Arlie offers Heather a deal “If we can pull this off we can accomplish some big things”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 16-32-05-071

7:33pm Hot tub Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle

Allison is saying that talking to IKA freaks her out. Ika keeps saying to Allison “You know what happened last week”
Rachelle swears Allison is not the target.

Sabrina says that IKA told her she would vote against Allison, “She goes around telling people she hates you”

Sabrina adds IKA was trying to convince people to take Allison out this week. Sabrina calls Rachelle and Allison her best friends ever says she would never say those things about them.

Allison tells them she feels like Sabrina and Rachelle are “real” people.

RAchelle – “I’m not the type of person that tells you you’re safe when you are not”

Allison mentions that IKA is saying bad things.

Jon rolls in wearing a tank top (there outside and it’s cold as f***) comments how it’s still light out. They all wish it was dark so they can go to bed. Jon leaves.

Sabrina says they have too keep IKA calm especially a girl like IKA, Sabrina mentions the way Ika is rolling her eyes every time a guy walks by. “You can’t do that in a game like this”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 16-48-00-116

7:50pm Kitchen Kenny, Andrew, Rachelle and Sabrina
Kenny and Andrew are doing a “talk show” called Back and forth with Kenny and Andrew
Topics are like
Kenny “T Bagging how do you feel about it”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 16-54-54-565

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 17-09-34-574

7:54pm Havenots Arlie and Heather
(We didn’t catch the first part of the conversations but I suspect Arlie is asking her to join his new group)
Arlie is saying she has other people looking out for her best interest “It’s benefiting us as well” He’s confident this will stay a secret because he thinks it greatly benefits all three of their games. (Doesn’t mention Sarah as being in the group)
Arlie was always thinking about talking to Heather about this and after the girls threw her under the bus he decided now was the right time, “They broke that trust”

Arlie assumes Heather is going up either as the pawn or the target he really doesn’t know.
Heather says her strategy from the start of the game was like Jon’s and Arlie’s. but she picked the wrong person from the start and it blew up in her face.

Heather – “IKA told me a lot of information she didn’t want leaked out.. her goal was to backdoor Kenny.. she wants kenny gone not Andrew not the new girl.. she was wavering and was sacred that the strong players would come after her.”

Heather adds that IKA told her that Arlie was playing a stronger game than he led on and she agrees to that.

Arlie says he’s going to bat for her this week as much as he can. He says he’s with the guys and he’s letting them running his show right now, “Thats not the you of person I am at all but it’s perfect for the game.. and they are big targets”. He points out that the group he’s part of right now will not last. It’s a group of dictators and followers and sooner or later the followers are going to leave.

Arlie is hoping Big Jon and her will be loyal to him and each other, “If we can pull this off we can accomplish some big things”
Heather – “I would love that”
Arlie – “I would love that to”

Arlie – “you are in a horrible position.. I wouldn’t be having this conversation unless I was serious.. it’s worth the risk and if we can pull this off we’ll be in a very good position

Heather says her time in the house has sucked a$$. It’s been starting to get her down. (Starting? Man i think i’ve been more upset about it than she has)
Arlie knew that Heather was suffering says he wanted to have this conversation earlier
Stresses that they cannot have anyone know, ”The secrecy is the best part”
heather says she likes the secrecy part.

Arlie stresses over and over how she has to keep this quiet.. SHe promises she will. They hug and arlie leaves

Heather – “I’m just going to stay here and think lots.. “
Arelie leaves
Heather – “WOW”

8:30pm Feeds have been on HUSH HUSH for awhile.

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Borechelle as hoh, which means its Sabrina’s hoh. I swear Sabrina could convince Borechelle to self evict herself. Her head is as empty as her personality.

The only thing to look forward to next week is Sabrina eating slop. She is already crying about once an hour. I predict a complete meltdown where she eats a tub of ice cream and the house gets punished.


Can someone explain why Sarah voted for Paul to be evicted instead of Heather? Last time I watched about a week ago she was hating on the women.


Plus or minus 24 hours before she tells someone about this talk? Since the season is how to shot yourself in the foot or more vital parts of your anatomy I’m betting she blabs before the nomination ceremony.

Simon you think she is naive, fragile, clueless or to freaking nice to be on the show? I do not get this woman at all. She’s going up against new girl 😛 Unless Brina moves the target to Allison or backdoor target Ika she needs this new alliance to work ASAP.


Heather can’t keep a secret, but no one talks to her. It should work out.


Aww I’m so happy for Heather! I guess Ika is going to be leaving this week. Oh well. Now I’m rooting for Adel and Arlie.
Still can’t get over Rachelle betraying Ika for no reason.


Sabrina kills me. How can you lie so much, so often? Most of her conversations are telling people things that she said about them, but blaming it on someone else. How is she not getting caught?


I don’t need to see the video to know the Golden Goddess exhibited astonishing grace and sensitivity.

Serve Her well Fool Arlie, and you will be rewarded, perhaps with Big Brother immortality.

Fail her, and you will be driven out by the Booger King, the Ass Prince and The PsychoDrama Queen.


arlie was dumb attempting to ruin jons trust in neda by making up lies, he totally underestimated their bond


arlie is good


These idiots suck and are not funny bring back
The banditos lol


Sabrina is such a saboteur, but what’s new?


