Matt – “100% I would rather see Raven win this game”

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(it’s slow in the game talk department)

11:49am Dom and Matt
Dom is saying her sinuses are bothering her. She ‘s going to go into the DR and ask for something.
Matt – some anti histamine
Dom says it’s her birthday today she doesn’t want to look like this. .
Matt leaves.
Dom is praying “thank you father… thank you father.. Because of what jesus did for us on the cross… “

Feeds flip..

11:54am Elena doesn’t like leaving the bed..

11:57am Frogs…

12:01pm The fish love Raven

Raven – Are you ready to eat, my babies.

12:11pm Christmas, Kevin, Jason, Ramses, Josh, Jessica

Everyone is killing it playing charades. Paul is in the kitchen watching.. says to Matt “where do they find the energy”
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12:26pm Cody and Jessica
Jessica says she’s not scared of going home anymore.
Cody says his only concern coming into the game was the first week.
Cody – it’s going to be hard to trust people outside of this house

Cody says he joked around with Paul this morning.

12:29pm Matt, Raven, Xmas
Christmas is telling them the reason Cody put her up was because of the girls. Specifically Jessica.
Xmas wants to ask Cody before she goes and asks him what happened for him to disdain her.
Xmas wonders if Cody knows about her outside the house and doesn’t like her.
Matt doesn’t think so.
Now Xmas is giving a retell of her conversation with Jessica yesterday.

Raven says they hear construction going on outside. (they are in a lockdown)
Xmas again brings up Jessica feeling uncomfortable with her.
Matt points out Xmas is still working with all the girls but one, Jessica.
Xmas says Cody has a high level of disdain for her beyond her making Jessica uncomfortable.
Matt – he’s (Cody) embarrassed 100% as he should be, he made a full of himself on national television.. it’s not a good look dude. (says the guy with boys2men lyrics tattooed on his arm)

Matt – he’s (Cody) got no Facebook friends..
xmas says Cody hasn’t done anything to fix things with her. HE could have come to them and said look I f* up, to save face.
Xmas – he just keeps digging like he can’t get deep enough..
Now Matt brings up they have to talk about Josh because Multiple people don’t want him in the house.

Matt says he doesn’t want to be the one that cuts Josh.
Xmas – break my heart
Matt says once they get to final 9 they just have to relize none of this is personal

Matt says his only goal is to make it to Jury they can vote him out after that he won’t care. Sasy if you want to win this game and that is your goal Paul and Raven are your biggest threats.

Matt – 100% I would rather see Raven win this game
Matt and Raven say they are starting to like Alex now.
Xmas says she’s playing like Paul did last year.
Matt doesn’t think Jason is all there.
Xmas says he’s got adhd she knows how to navigate those people.
Matt says he can’t work with a person like that they make rash decisions.

They go on about Cody’s game and how bad it was…

12:50pm Josh and Dom
Josh is saying he wants to play with her. says he had a poor start in the game.

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Xmas is very smart, just ask her.


It sure seems like Christmas is trying her hardest to convince everyone it was all about the jealousy Jessica and Cody has for her. Over and over…she sure thinks highly of herself. She sounds a bit scorned that Cody didn’t come onto her. After all she is so pretty. Just ask her.


Are Matt Mark and Josh related? Ugh


100% I would rather see Andrew win this game




Andrew is the designated lap-dancer of the house.


I haven’t been keeping up very much this week because I’ve been busy. Now I’m lost and have no idea who Andrew is either. Lol. Idk why you got thumbs down for asking a question.

Thumbs Down

Simon got thumbs down talking about the kittens. It’s right there with death and taxes.

Brother Utah

Matt wants Raven to win the game
Paul wants Raven to win the game

Since Christmas is going to the hospital to get surgery on her knee, they should also take Matt and Paul to get their head examine. If 500 large ones does not entice Matt, please self evict.

My dear heavenly father, for the life of me, can you please make Dom play the game? I am not asking much Father. I say this in the name of the Father, amen.


hilarious comment Brother Utah 🙂

Team Andrew

Andrew for the win!


Awe shucks !!!!


The next HOH competition should be interesting!! Paul’s minions can’t throw the comp to him. I’d love to see Josh win HOH!! He’d probably nominate himself – he’s so scatterbrained!! Can the next punishment be a muzzle for Christmas?…….and if there’s more than one throw one in for Paul!


I sat here for a good 5 minutes trying to figure out why Raven would want the fish to eat her babies.



Yes, the lack of punctuation can completely change the meaning.

Smitten Kitten

LOL, I did too & then I changed the context it was written & was l like “oooooh!” (face palm).


