Cody “She’s [Alex] a brash f***ing dude!” Jessica “I’m going to stick her head through a wall.”

12am Lounge room.
Kevin & Paul telling the house guests stories..

12:15am Kitchen – Cody, Elena, Cody, Mark, Jessica, Matt
Jessica wonders what the next temptation will be. Cody – looks at the living room signs on the wall and says he’s still waiting for “lust”. Jessica – I’m offend you haven’t encountered lust yet!? Cody – na I wouldn’t accuse you of that kind of hookery. Jessica starts laughing.

12:25am HOH room – Cody & Mark.
Mark – So I was talking to Christmas & Paul .. this is between me and you… for my game .. for my safety I need to … I told everyone that I’m torn. I wasn’t expecting what Cody did. I was put in the middle. Cody – I’m a 1000% cool with that. Mark – I told them that I 1000% Cody. And Christmas was like how can you support someone who throws one of us under the bus. I was like Christmas if I have your word, if I keep you safe, keep me safe. Sorry to Cody & Jess. But if we can get the numbers to get her (Christmas) out, I’m on board. Just from talking to Elena and Paul. Cuz Elena ain’t switching and she’s getting pissy with me. She was like Matt & Raven, we all sat and said I understand you’re going to vote your way and I’m going to vote my way because I don’t know what I’m doing yet. I said regardless of what happens with the vote, I said can we just stay on the same page and move forward? Okay and then they’re talking all day and they were like we don’t know where Mark’s head is at. I was like I told you where my head is at. So I need to be on the same page with them. I need to be in a good position for next week whatever happens and I’m going for the HOH. Me and Matt talked about how the only way we can keep everyone safe because he’s still with Christmas and Paul and I need you two to stay safe. I need you and Jess in this house. I need to win HOH but as far as Christmas going on the block. I ain’t going home and the numbers aren’t there right now. If I stick my neck out… I’m f**ked. Cody – you don’t have to. no, no no. I want you and Jess to chill on that. Mark – be careful of what you tell Jess. I don’t want the details of what me and Christmas talked about but I need you to know that nothing changes between me and you. Cody – I kind of wanted to see where loyalties lie after this and you are the only one that has given me the.. Mark – 100%. Trust me even if she (Christmas) stays, that doesn’t change anything with me and you. I want her out but I need to be in a position of power to get out a target you know what I mean. Cody – it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if she stayed because then the opposite side of the house is going to be pissed and they’re going to go after Christmas and Paul. Jess and them, I don’t think they realize how close I am with Jason now and Alex now. I solidified so much trust with Jason and Alex. Cody – I don’t think they all understand how big it was to secure things with Jason and Alex. I’ll look like a genius if Alex or Jason get it and they’ll be like oh okay I see what you did. Thanks, whatever. The thing is I never gave Christmas or Paul my loyalty. Mark – Christmas is saying you did. She said you looked her in the face and said I have you. Cody – yeah .. it the very first eviction, that was it. Nothing beyond that. Mark – really? She said you asked her to be apart of the group. I don’t even know how this group got formed. Cody – it wasn’t even a group. That’s the think. Mark – I’m with you 100%. I f**king love you two.

12:35pn HOH room – Mark – everyone is scared now because Paul has 2 more weeks of safety. And that Christmas is like.. Cody – I am telling you Christmas up on those trapeze bars she was shaking like a f**king leaf. She was f**king losing it. She has nothing on Alex. Alex is f**king far more superior than Christmas in any kind of competitive thing. Mark – good. Cody – and Christmas is too f**king emotional and she can’t perform. I mean she can lift some weights but f**k… Mark – okay, good. Its going to be an interesting week. Cody – it would have all worked out if he (Paul) didn’t have that 3 weeks of safety. I hope the fans are pissed off. They already don’t like when vets return and then you give him 3 weeks of unfettered safety. Its f**king garbage. The craziest think he lied about getting that temptation. And somehow he’s coming out squeaky clean. Mark – people are going the easy route. Cody – I will make sure it isn’t for them. Another reason why I wanted to make this deal with the other side of the house is we can’t get rid of our own people. I kind of wanted the opposite people in there to get rid of the people we care about. Mark – you’re an intelligent person. The girls.

