Judd tells her that Jessie officially flipped back she just told me that she is voting out Candice.

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


11:50am – 12:05pm Helen joins Judd, Amanda and Aaryn on the backyard couch. Helen asks who else if voting out Candice. Helen says I have made her (Elissa) understand. Helen says that she feels bad for Spencer because this is the 3rd time he’s been put on the block. They continue to talk about the original nominations. Jessie questions why Aaryn couldn’t have convinced Gina to not put me up. Aaryn says I don’t have any power in Gina’s nominations. She had those names picked before even talking to anyone. Aaryn explains that you were put up because you had just gotten into a fight, you would rock the boat the least and we needed someone up there who could make sure Candice didn’t win the veto. Jessie keeps talking about how she doesn’t understand why she was put up and how no one had her back. Jessie says she doesn’t understand why I am the one to be put up. Jessie says that everyone was probably throwing my name out there so that means the people that are loyal to me aren’t. Amanda asks who is loyal to you? Jessie says um well .. it doesn’t matter. Regardless they were throwing my name out there. Aaryn explains that people talk about me all the time, every week but I am not talking about it or getting upset about it. Jessie says I am just mad about it because now that I have been up on the block a few times people think that I am now an easy person to put up. Aayrn and Amanda explain to her that everyone but three people have been on the block. Jessie says that she doesn’t understand why Spencer isn’t a target and I am. Aaryn says that’s not true. Spencer is a target he is on the block and you’re not. Jessie asks can we make up our minds about how we would go after next week. Amanda says I am in a weaken’d position and I’m not going to throw names out there. Jessie asks well can we say who we won’t put up. You said you wouldn’t put me up. Amanda says yes, I am not putting you up. Aaryn says we can’t talk about who we would up because anyone could win HOH and that would then be out there. Jessie says why isn’t anyone talking about putting up Spencer? His name is out there why can’t we just say his is going. He keeps saying his dream is to make it to jury. Well my dream is to make it to jury too. Aaryn says everyone’s dream is to make it to jury. Everyone’s dream is to win $500,000. Spencer joins them. Judd says Candice is going unanimously. Jessie says okay well good, I am glad we had a chance to talk.


12:06pm The music plays for Amanda to take a spray tan. Judd goes and yells inside the house AMANDA IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GET YOUR TAN ON!! Amanda goes to get ready for her tan. Amanda comes out to get her spray tan. Big Brother plays the “Get your tan on” music. Andy, McCrae, Judd and Spencer start dancing. Amanda complains it’s darker now. They all laugh at how dark Amanda is now. Judd says that Ginamarie is going to be jealous. Amanda heads inside and everyone laughs at how dark she is now. Elissa says I want to get in it. I would much rather look like you than the way I look right now… Well maybe not.


12:25pm Aaryn heads up to the HOH room and tells Gina about how Jessie was outside complaining about how you put her up on the block. Jessie tells her the conversation with Jessie. Gina says Jessie is an a$$hole. Gina brings up how she thinks next week it will be a double eviction right before jury. So one person will go to jury and one person won’t go to jury. They wonder if the MVP twist will end after jury. Gina hopes it won’t so that Amanda keeps getting put up.


12:30pm Judd and Jessie kiss and curl up together in their bed.


12:37pm Up in the HOH room – Aaryn tries on the cone of shame with Gina. She says imagine if Amanda and McCrae has to wear these, they couldn’t kiss.


12:40pm – 12:45pm In the bedroom Amanda tells Spencer about how Jessie was throwing his name out there like 40 times trying to throw you under the bus. Spencer says that he doesn’t really care if Jessie is the one throwing his name out there. Amanda says it’s good because she is trying to make you a target when she is really making herself into a bigger target. Amanda tells him that we have your back. They talk about how they are good and Amanda leaves. She heads into the lounge room with Judd. Judd tells her that Jessie officially flipped back she just told me that she is voting out Candice. Amanda says honestly as long as Jessie isn’t coming after me we can keep her as long as you want. And then when you are ready to nip that in the bud I will be behind you.

