POV Holder: ? Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

CBS Interactive Inc.
POWER OF VETO PLAYERS: McCrae, Elissa, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Helen, Judd


10:50am The live feeds return, In the bedroom – Helen and Candice comfort Elissa. Howard comes over and tells her it don’t matter just have fun with the competition. Don’t worry about the votes. Elissa was nominated for eviction by America ask the MVP.
In the lounge room – Aaryn is talking to Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn swears that she isn’t the MVP and says that they are going to think I nominated her. Aaryn says it is not me! America thinks I am egotistical they would not give it to me. Amanda says America didn’t vote. Aaryn leaves the room. McCrae says that he doesn’t believe Aaryn for a second. He thinks it would be so easy for her to play that off like that.
CBS Interactive Inc.
Up in the HOH – Judd talks to Kaitlin. Judd says that he doesn’t get it, maybe Howard is the MVP and he is pulling the wool over our eyes. Kaitlin wonders if Elissa put herself up, so that Aaryn goes home. They wonder if the MVP can nominate themselves. Kaitlin says that she thinks if Elissa knew she was going up she would have put on high heels. Judd says that he doesn’t know if he can trust Howard or McCrae now. Kaitlin says you can’t trust McCrae. Gina comes up and says that Elissa thinks it’s me. Kaitlin says it wouldn’t have been you, you would have been jumping up and down screaming it. Gina says that she swears she didn’t get it.

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11:10am – 11:20am In the bedroom – Judd comes in and apologizes to Elissa for thinking she was lying. Judd says to fish out the MVP we should use it on her (Elissa) and then see who the MVP puts up. Kaitlin says if Aaryn wins Veto it makes me think that I would go home. Judd says we would make it clear to the whole house not to vote you out. I wouldn’t have put you up if I thought you might go home. Judd goes to the storage room with Elissa and Helen. Judd tells Helen that if you win the veto we need to use it on Elissa and see who the MVP puts up. Either way that person will be safe. Helen says that she will do whatever Judd wants. Andy joins them and he tells Elissa that she has the numbers. You aren’t going anywhere.


11:20am In the bedroom – Aaryn tells Judd and Amanda that she swears she isn’t the MVP. Aaryn thinks that Elissa is framing her. Judd says that this MVP thing can go to hell. Amanda says that she thinks Elissa is acting. Amanda says that everyone knows Elissa is acting sketchy.


11:30pm Elissa goes into the storage room and talks to Candice and Howard. Elissa tells Howard that she thinks he put her up. Elissa tells Howard that she didn’t put him up when everyone told her not too. Elissa says you, Kaitlin and Andy were the only ones called into the diary room last night. Elissa says and you were in there the longest. Howard says that he was being asked about the competition because he kept messing it up. Elissa says that she doesn’t believe Aaryn did it because she just got called into the diary room and she went into it with out makeup on. If she knew she was doing an important diary room session she would have fixed herself up. Candice tells Elissa that maybe its good like Amanada said because then it keeps the blood of your hands. Elissa says that she doesn’t mind making moves and getting blood on her hands. Elissa asks Howard again if it was him. He says no, if it was me I would have told you. Elissa says that she knew she was going up, I knew last night. Howard says just relax and have fun. No matter what you have the votes to stay. Don’t go out there and let them see you are sweating, because that is exactly what they want to see.



11:30am – 11:50am In the bedroom – Judd and Kaitlin are talking. Kaitlin says that she isn’t going to try super hard for the veto. She says that she isn’t going to throw it but she isn’t going to be upset if she doesn’t win it. Meanwhile in the lounge – Amanda is telling Jessie and Andy that she thinks Elissa nominated herself. She did it to give herself some special powers. Andy said that Elissa didn’t seem that surprised. Amanda says that she thinks Elissa is safe no matter what and that she did it to cast doubt off of herself. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Judd talks to McCrae about Elissa being nominated. They discuss how they think they can trust Spencer more than Howard. McCrae says that he is going to go hard for the veto. Judd tells McCrae to tell Amanda to be nice to the girls – I don’t care if she has to braid bit*hes hair and sh*t. McCrae agrees. Big Brother calls Judd to the diary room. McCrae says this is probably it (Veto Comp.)


In the havenot room – Judd tells Candice and Howard that he just needs to make sure Aaryn doesn’t win the veto because I want her to go home. He says it wouldn’t be so bad if kaitlin won it either. Judd says that he would want to put up a pawn that would be safe and a zero vote, especially up against Aaryn and Elissa. Judd says he just really hopes its not a competition where you have to lie down or something because I can’t sit still for 10 minutes. Judd thinks it will be a punishment/reward competition. I think that would be good because people would be going for $10,000 over a veto. Judd leaves the room. Candice asks Howard he wouldn’t put me up as a pawn would he? He better put up Ginamarie. Candice asks Howard why he told her that he would put up Amanda. You know she is going to go back to them and tell them that. For future reference just say you don’t know. Amanda joins them and asks what Elissa said to them. Howard talks about how he mentioned Amanda’s name of who he would put up. He says because they think we don’t like each other. Amanda thinks Elissa put herself up. Amanda asks Candice how loyal she is to Elissa. Candice says that she is a loyal person. They talk about the possible twists. Amanda leaves. Candice says to Howard about Amanda – don’t ask me if I am loyal b*tch!


