Judd tells Aaryn that it breaks his heart to not tell Kaitlin she is going home.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin,
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


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9:45am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the house guests. When the feeds return, Aaryn is called to the diary room. Andy is up and heads out into the backyard to lay on the hammock. Helen joins Andy on the hammock. Helen talks about how she talked to Elissa last night and explained to her that Aaryn came out looking good and you didn’t. Helen says she told Elissa that when you are in an alliance you talk about things before you go calling people out. Andy says she jsut looked like an idiot. Helen says if you don’t shape up the alliance isn’t going to want you to be a part of it. She says that Judd was the one that told me about the alliance and I told Elissa. Helen says that she was mad that Judd didn’t speak up when she was calling people out. Helen says he didn’t because he is in our alliance and there was no need for him to. Helen says that she told Elissa you don’t throw members of your alliance under the bus. Helen says she threatened Elissa that if she isn’t working with us then you are working against us. You are out of the alliance if you do it again. Helen says I need to detach myself from her and her behaviour. Andy says that she is just really selfish. Even with the MVP nominations she is selfish. Helen says that I am playing the game with her but she is playing Elissa’s game. Andy says that Kaitlin thinks Amanda masterminded the whole thing.

Judd joins them. Judd says that it made no sense why she would come up with those names in the secret alliance but figures it was she saw all of us together in the cockpit or in the backyard together. Helen says that Elissa isn’t throwing us under the bus. Judd says what’s her explanation for doing that, she can’t just do thinks like that and then be over it. Helen says that Elissa didn’t know that would turn into what it did, she doesn’t realize that asking a question like that can turn into a monster. Judd says that he feels horrible for Kaitlin because she is talking about plans for next week. Helen says maybe I should tell her because I told her I would protect her. Judd says I probably should because I put her up on the block and told her she was safe. Judd is worried about telling her. Helen says well we would tell her right before the vote so she has no time and we can explain it to her after the show is over. They talk about how Amanda got blamed for starting it. Andy says when in doubt blame Amanda. Helen says no that’s not good to blame Amanda. Andy asks if Elissa is voting out Kaitlin. Helen says yes she is voting out Kaitlin. Judd and Andy agree that ELissa is at the bottom of the totem pole. We can’t tell her anything. Helen says we just need to beat Howard, Spencer, Candice and maybe even Elissa in HOH tomorrow.


CBS Interactive Inc.

10:40am Helen says that she would love to get America’s favourite but knows she will never get that over other people here. I want the $500,000 don’t get me wrong but I would rather get the $25,000 than the $50,000. Judd talks about how he is finding it hard to keep track of all the things people tell him as HOH. Helen says we have to be careful with Aayrn on our side because she is going to cause drama with Jessie. We need to make sure Jessie knows Aaryn is going home before Jury. Helen says we need to make sure Amanda doesn’t get dragged under the bus for no reason. Judd says Amanda shouldn’t have come out here calling Candice out for no reason. They discuss need to win HOH. Judd says every HOH is important from here on out. Judd asks Helen if Elissa got MVP. Helen says no, I think Howard got it. Andy says I still believe America picked the nominees. Judd says I wish I would get MVP, I would feel so cool. I would tell you guys for sure.


10:50am – 11am Helen and Judd join Aaryn on the backyard couch. Helen tells Aaryn that she handled herself really well last night. Helen tells Aaryn that she is safe this week and that Kaitlin is going home. We are going to make Kaitlin think she is safe but she’s leaving. Helen says I wouldn’t go back on my word but I’ve heard Kaitlin is coming after me. Judd jokes with Aaryn telling her to stop calling people out and calling people into rooms. Judd tells Aaryn that it breaks his heart to not tell Kaitlin she is going home. I want to tell her but I can’t because we can’t have her scramble. It just makes me sick. She is a good girl, kind hearted and stuff. Aaryn says I want to win HOH to prove my loyalty but I don’t want to choose have nots. Judd says that Howard says he might volunteer. Judd says I thought about volunteering but naa.