OMG Christmas is so full of herself…….. “Oh, Cody only put me up because I’m beautiful” , “All the girls must be so intimidated by me because I’m awesome” , “Everyone must know who I am outside of this house because I’m beautiful and awesome”…. Give me a break – Cody put you up because you are tight with Paul. Jessica didn’t even know he was going to it so I don’t think he was doing it because she is jealous of you. Just because someone doesn’t like you doesn’t mean it’s because they think you are pretty. Get over yourself!!!!

Jake from statefarm

I totally agree with you and get what you’re saying. She is so full of herself….. but he did call her a “babe” at the beginning. When he was being all full of himself and said the next level of his “group” were the babes… he listed her off as one.


Ehhh I don’t think that means much he also included Raven, Elena and Dominique in that group lol. Which sure doesn’t mean much unless you’re into overly made up clown faces. I only found Jessica actually pretty. Christmas is pretty but a significant portion of men actually don’t like tatts or heavily muscled women so she eliminates a large portion of the population that would be attracted to her. I’m so done with Christmas. I had such high hopes for her but she turned out to be a dud.


Thumbs up for user name.

ChillTown 2.0

This has been a gross week in terms of game play. But who knows how much of this jury talk and letting certain people be okay with losing is posturing? I am praying whoever wins HOH on Thursday takes a shot.

That is all. Until Thursday and then Friday noms I have no other insight…Come on HGs WAKE THE F%CK UP!

will & boogie

Absolutely. Only posturing. Great catch

poke it out raven

Not having a Facebook makes a person goal oriented and unmaterialistic. Matt might just be faker than Xmas. And anybody who doesn’t like Cody or Jess is fake too. You know they cheats (paul&xmas) cause they won’t stop talking about em. Not in a game sense, but just needlessly bashing them as people. Dead give away of trying to influence or alter the viewer’s opinion of them, in case you know it’s a set up. No need for campaigning to stay in a game this deceitful. You would be wasting your time. Here’s to a good moral compass and a full happy life. Which from what I can tell, Cody already has.

I sell bibles door to door

Why are the black people on the show always the bible thumpers? I think they ask them in casting interviews “are you religious?” And then only cast the ones that say yes.


Her actions don’t show it, but Elena bought a bible wth her and reads it often.

Smitten Kitten

Did Matt actually say in front of Christmas that Paul & Raven are the two that will win the game & he wants Raven to win?

That could be really dangerous for him if he did because:

1) We all know that Christmas is ruled by her ego & Matt didn’t mention her name in there at all, which she’ll definitely take as an insult (he doesn’t think I can win, he doesn’t have my back, I’m injured, wah!).

2) She could run right back to Paul with that info & skew it somehow that Matt ONLY wants Raven to win & NOT Paul and Matt mentioned that specifically.

Thanks for all you do Simon!


Just as interesting to me was why Matt would be telling others that Raven is their “biggest threat”. Does he really think he’s helping Raven with that statement? Or, is he secretly wanting others to start targetting her? If it’s the latter, I might start liking Matt.

Smitten Kitten

I like the way you’re thinking JJtowin. 😉

It really doesn’t matter which way Matt meant it, because I don’t even care anymore.
I’m just praying that someone… ANYONE picks up that Raven-filled ball of paranoia and runs with it!

We need more ACTION.

Paul & Christmases personal agenda playing on a constant loop of repetition is excruciating to listen to.
Its like they’re both heavily tatted versions of Rain Man.

This is truly Paul’s house and they’re all just living in it (that is of course until King Paul decides who he wants the simple minded folk to evict each week).

Come on sheeple get in the game!


Raven?? oh please


Anyone else completely shocked by the title of this update? I seriously need an inhaler after Matt’s statement.


Matt… I don’t think Jason is all there. Is he aware of what he says. He is just clueless and ignorant. Even his expressions are goofy..not to mention the Boyz2men tattoo.

Baebee Gyrl2

Why are you all saying Dom isn’t playing the game? Just because she is not an “in your face kind of person” doesn’t mean she isn’t playing. Look what happened when Cody showed his cards too early, they already know his game. Are Elena and Raven playing the game?


Dom is sleeping all day (other than today because it’s her birthday). She is rarely seen on the live feeds. And when she has a conversation, they are not her ideas – just rehashes what Paul said.


That “talk show” she does on BBAD ruins the night.. Not that she is decent, but I want to hear strategy talk.


So I thought I liked Xmas.
Turns out shes annoying af.
Nothing else to talk about ever?


Sooo is Elena… So shallow.. All about her looks..
Raven is annoying… feel for her, but would not give up $500K for her..

Old Perv

Love the picture of the Raven bending over. She has great legs and hips. The rest of her looks good too.

