Jessica “Romance has gone out the window. Put a cork in it or you’re not *****’ it!”

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9pm Backyard – The house guests are in the backyard hanging out playing pool. Mark and Josh are having an intense game of pool.

9:05pm Bedroom – Paul and Christmas.
Christmas – she (Jessica) gave me a hug. She said you gave me a lot to think about. She never asked for clarity. The next morning was when I found out she was campaigning hard against me. I was like what the f**k!?? I was so confused. To me that tells me that she had something, maybe not directly telling Cody what to do but an influence. Paul – abso-f**king-lutely. Christmas – whether its direct or not she knew what she was doing. Paul – get the f**k out of here. Paul – when she asked me I was like I don’t have the answer … go ask Christmas. Christmas – her perception was that she HAD to talk to me, not that she wanted to but that she had to.

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10pm – 11pm Backyard – the intense pool games continue with the other house guests watching.

11:10pm By the pool table. Paul, Matt, Mark, Raven.
Paul – Jessica will be following in the next week or two. Matt – I’m concerned about the battle back. Paul – you guys are concerned… its not even a thing. You don’t know if its jury buy back. Matt – they let Victor back what 4 times last year. Paul – there is pre-jury buy back and jury buy back. They don’t always do both. It was just the case last season. Also keep in mind last season was the longest season in big brother history and this season is not that long and we already lost a person. Even if it is a pre-jury buy back he has to beat people out. And even if he is back, hopefully none of you num-nuts pair up with him. Win an HOH and send him right back out. Mark – I agree with that. I wouldn’t be worried about it. Mark – all we need to do is stick to the plan and stick together.

11:20pm Havenot room – Cody and Jessica.
Jessica – romance has gone out the window. When we’re out in the real world, all of this non-sense is over. Okay! Over! Cody – listen.. Jessica – nope! Put a cork in it or you’re not porkin’ it! That’s all I have to say.

12:05am It’s Dom’s birthday so Andrew starts giving her a toad lap dance.

1:30am Kevin and Christmas.
Christmas tells Kevin about her conversation with Jessica.

1:50am HOH room –
Dom is reading the bible out loud.

2:15am All the house guests are in bed.

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I thought Xmas was gone haha. She must of been sleeping. I was like Jess seems happier the house seems cooler cuz little Miss I’m victim was gone. Oh well. Save that for 2 days:-)

I dnt know I dnt really like Alex Kevins and Jasons plan. I still think they need to pull in Jess and use Rams for a strong 5 and get Paul out as soon as 5 is the majority.

HOH is huge next week. Whole game will flip less one of Pauls robots wins.

Blog this...

Oh for the universe sake,
CAN we please keep the comments to a trwenty to foirty character minimum?
If I wanted to read a blog,….


I tend to just skip the long ones unless the first couple lines are real good. I imagine that’s what most folks do. Pretty sure Simon and Dawg aren’t going to ban me if I don’t read all the comments.


Cody now figuring out Jessica was just using him to further her game, by doing so she destroyed her game. If he had gotten his way 1st week she would’ve gave him some next HOH he won. ?

Skidd Marks

If things had been different, Cody, Paul, Alex, Xmasand maybe Matt would have made a hell of a team. Unfortunately Cody is an A$$hole…


If you were really paying attention/watching, you would know she has already given him plenty.


GRANNY! Please!


I’m sorry but jess is the hottest thing since white bread, wow!!!

Christine's hand

You’ve got a low benchmark for hotness


I personally prefer white bread over that rotten little woman-child


Her behavior took her down several pegs in my book. Attraction isn’t all about looks. Plus, those fake titties


Actually her “titties are real. Fake breasts look digusting like Elenas. I nearly barfed yesterday with her walking around with no bra.

So you can cut on Jess all you want but you can’t have your own facts. Breasts real. Eyelashes fake.



Jessica told Cody that she’s going to get her breast done when she gets leaves BB. It was on BB camera. She’s build fine the way she is, but wants bigger ones.


They are real – She said so in her Bio on CBS. You should check it out.

Smitten Kitten

I’m no fan of Jessica, however as a woman with a natural 34D chest I can give the girl credit were its due – her breasts are DEFINITELY real.