12:05pm Up in the HOH room McCrae tells Kaitlin if I win the veto I am not using it. I am sorry but I have to protect Amanda and myself. Kaitlin says yeah we really need to keep the nominations the same. Judd says that he really thinks Elissa got it. Amanda says that she thinks the MVP is guaranteed safety. Kaitlin asks Amanda to do the impression of Elissa from last night when she came up to the HOH room. Amanda does the impression of Elissa and how she came into the HOH room super happy. Kaitlin says that she hopes I don’t come off the block so that I don’t have to vote out Aaryn. Amanda says that she thinks Elissa put herself up as a test of loyalty to see if she’s really safe. McCrae wonders if Elissa has coup d’etat and that she had it last week. That way she knew she could nominate herself and then use it.


12:20am In the storage room – Aaryn tells Helen that the MVP can nominate herself. I just want to throw that out there. Helen says I don’t think that it was you. We made a deal and I am not mad at you. I think if it had been you, it would have been the dumbest move. It is probably someone else in the house. Its someone else that wants to make it look like it’s you. It’s too obvious to be you.


12:35pm – 12:50pm Up in the HOH room – Kaitlin says I feel like if I didn’t use the veto on myself America would think I am stupid. Kaitlin says I think though if I win it back to back with last week maybe I can get MVP. McCrae gets called to the diary room. McCrae asks AGAIN?! Kaitlin jokes your MVP! kaitlin heads down to take a nap. In the lounge – Amanda, Helen, Candice, Andy, and Jessie are talking about random things and the veto. Candice heads up to the HOH room and lays on the bed with Howard. She asks him if she can give him a butterfly kiss. Howard says no, any kiss gets me hard. She tells him he can go “the jack shack.”

12:50pm – 1pm At the chess table – Amanda tells Helen that McCrae went into the diary room and confirmed that the MVP can nominate themselves. Amanda says that she thinks this is Elissa doing a loyalty test. Andy joins them. Helen asks so if I win the veto, I should tell her (Elissa) that I can’t use it because it’s what the house wants. Andy and Amanda tell her yes. It’s too risky to use it, one of us could go up. They talk about keeping things the same or possibly taking down Aaryn or Kaitlin to back door someone. Andy gets called to the diary room. Everyone screams this is it! In the HOH room – Candice talks to Howard about if he goes up on the block do we have the votes. Spencer and Howard count out the votes to show they have the votes for Howard to stay in that case. Candice says she wants to go confront Amanda and ask her why she asked her if she was loyal to Elissa. Howard tells her no to. Candice says but that is what normal Candice would do. Howard tells her to she can’t be normal Candice any more.


1:10pm In the back bedroom – Gina, Kaitlin and Elissa are talking. Elissa says that she is bloated and hopes the veto competition isn’t anything physical. Kaitlin talks about how she would normally smoke week when she gets so nervous to calm herself down. They ask Gina if she does drugs. Gina says she doesn’t do anything not coke, not weed.. nothing. I am just a happy person. Judd comments on how “they” (production) are doing something in the storage room.

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:15pm The Big Brother Live Feeds switch to TRIVIA – the Power of Veto Competition is starting NOW!



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Jake K.


Doing my HAPPY Dance

Perhaps the real AMERICA is just as sick of production rigging Big Brother as some of us on here, and want Elissa out so the house guests can just play the game. Most of America hated Rachel her first season and since Elissa is starting to act a lot like Rachel are sick of her too. I know I quit watching because of production rigging it for her but if she goes Thursday I may start watching again.


They’re not that smart.


What if people still thought it was mvp voting rather than voting for noms? Now that would be amazing! But I’m also surprised that cbs did nothing to protect their litle star.


Elissa may have been the second or third nominee…and with a low %. I wonder if that info will be revealed.


CBS got loads of complaints because people thought they were voting for MVP – this latest voting page looked exactly the same as past, with only the small text above the photos changed to say “3rdnominee” instead of “MVP” so if Elissa takes herself down, she’ll be replaces with Americas #2 choice -for MVP!


Ohhhhh, well now it makes sense. Sheesh, America, I mean come on – what did you think the twist was?


After I put a few votes in each for Helen and Howard, I realized some people may mistakenly vote Elissa – and I put the rest of my votes in for her. More likely, many are probably fed up with her getting MVP, so voted on purpose for her (like I did)


I have lost all faith in America if the majority is that dumb. Why even participate if you half way pay attention?

Dumb as Dirt

How do you think Obama gor elected?


Ha… Ha…!


Or how ^^ this guy can misspell something when he’s trying to be witty and smart.

It must be rigged

How the hell does a socially awkward virgin loser that looks like myron peabody win last years Big Brother…..there is no doubt the game is rigged…

Telling It Like It Is

It’s hilarious that there are so many complaints about production rigging the game; By its’ very nature the term ‘big brother’ implies interference, orchestration and manipulation…for the show/game to be true to this moniker it has to involve some form of overseer control: The viewers have to understand that, since time eternal, each and everyone of our lives have been manipulated by impune, shadowy forces…that’s the true nature of reality in this realm. With such interference, Production present the game of “Big Brother’ as an obvious, accurate reflection of that everyday reality. Your town, city, country etc. is the ‘Big Brother’ house, we are the house guests and the power mongers behind the scenes are the ‘production team’. I’ve watched every season and LOVE it because they DO rig the game…they know and understand the true meaning of the shows’ title and they put it out there as is…the discerning fan would recognize that rigging is both essential and required – in fact, they should do it blatantly without excuse or justification. It is a not-so-subtle message to the viewer about the actual mechanisms of our society and I applaud their boldness; I say, the more rigging the better…acknowledge it, accept it and move on – it’s an inescapable part of life as we know it…to think otherwise is to live with your head buried in the sand.


