Kevin “Why am I not in their circle? Am I not a circle person? Take a look, I’m a circle.”

7:20pm Bedroom – Alex & Kevin.
Alex – this is going to be a tough tough house to beat. Kevin – to get to the end? Alex – yeah because all of these people have other people to hide behind. Kevin – why won’t I make it to the end? Why am I not in their circle? Am I not a circle person? Take a look, I’m a circle. Alex – he (Cody) says he has a plan and I should trust him … but I don’t trust him any more. Kevin – why did he put you up then? Alex – that’s just it I didn’t think I was going up. I prepared Jason for it and then I saw my face up there. He wants me to bow down to the queen. No! I’m not going to kiss someone’s butt because they don’t like me. They’re going to pick all of us off. They’re going to take you or Paul to jury.

Jillian & Alex in the havenot room.
Alex – I don’t trust anyone. Jillian – Kevin is good. Alex – no, yeah he’s good. Paul joins them. They talk about Josh freaking out. Paul – what I don’t understand is that I’m the only vet in the house.. I should be the one freaking out. Alex – you’re cool as f**k and everyone here doesn’t know how to play the game. Like people calling the POV the HPV. Yup, you got it! Jillian – can we just all agree that he (Josh) has to go next week. Josh joins them.

Kitchen – Cody, Matt, Dom, Jessica and Raven are chatting about random things.

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8:10pm – 8:30pm HOH room – Elena and Christmas are talking. Christmas – I think we have the same kind of personality .. like when we trust someone we really trust them. I feel close to Mark as a person but we don’t talk game much at all. And Paul has been kind of a mentor. Elena – he is so good at social stuff. Megan had no idea he was mad at her. I wonder if he really likes me or if he is just playing me really well. Christmas – I honestly think he likes this group. Dom joins them. Dom – I think it should be an over arching meeting. Elena – She (Alex) is going to take herself off the block and we’ll get someone else out and then we’ll win HOH again next week and put her up again. Elena – I don’t think I’m being deceptive if I backdoor someone .. Its just using a strategy of the game. Dom – so you can work with Ramses? Elena – oh 100%. Christmas – if worst case scenario happens and she wins HOH .. we are all potentially there. You can’t put too much energy in its me, its me, its me. Elena – she might be smart enough to work with us … until we get her out. Today she went out of her way to compliment me. Paul – I think either Ramses or Alex have the curse or temptation. I will bet on that. Paul – Ramses is more so with them than us. Either he has the curse or Alex has the temptation. Elena – I think each of us should have a strong relationship with someone on the other side.

8:50pm In the kitchen.
Matt asks Raven why she’s single. Raven – plenty of reasons why I’m single. Matt – so generally why are you sick? Raven – because I’m sick. Mark – seriously? Is that a factor? Raven – huge. Matt – for you or for guys? Can you just not get into something because you’re sick? Raven – no I’ve gotten into it… guys just can’t handle it. Especially when I get sick. I had a guy break up with me when I was in the hospital. No one wants to marry someone who can die. Matt – everyone can die. Raven – that’s true but who wants to spend their life with someone who …Like I could literally be in the hospital next year. I’m a burden. And people are like oh don’t say that. You’re not a burden. I am. I know that. If I stress out about things and have a hard time dealing with it, other people can too. I’m not dumb. Its just a fact of life. Most guys, men want kids. That’s something I would have to really think hard about. Matt – well you’re an inspiration. Raven – thank you. You inspire me but I don’t want to date you .. I’ve heard that too. Mark – you’ll find someone.

8:50pm – 9:10pm Paul & Kevin in the lounge room.
Paul – so here is how you and I are going to work. I have that side and then we meet in the f**king middle. Paul foot bumps Kevin’s fist. Paul – so if my name comes up on that side. Kevin – it did once in the beginning. Just about you being a good player. I told you that. Paul – yeah but everyone knows that. Paul – I am going to make sure that side doesn’t mention you. Your name hasn’t come up at all. They’re convinced Ramses won the $25,000. They’re convinced. I sold them. Kevin – cool. No one can even f**king imagine you won it. Dom is on to you. She thinks you’re smart and she’s saying it. I keep dumbing it down saying na he’s just old. You’re showing your cards that you’re intelligent. Paul – I think they’re all just going to start eating each other alive. Josh is a dead man. I don’t think anyone in this house likes him. He might just quit if we keep him around. Its going to be Alex and then either Ramses or Josh. Ramses joins them.

9:30pm The house guests are lounging around chatting and laughing.