I don’t care how good a woman’s Implants are (and there are some VERY natural surgeries done), if you have implants that little area right above a woman’s breast will NOT have that natural jiggle when they walk.
With implants its totally firm.

Only a woman with natural breasts have that little jiggle.
Elena’s are hard as a rock & the only time they move is when she goes braless & they sway together when she moves, because they ate so darn heavy.

Now look at Jess in a bikini, her’s are constantly moving & jiggling all over the place. She couldn’t stop that little jiggle if she tried (trust me, I’ve tried)

However, the absolute easiest way to tell her breasts are real is when she lays down either while wearing a swimsuit or braless.
Jessica’s breasts will disappear under her arms when she lays down, while Elena’s stand straight up to attention on her chest. ?

Lina Love

Actually, it was on BB camera that Jessica told Cody while on the floor in their costumes that she’s going to get her breast done when she leaves the BB house. Go figure. She’s built fine the way she is.


So are you a relative or a friend, because you speak lies.


Dnt worry about how I know. If you wanna think they not real go ahead. You would be wrong though.



She may look good, but mean, self-centered and nasty on the inside.


Cody looks like a serial killer when he’s just staring blankly even when he’s talking to Jess. Like he wants to wear her skin as a hat. Such a creepy weirdo.

What prophecy?

Your handle makes me laugh. I bet Ramses gets more play than you





lol – yes, Messica is what happens when your showmance is banished to the Lily Pad of Love;
those two have completely removed themselves from the game/house and occupy their own reality;
so glad that Big Brother finally came up with a way to bust up the predictable start-up formula that players always use to dominate the game: big muscle boys pick their babes, form an alliance, lock down their numbers and dominate the competitions, nominations and evictions
yep, Big Brother busted that formula real good in the first week…

Kevin's Focking H. O. V.

Well the Paul show and his minions in the boremance’s think their going be in control the whole game. Let’s hope not. The “outsiders” are the one’s actually making this season interesting.

Guy From Canada

Can someone start a go fund me campaign to get Matt some more shirts.

I know it shouldn’t bother me but, every time on the show he has the same orange shirt on in the DR and clips….. watching after dark same orange shirt on….I’m pretty sure if I zoomed in with google earth id be seeing the same orange shirt in the backyard……can someone please T shirt cannon in some wardrobe for this guy! #teamkevin


No you are not alone. I have been thinking for a couple of days now, “damn I have never seen this guy in any other shirt” Live show too? Has anyone seen him in anything besides that one? Maybe he has 7 or 8 of them!


Saw Matt in a light blue, short sleeve t-shirt, the other day. A couple of the girls told him how nice it looked on him. In other words, stop wearing the same shirt every day!


I agree. As a Texas gal, I’ve been trying to figure out if that UT shirt is his, or Cody’s.

Josh's Diaper Pin

That’s weird I only notice him wearing blue shirts.


Agree Matt needs to rethink that shirt and Dr Will if you’re out there… maybe you could ask Matt if he wants you to remove that Boyz 2 men tattoo. imho Matt And Elana leave a lot to be disired..dull, uninteresting and entitled…they just follow Paul… most of them are behaving like cult members.


Max Evans, a character on a tv show called Roswell. He played as an emotionless Alien!



who is andrew? it says he is giving Dom a birthday lapdance?


I was wondering that same thing


Ha ha ha – I came to the comments to see if there was an answer to this! Ha ha – Who is Andrew???

T Town Chic

Not a huge Cody or Paul fan, but I do tend to lean more towards Paul since Cody and Jessica are so hateful toward everyone. With that said, I thought it was pathetic when Cody’s little minions ran screaming over to Paul as soon as Cody started making waves. So I was sitting here trying to decide who would be the best HOH next week. It would be entertaining if Jessica or Ramese won just to watch the “herd” scramble to the next person in power, especially since neither one of them is liked by the majority. But then, suddenly it hit me. I would LOVE to see Josh win. That boy wouldn’t be able to handle it and would most likely spontaneously combust or self evict. Have to admit….it’s been an entertaining season so far.


I voted Josh to win next temptation. Would love to see that guy with a little bit of power LOL


I would enjoy seeing Josh win HOH and suddenly kick into gear and become a serious player. No one would expect it and he could really shake things up.

The Magic 8 Ball

Jessica needed to get the fake tits to keep attention off her giant forehead.

