“it would be really f*ing weird if you didn’t save me.. would be again another f*ing twist.. “

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – Looks like Fes plans on using the veto on Haleigh. Not idea who will go up as the replacement but kaitlyn will be the one in teh hot seat.

12:16am Rockstar, Kaitlyn
Rockstar is talking about Brett. Calls him a d1ck.
RS – I just wish I had won a HOH…
Kaitlyn – Sam’s not putting Brett up.. just off how she is acting tonight..
Kailtyn asks her if they are cool moving forward or will they still holed the “swagy thing” against her.
RS – are you going to be more inclusive with your deals… is it going to be Kaitlyn knows best and Kaitlyn will do what she wants well than Kaitlyn is a lone wolf.

Kaitlyn says she still feels like people are holding this grudge.
RS – I’m not holding a grudge.. I am very reflective of how we got here..
RS says she blames Tyler.
Kaitlyn goes on about having no where else to go and if people on her side keep questioning her “Where am I going to go.. I need to know are you guys with me or not.. ”
K – if you are not I need to figure out my sh1t.. I get it if nobody wants to forget it. and move on
K – my intent was never to hurt the group is was for me to stand up for myself I didn’t think of anybody else but myself in that moment.

Kaitlyn says a power was used last week and the 7 of them did not lie they were all loyal to each other’It’s not our fault a robot won a power app”
Kaitlyn says they figured it out “Fully” in 36 hours.. they know how Brett stayed.
Kailtyn says she flipped the vote on Steve because she was trying to protect her friends.
RS – who told you about that
K – a few people.. Sam was one of them
RS – SAm, Tyler and BRett
K -Tyler was the one that told me and I had Sam confirm it.. It was never BRett

RS says they understand week1 and 2 buit week 3 Brett makes up a lie about Rockstar and Kaitlyn is questioning RS about it. Believing Brett.
RS – if you are not trusting your team from the very start.. loyalty is like a trust thing.. I don’t you had the trust with the people you should have
Kaitlyn says her team was questioning both sides how is she supposed to trust the team when the team didn’t trust her
RS – I’m not a Representative of the team

Bayleigh comes in.. Followed by JC.. CHit chat.. Kialtyn leaves to talk to Fes

12:38am Fes and Kaitlyn
K – if you don’t save me they’re sending my a$$ home.. Rockstar and I just had a conversation…
K brings up parts of her conversation how the teams has been bringing up week 2 Swaggy getting evicted all day. She say that they were wearing SwaggyC shirts, “you guys were just talking about me and it walking around with these shirts”
Kaitlyn adds that Rockstar told her that what she did messed up their game but they still want to work with her.
Kailtyn says when she put up Swaggy she was still with their side.. She could have easily ran to the other side but she didn’t she stuck with hinm. Getting Swaggy out was about her sticking up for herself

K – I’m not wanted by this side..
K – dude they are going to vote for me to go home they would never do that to Haleigh..
Kaitlyn says if he wants her to stay he’s got to use the veto on her, “I’m going to win HOH and I’m not going to put them on the block.. I’ll show them what it is like to be loyal”
FEs – it’s a hard situation to be in..
K – I want my squad to make it, Make it to the end.
Kaitlyn – I have to be saved..

Kaitlyn goes on about how fes wants them both to stay and in order to do that he has to use the veto on her.. Haleigh hasn’t don’ anything to threaten anyone’s game. Kailtyn says she’s a much bigger threat and people are voting her out this week.
K – I’m a top competitor people see me on the block they will vote me out.
Fes brings up the things Kailtyn has done.. Like not telling him about the flip week 1, taking swaggy out week 2 etc etc..
Fes – what has she done to me… In this game. (Haleigh)
K – ok
Fes – I think I am real in this game.. I want to be honest to the both of you all.. I’m telling you the same thing..
Kaitlyn says she did the flip “to save my friends”
K – can we talk about intent first.. I was under the impression all the people that voted Steve.. something bad was going to happen.
Fes – why didn’t you tell me
K – it was 30 minutes before I was scared..
Fes – 30 minutes before is an excuse.. I don’t want excuses I want answers..
Kailtyn accuses him of yelling at her, “I was scared.. that’s my answer”
Fes – that’s not a good answer Kailtyn.. I was scared.. this game is scary..
K – I’m not proud of every decision I have made so far I can only move forward. This game changes every single week..