12:40am Kitchen – Elena & Matt.
Elena – Love Mark. He’s a great guy but he’s not the most eloquent speaker. Matt laughs and says you could not have put that any better. Elena – Right, I’m not discounting his intelligence. That’s not an attack on him. Its just the word choice and the way he speaks. Like if we’re going to have someone represent us with words. Matt laughs and says Dominique. Elena – I would pick me, I would pick you. Matt – I am impressed with the way Paul and Christmas handled things today. I don’t get angry very often but I might have gone ham.

1am Hammock – Mark & Elena.
Mark – I’m slightly concerned but HOH. Elena – I don’t really want to win it. Mark – why don’t you want to win it. All you have to do is go against the four like we planned. Matt right now we’re cool and we want to work with Christmas and Paul. The only way to keep everyone happy is BOOM floaters. We can still get everyone to jury. Elena – we just have to do it in a f**ked up way ..we are now a tiny group. And everything has to go the way we want it to and this is Big Brother so its not going to happen. And we’re all f**ked. Mark – you pretty much summed it up but there is a chance. Just think positive.


Christmas and Jessica talk things out and explain where they are both coming from and their perspective on what happened. At the end Christmas asks if Jessica knows if she is voting for her or Jillian. Jessica says that she isn’t sure yet and still needs to think it over. Christmas says she respects that. They hug and leave the room.

1:45am HOH room – Cody and Jessica.
Jessica – you and I are definitely a target and she made it clear that no one considers us separate and we’re playing this together. And that they’re coming after both of us. Cody – who’s they? Jessica – she said most of the house. Cody – laughs and says that ain’t true because I’ve got the outsiders. They trust me. And the odd thing is I trust you and Mark and I trust the outsiders more than I trust most of the people that are supposed to be on our side. The people that I made deals for going into this. Are you stressed? Jessica – yes, but not for the reasons you might think. I’m stressed mainly because the people you want to align yourself with in this house are not the same people that I want to align myself with. I do not trust anybody. I do not trust Jason, I don’t trust Alex. I wouldn’t work with either of them. Cody – that’s fine. Jessica – its not fine. Its really not fine. Cody – you can align yourself with anybody you want. Jessica – we can’t align ourselves with opposite sides of the house and expect it to work. Cody – they’re going to separate us and its going to be me. I’m fine with that. Jessica – and once you leave you don’t think they’re not going to target me? Cody – once you align with them you think they’re going to target you?

Jessica – I feel sick to my stomach. Cody – I am telling you the people on Christmas’s side of things.. all they have is fear in their hearts. Jessica – Christmas spent most of her time talking to your side of the house today. Cody – what is considered my side? Jessica – the outsiders and they’re not considered outsiders any more because the have the majority now. Cody – she is lying to you now. Jessica – I am pretty sure Paul will put you and I up together now. OHHH.. I’m going to be sick. She was upset that you got more physically upset about putting Alex up on the block than you were about throwing Paul and her under the bus. Cody – I dig Alex way more than I dig those two. Alex deserves to be here. What has Christmas done? Jessica – Its been 11 days. What have I done? Cody – you’ve played a pretty good game.. you’ve single handily pretty much took out Megan. Jessica – I literally regret doing that. Cody – its fine though. At the time it was the right move. What has Christmas done? What has Paul done? Jessica – where am I on your totem pole of loyalty? Cody – f**king at the top now! Literally its you and Mark and then below that I believe Matt. I’m hoping Matt is still on team Cody. And then I know Alex and Jason. Alex and Jason are grateful for what I did. Jessica – not from her response to me. Cody – she’s a brash f**king dude. Jessica – I’m going to stick her head through a wall. She made it very clear that you and I are targets for her too. Cody – that’s fine.

