“I’m telling you Christmas has daddy issues she’s all over him (Jason) , all over Kevin and All over Paul”

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11:34am Backyard. Random chit chat.
Jessica talking about when the first time the “veto came out” the “guy didn’t know how it worked, he used it on the girl and got voted out”

11:47am Backyard Ramses, Jillian and Jessica

Jillian says that Paul told her if they evict her over someone else that would be stupid.
Jillian – I was like… well I hope they see that because I don’t know I really don’t know”
Jessica yells out so people outside can hear- my mom wants me to get out in front of a camera and stop embarrassing the family name
Jessica – Jessica, super glue your mouth shut and stop touching people in their genital area
Jillian – So yeah … Uh.. I have no idea… I hope I stay
(LOL Jessica is too funny)

Jessica – who would you want to go up …
Jillian – I have no idea
Ramses – I feel like… I think he’s going to go with who he’s closest with.. who do you think he’s not the closest with
Jessica – Josh

Jillian says that Josh told them all that he’ll keep going for safety
Ramses – that’s really f***d up

Jessica – is he stupid why would he announce that
Jessica – could you believe if he got the 25 thousand and the safety and that temptation upstairs
Jillian and Ramses says they’re no way Josh got the temptation

11:55am HOH Cody and Matt
Cody – only Mark and Dominique knows this… I’m going to start making deals.
Matt – I trust you, Do what you are doing.. I trust you
Cody – just understand, I’m trying to weed the emotions out of the team.. You know what I’m saying
Cody – I’m going to make a deal with Alex and Jason .. It’ll be such a solid deal that in my mind the couple and dominique are safe.. You agree
Matt – yup
Cody – we can get to that jury point with us
Matt- you do your thing if there is stuff I need to know tell me, if not don’t worry about it.

Cody – a lot of people are not going to understand my next move
Matt – Cool man
Cody – thanks dude

12:14pm Storage room Jillian and Alex
Jillian – gotta say some prayers..
Alex – Dude I’ve had my rosary every night before bed
Jillian – I should do rosary.. I’ve just been saying prayers
Alex – do you want to borrow mine
Jillian – I have a rosary I just haven’t brought it out..
They head to the bedroom.

Jillian – if they don’t like you that much they might target me..

Jillian goes on about what Paul said about her going home being a stupid move.
Alex – Cody’s an asshole.. He’s a f***g a$$hole

They talk about votes…
Jillian asks if Jason goes up where will the votes go.
Alex says she’ll flip a coin.
Jillian thinks she can count on Ramses, Kevin, Josh, and Jessica’s vote.
Alex says Christmas has daddy issues she crawls into grown man’s laps that have wives. Brings up this morning with Jason and yesterday with Kevin.

Alex says she can’t turn her back on Jason he’s the first person she connected with in the house.
Alex – If I go on the block I’m done
Alex going on about there “has to be a battle back so I’m not too worried”
Alex – I’m telling you Christmas has daddy issues she’s all over him (Jason) , all over Kevin and All over Paul

Ramses joins them.. They think Jason is going up. Jillian tell Ramses that Alex thinks she’s going home.
Alex – Christmas is going to vote for Jason to stay because she’s all over his nuts (lol)
They try and count votes… 12 people voting this week. They can’t come to a conclusion where the votes will got in the Jillian/Jason scenario.

12:40pm Ramses and Cody
Ramses doesn’t want to go up. Says he doesn’t talk much game with people.
Ramses – I would be a vote for you .. I like Jessica.. you and Jessica are together.. I will be a vote for you
Cody – if you can protect my interests next week then we’re good.
Cody stresses he just wants to protect the people close to him
Ramses – I got you homes.. I’ve been trying to bond with all you guys,… Find the connection.