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12:50pm – 1:55pmAmanda heads up to the HOH room and talks to Aayrn and Gina about the backyard conversation with Jessie. Gina tells them that Jessie told her that Nick has a big d*ck. She says that he has a 7 and a half inch d*ck. I asked her how the fu*k she knows and she said she saw it in the outline of his shorts. Gina says first of all don’t be looking at my mans d*ck it is going to be in my a$$ not yours! Amanda says that she saw Judd’s dick in his shorts last night. Judd joins them and they tell him they are talking about his d*ck. Judd climbs in bed with Aaryn. Aaryn lifts up his shirt and starts rubbing his belly. Aaryn talks about wanting to flirt with Judd while Jessie is around just to piss her off. Judd tells them how he was talking to Jessie asking her if she was going to vote out Candice while she was right beside us. Judd tells them that Jessie said she would vote out Candice. Aaryn tells Judd that he should tell Jessie that I look so hot so that she flips out and gets jealous. Aaryn tells Judd that Jessie is using you – for lack of a better word she told me she is trying to make you jealous. Judd says like last night. Judd says that he gets info from her. Aaryn says we get info from Helen and Elissa we don’t get anything from Jessie. Aaaryn says that he is giving into her too much. Who trust Jessie, no one! Aaryn says that Judd and Jessie’s relationship is a hoe-mance. Aaryn says that Jessie is the only one benefiting from it. Judd talks about how he trust Helen and says she is playing the game. Elissa I dont trust. Aaryn says she doesn’t either. Aaryn says the next people to go are Elissa and Jessie. Judd agrees. Judd says the only way to get Elissa out is to put her up against someone we know wont go home. Judd says I can’t even talk game with Elissa. Aaryn says no one can she’s an idiot. Judd tells Aaryn that he would use the veto on Aaryn if she was ever up. Judd says I know Jessie is using me but I am using her too. It’s a use-mance. Judd says that Jessie is still going off old promises, I haven’t promised her anything since she f**ked me over last week. They talk about keeping Andy in the dark for now. Aaryn tells Judd that Helen and Elissa don’t talk highly of you. They keep talking about you having MVP. They were trying to convince Amanda and McCrae to get you out. They aren’t team Judd they are just pretending to be. Judd and Aaryn head downstairs.


2pm Judd and Aaryn head down to the kitchen to find that Elissa made a bridal cake and Helen is trying to make a bride and groom out of tin foil.

Meanwhile in the back bedroom Andy puts the mad scientist wig on and climbs into bed with Candice. Candice wakes up and asks is this Helen. Judd and Andy laugh. They head into the kitchen – Judd says hey lets bake another cake with fibre powder. Judd and Andy head outside. Judd laughs lets get production to shut off the water today. They both laugh (Because its Amanda’s last day of spray tans and it would be funny if she couldn’t shower.) Helen joins them.


2:10pm Out in the backyard – Judd and Andy talk about past events of the house and how David went to bed early and didn’t even campaign. They head over to join Helen by the pool. Judd says when he is HOH he is going to get someone to sit in one of these small chairs facing the corner of the room and tell them not to look at me. They talk about the bachelorette party being tonight if they get alcohol.


2:35pm – 2:55pm Aaryn joins them. They discuss all of the pranks they played in the house to different people. Aaryn grabs the dental dam from the storage room and shows Helen as she tells her about the prank she played on Amanda/McCrae. They open it up and Aaryn’s says while using a dental dam you can still catch syphilis, gonorrhoea, herpies, and Aids. Judd’s WHAT DOES IT PREVENT? Aaryn takes it and puts it on Amanda and McCrae while they sleep. She then tells the other outside that she is going to go put Vaseline on it and put it back. Maybe they will wake up and wonder if they used it. Aaryn goes and puts Vaseline on it and put it back. She then tells the other and decides to go back to put it near McCrae’s face so that when he rolls over it sticks to his face. She lays it on his pillow. Out in the backyard – Aaryn, Andy Helen and Judd talk about how Candice isn’t talking game at all. They think she is waiting till the last day hoping something will happen between Spencer and Amanda. Aaryn says that Gina’s HOH is going to her head. Aaryn talks about how Gina has been freaking me out a lot lately. Aaryn says that she was thinking of putting up Judd and Andy and I tried to convince her not to. Judd and Andy say she called us up to tell us she just wanted to talk to us but that Spencer was going up. Helen says wow I can’t believe she could put up Judd and Andy that easily.


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I thought Amanda was supposed to lay low and not talk any game this week. That lasted about 30 seconds.


Why would she? LOL All of our minions report to her exactly what’s going on and even “reflip” the house for her! She is obviously back on her power cloud!


I’m thru with this fu**ing season. Is everyone like stupid or something?! Why can’t they see that HandJobManda is a ruthless c**t. She meeds to go!!! Ughhh…


OOps I meant needs!!! ;D

All of you shut up

Amanda is the best player this season. She is the only one making moves. Why hate her? Her personality? I’d like to see you in that house..it’s all about game play not about having the best personality. Making moves is how you win the $500,000.


actually it’s not just about that. Big brother has always been a social game, and socially her game sucks. she’s a raging bitch. get over it.


no McCanda is the best player in the house


What are those of us that don’t hate Amanda supposed to “get over” exactly?

We’re not the ones regurgitating filth about her multiple times every thread.

I seem to recall earlier in the season I was complaining a lot about Elissa being favored by production, and about how ridiculous Nick’s eviction was, and I was told by several people on these boards to shut up and quit being so persistent in my complaints. I backed off respectfully. I still make it clear that I don’t like elissa, but she doesn’t have to consume every post I make. Seriously, the Amanda haters on these boards need to show some depth, and start talking about something else-ANYTHING ELSE-in this game. It’s starting to look really ridiculous and petty.