Also, just so we all know the truth, her job being a “VIP Concierge” is a fancy way of saying she’s a high priced escort and has sex for a living.


Really???? How do you know that????? I’m part of the “we all” and I don’t know that!!!
So sad… In fact pathetic, too make such a comment because you don’t like someone!!

Big Brother fan

Really? i cant look past her pointy eyebrows and CVS $5 eyelashes

I Heart CVS

NO need to bash CVS!!!


I think he is bashing the eyelashes, not CVS.

I Heart CVS

I know…. it’s called sarcasm….

Smitten Kitten

I am NO fan of Jessica, however as a woman with a natural 34D chest I can give the girl credit were its due – her breasts are DEFINITELY real.

I don’t care how good a woman’s Implants are (and there are some VERY natural surgeries done), if you have implants that little area right above a woman’s breast will NOT have that natural jiggle when they walk.
With implants its totally firm.

Only a woman with natural breasts have that little jiggle.
Elena’s are hard as a rock & the only time they move is when she goes braless & they sway together when she moves, because they ate so darn heavy.

Now look at Jess in a bikini, her’s are constantly moving & jiggling all over the place. She couldn’t stop that little jiggle if she tried (trust me, I’ve tried)

However, the absolute easiest way to tell her breasts are real is when she lays down either while wearing a swimsuit or braless.
Jessica’s breasts will disappear under her arms when she lays down, while Elena’s stand straight up to attention on her chest. 😉


Jessica’s also been talking about getting implants after the show.


The Blackbird got hers midseason. And her lip implants

Don't bully

Her job means she works as a waitress who deals with rich patrons that are VIP status. They are treated differently and given a private area and a higher level of service.


I really wanted to like Christmas, in fact in the beginning, I was so hyped to root for her. I loved her back story, the fact that she worked for Nascar, lifted weights, Cross Fit, and just seemed like a really good female contestant that could believably mow through those physical comps. I was never more wrong. Now I see that this was only a place to endorse her label, which is cool, but when you throw in, “I want to make it to jury”, that pisses me off. Why does any player go there to, “play for jury” is beyond me. After seeing her personality these past two weeks, I find it hard to see the person who wrote, “The Badass Life: 30 Amazing Days to a Lifetime of Great Habits – Body, Mind, and Spirit”. Your a self help guru who talks about everyone through your own narcissism, why the hell would I want to buy a book about being a good person from you? If you are there to endorse your brand, be your brand!


And not to mention Christmas’ references to being pretty. She once asked Elena why they cast Jessica, saying, “we’re pretty enough.” Another time she said, “Just don’t vote me out because I’m pretty.”

Not too sure about her.


Check back……… was Alex that said “we’re pretty enough”, not Christmas.


I agree. For someone who seemed to be so motivated and positive about herself, and who had so much to gain from this experience, why would she take “air time” to bash another houseguest, let alone another woman. It just puzzles me. I sense a jealous streak in her, especially when she talks about Jessica. To me, Christmas is equally as beautiful, but her talking about Jessica like I have seen her do, just makes me question whether her whole persona is fake, and if it is, her book isn’t worth the paper it’s written on…


Frankly, I’m having a hard time getting to like any of them at this point… I do like Kevin and Jason , The seem like cool people on all the after dark episodes ..

Same feelings here...

I totally agree and have the same feeling as you do Mini.
– However, let’s please refrain from ever using the word “Frankly.”
Especially in a season full of curses…


Can’t stand Paul. What a snake. And pity party Christmas really needs to go. Her 2nd and 3rd bone is broken and a ligament is popped. The fact that BB is allowing her to stay in there is ridiculous. Josh is mental unstable. Plays victim constantly. And Paul mind slaves is a disgrace. So be on big brother is a dream but their goal is to make it to jury. The fact that more then half the house just wants to make it to jury is annoying as F. No wonder every year people just want to float on to jury and not make big moves!!!!!! Make big brother great again please cause it’s the same thing each season it feels like.


So do you copy and paste this same comment on every update?


Who is this Andrew you speak of?


