Boogie tells Frank why don’t you be a baller and put an empty suit case into the storage room.

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


8am Boogie is out in the backyard by himself. Boogie gives a shout out to Mr.Janelle, saying that Janelle is a liar and we are sending her home. She is coming home early and it’s his favor to Him. Boogie repeats what Janelle said yesterday after she was nominated saying I can’t believe I didn’t even have make up on! Britney joins him. They talk about Joe and all the rumors he had brought up. Britney comments on how nervous Ian gets just for veto ceremonies, they can’t even imagine how nervous he would be if he was nominated. Britney and Boogie talk about how everyone thought that he and Janelle would work together.

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9am – 9:30am Boogie says that it’s funny how Joe became her dutiful soldier and how he bowed down to her. Britney says that she thinks he would have done that for whoever was his coach. Britney talks about how Joe patrols the house looking for conversations and that the kitchen is his hub. Boogie goes ew..track me dog! Britney asks if Dan is what he expected him to be like. Boogie says yeah, but not the mischievous part to him and how he enjoys it so much here. I wish I could like it here as much as he does. Boogie and Britney talk about how the rest of the season will play out. Boogie wonders if in a couple weeks they might do a double eviction where the first person out goes home and the other goes to jury. They continue to talk about what it’s like being in the house.


Britney talks about Matt Hoffman from her season and says that his twitter name is @HeadOfHOFFhold. Boogie comments on how clever his twitter name is. Ashley asks Britney who was the most miserable person on your season. Britney says that she was, but says that Enzo was pretty bored. She says that they named the different sections of the yard. She says like over by the weight bench it was the bad part of town, where you didn’t want to be late at night. She says that over by the pool was like a night hotel and the pool table was where they held tournaments.


10am – 10:20am Frank comments on how he has had to pack just about every week. Boogie tells Frank why don’t you be a baller and put an empty suit case into the storage room. Maybe put some jam in there for weight because we know we aren’t eating that. Danielle joins them. The conversation turns to talking about dreams. They talk about Britney’s season and how Enzo’s clothes got taken away in a competition and donated to a charity. Boogie comments on how he has some stuff that he would be pissed if they took from him and donated it.

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10:40am Britney asks what’s on the agenda today Frank. Frank says eat some cereal, have a BM (bowel movement), come out and do some hustling by the pool. Boogie says some fake hustling. Frank heads inside. Britney and Boogie continue to talk about random things. They bring out the table topics and start reading some of the cards. Boogie asks what are the redeeming qualities of a person you most dislike? Britney says okay I have a person in mind. Boogie says just tell me the town or city she lives in. Big Brother cuts the feeds.


11:10am – 11:30am Frank, Boogie and Danielle are in the kitchen whispering. Boogie comments on how some time when she has the HOH camera they will all sneak away and take a few. Meanwhile out in the backyard, Britney and Ashley are alone talking. Ashley tells her that Wil and her talked about when to tell Janelle they aren’t voting for her. She says that Wil said he is leaning toward not telling her. Ashley asks Britney what she thinks. Britney says Wil told her he is voting to keep Janelle. Britney says that she doesn’t want to call him out, but he doesn’t have to. Britney says she won’t vote for Janelle unless everyone else is. Ashley says she told Danielle she wants to support her decision and get Janelle out, but that also wants to get Frank out. Britney says that she would like to be honest enough to say you don’t have the votes, so why cast a vote to keep her. Boogie joins them. They talk about Joe and how his stories go on forever. Britney brings up how Joe told a story about telling his 14 year old step daughter that she could not have ice cream until she told him if she was having sexual relations with her boyfriend. Britney says imagine you’re the father of her and she comes and tells you step dad Joe would not give you ice cream until you told him about your sexual relations with your boyfriend.

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Danielle is fat

Boogie and frank need to win HOH and put dan and danielle up. PS: Danielle stop being obsessed with Janelle!

Dark Horse

If they win…I truly hope they put up Dan & Danielle. Send Dan home

I’m surprised that no one came up with the name “Danielle’s cottage cheese legs” says…


Dark Horse, that is an extremely mean thing to say. You’re mean spirited and a bully. Do you have a mother or sisters??

Dark Horse

Obviously you did not read it correctly…try again.

The reply was to a name Danielle is fat, I was only mentioning out of all the insulting names…how no one came up with that one

For YOU to call ME a bully is laughable and proves that reading is fundamental.

Dark Horse

Is Boogie still on the ‘get the coaches out’ plan?

anyone think?