1:55am Storage room – Paul and Alex
Paul – they told me that Cody tried to say I’m working with you guys now .. f**k them. Obviously because he f**ked up. I am telling you that he created enemies within his group and we can … I know that there are some people there and we can create a good f**king thing. He has eye’s on them already. If we use Christmas to take that shot. I am telling you its a good f**king plan. But you can’t listen to his bullsh*t because that is clearly .. he’s abandoning ship and he is going to bring that hatred right into here and if he does that I’m out because I can’t be apart of that. So if you want to take that decision, do it but I’ve got to walk. I am telling you he is going to bring heat. Give it a few days and then have this conversation with Christmas. I think you should tell her that because it will fuel .. she will be f**king.. I am telling you if you tell her he did that its sealed the f**king casket. Christmas is f**king heated and ready to take shots.

2am Bathroom – Paul tells Mark and Elena that some sh*t is about to go down and its more that just a knife in my back. Its a knife in a lot of peoples back. Elena – who’s back? My back? Paul – all of our backs. Let me gather my right information and then we need to win HOH. Josh comes in and and says he can’t sleep. Elena – do you want me to cuddle with you. Josh winks and says yeah. Mark – why are you winking? Josh – she said it not me. Mark – but you entertained the idea. Josh – are you trying to fight? Are you trying to go right there? I’m f**king with you dude. I know you’re the jealous kind. Love you bud. Paul – I know you’re the jealous type?! If this was real life? Mark – its got to be. Its got to be reality tv right?! Paul – how are you going to say that to someone who’s larger than you? Mark – only 10lbs right?!

2:05am HOH room – Cody – I could give you a dump of information that you will make you lose your mind. I would be giving you 1000% of my game in your hands. Jessica – good or bad? Cody – I don’t know. Can you promise you won’t be pissed? Jessica – I will stay level headed. Cody – I said I was 27 years old, I’m 32 years old. I spent 6 years in the air force. I worked on the intcon 3, the intercontinental nuclear weapons system. Its the most advanced weapon system in the entire world. I would take it apart and put it back together with top secret guidance code. I was an intelligence analyst. I did that for a few years and then I joined the marine core and did all the infantry time there. Jessica – what just happened. Cody – are you going to kiss me or? Jessica kisses him. What?! Why did you lie about your age? Cody – I had to get rid of my air force time. Jessica – I want to rip your clothes off right now. Cody – I also graduated at the top of every military school I went to. Jessica – then why are you so dumb? Cody – I honestly think I can get out of any situation I am in. I’m hedging my bets that it will pay off in the long run.

4:00am Jason and Mark
Jason asks if COdy and Jess are solid?
Mark – cody talk to you
Jason – you can’t everyone is f***g around
Jason says that Cody told him nobody trusts him anymore.
Jason – Paul and Christmas are working really f***G hard.. whats your thoughts on Christmas. You gotta give me something here man.. final 2 is a long f***g ways away but I think it’ll be the deciding factor.
Mark says Cody f***d his entire game over.

Jason – you want to cut him or not
mark – I don’t .. that’s my boy
Mark says it’s fine if Christmas goes. Marl adds he wants to keep Christmas and it’s a long week so anything can happen.
Jason – you wanna keep her? I gotta know man..
Mark says they’ll wait until later on in the week see where the votes go.
Jason – who’s the fat you want to trim… I’m talking about in the 6.
Mark – what do yo mean in the 6
Jason – you, Elena, Matt, Raven…
Mark – the couples
Jason – yeah, you want to trim anybody… I just gotta f***g know. If you don’t want to trim one of those Christmas has gotta go
Mark – they don’t have the votes to get her out of her e
Jason – how do you f***g know

Mark I love Paul, Cody is my boy, I know you’re safe.. I was expecting someone else to go up
Jason – Who
Mark – Ramses

Jason says Paul is hard on him trying to get him to tell him that he’s keeping Christmas, “Why do I want to keep Christmas she’s f***G with them”
Jason says it seems like Mark knows what is going on.
Mark claims to knot know what is going on.
Jason adds that they are in a position to make something happen so why don’t they.
Mark wants to keep Christmas for the time being.

