Joe gives Shane the breakfast that he made saying “This is my a$$ kissing for the week.”

POV Holder: Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations:
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Have Nots /Slop
Coach Competition Winner
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

8am Boogie is awake and working out in the kitchen. Joe wakes up and they comment on how production is hard at work out in the backyard. They talk about how messy the other house guests are in the house. Joe starts cooking breakfast. He also goes to the washroom and doesn’t wash his hands and then goes back to cooking.
8:50am Joe comes up to the HOH room. He enters and says Sir Shane your breakfast. He gives Shane the breakfast that he made saying “This is my a$$ kissing for the week.” Joe heads down stairs and grabs another for Britney and brings it up. When he comes in again Shane says thank you this is great especially after being a have not for a week. Joe goes to the mentor room and says “Breakfast for the Queen.” Britney wakes up and says thank you. She takes one bite and goes back to sleep.

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9am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds come back most of the house guests are awake. Mike, Dan, Ashley, Joe and Frank are hanging out in the living room. Joe wonders if Ian is a have-not again if it will be a record. They comment on how Ian wants the record. Joe says that’s a record he doesn’t want. Mike starts talks about Chicken George having the record for being on slop. They continue to hang out in the living room and talk about random stuff.

10:50am – 11:10am All the house guests are sitting in the living room talking about random stuff. They start talking about movies. Ian Janelle and Britney are still sleeping. They conversation turns to talking about the coaches competition. Ashley says that she has a feeling they will be a part of the competition. Mike wonders why Julie Chen didn’t mention the coaches’ competition. Wil wonders if it’s because they want to save the shock on our faces when they reveal it. Ashley starts talking about how she locked her car door with the engine running. Mike says that his business partner left his car running by accident for a full 3 hours while they were at a game. The talk turns to parking tickets. Britney joins them.
11:35am The conversation turns to talking about Britney’s season and how Enzo was constantly cheating and eating while a have-not. Britney says that she tried to eat while she was a have-not with Reeses Pieces. She says that could not figure out a way to sneak them to under her covers so she could eat them.

11:40am In the kitchen Wil sucks up to Janelle right before the coaches challenge by giving her a massage. Wil comments that Joe was sucking up to Shane this morning by making him breakfast. Janelle says yeah I have to win the coaches competition. Wil and Janelle head into the storage room to talk. Janelle tells Wil that if he leaves this week, she will be devastated. She says that she will want to go home if that happened. Wil tells Janelle that Shane would be foolish not to take out a big player. Wil wonders if Jojo and Kara will be out there and the winner gets to pick one of them to come back. Janelle says that she would pick Kara. Janelle tells Wil that he needs to start winning HOH’s and doing stuff or they are going to get picked off one by one. The conversation turns to talking about Willie and how Jojo and Shane stuck with him.

Wil starts talking about who was the weakest on their team was and then stopped and said there was no weak player. Janelle says that Ashley could win an HOH because she isn’t as dumb as people think. She says that Danielle is exactly as she seems, she is really sweet but naïve, whereas Ashley just plays up being dumb and naive.

12:05pm They talk about how they think Britney’s team screwed them over. Wil says that they really wanted to work with Britney’s team but Willie was running around talking to everyone else and they had no choice. Wil says they offered multiple olive branches to both Jojo and Shane. Wil hopes that Shane will put one up from each team, instead of two from Janelle’s. They agree that they were annoyed that Shane kept saying that he hopes everyone gets to experience HOH. Janelle says she had four weeks of power on All Stars so she knows how it feels. She says that if she gets released in the game, she can’t wait to put up Frank. Janelle comments on if all the coaches come back into the game …Frank, Boogie, Dan, Shane and Ian working together will be insane.


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94 thoughts on “Joe gives Shane the breakfast that he made saying “This is my a$$ kissing for the week.”

  1. Been thinking about the coaches coming into the game (which they will).
    I think they need to make all 4 coaches have nots the first week they are in the game just to level up things. The 4 C’s have not had to endure anything other than some mental anguish for all this time in the house, only seems logical to start them out with a very slight disadvantage.

