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    1. The 30 most recent comments which have been added to the website are shown on this page clicking on them will lead you to the comment thread in the blog. it’s just so happens that one of the more recent comments was me telling a user that goes by the name “Dismissed” that he has been “Dismissed” from OBB aka as you’ve been banned from OBB get lost.

      1. Good for you. I just read that a little while ago and couldn’t believe what I was reading. I think he/she was definitely reading what they wanted to… all players are fair game, and you guys do a great job of that anyway. What an imbecile.

      1. This show is promoting BULLYING I am ready to stop watching because of these ‘veterans’ PAUL and the biggest bully of all—-JOSH—. The show is making a big mistake by putting people like this on the show.

        1. I completely agree, Paul is out of control. Also josh. I have watch this show sense it began. If it keeps going down this road , I am done. All this is is BULLYING. II have never seen a house go after some one so viscous, for so long. It is Paul and his dog pack. Paul is having the house do is dirty work. He is a coward.

          1. I totally agree. Paul is super mean this season and the other houseguests don’t get that he is a bully. The way he talks to Cody, the way Jason is so stupid he believes everything Paul says. Alex is the mean girl. Josh does whatever Paul says including banging pots together and singing circus music, which is appropriate since he is a huge clown. This is a season of stupid, mean people with the exception of Mark and Alaina. Cody was socially stinted but I believe he was a good person underneath the game mode. Raven has no mind of her own and Kevin just follows. All in all a pretty bad group of people. People like Paul and Josh should not be allowed to play this game. They just promote bullying.

            1. I am so disappointed in this season! Mark said it best (when talking to Julie), he wasn’t into kicking someone when they’re down. The majority of the players don’t seem to have a thought process. The bullying is ridiculous. Josh an Paul are tied for most obnoxious. Worse season ever!!!

          2. I agree with Anonymous about Paul being the controlling one. And Josh is the biggest bully I have ever seen. He probably did that in high school also. Most of the people in this show this season have filthy mouths. Alex has a filthy mouth and I know her mother must not be very proud of the way she talks on TV. I am ashamed of her and any other woman who talks that way. I can’t believe they don’t know Paul is controlling them.

        2. I totally agree this is the worst season I’ve ever watched…the bullying is aw
          ful and I wonder what message you are sending!!

          1. worst season ever…and the game seems to be rigged from the start for Paul to win it….these people cant really be that stupid to let him run everything all the way to the end…they must have watched seasons and to let somebody run everything like he is doing….something isn`t right….they all have been bullies from the start…paul the ringleader…big brother?…or Pauls show?…….

        3. A classic bunch of immature people with the exception of a very few. Someone should inform them that their behavior mirrors grade school. Paul is showing how mean he is and Josh is just plain stupid. Both the biggest bullies this season. May be done watching as I don’t think they are playing the game but seeing how they can rip each other apart. A good fun show on the path to being a don’t watch show. Never seen such out in the open confrontation as this season.

        4. I do think this is the worst big brother ever and ive watched this show the start ,every year ,its so script I know who is going home every week and that paul is the worst !! josh is killing me when he talks and whats with all and I mean all these men crying like babies ! geez !!

        5. I so agree with you. I have stopped watching this ridiculous show this season and so has my family and friends and we will not go back. We have been watching since season one and this is the wackiest season ever. Why did the producers even allow that loser Paul to come back this season. I didn’t like him last year and really dislike him this season. Since when is there one dictator in the house and everyone follows? The craziest thing is a lot of people are saying this is good game play on his part. BS- this is stupidity at its finest. I will never watch BB again ever.

      2. I agree. Behind every conversation, HOH, disagreement, there is Paul. What a despicable, rude, and sneaky person he is.

    2. I wish I’d found this site before. I have to admit – I’ve religiously followed BB and this was the absolute worst season I’ve watched. Having to watch that dirty looking Paul weekly just about made me krazy!!! That guy is gross. This group of house guests (with the exception of Cody) was AB SO LUTE LY LAME!!!!! YUCK!!!! It was if the everyone there was on vacation. Did anyone remember they were playing the game? A shame to those that made the game interesting in previous years (Angry Dick, Janelle etc. – true players of the game). To sum up how bad this season was – a house guest on crutches made it to the final 3??????????? SO PATHETIC! Not sure I got another season like this one in me.

  1. 12 competitions this season (HoH an PoV), so let’s look at how the HGs have done.

