Kaitlyn “I decided I have so much faith in myself & I don’t need a man to save me.”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots

12:08pm Backyard – Tyler and Kaycee. Tyler – I had a good talk with Sam yesterday. She wouldn’t tell me who she would put up. She wants Kaitlyn to go so if Haleigh comes off the block Sam is going to put up someone that guarantees Kaitlyn to go. Kaycee – MMmm interesting. She asked me today who I would put up. Rockstar. Did she ask you who you would put up? Tyler – yeah same thing. Sam’s personal thing is good but you have to know who was there for you before the pressure you know what I mean? Kaycee – did you tell her that? Tyler – no not yet. I don’t want to force things on her. Kaycee – she just has to do what she wants to do. Tyler – I am scared of is since she already told people what was going to happen I don’t want them getting mad at her if she doesn’t do it. So we will see. It could be worse. Kaycee – way worse. Tyler – we have to remember that going forward because now people know how to get to her.. play that sympathy thing. Kaycee – so horrible. Tyler – I am just not good at that playing victim to get sympathy. Bay came up there crying yesterday too.. because I think she is feeling the heat that she might go up too. Kaycee – hopefully not. Tyler – I just hope its not one of us. Not us but one of the six. There are certain things you can say to Sam and certain things you can’t.
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Backyard Suntanning. Rachel and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – For him (Fes) his argument to me was that he wishes I didn’t put Swaggy up because that is something I’ve done to him and she (Haleigh) has done nothing to him. I get that but his words, not mine are that after it happened, that was the best thing that could have happened for Fes game. Because then he wasn’t associated with a threat in the game and a duo and we all know what happens to duos. I get that it was hard. And I get what I did causes a lack of trust. But truthfully in week 2 when I was HOH it wasn’t about anyone else but myself. It was selfish, I know. She is still holding a grudge. The game that she is playing to try and pull out all these other things to people at will vote against me is weird. Rachel – I know you’re spiritual and sensitive to other people.. Like do you feel like you’re putting a lot of pressure on Fes to use it on you? Kaitlyn – not any more. Rachel – I think that you don’t need to. I think that you need to put it out there to him that you are okay. If he knows that then the pressure of the situation will.. I think that will make him. Kaitlyn – but I know Fes and if he hears that it will release him from using it on me. There are two ways it will go down .. he uses it on me and I stay. If he uses it on Haleigh, then I am going home. His big thing is that he want’s both of us to stay. Its tough.

12:22pm Backyard. Kaitlyn and Tyler. Kaitlyn – I decided that I have so much faith in myself and I don’t need a man to save me. I am not even going to push him. I want him to know. I don’t want to annoy him. I know its a hard position he is in. He knows the facts and that if he doesn’t use it on me I am more likely to go home. I can’t keep pressuring him to do something he might not want to do. Tyler – yeah, he knows the facts. Kaitlyn – and coming from me it doesn’t mean anything anymore. It just sucks because I know Bay and Rockstar are also fighting for her (Haleigh). And I don’t have that. Tyler – well if you do stay then at least you know who has your back when you’re up against the wall. That’s why I told you it wasn’t a good idea to run back over to them. Kaitlyn – I didn’t though. Tyler – you went back to them. They only kept you with them because they knew then needed another number. Kaitlyn – do you really think that? Tyler – a million percent! Kaitlyn – where was I supposed to go? Tyler – not back to who you just backdoored their leader. Kaitlyn – who would you want to see go home? Tyler – not you. One of them. Haleigh will campaign against you. Whoever is up there against you will campaign against you. Kaitlyn – you have to tell him that people don’t like Kaitlyn and if you don’t save her she will go home. (I thought she didn’t need a man to save her?) Tyler – I will have that conversation with her. If he doesn’t do it then you can’t blame him. If the doesn’t do it them you know, but its not over till its over.

1:15pm HOH room. Sam and Bay. Sam – do you feel better after yesterday. Like you have a place and some motivation? Bay – my motivation is for me now. Like with everyone else when people wake up in the morning they have someone they’re worried about. But literally after 8 hours no one even cares if I am up. Sam – the only reason people look for me is because I am HOH.

1pm – 2pm Backyard suntanning..

1:40pm Fes and kaitlyn. Fes wonders if he should talk to Sam. Kaitlyn – you should because then if she tells you (who the replacement nom is) then it might help you decide what to do.

2:06pm Bathroom. Fes and Bay. Bay – you treat everyone else better than you treat me. I am so confused. I have been trying to give you your space because you have been mean and mad at the world. And I get punished for it. I don’t understand. Fes – are you serious? Bay – yes, I’m being serious. Like yesterday I had to spend my night crying by myself. Fes – what was wrong yesterday? Bay – a lot! But it doesn’t even matter because you guys were going through what you were going through so I didn’t want to add anything to that. But my whole thing was you were in a mood yesterday. I wasn’t in a mood. I told you that I would give you space. Fes – so what was wrong with you? Bay – I’m over it now. I just need you to stop being wishy washy. Fes – I’m not wishy washy. Bay – you were punching things and throwing things around. Fes – no I wasn’t not yesterday. Bay – do you feel better? Fes – yes, its just a game. Something has to happen.

2:35pm Kitchen – Fes, Kaitlyn and Tyler. Kaitlyn – can I see a smile?!

3pm Bedroom. Fes and Haleigh. Haleigh – what could you possibly say? Fes – something to get people to want her to stay. Like call her out so that people will be like well if she stays Fes and her aren’t cool no more. Haleigh – yeah that’s a good idea. Just be like .. but not in a weird way. You could point out the flip and Swaggy. Fes – Pointing out the flip and how she left me in the dark and now she wants me to use the veto on her? Then she starts crying Should I talk to her before? Haleigh – no, then she will talk you out of it. If you tell her you;re going to do that and then use it on me .. she will lose her sh*T! Fes – what I am scared of is if you sit up there you have the votes to stay. If she is up there the only votes she has are me, yours and Tylers votes for sure. When she was HOH I don’t know if she was talking to everyone.. I don’t know if she made some deals. Haleigh – it depends on who she is sitting next to.

Rachel and Tyler. Tyler – Sam these people voted you out… and now they’re coming up to you with these sob stories. Sam asked Kaycee and myself who she should put up and we both said Rockstar. He is going to use it.

3:15pm Backyard. Kaitly, Sam and Rockstar. Kaitlyn – As a life coach you really figure out what when I was growing up the little gremlins they become very relevant. My big ones when growing up were that I am not enough and the fear of rejection. Its so relevant now. After the veto I was convulsing. I was thinking about why I was getting so worked up.. and the bottom line was that my best friend, who is this incredible man and whom I am so proud to stand by is being put in this situation. And its another thing from my past with the fear of being rejected by a man. I never wanted to ever count on a man. I love men. I love women. I wanted to save myself. I am my own superhero. Sam – its meant to be a personal challenge.

4pm Lounge room. Fes and Kaitlyn. Fes talks about how he told his sister to post updates about him. Kaitlyn – I know that Joe (her boyfriend or now ex-boyfriend after this
night in the HOH room. ) is doing my instagram now .. knowing him he is probably posting a meme of us laying in bed and you saying I’ll save you don’t worry. Fes – he is probably freaking out about this season .. like what did this girl sign up for. Kailtyn – he is probably not well .. he sees everything .. I am scared to get out of the house and him to say you should have been friends with Angela. She’s my favorite. I’d be like what the f**k are you talking about.

4:30pm Rockstar and Bay making bubbles in the backyard.

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