Do not do your Happy Dance yet she is not going anywhere.


come On Elissa, Win Veto So We Can See Who Will Go Up Next. Fingers Crossed Hoping It’s Amanda


like since when has Elissa ever won/ come close to winning anything? πŸ™‚
Looks like the Brenchel army are not too smart after all


Ha ba ha ha ha she just Won dingdong.


After Elissa told Judd production tells her everything I’m willing to bet it pissed them off so production put her ass up. Come on people do you really think it was up to America? What proof do we have of the votes?


Actually they are saying it said MVP a couple of days before the twist was announced and then the notation was added…I’m thinking people voted Elissa early before the twist was announced thinking they were simply keeping Elissa MVP…to vote 3rd nom.

Linda in Las Vegas

Two things…people didn’t pay attention to the show or the instructions and just voted for Elissa thinking it was the same MVP format. Or, they did say that if the top vote getter was already a nomination, then the second top vote getter would be the MVP Nomination. If that person was already a nomination, then the third top vote getter would be the MVP Nomination. I tend to believe that a lot of people voted to vote out Aaryn and Kaitlin, and Elissa was the third highest in votes. Just my opinion.


WOW indeed! I did not see that one coming….I thought for SURE it would be Aryan.


I guess this Elissa MVP nomination is another rigging by production this season…they want to make sure Aaryn go home and not Howard this week…or maybe the RachelArmy are dumb enought 2 have vote for her this week


What is going on with Candice? She is now a real bitch, and a slut. I thought I liked her but her true nature is showing now.


Exactly what I thought would happen, and I would bet CBS knew exactly what would happen here as well.

This is the way polls (especially Internet polls work) — people vote for who/what they recognize. The same reason she won MVP is the reason that she’s on the block right now.


INSANE. There is no way America would LOVE her so much every week to give her a special and almighty power then bada bing turn on her so bad that they want her out for eviction. CBS needs to clarify this. Whether you like her or hate her, this crap is not fair. Make things clear. I call FOUL on CBS.


Posh I can think of three scenarios that would lead to her being nominated by MVP-America but I will only mention the one that addresses your post. Let us assume that out of 100% of votes, Elissa has been receiving about 40% of all the votes from Brenchel fans. That leaves only 60% that is sprinkled among the all the other house guests. So Elissa wins MVP every week. Now this week CBS says we can vote for who we want to put up on the block. Suppose all the 60% that never vote for Elissa decide to vote for her to go home – FLIP! She is on the block


I completely agree with you. I am in SHOCK! Serious SHOCK. I know production rigs a lot of $hit. But there is no way in hell, America would vote for her to have a power that HELPS her 3wks in a row to wanting her GONE! That’s just NOT going to happen. NO WAY! I just can’t believe it wasn’t Amanda. I really thought the 1st choice would be Aaryn. Since she was nominated it would’ve went to Amanda. So either, production rigged it, bc Elissa is done & wants to go home or Her fans didn’t read the rules & they thought they were voting for her to get MVP. But I would love an explanation from CBS. It’ll never happen, but it sure would be nice. I’m sure everyone else would like to know how this happened. Even the non-Elissa fans.


That’s what I figured would happen. I voted for Elissa figuring that all her Brachel fans out there wouldn’t realize the change and vote for her as well. I’m very pleased. Can’t stand Elissa, couldn’t stand Rachel. I just hope the house gets together and votes her out!!


HAHAHAHAHAHA, America got it right. Now house guests get it right and get her out of the house. She does not want to be her so send the BOTOX Queen HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seriously, how stupid are these house guests. Do they not want t win this game. Get rid of Elissa now!! You may not get another chance. Grow some balls you idiots.


Not going to happen……..Elissa is not going anywhere!!!!!!!!


They are 2 stupid to vote Elissa out or even Howard….they will do what production want this week …and vote out the only player that everybody can beat at the Final2 .. Aaryn




I dont for a second believe that people voted without reading. A possibility of course, but I simply don’t think that is the case, as everyone is claiming. Production has something up their sleeves. Trust me, production would not put their precious Elissa on the line if they didn’t have something in store. It makes sense once you think about the way Elissa’s been acting, particularly with the Judd conversation. Asking to go home? To get backdoored? Something’s up. Still holding out hope that Amanda ends up on the block somehow.

lol what

maybe she’ll get evicted and come back with special powers

– Lawon


I REALLY hate to admit this, but since I can’t watch the show live, I voted before watching the live show on Thursday, and I voted without reading. I thought I was voting for MVP… so I voted ten times for Amanda.

I can’t stand Elissa, if other dumb people like me helped vote her up, perfect. Now, I hope she doesn’t win POV because I’m sure Amanda’s next on the list.


Thanks for your honesty, lol
Half of the Brenchel Army did the same but will not admit to it πŸ™‚


I believe Brenchel fans got carried away and voted for Elissa to be MVP, instead voting for eviction.


I think that a LOT of people got the vote wrong. I have the MVP vote link bookmarked, and yesterday, it took me to the NOMINATION vote… I really do think a lot of people voted for Elissa to be MVP by mistake not realizing they were putting her on the block.

That, or the people behind Elissa spread the vote around too much instead of focusing on one person. All of the Elissa haters only had one person to put up–Elissa.


Kimmy, I totally agree…I think the Brenchel votes were too spread out among 12 houseguest to chose from…while ALL the elissa haters grouped up. Im really tired of this third nomination twist this season, sooooo useless because if you noticed every eviction ceremony one person has “0” votes., wast of nomination, dead weight. The intention of having three nominees is to spread out the votes, but it seems like it only has made it more a landslide for the house guest to really unifiy to get one target out. The 3 nomination is a complete FAIL CBS, never do that again!!!! CBS is running out of ideas!


