Jessica “If you keep me out of something like this again.. I will put you on the block & kick you out myself”

5pm Lounge room – Elena, Matt & Mark.
Elena explains how she has Ramses in her back pocket. Matt – here’s another aspect that we haven’t even talked about yet. Essentially this let the entire house know.. if they didn’t already .. that we had an alliance. Elena – I already brought that up. Matt – Paul went thanks for stabbing me in the back guys. Elena – I share enough with Ramses so that he shares with me. I think that he can be utilized. Jessica joins them. Jessica – I never one pretended that I could control Cody. But I respect that he does what he wants to do.

5:10pm Backyard – Kevin and Jason.
Kevin – she was tearing people new a$$holes. She’s got more muscles than me! Jason – shes got muscles in her sh*t! Kevin – she poops muscles. Jason – they were just going to systematically pick us off. Kevin – they were trying to be nice and going to leave me till last. That’s still the sixth person. So what Raven and Jessica should be ahead of me and you… are you kidding me man? Jason – exactly. I told Alex just settle down. All those guys got their d**ks hard and those girls are sucking on them. When them boners go down this sh*ts going go.. Kevin – Once Alex’s wins HOH she is going to put up Matt and Mark and one of them are going to go. Jason – and then those girls are going to go like fish in a barrel.

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5:15pm HOH room – Cody and Jessica.
Jessica – how was DR? Cody – I cursed them out (about Paul getting 3 weeks safety). Jessica – I talked to your buddy.. man she is a piece of work. She is so socially awkward. She’s an idiot. She’s a social idiot. We were talking about noms and she said she wanted Jillian to stay and I said I do too. She said that’s a surprise and walked away from me. I swear to christ she wants my foot to go into her a$$. She makes it so f**king hard dude. Cody – I promise I only extender her loyalty for the next week. Jessica – if I win HOH I’m still putting her up. Like she is still 1000% going up. There is nothing that can change my mind on that. Cody – yeah. Jessica – I need an HOH win and a double evict next week.

Jessica – me and you definitely made the game fun. Its stressful but its fun. We’ll be the evil duo. Cody – her name is Paisley and she’s 5 years old. Jessica – STOP! You did say you wanted me to meet Paisley. Cody – She’s the smartest kid you will ever meet. Jessica – I can’t tell if you joking or serious. You have a daughter. Cody – I’m serious. Cody then tells her a story about how saved some lady from jumping off an overpass. With people throwing me being dishonorable in my face I cannot have that. Because they did that to Devon in his season. Jessica – how did I guess that. I knew it. As if you didn’t throw enough at me today.

6:05pm HOH room. Cody – I tried my hardest for the first 28 minutes and then when I saw that she had it I played up my frustration a little bit. Jessica – didn’t I ask you that? Cody – no. Jessica – I asked you did you throw in the towel after 2 minutes. Cody – with 2 minutes left. Jessica – correct! Notice this moment right now, If you keep me out of something like this again.. anything even close to it. I will put you on the block and kick you out myself. I’m serious! Because I’m not going to look like I got played on national television. Cody – I get it! YOu’re not going to look played I promise you. Jessica – this is your first and last warning.

6:35pm Backyard – Matt & Cody.
Cody – I told DR off! It was the worst I’ve ever gone off. I was like motherf**kers! First HOH you have me nominate a third of the house. Matt cracks up laughing. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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7pm Christmas & Dom.
Christmas – the votes I think I have are You, Paul, Josh, Raven, Kevin and Matt. Dom – okay, so you have six. Christmas – potential yes would be Elena, Mark and that’s it. Dom – so you’re good. Christmas – but its Sunday. Christmas – what a rude game. Everyone was on board with the plan.. so it was only Cody. Even Jessica was surprised. Dom agrees. Christmas – I feel like I can trust you and that you play with integrity.

7:05pm Hammock – Elena, Paul and Mark.
Paul – I think there is going to be a huge powershift next week and they’re going to take shots. And I will just sit back. If one of them wins HOH, they’re going to do damage. I don’t know who they would put up, they don’t tell me anything. I warned you. Winning this game is a lot of luck, getting to jury is strategy.

7:20pm Hammock – Christmas, Paul, Matt, Elena.
Christmas – he’s (Cody) making deals with the other side so that they know what our plan is. Paul – and he held his deal by not putting them up. Now they owe him. It ain’t going to be one of them, its going to be one of you. I’m sitting back chilling. Matt – first order of business, lets make sure she (Christmas) stays. Paul – we’re losing a number because someone didn’t follow the rules of the group. Elena asks Christmas – do you have Kevin’s vote? Christmas – I think I do. Paul – I think you do too. Matt – if you don’t, I’ll talk to him. Paul – what about Mark? Matt – I think he wants to. Elena – I think Mark will vote her (Jillian) out. Matt – this is just Mark being loyal. Look we’ll figure this out. Paul – and he (Cody) didn’t throw any of you guys under the bus. Elena – I didn’t want to have chin acne until week 4 or 6. Christmas – just stop muff diving then.. put it on the shelf.

