Or a person who is going to kiss ass my any means. That’s why as much as the consider her a threat I don’t think she has any chance of winning this game due to the social dynamic in there that she won’t be able to conform to.especially with this group of people and how they are. And due to most of them likely thinking she lives a charmed life. The threat seems to be that they think she has some sort of pull outside the game and that they think production will give her a super power or something. (With the latter being iffy due to how production rigged the game when give Rachel an almost sure chance of winning or going to the finals.)


The people in the house have lost their f*****g minds. I am so sick of hearing about Howard being the root of all evil. Does he even talk? I would love to see Howard win HOH see how long it would take for the super friends to turn on each other and start kissing his ass.


Elissa is batshit crazy. She threw Judd, Helen and Andy under the bus and is trying to make Amanda and McCrae look like they instigated everything, when really they didn’t have anything to do with it. If it wasn’t for McCrae and Amanda, she would have been gone week one. If it wasn’t for Helen, Judd and Jessie, she would have gone week 2. Helen was the only one that tried to be friends with her when everyone else avoided her. They all have put their own games in danger to save her, and how does she thank them? She doesn’t. Yesterday she pissed off everyone that has helped her stay. She went off on McCrae and Andy over nothing, making a big deal out of something she didn’t even hear, she just filled in the blanks using her nonexistent logic and game sense and flipped them off. So she has thrown them all under the bus and pissed them off! Either she is that stupid or she is playing from a script, setting up some fireworks and paving the way for a pre planned dramatic exit just before jury, so she doesn’t have to hang in jury house with people she feels superior to. Either way, she is as pathetic and nutty as her sister. I would not be surprised to see the next HOH be set up for her to win, and she knows it. Otherwise, why would she stir the pot so needlessly knowing she can’t play in the POV next week. A sane person wouldn’t, they would be trying to stay off everyone’s radar and out of any drama, unless they knew they were safe or unless they were a plant that isn’t there to contend for the prize. Either way, I want her gone. I am not a fan of the superfans, and I would like to see them scatter, but Elissa showed last night that nobody can trust her, she can’t keep her mouth shut, she doesn’t think things through, and she has zero sense of loyalty to the people that have defended her. Stupid game play or production meddling. Take your pick.

I think there will be a double eviction this week, or at the latest, next week. The superfriends should be preparing for this possibility now, but they are too busy being paranoid about everything. It’s all good, the less they talk about it, the more random the DE will be. Hopefully Elissa and Candice go down in the DE and then the game can begin. I would actually love it if the house flipped and took out Gina this week, just to keep things interesting.


Chloe, neither the super friends nor the knockouts keep Elissa apprised of any situation and use her only because they believe her as having some power. I understand why they don’t include her in the loop because she is hard to control. Her alliances are partly to blame for the events. Helen’s deal with Kaitlin, ensuring safety for this week, had included Elissa as well. Maybe the change in target this week didn’t sit well with Elissa (in addition to wanting Aaryn gone). However, Elissa could have phrased her approach to Kaitlin a bit more diplomatically: “Kaitlin, you are not safe this week. You need to fight for your spot.”


I agree with you about Elissa. She is aware that she is not in the inner circle. And she should know that they are only using her for the MVP. I don’t know if she knows that they will get rid of her as soon as she isn’t getting MVP. I think it is great she is choosing to ask questions herself. She may not handle things in the best way, but who knows how any of us would react if we were in a situation without a true support group we believed in. In a normal situation, if someone was treating you poorly, you could leave and go to friends and family. Who knows in this house who are true to her or only using her. Everyone wants to believe they have people to trust. But in reality, everyone wants the money so they all have to play for themselves. If I was her, I would be asking questions too and wouldn’t want someone just telling me to vote someon out.