    Daniele: 2/5 (40 percent)
    Rachel: 3/8 (37.5 percent)
    Brendon: 3/9 (33.3 percent)
    Dominic: 1/5 (20 percent)
    Kalia: 1/7 (14.3 percent)
    Jordan: 1/10 (10 percent)
    Adam: 1/11 (9.1 percent)
    Jeff: 1/12 (8.3 percent)

    Shelly: 0/8 (0 percent)
    Porsche: 0/8 (0 percent)
    Lawon: 0/5 (0 percent)
    Cassi: 0/2 (0 percent)
    Keith: 0/2 (0 percent)
    Evel Dick: 0/1 (0 percent

    1. Yeah that Golden key sure helped out Dani. I wonder what her percentages would be if she would’ve had to compete in all the comps.

      SSShelly is sinking and hasn’t done crap as far as comps go.

      Porsche is a leech. Sucking on the ass of anyone in power and feeding her face constantly.

      Kalia, well I just can’t stand her. She flip flops like a fish out of water. Dani talks to her worse than Jeff does to Jordan!

  2. 24 hrs w/o a smoke for Shelly OMG!!!!!! She is really going to lose it. Jeff taking money instead of trying for POV, might be his demise. I hope Adam is now going to step it up cuz I kinda like him. Really no favs this season, but maybe that will change sometime if they can step it up!

  3. I think it will really be wise for Dani to keep Brendon and Rachel. Those two just want to get some money and will be happy second place. If Dani just think about it, she will have no chance if Jeff and Jordan make it to the final three. Jordan won before with not much effort and now Jeff has gotten money. The point here is whoever gets to the final three and if it is with JJ they will have no chance of winning. I also cannot understand why Kalia was so intimidated by Jeff. I cannot understand the house especially Shelley, so much love for Jordan, praising her all the time. is she playing for herself or Jordan. She is a liar going back and forth and making up stories and saying that Rachel is doing it. She needs to go. Brendon and Rachel even thou the most hated house guest seem to be real. Rooting for Dani, Rachel and Brendon final three.

  4. What if Dani actually has taken BR’s word that they will work together and (remmeber BR had said “nobody needs to know that we are working together”) and they get Shelley out , then Jeff and BR and Dani are in the final 3!

  5. I give Brandon 6 months before he is arrested for beating the heck out of Rachel. He is a controling little punk head. And the sad thing is–Rachel is one of those girls that will go running back even after he does it over and over.

    1. I will say at the beginning her looks were very harsh……now she is wearing her hair different and doing her makeup different – she looks softer – petty. maybe the girls did a makeup session with each other.

    2. You really need to understands Dani’s pain, she has no self esteem, she works at hooters and her resume is her name not even her …….other than that she needs to run the reality tv circut loser

  6. A friend of mine last night slip up at a party last mujght and said DANI who was supose to be in the dr for two hours was actually in th eback yrad practicing that cron hole game whic she never play at all in front od others This was validated by his friend who work in Cal

  7. As much as I love Jeff & Jordan, no way they should win! Jordan already won the game and she doesn’t really compete AND Jeff keeps winning money anyway. Also, Brendon has had THREE chances to compete in the game (last season and twice this season). I’m not sad he’s out of the competition.

  8. As much as I love Jeff & Jordan, no way they should win! Jordan already won the game and she doesn’t really compete AND Jeff keeps winning money anyway. Also, Brendon has had THREE chances to compete in the game (last season and twice this season). I’m not sad he’s out of the competition.

  9. Branden & Rachael are self proclaimed to be the most intelligent. Could someone please try to teach them Jr. High English grammar? When using an object after a preposition, one must use the objective case. Ex. To Brenden and ME (nit I ); for Rachael and ME (not I),etc. This drives me crazy!

  10. first of all jj and br are all liars in the game bigger than shelly and that speaks volumes… Dani knows the answer is the give them their lies back and stupid adam and shelly think they are telling them the truth… Wow!!!!

  11. And all Rachel do is go to the new hoh and lie til she can’t lie anymore. I hate jordan and her little girlfriend jeff because all he talk about is how he is going to make dani, porsh, kali hurt what man talks like this … one is a girl in side… ha ha

  12. And jeff and his little uneducated dumb blonde need to be thinking about how she is going to get a real job outside the house… And why do jeff allways picking his nose… gross but i would not eat anything he touches….. who gets a pickle out of the jar using their hands…..gross.. and allways he crys about is kali that she is stupid and the real stupid person is you and your girlfriend..

  13. What you give you get back….. in life..

    Jeff and jordan and brendon and shelly and rachel… you all think you are better than others … guess what you are not……..everything you do come back to you…….the end…

  14. Rachel will sell her first born child to killers to stay in the game that is so sad.. Girl get a real job like the viewers have… Dani plays the game because she likes competition but you try to think of it as saving you get a job…

  15. and jordan will allways be a receptionist because she is to dumb for anything eles. i would be shame to see my self on tv answering those questions from shelly for fun. jeff will need to two jobs to take care of you two…

  16. I can’t wait until Porsche goes. How did she get on the show? She has the personality of a tree sloth. She is too busy trying to look cute to even play the game. Sure Rachel drives me crazy but at least she has a personality. Dani is a slugger,Jeff and Jordan are enjoyable. Shelly could use something stronger than cigarettes,Adam and Kalia are as fun as sex with no foreplay. Just saying.