    Also, whomever decides who the Have Nots are this week (for example if it is all of Janelles team) I would sure as shit not put Ian in there again. Not because I feel bad for him, but because I feel like he is Boogies built in Have Not spy. Anyone with any stake in keeping things from Boogies ears would want to think twice about putting Ian in there yet again.

    1. I appreciate your points, but the key word that Julie said was they would be “OFFERED” the chance to come back in. If Boogie ends this week with all his players, he would NOT choose to enter the game. Even if he had two (WITH Farnk and IAN as the two) I don’t thinkhe would not enter the game. If he loses Frank, I think he might enter. If Janelle has all three she would not enter the game. The only way she comes in, is if she loses Wil. Dan and Britney WILL enter the game if offered. I welcome your thoughts.

  2. No wonder everyone is getting sick from his cooking. He does not wash his hands… eeewww.
    that is a health hazard… production should say something.

    1. You know what I was thinking about yesterday, Typhoid Mary. Not washing your hands , especially if your cooking for others, is absolutely disgusting. He needs to go!

    2. i think giving the rest of the house ebola is joe’s only chance at a leg up on the competition, and as disgusting as it is, who can deny that that would be GREAT television (lmaooooo). creeper joe needs to go!

      1. LOL thinking the same thing. What better way to win…poison the HOH and his coach then bam…we’ll need to have another HOH comp.

        Can’t believe he is a real chef after that.

  3. Send the coaches packing, it was a bad idea from the start! They’ve had their 15 minutes it’s boring watching them over & over again. Bring back the evicted players & go from there.

  4. I dont want the coaches in.Did CBS even have a plan for them?What is up with them,they recruit the players now,most of the houseguests interviews said that.They really cant leave well enough alone.Guess they got scared by the Glass House.Glad Shane is on top,and agree one from Boogie and one from Janelle is the way to go.

    1. I hope the coaches just coach and not enter the game as players. What do you think of having other past players joining each team for a short time and a few bucks to extend the season? Or they could have rhe coaches spouses come in to play the game for a few weeks- Dr Will could be Boogie’s partner…

      BTW I think they go back to past players because of the low low calibre of new players-they are so dull and uninteresting

      Any thoughts?

  5. I hope they won’t let the coaches in the game. I would rather they bring back people that have been evicted such as poor Jodi who was evicted before the game even started.Big Brother could also announce that a certain week was a “relax week with no nominations” That has never been done before on any Big Brother

    1. That has happened before. In Season two (The Season Boogie and Dr Will were in.) a houseguest held a knife to a woman’s throat (that is why the have the knives they have now.). Production had not planned by having too many houseguest for a season or sequeser early evictions, so he was counted as they evicted houseguest and they had a free week.

  6. Was that Joe’s way of getting at Shane, taking a dump on the toilet and not wash his hands afterwards, and then making Shane his food. Ashley needs to get nude and lets us enjoy the view

    1. I have NEVER seen Joe wash his hands when he comes out of the bathroom. That is probably why the HGs all feel sick after they eat.

    2. On BBAD a few days ago, Ashley said she got out of the HOH shower completely naked because she forgot she was on camera, but I haven’t seen any of those pics anywhere

        1. Sorry about the lack of nudes.. we have to be very careful with the content on this site or we’ll lose our advertising. It happened before in February and if it happens again the site will shutdown. This site costs a lot of money to run and if we lose the advertising we lose the site.

          If we find any we will post them but there cannot be any dedicated nudes section anymore

  7. Like that annoying thing on Joe’s chin, having trouble getting past Frank ‘s hair, so I gave him a nice haircut in Photoshop. Big improvement. Production should have a challenge whereby he has to cut it. Think this was done last year to someone.

