Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Power of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week

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10am – 10:45am Big Brother switched the live feed to the TRIVIA screen for the Power of Veto Ceremony. When the feeds return we learn that obviously Jessie used the veto to take herself off the block. As head of household Ginamarie then nominated Spencer as the replacement nominee.

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10:45am The live feeds return with Spencer and Ginamarie up in the HOH room. Spencer says that it’s okay that you put me up. In the future I may come to you to ask a favour from you. Ginamarie says that Judd was her second choice. She says she will definitely repay the favour. Spencer says he will not hold this against her in the future once they make it to jury and says that we can work together. Gina says that she appreciates that. Spencer says that he is just going to lay low.

Meanwhile in the storage room – Helen is talking to Elissa convincing her why they need to vote out Candice and not Amanda. Elissa says that she wants to vote Spencer out. Helen says that if you do that Spencer will put you up. Andy joins them and the conversation ends. Helen and Elissa leave the room. Judd comes into the storage room. Andy tells Judd that he talked to Helen and she is 100% voting out Candice. Helen comes back in and talks to them about how Elissa is freaking her out and wanting to vote out Spencer. Judd says well then let her, we have the votes. I am tired of Elissa stressing us out each week. Let her put a target on herself. Helen says that she is sick of Jessie trying to flip the house she needs to go. Judd talks about how Jessie was all over him last night. They leave the room.

11:05am Helen is talking to Elissa in the lounge room. She tells her that Candice needs to go she is the one that tried to flip the house and blame it on us. Elissa says that she doesn’t see why Candice needs to go and wants to vote out Spencer. Helen says that Jessie stirring things up and putting a target on your back. Helen eventually tells Elissa to just do what she wants to do. Elissa asks so you are 100% not changing your mind. Helen says no! Helen says after all the things that Candice did to us last week. I need her out of the house. Elissa says it’s just scary that every week someone how is loyal to me gets voted out. Gina and Aayrn aren’t loyal to me. Helen says well then next week will get one of them out if that’s what you want.

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11:15am – 11:40am Amanda and Jessie are talking in the backyard about Gina’s nominations. Amanda says that Gina’s nomination speech about flip floppers was clearly about her wanting Nick here no matter what the circumstances. Amanda tells Jessie that it was better that she went up because at least you got to play in the veto, if you hadn’t gone up originally you would be going up now with no chance to save yourself. Gina just put you up because it wouldn’t piss anyone off. Jessie agrees. Amanda tells Jessie that she wants to be good with her because her vote matters. Jessie asks where she stands with Amanda long term. Amanda brings up how when her and Judd started hanging out he talked to us about bringing you in. Jessie says I was loyal to you guys and then I got thrown under the bus by you. Amanda says that the fight happened because I had a couple glasses of wine and I heard the comments that you made to Aaryn about McCrae. Amanda says that my fear was that you wanted me out so that you could get the attention from McCrae. Jessie says that wouldn’t happen you and McCrae have a special bond even for the big brother house and I’m sure you will be together outside the house too. Jessie talks about how Judd is her dude! Judd joins them. Amanda continues talking to Jessie about how she saved the house from the moving company and we owe you. If you stay loyal to me I will stay loyal to you. I didn’t have a hand in Ginamarie’s nominations. Jessie says she just doesn’t understand why people keep pinning sh*t on me. Amanda says it is usually pinned on me too we are the easy scapegoats. Amanda agrees that it doesn’t makes sense for Jessie to come up with the plan to save Howard. Aaryn joins them. Amanda asks Aaryn you would know, why did Gina put Jessie up over Spencer originally. Aaryn says because you (Jessie) are strong and wanted to make sure Candice didn’t win the veto to take herself off. You were always the pawn and Candice was always the target. Spencer hasn’t been doing that good in competitions so Gina didn’t want to make it easy for Candice to win the veto. They discuss who the MVP could be and how people were trying to pin in on Judd. Judd says I have never been MVP, I would like to win it. Jessie heads inside. Aaryn tells Amanda that she just saw Elissa and Helen in the storage room and kitchen whispering – I think they are trying to devise a plan to get you out. Judd says no Helen was really pissed at Elissa that. Amanda says they can do anything they want to do. Judd says lets see who had the best week ever – Won the veto, ate an omelet, and got to sleep with Judd. Amanda says why would I get McCrae to give up the BBQ to you if I had a problem with you. Jessie says yeah that was great but you also got to stay up in the HOH room. Jessie says I think you just couldn’t spend the time away from McCrae. Amanda says I can stand an hour and a half away from McCrae. Jessie says yeah right Amanda you have a panic attack when he goes into the diary room. Amanda says I feel like you think everything I do has something negative attached to it. Jessie says no I just find it hard to believe you wanted to do something nice for me after that fight we had. Amanda says yeah I can understand that. Jessie heads inside.


