Judd says take this seriously or I’ll have to back door you. Elissa says I love to be back doored.

CBS Interactive Inc.

8:15am – 8:30am Big Brother comes back for the we’ll be right back screen to say “Rise and Shine, it’s time to get up for the day!” Judd gets dressed and heads downstairs. Spencer talks to Howard in the havenot room. Spencer says if we win veto and get Judd to put up McCrae. That way Aaryn owns us you know. Spencer says they will will have Gina, Kaitlin, Aaryn and us. Spencer says we need to keep Judd focused. Howard says that he will talk to Candice and Spencer should talk with Andy. Spencer says that he isn’t going to say anything until after the veto, I don’t want to get him all shook up. They leave the havenot room. In the bedroom – Amanda, McCrae, Spencer and Andy are talking about sleeping in the have not room. Helen joins them and Amanda asks her if she thinks Elissa got MVP. Helen says that Elissa said that she didn’t get it and I believe her. Helen says that Elissa thinks America’s got it. They all think it is America voting on the nominee. Meanwhile in the bathroom Elissa, Aaryn and Candice get ready for the day.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Up in the HOH room – Judd talks to Jessie. Jessie is mad and tells Judd that she thinks Amanda is telling him what to do. Judd tells Jessie that says he might have found them a new alliance. He tells her that he wants to wait until after the veto competition. Judd tells Jessie that it’s Spencer, Howard and Gina. He says that Gina owes him for not putting her up as a pawn. Jessie tells Judd that he should put up Amanda. The conversation turns to talking about MVP. Judd says that Elissa does not have it, unless she is lying. He says that it could have something to do with the twist. Andy and Spencer join Jessie and Judd in the HOH room. They talk about random stuff. Spencer tells Jessie that she was talking in her sleep. Andy jokes that Jessie said the order of who she wants evicted in her sleep.
In the storage room – Elissa jokes with Judd about her having the MVP. Judd says really? Who did you put up? Elissa says I’m not telling you. You’ll find out. Judd asks her again. She says you guys are funny. She tells him she doesn’t know who got it, it might be America. Judd heads up to the HOH room and tells Andy and Spencer that if Elissa doesn’t have MVP, then I have no reason to keep her. Spencer says lets just wait till the veto players are pulled. Andy says that he is so tempted to run up to Helen and tell her I know Elissa got it! Just to see if she confirms it.


9:20am Up in the HOH room – Judd whispers it to Spencer that he mentioned it to Jessie about us working together. Judd says I told her I would pick her as house guest choice. I can’t pick Howard, it would be too fishy. Judd says that he had to tell Jessie, she was pissed when Amanda suggested putting up Howard. Spencer tells Judd that he should put up Elissa, we have the votes to get her out. Judd says BIG MOVES! Let’s make it happen! Spencer says either you make sh*t happen or sh*t happens all over you. Judd says all right.. I wanted to lay low but I guess I can’t now. Spencer tells Judd he will never lie to him. This is your HOH. I have your back and we have the numbers. Judd says if we win the veto I will take Kaitlin off and put up Elissa. Then worst case Aaryn goes home. Judd says McCrae will be pissed but he doesn’t even come up to talk to me. I have to go find them. Spencer says they don’t talk to you, they tell you stuff. Spencer says if you get house guest choice pick Jessie.


In the hallway to the bed room – Elissa tells Judd that he should back door her. Judd asks what? Elissa says that she isn’t really playing the game. I was put in here to mess with people. Judd asks mess with people you haven’t done anything. Elissa says that all the moves have been made by her. Elissa says he keeps questioning her. Judd walks away and says this is bullsh*t. He then comes back and she keeps messing with him. She tells him that Rachel isn’t really her sister and that she isn’t even really playing the game. Judd says if you’re not going to take this seriously I might have to back door you. Elissa says you might have to do that. Elissa says I love to be back doored. He walks away again and then comes back. He tells her that if she isn’t going to take this seriously then maybe she should… Judd says this means a lot to all of use so if you aren’t going to take it seriously.. Elissa says you don’t think me leaving my children show how much I want to be here. Judd leaves and then comes back again. He asks her why she is acting like this, especially to him. Elissa says that production tells her everything. I helped produce the show. Judd says that he is disappointed in her. Elissa says well you keep questioning my about it. Judd then talks to McCrae and Amanda how Elissa is pissing him off. She keeps smiling at me and won’t give me a straight answer. Judd talks to Andy and tells him that Elissa has been acting like that since 7/8 o’clock last night. He says I might have to back door her.