All of you shut up

Nick, I could not agree more. All these people hating on Amanda and for what? She hasn’t been evicted because she playing a great game. America you put her up twice and guess what SHE IS STILL IN THE HOUSE! Everyone needs to relax and stop hating on her for personal reasons. She has plenty of people who have her house so her social game is actually really great. Not everyone likes her but there is no one in the house that everyone loves.

Wait a second

BB is a personal game – that is, viewers base their opinion of HG’s based on personality – and unfortunately, Amanda’s personality, to put it mildly, sucks. Doesn’t mean she isn’t playing well, she’s just not likeable. Now, Evel Dick was nasty, but man was he entertaining, there’s nothing redeeming about Amanda – at least not yet. She needs to hold a funeral, not a silly wedding….

Chilltown bb7

My boy j u double d party dardy is pullin


I don’t hate Amanda I am just tired of the same thing every week it’s starting to get boring the only way this game will switch up is if the puppet master Amanda goes home


I get bored by the same things, too. That includes Elissa getting the MVP again and again, and Amanda being nominated by the viewers again. Lame.

Unfortunately, the MVP and viewer participation is really killing this season.

Chilltown bb7

First of all it is simply blasphamus to call Amanda the puppet master who was the greatest player in big brother history. He completely dominated all stars by using a combination of throwing everything and making the houseguests think one thing and completely blindside them week after week. He got Janelle to put up Marcellus in Week 6, who was her best friend and close ally, and he was evicted by a 6-0 vote. A few weeks later he got Erika to put up her closest ally Danielle and then blindsided her as well. He told the whole house week 3 that he hated them and they laughed and no one voted to evict him. The only person whose name can even be mentioned in the same sentence as Dr will is Dan. One of the things that made these two so good at the game was that they never played personally and I never saw either of them once say something mean or lose their temper.
On the other hand Amanda is polar opposite these two because everything that comes out of her mouth is a personal attack against somebody whose only move to provoke her was to try and get her out or said something against her rule. Anyone who thinks she is a manipulator only needs to look at the houseguests she is in the house with to see my point. Andy is perhaps THE biggest floater in big brother history and wanting to be accepted by her and McCrae, infuriatingly tattles on anything anybody says to him in “confidence” and runs to McManda. Helen is possibly the MOST annoying houseguest of all time, jumping up and down like a toddler on ecstasy and thinking she runs the house. Not to mention that since Jeremy left this is the worst group of compeitors I have ever seen inside he bb house. The only houseguests I somewhat respect are Spencer Judd and Jessie for not getting too personal and standing up against the power.

Linda S.

I really don’t hate Amanda, she is actually playing a very good game. I just don’t like the crude comments and there have been many. So unlady-like and unprofessional. But it is so obvious that she will win if the minions don’t wake up soon and vote her out.

the winner is

Nick I don’t truly hate Amanda, What I don’t like is someone that acts like they are stumping their feet without physically doing it when they don’t get what they want and then start threatening people on what they better decide. Persuading someone to see your points is one thing (and that is good game play not what she is doing) but threatening people to do your dirty work is another. This is why I cant stand Amanda. The people she could not scare into doing what she wanted have all been booted by the weak minded in that house and there is a lot of those in there this season and she prayed on that just like any other mindless predator. She’s not smart enough to convince people (which I enjoy watching others being convinced a lot better than what she is doing) into her beliefs so she will scare them instead. She’s just gross and being mindless, she has no conscience. As for all the other house guest they need to grow some damn balls (like Jessie) and get her the hell out!


Not to be rude, The Winner is, but you’ve missed my point.

I get why everyone hates amanda, even though i don’t share the opinion.

I just don’t care to hear the opinion from the same group of people every thread, every other post or so. It’s mind numbing, monotonous, and it’s starting to come off very childish.

Many people on these threads are, “stomping their feet without doing it” about Amanda, and it’s getting old. No offense.


Well, you don’t have to read the comments.


…and those particular posters don’t have to be so spiteful and incessant, do they Mangochic? Or are you admitting (without directly saying so) that most of them have nothing else to bring to the table, and therefore we should just accept these boards degrading to a forum where people continue to beat a dead horse?


Agree 100%

the winner

No offense taken.


I get your point, and I am not one of the “same group always commenting”. I do want Amanda gone!!!. As you stated you already know her? she’s a psychotic mean girl!!! Just what no one wants to see is a bully on the show. Most people know someone like that in there life, so it’s hard not to just bash her name in the mud until she’s gone! The girl has some serious sex oriented issues and is just disgusting. She said in week one , or 2? whatever, her problem with Jessie was Jessie had a better body(who doesn’t) so she’s attempted to destroy Jessie’s character everysince? what kind of game is that? And lets don’t even get started on Howard, her obsession. The things she says is constantly character bashing and unacceptable!!!!



No-I don’t know Amanda personally (sorry if I misspoke?), but thank you for illustrating another great point that I neglected to mention.

Anyone who can bash on Amanda as those I’m referring to have – day in, day out, for the last several weeks! – clearly have issues in their personal life dealing with someone that reminds them of her, or worse, someone from their past that they have unresolved issues with.