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145 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Power of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

  1. I hope Spencer wins HOH and nominates Elissa and Amanda…. At least get rid of one of them. They are both annoying.

    1. If its a trivia, Spencer doesn’t stand a chance of winning it. Either Elissa or Jessie will win it so she can put up Spencer & Amanda in double eviction.

      1. You sound like you haven’t been keeping up with this show to offer Amanda and Elissa up for noms … Elissa wants to shake things up but peeps be to scare and Amanda is a waste cause she keeps going up and peeps be to scared !! Lol .. It’s funny how nothing changes through the week .. The noms are predictable .. The replacement noms are predictable annd the vote for who is leaving is predictable ! They keep flip flipping but end up where they started everytime .. At least weeks 1 and 2 was more exciting and strategic .. Now is blah blah blah …. Production more punishments please !

        1. Candice has to go…She is a useless annoying boring player…I hope Spencer stay…at least he bring something to the game..I hope Jessie go next…Congrat Jessie for you stupidity…1 week ago, you were a shoe-in for Final 5…..Now you are a target no1 to go next…all that to try save Candyland..another player that you were not even close to….I don’t like Amanda as a person also, but I think they will have plenty of chance to vote her out later…its not the time now..too soon…That will just put big targets on some players back

      2. With double eviction based on all the seasons I’ve ever watched, Candace most likely or Spencer will go home first. Then someone no one expects to win POV will win like Jesse and put up two big people like Amanda and Helen and one of them will go home. Double eviction always send a major player home and then the game gets all shaken up from there and new alliances form. Someone that’s not a major player always win HOH on eviction night. The question is if both Amanda and Helen are on the block who will stay? I think Amanda will stay because she has everyone in her pocket and it will serve Helen just right because she sat back and allowed all the people that she was aligned with to leave the house and had a major hand in getting them out. She’s so stupid, she think Elisa is dumb but Elisa tried to warn her and Helen will feel so small when Elisa is waving bye to her as she walks out the door, because Elisa will out last Helen in thus game.

    2. Why Elissa and Amanda? Elissa is saying Spencer because there is no support to get Amanda out, but there might be support to get Spencer out vice Candice. Spencer is closer to Amanda/ McCrae the Elissa/ Jessie. Spencer out helps Elissa / Jessie. Its survival! Now Helen is running back to the other side now that she is safe. When Helen felt threaten she went to Jessie and said we got to strike now. Once Andy talked to her, Helen is now throwing Jessie under the bus and says Jessie keeps trying to flip the house. LOL! Jessie, its now 8 vs 2. How you and Elissa survive I don’t know.

      Now everyone keep saying I want to do something big. So you think Spencer’s big move would be Amanda and Elissa. I take a wild guess and say that Elissa will be evicted. Please explain to me how that helps Spencer. He still be on the outs with the Super Friends. He still wil be a target after his HOH and he’s not in the final five deal with McCrae, Amanda, Judd, Helen and Andy.

      No there are no safe options for Spencer. So might as well cause chaos in the house and hope for the best. Put Amanda and Helen up and let chaos reign.

      1. I did catch the show. I don’t think Spencer would not win HoH and if he does, he would put up Amanda & Jessie and MVP will be Aaryn or McCrae. That’s why it’s not impossible of Spencer winning HoH.

      2. After Spencer conversation last night I think he’s trying to get Aaryn and Gina Marie to take him in an alliance and he said he could get Judd win the hope Judd brings Jesse which would make the two alliances even with 5 members each. He doesn’t know Aaryn is with Amanda. But he and Aaryn were talking last night when he made the suggestion of aligning with someone.

  2. I just dont get it. Why are they so freakin scared to vote out Amanda? They are going to feel awful when they get voted out and they have the chance to rewatch all of the footage. Helen and Andy have no spines and Judd is crazy.

    I didnt know the purpose of Big Brother was to make it to the jury. I thought people were supoose to play to win. Guess the rules changed and America wasnt notified.

    1. What I never understood was why no one ever set someone up for instance why didn’t Jesse get Amanda to talk to her in the have not room or HOH and have Judd or Gina Marie stand outside the door or in the HOH bathroom and listen as she questions Amanda about wanting Judd out and what she thinks of Gina Marie. Why not let people hear for themselves what people are saying. I don’t know why none of them have tried to set Amanda and Helen up and use their words against them? I would say Andy but Andy is like Ian he has them all snowed. He’s the only one in that house besides McCrae that’s not on anyone’s radar.