9:50am Up in the HOH room – Judd tells Spencer that he is thinking of back dooring Elissa. Spencer says that is fine with me. Judd says that he doesn’t to but because she’s a friend of mine but she isn’t taking anything serious. Spencer tells Judd that Amanda/McCrae and Elissa think that they don’t need to tell you anything. They think you are an idiot.. well not an idiot but they think they have the wool pulled over your eyes. Judd says that’s it, I’ll put her up then. Spencer tells Judd that he and Howard have Judd’s back.

10:05am In the lounge room – Andy, Helen, Candice and Jessie are talking about the twist and what it might be. They are all nervous. Meanwhile Judd goes back to the bedroom and tells McCrae that he doesn’t trust Elissa any more. She is acting shaddy. McCrae says that he thinks she’s flipped. Judd says trust me I don’t think so. Judd says that he is going to try and talk to Helen and see if she looks him in the eyes. Judd says that we might have to get rid of her. McCrae agrees. Judd gets called to the dairy room.

CBS Interactive Inc.

10:10am Up in the HOH room – Helen tells Jessie to talk to Judd and tell him to do what is best for his game. Helen tells Jessie that Elissa is doing the same thing to Judd that she did to her last weekHelen says that she will talk to him too. Jessie cautions her about how she talks to Judd. In the HOH room – McCrae, Andy, Spencer and Helen are talking about what they hope the POV competition is like. They hope it’s a prize competition. The conversation turns to talking about the tv show fear factor.


10:30am Judd comes out of the diary room and yells I need everyone… He stops and groans. He steps back and then re-opens the door and yells I need everyone to gather in the living room. Helen tells Judd good job. Big Brother then cuts the feeds. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition.


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Elissa probably had enough and she was told she only had to be there for 3 weeks .. she is ready to go …. lol .. hats off too elissa .. its is HELL being in there so no shame in leaving !!!


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET JUDD BACKDOOR DUCK LIPS!!!! That would be so great!! Come on guys get duck lips, aka Elissa, out that door and then lets watch Helen and Andy scramble. Would be HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard anyone say, ever.


well then she should have not signed up for the game, i hope she goes, she is horrible and useless..


Well I’ll be damned if Judd hasn’t rewarded all those on here who thought he might just be one of the best players. I have to admit, I didn’t see it, but I’m pleasantly surprised that he’s ready to make his own path in the game, with his own “team” and make the moves he has to to win.

I’ve never been happier to be so absolutely, dead wrong.


In his cbs interview thing he said he wanted to be up there with the greats like dan and will and I thought he was crazy and a floater but if he pulls off backdooring elissa amanda or mccrae it’ll prove he’s really here to play and make big moves and I may have finally found a favorite this season


New rule.. you cannot use the term “Backdoor” unless you know what it means.


what is the world is Elissa thinking she is going to get herself evicted lmao


Just a question: Do you think she was being honest when she said production tells her everything? She was the one that came up with America is the MVP this week right?

Elisa's Botox

Aaryn was the 1st to guess America picking but was ignored…Elisa starting saying it after a DR & whispers in the storage room with production. I hope Elisa or Amanda get evicted this week

Big Jim

Elissa is pretty worthless without the MVP but I would be more focused on getting Amanda or Aaryn out if it was me should be interesting. Hopefully America will vote Amanda as the 3rd nominee then she will go more and more people are turning against her.


Aaryn….pack your bags!!!!!! Your going home!!!!!!!!


what elissa is doing is making me sick , sick to my stomach that i was rooting for her like a spoil brat like she’s entitled…. why cant she just have a nomal conversation and stop telling judd production tells her everything that was alow blow even though we knew this was happening i didnt want her to say that out loud distasteful …. done with her when these players do stupid stuff like this i root for someone else


She looked like she was on some heavy medication during that Judd conversation.


lets just think about what Elissa said .. now what comes over the intercom when people are talking about production .. they tell you to stop … did they do that in this case NO .. she is doing what she said … messing with their minds.. hell they messed with hers and she knows they are using her .. look back at the bulling that Amanda did to her … I would plant crap in their minds also .. and next week she will get the MVP and then watch the back stabbing rats scatter ..lmao


Someone read this entry, and explain to me why Elissa deserves to be here. Seriously guys, it’s getting embarrassing that she’s receiving so much advantage from the fans in this game. She clearly doesn’t deserve it.

I found Judd grating prior to his HOH, but now I feel bad for him. He gets zero respect from even the “nice” people in the house.


She is America sweetheart!!!!


I don’t know what Elissa’s doing- I think she’s bored, but this is hilarious, and I love her!

She Said What

I agree, what is Elissa doing? Maybe the question should be – what is production up to?

Will.I.Am, I Think

She was just telling the truth.