My advice? Deal with the people in your REAL life, and quit taking your repression out on a television show.

Team Amanda

I love how you all say how “ugly” Amanda is and she is such a bully. you people are bashing her week after week……is that not bullying???


I have dealt with people in my real life. My life is fine. In my line of work, hospital setting, Im a pretty good judge of character, and get enough psych issues at work, cannot glorify or enjoy watching behavior as Amanda’s on T.V.. People as yourself who apparently enjoy her and feel the need to take up for her are clearly the one’s any issues. So you deal with it America hates a psycho bully, stop reading the feeds if you cant handle it!!!


nick surely youre not serious bro

i dont care if you dont like seeing amanda being criticized

i dont care if youre bored of the comments either

if you dont like it – too f-ckin bad…you dont get to dictate how people want to express their views

she deserves it

and actually doesnt deserve to be on tv or have a chance of winning any money in my opinion

you are trying to defend a woman who went into great detail about how she would kill and rape jess


I personally hate the house politics more than I “hate” Amanda. She’s actually pretty obvious and it’s not like she hides her tactics with those people. So there is only so much that can be said if they are allowing her attitude and bidding to reign especially after she’s been put on the block twice on a platter. As far as people having more depth in their post, I mean look at how these people are in the house. They don’t have any depth to their game play or really their conversations overall. But Amanda’s overbearing in looks and personality and doesn’t have much more of a hook in her personality to balance it out where it is entertaining for some people to watch. So maybe that’s why people expressing themselves about her even if it’s the same comments.


I agree Nick. It’s become tiresome and repetitive. We get it..you don’t like Amanda. Can we focus for a minute of some of the funny things happening..or the strategies..or friggen anything else?? *groan*


there is nothing funny, there are no strategies…its just a boring mindless procession of predictable evictions

the only one looking to change this is jess


I agree, I watch the show and the feeds. I think Amanda has one of the best games going. I like McRaes a little better and helen is 3rd. I HATE ELISSA ughhhh


Gameplay by Amanda isn’t great, all the other hgs are idiots…

For real

If making nasty, vulgar comments, calling people disgusting filthy names, being a downright bully and walking around in your underwear like a whore will get you $500k… No thank you!

Shiny Happy People

Ah, ok, but I don’t see anyone offering YOU that opportunity.

When the premise of winning half a million dollars is made real people change. Claim you wouldn’t all you want- history and biology say otherwise.


yes and you just totally did not become a nasty talking person when you call her a whore….okay..

For real

I believe I said “like a whore”. Of course if anyone wants to claim the term, be my guest.


What move has she made? She hasn’t made any moves. She aligned herself with people that wanted other people out. The only person she wanted out was Howard, and the only reason she got her wish was because Spencer won veto. If Spencer had lost the veto competition he’d be sitting home right now. The only moves Amanda made was on McCrae.


Why hate her? Because she’s a racist. That’s why.


I agree completely I don’t get what is with the whole house being on board with voting a certain person out each week that is udder bull crap and boring as shit and no one is willing to make a big move i don’t get when is the right time to get someone out when they are already on the block whats with the waiting crap if Amanda wins big brother it will serve all those dumbasses right this is no better then last year when they had frank on the block four times before they got him out


I think the reason they almost always vote unanimously is because they are fearful of one another… No one left in the house this season has any confidence.

I recall in past seasons, houseguests stating, either to their allies or in the diary room, that they are going to win the HOH this week. They had real confidence in themselves and their abilities.

This group has no confidence that they can win anything; they always say they hope they win, they wish they would win, etc., etc.


This season should have been called Big Brother follow the HOH or follow the leader because these votes each week are boring and so predictable. A wasted season and summer.


Allison Grodner & CBS can officially stick BB15 straight up their ass. this is the season of the sheep walking around in the village of idiots.


Season of snitching. Judd and andy are disgusting. Somebody should’ve told them playing the informant role won’t get you jury votes in the end. If either makes it to the finals the jury house will compare notes and see just how disloyal they both were. They’re basically wasting their summer they have no shot by telling every damn secret that comes their way.it’s ok to straddle the fence but its past day 45 if your still working for both sides at this point. Your lost


I am in love with Jessie OMG. Andy I CANNOT stand they are starting to realize he has a deal with EVERYONE in the house. When his reveal happens it will be a big storm of $hit


it’s only monday. the plan will change again. always does. whoever gets 4 votes goes home. if jessie got judd, helen, and elissa to vote amanda out, she’d be gone. it could’ve been done.. still can be!


I can see it now, the year is 2020, Jessie to Helen: “Can we vote Amanda out yet” , Helen: “No, the time is not right”. Idiots!!!!!
Where in the world did BB find these spineless nitwits?? I am so disgusted with this season, For the life of me I cannot understand why these people are so afraid of voting someone out.
Why in the world doesn’t Helen believe Elissa, that Andy is not loyal to them!!!

Helen needs to go.

