Shane tells Frank that Joe didn’t even wait 3 hours to throw him under the bus.

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HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
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Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

12:25pm Frank is up in the HOH room with Shane. Shane tells Frank that he knows you have a final 6 deal with them… Joe is the only one that came up here to talk game and he threw you under the bus. He wants me to put you up. Shane says that Wil is his absolute number 1 target and that he was thinking of putting up Ian too. Frank says that he doesn’t mind if Shane puts up Boogies or Janelle’s players. He says that if he wants Wil or Joe out, it’s probably best to put them up. Frank says that the only reason he didn’t put Janelle’s team is because they rallied for him when he was up on the block. Britney joins them. Frank says that one good reason to keep me is that I will be a bigger target in the house. They bring up someone going through Frank’s bag but they won’t tell him that it was Joe, they just tell him the person is still in the house. Frank says that he will vote whichever way Shane wants.

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Britney asks Frank what the deal is between Mike and Janelle’s teams. Frank says that he never wanted to go into a final 6 deal with 3 on 3, to be honest their team is stronger than ours. Britney tells Frank that he has always been honest from the beginning. Frank says that he knows he has to go after Janelle’s players but he just didn’t want to after they saved him. Frank says that he expected Joe to throw him under the bus and that it gives him incentive to go after them next week. Britney says that it hasn’t even been 3 hours and he was throwing you under the bus. Britney tells Frank that they won’t blind side him. Frank heads down stairs.


Britney tells Shane to be careful with the info he gives up, you don’t want to say one more word than you have too. She says the good thing is that Frank will now go and tell Boogie and he will be pissed. Right now we say it will be Frank and Wil. It will all depend on the coaches competition.

12:40pm – 1:10pm Frank goes to the arcade room and tells Mike everything. Frank says that Shane told him without Britney in the room that he won’t put him up. Frank says that Shane said he didn’t want to piss off Mike. Mike says FU*KING RIGHT! Frank says that Shane mentioned putting up Wil, Ian, Jenn or Joe. Mike says so he won’t put up Ashley, that means we don’t control the vote. Mike says that he will do his best to win the coaches competition. Mike asks so how would you feel if I saved Ian. Frank says that he wouldn’t like it. Frank says that it would be better to talk to Shane after the coaches competition. Frank brings up Joe throwing him under the bus again. Mike says that he is going to trash talk Joe in the diary room. I want him gone. Mike says that he doesn’t want Shane nominating one of our people and one of Janelle’s especially when we have a deal. He would rather they just go after Janelle’s people. Mike says that he is going to vibe with Dan a sec, to firm things up. He says that he thinks Danielle will work with them. They wonder if there is immunity this week. They don’t think Shane would nominate Danielle. Mike says that he was thinking about it and the competition in the house is really weak. Keep playing up to Shane about how you two can win competitions back to back. You can win at the end against Shane because you are better at speaking. It’s also better if you don’t always win HOH’s and let the target shift off of you. Mike tells Frank to just have quick conversations with Shane reminding him of the deal they have. Frank says what’s best about us is that we are like good cop, bad cop. Ian joins them. He tells them that Janelle is freaking out because she thinks Jojo took her eye liner. Frank says oh .. I took it I better go tell her.. Janelle joins them in the arcade room. Janelle wonders if the next week the coaches twist will continue, she says that Dan barely has one player. They talk about the HOH competition Shane won. They laugh about how their 4 player’s scores didn’t add up to Shane’s score. The conversation turns to talking about how Shane is winning all the competition and they are screwed.

1:25pm Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Britney are talking. Dan asks so if there is no plus one in the coaches competition would you mind throwing it to me. Britney says yeah. They wonder if the coaches competition will be an endurance competition. Dan says that he likes those competitions where you decide when you go out. They tell Dan that his best bet is a who wants it more competition because they don’t want it that bad. They wonder if they will get to switch players. Janelle says she would only want Ian, she doesn’t want Frank. Dan says that he kind of wants to freak Janelle out by making her think that Wil is going up so that if she wins the coaches competition she will save him. Shane says even then we can still put up Joe and Frank. Britney tell him not to say that he heard Wil was going up, just that he thinks it’s a possibility. Dan heads downstairs. Danielle says that Frank came up to her this morning and said Joe that damn kiss a$$ he went up and made them breakfast. They talk about how stupid it was that Joe came up throwing Frank under the bus. Britney says that she is so sick of that team, they have no loyalty. Shane brings up how Joe swore on his kids life that he would vote to save Jojo. Danielle say yeah and right after he told her that he came and told me he just wanted the cigarettes and that he would vote for her.
1:35pm Britney and Shane are talking alone. Shane says that he was contacted May 23 and up until then he had never watched a single episode of big brother. He says after that he tried to get caught up but only managed to watch a few seasons.