I like how judd has done what he wanted to do so far and will not be bullied and manipulated by Ellisa and Helen.


where was it that showed Helen and Elissa bulling him .. are you kidding .. the only true bully in that house is Amanda … Helen and Elissa told him to do what HE wants .. for HIS game .. Amanda tells him to do what she SAYS ..


well that was interesting…..


elissa must want to go home? by being evasive with the judd, she’s pretty much sealing her fate this week. stupid move if she really wants to stay. i still can’t wait to find out the third nom.

Elisa's Botox

Judd should have said to Elisa “your personality matches your face , fake”

Judd's Bear Shirt

Either Elissa is purposefully trying to make Judd paranoid or she is just a horrible player…


Elissa, what are you doing? You nutcase! You’re spiraling out of control & you look ignorant. I don’t want her to ge backdoored, but I have to put myself in Judd’s shoes, and if she was saying that $hit to me. I’d put her ass up.

***Random question: Let’s say America puts Amanda up & she wins POV. Would we vote again? Just curious. I think it’s very unlikely she’d win POV anyhow. It’s just a scenario.


my guess is they would keep going down the list in order, from most votes down.


Does anyone know when we find out who America voted for to be the third nominee? Is it today?
The only thing that I don’t like about America getting to vote the third nominee is that by a landslide it would be Aaryn.
But she’s nominated so if a third person does go up, it’s really America’s second choice.
I think that production should realize that everyone wants Aaryn gone and just leave it at two nominees this week so Aaryn can go home!
I would love that.


WOW, wonder how CBS and BB feel after Elissa readily admits that Big Brother is RIGGED. Bet that does not make the show!! She needs to go!


I don’t want Aaryn gone. WANT Elissa, Helen and rat, Andy gone and want Howard, Candice and Aaryn along with Judd and Jessie to team up.


Judd shot himself in the foot, it’s sad cause I was rooting for him too but now he’s turned into Helen 2.0 and is aligned with everyone 🙁

I think the DR tipped off Elissa and that’s why she is going cray-cray , maybe she misses her family?


Do you think production might have hinted that Judd wants her out (I think his new alliance talked about getting rid of her) so she is pissed? That’s the only reason I can think of for her acting like that. Definitely in the DNA though…

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

WAIT!! So Elissa does not get MVP and most likely gets voted out?? Wow I am so surprised do to her exceptional game play!!

But honestly how do you guys see this new alliance turning out because there is not a ton of strong competitors on either side in my opinion.

Let us assume either Aryan or Elissa leaves maybe even Amanda… it seems next weeks HOH will be Howard/Kaitlyn vs McCray/Helen. Then if Ju double D side gets MVP next week this game can get a new “super” alliance…

This is insane but I really hope McCray wins the next HOH or the boot list could very easily be …. Elissa, McCray/DictatorManda, Helen, Aryan, etc…

Weakest alliances ever AHHH!!!


Did I miss something on the feeds? Why is Elissa doing these crazy stunts?


If I sign up right now for live feeds 2-day trial through this site: 1. Will I get a feature to flashback up to Thursday? and 2. Will I be hooked up right away after filling out the proper steps? Thanks so much for telling me (I’m Canadian BTW) so I don’t know if that makes a difference?
Thanks for all that you guys do. :)Peace


Someone let you out. Thanks a lot from a dog lover. Meow


OK so I’m all hooked up (thanks) but I thought from what people have been saying that I would be able to see the entire After Dark Episodes since Thursday. If not fine but how is that possible? Thanks again.


Given enough time, I figure things out – thanks for a third time You the man and the other man is Siimon – doing a bang-up job as always. Peace from a very effin hot Toronto.

Rocco's paisan

I think the MVP is a great addition to BB , and should be in all future seasons, however , whoever has the MVP has to keep it secret and can never divulge to anyone, ever that they have it, that way no one will know who to suck up to, also the HOH can only nominate one person for eviction and the other nominee put up by the secret MVP……hmmm? Comments?


the mvp was a great idea but it has been ruin this season because instead of going to the strongest player it has blindly gone to one of the worst players in the house simply because she is rachels sister. they created this americas vote thing this week because they knew people were tired of seeing ellissa win it every week


Elissa calm down!!!

Funny guy

If I was Judd and Elissa told me she like to be back doored, I would have said turn around and bend over.


Elissa!! What’s going on?
You look like you do not want to win

Shiny Happy People

That’s why so many of us are angry that she keeps winning MVP. Those of us watching the feeds have been aware from day 1 that Elissa isn’t serious about this game. Production wanted her there to get viewers-and the sheep herded themselves right in and rallied around her.


When your face is heavily botoxed sarcasm cannot be expressed.


With everyone switching alliances and talking about who they want out, I don’t even know who to like anymore. Who is your guys’ favorite??

Vote howard or spencer america, thy need to bee

True, as of now i dont have any faviorites.,…these house guest gav no allegiabce at all so disgusting and sad. Spencer and howard are scheming snakes tat im hating more and more now.