Dark Horse

Sorry that was meant not as a reply…forget to hit the cancel reply sometimes ugh!


I would Be so happy if Boogie won and put up Danielle. It would make my week!


I know it’s probably wishful thinking, but I still sort of hope Frank gets evicted this week, just so I don’t have to listen to Boogie’s tremendous Ego, anymore. Knock some sense into the guy, he is not as in control as he thinks he is.


Boogie is annoying. Frank would be at least tolerable if not for Boogie.


I had forgotten how cocky Boogie really is. It’s quite annoying..

Big Sister

He reminds me of that puppet, I think her name is Madam. I can’t wait to see who wins HOH on Thursday since it is obvious that Janelle is on the way out. Hope Danielle gets knocked off her high horse. And I was rooting for her to win last week. Her insecrity about her looks is out of control. Also, I am very disappointed in Dan so far. The return of the vets/coaches has ruined this season for me. Instead of having the newbies watch previous seasons, AG and crew should be forced to watch the early ones to recapture the spirit of the game. I thought last year was bad and this year isn’t any better.

Dark Horse

I don’t think Janelle will be as shocked as expected on Thursday but with Frank off the hook yet again…I bet he makes it to the finals.


While I understand Danielle’s CLEARLY got long-standing issues, I have definitely lost patience with her. Her need for constant reassurance is so old the fly’s won’t even touch it.

I do feel bad for Janielle, but damn…Boogie got her again. (She’s going to be so p.o.’d when she realizes Boogie set the whole plan in motion, thereby screwing her again.!)

I can’t believe no one is willing to step up and tell Joe enough with the cooking! They’ll all bitch about it, but no has said anything to him yet (or have they? I don’t think they have yet.) It’s not like they even have to worry about making an enemy out of him, when the Silent 6 will be taking him out eventually anyway (or maybe Wil if he ever wins anything.)

As much as Jenn has been invisible this season, I also think she’s playing it smart right now. There’s really been no need for her to do anything, considering the hand she was dealt. I am hoping once the house gets a bit more emptier, she’ll step up and do something (again, if she wins something.)

Is Boogie colour-blind? The colours he wears are definitely making me blind! I liked Franks first spirit-tard better (the butt cheeks made it! Lol)…But, man does he ever complain about it. Has any other HG who had to wear a “tard complained as much as him? I don’t think so.

I’m glad to see Ian finally getting involved in some scheming. I’d like to see him go far.

But, enough of my random thoughts. I hope everyone here has a great day! :D

Dannie Boy Rocks

I hope Danielle gets put on the block, but not Dan. Danielle and Britney are the ones that let their emotions get in the way of the game. Since they are girls, you would think they would want to keep more girls in the house to increase the chances of a girl winning. With them leaving so many guys in the house, as Janelle would say, this means it is a better chance that a guy will win. I’m actually in support of a guy winning, particularly Dan, so I feel that it may not be the most horrible thing for Janelle to leave. Of course, I do feel it would have been a little better for Dan if she stayed but that ship has sailed. I am not sure that Janelle can get herself out of this one. Boogie will have a good position in the house once Janelle leaves, but I don’t know how long that will last. As long as Dan makes it, I don’t care how far Boogie gets.

~Dannie Boy Rocks!

Danielle is fat

Dan is an idiot! He needs to go home. He’s boogie’s bitch. Everytime Boogie and Dan are talking, Dan always agrees with boogie and lets boogie manipulate him very well.


that is just Dan’s strategy with Boogie. make him think that he is the man. if you noticed when he’s talking game to someone most the time he’s not talking about what he’d do or who he wants to put up. it’s usually just agreements and making the person that is talking feel important. Great strategy Dan. I hope to see Dan, Ian & Brittney final 3


totally agreed


You’re are right about the guys. Brit should be especially aware of this since she got screwed over by a bunch of guys last time she played. I guess some people are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.


Just cannot WAIT to see Mike’s goodbye message to Janelle. I think her head may literally explode! Or at least twist 360 degrees, Exorcist style.


@KYLE I bet she will self-destruct right now.

Karen S

I wish there was a “LIKE” button! lol


Has anyone else noticed that the Danielle haters and Janelle worshippers (large overlap) are contradicting themselves with regularity? As regular as Franks pooping in the morning and smells just as bad.

On one hand the all say that Danielle is just a puppet. She can’t make a decision by herself. She has to get Dan’s and Britany’s approval for all moves in the game. (I would be that they all think that the approval for moves includes bowel movements.)