K – I know what you are going to do
Fes – why are you being like this it’s really agitating

K – the one thing that never shift for me was between you and Tyler.. you were it like that’s it.. I don’t care if you doubt me..
K – dude how many times to I have to tell you how I feel.. how many

K – we need to move forward in this game.. If you want to f*ING win and make it to the end you cannot not save me I will go home I will that’s the bottom line and everyone knows it. that’ is why I’m freaking out .. Haleigh has done nothing to nobody
K – If you save me we can both be safe if you save her that’s not an option
K – the last thing I want is for you to not save me and I still make it .. I will be broken.. like broken .. I can’t even think about it..
K – If you want us both to stay you’ll f*ing save me .. Bayleigh and F*ING rockstar will vote to evict me they f*ing will
K – if you don’t save me that’s embarrassing for me.
Kailtyn – Bayleigh and Rockstar are still holding that Swaggy grudge..
Fes – you made that move on swaggy so that you would be good with everybody in the house

Fes – you now how stupid it’ll look if I don’t save you
Fes – First week you flip on the alliance, Second week you send Swaggy home third week Brett stays fourth week you go home..
Fes – people will be like what the f* they are sending each other home…
Kaitlyn says everyone is expecting him to use the veto “He’s my best friend”
K – I get your perspective.. it’s not a no brainier.. this whole game comes down to day ones.. loyalty and final ;s
Fes – you made a final 2 with Tyler
K – With Tyler? no I didn’t we promised to help each other get to the end I swear on my live.. loyalty to the end but not a final 2
Kailtyn apologizes for her erratic decisions says she doesn’t know how to “do this”
Fes says he’s thinking about this he knows Haleigh will probably stay if she’s on the block. “what if I save her and she goes.. than I’m f***ed”
Fes tells her that every week things haven’t gone the way they thought.
Kailtyn again says that a power was used week 3 they all voted the same way to evict Brett.

Kaitlyn – it would be really f***ing weird if you didn’t save me.. would be again another f*ing twist..

They talk about how Fes was getting close to Haleigh before she put up Swaggy. Fes tells her she has a boyfriend and Haleigh is a single girl they were always still friends. Kailtyn – are you like that with her.. I wold get it if she was your f**ing girl..
Fes – we haven’t yet we haven’t even kissed
Kailtyn – I would never expect you to pick me over you girlfriend and I would never pick you over Joe in that case..
Kailtyn continues that Haleigh isn’t his girl they are just friends and Kailtyn is his number 1.
Fes – I know..
Kailtyn asks if Sam has hinted to him what he should do with the veto.
FEs asks if RS will be the replacement nom
K – she’s not going to be the replacement nom because she’s all up in Sam’s v@g1na
Fes – I need to talk to haleigh and bring up the point if I save you she has a really good chance of staying.
K – will you tell us before
Fes – I don’t know..
K – decided until the last minute.. you have to use it.. either on me or her.. you have to use it

12:58am Rockstar and Sam
RS – I want to say briefly.. before the veto I went to talk to Brett.. he would not speak to me and a whole table of people say that..
RS was going to apologize to him about the way she acted
Sam – ohh Rockstar..
Rs goes on about trying to talk to Brett but he wouldn’t talk back.. “whole table of people saw that”
RS says last week she was “pms-ing”
RS mentions what Brett said was a lie and goes on about it more.. “people are still questioning my integrity”
RS – it’s hurt me personally the fact that he doesn’t acknowledge my presence at all

2:08am Tyler and Kaitlyn
Kailtyn says she’s had long talk with Bayleigh a couple days ago and JC has been spreading alot of sh1t about her
Kailtyn says that JC was the one person that was coming up to her saying that she will be embarrassed if she doesn’t put Swaggy up.
Kaitlyn says she just saw the two of them in the pink room talking, “they’ve cleared the air”
Kailtyn – when I walk in they look at me like I’m a fuking ghost..