Elissa brought this on herself. She didn`t have to tell McCrae first week that she had it. She actually went to him and told him to tell her what to do. She offered to do what he wanted as long as she was safe. If she had been smart, she would have nominated someone that would be easy to attribute to someone else and denied having the power. If I was in the game with a power like that, I would never tell anyone about it, because obviously people would either use it against me or use me to do their dirty work. But Elissa is too stupid to understand that, and I can tell that just like Rachel, she can never admit being less than innocent and perfect.


ok so production prolly does want aaryn out to do damage control they didnt want judd to put up aaryn because america would of been the one with the powere to make her the third nominee they didnt want elissa to have mvp again because america was bored with the same mvp im sure they diary room had some influence on getting elissa to stir the pot cbs is clearly writing a story for howard like black man overcomes racism to win big brother that is why the bb gods told helen and elissa not to put up howard i think all this confusion is driving elissa crazy amandas obsession over howard is going to far i personally like the fact that elissa is stirring the pot there is no such thing as a 7, 8 or 9 person alliance and judd did say elissa is just doing what aaryn did to elissa the first two weeks and if anyone remembers right elissa didnt really have a friend but judd and helen and candice didnt treat her as badly as the whole house did amanda is to blame for all this cause she is a control freak while mcmanda is sitting pretty the other houseguest are scrambling it would be nice for amanda to be on the block and for elissa to be the deciding vote that power would be extremelyfunny so sick of amanda basically saying she saved elissa and that elissa owes her shes used elissa and elissa owes her nothing i would also like to see howrad on the block if he suppose to be this big bad ass why doesnt he win something plus just like amanda is using mcrae hes using candice time for everyone to play their own game i hope helen judd and elissa can reform yes may be elissa is off the wall but shes made things interesting she has her own mind and set in her own ways but i like her not cause shes rachels sister cause she is elissa thats all we have all heard how elissa is suppose to be a part of an alliace as the knockouts yet they aslways throw her under the bus you cant blame everything on elissa blame production too


To get rid of Amanda, McCrae needs to be up also and another strong player from their alliance. Even with a back door.


ole judd gonna play the race card.the NASCAR race card…boogity boogity boogity

This Season Blows

The spin from the Brenchel Army about their messiah’s meltdown last night is pretty hilarious. All season long they’ve whined about other players being “disloyal” and “classless,” but now that it’s Rachelissa doing it, suddenly she’s justified because “they’re all playing for themselves.”

Rachelissa is easily the worst player in the house and one of the worst ever. The rigged MVP and rigged POV are literally the ONLY reasons she’s still here. It takes a true psycho to make Aaryn look like a sympathetic figure.


amanda needs to go cause everything is about her i know its backstabing lieying in the house but i think they is protecting amanda i bet you howard might go this week this show is all about amanda in if she in the final 5 i know its rig for her in is unfair i got over 100 freinds who vote for her to go on the block but she didnt every site i look at she was a head of gina in elssia if she wins big brother 15 i will never watch it agian its unfair to be there when you know somebody else going to win it she never on the block she always getting people to do what she want last week they want ayarn kiklan gina gone in she wanted howard gone now they want hin gone what that tell you


KIKLAN and ole JUDD really need to win the money. Gotta rebuild their methlab that ELISSA blew up.


I am really getting tired of the fish screen every time things are getting good in mid conversation then turn the screen to the fish’s


So, who is actually going home?
Kaitlin or Aaryn?


Lets just say you’re on the wrong team.

i'm tall

This house and folks in it are crazy! One minute they all want Howard out then they flip to Amanda then back to Howard. Amanda in my opinion is like the Jim Jones of the house. She is feeding these folks lie after lie and they are all drinking the Kool-Aid. For someone to be as smart as Helen she looks mighty dumb following Amanda. I kinda of expected McCrae to be her whipping boy but know she has naive and just as dumb Jessie, Andy is sh*t starter and is like Amanda’s best gal pal in the house and poor Judd!

If last night rather this morning wasn’t an indicator for this people to wake and see that she is playing them then they all need to lose. They are letting a woman who hasn’t won a thing in this game just sit pretty on her throne of the HOH bed and bow down to her demands. She is like the witch in The Wiz if you ask me. She was evil but they showed her as a piece of poo that gets flushed down the toilet at the end. So who in the house is going to rid of the piece of sh*t known as Amanda? Who will pull the handle to flush her? Time will tell but with this group of dummies this lady will win the show.