7:35pm Havenot room. Jillian & Alex.
Jillian asks Alex to talk in the havenot room. Jillian – I don’t want you to think that you can’t trust me because you’re like my only friend. If you don’t talk to me, I literally have no idea what is going on. Number 2 – I asked you to leave to talk because I didn’t want to talk in front of him (Ramses). Number 3 – I think this is all fake because why is Christmas over there with Paul if it was Paul’s fault. Alex – because he is playing both sides. Trying to out Paul like that, I feel like it was a planned move. Jillian – the other person I think I could get is Matt. If the freak out was real, they would have come to us with a story. That’s why I think it was real. Jason joins them. Jason – the vote looks pretty even but if Cody has to vote he is going to vote Christmas off.

7:50pm Hammock – Paul and Christmas.
Paul – If you choose to continue playing this game alone side me, I think we could seriously f**k sh*t up. Christmas – so I know that we haven’t really talked a lot of game and I appreciate your company. Paul – now we have to talk game. I can help you stay in this game but then you need to help me do some damage. Christmas – I want to help you do damage. And I want to be beside you for as long as I can stay in this house. I respect your position and your experience. Paul – stay in this house and one of us win HOH next week. The only people you need to convince are Jason and Alex. Christmas – I can’t break through to Alex.

7:55pm – 8:05pm Storage room – Elena – At this point in the house right now the only person I really really trust you. Matt – I trust you too and Raven. Elena – I trust Raven too by default. I don’t trust Mark. Matt – really? Elena – no I don’t. I mean I do but we’re not on the same page so like putting 100% trust in someone that isn’t on the same page as me is difficult. So that is concerning. I really don’t want to go against Cody and Jess and I think it will really cause a lot of animosity. Matt – I don’t want to sound selfish but I don’t think we’re going to have to. It also concerns me what deals Cody has made with other people. But he also said he made deals for them to protect us… so if we ride it out really low key and not play both sides of the house. Remain neutral. We gain trust and eliminate the other side of the house .. eliminate Cody’s other side alliances. And gain Paul and Christmas’s trust back. Then we could handle business later… which isn’t something I want to do. I don’t want to be an active role in eliminating Cody or Jessica. Matt – I consider both of them my friends and I want both of them to go far in this game. I want them to make it to jury. I love Cody to death, I’m not going to go against him and I’m not going to do anything to hurt his game. From a long term stand point I can’t go with him. He threw us under the bus. Elena – We have a good chance of winning Paul back over. Matt – and we’re going to save Christmas. Elena – I’m just worried about Mark. Matt – Mark’s his own person and he has to play his own game.

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8:35pm Bedroom – Paul tells Jason that Christmas is going to stay whether he likes it or not. And she is pissed, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of that. I have a plan but I’m not going to say anything about it until we win. You just need to trust me that it will f**k them up. Jason – he (Cody) could have put me up and he didn’t. Paul – he’s created his own problems by doing that. Jason – which make me think that son of a b***h saved me. He saved my life. His life would be happy right now if he had put me up. Paul – true but he doesn’t give a f**k about you. Do you understand that Cody has no interest in working with you guys. All he is doing is playing all sides of the house. I am telling you .. you can rope in some good people. He is using everyone for his own gain. Christmas is ready to f**king bite and make a big move.

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big meech's bald spots

Stating the obvious. Jess is bad af. Paul gets a second chance cause he helped snakeole win last year AND an amulet advantage. I need less clothes on Dom and Raven


What the frig is going on. I’m starting to like Jess.

And even Cody is starting not to bother me as much. Elena I still can’t stand. So at least I still have that…haha.

Kevin is laying a little too low. He good for now doing that but nxt week stuff is going to flip on a dime and he needs to have his ducks in a row or could be vulnerable.



Paul needs to go. If the houseguests were rational human beings or at least not being coached by production the Vet would be the obvious target for everyone in the game.

production rigged it

I couldn’t agree more, as soon as his 3 weeks are up if they have half a brain they will take him out. I’m so tired of people saying year after year after year oh it’s too early we’ll get whoever later on. Then before they know it that person is in final 2 and if they’re not careful it will happen again this year.

sunny dee

i think in the back of at least some people’s minds has to be that if they were F2 with Paul, they would have a better shot at winning because he has already been there before. people would bet on the chance no one will want to vote him winner since it is second time regardless of who is beside him. next is the fact that they have seen him play all the way thru to the end including DRs and feeds, so in essence know him better than any of the other HGs. they would tend to think they when to believe him, or that he would follow thru with a solid allegiance which he proved over his season, and that could be someone to rely on. they take the risk that he sees them as someone he would want to do that with, and probably convince themselves that they are.