11am – 11:30am On the backyard couch – Aaryn, Jessie, Judd and Andy. Aaryn and Andy tell Judd that Howard washed his sheets after Judd took a 15 minute nap in it. Judd asks why would he wash the sheets because I took a nap in his bed. Judd says I am going to take another nap in his bed again today then. They wonder if Nick would. Judd doesn’t think so because he had the personality of a fish. Aaryn says don’t talk bad about the fish it will fu*k you up. They think Aaryn might get called back and Amanda. Aaryn comments the more Spencer talks about your breasts and butt and other stuff makes me want to vomit. Jessie asks he talks about that?! EWWW! That makes me really grossed out!! They tell her that Spencer said he bets your pu$$y tastes like butterscotch. Jessie says EEWWWW! Is it possible for someone to go brain jail! Judd says we should call you butterscotch now. Judd says don’t tell Spencer we told you that. Judd jokes that Jessie should take a shower because she smells like butterscotch. Jessie says Spencer has a girlfriend, if that was me and he was talking about another girls vagina tasting like butterscotch – I would not be okay with that! They talk about havenots. Aaryn says I would put Howard, Spencer, Gina and Elissa. But if any of you win you can put me on it because I haven’t been one yet and would like to loose a couple pounds. Jessie and Andy head inside. Aaryn says that she knows Gina will vote for kaitlin to stay over me. Judd says Gina is supposed to vote how I say because I didn’t nominate her. Aaryn says just don’t tell her in a way that makes thing change.


11:30am In the lounge Andy and Amanda are talking about the events of last night. Andy says that even if Kaitlin was telling the complete truth no one would believe her. Andy and Amanda talk about how it makes them trust Aaryn more. They wonder why Judd would have said that but both agree they still fully trust him. Andy leaves and joins the other on the backyard couch. They talk about Elissa. Judd says Elissa is an idiot. Judd heads inside.


11:35am Judd runs into Amanda in the hall and hugs her. He whispers to her that Elissa is good now. Judd heads back outside. Amanda asks Andy if Elissa is okay now. Andy says he thinks so..


11:45am – 11:50am Amanda joins Judd, Aaryn, Jessie and Andy out on the backyard couch. Jessie tells Amanda about how Spencer said he bets my pu$$y tastes like butterscotch. Amanda says that is so gross, I hate him so much and that make me hate him even more.


11:50am McCrae joins them outside. Amanda says first off check yourself – you look like a cross between McHammer and Snoop Dog with your underwear pulled up so high and your shorts down so low! Judd tells McCrae to pull his shorts up, I can`t take you seriously!


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Amanda has a big Ego

The people in the House are completely unloyal. The next HOH changes everything.


The super Friends alliance are sticking together, elissa is just an idiot.


Well you are correct but it isn’t actually the people it’s the game! 1st let me say this collection of HG’s would probably be repulsive regaurdless but we’ll never know. The MVP has changed the fundamentals of BB almost entirely.

Was thinking about this the last several days. It’s not just MVP putting a 3rd HG up. It’s the HOH has little to no power anymore if a vast majority vote as a block(Super Friends). Everyone seems to be in multiple 3/4/6 player alliances. That is the direct result of MVP. Folks need to be “friends” with almost everyone. HOH’s noms mean almost nothing except taking 2 potential votes out of the evictions each week. Tomorrow appears to be the last real numerical chance to break up super friends. Candy, Howard or Spencer need HOH, no pawns and help. Best guess if they got HOH they’d mess it up anyway.

There is almost no reason for loyalty, the game is now about position on the totem pole relative to your vote. Independent thinking is squashed. The game is starting to feel like communism! The peoples food, who didn’t vote the way I wanted too, ect. As a long time fan the season feels very different. And it’s not a good feeling. Racism on a large scale has to be part of productions plans for the season. I personally consider that immoral on Grodner’s part. If it wasn’t the plan they sure have done nothing about it! And tomorrow we’ll see a racist stay that many, many Americans want out.

I feel bad for Howard and Candy as their skin colour is being used as a tool for ratings. Pretty sickening when you think about. You don’t have to like them to appreciate the manipulation by Grodner and CBS. Personally I always understood the unwritten bargain between me and BB. Production was going to turn a “pure game for 500K” into their own little puppet show to fix as best they can all story lines and micro manage the HG’s lives. They pay 1K a week to each HG to get this opportunity

So what we appear to be left with is convenient voting blocks that are devoid of strategy at this point. Almost no fear of reprisals b/c “they have the votes!” Some of the nastiest dialogue I can ever remember in 15 seasons. Not just nasty but pure vicious. And that’s not just the mean girls but Helen, Amanda, Andy and now even Judd who was one of the few I liked a little bit. The MC in any other year could have made a huge run. They went no where because the MVP usurped the power of HOH from week 1 on. Imagine you put together a strong core alliance of 5! You have hoh in week 1 and 1 of your guys goes home?