Sidenote: I read on another site that good ol’ Amanda and Allison Groder are pals and she has pretty much rigged it for her buddy to win. Simon and Dawg have you heard this news and what are your thoughts?



At this rate, Elissa will call out the whole knockoff allience to someone in Howard’s group and I just can’t wait for them fireworks.


Howard’s only mistake (and this could be huge) is not trusting Candace enough to include her in his discussions with Spencer. The theme for this season is to “Expect the Unexpected”. Candace, wake-up, only Elissa, Howard and Spencer have your back. You four are next in line for the Superfriends alliance. So it is imperative that Elissa, Howard, Candace and Spencer all four sit down and really have a heart-to-heart. Then once they have reached some rational conclusions call in Kaitlyn to see what she knows. Work it out strategically and logically, stop with all the unnecessary back and forth with every one in the house. Shore up your game plan and then determine who (one player) is needed to help keep Kaitlyn for going home. And that person is Helen, who evidently has no fricken clue of all the hateful things Aaryn has said about Asians. Which in most instances Kaitlyn and Howard were privy to some if not all of those derogatory things. Helen needs to come clean and apologize to Howard and Candace for her “black vote” comment in regards to the MVP nominee.

Then assess the other players in the game:

1. Amanda/McCrae joined at the hips, with Amanda being the one with the pants on in the relationship She is the Queen Bee of the hive.
2. Judd/Jessie quite as mouses and dazed and confused; but is it a ploy. In a make believe relationship and Judd is the person, who nominated Aaryn and Kaitlyn. Recognize only Jessie can vote to evict, since Judd is HOH in name only. He had his moment of being a man with the nominations.
3. Gina Marie – loud, obnoxious, classless and a bigot to boot. She will go where the percieved power base is in the house.
4. Andy – playing both sides of the house, while gathering information and disseminating misinformation under the guise of the loyal gay friend.
5. Aaryn – is a fricken open book. So why even elaborate on her character flaws it would be redundant.


Well put!!! Like I said below, who is McCrae anyway? He hasn’t played the game, rather he is at most times, horizontal, with his Sasquatch blanket attached.


mccrae is not playing the game? Hasn’t he won Hoh and a power of veto(which he used to save candace by the way). That is more gameplay than Spencer, Howard, Candace combined. Winning comps is part of playing the game also.


at this point, i only like candice. casting was awful this year…

Bob Saben

Howard needs a haircut


If Aaryn agrees to throw the HoH competition or let them pick the nomination. Go right ahead but she will be foolish that she will end up be on the block.


Too bad they haven’t figured out that Amanda and McCrae is wants to keep Aaryn because they can control her.

Kaitlin is another soldier to go against them..


I’m glad Elissa’s “Reilly side” came out! I’m all for adding drama to an otherwise boring week!


Candice probably has the least idea of what is going on in the house now that shes so focused on Howard.


Opps that was supposed to be a reply to mokona


I disagree with production wanting Aaryn out. Solely because their ratings are on top (based on Sundays ratings). At the end of the day, the little POS racist is bringing in the bacon… Sadly that ranks above all. They are going to persuade the HG to keep her there as long as they can.


Idk how it’s wrong for Elissa to want Aaryn gone and bring up her name and whatnot but when Amanda mentions Howard’s name every minute of the hour none of them say anything. God forbid she wakes up one day and says “hmmmm, I think I talk about Howard too much. I think
Ill stop”


I have no idea what’s going on.


Even though Candice blamed Spencer for going to Amanda to Howard, if Howard can connect the dots (and knows for a fact that he trust Spencer) he can figure out that Jessie was the one who went to Amanda.


Who is McCrae? LOL. Has he even played the game? He is too busy hiding behind the Sasquatch… As for Elissa going off, maybe she finally realized that everyone is just using her for a vote, maybe she had an epiphany and is tired of being controlled like everyone on the Sasquatch team. Kudos to her for speaking up, and outing the fake alliance. These people have no backbone to play their own game.