Kailtyn asks him if he’s got final 2’s with anybody. Lists everyone off. Tyler says no to them all.

3:30am Hammock Fes and Haleigh
Fes – I want to make sure we get to spend some time together before Thursday
H – it’s not funny
H – I don’t want you to feel like you have to use it
FEs – why
H – I don’t want yo to be in that position.. I told you that last night and I still mean that
Fes – I told you if you were ever on the block I would save you . It’s going to kill Kaitlyn

H – I don’t want you to feel like if you don’t use it I would think about you in a different way. Will I be upset yes, will I get over it? probably.
H – if you don’t use it I will stay be OKay with you.. I know you and Kaitlyn have whatever it is you all have
H – you told me to pick you and I did.. it’s not a fair situation for you.. I could have picked Scottie
H – what I don’t understand is she so confident she has your vote and you will use it on her
Haleigh says Kaitlyn truly thinks if the two of them stay on the block that she would have Fes vote over Haleigh.
Fe s- she’s trying so hard.. I’m trying to be real with her.. she’s lke but you promised me before you would use it on me..
Fes says if it was Kailtyn against anyone else he would use it 7 days out of the week but it’s Haleigh, “you both mean a lot to me”
Fes – haleigh has been loyal to me.. I still trust (kaitlyn) 100% but you (kaitlyn) left me in the dark several times.. yeah I’ve been rocking with you since day 1 but you’ve done some things that make me question.. ”
Fes – the only good point she brought up .. was if I use it on you she goes home no matter what
H – that’s not true..
Fes – that’s how she feels .. if I use it on her you’re safe no matter what
H – THAT’S not true
Fes – I know .. i’m relaying..
H – that is not a good point there is no guarantee in this game
Fes – I know I’ve seen the first three weeks..
Haleigh says if she stays on the block next to Kaitlyn there’s a high chance she’ll be okay “but then again I thought I knew what was going on the last three weeks”

Fes confirms with her he’s using the veto on her but doesn’t want her to tell anybody.
Haleigh says bayleigh already knows and RS suspects it.
H – She just thinks you are.. if you don’t use it on me.. she’s going to be pissed
Fes – you know I got you..
H – I hope so ..
FEs – it’s going to get real tough in this game.. I need you to be the one no questions asked
H – OKay.. it’s fine.. I’m okay with that..
haleigh says she’s always been hesitate because she’s never knew where he stood with Kaitlyn.

Haleigh mentions how weird things were the first two weeks in the house. at first she thought he was into Angela. then he was with Kailtyn who was also her friend.
Fes says when he first walked in he thought Angela was cute but now that he knows her and knows Haleigh he doesn’t even look at her the same way he looks at haleigh. Fes comments how strange the human mind works..
FEs – first day I saw you I thought you were cute..
H – thanks.. dogs are cute..
Fes – you just called me cute..
FEs says the dress she wore first day wasn’t her.
Fes goes on to tell her when they did the bathing suit photo shoot and that is when she really caught his eye.

Fes starts talking about football how he was supposed to be in the NFL but he hurt his shoulder his senior year. (Feeds flip)

Haleigh says Kaitlyn started packing today..
Haleigh telling him about Rockstar saying she wants to quit but only saying that because she wants them all to say no don’t go rockstar, “F**ing stop you know you’re not going anywhere”
Fes asks who she thinks is going up to replace her.
Haleigh – your guess is as good as mine
Fes says he’s signed a 1 year lease but he’s thinking about breaking it.. (teasing/hinting that he’ll move in with her at college station)

Fes – I got you .. you got me
Haleigh – yes

5:17am Sam and Haleigh
Sam has started capturing spiders to help keep the ant population down..


8:40pm they are all sleeping now..