    1. Dani is a slug. JJ are ma and pa kettle but I love them. Shelly looks like she’s doing a stint in detox. kahlia missed casting call for planet of the apes, so she settled for BB. Porche and Rachel making plans to open a cathouse. Adam is working on his baconeater cookbook with aerobic dance included.

  17. Dani is a slug. JJ are ma and pa kettle but I love them. Shelly looks like she’s doing a stint in detox. kahlia missed casting call for planet of the apes, so she settled for BB. Porche and Rachel making plans to open a cathouse. Adam is working on his baconeater cookbook with aerobic dance routine included.

  18. Rachel doesn’t need to worry about Brendon as much this time around. No Skype available for a few weeks.

  19. Keep talkin’ Big Jeff, maybe your super glue fans will finally realize you are not what they thought. Jeff should bow to Shelly.

  20. Whatever punk azz jeff will do with the veto he better knock out dani because she will kick butt allways theirs. Rachel kills me with that twisted mouth of hers. and her hair always look like s—!

  21. The vets have out played Dani and her ragtag crew for weeks, Dani and hers were HOH for 3 weeks and only got Brendon out, (the vets talked her into who to get rid of) Dani has done this to herself, you can call JJ dumb but Dani must be more dumb ! They got her and she is going home!!! HA HA HA HA

    1. Yes, I am happy that Dani is going home. I used to like her, but that changed when she makes personal attacks on Rachel and stated what she will do to Brendon in the jury house. She criticized BR on campaigning before however, she is doing a lot worse. Karma is a bitch, also, does not like her personal attacks on Rachel because she made it personal when Dom was evicted. Rachel is annoying however she is the player that seems to be figuring out who lies ( Shelly), but this DKP alliance is pinning it on Rachel. I am glad that Shelly will finally be exposed. Her own daughter covered her face when she was watching her mother lies and stated that she wishes that she will not do that. Everyone lies, however, Shelly has lied more and make up stories as to pin it on Rachel and now payback time. Karma is a bitch.

  22. I cannot understand why these girls are still picking on Rachele when she was not the one who put them up. They are thinking of horrible things to do to Rachele to intimidate her. Hoping that BB will not let this happen and their actions backfired.

    1. Everything that comes out of Shelly’s mouth is a lie even her daughter said” quit lying mom” I believe Shelly is the worst came player of all times. I hope Shelly gets nothing, except to go home with shame for all the stuff she has done.

  23. There has been an outbreak of stupidity in the big brother house. Warning it is contagious! Beware of HG whispering and flipflops. These are acute symptoms of the diseased mind.

  24. still laughin at duck billed hairy platypus….poor soul had to bald himself after that one. I have heard of platypus rotting your teeth but loosing your hair,,,,ROFLMBO

  25. rachel just needs to go……….the most insecure absent of ethics female impersonator I have ever seen. and I fast forward everything she is in on the big brother after dark show. if dani goes I do not think I would even be watching anymore. not worth seeing the rest.

  26. I just love how angry dani is because kahlia isnt walking around acting like a spoiled 3yr old who hasnt gotten her way. all the while she is throwing kahlia under every bus that passes. she and shelly deserve to be locked in the jury house with brandon.

    1. I hear ya………..Dani is ridiculous. I don’t mind game playing but being an a88hole doesn’t cut it in my book. Though rachel is a bit unnerving at times, I’d take her over Dani any day!!!

  27. I also will tune out if Dani leaves. People bash her and praise Jeff? Dani isn’t afraid of getting dirty and everyone knowing it was her doing it. Jeff on the other hand will through comps left and right so anyone but him is blamed. won’t listen to people when he is hoh but thinks that he should have a say in someones hoh. Says people they are stupid unless they are playing for him to win. I wouldn’t have a problem with Jeff if he was a man, don’t preach that you are honest then lie and deny it. Don’t say “pick a side and lets roll” just to vote against Brendon telling him you will still go home why put myself in that position is that picking a side Jeff? He talks down to women including Jordon,pretty much just a bully with a limited vocabulary right “dude”.
    Next BB there needs to be extra incentive to win comps, maybe like every comp pays a prize of BB $ that can be used to buy something in the BB store. Which has things like slop pass $10, phone call from home $50, veto ticket $100 or maybe buy a veto $500. Just an idea to get the floaters to try and compete and a way to keep the real competitors in the game.
    Lawon was dumb but took a chance to win on a power that wasn’t there, Adam on the other hand is stupid and only playing to be Jeff’s Bitch,

  28. Jordon and a floater…. remember these words.
    Ahhh… jordon and rachel having a crying contest after jeff leaves, its a kodac moment!