OMG! If it’s true that Elissa is nominated this is good news!


why is that good news Elissa is not a threat………

Kaitlyn – is good a comps – BIG THREAT……so would you leave her in the game? Take her out now….
Aaryn – need not say more to that……


Good news to me obviously and everyone that wants her out, bad news to those that like her but oh well, I don’t really care. And yes she’s a threat. Her first two nominations went home so no one would wanna be nominated by her because there’s a huge chance they might go home. That’s good enough reason to want her out.


Not a good news because will win that PoV and take herself off the block!!!!!!


Because Elissa is annoying and only brenchel fans want to watch her get told by production what to do all game. Ya ya all you skeptics can say we are all crazy but when she says production this, production that its fairly obvious what’s going on.


Donnas you are right. Elissa would be a good one to drag along. You may not want to drop her in a jury, but she would be a good one to sit beside in final 2.


Ill bet anyone my weekly paycheck that the American public is SO stupid that a vast percentage of people thought they were voting for Elissa to be the MVP and not voting to put her on the block… Id venture to guess 50% or more incorrectly voted…..


Seriously? If that is the case, I still believe that the outcome happened the way production wanted it to go. No way in the world would they get accidental Elissa nomination votes and still put her up if they didn’t somehow want it to occur this way as we all know that if they didn’t, they could’ve easily switched it to be GM or Amanda or something. Something tells me Elissa knew way before the house did, hence her conversation with Judd. All I have to say is that something is up, and production may have something in store.


I find it funny that America NEVER learns these vote totals when we vote on things. Production, do your own dirty work or give out the totals!


Yeah, and I want a redo of the last three weeks of this game. People in Hell want ice water. Too bad!


Even if they did not hear Julie say the twist, the Voting page clearly states what the vote is. People are either trying to start drama or are complete knuckleheads.


Truly most people don’t bother to read things like that as has been evidenced by some of the questions and statements on many of the sites. It’s kind of like reading the Terms and Conditions on things like cell phone contracts and iTunes, etc.


Based on what goes on in America on a daily basis, I am betting most had no idea what they were voting for, stupid is as stupid does.


Dawg, did “America” just do a BBCA Topaz mixup vote, like with Jillian & Gary?! A HG votes all season for who to evict, then BB changes it over for Finale Night, and asks the Jury to vote for who you want to win!

All I know about BB15 this week is *one* thing. Production has decided that *this* is the week Aaryn must go home. Therefore, anything that happens that further increases Aaryn’s chances for eviction (like all the heat she is taking now, for allegedly being named MVP and putting up Elissa. What, do the HGs think someone passed a crack pipe around, in every US town, to every BB MVP voter, and made them take 3 hits each before voting?) I do think the the only way the house would ever believe truly Elissa was not MVP this week (despite the false McCrae week 2/3 MVP rumors, floated by some HGs) is to have Elissa be put up herself.

Bottom line? I LOVE it when something totally unexpected happens in the BB house! Although I find less HGs than usual to root for this season, I think BB15 has been full of drama so far. I don’t care whether MVP specifically stays or goes, but I do love the concept of 3 HGs on the block each week, so I hope that somehow stays.

Simon/Dawg, hope you guys got my $50 BB15 donation. Doin’ my part, as always, to help keep the OBB lights on. Truly be lost without you guys!

Jean A.D.

Alissa entered the game in the polarizing wake of Rachel’s super-fandom. Aaryn is assertive, obnoxious and likes to haze the unfortunate. It was inevitable that they would clash, i feel. If America is asked to vote for who they like, we get one list, if asked who they want to send home, we get another list. If the people who like Alissa will always outnumber the ones who didn’t like Rachel, this week’s power politics will look abundantly clear to Helen if she thinks over the past month. CBS likes the idea of keeping the basic ground-rules in flux, this creates angst and uncertainty. Like David, Aaryn arrived as eyecandy, but unlike David, whose only lapse was in that spelling bee thingie where he got badly stung, Aaryn can only reign supreme inside a game like this if there is no soundtrack. There is a happy executive inside CBS’s HQ who is in bliss over this commotion. If Alissa does not go home this week, she will not be as demonized by the rest of the house guests! The people who liked Rachel all that previous season joined the rest of us online who voted to literally send Aaryn packing so that she can see what her obnoxious mouth has done to her young life. Initially i was more negative about Paula Deen but i am cutting her some slack because the core of the case against her is taking someone’s good word over another. Aaryn is rather like Richard Milhous Nixon after the Watergate tapes emerged, namely she cannot change what the archival surveillance system has captured at all. I really hope Aaryn goes home and that Alissa eats humble pie for one more week!

Jean A.D.

Alissa= ELISSA (stupid typo) forgive me.

Big Sister

What saved me from making the same mistake is that I voted incorrectly on this website. I read the directions after seeing the results here and realized I had to read more carefully when I went to Galling for me to admit since I always reminded my students to read the directions carefully when taking a test!


I agree. How can you get the most votes for MVP for several weeks then get the most votes to be nominated. It doesn’t make sense, UNLESS, aha!! CBS wrote this into the script.

Jean A.D.