10:26am Waking up..

10:56am Sam is outside smoking Kaycee joins her to chat. They mention how bloody hot it is already. Sam mentions how she has to fix Bayleighs hair. She then remembers she needs to get that batter “in” otherwise they won’t be able to have donuts. Kaycee laughs tells her it’s OK they don’t need donuts.

11:18am Sam and Angela
Sam asks Angela who she would put up as a replacement.

Angela says she would put up the one person seen bullying “I will not stand for bullying.. Rockstar”
Sam – ok
Angela – She hasn’t spoken 2 words to me since other than this female alliance thing I know the first few weeks she was going hardcore for me..
Sam – ok
Angela – some of the things she said to Brett were downright awful
Sam asks if she has a preference which person comes off the block.
Angela “I want Kaitlyn to go home though.. ”
Sam – me to
Angela – Rockstar needs to be punished as a replacement.. it’s the only thing that would make sense to me
sam – ok, the only thing that’s complicating things is that the jury part.. where she would be an easy out next week but it’s not a guarantee..
Sam is worried they are getting close to having to spend the entire summer with some of these people and spending it with Kaitlyn is not desirable.
Angela says if you are a mom and you aren’t going to win it why go to Jury go home and be with your kids, “no reason for her to stay 5 weeks in a house where she’s not going to win the 500K or the 50K just to place a vote where her children are at home and her month old”
Angela – a mother standpoint .. if she is going to make it to jury she might as well get out now or next week
Sam – .. that’s a good point I hadn’t thought about..
Angela – she’s not strong enough to win this game and her going to jury isn’t fair to her family

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Sakura Haruno

Team Tyler!!!

I don’t get the hate he’s been getting on this sub. I doubt he hates Kaitlyn. Just find her annoying and a liability to his own game. I mean if he hates Kaitlyn he would be pushing hard for her to go and insulted her to her face every time she comes up to him. Maybe out of the house things will be different towards them lol.


I think Tyler knows that the more distractions in the house (Crazy Kat & Box o Rocks) the less the focus is on what he is doing. He knows he can manipulate Crazy Kat & he doesn’t want Box o Rocks in the jury (she’s onto him). I think he has played a great game so far. He’s my #1.

Can’t wait to see who Sam puts up when Fezzy pulls Hayleigh off the block. I said it before & I’ll say it again…….Fezzy is the guy who keeps running to a brick wall & then wonders why he has a headache.

I love this season!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL “Fezzy is the guy who keeps running to a brick wall & then wonders why he has a headache.”

I didn’t mention it earlier, but I was so irked when Kaitlyn argued with Faysal that she threw the veto to him because he promised to use it on her. Why would anyone believe that argument? She must really think Faysal is stupid to try that nonsense!


Hey … she is a life coach, guiding Fes on his journey to find his true self! She is a selfless empowered woman using her god given talent to serve others for the betterment of mankind. A true goddess. ?


Maybe she is just a self centered meany who lives to manipulate others and will say or do anything to excuse or justify her own actions. (I know that’s part of the game but with this one it just might be her true color.)


She is delusional as f…k, living in a make believe world.


This is just her strategic BB game plan!!

As for Fes, OMG! He seems like a really nice guy but so naive/gullible. He is as clueless about the game as he is women. I know it is difficult for anyone to live/play BB but to do so while being so insecure this early in the game … he just may crack! For the benefit of his game, he needs both, Kaitlyn and Hailey gone

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think that was Sam’s point when she put those two girls up on the block. She feels like they’ve both got Fezzy so twisted mentally with crawling all over him. In reality, Haileigh has been kind to him by not kissing him, not leading him on. Kaitlyn has been the worst with the emotional blackmail. Haigleigh is only 21 years old, AND single. I give her a free pass in that regard. She could totally twist Fez up by promising to be his girlfriend in the house and after to get him to use the veto on her. She’s not gone that route. Kaitlyn is wearing the poor guy out. I think that’s what Sam meant by girls not treating the young men right in the house. We all know Kaitlyn would have been making out with Tyler in the HOH if he had been a willing partner.