On the other hand she is a loose cannon that acted by herself out of pure emotion. She only put up Janelle because she is jealous, insecure, and just hates Janelle.

They can’t accept that even though she is whinny and needy that she is a good player in 3 good alliances (Silent 6, Secret 5 and Core 4) of people that like to make power decisions together so they will all be on board.


I’ve noticed it too, it was the exact same thing last season with The Whore & and the NeanderTALL (Rachel and Brendon) & The Dumbass/Douche Bag Alliance(Jeff and Jordan) their fans were just annoying with the praises and the excuses, which The Dumbass/Douche Bag Alliance fans got the permanent nickname of “Cat People”, I forgot what we called Brenchel fans, well no need for a name They’re “Brenchel Fans”

just a random fam

Put your two half a brains together and relaize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and WILL NOT be identicle to your 1 brain, ok. Once you relaize that, we should have no trouble interacting with one another on this board. Be respectful, please, It is not hard, I tried real hard when I wrote this and almost succeeded. If I can do it, you can too.
You two rarely ever have anything nice to say about the “players” on the show yet expect others to be civilzed for you? Be good role models, we are all sheep according to your 1 brain. We will follow if you will lead by example.


Of course everyone has an opinion, but to base it on your personal feelings is lazy. Use logic and be consistant.

Franks Blue Water Bottle

Since Dan has somewhat taken Ian under his wing, Ian has started to get more confident about the game. Before it was just what Boogie wanted him to do. Just hate to see what would happen once Ian get’s some serious pressure on him.


Danielle already told Dan that she would go to final 2 with him, and hand him the victory. While that could be a load of BS, Danielle probably really means it. Dan is smart to start working on other “cast-offs”, now that he has Danielle wrapped around his little finger… or his junk… or both.


Danielle also gave Shane a shake on their final two deal. If Danielle (real stretch here) was in final 3, won the first final seat and then had to choose between Dan or Shane. Who do you think she would take with her to the finals?


My guess is Dan. Shane is pushing her away, and that is only going to go so far until she goes batshit crazy on Shane. Plus, Dan will probably make a more convincing argument when it gets closer to the end, since he seems to be smoother with words.


Go Janelle :) don’t let those haters bring you down.


Guys…everybody was ready to evict Frank over Janelle BEFORE the convo between her and the other coaches.
Why would they save somebody who may be in an alliance with a lot of other people.
Plus, she lies badly. Everybody lies in the house but, she makes things personable which is stupid.
Why is everybody blaming Britney and Danielle for acting with their emotions when Dan and Shane were part of the deal too? They’re not acting with their emotions.




I can’t wait to hear Julie Chen words. “By the vote of 8 to 1. Frank your save. Janelle, your evicted in big brother house.” Janelle will head out of the door crying & sit next to Julie Chen.

Dark Horse

I doubt Janelle will cry, its only a game ya know.


nope just whine and lie, like she did lastnight


We’ll see. Janelle says she doesn’t cry.

Dark Horse

I wonder how Dan’s wife feels about Danielle.

Dark Horse

UGH ^ did it AGAIN!


LOL!!! You’re doing it wrong.


She is probably fine with it. Dan has done nothing but act like a protective older brother to Danielle and as a coach.cheerleader. Plus, she would see the interaction between Shane and Danielle. She probably appreciates that Dan has someone so fervently backing him up. I almost think that Danielle would take 2nd place so Dan could win.

Dark Horse

Oh I meant how she feels about Danielle as a player…I’m sure that she wants Dan to win BB again [Dan’s wife]. I wonder if she feels like Danielle is or will bring Dan down…

we’ll see.


Janelle’s husband probably watching right now that Danielle just singled handed backdoor Janelle. Can’t wait to see her out of the door.

Ragin' Cajuns

I’m crossing my fingers that they do not tell Janelle they are voting her out. I want her to be totally shocked when Julie announces that she’s going home.

Fresh Prince

I’m a Shane fan but why is he volunteering himself to be on the block? Is he that unaware of his position of being most likely to picked off first in his alliance?


Shane said that he never watched Big Brother before being cast for the show. He only started watching BB13 while in sequester, and only made it to where Dominick got voted out. He doesn’t realize that volunteering to go on the block as a pawn is too often a death sentence.

Dark Horse

Good thing Britney told him to never even offer himself as a pawn…but the damage is done I guess.