So who is in Arlie’s team again? Him, Jon… Sarah? And Adel?


Heather can keep a secret… because all the gossip she is spreading around the house is isn’t actually saying, Sabrina\Ika is


Good point.


I Can’t believe so many stupid people live under one roof. Can no one see that Sabrina never says anything good about anyone? It’s going to come back and bite her in the ass. She thought slop was bad wait til Neda goes off on her or better yet Ika. Then we might see some real tears. As soon as they put Ika up everyone is going to know the truth about Sabrina and Jon,Arlie and Neda will finally start making the big moves in the house! Sabrina be prepared to be up on the block with Andrew next week.


Is it just me or are most of the vids in this post set to private?

Also, they got booze.


Vids set to private for me too.


Nobody’s ever told Heather any secrets so we don’t know if she can keep them or not. Everything that’s been said about her is speculation because people are telling other people what she’s like which so far, have been lies. Heather is the new Jordan (I hope).


heather told sabrina a bunch of stuff ika said just last night. and vice versa while ika was hoh. but everyone talks to sabrina…


I’m so glad that someone finally is treating Heather like a human being! I hope this alliance is for real because they really could do well together.


Asking for opinions: Is Sabrina physically attractive? I wouldn’t think so – her body is way out of shape and her features are just plain – nothing extraordinary. Anyone want to put in their two cents? Thanks. (I don’t get what her charm is).


She can have a very attractive face when she “makes it up right” her body, well she has said she used to model, which could be true, a lot of people do face shots or who knows maybe she even modeled for sears catalog, But NEVER in the way she is putting it out there when she vaguely speaks of it. So I would have to say no, she is not naturally attractive (at least to me), in fact I thing she is the least attractive of the lot. But who knows, as they say to each is own right? The problem with her is she is not only “not so attractive” but is also not mentally sound as, yes I think she is playing a good game in the sense that she is doing what she is supposed to do for the 1rst5 perfectly, she goes to extremes to purposefully hurt people for her enjoyment.


Thanks Jeff – quite specific and much appreciated. I still don’t get what her charm is over people, though.


Jeff’s multiple lists of attractiveness. Now just remember no haters on this this is only IMHO

Pure Facial

Arlie (nice eyes)
Kyle (Juice Bag)

With face and body;
Arlie (still got the eye and not a bad body for a floater)
Kyle (still a juice bag in my eyes)

Now I can’t really get into personality cause you really don’t know who is really showing what (Kenny, Arlie).


Whoa Jeff you give attraction a lot of thought (which is rare). I actually thought Anick was really pretty (probably the prettiest). Kenny is hot but his beard looks like pubic hair which is not hot.


i think she has nice facial features, nice big brown eyes. but her face is always in a grimace, or she’s picking her nose, and most of the time slouched over. she can dress up nice, but most times she looks like a slouch and is constanly eating, hence slobrina. also, i know this is personality, but insecurity and neediness are extremely unattractive.

i think andrew is just a horndog, none of the other guys think she’s attactive? for the girls and 1st 5, she presents herself as a really good ally, very vocal and reassuring, voting correctly, sharing information.. she also has now “scared” some hgs into not going against her as she’s confronted people and made them look bad in the past (paul, adel, anick, heather, ika, rachelle, neda a little bit, andrew).

Douche hater

If I was Neda I would expose Sabrina
And keep her in the house to sweat her
Ass off . Once she is exposed she loses all her power .
And I don’t understand why Sarah is moving up
In the votes … She bullied Heather so bad
Making fun of her voice , commenting on her weight
A bitch like that doesn’t deserve a reward of
Winning 100,000 . Go team Underdogs ..Neda


exactly, crazy eyebrows sarah is one of the biggest complainers and whingers ive seen on any big brother…her voice is brutal…very smug and deep down appears to enjoy bullying or making fun of ika and heather, making bitchy ‘im superior’ comments, and often being mean spirited in a deliberate way, despite claiming to be against bullying

yet she gets the sweet mum edit, bizarre to watch…she is even more fake than sabrina, as sabrina doesnt pretend to be a model citizen at all times

and just like last usa season with amanda, this canadian season sabrina gets a golden edit, portraying her as a nice person, when she is not…its also strange how little she featured in dr in the first 5 eps


Andrew is the type of drunk I’d punch in the face, just because


True but he might just punch you back, so easy to be tough in the internet….


I can’t even… Rachelle is the most naive person ever… right now, I don’t even know if she is planning to rid of Ika, but if she does… she might as well walk out the door herself.. all Ika ever did was try to protect her… she better think about that or is she too young and naive or just plain stupid or blind or all of it… on the contrary… I do hope Heather stays.. I’m starting to like her. ..she was just got on the wrong side of things…


I don’t get your logic? You like Ika as she has been good to Rachelle, but at the same time you like Heather who has been Rachelle’s arch enemy since day one and Ika’s from when ever she was sold on it. So in essence you want the three people who collectively hate each other to all stay around?


Thank You simon.
What could be awesomer than pandas and polka dots on a Goddess? Nothing.


soooo could allision be going home this week if her and heather are on the block and nothing changes???

damn, i wanted heather out of here