Jason says they can play on their separate polls, he just needs to tell Jason what he wants to do.
mark doesn’t know
Jason – dammit mark
Mark says Cody threw him for a loop.
Jason – Matt your f***g boy
Mark says they all just kinda got thrown together.
Jason is proposing they replace two people from his group with two from Jason’s side.
Jason – Alex is a f***g beast..

Jason says Paul and Christmas are on his a$$ hardcore and Christmas keeps telling him she’s gunning for Cody, “We need to talk to Cody”.
Jason – what are you thinking
Mark wants to keep Christmas.
Jason – that makes me nervous.
Mark – me too
Jason says this is a chance for them to do something. Now Jason says that it will be very hard for them to get the votes to evict Christmas.

Jason asks if Christmas stays are they gunning for cody?
Mark doesn’t want to.
Jason – I don’t either, if Christmas stays that means her and Paul are gunning for Cody. Unless they are feeding me full of F****G sh1t

Jason says Cody did him a solid this week that is why he doesn’t want to turn on him.

8:03am everyone sleeping…

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Can’t wait to see the diary sessions for this Thursday, I swear certain guys who won job always seem to go on a power trip, it’s hilarious seeing their plans blow in their face, it’s week one Cody playing like the first double eviction just happened.


Jessica doesn’t need makeup, she’s gorgeous without it….I’m sure even glorious without clothes ;°o
Alex needs to go she’s a hater!

Bring Back Zac Attack

I can’t stand Jessica but the “why are you so dumb” comment is amazing ???

Double D

Somebody always says this week one…Jessica, “We have to get out all the floaters” Duh girl, it’s week 1 !! Guess that makes you a floater too.


Like her or not, But Jessica is not a floater, she is really playing the game.

Skidd Marks

No. She’s floating. With her legs wide open.


I dig Cody. He’s used to battle so he’s creating them. Jessica’s his piece of pie. He just feels like having a piece of pie right now, lol. Shoot, I’m glad he’s on Uncle Sam’s (our) side!


“I was an intelligence analyst…” What is something a real intelligence analyst doesn’t say to a VIP hooker on a reality TVshow, Alex.


I’m liking me some production, the CBS edits, Temptation and even AG…… oh lord no!
The story starts BB Can 3 and a production farce “picking” the winner. I stopped enjoying “HOH”(puppet of production) as a partial result. Prods interference in general and mostly diminishing “BB as a social game”.
At this point in BB19 it’s about public popularity and comps. You have to look at the game as temporarily evolved. Not saying better or worse but it is way more entertaining. The edit Sunday was great. Add to it we know Wednesday is going to be a cracker POV ceremony you gotta love the restyle BB on entertainment value. It’s just not what it was 5 years ago IMHO
I have no fav at this point so it’s easy for me to roll with the punches. For those with a fav it’s gotta be tough to watch all the twists. Just remember week 1 not week 10. About jury time well see the social game become increasingly important as the number of HG’s drops in the house.
If you dislike Paul have no fear he’ll be lucky to make the jury, no F4 or F2 this season. Enjoy the ride I’m loving this BB season.
PS…. remember the 2 HOH farce of recent years? No reason to complain about BB19 IMHO!


Cody should have aligned with Alex and the “outsiders” he seems a bit of an outsider himself. Would have been a better game play instead of a cheap show-mance!


Who are y’all voting for, for the next temptation? I’m thinking Jessica, because it’s a lame temptation (replacing a veto competitor) and she won’t be eligible for another temptation later, which could help her game. Thoughts?


eh, i think throwing it to jillian is probably best. you don’t want cody’s side of the house to get it and jillian will never get to use it cuz she’ll always be on the block.


CODY … I can understand your frustration at having your target in your sites, pulling the trigger, and then finding out you were armed with a squirt gun. I think you forgot the one all important rule to remember in Big Brother … Expect The Unexpected.