My opinion is the AG simply wanted 100% control of all outcomes and couldn’t be satisfied with 80% plus control of the game. Time for CBS to find a new executive producer or cancel the show all together. BB as it is the season is completely flawed and worse racism is being celebrated by Helen, Andy and the rest by their actions. Actions speak louder than words!. Reminds me of a speech from Survivour 1 finally. The snake and the rat… snake eats the rat! Problem is which is which with this cast! Maybe Grodners the Rat and CBS is the snake?


She’s all smiles and s**t, if she(Aaryn) only new she was being used LOL


Of course she knows – its the cost of staying


Elissa, you need to relax and work with Helen. We need to vote out Kaitlin so she will join Jeremy in non Jury club.

Amanda has a big Ego

Production wants Aaryn gone. The Superfriends are making a huge mistake thinking it will benefit them by saving her.


Who cares what ‘production’ wants?

Howard is Mandingo's long lost brother.

At least Kaitlen and Jeremy can be together. *shudders*


So it looks like going into the HoH its going to be…

GM, Candice, Howard, and Spencer


Aaryn, Helen, McCrae, Jessie, Andy, Amanda , and Elissa

So the odds are in the knockouts favor if I’m correct?


What show are you watching because I’m watching Big Brother…


Sure that’s why you are voting Kaitlyn out Helen. It couldn’t be because you over spoke by saying she was safe or excuse me she was owed safety for using the POV on herself so they could put up Jeremy. Or because the Super Mob realized she could be a possible threat over Aaryn. I bet Jeremy is regretting his cocky and nasty attitude and wishes he was in still in the game to compete against these people since Kaitlyn is now getting voted out. Or maybe he isn’t since he was his own downfall in there.

Judd's granny

dear judd..stay away from that kiklin. she got ringworm from that GERMY.we is praying for you to win so we can fix the kitchen.Bucky blew sumthin up in there the other nite. now theres yellow tape everwhere.you take care. be a good boy.


Hey Jeremy, your girl Kaitlin is going home. Sorry your disappointment.


“Helen tells Elissa she can go with an alliance and have the numbers or she can do her own thing.”

FINALLY, Helen has dropped the gauntlet. And about time too.


I don’t think I like anyone in this house. No loyalty has been exhibited by anyone. Who is in an alliance now? All of these new alliances are very confusing.


Elissa has to know she’s winning the next HOH that’s why she doesn’t care about what she says to any of these Sheeps and honestly, I don’t blame her ’cause they all did treat her like she was worse than dirt the 1st 2 weeks except Helen. I guess people forget really fast! Aaryn not going home this week would be a huge mistake. She’s as much of a threat as K. They seem to forget she was the last girl on the Popsicle stick ( which means she’s good at endurance) and she did good at the BBQ game with Jerm. A. Is a threat physically and K. Is a threat mentally. GET AARYN OUT, PEOPLE!!!!!


The thing with Aaryn is that she is not with Howard and Spencer, in contrast with Kaitlyn. Aaryn maybe a bigger target but with the upcoming HOH, four (Candice, Spencer, Howard, GM) against seven (Aaryn, Amanda, Mc Crae, Jessie, Andy, Helen, Elissa?) is better. Also if Kaitlin stays it will be five vs six with the probability of Elissa joining the other side. I want Jessie to win the next HOH just to see the surprise look on Spencer’s face when he gets nominated.

Elissa's Botox

Aaryn is a beautiful girl. She wakes up and naturally looks good, Elisa has to inject something into her cheeks and put on a pound of make up all day

Howard is Mandingo's long lost brother.

Aaryn’s ugliness on the inside overshadow’s any of her outside beauty.


At least Aaryn can form a coherent sentence unlike the drugged up fembot. When did America stop forgiving people? Yes she said ignorant things but some of the same people criticizing her have probably made a ‘shaniqua’ voice in the privacy of their home


Beauty is from the inside out and Arryn is butt ugly!

PS I’ve been deliberately miss speeling her name all season. One of the nastiest house guest in the history of BB IMHO!


I agree that Aaryn is red-headed step child ugly on the inside, but Elissa is vile in every modern 1st world sense. She is a poster child for why terrorists hate us. She makes Snooki and J-WOWWWWWWWW appear like they have redeeming qualities in comparison. Also, her fans are so ignorant, MANY voted her as the 3rd nominee. I resent Elissa so much because production is completely in her back pocket. She is not only a horrible person (ugly inside and out), psychotic, stupid and charisma-free … the game has been COMPLETELY fixed in her favor.