I almost choked when he said that…


I much rather the cocky boogie then the crybaby both he was bring at first at least now he’s playing the game he must have got a imaginary phone call from will . I hope it’s boogie and Dan final 2 but I know they’ll try to pick each other off before then


I love Boogie. He is an excellent player. He always comes out on top no matter what his situation. Only a great player can do that.


I still think ian is loyal to boogie, he has never given them anything that is really enough to hate boogie, he helped them keep frank if anything

and dani, not an emo decision, its the best decision, altho she will likely be held down by shane this summer unless he tells he he doesnt like her like that.


Daniele’s decision IS an emotional decision. It just also so happens to be the correct decision. She got to the right place, just using the wrong logic.


I am most anxiously awaiting (hoping) for Boogie’s demise. If Boogie continues to manipulate everyone I don’t think I can tolerate his DR sessions. He definitely has a HUGE ego and would never be loyal to a female. Interesting…….


Boogie went from coach to asshole, he knew once Dan wanted to buddy up he had Dan by the balls, Boogie’s ” I hates these people “and his comments to Frank about this season sucks was his thoughts before thinking using Dan could help his game play against Janelle I dont think he cares is if he wins he just wants good body counts before he goes. I wouls love for Ashley take out Boogiehe would never live down a floater take out the “Great Boogie”

Dark Horse

Living in the BB house with Joe…I would probably rip my ears off.

It is starting to become creepy that he talks about his (step)kids & sex in the same convo.

Imagine him the next HOH? …I am getting a eerie feeling.


if janelle goes home (hope she doesnt but probably wil :( ) i hope boogie wins hoh and puts up dani and dan. i would LOVE IT!


Boogie will not go for Hoh he like to control players who vote and who are in charge, he will fight for veto though He will throw Hoh to Frank One coach challenge he threw for sure not wanting to save a player or trade the challenge were he walked the balance beam and stacked the money he knows the rules and pretended, he stepped off before hitting the buzzer on purpose, he wants others to do the dirty work.

danielle has dirty feet

i think dan will go to the finals but i highly doubt britnay will…britnay is a fourth place kinda girl just like boogie said…she will get backdoored eventually…i dont think dan would want to take ian tot he finals because ian would win the jury votes…the kid gave away vacations….i cant wait to see janelle’s goodbye messages…i bet u danielles will be fake as hell….she wont let her know how she really feels because danielle is just as fake as janelle…she just got lucky by having dan as a coach

danielle has dirty feet

i couldnt agree with u more about joe…he is creepy as hell….he eats like a warthog…i hate when they show him eating on the live feeds and u can hear him chewing his food….i hate his voice and his dumb ass stories….i bet u everybody hates him at his work…and i highly doubt he is as successful as he claims to be….jenn is in the band kittie and i youtubed it and jenn is actually a kickass guitarist…so if she has what it takes to make it in the music industry im sure she can step her game up in BB…she might just be waiting for her moment…ashley is just horrible…but im glad everybody hates joe…he is obnoxious as hell and needs to go next week…


yes boogie is cocky. thats OK. it makes when he gets taken out by someone later in the game that much better of a move

also why not just take him to the end, he wont get the votes because of his cockyness, and his money, and his previous win. hes the perfect person to drag to the end like russell did natalie in survivor, difference is in big brother they seem to find ways to not vote so personal, but I still think dan would win vs boogie like 6-1

boogie is good TV too, the cbs broadcast is all edited, and I do hope they give boogie his due on that convo, since ive read other websites that are giving brit full credit for all of that, and not handing boogie ANY for what he accomplished up there when janelle came in the room.

plus his obvious chilltown alliance is just classic. he tells you “I have an unbreakable duo” but still lets you feel safe and comfortable. frank’s need to brag may sink them though as boogie relies on the other hg’s sort of becoming to like his act, and seeing him as a threat, but one that everyone will nominate “next week”

The "Original" Erin

Once again everyone, the above comment was not me. I have decided that I will now change my username to something completely different and will not expose that it’s truly me so that this immature BS can come to an end. If there are anymore comments continued under this username or a different username, I assure you it will be whoever this bored and immature person is and NOT me. I’ve tried to be mature about the whole ordeal, but apparently some people have nothing better to do with their time. I apologize that this have been taken to this level, and I look forward to chatting about Big Brother with yall under a new username. Unfortunately, however, yall will not know who I am unless yall are really just that clever to put two and two together. Once again, I will no longer post under this username nor will I “reveal my true identity” under my future username.

danielle has dirty feet

just do it and stop talking about it…who cares


Reveal you true identity? Are you Batman or something?


