“Josh and I are good.. I would say he’s my ride Or die. He will do f***g anything”

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10:10am Bathroom Matt, Raven, Dom and Christmas

Xmas talks about her chat with Josh yesterday. She’s telling Matt that Josh has trouble reading Matt and doesn’t know where he stands in the game.

Xmas – So, just letting him know that if one of use get it that we have his back
Xmas – when I talked to him I said look I can’t guarantee you sh1t but what I can do is continue helping your position in the house in a more positive way
Xmas – he’s good with that

Matt – I’m going to say something like how much better he’s (josh) been these last couple days
Xmas – that would be honestly all he needs
Matt says he has no problems guaranteeing Josh safety next week, “i have no problem with that kid getting to jury”

Xmas – Josh and I are good.. I would say he’s my ride Or die. He will do f***g anything
Matt – that completely tips the numbers 9if they get Josh)
Xmas – ramses and I don’t talk all the time, I’ve earned some respect from him, after today I could potentially have him more on my side.. Not necessarily the whole group
Xmas says Jason owes her a solid she’s been working on him for a long time.

Xmas – the only person I really don’t have a lot of leverage with is Alex but we’re on good terms, She’s a wildcard.

10:22am Josh and Cody
Josh tells him he has to win the Veto.
Josh – you’re a target
Cody – whose targeting me? Give me 1 name
Josh – they don’t talk game to me
Josh – they blew up the house so watch your back

10:27am Christmas and Josh
Xmas – I talked to the group individually and a little bit collectively and they’re still happy with you.
Xmas – I got you
Josh – I trust you
Xmas – I told him (matt) he’s my f***g ride or die ..
Xmas adds matt mentioned taking josh to Jury
Xmas – they are in it..
Josh – I feel good with you, Dom and Paul
Xmas says Matt, Raven are on board 100%
Josh – you’re not going anywhere you have my vote
Xmas – the next 3 weeks will be good, I’m hoping America will give me safety
She tells him he doesn’t need safety this week, they are putting up Jessica and Alex and if both come down he’s still safe.
Josh mentions how Cody was grilling him about who is targeting Cody next week, “MotherF*** you haven’t spoken any game to me”

JOsh – I want you to know, my vote I’m going to be red flagged.
XMas – not necessarily.. Stick to your guns
Josh – they’re’s no f***G way I can’t vote you out
Xmas tells him the targets are Jessica/Cody and Ramses
Josh – cody is being aggressive
Xmas – he’s a f****g d1ck
Josh – he thinks he has control over us
Xmas points out nobody wants to work with Cody because he doesn’t listen and doesn’t tell people what he’s doing.

11:13am Josh and Matt
Josh – I have a lot of respect for you, we’ve never spoken game.
Josh – I’m keeping Christmas
Josh claiming he’s all alone in the game.
Josh – if you give me your word that I’m good with you guys then I give you my word through my actions you’ll see that
They fist bump
Matt tells him to keep listening to Christmas.

12:04am Feeds on Cats.

(Chances are they won’t be back until after the show airs)

1:06pm Mark, Elena, Matt and Mark
Kevin saying he’s voting to keep Christmas

1:09pm Elena and Mark
they think the vote will be 10-2 or maybe 9-3

1:13pm Josh and Paul
Paul tells him the vote will be 9-3
Josh goes on about how he’s wanted to play with Paul since day one

1:16pm Josh and Mark
Mark tells him they are good

1:21pm Matt and Mark
Broing around over getting josh’s vote.
Matt saying that COdy’s not playing with a full deck.
Mark – you don’t know what they go through
Matt “he was in a wear.. I don’t hold it against him” feeds cut..

1:36pm Alex and Jason
Alex – he didn’t make second place for nothing

1:50pm Alex, Kevin and Jason

Kevin tells them it’ll be close like Trump vs Clinton
Jason says Josh better vote the right way or they are f***D
Alex – he said he is
Kevin tells them if they win Alex is going up again.