  29. I want to see the sequestered house , brendon ,daniel, and jeff. The brawl for it all ladies and gentlemen! I’d pay to see that group of egos clash!

  30. Shelley, You better get ready to write sentences, so that you can tell your daughter it’s okay you are such a liar and Porche-does anybody give a crap about you????

  31. Tonight Shelly made a big mistake. She has flipped more than anyone to play Big Brother. I liked her in the beginning but she has to be the most two faced player to play the game and also the biggest FLOATER.. I am so angry at her. She talks about integrity and she throwed Rachel under the bus and denied trying to make a final three deal with Rachel and Brendon LIAR. She is nothing but a trouble maker and always plays the integrity card. She will never win. If Rachel and Jordan goes to jury they have four votes out of seven with Jeff and Brendon. I think she sucks. When she gets out of the Big Brother house she needs to take a class in gracefulness. She walks like a man.

  32. My suggestion is if I am Rachel, speak to Porsche and reminds her at the beginning of the game when she was kept safe twice by Rachel and Brendon. Then tell her that if she let her stay this week then assures her or two jury votes ( Rachel and Brendon ). If not, if she goes on to win final two minus Rachel and Brendon vote if she evict Rachel this week. Also remind her that since no one likes her, final two between her and she will win it, simply because she will get Kalia, Shelly, Adam and Dani’s vote, guarantee those four people will vote for her because no one likes her anyway. Tell Porsche that all she wants is to win some money since she knows she has no chance of winning the 500, 000 because no one likes her anyway and will be very happy to be second.

  33. I wish BB, for Season 14, would bring back all those (if possible) who were the first evicted from each season. These individuals never had a chance to show the viewing audience how capable they are at playing the game. There could be some very colorful characters among those first evicted.

  34. I bet when kalia or porche gets to the final two they will split the money with danielle lol.. Kalia might give her 75% of her winnings lol dummy. funny how they both say they wont answer the jury questions only say “pass” …

  35. Everyone keeps saying “Jordan is a floater” She did win the HOH! Yes, Jeff and Brendan did not try to beat her, but who knows she still could have beat them just because they did not try that is not her fault! Shelly is the biggest floater and biggest liar!!!!!!! Get rid of her guys!

  36. Shelly is nothing but a wrinkled up old has been who pretends to be something she is clearly NOT for the sake of her so called child. She is a two faced back stabbing anorexic LIAR who likes to place blame on everyone but her sorry self. She can’t win this game or any other for that matter. She needs to go back to the trash can she crawled out of. This is a game not somewhere to see how many people you can hurt while pretending to b a genuine person. I can’t wait to see her go. For her to blame Jordan for crap she brought on herself. She is lucky I’m not a houseguest cuz it would gave been ON!!

      1. I really hope that Kalia and Porsha AND Shelly are in the jury house no necessarily in that order. I hope that Shelly goes FIRST. It’s so hard to believe in the beginning of the game I was rooting so hard for her and also Jordan. After Shelly stabbed Jordan in the back I had decided I wasn’t even going to watch again. I saw where Shelly thought that she would be semi famous after this. Not going to happen!!!!!!!!! I really hope she does have a lot of true friends. I can guarantee you that America will like her even less than they like Rachel!

  37. shelly has become the most hated bb player ever. at least boogie and will were funny. this upside down face is pathetic. i dislike her most because she crys about missing her family, then why would you leave your child for 3 months. porsha, a poster board for social disease. she is a skank. kalia, a big fat baboon with her lower lip hanging down. poor adam, he has never had a chance.

    1. I just love Jordan. I watch this show to keep my mind off the fact that my daughter is serving in Iraq for the 3rd time. I couldn’t stand Rachel in the beginning with her no tears bawling about her and Brandon being RIPPED apart! Three times I have watched my grandsons say goodbye to their mother leaving for the war zone knowing they might never see her again. The two compared makes me almost spit up! If having Rachel is going to keep Jordan in the house then I’m all for it. I like Adam. I know that Jeff threw him that Veto but… seriously who cares…There are only 2 people left that I wouldn’t mind seeing with and that is Adam and Jordan. It doesn’t bother me at all that Jordan has won once before. This show keeps me entertained while I sit and wait for the return of my daughter and makes me laugh so hard thinking of any of them being one of her soldiers. Can you see Rachel in basic training? Me either! I look at Porche and Kalia, they also wouldn’t last one day as one of my girls soldiers in the war zone. Ironically she HAS trained people like Jordan before that completely adore her to this day! :) I love my life!