At this stage, very few of you appreciate Kaitlyn’s greatness. That’s ok. For the more evolved out there, I’m willing to serve up a money-making suggestion. Somebody needs to write: “QUOTES AND PEARLS from Crazy Kaitlyn”.
Start gathering her wisdom and put it in book form. You can self-publish on Amazon and write a little book that people can read on their kindle.

Gigi Tomasa

Good joke!!! Made me laugh


So he’s not using it on Haleigh anymore?


“Can’t even own it…Sorry, I don’t know what to say.” On her daughter’s bday Brett? The audacity! RF said it’s ok cause the public saw. But the thing is…he didn’t say she DID vote for him, he just said she told him she was going to. I needed this clip :p

Just me

Rocky is making herself look even MORE petty by constantly complaining about Brett. Let it go already!!

Kaitlyn is WAY more manipulative than the houseguests realize. However, shes also easy to manipulate.

Fes needs to cry on Sam’s shoulder and tell her how conflicted he is. She’ll feel sorry for him, and tell him about the chance to come back in the game. Then he can tell kaitlyn to “trust him” and leave noms the same.

Bayleigh knows more than she realizes. She’s figured out Tyler, kaitlyn, Haleigh, and Scotty’s game. I just wish she hadn’t told Fes about her power.

Still think this is one of the best BBs in a long time. Thursday should be a GREAT show!


Oh my goodness but he lied about her vote! He probably lied about the fries too!!!


Just getting caught up on everything I’ve missed the past couple days (mainly thanks to this site).

As a man, I for one couldn’t be happier that Sam has decided to stand up for my kind against all the floozies and harlots that make our lives a living hell. We truly cannot control ourselves and it’s high time we receive the sympathy we so richly deserve.

You bend over to tie a shoelace, I grab your ass (I’m a man, after all), and suddenly I’M THE BAD GUY?!?
What is the world coming to? How do you think that makes ME feel when you file a police report?

Hopefully Sam’s nomination speech will mark the beginning to an age of sensitivity regarding man’s struggles.


I hope you are kidding. No one has the right to grab someone else’s ass just because they bend over to tie their shoe. Grab your own ass. You don’t have the right to anyone else’s.


Relax, it was meant as a joke. And it’s hilarious!


Of course, he’s kidding but that type of joke is just in poor taste. Bad form, sir !


Lol the police report…… I’m dying.

Your Average BB Fan

Why do I feel like Bay will be the replacement nominee? She sure as hell didn’t promise her safety tho and I think that victim cry will backfire on her because she wasn’t even mentioned till now .


I would personally love to see bayleigh as the replacement because I don’t think she can use her power that way. Then her power would go to waste. Fes needs to tell sam bay has it and hopefully force sam to put bay up and get her out. I would assume even if bay came back in her power would be rendered useless. If she came back in and got to keep her power I think all BB fans would lost faith in the show, moreso than so many already have. Can’t keep once evicted. just bay and her conversation with JC rubbed me wrong, it’s as if she thinks its okay for the way she says things but not okay for JC to try and explain to her its no different than someone using the word that really offends her and so many others. She is getting good as many have said, at playing the victim. I had high hopes for her in the game but that went out the window when attached herself to scaggys D**K. LOL


I’d much rather deal with ants than spiders!

Just me

I’d give you 1000 thumbs up if I could! ?

Paul’s Beard

Why can’t they just deal with the ants? Every damn year there are ants in the house. Seriously get to the bottom of where they are coming from. It’s not that hard.


Some ANDRO and no more ants

walking with bears

Ants in Florida and southern Cali go to food and water. Stop leaving food out and they will go away. No poison necessary


It really bothers me how much guilt Kaitlyn is throwing at Res and why he is taking it. She hasn’t been loyal to him and she hasn’t included him in things, only Tyler. Bayleigh gave Fes some truth about who Kaitlyn would choose and she was right, it would;d be Tyler over Fes. Seeing both Kaitlyn and Rockstar with their one track minds are driving me crazy. I actually liked Rockstar until this Brett incident that she can’t let go. Now I wish they would both stop. Some help Res out here. Maybe picking no one is the best choice.