2:07pm Jason and Kevin
Kevin tells him he’s with i’m but the vote is going to be closer than Jason thinks
Jason says it’ll be 6-6
Jason – it doesn’t matter who goes home this week
Cody comes in
Jason – It’s going to be 6-6 dude
Cody – I hope it’s 7-6 I want to see what happens with Mark
Jason – it’ll be 6-6

2:51pm Storage room Josh
Josh – whats funny, I believe Cody but if Cody woulda not isolated me and have more conversation with me. Not when he needed me but days before I would have stuck with him
Josh – BUT you f**ked it up
josh – I’ve built a trust with Christmas, I dunno if she’s playing me I don’t think so. It’s better to keep Christmas here she will make moves protect me a little bit.
Josh – Jillian I love her she’s a great girl she’s a great friend
Josh – is Jillian going to make moves? NO
Josh – I completely trust Paul and Christmas

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WTF josh


So it comes down to Josh. Lol


Josh has my head spinning. Who the heck is he keeping ? it’s been a while since I’ve been excited to see how the actual vote will go down. I don’t know if some of these people are really good liars or if they’re just changing their minds every two seconds and believe their own lies.

Miss Directed

Josh reminds me of the character”Lennie”,in the movie “Of Mice and Men”. He is totally lost and does not know what to do unless somebody tells him what to think.


What the hell is Mark going to do?




Likely, whatever Elena telsl him to do.

Jake K.



Hey Guys do you know who is going home tonight? Who is Josh voting for? Have you heard anything?


Well it seems that Josh is most influenced by the last person he talked with in any situation lol So no one has any real clue how he is going to vote and it all depends on that. Watch CBS make him vote last to keep up the suspense ha


Cody was being pretty aggressive with josh. Accused him of lying etc. Odd way to talk to someone right before an eviction especially when you want their vote to go your way. Not very smart. Honestly, Cody’s social game is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

sunny dee

he’s clueless, but then how josh votes is not depending on cody/jessica anyway, it is depending on his Christmas/paul versus alex/kevin relationships, so that is why it seems so up in the air. regardless how he votes, he will still be good with most, because even alex has to see that keeping xmas will not be detrimental to her game, all she really ever needed to do was work with paul.


What social game?

*Granny giggles her way back to her rocking chair


Other than looking miserable all of the time whilst contemplating on a massive fart it is soon thereafter that Jessica looks like she is trying eagerly to sniff it…Window = just got thrown a social game


Can’t wait to see him n his girl out in the reg bedrooms. No more hiding in the HOH for them. About to get real.


Oh well,
That’s that.
X-mas is staying.
I knew it.
Tonight Paul will be gloating.
He already thinks he runs the show.


That’s why it’s called “The Paul Show”. Please vote out Jillian. The BB kitties have more energy and personality.


Let’s just cake walk Paul and Christmas to the winners circle.


It’s only week 2. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but come on! Even if Christmas stays it doesn’t mean it’s a “cake walk” for any of them. Honestly, now with her leg situation, shes not near as big of a threat as she was. I don’t think either one of them staying or going is going to make that much of a difference.


That was clear when he got the three week, necklace of temptation… Guaranteed he makes it to the end, thanks to, “people’s” choice votes… what a coooncidence thathe got the votes… SMDH


That’s only 3 weeks. The majority of people on feeds said they were voting for Paul. Considering he’s the vet and the obvious first choice for eviction, I don’t find it far fetched that he won it.


4 weeks. Her started off with Friendship bracelet of safety.




I wonder if America really voted for Paul. One has to wonder if BB just gave it to him, saying it was America’s choice. How would we ever know?


Cody is a goof… Josh is an emtional train wreck inside… Jessica.. typical stuck up *itch! too good for others… Mark is in LALA land.. I think Kevin is cool shit


Kevin is the MAN! Poor Mark, he can lift a ton but can’t spell it.


Damnn how is Josh going to betray Alex&Jason like that. Especially Kevin is caught right in the middle. Kinda sad Paul is getting his way & everyone besides Cody wants to work with him. it’s clearly a smarter mood to work with Alex&Jason. Literally the second josh blows up again, Christmas and Paul will turn their backs on him.


At this rate Mark, Matt, Elena and Raven will be fighting to see who can have this lips sewed to Paul’s ass.


I have no doubt xmas is staying after seeing Julie’s latest interview. How she talked about xmas being good for the show and ratings. I believe production have been coaching josh to do all this to make it look suspenseful. When it was gonna be xmas staying all along. I just hope Alex, Jessica, Jason or Ramsey’s win hoh.


Christmas, seriously!?!?!

Josh is your ride or die!

You must be joshin’!!!!!!!!

Smelln’ a fart makes that guy freak out that someone is gunning for him. No bueno, Christmas! No bueno!