Are they passing out STUPID pills? Now Jessie is going after Spencer? I surrender.


Nope, not stupid pills – just Xanax.


no she is calling them out as to why she is the target and not spencer


Can anyone answer:

1) With the double eviction, do both evicted houseguests go out to talk with Julie at the same time, or are the interviews separate?

2) And if it’s been decided that jury is now open, does just the last one evicted go to jury, or will it be next week’s evicted person go to jury???

I can’t remember how they did it last year, or if the rules have changed due to the longer season and greater number of houseguests. Thanks!


The interviews happen one at a time. At the beginning of the episode someone is evicted and does the interview. Then there is an HOH comp, the POV comp, the POV ceremony and the second eviction. Then the second interview happens.

The two people going home this week won’t go to jury, so the first jury member is going next week.


Well 1st 15 minute we’ll get eviction 1(Candy) and her interview. Then they play a whole week in about 30 minutes. HOH., Noms, POV, POV ceremony and eviction then 2nd eviction. In the past they then play new HOH on Friday rather than a 2nd Thursday night.

as for the jury it will most likely be 7 members again. So after the second eviction Thursday those left will be the jury and the 2 who make the final.


Great recap – and I’m betting if Elissa isn’t HOH she’s leaving – and I’m guessing she would prefer to leave.


Jessie has to win HOH/POV to survive. I suspect Helen will emerge as the secondary target. Nobody is scared of Elissa. She’s not bright and has no friends or ability to rally anybody. If Helen goes, with Candice gone, all she’ll have is Jessie, and the plan will be to pick them off next.


I do not remember if I am remembering this correctly but i THOUGHT i remember Elissa telling all of the house guests that she wanted to go home before jury. Does anyone else remember Elissa saying she wanted to be gone before Jury????


is it thursday yet? cant wait to see a double eviction because it will bring some excitement back to this game. sick of all these predictable nominations.


jessie flipped again…and this is a surprise, because? is it news because it’s only happened once a day?

You go Girl

Ok, what was Jessie suppose to do? The votes weren’t there to save Candice. Might as well go with the herd. However, I do think Jessie was trying to play for her safety next week by getting everyone to say who they would put up. Jessie, no one was going to say, because I think you are the target and you can feel it. Jessie or Elissa have to win. At this point I think Helen would sell out Jessie or Elissa in a minute.


no judd and helen may change their mind and vote out amanda

vote jess for americas favourite for the 25 thousand


I am really disliking Helen I think she’s a controlling hypocrite she is going to mess up her game by voting Candice out Elissa is screwed because she’s aligned with Helen and Helen is working for her self not Elissa.

Helen Plants Poison Pellets

Yes, but you have caught on….”HELEN WORKS FOR HERSELF.” Helen is ALWAYS playing the game, she’s always striving to get the 1/2 million for herself. And as a competitor, it’s not her role to help anyone else get near that prize. Football, basketball, volleyball…those are all team sports. Big brother is not a “team” sport. Helen sees everyone in that house as a competitor. Why would she ever seriously help anyone of the other competitors win the big prize when the goal she has is to win it for herself?


If Helen wasn’t a lapdog for the Superfriends, then maybe your rant would have some substance. Helen is working to evict other people’s threats, people who would have backed her against Amanda and is protecting those who will very shortly send her home. Helen absolutely thinks this is a team game and she’s discarding the team of which she was on top of the pecking order, in exchange for being the low man on Amanda’s team.

Kiren Dar

Is she really playing for herself when when she’s choosing not to get Amanda/McCrae out and just go for the easy scapegoats who she could potentially get on her side who have actually managed to win competitions. Stupid helen.

Helen Plants Poison Pellets

Dear Name, what I wrote was not a rant. Okay? My words were just an observation typed out on a computer keyboard. And I’ll continue to believe that HELEN DOES NOT SEE BIG BROTHER AS A TEAM SPORT, but rather a game in which 15 individuals all compete for one single 1/2 million dollar prize, when and only when I see here game-play tactics change.
Dear Kiran Dar, maybe if I re-post something I wrote earlier, you will begin to understand how I’ve come to the conclusion I’ve come to in regards to Helen’s (and 3 other competitors) game-play and how it appears to me:

“Helen, as well as Judd, Andy, & McCrae have no reason to “get Amanda out.” They are playing the most effective games in the house to get themselves to F2 with Amanda. And believe me, all four of them individually believe they have a shot of winning the 1/2 million if they make it to F2 with Amanda.
For sure – Helen, Judd, Andy, & McCrae all play the game differently (using different methods, playing a different role), with Helen’s being probably the most vile and frustrating to stomach by far of the four (even though she comes off much less vile than Amanda).
So many people are griping about Helen being stupid or a horrible person. NO!…she’d only be a horrible person if she behaved the way she does (inside the BB house) while living outside the BB house. The way she’s behaving inside the BB house is one of several game-play methods that the best of previous BB competitors used to make it to the bigger money.
She sets up weak competitors over and over again to take the fall and get booted (it’s not accidental and it’s not stupid game playing – it’s calculated and intentional!).
Helen is playing the game very seriously with the best BB game skill she knows, namely manipulating and head-game playing the fellow competitors in the house by using play-acting and lies. In real life this would be very slimy, but in the Big Brother House, it’s how strong players go far and eventually win the game or get into the bigger money!