This poor guy is on the show as the foil who endures INHUMAN PUNISHMENT. Need a muslim to eat large amounts of (faux) HAM? Faysal is your man! Need somebody to be kept in the dark and completely clueless? He’s there. Need somebody for Crazy Kaitlyn to guilt trip? He’s her best friend. Need somebody for a creepy homosexual dwarf to manipulate and see naked? Faysal is the guy. Worst of all, need somebody that Haleigh can manipulate, use and discard like a used tampon? Faysal is the guy to get his heart broken in the spirit of advancing her game. Ladies, form any BLACK WIDOW alliance and he’s joining it and only glad to help you get ahead in the game. LOL

You Only Live Once

What a paradoxical person RS is. She talks about Brett’s entitlement and yet she can’t stop talking about getting acknowledgement from Brett…..isn’t that entitlement, wanting/expecting attention from another person.

I really hope RS watches this season (when she is out) and reflects on what type of person she is and how she carries herself. I really don’t get house guests that desire/dream to go onto a reality show in front of millions of people and then just whine and complain and make threats to take her ball and go home…..some people just simply create their own anxiety and emotional states of being from their own lack of awareness.


You are absolutely right!


Rocksalty has repeatedly said she wants to put Sam on the block… I wish Tyler could catch wind of that and clue Sam in. RS is a toxic human being. She needs to go.
Sam seems to be playing this game mostly alone. I’m not so sure she understands the game completely. Not considering aligning with at least one person and sharing strategy, I’m afraid will be her downfall. I love her but her attitude in many ways are becoming annoying. She needs to get off her soapbox for a while. IMO

Bromances Rule

Totally agree! Rockstar doesn’t appear to realize the main reason Brett didn’t want to associate with her was because she made a snap judgement about him straight away, calling him a entitled rich boy and arrogant. Angela did the same because she found out that Rockstar wrote her off as a pretty bitch on day one. Judgements based on narrow minded assumptions. I was trying to give her a chance but when she said she couldn’t stand Brett and Winston because they are straight white men, I was done.


Feel the same. I have raged in post after post about this exact dynamic. I can understand people making a mistake with something they say while being recorded hour after hour, day after day. But RF has said the same dang things, over and over about race, entitlement, people raised with class, good looking people, etc…so it shows that it wasn’t just a one off, stupid comment. It is her true thinking and belief system. With regards to being concerned about what her daughter is seeing on tv, instead of the fake outrage at Brett over him lying about what she said to him, she should be more concerned with all the other nasty, warped things she has been saying.

Shaking my head

I hope that, when she watches her actions, she will realize what a bad example she shows her kids. She says they are her number one then why did she leave them for a show and why is she showing out so. Bad example of how to handle conflict…just my own opinion as a non-perfect person as well.


The problem with that is that it will never happen. When she does watch it back, and she will because she is very self-centered, she will focus more on how she looked (physically, as in her overall appearance, big butt, hair, etc.) and the responses she gets from others when she talks. It will never occur to her to try and see herself in a different light because she believes in every thing that she says. Sad, but that’s the way she is made.


I just hope the HGs realize no one (esp. Fes!) can be alone this week so Kaitlyn can’t do her one on one badgering.


Glad fes is saving haleigh but he seemed extra creepy in that convo. Shes smart to reiterate that she’s not forcing him so he doesn’t expect her to be his gf for it.


Kaitlin — Crawling on the dining table saying they’ve got all the yellow things in the house…the yellow power.
ROFL…if that didn’t look like some institution somewhere hahahaha And then followed up by “they’ve taken all of my drugs” lol


When was that? I missed it:( anyone have a time stamp?