        1. Your Mamma is so fiscally responsible she put all that on 30 day layaway !!! OHHHHhhhh…… Sorry, but your post made me think of that Kmart commercial!!!!

      1. Candice may not be a great player but the girl is really pretty. They all are. I just don’t like most of them.

      2. anything that’s gross is yourself, you wouldn’t know a woman of beauty if they slap you in the face…candies is a classy lady sure she was back in the corner and had to come out fighting btw her real mother is white aaryn gm

  3. Helen, you are definitely a two faced bitch, backstabber, and a major coward…hope your kids WON’T be like you when they grow up…God help them!

    1. Wow. I agree with the first half of you statement. But you must really hate her to bring her kids into it. Seems like you could have just left that last part out.

    1. Helen is annoying to watch from her over expressive kiss a$$ demeanor to how she thinks she has the blueprint of the game. I’m guessing she’s studied it and certain concepts so she thinks she’s really got the tunnel to the end. But one of the things I find the most annoying is how she does people she is supposed to be aligned with behind their backs when they don’t do or think what she wants. I can’t believedI was happy when she won her HOH now I wish she wouldn’t have because some of what she did really affected the social dynamic. Now I would be just as happy to see her get evicted.

    1. At this point in the game, Jessie is the only person I am rooting for because she is the only houseguest not willing to back down with Amanda in her face. Even Spencer lied and back down when Amanda confronted her.

      1. I am with you there. But Jessie is playing by herself. There are just to many to fight. The best that can happen is that she gets one shot in before she leaves.

  4. I wish the first evicted houseguests who have been at home this whole time watching this cast of crazies were allowed to be the jury. Now that would stir some sh!t up!!

    1. That would be priceless.

      And better yet, tell them they aren’t going to jury but going home and America is going to pick the winner out of the top three. Since the season was supposed to be about expecting that unexpected and not making it the jury.

  5. it may be silly, but hey, at least elisa isn’t a fan of just going along with Helen’s plan. problem is that is where her strategic planning ends

    1. There goes that “c” word again. Is that you Judd, or is it Spencer saying it. Ah! Jessie is so lucky to have Judd and Spencer, whatever woman that is delusional enough to want you….good luck to her as well. You both demonstrate so much respect for women with this word.

    2. You do know this is a GAME. To have that much hatred, along with many others on this forum, over people you do not know, wow. Unless you are in the house, in the game 24/7, you don’t know the stress that they are dealing with and being an armchair quarterback. It’s a game, you will probably never meet these hamsters you watch so why be so crude and personnal against them. I’d hate to know you in real life if that’s how you get angry at people in a GAME. A little disappointed this site is allowing so much vile this year. The hamsters are vile enough.

  6. Andy is the biggest rat in this game and will be taken out. America if Amanda doesn’t go this week place Andy on the block as a reality check. In addition, the show should allow a week where AMERICA makes the decision on which 3 nominees goes home. This way we have a week or game playing and strategy, but in an unexpected twist nothing matters because America will send the contestant of their choice out the door. Will shock the house in ways we can’t imagine.

    1. America can’t have that much power. If that’s the case then Big Brother is no longer a game where house guests evict each other. Its a game where America evicts house guests

  7. If they don’t get Amanda out now, they might never get her out. Helen thinks she is so smart. This week may be the only chance they have at getting Amanda out. Mark my word (hope I am wrong) Amanda is going to win this whole thing. They need to get her out this week. If they don’t and if America is the MVP I am going after Helen and Andy.

    1. Andy, Helen, Amanda, Aaryn, GM…… there are so many people in the house that I don’t like in this game. If MVP comes back, it is going to be really hard to coordinate getting someone up. aving so many choices is goiing to split the vote.

      1. I agree, Aaryn, Amanda, Gina Marie, McCrae, and Andy need to go. But I hate to see Candice go especially after what she has gone thru with that Aaryn, Aaryn and Gina Marie need Jesus, they have some really awful ways about them when it comes to Candice and I really don’t see what she has done so bad to them. Well Candice you have to play the game, meaning you have to win HOH or POV to keep yourself in this game, but hey at least your leaving with $5,000 dollars, and who knows maybe you wont be leaving, it aint over til its over! God Bless!

    2. The MVP twist this season gives America way too much power and if anyone goes home because of it, it would be a shame. The point of the whole show is to make sure you are smart enough to convince people not to put you on the block. America gets to see everything and honestly they are voting off of personal reasons. Amanda is playing a great game. Everyone is afraid to put her up and she should not be on the block. We have a bunch of Brenchel fans out there voting and that’s not fair. The house guests should be the only people allowed to nominate each other. It is clear America cannot handle this much power.