  38. The show this year is the most disappointing. It started good with the vets back but most of the newbies are sickening. We cant stand kalia, porshe, golden boy DJ, big bad backstabber Shelley, and the rest were not there long enough to know. Danny is not considered a vet she backstabbed them all for DJ and ended up getting him thrown out. Adam is our pick, He did nothing but be nice to everyone and kept them smiling so give it to him or Jordon. I do hope they are the last two standing. Everyone else has been so unlikeable. Jeff and Jordon will always be favorites and Jordon might not be the smartest but she is like an innocent child and is nice to everyone. so what if they already won money, they are there playing like everyone else .

  39. There’s a twist today. BB will be on tonight (Tuesday 301st @ 8 pm) Some of the evicted houseguests are coming back in the house… big TWIST!!!

  40. kalia in the DR mocking rachel andd making fun of her saying brennan and not brendon i think i’m going to hang on to him for the rest of my life. ! hilarious!! laughing at shelly talking about rachel is on brendon’s back and that’s where she likes to be!

  41. I never thought I would see the day when I rooted for Rachel to win anything, but after last week, I am so glad to see things turn around. I think it is mostly because it keeps Jordan safe, but as the same time, none of the loser Newbs deserve to be in the game let alone win it.

    YEAH Rachel! oh that kind of hurt….but I am okay…yes Yeah Rachel.

  42. Does anyone believe (as I do) that Jordyn is a huge floater? She complains about floaters and how they ride the coat tails of people…but thats how she made it to the end the first time …and now …this time. She only won HOH because they basically gave it to her (since she never won before). I will be sick to my stomach if they give it to her again!

  43. Rachel went threw so much crap from the house this year! They call her names, his her personal property, they believed Shelly’s lies of Rachel, & every week she fought so hard to stay! Go Rachel! Win the $!

  44. Adam has turned into the biggest jerk! He has really skated by only truly trying to win one competition. I can’t stand him!!!

  45. The sight of Adam in this house every week really disturbs me about as much as seeing Jordan in the house. This year has been horrible. How did they let them make it this far? Also, why did everyone get so upset about Jeff being evicted? He should have been evicted instead of Brendon the second time. If the players were smart they would have made that happen. Now, I didn’t start off liking Shelly but then I realized she was one of the only ones PLAYING the game without making decisions based on revenge (*cough* JEFF, Rachel, Jordan, and Adam). Sure she didn’t win competitions but her deals were her game (i.e. risking to let Rachel have her *fake* ring). Okay, now I have something to say about the show being rigged. I won’t say the show is rigged but it is set up for certain players to win (THE PLAYERS HAVE SAID IT THEMSELVES MANY TIMES). Production doesn’t guarantee the person will win but the chances are likely. Don’t you think it’s a great chance for Rachel to win a veto competition almost identical to the first HOH of the season that SHE won? Yup, chances were pretty high for her in that competition AND for an endurance competition where bigger people can barely fit under the pole and they move slower through the goop (this last HOH competition).

    I forgot to even speak about Pandora’s Box, which bothered me so much. Of course I was upset that Porsche opened the box but isn’t it amazing that they decide to bring the box back when Rachel or Jordan was surely leaving and there would only be one vet in the house. However, this is not what bothered me so much with Pandora’s Box…it was when Rachel opened it all she got was nasty body Jessie selling hisself for like the 4th season. This was SO horrible for her game right? This Pandora’s Box was just to keep viewers from saying how unfair it was for Porsche to have the box. All I’m saying is that I don’t think the show is rigged (because that would mean that they are secretly giving the contestants answers and tripping people during competitions) but I am saying that I believe that depending on how a HOH competition goes and who’s nominated production sets up the veto competiton accordingly. Then, they set up the HOH competition for who they would like to win. Things don’t always happen their way but they make the attempt.

  46. So, Porsche goes home tomorrow and that leaves RJA as final 3. Out of those 3, if the final HOH is endurance — it’s Rachel’s to lose. Rachel for the BB win! Or, how will things go after tonight? What is next?

  47. At the end of the day, The real and only purpose in Big Brother is to “Not get evicted” and make it to the final 2.
    It’s not how you do in competitions, competitions are there for the purpose of eviction and save yourself and that’s it. Calling people that sail to the end “Losers”, “not having done anything” is just a frustration that most people who compete or think that they compete end up having seeing one just floating by and think… shit we weren’t paying the right attention to that person, now looks like they will make it to the end!! AAAARRRRR!!!

    Just to bad! HAhahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  48. As I have previously said Jordan is a CLASS ACT. She proved it with how she exited the BB house. Rachel DESERVES this win. Jordan’s gracious exit is the very reason why America loves her.

    Rachel has completely redeemed herself as far as I am concerned. I did not like her last season. I am a convert.

    Hopefully next year BB 14 will be ALL STARS and then the vets can return with other vets and really fight it out. Get ALL strong competitors. Jeff can play without Jordan. She wouldn’t fault him for that at all.