9:45pm Kitchen Jessica tells Matt, Raven and Paul – before Cody comes downstairs … he wasn’t talking all day to day because he is sick of hearing about it. He doesn’t want to talk about it any more. Just so you know. Matt – I barely said anything. Jessica – exactly he hasn’t said anything to me because of the conversation we all had earlier… but like just take it easy on him because he is like over it. You know. Okay.

10pm Jason, Kevin and Alex head to the bedroom and get into bed. Josh joins Alex in bed. “You should just give in already. You need some Latin love in your life”

10:35pm Living room. Kevin, Jessica, Ramses.
Jessica – I love me some silkies. Haven’t you seen Cody walking around in his silkies showing off his mushroom. Kevin – his what?! Ramses – his d**k. Kevin – I know what she said. Elena – have you seen his d**k through his shorts? Jessica – everyone’s seen his d**k through his shorts. Kevin – na, I haven’t seen his d**k! What are you talking about!? Elena – tell him. Jessica – next time Cody is wearing pants, just look at his d**k. Kevin – why?!! What is wrong with you!? Elena – you can just always see it in his pants. Ramses – its great!

11:20pm Jason and Josh join them in the living room. They talk about how they think because Megan went home they didn’t have a live show / eviction. The conversation turns to talking about fights. Jessica says she’s been in fights. Ramses asks really? Jessica – yes, I’m from Boston. We scrap.

11:50pm In the bedroom – Jason is telling Kevin all about farming and why its the biggest gamble.

12am Big Brother opens up the backyard. Mark, Josh, Elena and Ramses head outside.

12:15am All the house guests head to bed.

12:10am – 12:45am HOH room – Jessica tells Cody – I’m not doing this for the camera’s. This isn’t strategy. This isn’t game play. Cody – I’m not assuming that at all but I don’t know what to think about it beyond that. I just don’t know if its more about comfort or the true thing … or if true feelings are going to come out. I just don’t know. There is the potential. Jessica – I’m also not doing this because you said somethings actually popped in my head today. This isn’t only happening because I avoided options. Cody – no, no, no that was just a joke. I definitely think I am at the top of the pyramid. Jessica – laughs. Cody – I think we fit good together. I look for people that I have blind trust in. I am drawn to people like that. Jessica – you are risking a lot and I am protective of that. When I see you being reckless I want to let you know so that you don’t go out week 3 or 4. Cody – I didn’t mean it like that .. taking turns off .. we can use that as an asset. Its not necessarily a bad thing that she’s (Alex) is off. I’m reckless, that’s what I do. Jessica – but maybe you need someone to tell you … hey look at it this way. Like if you go out next week, I would kill you. Cody brings up how Jessica pulled back. Jessica – I avoided touching you for the rest of the day. Cody – you can touch me whenever you want. I realize I’m not easy to date. Jessica – I admire the way that you act … I think you’re a born leader and I think that’s sexy. I think you think the second I get out of this house that I am just going to be over it. Cody – I don’t know what to think.. its too early. Jessica – why do you like me? Cody – for me its all just about feel. You and me will never have a problem finding someone we’re attracted to. I look for someone who I just click with. I think you might be a bit wild for me. I’m way more reserved. I might have to pull a disappearing act after all of this. Jessica – you’re very contradictory about that. Some times you say you want to use it. Cody – you mean use it for monetary gain. I don’t know. I’ll be fine either way. Cody and Jessica go to sleep.

Links to the ranking system

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Kevin ROCKS! Could easily pull off Christopher Walken dancing on the walls to fatboy slim.
Go Kevin!!!

Jeezus & Nem

Man …… listening to Kevin’s “I’m a circle” convo… This dude is funny as Fu^k!! LMAO


I really hope Kevin goes far in this game


Ok someone hit Elena with a hammer. Then she can go home and get more work and lip injections. She said 2 nite that she just tryin’ to get work in T.V.

Kev needs to chill a bit on the hyper talking. I like u dude so dnt fuck it up. You can win this. You Xmas and Paul take over that house full of 20 something wanna bes.

I’m tryin’ no feeds and just After Dark. I am busy this summer. We will see if my B.B. obsession makes me lose money and summer fun again:)

Jeezus & Nem

Don’t fool yourself FreeF… Sounds good on paper though.
You may as well pay for the feeds my brother. You’ll be back. We ALWAYS come back.


When are these eomen gonna realize those huge ass duck lips look stupid?


Jessica…..sooooo because shes from Boston she can scrap?? Shut up – just because you are born in a certain city doesn’t mean you know how tp fight. I can’t stand this bitch already


Where in the Hell is Jason in that House??? You don’t see him in any of the conversations at all. They may as well backdoor him this Week for being a ghost !!!
I love Kevin so far because he doesn’t give any info back to Paul. Playing Paul’s game to a tee. And now that Alex has touched base with Kevin those 2 can only help each other if Alex can keep her mouth shut about things.