She knows she might (at some point) need to eventually go after Amanda, but not until she picks off the weak competitors (or joins in the manipulation of others to pick them off) and can stack the jury house with people she’s staked out to benefit her in the long run. And as long as Amanda keeps “over-acting” the miserable wacko bully persona/character saying the vilest things imaginable to and about people, Helen can keep her sites off taking Amanda out even longer. By now, she’s probably decided that Amanda might be the best person to take to the F2. Helen knows she’ll get the votes in the end because Helen knocks off her competitors with game-play, rather than a razor blade tongue (Amanda’s method).

HELEN’S BIGGEST OBSTACLE IS MCCRAE. IMHO, he is the next best competitor and knows how Big Brother money can be won. But taking him on comes much farther down the road, long after all the weak competitors are gone.


This season is like ridiculous…. NO excitement at all. So predicable. I’m getting so over it.

Squabble e

You nailed it.


Man….Fxxk this season!!!
I don’t feel like explaining why anymore. You all know why. Y’all see what I see. SHIT!!! You wait so long for this show and for it to turn out like this… I don’t even have a person to go for. I was hopeing for Spence to do somthing but now it seems even he’ll do what the house wants. “What the house wants”. I’m done with that line and this season.


THOSE was my exact thots last week.. Ive halfway gave up, Candice knows what right, but no one want to join her bangwagon, BEC shes not cool enough…. UGH.. I have not pick my fav player, every day the same drama… HG GET AMANDA OUT(E/H/C/JESSIE/S) band together for heavens sake.


I Agree I wait ALL YEAR FOR THIS show and it sucks this season a little. UGHH go Amanda Mcrae!


Those were my words 3 or 4 weeks ago. haha


At this point I want none of them to win….can they all just get evicted next week? But I am starting to like Jessie…she’s finally started to play this game, and she’s the only one in the house standing up for herself and playing her own game. Too bad she probably won’t win.


Jessie now trying to hook up with judd is pretty pathetic. wow. he wasn’t even trying to play it that way, but it just made her think she wants him. yikes.

Bad Move

Jessie sleeping with a guy that despises her makes me cringe. This was Elissa’s bright idea to Jessie, sleep with the guy to get his vote. The problem was its so transparent her motives and Judd knew it. He just took advantage of the situation and went back to Aaryn. Aaryn is playing the same game. Aaryn needs Judd close for her own safety and is willing to lead him on as well. Hence, you see the picture of Aaryn and Judd arm in arm…Yikes!


Judd is awful. I mean play the game but don’t use a girl that likes you and talk about her to Aaryn. Ugh. Poor Jessie.


jess doesnt really like him though, just friendly flirting

its good she is attempting to make this season more interesting


I’m sure Grodner is happy that it’s looking like she isn’t going to have to pull out an Amanda-faovring twist later this week. I’m sure she’s been sweating bullets because of Jessie this week.




i am so happy that amanda has ruined her life and reputation with her disgraceful appearance on this show

she is going to need security around the clock

when in public places she may have to wear a disguise to avoid getting seriously hurt


Can’t wait for Thursday! if hoh competition is quizzes then helen, jessie or judd can win. If jessie or helen win, they’ll put up amanda and her boy toy! if judd wins then he’ll put up elissa and helen. I doubt he’ll win because his brain is cracked and fried to to even solve any puzzle. So go team HEJ


I think Helen has the edge of the quizzes and Judd probably be so close. Helen will put up Jessie (Pawn) & Spencer (Main target). That why spencer is going home as well.


Actually, even if Helen was to win HOH this coming Thursday, the nominees for eviction will be selected by The Red Queen and McCrae. Helen would even put up Elissa (although she’ll try to convince her that she’s only a pawn) if The Red Queen told her to do it. In all likelihood, Helen would be talked into putting up Elissa and Jessie, by being told the actual target was Jessie. Helen would know that Elissa was really the true target; but secretly she wants her out of the house; she just doesn’t want the blood on her hands for fear of losing a prospective jury vote. Not that Helen stands a chance in hell of making it to the final 2.

This Season Blows

LOL at all the Cat People lecturing us on how Jessie and Rachelissa were going to make a “big move” and we were all wrong to criticize their gameplay! Fail!


Amanda’s out here giving handjobs while Jessie just wants to make out…Judd step it up and get the putty


Amanda: One good thing about this season is that we have so many smokers in the house.

Andy shows up

Mc: Also the non-smokers don’t sit around and complain about the smoke

Judd: The worst kind of non-smokers are the ones that come up to you and cough. That’s pretty fucking cruel isn’t it? Do you go up to cripples and dance too?