Rachel polarized America when she reigned supreme. DAWG is very correct to see this as CBS management deciding to sent a spitball or knuckleball over the plate after several fastballs wizzed past in previous weeks, the gameplay is very much the spindoctor spin and vigorish! If the raw impulse of 40% of the public is not to split their ten votes, and half the public voted to send Aaryn home as a clear message, then the ” bean counters” inside CBS have just got told that their standards have slid badly since the heyday of Walter Cronkite several decades ago. Even if JUDD was inevitably to do what he just did, many of us did not want to subdivide our votes. DAWG and other bloggers had the inkling that on top of the confusion that the also rans who’d be 2nd, 3rd and 4th would be seperated by only 2% or 3% of the vote each time. Lets say AARYN got 40% but we have ELISSA getting 18% and GINAMARIE being at 15% and then lets say AMANDA has 13% and then all other house guests are the remainder set, each of the “also rans’ of the top four are like three horses in horse race taking a tight turn as the front-runner is streaking to the finish line, and the others are a sorry pack of wannabes. The more votes AARYN recieves dictates out whether we are splitting 60% into three or 45% into three. Not all the house guests have triggered divine Zeus like bolts of lightning. This is totally poly-sci 101, poor Helen would know how to read the polls, even with an almost semi-literate confusion factored in for all who hate to read fine print. Given that the public had to sense the change in the rules, and anticipate how people would vote, inside a game theory scenario that John Nash of Princeton would have loved and could have written a meaty paper about in his youth, i feel the people have spoken. CBS has heard our outrage and utilized their control to give us a venting platform! I like Rachel but i am not one of her tru-fans! I was happy when poor David went home, and then Nick. Jeremy is almost an afterthought on Nick’s big brain-freeze, i feel. In game theory, due to the 3-D twist this season, looking at the show is like seeing John Luis Von Neumann’s zero sum game Cold War era ideas being added to by the very bright mult-i-player mutual interest insight John Nash had! I’d ask everyone to read up on game theory and look at this all as game theory, and how each eviction tends to benefit the endgames of most of the house guests! CBS leveled the playing field by dethroning Elissa briefly! I am not sure who i think will be top four but i am waiting for Helen to give us a recap of the game play!

Jean A.D.

i fell Aaryn is about to go home…
i think CBS is pleased over all this…
i sorta hope GM + Nick date each other…
i am picking up insights from Helen…
i sorta like Elissa as top 4 or jury…

Jean A.D.

i am a self confessed BIG BROTHER 2013 ADDICT and am becoming a loyal DAWG tru-fan!

Jean A.D.

DAWG… when i first stumbled onto THY poll, i was trying to remember which of the house guests you were,
and then i took off my glasses becuz I do not wear bifocals & then changed the size of things on my moniter! i
think you have the game pegged at least 80% of the time! i think Aaryn needs a reality check… she was about
to haze her fellow contestants like as if this was pledge week for a co-ed fraternity/sorority and she is not in the
same age range as Paula Deen where the word ‘plantation’ triggers images of Ms. Vivian Leigh winning out
over Bette Davis as GWTW is about to be filmed. Aaryn’s remarks were in very bad form, and her actions are
sad and regrettable. Even though I should have thought through who’d be 2nd, 3rd or 4th, JUDD was wise!!!
Privately, between you and me… did CBS take the coward’s way out rather than publicly expelling contestants?


“i am waiting for Helen to give us a recap of the game play!”

Me to πŸ™‚


Leave her alone for now Simon, everytime she strategize her game even though the job gets done she gets in trouble with her popularity.


Agree 100%

Jeremy's Boat

: D


Hahahaha love that they think its Aaryn.


They better evict Elissa then now we will see what happens to the MVP and who gets it. It’s only fitting that Elissa gets nominated by the power she used before, haha.
I’m really enjoying this, Simon don’t turn around and say that you’re mistaken she’s not on the block because that will ruin my fun.

VA Vet

Simon would never do that! LOL


Ha Ha Queen Bee do not rejoice cause she is not going home.


Way to go America…..CAN YOU GUYS READ THE DIRECTION????? Don’t vote for Elissa!!!!


Have never been so happy to share my country with stupid people.


Yeah but let see that Elissa wins PoV. I bet Elissa win PoV so she can take herself off the block.


That would be interesting, and we would get to see who else America voted to give the MVP to, I mean vote to go on the block. πŸ˜‰


Well, I’ll give you one thing: There’s a first time for everything.

Also, it might be nice to see Elissa obtain a power she’s actually earned. I might, slightly, respect her gameplay at that point…though in all likelihood if production wants to save Elissa they made sure ahead of time to prepare a POV she’d excel at. You know, like engaging in snarky conversation, or making the best duck face.


I seriously think elissa wants to go home so they put her up, I don’t think she has the highest votes, production messing it up

lol what

what has happened dammit I bet ppl out there were so confused voting for elissa thinking they were giving her mvp again and not putting her on the block lol oh well it’s stirring up controversy and I hope Julie doesn’t tell the guests it was America’s choice!!!


RACHEL 2.0 (elissa) has got to GO!! SLUTTIEST and UGLIEST house guest by far BYE BYE BITCH XO


Yeah ok Jeremy, didn’t take you long to get on the boards. Don’t you have interviews and a boat to sail?

Shiny Happy People

So, yeah, not everyone that dislikes Elissa is an evicted house guest. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot more than 3 anti-Elissa fans on these boards.

Also, did you hear who America nominated to put up on the block? Yeah… I’d say the tide is quickly turning. About time.


Shut up hater!!!!! Elissa is not going anywhere. Aaryn is going home.

Will.I.Am, I Think

I know you’re angry now that it’s been proven that Brenchel Fans are too stupid to read the page… Don’t cry that Elissa is going home, she’s been utterly useless for the past 3 weeks to her own game, the house will assume the MVP thing is over and she’ll never get it again, so they will do what they planned day 1, and that is vote her out.

Unless Production interferes, she’s gone. It’s better this way, she can go home to her family, instead of being locked in Jury.