Kevin's Blonde Streak

I didn’t even know who Jason was. I had to look at the pictures of the houseguests in the corner up there, and I couldn’t even find him at first. Then I was like, “Ooooh. Rodeo Clown.”


I’m really not fond of Jessica or Elena. They seem to reek of desperation and need people to constantly tell them they are pretty. They also don’t know where the line is between sexy and trashy.

Brew Haha

Looking at some of the screen shots posted here of Elena, she looks like a 50 year-old trying to look 40 – she is waaaay over done


I was thinking the same thing


Agreed – not a Jessica or Elena fan. Cody seemed smarter than to get with Jessica.
How come we rarely see Jason? What’s he up to?


Jason and Kevin talk a lot. He seems like a good dude. I think if Kevin, Xmas, Jason and Paul hook up…that could be the F4.

Jessica is actually a pretty girl. Her boobs are real believe it or not. But she said coming in she wanted to hook up with “strongest male in game” and see “how far we can go.” Only one prob picked a very weak fool that thinks he runs shit but doesn’t. Good luck. Cuz I like seeing you but not hearing you.

Elena is just pure trash. And dumb as a box of rocks. She is like “what I say is really catching on like calling the DR the Drrrrrr” omg. Haha

Mark I had hopes for in beginning but no…pure Dooofus and Elena will end his game. Dude already out of game with his head in tits.

Xmas is so much more beautiful and sexy but in a classy way. Smart too. Love her.

Matt prolly biggest disappointment so far. One he in showmance with Raven. What? And 2 I think he actually thinks teaming with Cody is good idea. Hopefully he just figuring things out and will get a clue later. May be too late.

Kevin, Jason, Xmas, Paul for F4. Let’s do this!


I am beginning to dislike the tone of this season. Too creepy.


No doubt eh. Got weird written all over it. Ha Ha should be good


I agree. The bullying of Josh has gone way to far. Give the kid a break. The way some people talk about Cody is ridiculous. He’s a reserved person who’s also a born leader playing a great game! These two will definitely be final four and hopefully one of them will win!


i dont know what you are watching but josh has easily played one of the worst games through these opening days. no body trusts him in that house, everyone thinks he’s a loose cannon and they are right. you cant work with someone as emotionally unstable as him and they wont try. i dont know that anyone is in a worse position than him

some people just arent cut out for this and he is one of those people


Cody is an arrogant a$$hole.


Christ… I thought someone was exaggerating yesterday when they said half the things the girls do is touch/wonder/talk about the dudes dicks, but they weren’t. Also, props to Kevin for sounding as appalled as I feel. Not sure how I feel about him but that raised him up a few points in my book.


What happen to Megan?


Megan is home and did an interview. She has PTSD from experiences of sexual assault. The guys going at her like they did, triggered it and made her sick. She has a comfort service dog for her condition. I still don’t understand why Josh went after her like he did on Thursday night. There is an article online


Took herself out. She hadPTSD and I believe maybe was ganged up on, or felt that way.


Does anyone think Cody is a DiCK??

Cindy Withanesse

Yup. And momma would love to ride it!!!!!!


Don’t give him that much credit. He would need to be a better person to even become a dick.


Oh hell yeah, cocky ass, and his little groupie Jess.


I think he’s actually a loon, just looking at his eyes. That man is a loose cannon.

Uncle Teddy

Cody and Jessica suck


Cody please please please put up Paul and make him reveal his safety! That would be awesome!


Rigged it up this morning. Lets us visualize the ranking data better.


Takes too long to vote. Ha. Sorry

Why are ppl giving Matt 4 stars.? He just one of Cody’s minions at this point


Simon I know it is only a typo but you are showing Next POV = June 24

Happy Canada Day to all the BB Canadians.


Thanks Taylor.. LOL Not sure what I was thinking their. 🙂


Megan gone gives prod a way to save Paul if Cody pulls the renom. ie No one leaves Thursday. Not a huge Paul fan but “friends and secret agent” were both entertaining last season. The one thing I have decided is Josh is a poor excuse for a BB player and should never have been chosen for the show. Gotta go asap IMHO.
Everything else is surprisingly low key for me at this point. No fav and don’t see a front runner yet. Cody has elevated only because he is HOH. Frankly one person here suggested he was a leader……..ROFL


Paul is untouchable for the next three weeks/evictions. After that the consequences may be he has to bake some apple pies.


Just wondering if it was a different guy that won HOH (Matt) would Jessica have hooked up with him instead? ?