Where we stand:
Paul – Manipulating Puppet Master who is being protected
Alex – I do not need a man to help me win this game
Cody – Paul fixated with no plan B Mr. Robot – emotions do not compute
Jessica – I want new boobs bitter bimbo with spunk
Kevin – $25K con man
Jason – What is big brother? I suck at this.
Ramses – I know I look sketchy but Kevin is the snake
Mark – Muscle Meathead Floater with a heart
Matt – Quiet Charming Floater who wants to stay in the foxhole
Elana – Skanky Floater who does not wear underwear
Raven – Pity Me Floater who died twice
Dom – Wants a CBS talk show gig Floater
Christmas – Non-factor Paul minion with a cast and big ego
Josh – Emo man-boy Paul minion who wishes everyone the best

Where it needs to go:
Matt, Mark, Elana, Raven, Dom, Josh, and Christmas need to be evicted in no particular order.
Paul, Alex, Jessica, Kevin, Jason and Ramses need to work together to make it happen. The Robot getting evicted this week needs to re-enter the house in week 5.


Based on what I’ve seen of her on the live feeds, I don’t like Jessica. I do not base this opinion on the fact that she has large breasts (she says they’re real) and certainly not because she is a, “bimbo.”

Elena is very open when she speaks about sex, her body, and her view points in general. She interacts with other certain houseguests in an affectionate and playful manner that some may view as crass. This does not make her a, “skank.”

It’s not rocket science…women aren’t bimbo’s and skanks because you don’t like them. Learn to use your words…there are so many great ones out there!



My comments about Jessica wanting bigger boobs is based solely on the fact she said she did to Cody when she told him she wanted to get a boob job. Personally I do not see the need myself. As to her being a “bimbo”, matter of opinion whether you think so or not. As for Elana being a skank, a woman who knowing full well there are cameras everywhere as well as people in the house she only met a few weeks ago, who decides to only wear a shirt and no underwear and then proceeds to expose herself to them, well that is a “skank” in my opinion whether you agree with the word or not. This was something discussed on the BBAD between her Mark and Paul. But hey, opinions vary on the matter and I used the exact words I thought best suited mine. Feel free to use whichever of the multitude of words out there to express yours.


I don’t see Andrew on this list


Thanks for noticing .


Who the heck is Andrew?


Just give Andrew the $500,000. I don’t even know who he is and he’s doing better than the rest of this cast.


Andrew was doing such a good job until he put a target on his back with that lap dance




They look like the Manson family, and Paul is Charles….they are his loyal disciples. One more week of Paul and he can go op for eviction, YAY!!!


Charlie’s prison tattoos r better than that blob of ink smeared on Paul’s chest.LOL


Christmas is freaking annoying. I also like someone said on here wanted to like her when Big Brother first started and she seemed good on paper. But she is just annoying blah blah blah “you did this to me and let me play victim,”Christmas did you forget you are in a game, this is not a friend making exercise. Jessica is self-centered and judgmental but at this point I would rather see her stay longer than Christmas! I want Alex to win she is the most likable and the most real!


Agree.. Alex was my pick from the beginning. I think she can beat most of them mentally and physically. They’re all scared of her.


Andrew is the dude who took candids of the house guests shown below. He started giving them all lap dances to see their reaction. Most were pleased. The true test though was that He wanted to see who could open their mouth the widest. It’s a tie between Raven and Elena.


I’m relieved someone (Paul) has finally offered a warning about the (probably contagious) codssica in the hot tub.


I think it was good that Jess when to xmas and tried to talk to her. I don’t think that Christmas wants to squash their beef because then who can she bit$h about? and I don’t really thing it matters what her reason is for doing it, that’s part of the game. I also don’t think that Christmas should be in the game. I ‘m surprised it OK that she leaves for a few days and then gets to come back in but i’m surprised more for health reason than game. She should be resting and healing…. If this surgery is as serious as she is making it seem then they should send her home after.


I know i’m behind, but just read from 2 post ago, that Paul is claiming he gave cody a friendship bracelet, so how could he turn on him.
Umm no paul, you didn’t give cody a friendship bracelet, you made him compete for his safety, so actually paul you basically fired first bro!!!!


Paul has repeatedly stated that he did not give Cody a friendship bracelet (as well as Christmas, Matt, and Alex) because he saw them as competitors and wanted to see how they would compete. He wanted to see their strengths.

Franksfart a

You missed a good convo with Alex and Jason in the hot tub while the others were playing pool. Kevin joined them. Those 3 are trying to work up a plan


The one where Jason says he wants Jessica out. Alex stresses they need to win HOH and follow the plan to get Ramses out. Sounds like they want to work with Paul as well.