Dan and Boogie are in the stereo room talking about how Big Brother wants a trade so bad between the coaches, but none of the coaches wants to trade. Dan then asks Boogie he won would he save Frank. Boogie said he would probably but that he has considered saving Ian too. In the storage room, Joe and Wil are talking about the possibility of the coaches trading. Dan comes in and apologizes for interrupting he says that no one better touch Danielle.


2pm Janelle and Ashley are in the arcade room talking about the coaches competition. Janelle tells Ashley that she wants her to shock them all because they don’t think you can win anything. Janelle starts looking around the room, inside the carnival game, inside pillows, under the chair and under cushions. She is looking for somewhere to hide something. She wonders where she should hide something and then leave the room to finds some where better.


2:10pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA … most likely the coaches competition is happening now.

3pm Still TRIVIA..
3:54pm Still TRIVIA..
4:44pm Still TRIVIA..

4:38 Cam 3-4 #BB14 Live Feed Leak Shows Coaches Competition Underway #CBSBigBrother
Looks like Dan won the competition but I am not Sure

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102 thoughts on “Shane tells Frank that Joe didn’t even wait 3 hours to throw him under the bus.

  1. Shane will never put up or Backdoored Frank. He will be an assess of making it to the end. I hope Shane would put up Wil & Jenn and backdoor Joe.

    1. But Wil would work also Joe and Wil need to be split up. As a fan of Shane’s, I prefer Wil gone. But I am good either way.

  2. The coaches coming into the game is going to ruin the flow of the game. If CBS wanted the veterans to play what was the whole point of this semi interesting yet weird “coaches” angle? Just let them be competitors from day one just like last year when it was Brenchel, Evel Dick, Danielle, Jeff and Jordan. This coaches thing has effed everything up in a way.

    1. I’m on the fence about the coaches coming back…getting 3/4 weeks saftey is not fair for the newbies.

      If they let the coaches come back…there has to be some sort of catch, right?!

    2. If they bring the coaches back into the game…CBS should make them have-nots for the rest of the season…there has to be something that would make it ‘kinda’ fair.

  3. Whomever Shane puts up Frank & Wil or Joe & Wil…I just hope Shane wins POV

    ^The funny thing is I really have no favorite…I just love the excitement and scrambling. We can’t have another week like last week, at least until the end.

  4. I’m slowly coming around to the idea of the Coaches entering the game. It’ll be a bit unfair to the newbs but at least this way things aren’t as methodical and boring as they are now. Hopefully we’ll see more of a scramble like we saw Week One.

  5. I hope the coaches just coach and not enter the game as players. What do you think of having other past players joining each team for a short time and a few bucks to extend the season? Or they could have rhe coaches spouses come in to play the game for a few weeks- Dr Will could be Boogie’s partner…

    BTW I think they go back to past players because of the low low calibre of new players-they are so dull and uninteresting

    Any thoughts?

  6. What if the results are in and the coaches will play as players? What you guys going to do?

  7. Confused about nominations. I think Shane shouldn’t take too much advice from Brit. She barfly won anything in her season, and was carried to the end. He should just do what’s best for him, and make sure that he’s safe next week.

  8. Honestly, people need to remember that this Big Brother…it is the game that is built on “expect the unexpected”. When you sign on, you sign on for that in general. I like the idea of the vets coming in as coaches and then getting the choice to say yes or no. It is the ultimate way to flip the house and cause chaos. CBS wants controlled chaos and the coaches choosing to either be true mentors or aggressive players, it is going to be an interesting twist.

    Shane, I think, has a good head on his shoulders and knowing that lets me know that Frank Vicious is safe this week, but not all of Boogie’s team. I can see where putting up Jenn and Wil would be smart, but it also shows Shane’s hand to everyone that he is playing team lines. Shane has to be smart, yet aggressive. I think its honestly time some of the players stepped up. That is why, as much as I like Ian, he and Wil should go up and just have a plan in place to backdoor Joe. That way you, no matter who plays, will want to take Wil or Ian off. It opens up a hole to put Joe in and get rid of him. Or Ian and Joe to backdoor Wil, either way.