  49. where are the people on this site.
    Go Rach I hope you win!
    who are you guys voting for fav hg?
    Adam is hoping it will be him- not sure why…
    Rach is hoping it will be Brandon…well if Rach doesn’t win, then I sure hope he does, but I don’t see America voting for him. Poor Brandon, got a raw deal

    I would not vote for Dani- quite annoying and is responsible for the demise of all the vets.
    Shelly…well what can I say. I don’t think she will get any votes SHOCKER
    Jordan, you guys would have to be out of your minds. One half mil is enough
    Jeff already won 15 thousand. Please be satisfied and thankful
    Kahlia, well another non shocker- no votes for her
    As for the rest of the newbies, please let’s not even go there, and please do not give it to Dominique.

    I think I will vote for Dick, er Brandon. Ur would be funny if he and Rach won

  50. Hey Adumb… Shelly, Dani nor Kalia are going to vote for you. So who’s the swing vote? Brendan, assuming Rachel is not among the Final Two. Dude, from start-to-finish, you have just been dead-weight. If Adumb wins the final HOH, he will certainly take Rachel. I don’t get the loyalty to her — nor did I understand Porsche’s loyalty to Rachel, keeping her instead of keeping Jordan. Rachel’s been a pain in the weener, but I hope she makes Final Two with Adumb, so Adumb gets a 1-6 vote in favor of Rachel to win the $500K (the single vote for Adumb coming only Jordan).

  51. Jorden if Jeff doesn’t make a commitment soon he is a idiot or just a little boy who will not grow up. I wish you all the best.

  52. Adumb-Adumb-Adumb. Bee-geesus, you have not a clue as to what GAMEPLAY is. If you’re a fan of BB, then surely you must have seen the season with Dr. Will and Janelle, no? GAMEPLAY means, when you win the power-of-veto and have “The Power” to save someone (Porsche) in order to put up someone whom you can’t win against, then you use the veto. You are such a wuss to the extent that you are so coweringly scared of crossing Jeff, that you decided not to use that veto, when you had “The Power” to take Posche off the chopping block (would love to see Shelly’s reaction when Adumb decides NOT TO USE the veto). Adumb thinks that everyone on the Jury, except Brendan, hates Rachel enough that he’s willing to go with her to the Final Two to claim his prize — well, think again Adumb, because SDK are not going to vote for you. That leaves one more vote of “Nay” to seal your doom: Brendan and/or Jeff — uh, make that both. Arrgghh. Worst player in BB history.

  53. Adam is really getting on my nerves , he’s acting like he is one of best players all season . Proche is soooo cocky she thinks she has this game in the bag. Please , please Rachel you have to win!

  54. anonymous i think Porche should get rid of Rachel if she wants to win 500000 if Porsche wins Head of Household even if she loses Rachel and Brendons votes.

  55. Did anybody notice that when Jordan was confronting Adam in the HOH and she got upset that he might take Porche, how red and embarrased he got. I think he was going to take her if he got the chance, but when he was talking to Rachel on the feed, he acted as though he was kidding her. I think he was trying to make up for the fact that Jordan had told Rachel he was going to take Porche. One last thing, a few months ago people were wondering about a relationship between Adam and Porche. If you look at their faces there is a similarity between them, enough they could be brother and sister. Before you laugh-look and see. Although one is pretty and one is not……..just a thought.

  56. One more opinion or question. Was Porche lying last night when she said she didn’t watch any of last year’s BB. I think she was.

  57. Shelly will have to do the biggest walk of shame when she does back to work – how can her co-workers respect a chain smoking conniving waste of space. How can a woman with a supposed exec job put her true self out there. She threw her family under the bus.

  58. Hello fellow BB lovers,

    My friend is hosting a BB finale party and she said to come dressed as your favorite person. She is hosting an HoH competition and will be serving slop! She also said to bring a dish. Does anyone have any ideas on costumes? I wanted to do Jordan and dress in the humilitard but someone else is already doing that. Also any creative ideas on what dish I could take?

  59. Oh and Adam… not only delusional, but what a douche. He said that he’d vote for the strongest competitor that would win the final HOH if he got evicted. Liar!! Adam, big moves are suppose to be carried out during the game… not at the end. LOL

    Well at least Shelly is mature and voted the right way.

  60. where is my comment….is it gone because i did not donate. rachel and brendon need mental health care…they have a sick relationship. and this season was fixed

  61. I stopped buying feed a couple years ago, now I’m just done. I feel the game is fixed (comps are geared towards certain players for the win) and minorities are cast and edited very nastily. Example, BB13 finale Kalia’s accomplishments were barely mentioned, except by players and rachel. I also feel most years not enough minorities, blacks,asains or spanish, ect. I do have fond memories though, Dr Will, Janelle, howie, marvin and that guy who woke up early and moved the furniture to fake an official competition to name a few. LOL.