Elissa: Some non-smokers are just like parrots saying the same thing over and over again. Right, Andy.

Judd: My ex-girlfriend, Lynn owned a parakeet…oh my god, that f**king thing would never shut up. But the bird was cool.

BB fan

Two weeks after winning BB, Amanda was killed after being hit by a car.

In her will there were instructions that she wanted to be buried with all her money and that Judd would be given the funds by her attorney the day before her funeral and he was to put the funds in her casket.

The day after the funeral Mc asked Judd if he really put the money in her casket.

Judd replied, If that casket is ever opened, rest assured that they will find my personal check for the full $500,000 made out to Amanda


judd jokes are as predictable as this season

BBitch MatchMaker

I was thinking Jessie only Kissed Judd last night because she wanted to make him flip his vote….and prostitute herself for Candice….But I guess I was wrong…or maybe half wrong…still think 50% she is using him for the game..50% she is desesperate & horny ….But bravo for Judd


some harmless kissing and hugs no big deal


Is there a MVP nom this week?


Only I know.


There is a posibility that MVP will end after Double Eviction. We will start the with Eviction, guess will then be told about Double eviction and immediately play for HOH (most likely questions), return to nominee .We won’t have MVP but will roll over to POV. 2nd eviction and back out for HOH (mostly likely endurance). Mind you at this point, America is not participating. YES I believe MVP is done with. Hope they tell them who MVP was that way they know America wants AMANDA out.


OMG!! I hate texting, excuse all the error Grrrr

Wrost season

Why does production allow these racial slurs in the house? What happen to the rules? Wrost bb ever. I hope this is the last season 15 years is enough after his bullshit


13 years. BB started in 2000

Linda S.

If the first year of BB was in 2000, then this is year 14 !!!!!


They had 2 seasons of Big Brother in 1 year that’s why it only been 14 years & 15 seasons.

Wrost season

Andy talks to much lol


Wow.Judd is an asshole!!


When did Aaryn become the voice of reason? She seems so logical and clear headed talking to Jessie there. Hated her in the beginning of the game but she is starting to become more tolerable.


Aryaning is a backstabbing bitch racist from the word go, in other words she is an IDIOT! she hates Jessie as does the other racists bitches GM and Amanda, can’t wait until they all turn against each other. GM saying in the HOH that Jessie is an asshole and that Nick is her man and his dick will be up her ass, that person has No! Class, does she really believe that Nick is her man, then I have some swamp land for you in New York and that’s about where she belongs, Candice is better of leaving that demented house! and Jessie also! but please don’t think that Aryaing is level headed she barely has a brain!!


aaryn lost her job and reputation and she deserves it – she has ruined her life

everywhere she goes people will recognize her as a mean racist c-nt


Big Brother needs to turn out all the lights, let someone go in there with the ape costume a slap the shit out of Andy.


No, then they would bring back Jessie Godderz


I agree


?… he will like that.
he is starving for attention


Amanda is almost “light-skinned”, better watch out, Aaryn and Gm could turn on her at any moment and give her the same treatment they gave “Candice/Howard”.


Haha. It serves Amanda right.

VA Vet

Clearly it doesn’t matter who the viewers vote for because those idiots in the house have all got a screw loose. The only redeeming value to voting is to see the reaction of the person that is nominated. In that light, putting up Amanda again would really screw with her head and might present some entertainment.


Jessie, you better let Judd “touch it” or he’ll for sure vote against you. Just Saying


I hate Amanda. She thinks Jessie wants McRae. Ugh he is ugly as hell


I even hate how big brother starts now… Where’s the old guy showing one eye?


Haters gonna hate. Amanda is a crazy bitch but holy shit she’s playing an amazing game.

McCrae is 100% loyal to her right now.

Andy is 100% loyal to her right now.

Judd is pretty much 100% loyal to her right now.

Aaryn is 100% loyal to her right now.

GM is gonna be 100% loyal to her.

And now she pretty much has Spencer completely on her side, and she has Elissa and Helen back in line after they couldnt flip the house.

I dont know if she can pull this off for another 45 days, but holy shit the control she has over this house is pretty amazing right now.


If Jessie, Elissa, or Spencer win HOH during the double eviction, Amanda could definitely go up. She’s not completely covered.


She’s covered better than virtually anyone else in the house…and even if one of those three put her up…who against? What scenario assures her eviction? None at this point.


she is a sh!t player thats for sure

supremely lucky ti have mindless submissives to help her

nick you should change your name to: another brown noser of amanda the racist


Man I wish Aaryn played in the POV and got the tan punishment, OMG, image how much she would whine. ROLMFAO


Support 4chan! Get Amanda out and Alison outed. The tiny beads with messages are made and ready to be dropped over the house by rc quadrocopter!


I don’t think Spencer won’t made it to jury at all. If double eviction is a quiz, Helen or Judd will win it and put up Jessie & Spencer.


Coneheads come from France.


