Kevin – “Alex controls the outcasts she’s like the Cody of the outcasts”

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8:37pm Alex and Paul
Alex – I need you to win HOH cause me and Jason can’t go back on our word yet..
Jillian walks in on the conversation. Paul and alex agree Jillian needs to “pump the breaks”

Paul says he’s going to try and win the HOH next week. Warns her that she lets stuff slip she needs to control what she says.
Paul – Christmas wants to do some damage. She is willing to bridge the gap and now she is fucking heated. Think about it
Warns her that the other side will put up Alex and Jason if they win again. It’s because those 2 are strongest.

After Alex leaves Paul dances around saying he’s the puppet master.. Etc .. etc..

8:46pm Josh says he was tripping out last night from Paul’s “Scary story”

8:52pm Outside.. Jessica, Cody, Ramses and Elena (Mark working out)

Elena joking around with Mark, asking him how much bigger he’s planning to get. She feels if he falls down in a 3 foot radius of her he would kill her.
Elena asks if he’s ever had any casualties having sex with him.

8:55pm Jason and Kevin
Talking about Jillian.

Jason – do you think she uses that bible as a shield.?
Kevin says he hasn’t seen her participate in anything he has no idea what she can do
Jason thinks she’s hiding behind that “bible”
Kevin – that bible shit, Of course they do, 100%
Kevin – You’re in Big Brother f***g house how religious can you get
Jason – I think it’s fake
Kevin – to be honest I can’t wait to get rid of Josh.
They laugh that Josh thinks Kevin is Italian and was calling him meatballs.
Kevin – enough’s enough.. He’s Paul’s age.

Josh plays against Jason

9:09pm Matt and Raven
Matt says he wanted to work with Cody but after what he did it’s hard to trust him.
Matt – I can’t risk him doing that rogue sh1t
Raven mentions that Cody told paul none of them knew about his plan it was only Cody.
Matt says he won’t do anything against Cody and he hopes Cody makes it as far as he can but he can’t work with someone like that.
They agree Jessica is in a really bad spot, they wish they could help her but they can’t.
Matt mentions Christmas will be loyal to them after this Thursday. (they plan to vote out Jullian)
Raven – I’m worried about Mark
Adds that Mark was saying he’ll vote out Christmas and he’ll have a lot of people after him if he does.
They count the vote and come to 6-6.
Raven – we need one more
Matt – Ramses
Raven says Ramses already promised Jillian safety.
Raven is scared if they have to rely on Josh’s vote.
Raven – We need mark.. We need to make sure he votes our way.

Ramses joins them.

They talk about Cody’s decision to put Christmas up.
Ramses – I feel bad for Christmas majorly..
Ramses says Cody’s actions where more like executive decision type thing.
Raven and RAmses feel for Jillian. Raven mentions how she’s been on block “forever”
Raven – “Can’t we live in house in peace.. I’m to nice for this”
Ramses says he really thought he was going to be nominated.

9:14pm Christmas and Jillian on the block hug it out

9:30pm Christmas and Kevin
Christmas is pissed that Mark won’t talk to her. Kevin says Matt and Cody made an alliance right off the bat. Christmas says it’s the 3 boys and they’ll protect their women.
Christmas – Cody made alliances to protect him
She thinks there is a deal with Alex.
Kevin doesn’t think she’ll honour it, he’s talked to her.

Christmas says Jason told her this morning he made a deal with Cody
Kevin – he thought he was going to the bus, I’ll speak with Jason tonight no way he’s turning on me.
Christmas – I was never tight with Cody
Christmas points out that Jessica started distancing herself 2 days ago that is why Christmas thought something was up, “she knew”

Christmas – I’ve been in way worse situations and came out way better.
Kevin says Alex told him if she wins HOH she’ll put up Cody and Jessica

Kevin – Alex controls the outcasts she’s like the Cody of the outcasts.

Christmas says she got most people’s vote. She knows she doesn’t have Ramses, Alex and Jessica.