I’m excited to have a first week non house everyone vote the same situation, makes the game SO much funner! I am hoping Jillian goes, she is dreadful to watch try to play. Christmas is at least a gamer! Feeds are gonna be lit tonight, damn prepare for no sleep LOL


So so Disappointed in Josh…. ;( what a joke! I need xmas to go out #stompfeets

Bunny Flop

Well, hell! I don’t really dislike Xmas. I don’t really like Jillie. I do however has a dislike that is growing, every time Paul opens his mouth. So I’d really be happy if Xmas left, and that gnome of a man would, just for one moment, shut up!

P.S. Love, love, love Kevin!


Big mouth Paul is the Pied Piper and all the rats follow. Elana controls Mark.. Raven controls Matt. I can’t take those caddy girls. Elana Is just nasty with her disgusting sex comments. I hope Jessica goes before Cody. Cody is playing his own game unlike the other couples. Not a Cody fan but will take him over Paul’s obnoxious controlling behavior. Was hoping Christmas was leaving just to get Paul off his pedestal..


Yes, his own game of blow up what numbers you have, turn everyone against you, and just for extra measure, keep showing that God awful social game and sink yourself further. Lol. He’s a terrible player.


I can’t believe how Josh was being SOOOO aggressive last night with cowboy and Kevin and someone else, (forgot) in the storage room, telling them “LISTEN TO ME LISTEN TO ME, WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER, we can do this but no going back, don’t listen to the others”
Now he’s all up Christmas ass saying she’s staying 100%.
What a flake! Or, a mastermind! But I doubt the latter, we will see tonight!


Josh doesn’t like Cody. But he feels at home with Alex Jason and Kevin. He knows that crew still wants Cody out soon. Why not use Cody now for 2 votes.

Ppl say things to each side all season. You cats are the ones who go with that last thing you read not Josh.:)


I Hope Xmas stays. Not because it will be good for Paul or bad for the Cody contest.
But because Jillian is just not interesting at all imo. After 12 days in the house only Megan and Alex knew her name. She was Julia, Jennifer or ummmmmm.
Jillian however thinks she’s all that. She is clueless in that she thinks they want to keep her for her personality etc. She has yet to figure out that it’s about the power struggle between Cody and Paul.
Kevin is my favourite by far..and is a BB superfan I believe. I think he is VERY much clued in on how BB works. His shtick is to be unaware. Not so imo.
I like Alex and think she will go far in the game. However..so early in the game we are going to see a lot of shifts (and shifty ) moves 🙂


Does that idiot Cody not understand human nature? He needs Josh’s vote, yet goes in there like “King Shit of Turd Island” and acts aggressive with Josh? I just can’t find one nice thing to say about Cody at all. He screwed the whole thing up with his actions, and then puts the blame on everyone else. Watched an interview with Megan today and she stated that military can do searches on other military personnel, and Cody was not found on any of them. Thought some of you might find that interesting. I don’t know if it means anything or not, but it peaked my interest a little.


What was the interviewed called? I gotta see this


It was one of those shows like Rob Cesterno, but not him. Another guy who has a weekly show. I saw it on Facebook. Sorry don’t remember the name, but it did have the word Reality in it.


That is really weird. I don’t think she would lie about that either. Cody is probably just some creeper with no military experience and zero social skills haha

Sarah Huckabee Sanders wonky eye

If Cody is not in the military then an Iowa TV station and his family are also lying by showing pics of him in his uniform. This is from 6/20 – http://www.kimt.com/story/35695058/north-iowan-set-to-compete-on-big-brother


I’ve missed some things but from what I’ve seen so far. Paul really doesn’t have a Vic on this season. I have a love/hate thing with Paul. He makes me laugh and I find him entertaining. I can see he has a good heart and genuinely cares for people. Then the next minute I just want him to chill and keep some of his words to himself. And I respect how he was completely screwed in the very beginning of last season but found ways to work the game and made it to the final 2. But. I don’t think he would have made it at all without Vic. So I’m wondering. Who is his Vic this season ? I don’t see any of the strong competitors being his ride or die. If he doesn’t have one. I don’t think he’s making it even to final 4


I agree that without Vic , Paul wasnt going to go as far as he did. BUT….Paul won a LOT…he’s fit and intelligent..and has a knack of winning when he has to.


