“Jessica’s the one grabbing everyone’s a$$h***s, grabbing everyone’s d***s, pulling peoples p@nts down”

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5:12pm Alex and Jason
Jason – we just vote Chritmas off win HOH and start our own f***g deal
Alex – she’s got to go, but if we have to align with someone, I pick Paul.
Alex – his whole thing is friendship

Jason- They are sweating that we are going to line up with Cody and be the powerhouse. Alex- We have to talk to Cody

Jason – do we tell Paul on our side
Alex – If we say that and f*** him we’re done
Alex – did you talk to Christmas.. There was supposed to be 9 of them going to Jury

Jason says they (The other side) want to kick out Jillian, Ramses, Josh, Megan..

Alex warns him not to tell Jillian anything she gets all flustered.

Alex says they got to wrangle Josh in before Thursday.
Aklex doesn’t know where Elena is coming from “She’s friends with Jessica and friends with Christmas”

Jason – you and me are the baddest mother f***ers here..
Jason – Jessica… she couldn’t whip shit with a outboard motor
Jason brings up his conversation with Mark last night, he didn’t get anything useful.

Jason – You, me, mark, cody, kevin.. And JOash, Jillian and Ramses… That’s eight
Jason or – You, me ,mark Elena, Paul, Christmas

Alex – I don’t trust her
Jason – I don’t either
Alex – as much as I trust Paul, Cody did us a soldi.. 2 times, he should have won that Veto.
Jason says Paul is acting like a little b1tch running around trying to get everyone to decide what they are going to do.

Ramses comes by.

Alex doubts they’ll let Christmas play with her foot the way it is.

When Ramses leaves. Alex whispers to Jason “He doesn’t trust us.. He never gives information”
Alex – christmas never asked me to vote for her..
Alex brings up Paul’s first season, he was always only loyal to his best friend Victor.
Alex – the next move we make we have to align with one of the side.. We’re either going to Jury or our out. We have to remember Paul is safe
Jaso – you me Cody and Mark that would be alright
Alex – yeah

5:14pm Jessica and Cody
JEssica says Alex has been on her Radar since day 2. Days after the competition Alex wouldn’t stop talking about how awesome she was. Jessica hated that.
Jessica says if she had won that first HOH Alex and Megan would have been her Nominations.

Cody says he only feels chill around Jessica and mark.
Jessica doesn’t think Kevin is going to keep Jillian. She saw Kevin and Paul talking earlier
Cody – Kevin’s a bullshiter..

Cody – Is elena not sleeping with Mark
Jessica says Mark has a single bed. Christmas could a double and won’t give it up.
Elena asked her if she would switched.

5:55pm Paul and Jason Storage room
Trying to figure out why Cody put Paul up then Christmas.
Jason asks why did he throw the veto to Alex.

Paul – do you think Jessica likes you and Alex
Jason – no
Paul – that means it’s all him

Paul – the guy just went rogue and made a f*** mistake.. Now he’s backtracking and using you.. He’s setting you up just in case..
Paul – do you think she’s going to go against 8 people just to team up with you and Alex.

Paul tells him Christmas is a much better person for them to keep in the house.
He asks Jason if he really thinks Jillian will go out there to save Jason.
Jason says all Jillian is ia a Vote. Points out that Christmas’ leg is lame.
Paul thinks Christmas will be back on her feet soon. Adds that Xmas is smarter and wittier.
Jason agrees says Xmas is generally just better to be around and Cooler.

They head outside to play pool.

Paul is telling him they are just in the baby phases of the game they are still settling. “It’s OK if we move around”
Paul – i’m telling you with the plan I have you’ll see.. You just have to trust me

6:58pm Jessica, Mark and Elena
Jessica and Elena have a mutual friend, A athlete. Someone who use to play for the Bruins and now plays with the Stars. Elena hangs out with them in Dallas. Feeds flip…

7:00pm Kevin, Christmas, Alex
Christmas – all I want is his (Cody) head on a stake, After that I’ll help you take out anybody I’ll follow suite
Xmas brings up how Elena is confused about Cody. She doesn’t understand why Cody f**kd them over.
Xmas says Cody told her that she makes some of the girls uncomfortable.
Kevin asks who is that
Xmas – Jessica, Jessica is f***g grabbing everyone’s a$$holes, F****g grabbing everyone’s d!cks, pulling peoples pants down and rolling around the kitchen floor with dental dams
Christmas says once Cody goes that side will scramble.