Wpg Fan

I’m sticking with Jessie, better than all the other wingnuts in the house…


Judd could potentially exit his HoH with the support of two solid alliances comprising nearly every remaining player in the house. Not bad, Mumbles.

I have a feeling the MVP nom or the Veto could mess things up for him, though.


I think elissa had enough of the game, she just didn’t wanna be eliminated first, production told her to stay and kept her safe and now since the twist she does not have mvp, no point of her being here, she just wants to leave, go back to her children, she doesn’t want to go to jury




How does a Elissa travel through the woods?
She takes the psycho path.


Judd….Elissa is not MVP!!! We are!!!!! Aaryn is going home!!!!


Ok who does tat bear sweatshirt belong to??? First i saw Helen wearing it, then Mcrea, now judd! Im jus wondering whose is it???? Lol


I really think Howard is suffering from Tourette Syndrome. Take a close look at him when he is not talking. He has all types of tick patterns. He really should be put on medication that can control his facial contortions. I’m surprised the other players talked about his condition in the house. I guess racial slurs are ok but handicaps are not for discussion


“What do we want?”

“A cure for Tourette’s!”

“When do we want it?”



that helen is a smart one


Sounds like BB didn’t tell them that America voted for the third nom. Since they’re still trying to figure out if Elissa got MVP & put herself up or who would’ve put Elissa up. AND she’s making it look like she wants to stay. I do agree with Kaitlyn that if Elissa knew she was going up she’d be much more dressed up. I do wonder if production “hinted” to her that it was America’s vote last night to maybe prepare her…
This is too funny!


JudD ur an idiot…..he is playing his cards too soon!! Rember aryn, kaitlrn,gina are still a team so if u leav all three in the house, thyll come back for any one of you. Thy are up in the block so thyll make desperate moves. Im really starting to hate spencer and howard BIG time! Thyv been lying and scheming, thy have no dam loyalty at all but to each other. Its official for me, america please vote howard to be put up on the block or spencer. Sick and tired of their dam scheming and thy havent won crap. Judd ur makin the wrong moves idiot, if u put up elissa and she goes home, it strengthen gina, kaitlen, gina.


Production has something up their sleeves. According to twitter, Elissa is the new MVP nomination and they were not told America voted, which is sure to cause some confusion within the super friends group. Trust me, production would not put their precious Elissa on the line if they didn’t have something in store. It makes sense once you see the way Elissa’s been acting, particularly with this Judd situation. Asking to go home? To get backdoored? Something’s up. Still holding out hope that Amanda ends up on the block somehow.


Production has something up their sleeves. According to twitter, Elissa is the new MVP nomination and they were not told America voted, which is sure to cause some confusion within the super friends group. Trust me, production would not put their precious Elissa on the line if they didn’t have something in store. It makes sense once you see the way Elissa’s been acting, particularly with this Judd situation. Asking to go home? To get backdoored? Something’s up. Still holding out hope that Amanda ends up on the block somehow.

Butters Mom

I think Elissa gets paid no matter how long she is in there and production said the MVP twist is over and she can go home as soon as she is voted out. She mentioned something while Helen was HOH about playing for charity… which told me she doesnt need the money for her to even to bring that up. Im certain they told her to go tell Judd the truth and provoke him so he will nominate her so she can leave. America should feel used because Im sure Elissa has been told by producers everything going on in the house and probably is Producing BB15 lol. Judd probably didnt follow what Production told him to do as far as nominations go because Production wanted America to put up Aaryn and Judd did it… he doesnt like being TOLD what to do.. he has said this before. Im willing to bet MVP will be Amanda, Kaitlin will win veto and take herself off and Judd will replace her with Elissa… Then you will have Aaryn, Amanda and Elissa on the block… it will be interesting to see who leaves out of the 3 because all have been mentioned as being untrustworthy.

This Season Blows

There’s rumors going around on Twitter that Rachelissa is the third nominee…. if that’s true, BAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! SUCK IT BRENCHEL FANS!


ELISA is the MVP Nominee!!! Check the feeds people!!!

Aaryn thinks she nominated herself but we all know that she wants to go home to be with her kids..

Meat Lovers Pizza

Simon, how can they pick players for the veto competition if the third nominee hasn’t been announced?? Does that mean the third nominee won’t have a chance to fight for the veto? That would blow.

Butters Mom

Well I guess this theory was just blown… so now aaryn will be blamed for being the mvp.. because amanda will tell everyone over and over and over again she is… and everyone will vote out aaryn… because production wants aaryn out.

This Season Blows

Certainly wouldn’t put it past production to make everyone think Aaryn is the MVP so she can be voted out. After all, having “America” be the MVP blew up in their faces, so now they need to do some damage-control rigging.