Kevin – Me, you, Alex, Paul and Ramses
Christmas says Jessica feels a little insecure with her.
Kevin says Jessica wants all the attention.

9:36pm Kevin and Paul
Paul- There is no fucking hard feelings
Cody- Same, 100%

10:00pm Mark and Elena
Elena knows Cody loves her and will protect her but what he did today went against the majority of their group. Elena says she’s not going to vote out Christmas she gave her her word.

Paul joins them.. Says he talked it over with Cody. adds that now he has to play the game before he was only on standby.
Paul – I think he made a mistake
Mark tells Paul he wants to work with him. Says he’s dealing with shit about Cody because he’s a friend.
Paul – it’s a game.

Paul says they should have stuck with the plan and put Ramses up.
Paul – we dropped the ball, you know why i’m upset.. Not cause I got stabbed in the back. It’s cause.. You guys f***d up a flawless plan
Elena – well we didn’t
Paul – a flawless plan was f***D up

Paul says he “swears” they’re will be a “power switch” next week and they watch out they will get hit
Paul – you either run with me or run the other way

Paul says Cody took a swing at him and misses. Cody better watch out because ..
Paul – America is not going to be pleased.America loves me..
Elena wants Paul to tell the Diary room he loves them. (OMG)

Christmas comes in Paul tells her the three of them are not voting her out.

Paul puts the pendant of safety on

10:20pm Cody and Jessica hammock
Jessica says best case scenario is if Mark or her win HOH.
Cody says he made a “1 week crack deal” with Alex and Jason. So they could win the HOH as well. As long as they hold up their side of the deal. Jessica says she would rather cut her tongue out than see Jessica win HOH.

Jessica says yesterday she was able to stand Alex but today, “everything that came out of her mouth.. nails on a chalkboard”
Cody – god I like taking risks though.

Cody wants every fan of big brother to enjoy the show.

10:30pm Matt and Paul HOH
Paul says he’s been 100% transparent with his game so far.
Matt says his only goal right now is to get to Jury and do whatever he can to help Raven win.

10:40pm Christmas, Elena and mark
Christmas asks if they knew she was going up. Mark and Elena had no idea.
Christmas tells them she won’t put them up if she wins HOH. mark says moving forward he wants to work with Christmas but still be friends with Cody and Jessica.
Elena tells her she’s voting to keep Christmas.
Christmas says being nominated by Cody “hurt her heart”
They all hug it out..

Jason and Raven come in .. Raven tells them that Josh peaked on her in the shower and saw her boob.

10:52pm Elena and Mark
Elena says Ramses has the curse.
Elena says it hurts her to go against Cody and jeopardize Jessica’s game but she’s not voting Christmas out.

Raven and Paul join them again. Talking about Josh peeking on Raven’s boobs while she showered. Apparently he did the same thing to Alex.

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Good job Alex she’s one tough cookie doing really good in comps. I think Cody likes her better than that other easy ass he’s with.


Oh Cody fawns over Alex. The guy just called her wonder woman. I bet he fantasizes about having arm wrestling matches, footraces and push-up battles with her. Since she’s such an admirable competitor.


5 nominations for the first hoh…kinda ridiculous


I wish Mark would vote for himself. Cody had the right idea getting Paul out. Now they have the chance to get a competitor out but they all are scared and just letting Paul tell them what to do. Hand Paul the money now.

big meech's bald spots

Time stamp 9:36…proves no alliances have been solidified. These two should be rivals, but assured one another they’re in the same camp. Paul is actually the bottom totem at either side of the house. Wonder if he floats as well as last season


Paul didn’t float to the final 2.. He won comps and made it to the end.

Guy From Canada

Paul won out the second half, and had Victor voted out three times as a shield over him (maybe it was twice? For sure at least once towards the end…maybe it was only once….). Paul needs some shields infront of him if he can float again and then win out some comps at the end. He did not float at all, but he did play a good social game to position himself well. A true floater is invisible on the show, and in the feeds, but Paul is in the middle of the action eating a god damn cheese sandwich watching everyone else eat each other. They have called Paul out for playing the middle (think I saw it on the taped show last week?) so he does for sure play a positional game, and doesn’t float.