I just thumbed down your comment and the thumbs up went up to 3 at the same time. wtf? So yeah, those three thumbs you have for your stupid “haters” comment was from my one thumb down. No one “hates” Elissa, we just think she sucks, she’s boring and the rig was in from the beginning for her and she still couldn’t pull it off. Time for duckface to go!


Writing is on the wall buddy. Let this be a lesson to all the fans that chose to turn a blind eye to production’s manipulations. Those same puppeteers have likely decided Elissa has run her course, and are ready to send her back to her family (which is what Elissa has been wanting, if you’ve been listening to the feeds you know this to be true).

The puppet masters hooked you all with the whole “Rachel’s Sister!” gimmick, but now they realize that if they really want ratings, they need to keep aaryn for jury. They need the drama in the jury house-and they know that all Elissa would do in there is yoga. they will arrange for Aaryn to survive this week. Watch it happen-and simply know you and the other Elissa fans have been had. Maybe next time you should stop and question why you’re really rooting for someone. Are they really playing the best game? Or are you just doing what the people behind the scenes want you to do?


all I can say about you and your comment is that you are both a piece of dirty work….. hang you head in shame trackback .. also take this into consideration .IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE .. goof

North Carolina

I don’t want Elissa to go home. She is a cool lady. Being Rachel sister has nothing to do with her as a person. They need to leave her alone. She is playing the game just like the rest of them. You can’t judge someone because of their relatives or their friends for that matter.


You’re right, she’s playing the game just like the rest of them, but I’m so over her winning MVP 3 weeks in a row it’s become predictable ans she’s too comfortable now knowing or thinking that every week she gets a free nomination. The first week yes I voted her for MVP because she was a huge target from the get go so it was wonderful to see her get a power and save herself. But after 3 weeks, come on, That’s why this time CBS made America MVP just to spice it up. As for next week we have no idea how it’s gonna go.

Elissa bettter be voted out, now it’s their chance. I personally want this twist scrapped and let the houseguests play without it, let’s see what happens to Elissa then. As far as her being Rachel’s sister yeah I agree you can’t judge them for that but unfortunately and in reality if you go to Big Brother as a relative it worries the other houseguests. Rachel and Elissa are 2 seperate people yes, me I want her gone not because she’s the sister but because winning MVP every week same person gets so tiring.


Not her fault to be voted MVP THree times.


What is Elissa fault:

-Not winning competitions
-Sub-par social game (name one real ally she has besides Helen)
-Going on BB in the first place knowing that she was merely a publicity stunt
-The multiple instances that she has said, “I don’t want to be here/I want to go home.”
-Announcing week 1 that she was Rachel’s sister, destroying her chance to ever fly under the radar


What you guys want from Elissa she looks like Rachel and everyone in the house were accussing her for not being honest on revealing her identity. She does not hide her capabilities and weaknesses. Maybe she really wants to go home and asked BB to put her on the block. She said she does not care for the money so as much as I like her then go home and may the best player wins.


“Announcing week 1 that she was Rachel’s sister, destroying her chance to ever fly under the radar”

I disagree w/ that statement. Elissa looked EXACTLY liked Rachel and other HGs were suspicious so there was no way she could had hide the fact. She would had been better off revealing it from the jump. Your other statements were dead on, though.

Jean A.D.

Did the HGs as a group peg Elissa way too
early and is her lack of game due to the fast
and furious way she has to move in order to
get out of a tight spot? She had to shift gears.

Jean A.D.

many ANTI-AARYN people repeatly voted 10 times on CBS’s website
and did not devote a rodent’s arse nano-second to the idea that wisdom
is the art & act of subdividing one’s ten votes. JUDD did the right thing.
it gives CBS a tidy coward’s way out, they can hide behind their public
disclaimer & although Aaryn would be an interesting jury member, i think if
she leaves this week, she can look up poor David as she gets her life back.
i think its Aaryn or the next person America voted for! Elissa is safe and
Kaitlin has less negatives. Aaryn’s actions and words were bad form…

Jean A.D.

you gotta admit that the HG people in the informal poll here who got less votes
than our poor DAWG are looking like “floater”s if they have fewer negatives!!!!
boldness is not sometimes not rewarded in the BB game. Nick is a case in point!


”Not her fault to be voted MVP 3 three times.” Duh, obviously…..


Elissa sounds like a dingbat!

Jake K.

We all say this on the site cause she is clearly different as a person but it is hard for the houseguests to view her as a seperate entity from her sister when production and herself doesn’t view her as such. Like in week 2, “do you want to judge me because of my personal connection with big brother”. I personally thought her speech was one of her worst moments in her game further solidifying her role in this season as the “familiar face”. If I was her I would have not even mentioned Rachel past saying your her sister week 1. Separate as much as possible. If she gets booted it’ll be her downfall from not downplaying her Brenchel relations.


i wouldn’t consider it a floaters season… it’s just that many people that look like the stereotypical weak floaters of past seasons are playing the game better than the big and headstrong players.


You hit the nail right on the head. People are calling it a floaters’ season because the people who are doing well in the game look like you’re average floater. People like Helen, Candice, Spencer, Andy, etc. look like how normal floaters would whereas people like David, Jeremy, Nick look like the “strong” guys, and therefore people assume the latter were awesome players gone too soon, and complain about the “floaters” who are still in the game. People were discussing floaters during week ONE of the competition for goodness sake. And what was it based on? Certainly not game play, but appearances. Fact is, these people that they call “floaters” happen to be smarter than the others. Candice, who everyone considered a floater, figured out the MC and recently figured out McCrae and Amanda’s plan to BD Howard. But will she ever be given the credit she deserves? Nope, because she doesn’t look like the average BB ‘leader’ or whatever is the opposite of floater lol.