With BB now using the Rancho Coastal Humane Society as the new fish cam (fabulous idea), I can’t help but wonder why production doesn’t put foster pets in the house and help promote fostering and adoption while giving the house guests some needed entertainment. I’d love to see that!!!

I know some of these house guests have dog/cat allergies. Maybe some future season they could try it out.


You’re right the kitties were a awesome idea over the Jeff interviews and fish.


Did you ever see the VERY first season (a LOT different then now) – they actually did get a pug and they also had Chickens


I remember that. They didn’t have the dog for the whole time but it sure was a good addition……and you are right, it was A LOT different. Didn’t America vote for who went home?


Yeah I forget WHEN the dog came… I remember that at the end of one of the live episodes while cameras were still on the dog fell in the pool and Josh jumped in to save him – lol.

Yes so different! The house guests would secretly nominate 2 house guests for eviction – and the 2 that got the highest number of votes would go on the block and then America would call in and vote. Then I remember “Chicken George’s” family would hold like Phone-a thons at a local bar and have people call to get others out. lol – way different!

Why can I remember all this – and can’t remember where I put my keys2 minutes after i put them down! HA HA HA

Be Kind

I love cats and dogs and would not want them to be subjected to the antics within this house,you would end up with with a lot of neurotic,confused animals.


Bb won’t let x-mas go home because they scared they gonna get screwed and sued. Sooooo she gonna be around to the end ppl are not going vote her out because they feel sorry for her. Paul and x-mas to the end cuz this show is rigged. x-mas should go home it’s not fair for her or the houseguests


She can’t sue, they sign their life away when casted.

Wild Imagination

That is some wild imagination of a conspiracy theory you got there, do you believe the Earth is flat too?


One consistent puzzling behavior in the BB house every season is the folks who are nominated and do not work the social game. What is the point of hiding away (Cody!!!) and not working your former connections? The fulfillment of making it into the house should motivate everybody to fight,claw,manipulate and try to stay in the game.


Cody’s own ego won’t allow him to socialize and work his former connections. He has drawn his own conclusions in his head and sticking to it, not even bothering to open his mind to possibly flipping some people. You also have to remember some people are “recruited” into the house and once they get into the house something in them probably doesn’t even enjoy it as they thought they would. In this case though, Cody’s own ego gets in his way or negotiating.


Watching BB you get to know the people who play the part of bad guy for the purposes of the game, and you also get to see those people who are just ugly, even outside of the BB house. Jessica, well she’s just vile, the reason she struggles in this game is because she can’t use her looks to get what she wants. She is used to being catered to and it’s frustrating that besides Cody, no one is buying what she’s selling. She hitched her wagon to the wrong horse because he was the first one with power and now she’s screwed, and she has no redeeming qualities. No one buys that she’s the least bit sorry for being a B****.


I really don’t think Cody will get a Pre-Jury buy back into the House. I think when he goes this Week he is finished and on his way home and no Jury for him.
When they do decide to do a Buy Back this Season it will be in the form of the Curse and whom ever takes the Temptation will release the Curse, thus bring the Player back into the game.
These players are all a bunch of sheep at the moment following Paul. With maybe the exception of Kevin and Alex that could go Rogue at any moment. I can’t stand Paul and his Friendship TALKS to the cameras anymore – they are so boring. Even Dom, she is getting on my nerves with all of her come talk to me. Let me be your Angel on the shoulder pfft. – If I was Alex and won HoH this Week, I would put Dom and Elena on the Block ( after all, Alex did say she wanted to go after the couples ) so you split up a powerful trio in one swoop !!! Mark would have a hard time choosing who to protect, and I think so would a lot of the others. – That’s how you cause some drama without being nasty !!!