  8. If Candace is evicted, it would be nice if Julie says, “Candace, your game is not over because we are sending you back into the house!” That happened to James in Season 9, so if that would happen, Aryan, GinaMarie, Amanda, Helen, and Andy (aka The Bad Girls Club) would shit cement!!!

      1. Its a double evict……do you really think they will bring her back? Man some of you people are so stupid. Candice is gone and she isn’t returning. Bye.

  9. Helen is a big Dummy thats why they are gonna put her on the block next week. I dont understand her thought process that if she was thinking of voting Amanda out why would she not think that Amanda wants to vote her out as soon as next week if she has a chance. And no one is loyal to her but Elissa and Candice and she stabs them constantly in the back 1st by wanting to vote Elissa and talking bad about her when Elissa does not agree on something then 2nd lying on Candice outright. Thats why dummy the person that you thinl has you 1005 is lying to you and telling everything you say Andy is playing you

  10. Did like Elissa, but now, not so sure. Still like Jessie, think the rest of the house should listen to her and evict Amanda. But, then again, it is only Monday, a lot can happen in the next three days. Let’s just hope Amanda leaves this week.

  11. Jessie and Elissa are the only contestants willing to make a move. I hope Thursday the house is shook to its core during the double eviction. I have a feeling America will play a bigger role then we think. Hopefully, Jessie or Elissa wins HOH and nominate Aaryn, GinaMarie or Andy and send one of them packing before jury. The only way to get Amanda out is to nominate her alongside Andy and McCrae. Sides will have to be chosen and people will indeed take her out. In other words nominate Andy and McCrae, allow America to nominate Amanda as MVP and hope none win veto.

    1. What you really mean is that Jessie and Elissa are the only contestants willing to make a move that you like. If they are the only ones making a move then there would still be 16 people in the house. Of all the HG’s, these two along with Candice have played the worst.

      1. Interesting, so Jessie, Elissa and Candice played very bad games in your mind. Tell that to Nick. I think it was Jessie you put a bigger target on the block then her. Oh wait….when the chips were down and Elissa was the MVP nominee and on the block, she won the POV comp. Oh wait, when Amanda tried to bully Amanda to put up Howard, she didn’t. Jessie, lets see, she tried to align with the Mean girls at the start of the game, and realized she didn’t fit in. She thought Helen’s Super Friends would be better and she found out it was all about Helen. Jessie finally had enough and playing her own game. I think both at playing great considering where they started from.

        But lets analyze your Great players. Nick….that was a mastermind, please tell me why he didn’t stay off the block. Once Elissa came to him and threaten to put him on the block, alarm bells should of rung. However, he played it to cute and is out. There is Jeremy, another great player of yours…..his style was in your face …..great player…he’s also home. Amanda, oh Amanda….its intimidation….she had everyone cowered up to this point. She is such a great player that she’s been the MVP nominee the last two weeks. I could go on and on…..but no one is playing a great game….there are just a group of survivors and pack leader. So singling out Jessie and Elissa is very humorous.

        1. Are you in fantasy land? You are giving credit To Jessie and Elissa for being there. And where are coming up with that I think Nick and Amanda are great players? I said nothing about them. In fact I think that Nick played a terrible game, I was glad to see him go. I do like Amanda but I don’t like the game she has been playing the last couple of weeks.

  12. When Helen speaks it sounds so overly scripted. And um you idiot if you vote out Spencer, how can he put you up from home. Its obvious he needs the money because all he cares about is the stipend from being in jury. Hate Helen, hate Spencer, completely hate Candice. Wanna nail Aaryn and Jessie, but at the same time because I don’t want to hear Jesse whine that she wasn’t first. Elissa has become just as annoying as her sister which I didn’t think was possible. Andy is simply Shelly 2.0. Mcrae and Amanda im still on the fence about. Judd is funny as hell and GM is hot and stupid. 2 qualities I look for in women lol. So I guess my final 2 would be GM and Judd.

    1. LOL, well said Wowballs.

      Except I do not want GM in final 2, can not imagine her trying to fill the house
      with “tawk” when it is down to F3…would be worse than the usual F3 quiteness.

    1. I dislike Helen too and I hate to admit that she was an early on favorite of mine but I so dislike that BBB (Big Bully Bull – Triple B) Amanda more!

  13. Soon stupid if Helen doesn’t realize then she’s going to be the second person going home on eviction night .

    1. Ok, so first they go thru the first eviction as normal, right after that they play for the HOH…..they HOH winner has probably like 5 minutes to decide who to put up on the block, right after that they play for POV and then obviously right after POV, they will go thru using it or not and then vote out next evictee…..everything happens so fast it will keep you in the edge of your seat….now, with this whole MVP thing, Im not sure who this will work on Thursday but usually that’s how the Double Eviction works!