12:44pm Cody, Alex, Jillian
Cody telling Alex “It’ll all make sense.. ”
Cody – I can’t say what I’m going to to.
Cody – I’ll tell you whatever move I’m going to make.. Just relax and have fun
after Cody leaves. they whisper “he’s going to take Jason out”

12:50pm Bathroom Matt and Jillian

Matt says as it stands now he’s not planning on voting Jillian out.

Matt – sorry you are in teh position you are in … it’s not fun…

Matt has set up some stuffies…

1:03pm Cody and Mark

Cody talks about trying to limit himself to 2000 calories a day.
Cody says he weights ~155lbs.
COdy- brings up Paul telling them that Natalie from last season put on 15lbs while she was in the Big Brother house
Cody – She’s like 4 11

Mark – she’s so f****g cute though
Cody – imagine what 15lbs does
Mark – ohh man
Cody – when I saw her I was like this is the hottest chick that’s ever been on Big Brother
Mark – then you listen to her
Cody, Yeah… then Jess showed up and I was like …
Cody – josh damn,… Jess is smoking
Mark agrees.
Cody – everything she damn wears too.
Mark – Hotter and Hotter

Cody says the attention with the girls is nice but he “doesn’t need it”
Cody says he believes people watching the show will appreciate the way they are rolling “with tings”.
Cody – did you ever think that when you were watching the show that if you were on it that you would be the one like running the house. (It’s week 1 cool your jets)

Cody lets out a giant burp

They talk about how perfect everything is… Mark says it’s going “Smooth”
They mention oh much of a buffoon Josh is. (Sounds like this is the general house opinion)

1:27pm Jessica and Cody
Cody says he always wanted to join the marines. When He did he kept it a secret told his recruiter not to send out his address. His service was December 08 came out in 2012 he graduated 2007.
Jessica says 08 was her senior year
Jessica says she went to an all girls school.

Mark tries to talk Elena into squatting her.

1:35pm Paul and Christmas
talking about social media and how to maintain their social presence.
Paul – I’m a fashion Blogger
They go on about their Instagram Persona etc.. etc..

Christmas says the content I put out is more than just exercise, T and A. Her demographic is 50/50 (male/female)

Christmas says she’a an anomaly she’s easy on the eyes, Hard working, tattooed a little edgy. People can’t wrap their head around it. they think she’s bitchy, entitled, and just a badass.
Christmas – I also works out with lip gloss on

Josh joins them.
Christmas says she knows her demo graphic very well, “I’m constantly looking at the analytics, not to change who I am but to understand what they resonate most with”

Christmas – So I can put more of that out there, So I do a weekly newsletter
Christmas – I call it my weekly treat
Paul – that’s coo
Christmas – A life lesson tip .. like HEY IN ORDER TO BE SET UP FOR SUCCESS right down your task, prioritize your task and look at your realistic time that you have to do that.
Christmas – Turn all Failures into successes and just really really nice little nuggets that people can read and think about and apply during that week.
She goes on about how you can play your life as the victim or …
Christmas brings up Raven having an increadable story in life.
Paul agrees – She understands her morality, which is a tough pill to swallow
Josh says Raven’s story is so empowering

Christmas says she talks to her dad twice a year he’s the “epitomy of a rock rolling stoner”
Christmas – now that I’m older and I understand that I can accept him

Christmas – He doesn’t forget my Birthday he just send me a happy birthday.. you know things like that
Christmas – when I call he wants to talk about his Harley and things like that you know.. and that’s great.. It is what it is
She explains that she knows it doesn’t matter the time of day she can always call her dad and be like “I’m in LA, I’m in a house< I Need you to break me out.. and By the way murder everybody on the way.. he'll be like gotcha chap" Christmas - we call him pops he calls us chap Christmas talks about her agent and assistant and agent [gallery ids="159239,159240,159241"]

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For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Omg I wish Cody will shut up about running the house.he is such an idiot…to just think you have that much control this early in the game I wish somebody would win HOH and make him I have not but I doubt that will ever happen …..


So today is all about how to scrape every drop of notoriety out of the chitlins today.