No sorry….but I can tell u it was on bbad…the last hour…when they were all in the kitchen cooking

Smitten By Hayleigh

Great job Fes, Save Hayleigh. I would not be surprised if Sam replacement is Brett, Kaycee or JC since she appears to has no connection with them.

Smitten By Hayleigh

Sam can’t see that Tyler is using her to do his dirty work? She will be expendable in a couple of weeks. Open your eyes woman!!!!


Sam has most definitely not allowed anyone, including Tyler,to control her HOH. I do think she is skeptical of Tyler. But Tyler knows when not to push her. So he hasn’t pushed anything on her this week. But I think she sees Tyler and the game he’s playing. I think she’s much smarter about the game than she pretends to be

Crazy T

I was slightly uncomfortable with the bathroom conversation last night. I can see some of the paranoia in Tyler’s mind about what Sam will do. Tyler knows the POV will be used and he wants to make sure it isn’t an ally of his going up.

I think Sam suspects something with Tyler, I don’t think she has a clue how good his game is right now.


She did get some information back but Tyler did own it. So. I do think she’s on the fence with him. She’s staying with him but not too close. One thing I notice tho is she’s asking everyone what they would do. Getting names from everyone. But refusing to give names herself. She’s seeming to play a sneaky game here lately. I’m so interested to see how she plays the next few weeks. Maybe she just doesn’t truly trust anyone or maybe this is her game. But I was feeling weird about that conversation also



1. Do Tyler’s dirty work.
2. Do as much cooking and cleaning as possible.
3. Declare to the rest of the house: “I wash my back with a rag on a stick”
4. Assure everybody that will listen that she did not fall off a turnip truck.
5. Exit stage left.


Cruel but funny, the turnip truck reference was hilarious.


#4 is a Simpsons reference.


At this point, CBS can stop showing Kaitlyn & RS on the feeds and just show everyone else. We know what Kaitlyn & RS are doing anyway. Kaitlyn is crying and talking about her narcissistic self, trying to guilt Fes into using the veto. RS is calling Brett a d*ck and privileged. So, now can we see everyone else?

Carolina girl

Agree, I’d rather watch the others watch paint dry than hear any more from those two


Of course Fez should use the veto on her, she averted a catastrophe by not invoking Sam’s power. If she had not flipped the power would have literally killed them all and Sam would have to mop up all the viscera. She’s a hero, a hero I say!


I really can’t get enough of Kaitlyn’s misery. It is so richly deserved. She is finally joining us on planet earth and guess what, the planet doesn’t revolve around her! More Kaitlyn abject panic and unhappiness please! For her boyfriend’s sake.


I don’t think Kaitlyn is miserable going through all of this, she’s getting attention and if the universe is acting this unjustly to her now, she’ll be given something equally positive later due to karma. She’s getting what she wants.

Crazy T

I hope Sam’s plan to share how the power will be available to the evicted houseguest doesn’t hurt Tyler’s game as much as I think it will. So many of them believe Sam’s power was used on the Brett vote. As stupid as it is..


Sam needs to concentrate on her game, not Tyler. He is smart enough to find a way around this. Kaitlyn will believe anything he says. (because she wants to) Sadly, the more she believes, the more likely he will keep her around. He wants the big prize and she is his best shot. I believe his side won’t vote for her for the money and I am not sure Swaggy’s side (isn’t it sad that no one has step up to let us re-name this side) will vote for her either. She betrayed that group and they won’t give her the money because she ruined all of their games.


I think the ones that matter will understand. Tyler will explain it away as he didn’t know everything about the power.