The way Cody has played, the outsiders will gun for him with some many noms in the first week I see Paul going jury pretty easily. Once jury starts I would be interested to see if his game changes.

Thanks for the updates Simon and welcome back Dawg


A true floater is someone like Veronica from season 16…


So disappointed that Raven is in a showmance. She seemed cool, but I guess we will never know since she will just play the lay in bed with your legs spread game. I hope they all get voted out early or it is going to be another long boring summer of watching people nap and cuddle.


Have showmances ever started day 2? I think these people just think a showmance would make them famous. It’s so gross. 2 days in and your rubbing all over each other? Both Cody and Matt have said something about it only lasting for the season haven’t they?


They even made up their own names? Viewers typically did that since referring to the two of them was easier using 1/2 of each name or whatever but I saw the Kardashian wanna-be giving US all the names (I only remember Jessica and Cody = Jody) I think they have seen a couple of people or couples get “famous” from these shows and think they be the next big star. The pouty faces and duck lips, over the top hair flips, Jessica banging on her boobs like she was playing the bongos. They will be lost and forgotten once they get the boot. CBS to blame I think they try to recreate that “magic” of the Jeff & Jordan and set up these “romances” hoping they stick. I like Dom and Alex just not sure why Dom is so blindly loyal (appears to be anyway) to Cody. Time will tell. I had hope for Raven but she is just draping herself on Matt. I heard Elena Kardashian telling Mark if he wins HOH she will sleep in the bed with him. The three of them are hungry, hungry, hungry hip-ho’s


What’s the story behind her being sick? Anyone know?

Bring Back Zac Attack

She apparently has a stomach pace maker and a rare stomach disease.

Not today

Paul is cocksure of himself now. He’s going to get on my nerves. I just know it.


I didn’t like him last season and like him even less this year. Hope they get him out week 4x


What exactly is jessica’s problem with Alex?

Bunny Foo Foo

Because Cody like Alex. He.just likes Jessica’s boobs. And Jess knows it.

Josh's meds

He also likes her twat.


She knows Cody has some kinda feeling about her. Plus Jessica thinks she’s funny, I think she’s a pig, Alex is way more funny.


“Matt says his only goal right now is to get to Jury and do whatever he can to help Raven win.”

I can’t. I just can’t with this!!

Capt. Obvious

I just can’t with people that say “I just can’t”.


I just can’t help myself.


That’s because she told him some story that she’s dying.

Aunt Cece

If she’s dying what does she need the money for?


I love me some Kevin even though he is under the radar he’s awkward but funny as hell and keeping me sane till thursday because everyone will keep flipping back and forth till eviction. #Kevinforthewin

Baebee Gyrl2

He’s the one to watch. He watching everyone. He know what to say around each person. I hope Kevin, Alex and Paul team up. Kevin (the watcher), Alex ( the lil beast) and Paul ( the social gamer)


Wow i didnt realize listening to Paul explain himself 2 years in a row was gonna be this hard, Wow but i do love the guy!


I respect pual game cause not only he talk the talk but he walk the walk
check out last year when they try to get him out he went on a winning streak
Nicole won cause he took her I don’t blame cody for trying to get him out but it was
too earley if Christmas stay he going to have to really think I told you the big group never work
I like to see a team of pual alex Christmas kevin ramsy


Ew! Josh is so creepy. Peeking in on people’s showers. Perv! On the house front, here’s to hoping the current house is given a HUGE wake up call next week. Him and his side chick. I’d like to see Kevin win hoh. Can you imagine??????


can’t he get evicted for being a perv?


Literally can’t stand paul.


I hope Cody drops Jess for Alex. Show these girls that sleeping with men won’t get you anything but dropped for a woman that respects herself. Also, anyone that wants to give it to Raven should just get voted off. They aren’t real players. Forget a pity win. Play Big Brother.