I don’t think Jess is “funny” at all. The constant lude crap is not ok. If you find her funny you are just saying that cuz she hot.

Xmas u killing me I dig u but why are all these ppl trying to outdo eachother in saying how great they are? Kev and Jason and Dom are the only ones who are not delusional about themselves.


Damn cost is just another one of those guys who goes all power hungry week 1 thinking he is running every thing. Can’t wait for him to get evcited, the house doesn’t need another one of you byee


wow Alex is so unfathomably jealous of the attention the other women are getting it’s hilarious on a fundamental level. she really has to lower herself to insulting another person because she doesn’t approve of the way she acts. how childish.

Dr. J

Simon, I’m fighting to sign up for live feeds via your site but CBS said my e-mail was already used and I cannot use it again! That’s messed up big time. I’ve written to them to let them know I want to watch the feeds but haven’t heard back from them. I even left a phone number to call me-but nothing…. I will keep trying until it is resolved. Just letting you know in case others are having problems too. Love your site and wouldn’t want to be without it. Keep up the great work!


Thanks Dr. J
They may time a while to get back to you. I would suggest signing up using a different email or request to change the password associate with your email address.

Dr. J

Dawg, I did those things too but nada. If I cannot sign up, I’ll call CBS and get in. Thanks for responding to me. Hope to be in there soon.


I stg if Alex saves Jillian…
I think that Cody is planning on nominating Paul, which would be great because then everyone will know that Paul is lying. I hope he doesn’t chicken out though


Everybody in this house has issues. Bb18 houseguests seem so laid back and normal now.


No kidding! They think they are the best looking cast ever? How is it possible that they cast so many people with inflated opinions of themselves?

Fruit Loop Dingus

Guys, the ranking system is cool as hell this year! Great job, as usual!


Thank you! Simon worked really hard on getting that set up in time 🙂


Sucks for Jason. He’s an alright dude.


Cody and Christmas – 2 people I would hate to be stuck in a room with, they won’t shut up!!


If Cody is not gonna put up Jason then I think he’s going to try to put a paul… It would be so funny if he tries to put a Paul because his plans would be ruined which would make me laugh because Cody is a douche bag .


If Cody is not gonna put up Jason then I think he’s going to try to put a paul… It would be so funny if he tries to put a Paul because his plans would be ruined which would make me laugh .


Although I’m not a fan of Alex I hope she wins HOH next week because i wanna see all of them (Elena,Mark,Matt,Raven,Cody,and Jessica) beg her not to put them on the block .


It sucks for Jason. He’s an alright dude.


Ugh! I don’t like Cody. Although Christmas is growing on me, the house was dumb not to vote her out when they should have. Kevin still my favorite. I hope he is around for a while.


Christmas has won the game. No need to go on any further. She sure is stuck on herself though…
I’m So HOT, she says over and over.

Kevin's Blonde Streak

“Daddy issues?” Gross. Alex, you’re no longer my fave!


If Alex isn’t Petit then why does she care what Christmas does that’s what I don’t like about Alex she’s great at competitions but I don’t know if I just love her personality she’s very judgmental all the girls seem useless except Christmas and I’m not even sure about her


Cody talking about Natalie’s 15 pounds wth ever!!!Look at ole’ Jess she could stand to loose 15 pounds in that big ole forehead!! Narcissistic much??

Spartacus Jackson

Alex is earning my respect. She’s easily triggered but observant. Christmas “daddy issues” Lol! Yeah not really a fan of folks being flirtatious with other folks spouses. Her back is against the wall and she wins the veto to save herself. We usually see those people go during the first couple of weeks.


What is Raven’s story? Does anyone know?

PAC man

I’m wondering the same thing. Sounds like she has some sort of disease?


Why don’t any of my comments posted?


Sorry about that. They are getting approved. Some times it just takes a bit of time before we’re able to go through the comments to approve them.