    Just my two cents.

  9. I think It’s a very bad idea to want to keep Frank. I have a feeling they’ll gun after shane regardless of what deals he’s made. Get him out now while you have the chance, Idk about numbers so far, but I would want to get him out. Also Joe is a floundering fish, I hardly would regard him as a threat.

  10. Backdoor Wil or Joe! Make Janelle suffer. She always be a three time loser. Team Shanielle/Ashlian Yo! Janelle definitely sucks in this game.

  11. Fantasy Thurs live eviction. Chenbot announces that by America’s Vote the coaches have the option to enter the game and if they enter they will have a vote in the live eviction. The coaches have 5 minutes to make their decision when we return we will need your decision. Bammmm!!

  12. I love the idea of the coaches joining the game. It’s not that unfair cause the newbies will have the numbers as long as they stick together.

  13. I am so sick and tired of all of Mike and Janelle’s players running back to them with information. Its so irritating!

    1. It will totally bite them in the ass if the coaches enter the game.

      The players are, in my opinion, sharing too much information with their coaches.
      Even if there was no possibility of the coaches coming back in the game, the coaches represent ALL their players, not just the individuals, so any tactical information shared with them could be shared with the other team members. In reality, it doesn’t matter which of the coaches’ players makes it to the end.

  14. Shane should put Frank up. Frank said he’d work with Shane, and still put him on the block. Turn about is fair play. This will come down to a 3 to 2 vote this week, so early to have so few votes.

    1. Frank is not going nowhere. I know Shane will throw PoV to Frank. So he will take himself off the block and backdoor Joe. Janelle would be screwed! Now would be two players of Janelle’s team. She no queen of endurance. She is a three time loser. No Chance of winning it. Dr. Will was right, Janelle will never redeem herself and even coaches back in the game. She will choke and forever she will lose. I’m not a h8ter. I’m telling a truth!

  15. they want the coaches to come in the game to settle boggie vs janelle vs dan once and for all.thats what the whole season is for the battle of janelle and boogie,and i’m hoping britney takes out janelle and

  16. Did Shane actually tell Frank he was safe while they were talking today or was he referring to when Shane was trying to get him to keep jojo and offered up the “you’re safe if I win hoh next” deal?

    1. I don’t think Shane is locked into any deal with Frank because Shane got himself off the block and ‘you’re safe’ deal was if Jojo stayed in the house.

  17. I still hate the idea of the coaches entering the game, I do not like even seeing them in the house.
    I have gained a reason to watch the season play out now. I dislike Joe immensely now.
    Any chef that would go to the bathroom and not wash up before cooking, people are getting stomach cramps
    after eating his cooking…. that is some deliberate evil (pardon the expression.) crap.

    I am sorry to do that to people deliberately, even if you do not care about them, is horrible. Anybody who calls me a hater..
    I will be honest… I am, I hate when people play that low.

    1. Brittney. maybe Boogie (If Janelle puts a big enough target on herself.), Janelle and Dan would have huge targets on them along with Boogie.

    2. Britney, simply because Dan, Janelle, and Boogie all seem like bigger threats. But then again, Janelle and Boogie could probably keep some of their players loyal to them. Dan would be the first coach out.

    3. Dan, but he will have to play a different game than he did the season he won.

      Janelle will get caught in lies and her current players know how dirty she is. That will get out.
      Boogie could make it to the final 2, but I don’t think he would get the votes to win.
      Britney just doesn’t have the skills to make it to the end. Once on the block for her and she’s done.

    4. As long as production doesn’t pull any funny business,than Dan has a way better shot at becoming the first person to win Big Brother twice.What I mean by funny business is ,production hinting to are flat out telling other house guests about Dan’s next move.Putting in a pandora’s box that will save a player that Dan plans to evict(like last season,with Rachel&Jordan).If production decides not to favor any of the house guests,including Dan(I want Dan to win this game,without production giving him any special power,that way Boogie fans can’t say he beat Boogie because he was given a special power)Then Dan should have no problem winning the game again.Britney&Janelle are awful,when it comes to having a great strategic game.Boogie isn’t liked as much as Dan because he has an extremely arrogant attitude,and sometimes when he talks to other players or coach’s he comes off as threatening them into doing what he wants(he did it to Britney on the first week,when Willie was HOH).I’m sure the house guests don’t like feeling threatened into deciding who they should nominate/put up as a replacement nominee,if someone wins the veto.Dan is likeable and is one of the best strategic and social players that has every played the game.But again,production would have to not pull any funny business(and we all know that will be extremely difficult for production to not favor a player over another.)Lol.