Tomorrow, the HOH will be the person that can hold the downward dog the longest.

Tits Mcgee

this is my show to win and i dont care who has HOH, pizza boy and i will soil the sheets til summers end, and no one can stop us, we will be America’s royal couple!


that’s right, and if you don’t like seeing hogs wallowing, DON’T WATCH. yeehaw!!


I really hope Elissa wins HOH and puts up Aaron and Amanda. And MVP puts up macrae. Or back doors one of them. They will rally and vote out Aaron to save themselves. That alliance needs to go and that showmance has to as well. Everyone else doesn’t have the cahonas to get it done.


You can’t backdoor someone that is on the block.


That’s why I said OR… Either one will do

Marty Mary Loise

There goes Helen threatning people again! I think even if howard went up to arryan and decked her in the face, America would still hate her…. When Helen told her she came off as the victim last night… HA!


Threatening how? She explained to her if you are not working for us you are working against us which is exactly the case because she is in alliancw with them. She also told her vote with us or vote the way you want to.


Hoping that Elissa wins HOH and noms both Amanda and McCrae (nothing against McCrae). If Amanda wins veto, then McCrae goes home – Amanda either needs to be booted or wounded. I agree that Production probably wants Aaryn to go over Kait. Kait is just the type of player they like. Watch for something to happen that puts this alliance in jeopardy. Also, Judd is an idiot to keep Aaryn over Kait. I see MAJOR drama with Jessie if Aaryn stays.

I actually feel bad for Elissa. This entire game she has either been talked down to, bullied, ignored, lied about, insulted, etc. Is it any wonder that she has reached a breaking point? NO ONE but Elissa has been treated this way from the get go by almost everyone. Even Helen is showing her true colors. These HGs disgust me so much. I was hoping for a great season and CBS gives us this!


Ya well don’t blame CBS, your the one rooting for Elissa!


Couldn’t agree more. These feeds were 90 all about Elissa and everyone jumps on the bandwagon to hate her all of a sudden. It’s the mob mentality. Last week it was “off with her head” about the racist Aaron and now people are rooting for her? So ignorant and pretty much sums up how fickle everyone is.


And that was supposed to say 90% all about Elissa.

This Season Blows

Yeah, Rachelissa’s had it so tough. She’s only been handed a rigged twist and rigged Veto to keep her safe every week, while production tells her everything that’s happening and gives her instructions. It’s not like she’s been too stuck up to even remember anyone’s name or anything, and she totally didn’t freak out and publicly backstab the people who risked their own games to save her.

Brenchel fans really are delusional and pathetic.


On the contrary – from day 1 Elissa has acted superior and entitled, not mention her obvious self-absorbed narcisism


I disagree. Helen is Elissas friend. Helen just needed to explain to Elissa what is going on. They have been working together from week one when no one else was liking Elissa. They all hated her becuse she is Rachels sis but Helen became friends with her. Check feeds from week one or did you see show week one?


The only way this works is if they put up Amanda, McCea and (Helen or Andy). Anyone else and Amanda And McCrea are safe.


It’s still early folks, production still has time to pull a rabbit out of its hat and send Aaryn packing tomorrow evening.


Yeah, Helen. Howard is definitely the MVP and wanted Elissa and GM gone. Completely forget that everybody in there knows Amanda is pushing for Howard to go and is running him through the mud like nobody’s business.


This was posted earlier, Elissa as Bridezilla on Anderson, she looks different http://starcasm.net/archives/227320

Howard is Mandingo's long lost brother.

Ten bucks says Amanda will be loose the HOH but sleep in the HOH room next week.

Howard is Mandingo's long lost brother.

*lose, excuse my internet spelling.


pre-correction was funny.


Even if Howard or Candace wins….lol


This is directed to Team Howard – because it is currently looking bleak for you guys/girl. At some point in this “sideways” house, someone has to come to a logical conclusion that your alliance has to be four to five people at best. And that you can not discuss strategy with every Tom, Dick and Harry in this competition. Focus only on Elissa and Kaitlyn as immediate agreed upon people you want in the alliance. Then determine the ONE player needed to ensure Aaryn is evicted and Kaitlyn is saved. If Helen, then approach her and let her know what Aaryn has said specifically about Asians. Also that you know she is in an alliance to evict Kaitlyn and if this is what happens she will be your main target if you control HOH and/or MVP.

