“Kevin.. You’re just going to let your daughter H**P like that “

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They get a hot and cold cup from production .
Backyard open

10:27am Bathroom Jillian, Christmas and Ramses
Ramses tells CHristmas he thought she was going to be super serious like Cody.
Ramses – I love your personality
Christmas – thank you, I appreciate that
Christmas says she thought ramses was going to be over the top.. But he’s not.
Christmas – I didn’t expect Jessica being as hilarious that she actually did
Christmas – I’m going to grab some coffee then some butts.. Then some abs..
Elena joins them Coffee, butts, then we work out”
Christmas mentions how Paul is the king of the house in regards to the sleeping situations

10:35am Jessica and Elena Bathroom
Jessica plans to work out. Elena says she can’t so early in the morning “I just woke up” Jessica wants to get it done before it gets too hot outside.

Jessica – it’s so weird I had a dream about all of Kevin’s daughters..
Jessica – all of them were getting ready to go to prom and like I was talking to them and one of them was like going to prom with one of my guy friends and like humping him (WTF)
Jessica – Kevin was like.. Can you stop
Elena – what the f*** are you doing get off him (in a Kevin accent)
Jessica – he goes can you stop I’m her father
Jessica – I was like how long is he going to let them hump for.
Jessica – Kevin.. You’re just going to let your daughter HUMP like that

10:40am Outdoor workouts begin

10:47am Lockdown called.. workouts end

Elena write her name on the bottle.

11:11am Backyard open Jason and Cody
Talking about country music…

11:19am Mark, Cody, Ramses, Jillian, raven, Kevin, Elena

Talking about how Josh grabbed the safety.

Elena wonders why Josh felt so unsafe that he had to get that safety apple and screw his team over.

Cody says he doesn’t imagine anyone in the house is “actually dumb”

Cody – “Like.. I don’t think they want someone that’s not bright on the show, in some way shape or form he’s got some kind of intelligence”
Cody- It’s definitely not emotional intelligence, or psychological intelligence… but the guys got something they’re”
Elena – Are you sure

Cody – he’s cognizant enough to realize that OK These people don’t f****g like me
Mark – Dude, it’s been a roller coaster this whole time with him. … I thought he was going to be really chill.

Cody – he came on that way
Mark – I don’t know what the f*** happened

Ramses brings up how paranoid Josh is getting.. Elena agrees. Feeds flip…

11:29am just out in the sun

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Cody – classic case of letting power go to your head. He thinks he is the “top of the pyramid”. Wow – looking forward to seeing this guy get put up on the block and squirming.


I know, and a lot of them seem to be in summer camp mode…just wait until they find their asses on the block.


Question: Is the Ranking Grid based off of the Daily Averages or Full Ranking?
(BTW I think the Grid is awesome)


Well, If I was in the house I would be touching Cody all day and night long.

Dr. R. J. Johnson

It is sad that Megan had to self evict.PTSD is very real,especially as a consequence of sexual assault. She probably would have been fine if it had not been for the unprovoked verbal assault that was delivered by”crybaby Josh”. This “boy” needs to go and find out how to be a man because he is just a “boy”. If he stays much longer he will crying for his mommy to come pick him up.


The problem is this game is a pressure cooker of paranoia, pettiness, cliques and assorted other social pressures. Add into that, the fact the producers poke and prod to stir stuff up and you have little chance of getting a hold of something stable to ground yourself. You can’t even trust your BFF house guest. It’s obvious she underestimated just how emotionally draining the game can be and it lasts for 3 months. May have had a better result in the shorter, feeds only version.


I don’t know a whole lot. About psychology or much of anything else but gosh darn some producer missed
seeing a self-evictee. Wow. How could you know? How do you spot the weak? Josh did I guess. Chalk one
up for out-of-control Josh. This will keep getting better.


Josh is indeed pathetic. I can’t wait for him to get the ax. It is bad enough to have Paul think he is everyone’s boy, we have this poser copying him! My early favorites are Christmas who gets along with everyone so far and Dom who is very low key and not on the radar. She may find herself in a key swing vote position that could give her a little power. I also think Alex can pull her own weight and not draping herself all over the guys deserves respect. Would like to see any of these ladies win HOH.


Josh is by far the dumbest houseguest ever!

Cody loves to watch things burning down

I watch Cody on the feeds last night and its really sad that he is that crazy!

Pat Chong

I think this season will be another season 15 in the making. so sad.


There is an element of unease and meanness this season. I hope it goes away soon.

lets GO

I’m sick of Jessica and Elena always bragging!


I smell a lot of jealousy on your comment. Sorry but I keep it straight.

These people

Christmas is always touching people and looking for attention.

Uncle Teddy

Did production not know Megan had PTSD? Seems like a non-starter casting wise. I had high hope for her too.


I honestly don’t know why people like Jillian are casted, she’s so vanilla and bland.


Most of the recent casting choices are sought out on various social media platforms. That means a person can amp it up to create the image of a crazy, fun-loving sort but it’s hard to maintain that facade all the times. It’s one reason some performers tend to be self destructive with drugs, alcohol, relationships, and money. There are very few people who are genuinely always “on”.


Jillian who?


I’m hoping Cody nominates Paul as the replacement and Julie doesn’t tell thr HGs he’s safe until after they vote. Then Paul will realize he can’t trust anyone in his “alliance” and start working with Alex, et.al. Then, one of the “Outsiders” need to win HOH and nominate Cody and Jessica. Let the fireworks brgin.


Oh my gosh did anybody catch after dark last night and see I am a whore dirty mouth show that Jessica And elana were putting on…what is up with Elana talking about Mark and how much he poops the filth the absolute weird crap that comes out of their mouth they are thirsty hores.. I am not a prude but the stuff they were talking about was just not cool like do you kiss your mother with that mouth they have no shame ..I don’t know if Elena does it because she’s on a radio station and she has to be like one of the guys or something and there’s no filter and it’s funny that way but OMG like what the heck and Jessica talking about buttholes i’m sure their mothers are very proud of them wow …


And the way elana was talking to Mark. Made me so mad. Realized just how much I don’t like her during that whole convo. And she’s from my favorite radio morning show ever. That made me a little sick hearing that. But I never heard her on air.


I honestly don’t know why people like Elena or Jessica get casted it’s obvious they want their 15 mins of fame on TV and don’t really care about the game . Elena Just admited on the feeds that she’s trying to make it in TV ,Jessica is acting like it’s the bachelor, and it’s a shame Cameron got booted out at least he wanted to play the game.


Cody, Mark and the gray hair guy trio is just so HOT…


Why is Paul safe??


Production always choose this “useless” girls on purpose. They know America prefers to root for a male, and they choose these useless females to make it easier for the men to win.

But the OTT had great females, such as Shelby, Alex, Morgan

Backseat Driver

Just read the rankings (love them Simon and Dawg) and I am so HAPPY to see Josh and Cody at the bottom……right where they should be!


I wonder how Kevin got on the show. He seem to not know much about this game, but I think that’s his charm. I hope he goes farther than that douchebag Cody. I don’t see how Jess likes him so much….oh wait, she’s a douche too.


Question… Does Paul have some kind of safety this week?? I hope so.


Paulreceived the first temptation, which he accepted. . . safety for three weeks.