      1. I’m jumping on the dan bandwagon to.. call me crazy but I think he might pull this off. Especially if he can fracture the 8 is enough alliance

        1. Dan is the Man. I rooted for him in his season and am rooting for him now. If (when) he comes into the house, he will first try to get the other coaches to band together to give them a better shot at staying in the house, pull Danielle and Jenn (and try for Shane) and possiblly Britany into another alliance and go fo it.

    5. If the coaches come back in the competition, I feel like Dan will win hands down. He is very smart and very shrewd

    6. Dan, I think. Not saying I want him to win (Ashley is my pick), but think of the 4 coaches, he’s got the best chance. He stays calm, he’s smart and he can win comps. A lot of players would be looking to align with him. He could definitely be an asset to partner with.

  18. I am hoping Shane and Frank team up in a secret alliance.
    I think Frank is trustworthy – he just needs to be made aware that Janelle’s whole team (including Janelle) is throwing him under the bus.

    Perfect scenario…
    Shane gets Frank to sneak up to the HOH and hide in the bathroom after his DR session so everyone thinks he is in the DR.
    Shane invites Janelle to the HOH to “get her opinion” on what he should do.
    Janelle will obviously say to put Frank up.
    Shane should ask her if her whole team is behind it. Janelle will, of course, say yes.
    Shane should consider inviting Wil up as well for the same convo so Frank can see that Wil would throw him under the bus.
    Frank can hear this with his own ears.


    Frank doesn’t say anything to anyone, including Boogie.
    He continues to play with his/Janelle’s team like nothing is going on,
    Frank/Shane secretly share information about their respective teams and work to keep each other off the block.

    Perfect final 2 alliance.

    1. I like that perfect scenario. But Shane and Frank are probably too stupid to think of it. Britney would probably have to suggest that…

    2. That’s classical! Danielle would be crying and Shane will feel sorry for her. That’s why Shane & Frank had a secret alliance.

    3. Nicely played, this would be a great scenario. I wonder why it hasn’t been done before (the eavesdropping set up I mean), it’s a winner idea. Cheers, CA

  19. I am watching BBAD from last night. First 20 minutes Dan and Joe throwing an orange.
    Shane gets his HOH key. Brit grabs Shanes letter and starts reading it before he even does (without his permission) Just cause she is his coach does she have that right?
    Janelle getting her chap stick out so she won’t get chapped lips from kissing Shane’s ass.
    Joe telling Janelle that he figures himself and Mis Wil are going to be nominated. Mis Wil tells Joe and Janelle he ain’t makin no deals with Shane. Joe says deals are always not kept anyhow.
    Janelles lies become the truth. Brit says didn’t Janelle tell you that Jo Jo said you weer fat? Danielle says no she heard it herself and what a bitch Jo Jo was. (shane and Brit say they never heard Jo Jo say anything about her being fat ever)
    I am really thinking that Jo Jo was the wrong person sent home.
    At this point I’d love to see Danielle and Joe go up. But I know Shane and her are tight.
    Danielle says Frank should not go up because he saved her this week and supposedly when Danielle was being blasted by Jo Jo Frank took up for her.. (did she forget he nominated her to begin with)?
    Brit tells Shane he will have to put up one of Boogers players in order for their plan to get one of Janelles team mates out.
    jenn talks game for 30 seconds and says the whole HOH comp was just a crap shoot.
    Brit and Dan talking about being in an alliance together and Brit says it’ll be like are kids are dating (that was cute)
    Dan and Brit whispering for last 5 minutes of show so can’t make out what they are saying (and I don’t read lips)
    Danielle telling Shane who he has to put up. (all of a sudden she’s this power player giving advice)
    Shane and Danielle make final 2 deal. (pinky swear)
    All in all I watched about 1 hour out of the 2 and half hour show. 70% was on Brit, Shane and Danielle with the rest as always filler.

          1. exactly I fast forward til I get to scenes of what I think have interest and when I saw Brit read the letter I assumed it was Shane’s because I did not think the coaches got letters, baskets or other perks except the extra room. :) next time I will rewind if not sure :)

          1. gee i did not know that (based on the 100 others who have said this) thanks what would I ever do without you

  20. Nominate Frank and Joe….if Shane doesn’t nominate Frank he’s an idiot too and I hope he’s out after this week. Frank will get Shane out the first chance he gets.