  62. Who’s afraid of the big bad witch, the big bad witch, the big bad witch. Whose afraid of the big bad witch as she loses “favorite” to play. Bye Danibug. Don’t let the Worlocks get you on the way out…….(By the way Dani, great job at voting for the strongest players in the game and for not letting it get personal). Good riddance for good! May you come back to play with Adumb Porker, since we all know they will NEVER be back. Sorry to break your bubble Adumb.

  63. Congrats Rachel for winning girl. YOU EARNED IT and worked HARD to win it so nobody deserved it more than you. You improved upon your social game and I would bet you came out of the house a wiser woman too. I think you changed America’s opinion of you from last year. I know you changed mine. = – )

    Congrats to Porsche tho, like Jordan, I don’t feel we know much about you.

    Congrats to Jeff as America’s favorite! I voted for you and knew you’d win. I’ll bet it wasn’t even close. Jordan is a grade A sweetie as well as gorgeous woman. I hope you two can find a way to live under the same roof soon.

  64. I can not believe how bad it has gotten. Been watching BB since season one. This season leaves a very bad taste. How can you protect a returning player for three entire weeks and expect people to believe it’s the “viewers”, when we know how CBS (in all it’s competition shows), gives preference to some people who they called “viewers favorites” even if they are not even remotely. These “curses and rewards” take away the question of who will win at the end. Let take Paul, we get to see him all the time, he is a bully major time (who cares about Cody) but Ramses? When he beat Ramses by a large margin? What, the margin wasn’t large enough? Maybe his people, are too stupid to win. (Alex is too good to convince me she did not throw the competition major time.) CBS is not playing favorites, yep, sure. And how is it that a woman mentions that the baby boy who misses his daddy and mommy, was peeking while she was taking a shower and he is still there? Too bad, lets destroy a fun show by playing favorites in an even more obvious ways that before. And, why did CBS discontinue the ability of the viewer’s ability of commenting on the show on their site? No need to give me an answer, I know why. That having one of the most disliked people ever in BB as a participant in their most recent show, is an answer. Guess which show I will absolutely never watch. I would not surprised if the guy shows up in Big Brother based on him being the most dislike participant to go through BB, while being called “viewer favorite”. I’m out of here.

  65. Big Brother should be ashamed to allow such reprehensible behavior by some of the house members. Jessica and Cody are being bullied, nothing less, and the bullies are being allowed to just carry on. Their mothers and fathers and loved ones must be sooo proud!!! But Big Brother is letting it happen!

  66. I have watched BB since the very beginning. You really sunk to an all time low with this group of bullies. None of them have any compassion for others what so ever, the meaner Paul can make that no class Josh, the better they all enjoy it. He just goes on and on when the people are down and everyone in the house knows they are going home. I just don’t get how CBS just lets this go on for ratings.

    If my daughter was anyone of them on this season, I would have CBS to pull her off the show immediately! Evil DICK was hatful, but nothing compares to this cold hearted bunch of robot people… I’m so disappointed not one person has stood up against this horrific on going bullying. Very sad CBS.

  67. As a fan of BB I am very disappointed with the majority of the contestants this season. I always looked forward to the strategy of the players and the game challenges. This season has the most rude and hateful group of contestants ever. I can’t remember such disgusting behavior. To be so openly vicious to Jessica and Cody from week one, to make fun of them while competing as well as when they were just hanging out they would be verbally attacked. Josh is vile and the other showmance couples are an embarrassment. Not to mention how stupid they are by doing Paul’s bidding. The producers of BB have set a very bad example and set a low bar for entertainment. It’s sad as BB was always a favorite but no more. I’m done with it and that doesn’t make me happy.

  68. I cannot believe how Josh is allowed to distract Cody and Jessica doing a competition. Paul is a control freak and all the stupid house guest just goes along with whatever he demands. This is the worst group of candidates BB has ever had. The shows is getting just disgusting. When will all the stupid house guest wake up and realize that Paul and Alex are snakes. I think Jessica and Cody should receive something at the end of the show because of all the disrespect they had to endure. There should have some level of respect for each other. All others guest of just punks!!!! Please put a stop to the disrespect and try to make it competition.

  69. Josh is really ignorant acting and very disrespectful. Paul and Alex needs to be evicted from the house. All other guest except for Jessica and Cody cannot think for themselves. The worst group of candidates ever. BB should demand the candidates are more respectful. They want bullies out of the schools but BB is glorifying the bully act.

  70. Worst season yet, i dont know if it is fixed scripted or these are the stupidest players yet, I can not believe they were all followers, 70 days on 2 people and the rest following Paul, not one of the people left deserves to win the money.