7:15pm Elena and Christmas
Christmas says she’s been hurt worse and bounce back faster she has amazing abilities.
Elena tells her she’s been praying for 4 times a day and so has Dom.
Elena says she doesn’t trust Jessica.

7:20pm Hammock Mark, Cody and Jessica

Jessica – I can’t imagine the temptation being better than 3 weeks of safety
Jessic a- holy cow what gets better than that
Mark could be money could be co-HOH, could be golden power of veto, could be pick a replacement nominee, could be anything
Jessica – do you know it’s Cody’s fault that Paul got the temptation.
Mark – the only things Cody did is bring out peoples true colours week one instead of waiting week 3
Jess – that’s true, the house is divided.. you have the floaters, your have the ‘Switzerlands’, you have the athletes, you have the people that are playing both sides, and you have the socially inept.
Mark – 5 groups… Ok..
Jessica look at it right now..
Cody calls Christmas and Paul the “darkside”

7:29pm Kevin and Alex

Kevin – I’ll stick with you guys.. you’ll see.. JOsh, me, you, ramses.

Kevin asks what she thinks about Paul
Ales likes him but “I think he’s trying to take control of our group, which me and Jason don’t like”
Keivn – I know .. it’s so early we still have 85 days left..

Kevin says he’s going to yell out to Paul ask him to sit over next to them, “everyone in the place will get all f***g nervous i’m just doing it to f** with him”
Hey Paul, why don’t you sit over here with us man.. sit over here c’mon

7:39pm Dom and mark
Mark – what if I said I could guarantee Christmas goes home
Dom – you’re making this hard for me
Dom – you understand my loyalty is to you

7:42pm Christmas and Paul
Comparing notes about some conversations.
Xmas brings up her conversation with Jessica last night, “we had a good conversation it was positive” (that’s not what she said) Christmas brigns up Jessica saying she didn’t know what Cody was doing.
Paul says it’s bullshit that Jessica was saying she didn’t know what Cody was doing.
Xmas – Alex told me she had a commitment to Jason and Julia
Paul – Whose Julia
Xmas – ahh shit Jillian
Xmas says Alex has no interest in playing with Cody. Alex has a true disdain for Jessica.

They are both confused about mark.
Christmas – he’s avoiding the f** outta me because he can’t lie

7:48pm – 8:30pm Mark and Dom
Mark – I’m so torn
Mark says getting rid of Christmas is the safe route.
Dom starts coaching him on how he needs to stop spending a lot of time with Cody.
Dom – Cody is the enemy in this house..
Dom says if is was here she would play in the middle until wins HOH and has to make a decision.

Dom really stresses for him to hide the time he spends with Cody.
Mark tells her he doesn’t want Christmas in the game he doesn’t trust her.

Dom – one couple is going to be blown up..
Dom says God told her she can’t trust Jessica.
Dom goes to explain how she’s friends with Cody and Jessica was acting Jealous.

Mark says Paul is ok with them going after JOsh, Ramses
Mark – a lot of people are going for that HOH this week
Neither Dom or Mark want to win the HOH.
Mark says Paul really trust him.
Dom agrees says she talks to Paul a lot.
Dom – If I were you I would work with Paul.. He’s smart.
Mark says “They” don’t trust Raven because she’s being seen as a person that stirs the pot.

Mark says he’s going to talk to Christmas tonight.
Mark – For whatever reason he just doesn’t like her, She reminds me of that blackjack dealer Vanesa that’s who she reminds me of. (LOL)

8:42pm Jessica and Cody HOH
Jessica is pissed off, “I’m so mad I didn’t expect it from her”
Cody says he found his marine corp buddy loyalty with Jessica and Mark.
Jessica says Elena only wants to play the “I’m friends with everybody” game.
Jessica tells him he has to stop telling Elena he’ll protect her she has to know what fear of getting evicted feels like.
Jessica – she feels too protected and thinks she can do whatever the f** she wants
Jessica – she’s going to coast by in this game and not do anything, It angers me.
Jessica brings up how Jillian has been spending time with Josh all day.
Cody thinks they have the votes to evict Christmas

8:44pm Mark and Christmas
Mark says Cody didn’t tell him anything about the plan to put Paul/Christmas up.
Christmas believes him.