Elissa’s nomination by mistaken Rachel fans may be the funniest thing ever on BB.

If that’s what really happened, but from what I’m reading around the web it seems to be the case.


Elissa and Rachel fans are clearly not the brightest fans in BB. Lol


Some people might have got mixed up and voted her as the mvp not knowing that it was for her to be nominated.


News Flash……Voting in these CBS polls is the same as real life.
The winner is predetermined and you get to vote so it makes you feel like you actually have a voice.
“It’s those who count the votes that decide the winner”
Wise up houseguest …opertunity knocks ….vote her out now if you cant get Howard backdoored.


I think elissa wants to go home maybe she told production to put her up

7 Seven 7

Woah I was not expecting Elissa to be voted by America to be put on the block?

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

This deserves a YOOOOO !!!

Simon and Dawg I know you guys already do so much but for all us could you break down where everyone stands after this BOMB YOOO !!!

Butters Mom

hahaha… those tweets were probably made by production themselves lol… they made elissa americas choice because aaryn was already on the block. i think aaryn will be blamed for it and will be the one to go home if she doesnt win veto. i think elissa was telling judd the truth about production telling her everything… her sister is probably producing bb15 haha. it would be awesome if elissa came off since thats what judd is telling helen to do… and amanda went up. i want to see her have to fight to stay rather than direct how everyone else votes for others in the house. i’d like to see mccray play without her as well.


Amanda going home this week would be my ideal situation, getting out Aaryn is boring, she’s completely alone and will probably never win MVP. Why even waste the effort when there are better targets to get out, and especially this week in particular with America as MVP no one would even get blood on their hands.

Meat Lovers Pizza

YAY!!! I hope Kaitlin wins POV! I want Elissa to stay on the block. I wish Judd hadn’t gone in to console her. It would have been great to see her back peddle from her previous behavior with him. No back dooring needed . Use the front door!!


as i was voting i even thought “wow, they should make it more obvious that the direction of the vote has changed”. i bet elissa is first, aaryn is second (from ppl who voted correctly) but i wonder who would be third?


I think this will be just one time twist. Next week will be a different twist. it all depends who wins the veto. If HOH nomination wins the veto then HOH replaces the nom and if Elissa wins then next should be Amanda and it should have been her anyways but I do not think she will be put up.


i want amanda to stay. i find her entertaining! i hope 3rd would be gina marie or spencer. they are not likable.


America voted for aaryn to be put up, but she was already on the block so now its elissa

VA Vet

Good point! I get a little confused by the mix-up in names, although it usually doesn’t have that much of an effect on the overall picture.

Either way, I’m here to stay every season.


I think it’s funny how they are all thinking everyone else is the nominated one. Personally, I nominated Dawg.


I accidentally voted for Elissa.

I didn’t watch the live episode thursday but i knew i had to vote so i went to the website to vote for MVP. I didn’t bother reading the thing because i didn’t see a reason to. I simply just clicked Elissa name 10 times and voted.

it wasn’t until after the last vote, i actually read and i was like OH crap….i feel bad now lol


I guess you weren’t reading this blog either. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL.


Although I think alot of people accidentally voted this way, I actually enjoyed that this happened, it is causing mass paranoia which is great!


Happy Dance πŸ˜€


Enjoy your celebration…..After Elissa wins PoV let see who doing happy dance now!!!!!!!!


If it were the first time voting, you might say that. But, voting occurred on the same page the past 3 weeks. The link was the same “MVP” and the page had the same appearance. Most people will not bother to read the instructions if they have been doing the same thing week after week. In this case, don’t think that has anything to do with. CBS either did not think this through or they set out to intentionally mislead voters.


So does this speak about America’s literacy and not being able to read rules or wha? Too funny… A collective facepalm occurred about 20 minutes ago by everyone who thought they were voting for her to BE mvp.

Elissa must go

Aaryn needs this week. Elissa next.


allison just got fed up with elissa telling the whole world production protects her and tells her everything that was a slapp in the face to production . they already has to hear about the game being rigged yet she comes along and said it ….Dumbo ,,,. well production hit back your nominated … . she’s just stuck on stupid believing she’s entitled even though she cant win shit better win pov


Damn the only bad thing about this is now I don’t think Judd will go through with his backdoor Amanda/ McCrae plan and I don’t think they have the votes to evict Elissa anyway

Doing my HAPPY Dance

I hope between now and Thursday somehow these brain dead house guests get together and decide to send her home. Can’t stand Elissa and production rigging the game for her.


PRODUCTION has Ellisa in their back pocket and by Kaitlin saying she heard her talk to them ONLY proves that fact. I believe because she wasn’t the MVP this week and she knows she isn’t going to win then CBS gave her the option to leave the show before jury. So they told her to mention about Americas vote and to throw Amanda’s name out their as their pick to see what she would do. Amanda freaked out and it exposed how powerful a showmance couple they truely are for the other houseguests to think about splitting up soon. So by putting her name up everyone will speculate who did pick Ellisa’s name when we all now it was PRODUCTION!! and not the votes! Because they don’t count them anyway!!!

She Said What

This vote doesn’t make sense – three weeks as America’s MVP (not deserved) and now America’s vote to go on the block…. what is BB up to? Okay, maybe voters misunderstood the instructions – but I find that hard to believe – this move has production written all over it – but if the house guests forget about the idea that America ‘might have’ voted for the third nominee – then hopefully this will bring some interesting feeds and an interesting week.