      1. we will probably be asked to vote after Wednesday’s episode and lines close by 5pm est Thursday before the show remember to vote Amanda 6 votes and Andy 4 votes. Andy is the reason this season is boring all major moves have been foiled as soon as he learns of them.

        1. Fuck that, they need to keep “America” out of the voting process from here on in.
          The MVP voting has made this game a disaster. We have no clue how this could
          have played out had this stupid twist been in play.

          Let’s be real, America does not vote one game play, they vote on popularity and
          twitter & facebook prompts. Just start a campaign and they will come…..

          BTW- This is all assuming the votes are actually being used by CBS, lol.
          Still not convinced they give a shit what the tallies are, just do what they think is
          right for “the show”.

          1. * We have no clue how this could have played out had this stupid twist NOT been in play.

            * Let’s be real, America does not vote ON game play, they vote on popularity and
            twitter & facebook prompts. Just start a campaign and they will come…..

            Was typing while JUDD was talking….think his mumbles affected my type!

    2. 1sr eviction 15 minutes in. Then HOH comp with is usually 7 questions of some sort. Nomination ceremony followed by POV and POV ceremony and vote to evict in less than 40 minutes. Helen the douchebag racist weasel will be running to the HOH. Hope Jessie tells her to F U and she noms and is evicted short of the jury. Reality is Spencer or Jessie the most likely 2nd eviction. GM could also be a possibility.

      1) Jessie
      2) Spencer
      3) GM

      If Jessie wins HOH Spencer or GM.
      If Spenser wins HOH I think Jessie
      If Arryn wins Jessie

  14. Ok, so Candice goes out 1st, the real drama will be with the quick 2nd eviction. I don’t think they’ve considered the possibility of a double eviction this week. At least I haven’t heard them talk about it. Maybe, and with this cast of fools that’s a BIG maybe, they will make a move with the 2nd eviction..

    1. Does anyone know what the converstations were about the plans when it comes to a double eviction? I know they took place but i don’t know what the converstations were. So hoping, Jessie wins the next HOH.

  15. Finale Scenario:

    Julie: Jury, please cast your vote for who you would like to see win BB
    Helen: Julie, if I may, as a leader of this group, I would like to tell you that this is not the week to cast our votes for a winner, next week is the week!
    ……..ANDY ENTERS!!

  16. Jessie goes from being a soft player to being the smartest. She needs to be given wayyyyy more credit! I hope America is able to vote MVP again and give it to Jessie! I am just hoping she gets HOH. Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Judd, GinaMarie need to go!

    1. The ideal thing is have Jessie win the first HOH after the 1st eviction then Elissa win the second. then it is a week of watch rats scurrying.

      1. i would prefer elissa win the first hoh on double eviction night

        with jess she may have to win veto to survive

        then the second hoh on double eviction night, thats the one i want jess to win so she has a full week as the hoh, she deserves that for sure

  17. There are two interviews i cannot wait to watch. Aaryn … when she learns what the outside world thinks of her and Helen when she realizes what a mistake not to get rid of Amanda. Amanada would go down in BB history as one of the best players if she wasn’t such a bully. Emmitt from BB Canada played the same game as her as he always had voice in the HOH’s ear. If she played it like that she wouldn’t be so hated. Someone else said there still are a few days until Wednesday …. lets hope they come to their senses. I didn’t have a favortie player until recently …. Im liking Jessie.

    1. aMANda is the best player of a terrible bunch of players. If she was cast in the house with Eval Dick, Dr. Will, Dan or any decent player in the past, they would have her in tears and wanting to self-evict every week. She looks good only because she is playing against a bunch of cowardly dim-whits.

      1. Amanda is a great player, but if it wasnt for her horrible comments and bullying, she may be redemable, but no one in this house has the guts to go against her, that would be a better show to watch and see her fight to keep her queen b status, but everything is being handed to her, she really isnt working hard to keep it, everyone else is just too spineless to do anything.

        1. amanda is a sh!t player…puts way to big of a target on herself

          she just got extremely lucky there were so many submissive wimps willing to do anything for her to keep her safe

    2. “Amanada would go down in BB history as one of the best players if she wasn’t such a bully.”

      I felt the same way for most of the season but the past week or two, she’s not even really playing the game anymore, just melting down and being as rude and crass as humanly possible.

  18. What is WRONG with this cast?!?! WHY are they so afraid of Amanda? This is their shot to get her out…. I don’t get why they want to wait…. She is in complete control ( and I can’t stand it, but it makes for good reading everyday!). What are you waiting for guys? You don’t even deserve to be playing the game…..Somebody pull the trigger and shake this house up!