Of course Production has to pull this kind of BS as usual…


How the hell did America vote to give him a temptation?


I did, he’s entertaining and none of the other few people that I like seemed to need the protection amulet. You guys (plus Cody apparently) all swear like it’s some huge conspiracy that Paul got it, but he has fans from last year and I would probably want to give it to someone that might use it to see if it affects the game.

It’s like if no one took the $25k temptation… what fun would that be? You didn’t even have to know the consequence to assume it might be interesting. I feel like it’s logical that America would give it to someone that needed it and Paul was the biggest target besides Josh, who has a pretty good heart.

Josh's meds

America didn’t. The United States of Big Brother made sure he won. Also, funny how Paul “picked” the correct box to get out of being a have not. Guaranteed both boxes had the same result for “your boy”


Exactly! Seems fishy to me, Paul was Cody’s backdoor plan so tptb give him 3 weeks safety. Then it’s also secret, so if Cody had stuck with his plan it would’ve outed Paul’s safety so he magically changes his main plan? Seems like a lot of manipulating to keep Paul in the game.


So Cody is starting to bring his kid into it and bringing Devon up…is the house meeting at 5 am?


Who does Jessica wants to put up?

And who is the girl Cody and Jessica are talking about?

Jessica is showing a lot of personality… I don`t think she will the typical dumb model. She`s playing the game.


I just watched the episode. And Alex should have not blown up on Megan, that was a stupid move after all…same goes for Jilian.

Alex and Megan could have been a good duo.


Cody has 2 balls. So he basically put up 4 girls. He`s so chicken to put any of the guys up.

Hard to follow

The new formatting this year is not as easy to follow, when it comes to who said what.

Don’t have the feeds, so reading a lot of these stories, it is almost a puzzle at times trying to figure out who is talking. No indentation, no highlighting, etc. Just a simple ” guest – ”
Not sure if someone new is writing the summaries, but its hard to follow who is saying what. As we literally have a lot of Paul – comment name, Josh – Paul said … etc etc…..

Just wondering if whoever is editing, could go back to the years of past editing.


Not sure this is downvoted so much; I was thinking the same thing. It should read like characters and a script, not this one giant paragraph crap.


Kevin can’t ever leave that house. He’s slightly awkward but consistently hilarious and literally the one person helping me stay sane while watching the feeds, lol.

Also, I’m worried that between now and Thursday people will change their minds and vote Christmas out and try to sweep everything that happened today under the rug. I’m going to try to stay optimistic that Christmas will still be in the house Thursday night, but yeah. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that a lot can happen between Sunday and Thursday.

I sound like a broken record over here, but I just really reeeeaalllllllyyy want the showmances out of there. The makeout sessions are too much. If that’s what these couples really want they should try out for that insanely weird show where people meet for the first time a minute before they marry each other. That’s essentially what they’re doing now, chaining themselves to someone they barely know, like they didn’t just meet 2 weeks ago, ready to risk it all. It’s just weird.



Exactly! Who does that! Day 2 they were all over each other. They think it’s going to make them famous. They even named their own showmances?! Why can’t they get an entire cast that is their to play the game?


Love Kevin


I felt sorry for Megan in tonight’s episode. They Jessica and co.) were calling Alex – Pow Pow, which is not Panda, but she (Jessica) was still being malicious when she was saying it. She is a mean girl. I actually cannot wait for Alex to watch and realize Megan wasn’t lying but just got the name wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody went home this week because Megan self evicted.


The show manes really bug me, do they ask each other if they have deseases before they jump into bed. Does bb have a drawer full of codoms? Like Cody and Jessica were only in the house a couple of hours before they were doing the nasty. Wonder what their parents think of them when Jessica is doing the hand movements and jiving up and down. My daughter has been on the show a half hour and she already has screwed that boy i’m very proud!

Kevins Wife

I had to lookup what muff diving means.


I love this from above.
“All those guys got their d**ks hard and those girls are sucking on them. When them boners go down this sh*ts going go..”–Kevin


Paul talking to Jason is fucking embarrassing jason needs to just say hey I was up there I was going home. You had that plan in mind didn’t tell me Xmas was mad because she thought it was me. Why in the he’ll should I jeep her around when she wanted me gone?????


Jessica is ugly inside out. EVIL BITCH