Christmas is his ride or die. I bet she’s a beast even with the mangled foot.
I’m confused though,
Are the votes to evict:


Where’s Ramses? Isn’t he evicting Xmas? Then even if josh joins Paul&co it’ll still be a tie breaker for Cody and Christmas to go


As far as I can see the votes are as follows:



So Jason (as scary as this is) is the decider. If he votes to evict Christmas then she will go as it will be tied 6-6 and Cody will be the deciding factor… which we already know he wants her gone.

Cowboy and kevin

Mark is evicting Jill after he found out Cody lied about the plane thing he completely flipped sides.


Think your wrong on Mark. Both couples are voting Jillian plus Dom and Paul. On one thing you are correct and that’s 12 vote so 6:6 gives Cody the deciding vote and no more Xmas. That is why the thread is all about Josh. 7:5 or 6:6 if you believe everything as it now sits.
My guess is production wants Xmas to stay. Good for ratings and edits for the show IMO. If medically she needs to leave it’s likely they asked her to wait til Thursday and you’ll likely see a 6:6 tie and the drama of Cody casting the deciding vote.

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a 1st week so much. They have hit on something very entertaining with this temptation thing. Loved the snake last night on CBS. Sunday/Wednesday I was so entertained and the editing was best in years. Grodner is actually doing a bang up job and I really dislike the woman……ROFL


ramses or put himself up (cursed)


Josh? is deciding vote

Marine Corps

Cody who?


Good god that house. I feel like I’ve aged 5yrs in the last week just watching these people.

I’m so bummed Christmas hurt her foot. I was really looking forward to seeing her beast it out this season and give the guys a run for their money. Whether or not it’s rational, I’m not ready to see her leave.


The BEST site !!!
Thank you Simon and Dawg. (insert kiss emoji..or mojo in Kevin’s lingo 🙂


IMO, Jessica is getting a really good edit from CBS. My daughter sat and binge watched all four episodes last night said “Jessica seems okay to me.” I assured her that if she’d spend some time watching the live feeds her opinion would change real quick. We see it ALL!!

Cowboy and kevin

Do the feeds usually go down this early on live nights?


Where’s the tip jar, Simon?


There used to be a recap after every show why don’t they do that anymore and there was a recap of the first two shows of premier night but Sunday and last night show no recap and there used to be an update of all the clips that were showed all week


Ooooh! Sounds good! All the juice from the week recap? Can’t wait for that. LOVE your updates. Don’t need to watch it



But… I hate the floating shomwnaces. Matt especially.. BORING PUKE. Elena..? Girl, get out. Raven…? Bitch, bye.

Cody & his little cheerleader hooker at least keep it spicy.

Paul's Mouth

I predict the vote will be in favor of Jill….Paul has been so busy telling everyone the vote will be 9-3. I think some (Mark and/or Josh) may think they should vote for Jill so they can keep their word …to Cody (Mark) and Alex and Jason) Josh. Time will tell…I really want to see Christmas leave, Paul’s SHOCK would (will be) PRICELESS!!!


Now broke foot Christmas has the sympathy vote. What next? Three weeks safety?


Jillian is just a nice “regular girl” who hasn’t been able to get her bearings in the game yet. Who knows what she could bring to game the longer she’s there. Why is Christmas more deserving than her?
I know I know
Christmas has fans.


That’s a very good point.


Man was I wrong about Matt. The dude is dull as dish water.


Can’t believe I signed up for live feeds. I haven’t done that in years but can’t wait to see tonight’s comp. No matter who goes this comp ought to be great.

Simon/Dawg hope OBB gets the credit, I signed up through your link.


This is going to be funny if Josh ends up voting with Paul and his crew and then Mark talks to Cody at the last minute before the voting and Mark flips back over to vote out Xmas ….

BB Lover

I feel like Josh might go all the way as long as he doesn’t win HOH and keep flying under the radar as he’s been doing right now there’s too many targets in the house that’s ahead of him like Paul,Christmas,Cody,Jessica,and the showmances .


Although Cody and Jessica are annoying, he’s the only one that is not afraid to make big moves. Even Paul made a comment on how he couldn’t believe that none of them tried to get the veteran out first. Everyone else is a puppet and will follow Paul, and he will convince them to do his dirty work. I will be upset if Cody goes next week, his bold moves will keep the entertainment going .

Miss Directed

If you have ever seen the movie”Of Mice and Men”, Josh reminds me of the character “Lennie”, he could not make a decision without the character”George”,telling him what to think. When he votes tonight I believe it will be a surprise to himself.


So funny