When people outside of your alliance approach you about game play just say, “I don’t know”. Keep it simple and focus on the mundane (i.e., I wonder what the HOH competition will be; or who will get MVP, etc.). Do not call out anyone, do not blame anyone for anything and above all do not commit to any deals. Stay focus and play to win each and every competition; keep your alliance members spirits up. Be sure to inform the members of your alliance immediately as to who outside of the alliance approached you and what was EXACTLY asked and said (stick to the facts). But remember this is BB and anything and everything is subject to change on a dime.


That statement is too filled with common sense. Howard and Spencers only and I do mean ONLY mistake this season so far is Howard wanting Candice in their alliance. She can not now nor will she ever in the house be able to keep quiet.


Candace has common sense. She was the one to determine there was a Men’s Alliance (Moving Company). She has let her emotions and all the racial crap throw her off her game. In addition, she feels the need to defend Howard, instead of following Howard’s advice to leave the confrontational stuff alone. As he said, he is more than man enough to take care of him and her both. People have talked about him behind his back but no one has the gall to approach him face to face; because he would just shrug it off. He is there to win the game and not get into dirt with these band of self entitled misfits and miscreants. Why else would the Superfriends Alliance be threaten by him; they don’t want him to start going Beast Mode on them as he did during his days playing college football with Southern Mississippi University. Also she needs to wake up and realize every one in there is not her true friend (i.e. Jessie, Andy and Helen); this is a game and they all want to win the prize!!! Her real friends are outside of this wacked out social experiment run amok this season.


Getting some complaints about people doing personal attacks..

Please can the personal attacks stop it’s impossible for us to police the comments 100% and write the updates.


Hi Simon, hi Dawg,

Remember me? Jim nominated me for “funniest OBB post ever” during BB Canada.

I guess you might still read this even if I’ve been banned? I hope so. (“contact us” doesn’t give me any way to contact you…)
I’m sorry if I overstepped by saying that as of recently I sometimes had a hard time understanding what you wrote.
It wasn’t my goal to insult you. I honestly believe I was respectful since I emphasized how great your previous BB coverage was, that I understand how much work it is, and that “I love you guys!”. Still, my frustration must have hit a sore spot since you have banned me without a warning.
Given the multiple chances you give to people who imo are being very rude and disrespectful, I was wondering if you could review your decision to ban me. OK, the message of my post must have been annoying given how much work you put in. But if you kept it somewhere, could you please read it again and re-evaluate if it was really that bad?
I’d love to hear from you guys.

Volunteer Mod

Is Elissa winning MVP again? She still has a massive fan base and everyone else is too polarizing.


So funny, Andy keeps saying… ‘I think America voted for the MVP’ – ironic Chicken Little twist – does he get eaten in the end or is he the one left standing?


I am over Andy he is a Little Weasel and I hope he gets blindsided when his nominated for the block


man….there will be some new alliances next week….. and you watch, howard is going to win the next or following HOH. he is playing weak. amanda will have to fight for power in a few weeks…her control is slipping more and more. (loving this season!!!!!)


Judd, it also breaks my heart that you were born with a bag full of marbles in your mouth and so sorry when the Wizard of Oz called back and took your brain away! Other than that, get Amanda out of your tub,out of your bed,out of your HOH fridge, or else the friendly dominatrix on the corner is going to come in their and remove something else! ; /

Volunteer Mod

Does Amanda actually like McCrae? She hoped in his bed a little too quickly…


Whores usually do that, but I’m guessing having a Showmance was part of her game. Form the way she talks about Howard , she wishes it was him that won HOH 1st. Her obsession with him is a little more than him wanting her out with the rest of the MC.


I am growing more and more tired of Amanda. I didn’t like her the minute she jumped in McCrae’s HOH bed the first night. Seriously I think they have slept together every night. I can’t stand her DR sessions, thinking she is so clever, and sitting in the HOH like she won the title. These people are so afraid of getting any blood on their hands they are letting her do whatever. Then covering it up for her. Plus how does Andy think being in an alliance with a couple who already had a fake engagement is smart. I wonder what his master plan is. I so sick of all this horrible game play. There aren’t any true BB fans in there!


The classic game play we have been use to for 14 seasons is gone. HOH has no power, Alliances don’t matter just votes. MC would have made a deep run if the MVP didn’t exist.