Showmance domination i the house Amanda and McCrae, NOW Judd and Jessie

Aaryn, GM, and Candice are pissed, their showmaces are gone, well GM’s never existed in the 1st place, but don’t tell her that.


Production should make Jessie wear a diaper for her remaining time here……her whining is truly annoying.


Well, at least she’s not going “Baaaah”, like the rest of the sheep.


you sure are dumb your name suits

jess is americas favourite


So much for rooting for Jessie if she indeed decided to vote out Candice. A little attention and she no longer remember how mean Amanda was to her. This group is pathetic. Glad I am not watching.


you actually have no idea that people lie in the game do you?

jess wants amanda out and will also say what she needs to and make an attempt for some safety as well


So this will be the third week in a row in which Helen will cast a vote to evict a houseguest who was trying to target Amanda/McCrae — Kaitlin, Howard, Candice.

She keeps telling Elissa — and now Jessie — that they need to wait; it’s too early to make a move on Orangina and the Pizza Boy.

But where is she going to get the numbers? She knows Aaryn and GM are with Amanda/McCrae. She suspects Andy is too, because she knows he told Amanda that Helen was part of Jessie’s plot to evict Amanda. She has Elissa, but that’s her only solid ally in trying to rid the house of our favorite Boca Realtor. She’s never gotten to know Spencer and doesn’t talk game with him. She doesn’t trust Judd. And Jessie? Well, she’s tried two weeks (obviously unsuccessfully, so far) and Helen has shot her down. Ok. OK?

Her best case scenario next week (NOTE: she doesn’t know there’s a double eviction) is that Jessie wins HOH and nominates Amanda and McCrae. Again, best case, she has Jessie, Elissa and Judd on her side. In her mind, maybe Spencer, but maybe not. But what if the MVP nominates one of her side? Absolute best case is a 3-3 tie. But in all likelihood, her hand gets played AND one of her allies bites the dust. Meaning the end of her reign.

She truly believes she’s smart, so maybe she’ll figure that out.

The Bible

Dan left some mist in the house and it has overpowered Helen – on second thought, it has overpowered all of them.


I take that back, production should give Jessie some contraceptives…she truly is getting desparate with tobacco breath Judd !


another mind numbingly moronic post


If i have to read one more time “judd tells” “andy tells” “andy walks in” one more time when a plan to do something other than “what the house wants” aka mcmanda im gonna puke in my mouth and die.


Jessie, the house hates your guts.


karma will strike you down with great vengeance and furious anger

the thing is jess is the only one there loved by america

so many there that have ruined their loves through disgusting behaviour


“Aaryn says Everyone’s dream is to win $500,000.”

Nope, that’s Amanda’s dream.

GM’s dream is Nick actually likes her.

Everyone else’s dream is to either make it to Jury or 3rd place.


The JU Double D, is getting play from 2 ladies, NICE….. Beat that McCrae LMFAO


Aaryn thinks that next week she will puts Elissa, but Elissa will win HoH and puts up Aaryn & Amanda on the block.


Wait, is this week a double eviction?


lol this isn’t related to this post but Helen’s big brother photo kind of looks like a troll face (explains why she annoys me)

Helen: http://blog.mysanantonio.com/jakle06/files/2013/07/Helen-Kim-big-brother-1.jpg

Troll: http://whitsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Troll_Face.png


If JUDD plays his cards right he could make an unprecedented move that would go down in BB history. He could bang both Jessie and Aaryn. Get it done JUDD. Make us proud.


That’s what I’m saying. 2 Showmances, then win HOH, and get a 3some going. Judd got this.


Where the hell is Candice?!
The past couple posts, Candice hasn’t been involved in any serious talk. Start campaigning and promising deals to Helen and Judd!! If they get Helen completely on board, Judd may follow suite. The only people I like this season are Candice and Jessie. Kinda like Elissa, but she needs to stand her ground with Helen. Hate to say it but I hope production goes buck wild with the rigging and sway things in Jessie’s favour. At least it would be entertaining seeing the true “rats” (gina, aaryn, amanda) squirm.


She knows there’s no point in wasting her breath, the sheep wouldn’t listen.

They had the perfect chance of putting both Amanda and McCrae up, and GM make deals to make sure one of them goes out, but she went “Baaaah” like all the rest.


It’s hard to talk game to people if they are always making you leave so that they can talk game to others.
She knows she is going home so she’s not going to go out to beg for deals since she knows they will still vote her out.


Anybody banging the Juddmiester at this point reeks of desperation !


Week one it was a “whore house” everyone was attempting a showmance… Aaryn was gonna have one with David too, if he wasn’t evicted.

Imagine if Elissa was evicted as planned? Kaitlin/Jeremy, Amanda McCrae, Aaryn/David, Candice/Howard

Helen’s married

Andy is Gay.

Spencer I guess he had a showmance with Mr. Hand

GM would still be stalking Nick, until he either gave in or stayed long enough to see her “deep throat” technique.

Judd and Jessie was inevitable.


the only banging this season will be aMANda zuckerMAN sticking her penis into mcvag vagina