    1. It’s too late to do that since the other cast members have done interviews with non-exclusive people and therefore already watching what’s going on in the game

  8. Hey captain. Maybe if you explained your autism, people might be a bit more understanding of where you are coming from. I for one would like to know more about your social difficulties as well as your special talents like statistical analysis and compilation.

    1. Okay, As a austistic person. I use to speak to people which they don’t understand what I said. I’m very smart in math because of my strongest points. So, I’m really a austistic person.

  9. Call me crazy but the only coach I’d like to see enter the game is Britney (and I’d hope she’d kick ass, she’s the underdog and I LOVE underdog wins) – she didn’t even have a chance in her season, she got played the entire season. Dan & Boogie have already won and Janelle has had her chance twice.

    1. Hahaha, only way Brit could win is to be in the house alone, then she might lose to her shadow. One of the Top 10 worst players, bitch, argonant and terrible coach. She’s not a under dog., she’s a LOSER.

      1. If you think that of her, I have to wonder what you think of Janelle? Because Janelle is a COMPLETE and TOTAL B*TCH this season and suckish as a coach. Who’s idea was it to have her coach, anyway-all she can do is win competitions. Personally, I don’t think Britney should be coaching either, but she’s doing a HELLA lot better than skanky Janelle.

        1. HAHA “Team Shanielle”?! LOVE IT !! :p
          And Janelle is the biggest bitch this season….not that she wasn’t a bitch before though ! :p

      2. Your describing Janelle this season. Brittany has been pretty good and nice. Janelle is being a bitch, a liar, and a betrayer. She is trying to be like Mike and I hope she loses. I never liked her to be honest.

  10. If Ian gets picked or Volunteer one more time. I will bash my bricks into the wall. Ian, give them a chance to be Havenot for the week. You are totally crazy & messed up. He like a Unecessary roughness actor who never gives up.

    FYI…Shane 4 America Favorite Houseguest. Please vote for Shane as America Favorite Houseguest.

  11. Joe is soo gross !! I feel bad for all the house guests when they watch and read this season when they get home and realize that he never washed his hands and they all ate his food!! :p I really hope they don’t let the Coaches into the game…2 coaches have already won and 2 have been doing this for the thirdt time now. It won’t be far if they let the coaches into the game…just like last season…it was a stupid idea !!

  12. I emailed CBS. If people are getting sick from his cooking, after he does not wash his hands… that is worse than a head butt.
    He works in the Food industry… so he knows what he is doing when he does that. It is a disgusting move on his part.

  13. bring back the coaches! it will break the whole dynamic. without them the WHOLE season is too predictable. this week frank or joe or wil goes. next week shane or danielle.

    for this week i hope shane nominates joe and wil. and in case backdoor frank. with joe on the block they should be some action….

    1. It is not about being a hater. I am too apathetic about any of them to be a hater actually.
      The guy is going to the bathroom taking a dump or a wiz, not washing his hands and then cooking food.
      The man is in the Food Industry, he knows it is a health hazard, people are complaining of having stomach cramps.
      H e knows what he is doing, and it is disgusting.
      It is worse than Willies head butt or Chima’s mike toss, those where both stupid rage moments.
      This is deliberate, he is a cook and knows what he is doing. He is still doing it after people have gotten sick.
      That is a deliberate attack on the safety of the houseguest’s

    2. Leave Joe alone, were all haters? Ok so you must be someone who goes to the washroom and then doesnt wash your hands and then cook for your kids.
      Sure lots of people go to the bathroom and dont wash their hands but HE IS COOKING RIGHT AFTER. Seriously if you dont see anything wrong with that then you need to give your head a shake. The houseguests are getting cramps and feeling sick and it could cost them their game if they get ill and have to leave or to ill to do a competion properly.
      Joe knows all this as he is A CHEF. He knows he is on tv 24 hrs a day so if he cant even do it while everyone is watching then imagine what he does in privacy when he is a chef. BLOODY GROSS! Im thinking after this not too many people are gonna want to go to whatever restaurant he works for.