  21. I hope anyone but Janelle wins the coach comp. I want to see her lose a player and then learn that she is in the game. I want to see her face when she comes to the realization that if she hadn’t played so personal with Jo Jo, Dan would be gone instead of entering the game. I am hoping that Dan, Shane Frank and Ian join forces and do some damage. I’d love to see Janelle and Boogie on the block together right away, and it would be sweet if Brit made final 5 and then got dumped once again by a bigger and better brigade than last time.

  22. I does not matter who Shane nominates out of Janelle Boogie combo.

    Frank/ Wil POV winner uses the veto you still have one of them going up against Joe.
    Not used Frank or Wil goes home Janelle;’s and Boogies teams are down to 2 possibly 3 if the coach joins the game.
    either way Frank, Wil or Joe goes home

    Wil/ Jenn same thing
    Ian/ Wil same scenario

    Joe against Jen or Ian… same scenario

    Just do not nominate Danielle or Ashley. Coaches joining could cause a huge house flip and turn into newbs vs All Stars.

    1. Shane should put Joe on the block then provoke him, when he goes nuts, Shane should put up his “dukes” and call him Willie. haha

  23. I hate janelle haters ughh and yes she is the queen of comps and she will win this last coach comp get over it haters.

      1. Dude, He loves Janelle so much that she is a role model of failure. She always a loser. A three time loser, she will fall. Period!

    1. Really……She ain’t no queen of comps. The reason she sucks because Chilltown screw her. She always a loser, a three time loser. Janelle is jealous because Rachel won Big Brother and she not. Rachel took one tries & she won and Janelle took two tries and still she fails. She always a failure and face it, she will go down as three time, three time, three time biggest big brother loser ever. Janelle take my advice. QUIT! You never going to win.

      1. dude it took rachel 2 tries to win she was first in jury in BB12 and then won last year albeit with some help from production with brendon coming back and the second pandora’s box etc. maybe it was a typo and u meant to say twice but u said 1 try though

          1. damn dude calm down i was just making a comment that either u made a typo or was just plain wrong because rachel has played the game twice not once u didn’t hav to go on a rant about how janelle sucks because if u hav read anything i’ve said on here i don’t like her either

    2. yeah really get some new material u sound like a bad cd stuck on repeat and queen of comps huh that was so funny after she won the last coaches comp then went in the dr and said the queen of comps is back like she had actually done something she should have finished 3rd if britney hadn’t got in such a hurry she would hav won by a mile and if boogie hadn’t stepped on the ground before he hit his buzzer the queen of the mile wide ass wouldn’t hav won anything.

      1. Totally agree. When she said that in her DR, I was like really? Britney would have won by a large margin if she hadn’t dropped her dollar bills, and Boogie just got arrogant. And in the 1st coaches competition, Dan was throwing it, so she may not have even won her heat had Dan actually tried. Janelle’s not the comp queen she used to be. That was the reason I liked her in seasons 6 and 7, but now…not a fan.

  24. Hoping Joe and WIl go up, replacement can be Jenn or Ashley as far as I am concerned.

    I really hope Joe’s kids are not watching him on the feeds…… His behavior with Wil last night was repulsive, especially when Jannelle went tot he bathroom. Wil has the foulest mouth and is so nasty as a person.

    Shane won’t make it to the end, I think no matter alliances that he is everyones target.

  25. How loyal do you think Shane will be to Danielle and Dan. Shane voted to evict Danielle last night. I wonder if I missed anything and if anyone questioned, who was the stray vote. I thought Shane would have been more loyal to Danielle or he was playing both her and JoJo the whole time. Dirt bag!

    1. Shane let Danielle know he had to vote for Jojo out of loyalty and the votes were going to save her anyway. I know Dan did for sure. Don’t hate shane for being loyal.

      1. Thank you for letting me know. I thought that I may have missed something because I was shocked, when the eviction took place. I appreciate the update!

  26. BRIT will screw Shane like she screwed Willie. Shane, you should do like Frank did and put up two people from the SAME team. Not against both teams in the house like YOU did week one. Gezzzz. She’s worst coach EVER. Don’t listen to Brit. Plus, Brit LIED to JoJo when she said that she would take Frank that JOE went through his bag. It might have saved her, but Brit didn’t like her anyways. VOTE NO for coaches entering the game. Players should get to pick their coach and players should be allowed to EVICT a coach (any coach). Think about it CBS.