Carolina girl

I think they will blame cray cray since she was pushing so hard that the power was used. Who knows with that side though

Kid Rock

He will just blame the vote on Kaitlyhn n JC

another name

so now the purple sulk thinks ‘Bretthatd@cka$$hole’ is being protected by Sam, and the reasons is Sam is obviously a trumpian… oh. Is that secretly her inner monologue definition of white privileged? Why do I get the feeling that anyone that doesn’t agree with her strategy in the game is, in her mind, obviously from the other end of the political spectrum?
I failed to be impressed by Bayleigh outing the Kaitlyn secret Fes said he knew that would ruin Kaitlyn’s real world life to JC . Simply because i got the feeling it was malicious… well that and it wasn’t Bayleigh’s story to tell. I’m not saying this because i’m some masochist fan of koo koo for cocoapuffs. It was just unnecessary and spiteful. It had no value in the game.
Kaitlyn saying ‘i don’t want to be ignored’ in her convo with Tyler was just a little too close to the Glenn Close bunnyboiler line from the movie. She should avoid words. at all times. please?
I get the feeling that no matter who is on the block in any given week: if Fes wins the veto it’s going to be messy. He wanders around perpetually confused at the best of times wondering which move has the better chance of him getting some.


She doesn’t have a strategy in the game. She feels she is entitled and Brett and his pals don’t deserve it because they’re white, privileged, and had a good upbringing. And anyone who calls her out, is a Trumper, a racist, a d*$k, etc


What is the Kaitlyn secret that Bay exposed?

another name

pre-feeds first week interactions and conversations between kaitlyn and fes (which in a way makes the k / f/ h problem when feeds started make at least some semblance of sense in a nonsensical way). somewhere between 4 am and 5 am eastern standard time i think. jc and bayleigh on the beds going between one person whisper the other talking normal then both whisper than one laughing unexpectedly then back to one whisper the other normal voice conversation that almost made my earbuds explode.


Angela hasn’t done anything up to this point to make me even notice her lately until today. She made a very good point to Sam about RockSalt saying that she should be home with her children instead of sitting in the jury house all summer. A lot of hgs have tried to get Sam to see that she should be the replacement nom. None of them came close to convincing her…until Angela. I think Sam has a totally new perspective on it now. What Angela was saying made sense to Sam. Seemed the most logical reason to put someone up.
Maybe RockSalt won’t win the challenge and we can tell her goodbye. Maybe the “get back in if you win” challenge will be the only one she will ever win. Who knows?
Can’t wait to see it all play out!


Brett is the sexiest man ever in the BB House.

Jay Crimson

Not gonna lie..I feel Sam hearing Angela’s point will be the deciding factor for her putting up Rockstar. The point she made was very well played and being who Sam is. She might feel she would do RS a favor by sending her home to be with her kids instead of sitting in jury wasting time. But again none of this matters. I feel the evicted HG will be back based on the challenge they will do Thursday.

Gimmie a break

I kinda feel bad for Fez for the choice he has to make but he said he was gonna go “Ham” & win it so he got himself in this situation. Hayleigh is just using him and has told Rockstar she doesnt even feel a connection with Fez & their conversations are forced & not comforable like how easy it is with Brett… I believe Hay is the bigger threat to get rid of but they just dont see it yet cuz shes playin low key but yet stirring up stuff by tellin her side things… Cra cra is just that n is easily controlled based on her playing soo emotionally… Im not quite sure there going to vote Cra cra out like they say they are right now cuz they may need her once this power plays out… # Still Team Tyler for best game play soo far!!!


I’m sorry…who the bleep does Angela think she is with her floating ass?????????

another name

just an opinion… but i think she’s staying as undercover and beneath notice as possible because production made her aware that she was on tmz week one of feeds. they do have outside lives and careers to consider.
and floating? as in jumping between each of the two sides of the house depending on who is in power? or floating as in coasting as in doing nothing strategically and just going with the flow depending on who the hoh and dominant side of the house wants evicted weekly? neither really apply.
she’s boring. not floating.


I dont know what I am missing….Previous years I agreed with most of what is said on here but this year I must be missing something. People are rooting for the douchey bros? Brett is funny and charismatic? WTF has Rockstar done to make her so unbearable? So she calls Brett entitled, he is! I wasnt crazy about her when the season first started but she is definitely better than Krazy or any of the girls in the alliance of 6. I liked Sam until her nomination speech. Fes is probably the only person who I havent seen embarrassing himself or saying asinine things. His only flaw (so far as I can tell) is being too trusting.