    3. So I just touched my p****s when I went to the bathroom and now I’m going to make you something to eat. Would you eat it? I think not. Joe is gross. Get out of here.

    4. I cant stand Shane and Danielle. I just love how she flew right to shane right after he won HoH. lol what a floater. also cant stand britney or boogie.

    5. Joe is an idiot. He is such a freaking liar and he floats. I laughed when he thought he was going to win HOH. He lost badly.

  14. BB needs to chime in as joe exits the bathroom to remind him to wash. Shane ewas ripping through pubic hair like a mad man this morning I bet.

  15. Shane, do me a favor, Don’t let the coaches pick Ian for Havenot. He is totally nuts & pick someone else. Also, Mike Boogie please save Frank or Ian for the eviction. Make Janelle’s team & Jenn be a havenot 4 the week. And put up Joe & Wil on the block. So they keep the nomination a same. Please keep Frank until the end.

  16. Well., let’s see if coach (hahaha) Brit tells her HOH to put up two players from ONLY one team this time. I mean she had two teams hating Willie when he should have put two players from ONLY one team up and not piss off both other teams. But, most likely, Brit will tell Shane to be quiet, not do anything, smile and give up the HOH so others will like HER. Oh, I voted NO for the coaches coming back in. It’s just not fair to those girls kicked out so far.

  17. Joe not washing his hands is sick. Come on “master chef”. Im beginning to think Joe isn’t that great of a chef.

  18. My best guess is the roaches have a contract with CBS to have a guaranteed spot in the jury house and get to have a say for the final vote. I’m voting no to having them come back.

    1. I’m going to say that the coaches Do not know they have a possibility in coming back.. I do think that CBS will do whatever they want regardless of the vote.

      the results of the poll will be YES regardless.. VOTE DAWG!

    2. At one point i thought i heard Janelle say she put in her contract that she wouldnt go to the jury house. She said as they are coaches that if shes done then she doesnt want to sit in jury and be away from her baby. Anyone else hear this? Could she do that and if so how can she play as she would go to jury if voted out.

  19. I know there are things that go on behind the scenes that we don’t see. Things like outside influence from the DR. I can look past that because ultimately, the HGs are all grown ups and can make their own decisions.

    I know that when one side of the house stays in power the audience gets bored. CBS tries to switch things up. Especially if we risk losing a fan favorite early in the game. That’s why they allow America to vote for special powers, etc. They know who is favored by fans and have a good idea who will win the vote. But still, it is a vote so I guess it’s fair.

    I’m glad to see a power shift this week. I love watching people scramble and get nervous. I’ve been rooting for Shane ever since last week’s HOH came down to Wil and Frank because it was obvious who either of them would be gunning for.

    My problem is this, I don’t believe Shane won last night. He may have been able to win on his own if given the chance. But I have less than an ounce of doubt that this game was rigged. Anyone listening to the feeds last night should know what I am referring to. It was an innocent conversation but it was very telling. I want to celebrate Shane’s win but instead I am feeling very disappointed.

    1. I don’t know what you think you heard but production could not have rigged Shanes shot to hit the wall and the fake hockey player before ending up in the 20 slot.

    2. How do you think it could have been rigged? I think that it would be a lot of work to have Shane’s puck magnetized to hit the 20 slot, and other players would have noticed and probably complained about it. I think he won fair and square, but that’s just me…

  20. please people do no impersonate other posters on here. If you have a problem with someone send me a email and we’ll work out a solution.

    I want everyone to get along on her and will go out of my way to accommodate you.

  21. The Final 5 deal would be Shane, Frank,Ashley,Ian & Danielle. Team Shanielle/Ashlian & Frank Yo! Make it Team F.A.I.D.S. (Frank,Ashley,Ian,Danielle,Shane) Yo! Two Showmance & Mike Boogie’s Apprentice

      1. exactly just like last year but IMO better returning players.