  71. Worst season yet, i dont know if it is fixed scripted or these are the stupidest players yet, I can not believe they were all followers, 70 days on 2 people and the rest following Paul, not one of the people left deserves to win the money.

    1. Worst season ever. Can people really be that stupid. No thinking just a bunch of puppets.
      This has to be rigged as that many people can not possibly be that dumb. Anymore veterans on this show and I will never watch again. Get people who have to think. No one deserves the money.

  72. These “houseguests” deserve to lose to Paul. I mean WTF people??? Here’s a guy who has basically ruled the entire house to do his biddings and nobody has put him on the block?? What do you think Paul came back for, to sing kumba ya with everyone??? He came to win and he’s shown he’ll play the shadiest game ever to get there. If he’s smart he’ll take Christmas to the end because that girl has done absolutely nothing. She’s floated on Paul’s coattails the entire season and the jury members will see that. It won’t matter how much they despise Paul, they’ll think it’s best to let him win over Christmas she hasn’t played anything. Any HOH she’s got was given to her. Personally I can’t believe BB let her stay. If she was on Survivor they would have said sorry honey, but you’re out. Maybe we’ll take you back next season. She’ll end up making 50 grand for doing nothing for second place. Same thing with Kevin. The guy did nothing to get in 4th place. So sad. Worst season of BB yet. My favourite to win was Alex, so hopefully they’ll give her another chance next year.

  73. JOSH! I really hope you read this, when your off the show, I liked you for awhile, even wanted you to win, that is, until you got VERY ANNOYING TO EVERYONE. All that screaming and being loud was very uncalled for, we that are watchers, did NOT enjoy having to keep turning the volume down, every time you get excited and act like a child. ( and no, I’m not even talking about the pots and pans, I am talking about your MOUTH) I swear I feel like I was watching a retarded child on the show. NOBODY screams and yells like that constantly, it’s idiotic, stupid and for sure like a child wanting attention. I don’t know what happened to you in your life, but you need help. Normal people do NOT act that way. There is something wrong with you big time, please see a shrink. It got to the point where I stopped watching the show, what a shame, a few other people I know stopped watching because of your loud mouth also. Now I will just have to read about the ending because such an immature mentally impaired person was on the show. and I thought I didn’t like evil dick, well at least he didn’t make loud sounds constantly, screaming, burping, farting, yelling, and then crying 5 minute’s later. I mean “What’s wrong with you dude? you are not even embarrassed to act like that”? I am telling you dude, GET SOME HELP. I know there is NO WAY, you can hold down a job, acting like that, and I clearly see “why” you don’t have a girlfriend (or boyfriend), nobody would put up with a grown ass adult acting like you. You ruined this show for me. Just like the worst kid in grade school, throwing fits and laughing to hard, to long and inappropriately, for attention, that’s what you did. not cool at all, grow up! Thanks a lot.

  74. All you people quit your crying about Paul being a bully. He was playing the game the way it is made to be played. He never got his hands dirty, everybody did it for him. This is a game of strategy to get yourself further along to the finale.
    Cody Is the biggest joke of them all. You don’t vote for another person because you don’t like him, you vote for the person who played the better game.His personal animosity towards Paul and everyone else made him the least smartest player in the game.Cody get over it, your just a casualty.

  75. WORST SEASON EVER! I hope, after tonight, I never have to see Paul’s ugly face again. That guy is so annoying. Imagine, the guy who cried the first week because of being homesick and cried just about every episode won? Did I miss something here? AHAHAHAHAH. A woman with a broken foot came in 3rd? Huh? A returning vet made it to top 2? Whut? Did anyone in the house come to play other than Cody and Paul? They can take this season and pitch it in the ‘crash’ can. I want my Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and some Fridays back. I think with the new twists and turns this could have been a great season. The house guests this season appeared to be mentally challenged (except Cody). Weak! Think I’m done with BB. It’s obviously run it course.

  76. I’m so sorry but it was Cody that was being mean to Paul. were you not watching the same show that I was. Its a game and paul played the hell out of the game. I think I will stop watching now because the only reason
    Paul did not win is because he was not liked by certain people. Hshould have won because he played the game well not because josh did not like him. but I guess that’s they way humans are. they are not judging on how good Paul played the game. they are taking how he played the game personally. and they call themselve adults

    aul did not win is because he was not liked by certain people he should have won because he play a damn good game not because he was not liked.

  77. I think this last show was scripted for paul. lame that he had a 4 week immunity and the way they threw the veto to Christmas. big brother scripted this. I stopped watching this show towards the end. show was not real but rigged in paul’s favor. glad paul did not win. codey and Jessica was the only two real people but were not too smart. I would of put up paul and meatball when Jessica had hoh.

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