Original Erin, your whining just makes me want to use Erin as my name. It actually made me make my first post here. Get over it. If there are no set screennames on this site, you can’t claim one. Instead of causing problems, just add a signature. This isn’t an “ordeal”, it’s just something that happens when you can use whatever name you want. It’s the internet. You can’t reserve a name and cause a ruckus on an anonymous board!


Janelle: “I’m not very good at this game”. Girl’s finally speaking some truth!

just a random fam

Can someone please help refresh my memory on what Sid Vicious exact owrds were when he was being shown on thursday episode, I believe it was, on the same exact night, HIS SON was to be evicted??
PLease prove me wrong but I believe he used the words, “I pulled some strings” or “I had some say.” I can’t remember his exact words but it sounded to me like he had some part in his son being on the show. Did he make a big generous donation or something? haha. I am starting to get suspicious and will be evenmore so if he doesn’t get evicted for a third straight time. Is this way of trying to mend fences with his son??? Wouldn’t a simple “Sorry son, I know I wronged you. Please forgive me?” suffice? Thank you.

Dark Horse

Geez I must have missed that…Imma watch it again

I was under the impression that Frank did not speak with his father that often, if that

The whole ‘family watching BB together’ looked like an act to me…

So I can’t believe Sid had a hand with Frank getting on BB unless he threatned to stab someone…IDK


you guys heard about a secret game that they played on monday and it wont be revealed until the next tv airing?


I HATE danielle. So annoying. Especially her voice, I really hope Janelle finds a way to stay.


I love Brit, mainly because she is so freakin’ hot, but anyone that gives her credit over Mike for the backdooring of Janelle just simply wasn’t paying attention or is just a Boogie hater. Listen back to the meeting. All she said the whole time was, “wow, Boogie, you’re really being honest” She said it like 6 times. This was masterful playing by Mike and Mike alone. Brit was scared to do it, Dan really didn’t want to do it. He played into Danielle’s insecurity and jealousy of Janelle and Shane just realized it was a smart move for his game, considering he has a decent relationship with Frank and Janelle was gunning for him. Backdooring her was best for his game. With Shane and Danielle on board, Dan came around and Brit followed the crowd like the 4th place finisher she is. Boogie is still a super long shot to win, but credit where credit is due, he played this one like the genius that he is. During that meeting, it was obvious that Boogie was the smartest person in the room. From a position of weakness, he turned the entire game around for himself and his side, whatever that ends up being. Brilliant stuff!


Frank tha stank needs to jump out of his chair after eviction Thurs night and tell Pignelle, “Hug up on my nuts Beeotch Bye Bye.” Boogie in his message needs to just be laughing like he did with dr will no words at all.


Janelle: “I’m not very good at this game”. Girl’s finally speaking some truth!

This is just more lying from Janelle: she’s saying this with the hopes that people will keep here there. Then, eventually, she’ll start dominating competitions, when it is too late for anyone else to do anything about it.


Dan is a total wild card…. I use to think he was just an idiot, poor argument articulation w danielle, telling boogie Frank was being backdoored, flip-flopping, his man crush on boogie, his jealousy of Frank… but by his DR, I can tell he underplays his intentions and has had his own designs the whole time of uniting coaches against newbies…. dan is a shady bugger… but it wont matter…. danielle’s strange relationship w shane will supercede her and dan, so may britneys ultimately, and boogie is starting to see Dan for what he is… he will be left in the dark soon enough…

Boogie is straight up pimping the game, and IMO strong contention for best player ever…. obviously his ego is his only drawback and seems to have lead him into the trap of underestimating could-be allies (namely Ian- that kid has great intuition on game play, and will be a force to deal with in certain competitions) but the way he has played the game is outstanding…. janelle went from powerhouse to gossip girl since previous seasons just like boogie went from snake to teambuilder…. he has actively been searching for a loyal group to work with, and I have the UTMOST respect for him saving his ally Frank…. most people just try to ensure they aren’t getting backdoored, or even more often ensuring only their safety…

Boogie took an OPPONENT’S HoH and not only saved his primary ally (who has been on block 3 times and is continually a monster target), made sure he is still the only coach with 3 players, BUT HE ALSO GOT RID OF HIS BIGGEST RIVAL!!!!!!! wtf….. ?!? how is he not the best player in the game….????