    1. That’s not the problem. They aren’t that scared of Amanda. If they were, she’d be gone like Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Howard.

  19. Okay Helium Head Helen let me get this straight. Spencer was in an alliance with Howard. And Helen would rather vote out Candace over Spencer. A possible sure jury vote if Helen makes it to the end. She must think he is so desperate and without anyone that he’s just going to go along and do what she wants or that she can use him to her advantage. I wouldn’t trust Spencer in the same way I didn’t trust Howard if you are going along with the thinking. It doesn’t matter if he fessed up to the Moving Company and Howard didn’t. neither were in your alliance.

  20. im a very big fun of BB. I’ve also looked for forward to BB very summertime. Just today I red an article about how Amanda refereed to Candice as a “monkey”.
    That’s very f up. Not only did this season’s producers put up the worst cast of all time but the racial comments towards gays, blacks, asian, latinos, etc make me not wanna watch this show no more. I feel like their allowing this to happen to boast up their ratings…I might be wrong but thats how I feel. I used to hate Helen but I hope she really goes after Amanda. Why eliminate Candice who isn’t a floater and not even a threat at this point of the game? Go for Amanda/ McCrea/ Andy the Snake or Judd.

    1. Martell, I think you probably read that on a site that has bias.
      If you want to hear it again you can listen to BBgossip show from Sat. 8-3.
      They break it down pretty well, play it a few times you can clearly hear no “Monkey”.
      Someone claimed that the other day, but when replayed she is talking about Spencer, a “KEY” (HG key),
      and some idiot of course heard MONKEY and ran with it.
      If I recall correctly, HIS-KEY was what she said (they are stealth whispering at the time).

      Also, Aaryn and MC were with her at the time this was said.
      You would think if she had called Candace a monkey that-
      1) MC would have said STOP (he tries to filter her, he does not like when she says un-PC things)
      2) Aaryn would have likely laughed or commented also.
      Neither said a word.

      This seems to be a big issue though. ONE person decides something was said and anyone with a
      website goes on a crusade. No one takes the time to investigate.
      Reminds me of campaign ads and how some will just roll with whoever buys the most TV time. =(

    2. Martell, I think you are so right. They put up a disclaimer and Julie Chen is outraged, but I truly believe that CBS would have made it stop with all of the people so upset. They could have easily remedied the situation and called the players on it and or have even threatened them if necessary. It continued with no punishment, otherwise it would have stopped. Their ratings were up this past Thursday, so all of this racism and media backlash is all in their favor. I disagree with how they are handling this, but they know exactly what they are doing.

  21. I know everyone on here wants Amanda out. I don’t……….. I think she is funny and makes watching this season bearable. That being said she is making herself a huge target and there is no way she is making it to the vary end with McCrea. She will be gone in the next 3 weeks for sure.

  22. The smartest person in the room — a/k/a Helen — will feel pretty stupid when she gets put up on the block next to Amanda and goes home.

    Stupid because she trusted Andy, and stupid because she wasted two weeks waiting for the “right” time to strike the queen bee.

    Well, she’s going to get stung, and I will have zero sympathy for her whatsoever. Maybe I’ll even go to Chicago and laugh at her Chilltown style.

    So please, Spencer or Jessie, win HOH and throw the two of them up together — with the potential replacement nom for Amanda being McCrae and either Elissa or Andy for Helen.

    (I’m indifferent on Elissa, but the point is to break up the couples (e.g., Aaryn & David, Kaitlin & Jeremy, Spencer/Candice & Howard).

  23. I LOVE it!! Ellisa is PIMPING out! Jessie to JUDD!! haha She is going to be so pissed and embarrassed when she finds out all this sweet talking and kissing is going NOWHERE in JUDD’S eyes!! and she maybe gone BEFORE jury!! lol That is what happens when you pick the wrong side to align with! Go JUDD!!!

    1. let me guess you want no house flip so things can remain predictable

      please bro you were born with a brain, please use it, it isnt that hard – jess is awesome for trying to change the season, but the others are mindless sheep

  24. Most Helen haters are Judd fans the most Amanda whipped person in the house. If that rat didn’t snitch Amanda could have went home.

    1. Not true. I don’t like Helen or Judd in the game. Helen does not know how to read people. She is constantly giving information to the enemy and can’t even see who is passing the information along. (At least Jessie called out Andy during her arguement with Amanda and he sat there and took it.) I thought Judd was going to hold his tongue, but then he blabbed everything to Amanda. No one is willing to keep any information to themselves. Although at this point I am only rooting for Jessie, McCrea is playing as good a game as he can considering he has to put out so many fires. I would love for Amanda to be voted out to see if McCrea really does have any game on his own.