Mark needs to go next followed by Matt. They could become potential physical threats to Alex. Then take out Elana, Raven, Dom, Christmas and finally Josh (all floaters and Paul minions). Alex is not threatened by any of the women now that Christmas is hobbled. Once they are gone, Alex needs to work with the rest to get Paul out. As long as Paul is not threatened and makes jury, he will more than likely go along with this plan if not a little reluctantly. He is only loyal to himself and will go with any plan that does not involve taking him out. Alex, Jason, Kevin, Ramses and Jessica will then need to evict Paul and it could happen easily if they no longer believe his BS which I already suspect most of those 5 people don’t. After that, Alex might be able to make the final 2 pretty easy depending on the comps. She needs to stick with Jason and start developing a close relationship with Jessica … Kevin and Ramses may not be as much a physical threat so working with Jason and Jessica may get her to final 3 and then she just needs to beast out the final comp. I think Alex would get more votes if sitting next to Jason or Jessica … sitting next to Kevin, toss up as Kevin seems to be well liked in the house by everyone.


Where is Dominique during the day? She is rarely on the feeds. Sleeping all day? Thought she was going to be my favorite this season but she turned out to be boring. She does those horrible interviews in the evening and that’s it for her.


In the inimitable spirit of “Seinfeld”, and the beloved “Soup Nazi”, I would love to hear Julie at Cody’s leaving say ” Cody- No Jury for you!”


I’m starting to like the Alex/Jason/Kevin triumvirate.. lets hope they can survive!


I agree Simon, anyone who isn’t a Sheep in my books deserves some Praise from the outside. Hate it when you see the House do what the HoH wants time in again and again. You have a brain people ….. use it. – OR are you not ALL trying to win 500K UNLIKE Matt who just wants to hand it to RAVEN !!!!

Sara Knox

Does anyone else think that Raven’s illness is not terminal and she is just using it as a strategy?


Her condition is very manageable. Especially since she has the pacemaker. Maybe if she lived in a third world country and it went undiagnosed it could cause major health issues. My granddaughter has the same condition. It certainly doesn’t cause infertility. Nothing is adding up to her exaggerated stories.


Well, I agree with the exception of Jason. He’s just too clueless to be a triumvir, IMHO.

I’d replace Jason with just about anyone else.


Christmas needs to keep her filthy foot off the counter where they eat.
If she needs to put her foot up, there’s a million other things she can do. Nobody seems to be bothered by it. That’s what amazes me. Where’s the Health Department?!?


They all animals. Don’t be ocd about cleanliness in the BB house. Week two and they had ants. Remember when Victor couldn’t take it and cleaned the communal shower. Then you win hoh and everybody wanna come upstairs and dump in your restroom. Should be required to clean at the end of every week, but it is a social experiment soooo…

You Can't Be Serious

Simply solution, drop the OCD. You wouldn’t last long in the house being possessive about the HOH shitter! LOL

You Can't Be Serious

The others are not bothered by it because they don’t have fears of germs obviously. Funny story….those that are most compulsive about germs, usually get sick the most, draw your own conclusions. Nothing to see here…move along.

Mumsie 19

Anyone else notice that mark looks like wreck it Ralph?


You must have a kid. Nice resemblance comparison


I was thinking Curious George


What the heck, indoor lockdown?


Oh! They cleaned the hot tub. LOL!

Sara Knox

Am I the only one that thinks that Raven is not terminal and using her illness as a strategy in the game?


Not sure if she is terminal or not but I do think it is garnering sympathy to a degree … although it may not be her intention, it comes off as the pity me strategy in the game of Big Brother. However, that being said, if indeed she is terminal then she is also showing that you should still enjoy your life to its fullest instead of just giving up and throwing in the towel. Either way, I consider her a floater in the game to this point.


That would be truly awful, but it is a game, after all.

I believe her conditions are genuine. It’s my understanding that gastroparesis can be very serious, but it’s likely the cause of the gastroparesis that would kill her, not the gastroparesis itself. Auto immune disease is often entirely mysterious. It took many, many years to diagnose my daughter with lupus, and that was only after most of her organs had already been attacked (heart, lungs, stomach, skin, eyes, esophagus, liver, joints). Often times, those with AI disease can look and behave in a healthy way, when they are truly very far from it.


Cody and Jessica’s “plan” to “out” Josh as a sexual predator during the live eviction is the reason I don’t want them in the house, now or ever a d no buy back in. Josh seeing the girls in the shower is pretty tame compared to what those two have been doing. They are messing with his personal life after the game. Emphasis on GAME!


Well then your pervert and should be required to register as such


Well he really shouldn’t of been peeking in the shower at Raven and Alana like a creeper


Christmas should come with a mute button.