Simon or Dawg, how will it work now? Does the next in line become the nominee if America’s Choice is taken off the block


Relax people! Elissa is up there so that the “MVP IS ELISSA” thing that is going on in the house comes to an end…
Now they will speculate and think that someone else is MVP..
Which will keep Elissa off the radar
Plus she’s playing for the veto, probably would win it


It’s either of two things: America probably thought they were voting to select the MVP vs. nominating a houseguest for eviction. OR
America put Elissa up to stir up stuff in the house and put Elissa below the radar since she can’t keep mute about getting the MVP week after week. Hopefully this teaches her to keep her MVP title the next time America gives it to her.


Quit your b***hing. Simon and Dawg work hard to provide us with updates. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come on to this site then.


Yes Simon and Dawg work very hard but I ‘m sure they appreciate a little constructive criticism now and then. Heck if I had a website/ blog I would like my readers to say what they feel positive and negative , without being rude and condescending of course.

That being said, this is my favorite BB site. If someone points out what they think is a flaw…well, that’s fine.


This was in the Facebook comments, every once in awhile someone chimes in with “OMG, I didn’t know we were voting to evict! Sorry, __________! I hope someone else cancels out my 10 votes!”

Her fans were her worst enemy.

Doing my HAPPY Dance

Hum guess her “fans” can’t read. Break up the Super Fans and send her home. Don’t like she is trying to blame Howard so Howard, Jessie, Judd, Candice and Aaryn better get together and kick her out this week.


Judd can’t vote, but they’ll still only need four votes. I don’t think it is as easy to predict who. Jessie? Doubt it, Elissa is one of the few women in the house who’ve been kind to her. As the noms stand now, I would bet on Amanda and McCrae and Howard and Spencer as the votes to evict Elissa. AmanCrae has no use for her without a special power, and Howncer are ready to flip and flop at any time.

Shiny Happy People

This season might still be salvaged after all.

Mr. Homer Simpson

Who is playing in the Veto?
Judd, Elissa, Aaryn, Kaitlin, ?, ?


Voting for MVP started before the twist announcement so
I think that is why she was nominated. People on twitter were trying
to correct their votes but you can’t once you’ve voted it’s done.
I feel bad for Elissa bec the whole house is ready to throw her
under the bus if she didnt get the MVP and now she’s on the block
bec of the twist. At least I feel production didnt rigg the vote
bec they would not have allowed this if it was rigged.


On another thought, what if America voted for either of the already nominated houseguests (Kaitlin & Aaryn) and somehow Elissa was the next in line???


That’s what I was thinking and frankly I’m surprised no one else has thought of that besides you. It could’ve easily happened that way but the way everyone is on here the only way it could’ve happened is that “Brenchel’s Army” can’t read (which is probably true but I don’t know them so I can’t comment on that)….and before my comment get rated down I’m not an Elissa fan….I haven’t been a fan of really anyone in a long time because Big Brother isn’t what it use to be (where are the luxury comps, the food comps, bring back the PB&J diet) so I just watch because there is nothing else really on during the summer.

She Said What

I thought that through as well, but I don’t think the logic is there – with all the negative press that Aaryn, GM and Spencer have received in the media – I think GM and Spencer would have been 2nd and 3rd… just my two cents…


so true……we will never know who was voted for what – we only get to see the live eviction…. what did ever happen to other comps …..p/b jelly sandwiches was replaced by slop….i am sure the house guests on slop were wishing the p/b jelly sandwiches did come back….


Lmao that people wanted Amanda up and thought for sure they had it… Too bad so sad. Try again.


Judd the stud is turning into Judd the dud, he royally screwed himself over with this HoH. He didn’t need it at all, he was sitting pretty, but now that he has it he might as well make a power move-but nope, he’s going after Aaryn and Kaitlin, the people with no numbers.


I think Americas vote may have been misunderstood. In some of the chatrooms people were commenting how they voted four Elissa and when they realized they voted wrong they weren’t happy. So I do think people thought they were voting for MVP and not the 3rd to go on the block. But we know she won’t be leaving


I think the voting is true to a point. I mean, Elissa is #3 on this site’s poll and the #1 is already on the block. Hopefully someone DOES take her off with the veto and Amanda can go up. The voting wasn’t that confusing unless you were blind and missed all of the announcements about the twist this week.




CBS made a huge mistake with the way they handled this vote. Because of this, I cannot believe that this is actually what the majority of those that voted intended. They used the same link “MVP” for the 3rd nomination vote. The voting page look exactly the same as the previous three weeks, with the exception of some text changes. How many people do you know that after doing something 3 weeks in a row would actually think that they still have to read the instructions when there is no indication that the page is any different? Everywhere I looked I kept seeing Aaryn as 1st choice and Amanda as an overwhelming 2nd choice. The results of this vote are suspicious. Note to CBS…you want to change things up like this again – make it pretty damn clear to the viewers.


It was clear. All the people that voted the wrong way deserve the outcome. Some Elissa fans even had programs set up to automatically vote her for MVP but they didn’t have time to shut it down.

VA Vet



ROFL!!!! You’re really complaining because people are too stupid and illiterate to read a sentence?????? It just goes to show you the mentality of Brenchel fans.


HAHAHAAAA!!! The Brenchel fans got too carried-away and voted Elissa! They should have explained the rules more better…


Why would America vote for Elissa as MVP for three weeks, then as MVP themselves, put her up? If they wanted her out they would simply given it to someone else that would have sent her up and out over the past three weeks…duh, makes no sense. I kind of like that she’s there. Major space cadet but she is capable of creating havoc if given the chance. Question remains…will they tell the HG that America was the MVP and will they remain the weekly MVP??