    1. Maybe if Rachelissa didn’t isolate herself from the rest of the house as much as possible and depend 100% on production the first few weeks, she wouldn’t be in this position now.

  25. So obviously this week’s double eviction will be slightly different because of the MVP nominee. So I think it’s either going to be just 2 nominees during the 2nd part of the double eviction…….OR an extended HOH this week where they vote out like normal (prob Candice), then instead of an HOH comp with noms and POV to follow….the remaining 2 nominees are still up for eviction (Spencer and Amanda). That would be EPIC!! People would be shocked!! They wouldn’t know whether to evict Spencer or Amanda.

  26. Hope Amanda’s paranoia and anxiety over the next three days causes her to stir shit and piss people off to the point Judd and Helen decide it’s best to link up with Jess and Elissa to vote her out. Jess really needs to harp on the fact that Amanda was talking about kicking Judd to the curb when she thought he was MVP. I think Helen could be swayed if she thought the other three were rock solid. Just don’t see all that happening though.

    Best Jess can do is to win HOH and put Amanda up with McCrae…… long odds on that happening.

    1. no they are not long odds at all

      jess is very good at mental comps

      i would like to see jess win veto on eviction night followed by hoh so she is hoh for a full week

  27. What a bunch of idiots. You need to get Amanda out now while you have the votes to do so. If you send home either Candy or Spencer you vote out one more person willing to get Amanda out. Bunch of ninnies.

    1. This is the truest remark. I don’t understand why Helen is willing to vote off people who could help her get Amanda out at any point in time. Her trust in Andy and Judd is her major flaw in this game.

  28. This is a season where I wish it was like Season 4 and they let all the jury members watch what we saw. I remember Allison and Jun getting BLASTED by their behavior. It made them winning that much more tolerable. I REALLY wish that was allowed this year and in years from here on. So much happens that they edit for the Jury and I really don’t think that is fair because some things the jury never see’s! This season would be a great one for the jury to see A) How they themselves were major hypocrites and B) How badly the other people they trusted were C) How this season may absolutely cause our beloved show to be cancelled. D) How none of them played the game well and E) How terrible they were to Howard. Howard played terrible he should have gone home, however his reputation was destroyed in the house and they all got away with it. It really was sad to see that type of human nature come from people in 2013.

  29. Can’t wait for Thursday! if it is quick hoh competition, then helen, jessie or judd can win. If jessie or helen win, they’ll put up amanda and her boy toy i hope! if judd wins then he’ll put up elissa and helen. I doubt he’ll win because his brain is crack and fried to to even solve any puzzle. So go team HEJ

  30. Can someone explain to me how double eviction will work Thursday?
    It seems like an awful lot to show in just one hour!
    And my guess is none of it will be live right?

    1. Huh ?? it’s all live, can’t believe you’ve never seen bb b4….. double eviction shows are the best episode of the season usually….

  31. Helen, as well as Judd, Andy, & McCrae have no reason to “get Amanda out.” They are playing the most effective games in the house to get themselves to F2 with Amanda. And believe me, all four of them individually believe they have a shot of winning the 1/2 million if they make it to F2 with Amanda.
    For sure – Helen, Judd, Andy, & McCrae all play the game differently (using different methods, playing a different role), with Helen’s being probably the most vile and frustrating to stomach by far of the four (even though she comes off much less vile than Amanda).
    So many people are griping about Helen being stupid or a horrible person. NO!…she’d only be a horrible person if she behaved the way she does (inside the BB house) while living outside the BB house. The way she’s behaving inside the BB house is one of several game-play methods that the best of previous BB competitors used to make it to the bigger money.
    She sets up weak competitors over and over again to take the fall and get booted (it’s not accidental and it’s not stupid game playing – it’s calculated and intentional!).
    As I said in another post:
    “Helen is playing the game with all the BB game skill she knows, namely manipulating and head-game playing the fellow competitors in the house by using play-acting and lies. In real life this would be very slimy, but in the Big Brother House, it’s how strong players go far and eventually win the game or get into the bigger money!


    She knows she might (at some point) need to eventually go after Amanda, but not until she picks off the weak competitors and can stack the jury house with people she’s staked out to benefit her in the long run. And as long as Amanda keeps “over-acting” the miserable wacko bully persona/character saying the vilest things imaginable to and about people, Helen can keep her sites off taking Amanda out even longer. By now, she’s probably decided that Amanda might be the best person to take to the F2. Helen knows she’ll get the votes in the end because Helen knocks off her competitors with game-play, rather than a razor blade tongue (Amanda’s method).”