        What is everyone else’s take on this.. would you rather BRJJ returning or BJDB

        1. Actually I would’ve lived JJDB (take your pick on the B) but my ideal would have been:

          Evel Dick
          Dan (His win was great and he is doing a good job)
          Reagan (he has great drama)

  22. Honestly, can I Just say


    for the coaches entering the game

    oh GOOD GOD!!!

    Please don’t let that happen, please!!!!!

    1. LOL Maybe after he flushes the toilet, he just uses the filing water to wash his hands – 2 for one – ewwww…

  23. JOe is a slob and liar He took Jo Jo cigarettes under false pretense I would think Shane would put him up at least for being a big A hole.

  24. the coaches coming back wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen. it would be annoying but so is the idea of coaching. i’d rather them play then just sit on their asses and manipulate people, atleast it’d get them out faster potentially. it’d be interesting to atleast see how the newbies play it up, like if they ban together or work with their coaches. unlike last year, it seems like it would be in the coaches best interest to work with their players instead of teaming up as a big vet group. brit and janelle would know that dan and mike would work together so it’d atleast allow people to mix up their alliances and cause some people to get scared instead of thinking they’re just sitting pretty the whole time. also with the big physical threats like shane, frank, and wil, the coaches would not be guaranteed to win everything. it seems like there’d be a more competitive nature amongst the group.

  25. Why is Britney one of the coaches? The three other coaches are some of the best players of all time, and she was forgetable at best! She’s not even in the top 20 player’s of all time!


    N N N O O
    N N N O O
    N N N O O
    N N N O O
    N N N O O
    N N N O O



  27. Imo this was BB’s plan A all along. Bring the vets into the game at an appropriate time. Plan B was to allow an evicted player re-enter if a favorite strong newbie was evicted. But the Jojo, Kara evictions and the slow week prompted Plan A. Now production just have to manipulate things according to how many vets decide to re-enter. I like this twist because it has 1000 variables.

  28. Did someone say Beyonce sucks? This is not about the 16 time grammy winer but whatever I will eat joe food if he put shit in it because he team Janelle yo.

  29. Some one else has my name. :(

    Anyways, it’s just like Wil to call JoJo a hypocrite and then turn around and be one himself when the power shifts. And Joe not washing his hands while he’s cooking is utterly disgusting. It’s bad enough that he makes people constipated. If I were there, I wouldn’t eat anything he cooked. Or I would expose him, like Daniele did Gerry in BB3.

  30. Love the site thanks everyone! I think the coaches have ruined everyone’s game this season! Whose senseless plan was this anyway? I know the players would have made different alliances and chosen more wisely if the coaches would have just stayed out of their heads. I vote to bring back the evicted players (Kara, Jodi, jojo), remove the coaches from the game entirely, and let the newbies start a new game! I’m also glad Willie is gone he was mean.

    Does anyone know what time the roaches (hehe) competiton is?

  31. Just finished catching up on everything since last nights show. I would love to see Frank get evicted this week just to see that smug Boogie lose his best player. GOD can’t stand that guy.

    Unless, of course, America chooses to bring the coaches back into the game, then it’s all for nothing. I think it’s quite unfair that the coaches get to play the game because not only do they get a three week eviction-free vacation, but also they kinda know how their players play the game and that’s an advantage. If the coaches get to play the actual game next week, I certainly see them making a veteran alliance like JJBR last year.

    I’m really disappointed in CBS. I mean, they can’t even hold on to their twists. Ever since Big Brother 10, the twists have gotten lamer, and they always return to the normal game after the 4th week. I was really excited to see how this twist would play out.

    I think their mistake was the surprise eviction with Jodi week one.. OH well still my favorite show.

  32. How about this: Really mess with the HG’s minds and go silent for a week. No DR sessions, no comps, no lock down, no eviction, no new HOH, no wake up calls. Just before going “dark” BB would give them 1.5x the amount of food so that the HGs will be less inclined to call for more “what ever”. Watch them really go stir crazy.

    1. Oh Man WW that is brilliant!
      Can you imagine what would be going through their heads? Probably would think the world had ended outside their house, lol.

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