Resist the Twist

Christmas = a legend in her own mind
Raven = employing a fish eat my babies strategy
Paul and Matt = 100 % want Raven to make it to end
Elena = functionless nipples that require staying in bed a lot
Dominique = All pray/ no play

Andrew or anyone with a pulse and a clue FTW !!!


Don’t forget about Mark who’d rather talk about the awesome facials he gives instead of reacting to said functionless nipples discussion.


So i read an article today about how the temptations are basically just care packages and I have to agree with it.
Paul safety should have been a curse upon himself, if he accepted he would be a 3rd nominee. They could easily have still done the ramses thing, but make it the person paul randomly chooses, if they win HoH, paul automatically goes up as a third nominee. Neither or ramses should know about each other and then it would have been a true curse because paul would have been constantly paranoid each nomination ceremony it would have been beautiful and potentially game changing.

And then for christmas, her curse should have been, the 3 people she randomly picks, she can never swap with them in a veto comp, and her temptation would be void if she picked the one of them to swap with. Obviously the 3 people get told the temptation acceptor can’t swap with them.

Therefore both paul and christmas would have had to rely on social game to try and extract information to not waste their temptations and the curses would have impacted their targets in the game.


yeah, i’ve been thinking a lot about paul’s temptation in particular and feel it should have been a third nominee while he’s safe, plus he must sit out all comps if his advantage is exposed. still makes it crazy powerful, but has consequences for him not just ramses.


BB should have had the temptation, curse the person who accepted it; not inflicted on an HG..
You want the Prize… there is also pain… So think about it… Curse on someone else is mild to the trophy at hand. Different story/acceptance when it is both “Pleasure vs Pain.”

Shelly's Chompers

Again with the Boyz2Men reference with Matt! I’m dying! Simon, that cracks me up! And Christmas asking if Cody knew her before BB and pre-judging her. Matt’s like, no, I don’t think so! These people make me laugh daily!


Dominique saying that she had an outer body experience during a trance and then they cut the feeds.
Why do they always cut the feeds during the best parts?


I appreciate your reminder of the boys2men lyrics tattoo. Thank you.


As much hate as Paul and Cody get thrown their way, Christmas has a terrible personality trait that makes it so hard to actually root for her. It’s a weird combination between ego and inability to let things go.
Jessica still takes the cake, but still, it’s bad.


Exactly. It’s as if she’s saying, “You fools, don’t you know I’m famous?!”


Simon, I tried to give Andrew 4 stars while ranking houseguests but he is not on the list. Please send help. Thank you.


Hope elena is okay… this game is hard. May just be a lady cycle type thing

Ian's Lament

Matt is totally being Hardy from BB2 who went around saying he didn’t want the money till final 6 and then he turned out to be a total douche.


Matt and Josh = Dumb and Dumber. Matt is so lazy and clueless!


Finally!! Alex and Kevin are #1 and #2 in daily rankings. It’s been Xmas and Paul constipating the top 2 spots for too long.


Cody will be a lucky Dad to quite a few tadpoles …


I have nothing against Raven because I think she’s a sweetheart, but Matt…wake the f%#@ up! When you’re chosen to be a contestant on Big Brother, you are there to win and not throw it to another contestant! Everyone is there to WIN the $500,000 or second place for $50,000! I’m so FED up with contestants that just want to float through the game to make it jury! I wish Rachel Reilly would show up and call out all the floaters and humiliate them so bad that they’ll get off their asses and play Big Brother!!!


Matt… LOL. Boring houseguest with ZERO strategy or drive to win anything, it appears.. I feel like if he ever won HOH he’d be the first to reinstate a ‘vote with the house, safest elimination.’ strategy that would be a SNOOZE on the feeds and a snooze for the viewers. He’s such a baby, worse than Josh. “Please ma, don’t let them know I hate them!!! hehe..” Ugh, what a gross guy. Definitely had “BORING” stamped on his casting papers by Grodner.

Old Perv

Matt = Slob. Chews with his mouth open, talks with his mouth full. Won’t miss him when he’s showed the door.


And then we have Mark, too… Crane shoving food in his mouth.. Oh, and yuk! Last night on BBAD… He took this huge bite and had a hunk of spinach, or something green hanging out of his mouth… Too funny!


Why are these dudes hypnotized by pu$$y? Are they this desperate? You are here to win money and play BB not the Dating Game!!!


They are only missing… Bob Eubanks! (Dating myself.. LOL!!!)

Fruit Loop Dingus

I love how you keep throwing in the (says the guy with boys2men lyrics tattooed on his arm) LOL! Simon, you have an such an issue with that jacked up tattoo….and I love it! Great start to another OBB season as always, my man! I look forward to a long crazy one! Thank you for what you do!