    HELEN’S BIGGEST OBSTACLE IS MCCRAE. IMHO, he is the next best competitor and knows how Big Brother money can be won. But taking him on comes much farther down the road, long after all the weak competitors are gone.

  32. Helen is officially the biggest idiot in the history of Big Brother for STILL thinking Demanda, McCrae and Andy are on her side.

  33. It’s amazing how much I liked Helen in the first few weeks. Now I dislike her more than Amanda! At least Amanda(who I can’t stand) is just being her trashy self. Helen tries to be everyone’s best f-ck!ng friend, bosses everyone around and then cries about how so and so really hurt her when they lied. Ugh! Go HOME!

  34. I am encouraged by the fact that a lot of people are starting to see that Helen is the problem. Amanda is a vile, disgusting person, and i would hate to see her win, but voting for her has not worked, and will not work, as long as Helen is in the house.If you want to see this game change, vote Helen. Helen needs to go!

  35. If Jessie wins HOH the smartest thing for her to do would be put Amanda and McCrae on the block together. Then hopefully America would vote Andy or Aaryn as the MVP, then one of them HAS to be sent packing, preferably Amanda !

  36. Spencer went up!!!! I am so surprised! predictable – duh, boring – yes. Spineless wimps! I love hearing how they think if certain go up, the ratings will go down. News flash, your ratings are down because all these people are sheep (not too mention racists, bigots and bullies) and the show is BORING! This site has more action than the show itself.

  37. Why do people always drink that putrid “I’m a mom ergo I’m trustworthy” kool-aid? Helen reminds of that other mom who played in BB13 and was as sneaky as Andy. This might be only a game to her but so far Helen doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word “loyalty”. I guess she won’t keep in touch with Elissa or Candice since she threw each person to the wolves. I bet she’ll become BFF with Aaryn who disrespected her and then justify it on turning the other cheek. SMH!

    1. These links have been posted a number of times we cant keep adding the same links on the site. Also we cannot post links to youtube as it is against our terms of use with CBS.

      1. It’s a different video. Never saw this one before. Found it when I searched to see if it was true that Amanda was fired.

          1. Oh no. I had no intention of asking you to post the video and would never, ever want to see this site in jeopardy. Adore you and Simon and your efforts. Others will find that video, so just be aware that there is second one just published August 3..

  38. Everyone with the ability to turn this house around and make it interesting are playing DIE HARD for 3rd place.

    Like Helen, she has the manipulative ability to get Judd on her side, but she’s playing 3rd place.

    Bet money right now, if there 5 players left, and they have the vote to take out Amanda or even McCrae, watch Helen chime in and say “Not This Week”.

    Could these people be THIS retarded, or is someone taking a bribe?

    I’m calling it right now, McCrae and Amanda is going to be final 2, , for the 1st time in the history of the show a “showmance” makes it to the end together.

    1. If I had to call it now, I’d say it will be F2 Helen&Amanda or Helen& McCrae or Judd&McCrae

  39. This entire season has been a “In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” type of situation.

    Amanda is the smartest idiot in a house filled with retards.

  40. It almost seems like they are not “allowed” to vote for Amanda yet. It’s a no-brainer to get her out this week. I can’t imagine why anyone would want her to be in the house…she is way to strong of a player. I don’t agree with bully either… if they don’t like something just stand up to her. don’t cry and call her bully.

    1. no no no no

      do not give up

      dont let amanda off the hook

      we have to be relentless to maximize the chances she goes home soon

  41. Obviously the fix is in. I truly believe that production is strongly urging Helen to squash any or all talk of
    Evicting amanda. This is so so wrong.

  42. Sorry, but I have lost ALL respect for Jessie….Amanda was right on one thing, Jessie was sitting pretty… due to her whining and dumb scheming she is a major target….at this point, don’t care if she leaves…yep even before Amanda

  43. By Judd downplaying his and jessie’s showmance he has hurt jessie’s game big time. Now when she tries to scramble for votes(helen’s vote) she is shutdown at every door because people aren’t sure if she has judd even voting with her. Thanks to moron boy constantly bad mouthing her to the other side she can’t get any traction when trying to flip the house. Everyone hates on andy for being a rat but Judd is playing a similiar game. What was the whole point of distancing himself from jessie anyways? There was a way stronger couple in mcmanda that would’ve been dealt with first. Never once did i hear we have to split up the powerhouse of judd and jessie haha. Judd is delusional and i demand an IQ test.

  44. Jessie the only one with a brain…..Elissa see that Helen a shit head….Jessie romance Judd a few more days and hopefully Helen brain will work to get Amanda out….I also hope Helen follows suit getting out the house….

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