Suzy SunShyne

Can I just say that whoever Aaryn’s mother hired as PR is doing a fantastic job!! Look who got her way back into BB with the help of Amanda and I am sure production. I think I see some true conspiracy happening this season

Forget About It!

Judd needs to stop talking because I truly feel this whole alliance is going down hill by tonight. Judd feels sorry for Kaitlin and wants to tell her she is going home! REALLY JUDD! I truly feel that he is going to tell her and what is going on with Kaitlin? She should be going around talking to people and trying to convince these people why she is better than Aaryn. Remind everyone girl that Aaryn was the one who said all those racial remarks. We are on BB! FIGHT chica to stay. Really shame on Kaitlin for not watching previous episodes of BB! “Am I staying” “Yes Kaitlin You are staying”. That is right she is staying in her own home and watching BB from there!


i don’t understand why these houseguests get mad over lying!
It’s Big brother for crying out loud. No one wins by telling the truth all the time..
Maybe Evel Dick tho, but still


I hope anyone but the superfirends wins HOH, time for a change in the house… I want them to scramble


Watching lasts night BBAD, it’s amazing how clueless at everything that’s going on in this game. She is such a non-entity.


I believe none of these people know how to play BB. I bought the feeds and I can’t stand them. Something interesting comes up and you get fish!! I watch them on TV and everything gets bleeped.
I just wonder if the viewers has become the experiment, CBS trying to see how much garbage they can throw at us and we will keep watching????


I wish Nick stayed to see him play out his game….I think he would’ve been a great player


Great players don’t come in 15th place in a 16 player game


When BB adds an unbalanced MVP power they do! Nicks game was geared to the strategies used in the 1st 14 seasons. Those strategies except “floater” are virtually useless thanks to Grodner this season.


Clearly, BB isn’t last years game. There’s a reason why it is hard to win back to back SB’s and its because 1) you never have the same team 2) you never have the same players and 3) the NFL keeps fucking up the rules to benefit the offense. I can only speak in metaphors today, sorry.

good luck, Kaitlin!!!

paranoia rules as the fickle finger of fate points all over the BB map!
the epicenter vortex of power is in flux & changes every two to three
hours under the new rules and game~play. there is no predictability!


is every thing said on here true or false cause i seen something said amanda will win big brother 15 you will see the tiwist that benifect her is it ture if so why or we watching

Dog Days

Yes. All the comments you read here and everything on the internet is absolutely true. Would I lie to you?


One of superfriends including Elissa has to win HoH to put up Howard & Candace MVP for Spencer or Amanda.


How are people in this house still listening/protecting (Helen) Amanda? Do they not see that she is a threat? They need to vote her out and stop being manipulated by her!


It is my position that Amanda is like a Donald Trump. He knows the game, he plays the game well, and being nice to people isn’t the name of the game. In this sense, Amanda is a mastermind. However, if one believes that being decent to people is the name of the game, and calling out racism not only because it doesn’t look good in the corporate world, but because it is FLAT out wrong, then Amanda is exactly the wrong person. She enforces all the wrong stereotypes of aggressiveness and women needing to be a$$holes to get ahead, in a world where she’s firebombing an ant where all she needs to do is take her finger and squish it. Candice is complete opposite, refusing to be confrontational and rightfully upset that people aren’t rallying around getting Aaryn out. Really, Kaitlin is a good case study in trying to change your ways. She started out with the Mean Girls, but she’s aligning with the people who should win. Howard, ironically is a big muscle man, but he is taking what has traditionally been a feminine perspective: letting your actions and not your words speak for itself. Maybe, I shouldn’t stereotype this at all as gender-based, because really I’ve seen a lot of men use this approach and are really good bosses because of it. I really think if I were in an office with Amanda, I’d stay as far AWAY as possible from her as well as Aaryn and Gina. Elissa is sort of wishy-washy…she does come out against racism, but her meltdowns are a little to showy for me, as if she’s playing to an audience. I’m going to keep an eye on Kaitlin, if she survives the night, if she really can became a Nice Girl.


I have to say I find it funny people talking about Howard or Candice need to win HOH. What does that give them? Nothing. The MVP will go back to Elissa and whoever she puts up will be the one going home. Again. Yawn. This MVP crap has absolutely ruined this season. No one is going to rock the boat to upset Superfriends and no one is going to make a move as long as Elissa is in the game. Yawn.


Howard is my pick for winning this thing.