    1. Putting a player up from each side is good for Shane. Looks like he’s not taking one over the other and he has Danielle’s swing vote to decide the outcome. Let the veto comp determine the first part and go from there. Shane needs the right player to win HOH for next week to keep him safe.

    2. This isn’t the glass house. Why do you gotta complicate everything? We need structure in the game rules, not teeter and totter like the glass house does, otherwise what’s the point?

    3. And besides, if he votes one from each team then both will fight to stay and wage war on each other not give the other team full power on WHO they want out. If he should happen to choose 2 players from 1team, then it should be bogeys to make certain that one of his players goes home for sure besides Janelle’s has all girls anyways.

  27. Janelle needs to let someone piss on that fungus spot on her chest. If its athletes foot she might see positive results.

  28. Just by watching Shane’s attitude talking strategy since he won HOH, I think Wil is his main target, and Joe as the secondary.

    He really seems to believe Frank and wants to work with him. What I’m not so sure about is if Frank genuinely feels the same way, or is he just saving his ass because he couldn’t play HOH this week? I get the feeling that Boogie is having Frank play Shane and if Frank wins HOH next week he might go after Shane again anyway.

    Obv Boogie would rather have Ian or even Wil win HOH next week and do the dirty work instead.

    I’d personally like to see Wil and Joe get nominated, but I’d also hate to see Boogie’s team get a free pass. The better idea might be to put up 1 from each of Boogie and Janelle’s teams to pretty much ensure they (with Danielle’s vote) control who goes home this week.

    1. All Shane needs to do to ensure Frank is on his side is expose the multiple members of his team who are trying to throw him under the bus.

  29. I would like to see Shane put up Wil and Joe and if Britney wins she should put Jannelle’s team on slop and Jen. (Give Ian a break.) Maybe then Ashley can pick a side. She and Joe are this years Shelly. Joe drives me crazy with his bug eyed stares and game talk. As if…..

    1. I don’t recall reading anything about hating Shane (some Frank) but no Shane Shane is the new Dan everyone loves him he’s america’s newest sweetheart

      1. @jasonvoorhies. I think in order for Shane to be called the new Dan.He would need to be a strategic mastermind,and from what I can tell Shane hasn’t proven to be that yet.However,it does seem like Shane is on the same road as Janelle was on season’s6&7.I’m referring to Janelle winning a lot of competitions.I know that Shane has only won three competitions,but he has only been in the house for about 2 or 3 weeks.It just seem as though if we are going to call a newbie(Shane) the new such in such.Then it makes more sense to compare Shane to a coach in the game,that is only known for winning competitions(Janelle),because as of now the only thing that Shane has done in the game is win competitions.If later on Shane starts to have great strategic plans and execute them perfectly and play the entire house(like Dan did on season10).Then it might be time to say that Shane is kind of like Dan.No one will ever be like Dan,but they might come close.Just like no one will ever be like Danielle Reyes(season’s3&7)and Dr.Will.

  30. Question if you are not on the block and you win pov and save someone on the bock are you saved too?

  31. Please, Please, Please get that asshat Joe out of there! That weezly, wimp instigated the Willie fight and over-exaggerated the so-called head butt! It was far from a head-butt! He should have been evicted too for posturing to fight him by putting up his fists! He listens to that she-beast Janelle and they planned the whole episode! He sucks at comps and is weak, wimpy and a cry-baby with a poor to non-existent social game!! His ass kissing by cooking for people means nothing in the BB house and in the end will earn him no votes once he is on the block this week! Get him out! Now I know why Chilltown hated her! He and She-beast are 2 assclowns!

  32. boogie shouldnt enter the game. if its a choice for them that is. he hasnt made relationships because hes trying to keep his players off target and trying to keep from looking like hes talking game. by ignoring other hg’s, entering the game then all of a sudden saying “hey there” won’t work, he only makes final 5 if he sells the fact that no one would vote for him due to his job. dan probably would have the best shot of the coaches in my opinion.

    id love to see boogie back again in an all stars to win that again^^ but hes already buried in this season at least and should stay as coach w/ good odds at 100k with his team if they survive this week

    and people forget, iif they did backdoor frank….HUGE mistake. because we all know they would put him vs kara vs jojo in some strength comp to return

  33. Shane should put up Joe and Wil and last resort put up Ashley. I believe that Frank and Shane had a deal from week one. Willie shook Franks confidence in the deal.

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