Has to be tough though having to make so many nominations the first week. Jillian, Megan, Alex, Paul, and Christmas … do not ever recall an HoH having to shoot so many times just register their first kill of the season. You have taken getting blood on your hands to a new level. Going to be interesting seeing how good your survival skills are.


wow cody is just a terrible BB player and delusional about life. He thinks his job is so insanely threatening to the other players that he can’t be honest about it? It’s not (and I am a marine wife). Same as how he said nothing about his daughter and then first mention goes on and on about his daughter being the smartest 4 year old ever. huh? how crazy is this dude? He is an average joe who doesn’t know how to play this game, and the second he learns to accept reality and humility, he might learn something and improve – bc he is playing a terrible game right now.


he’s making the right calls in terms of nominating people, but his social game is weak, putting way too big a target on his back when power shifts.

Baebee Gyrl2

I like Mark for some reason. He’s like a big o’ teddybear.


Is Christmas the most likely to go home?


Paul needs to get over his crush on Xmas. Dude who cares about Xmas. Get your core together cuz a few of them dnt even trust your ass yet.

I would have no problem sending Xmas home this week. Too much drama and she isnt a asset enough to be worth her “oh I’m mad cuz I got nominated” What if Jillian flipped balls everytime she went up? Jillian easier to manipulate.

The solid group right now needs to be Kevin, Paul, Jason, Matt and Raven. That’s a solid 5. Thats all u need.

Now the 5 need to focus all attention on getting Marks doofus ass out. Elenas “I just hope to get a job in the industry after this” ass out. And Cody and Jess the hell out.

Now that 5 needs to keep Alex close but she isn’ t going to be not first in command of any group so you can’t have her as a comrade yet. She will be more useful later.

First goal get those 2 fake couples out!

Paul is playing same game. Some of it’s fine but the “I’m getting fked hard” every five mins so he thinks everyone will think they owe him something and want to work with him cuz he had gotton deep in game before. That’s not going to work long term.

Dom and Rams. Rams is “super fan” and obviously watched Andy and is tryin that game. The house will soon grow tired of this rat popping in rooms out of nowhere all the time.

Dom is laying back playing the “U all are acting like children I am only adult here and I trust in the lord and my life plan” blah. She will be nothing but a floater ever. I want her gone as soon as possible. Hate ppl who dnt play the damn game.



I do like that 5! The 8-9 person thing never works and the ones who know they are 6, 7, 8, 9 are going to make moves with the other stragglers. I think the solid “ride or die” 4-5 is just right. (for now need to have a solid 3 for the long term) Paul, Kevin, Jason and then the other 2 can be Matt and Raven or even Alex and Dom to me those other two can be interchangeable and/or replaced as needed to get the core 3 to finals. The best game move is getting Xmas out since she is an actual player and Victoria (I mean Jillian) is just taking up space. I personally from our side want to see her stay and gun for Cory and Jess.
I wonder what Paul is thinking (her stroking his arm and petting him all through the show he may think he has a little something, something?)

Jessica's Girls

I like Jessica ?


Somewhere I missed Ravens story… What’s that all about?

Dr. R. J. Johnson

Raven suffers from gastroparesis ( The inabilty of the stomach to empty into the intestine due to lack of muscle contractions). She has an electronic stimulator implanted in her abdomen to accomplish this for her.


I hate all these showmances. Look at these girls scrubbing themselfs at the guys is painful to watch.
Christmas was my favorite until I watched her and Paul touching each other.

I think only Alex, jessica and Cody are playing the game so far.


Raven has tons of make up on all the time…. I think mattew will run for his life the first tiime he sees her with none on…

Bitter pill

I’d be surprised if Christmas goes. She has a huge fan base already, and this show is a popularity contest. I think that she’ll be in the house for a while.

big meech's bald spots

Xmas should be going home. Jason trying to pull in Mark and his girl but should be making that move 2 weeks from now when Josh and Ramses are gone and either him or Alex or Kevin have hoh to flip the house

Skidd Marks

As soon as he mentioned his military service, Jessica becomes that much more wet for Cody. This may draw some hate, but the amount of blind hero worship that we show to members of our millitary sometimes blows my mind. My hat is off to the true Patriots; but they aren’t ALL “good guys” as Cody is proving. They are human like the rest of us. Some of them are absolute $hit shows before they sign up, and not much changes when their hitch is over (or they get a DD). An A-hole is an A-hole, but Cody will go far off of his All American Boy Millitary persona.