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“Xmas – Alex told me she had a commitment to Jason and Julia
Paul – Whose Julia
Xmas – ahh shit Jillian”

Amazing, lol.


Ok, If your name is a nod at Lyanna Stark, I’m always giving you a thumbs up, I don’t care what you post lol


Indeed it is! 🙂


Probably on pain meds. Lol


So much drama. Love it!!!!! You can blank and be on a different side. I like Kevin. I do like Paul too. Thought he should have won last season. Dislike Cody, Jess and their continually fracturing group. Come on people and let’s play. Most active first week ever.

Kevin Fan

I agree with you all the way around. Kevin is the funniest. Just listening to him have a random mundane conversation is entertaining. salivating for the next episode.


Paul really screwed himself over by not taking James, the lump of coal in the bottom of your stocking, to final two. And he knows it. That “Friendship” shtick cost him $500K…

big meech's bald spots

And were back to square one. Smoke and mirrors all week. Xmas, josh, rams, and Jill will be next out respectively imo. Oh and Simon! Dawg! Keep those parentheses coming, y’all making me laugh for real. Great season and blogging so far. My kraken levels are at a minimum.


These people are stupid. Paul’s doing exacty what Cody did last week. “I have a master plan, trust me”. Seriously, no one is asking what the “Master Plan” is? And Cody blew that crap up big time. Paul doesn’t have a plan, haha, he’s waiting to see who wins HOH, then he will make a plan.


Could NOT agree more!!


Xmas go away. She actually said ” I wanna play this game without being lied to.” Look then leave. This game is about lying at times. Stop the water works. U doing it cuz u think it will seal u staying. Mark the dumb fat wanna be bodybuilder isn’t the one to talk to. He against you.

If they dnt stop crying about Cody fkin up. Wtf. You idiots dnt trust Cody good. Stfu about it.

Why is AD not showing Kevin. The only cat who isn’t annoying to listen to. This season is hard not to turn off so far. No real game play. Just Paul talkin about how great he is at playing the game and he has amazing plan and u all need to lick my butthole. Which they all do.



Kevin and Dom is in a good position right now they’re laying low and letting the two sides attack each other .


Have they announced which houseguest will be in jeopardy of leaving since Paul opened the temptation?

I wonder if they will add that person as a third nominee Thursday or if they will remove someone.


Think i read that Ramses was cursed and has to volunteer for the block for 3 weeks.

Leopold Stotch

Correct…except that he has to volunteer only once in the next 3 weeks. Also, it hasn’t been announced to the house, but Ramses did tell Paul.

Team Alex

In the pics of all the house guests below (the ones that show hoh, nom, pov), Elena, Raven, Dom, Alex, no Josh look like they’re having a contest to see who can open their mouths the widest. Seems like poor representation as I’m sure Jessica finds herself in that position naturally a lot more often.


So, Mark and Christmas are outside talking and Mark is crying, telling Christmas what an amazing women she is a hundred times, being sort of touchy feely and staring into Christmas’ eyes looking like he’s ready to risk it all for her. I missed the beginning of their conversation so not sure exactly what is making him cry, but my god it seems a little strange.


Elena, shut up!
Paul , shut up!


No kidding! Catching up on AD this morning, watching Paul, Elena and Dom chatting in the BY. Elena bumbling, mumbling, and stumbling about her loyalty and trust in Paul and her reason she is not voting Xmas out makes me want to chop an ear off. Paul thinks he is definitely “our boy” with his power and safety. “Cody is coming pretty hot at a guy who has safety for 3 weeks” I like Cody taking a shot at him and not rolling over waiting for Paul to scratch his belly like these other clowns. My only thing was I thought Cody should have talked it all over with his core group and made sure everyone was A) on board B) he had the votes to get it done and C) (most important for his own game) that everyone shared in the blame if it all goes sideways (which it did)

Vivacious Victor

You already know one of if not both Elena and Jessica got boned by Tyler Seguin (The Current mutual friend Stars hockey player)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders wonky eye

haha. Thats exactly what I thought. Mass. is my home state, it has to be Tyler.


Mark should be concerned about that fact that some of his so called “allies” are placing their wants before his. If he feels deep down that he can’t trust Xmas (who along with Paul is sketched out by his connection to Cody) then he needs to vote her out.

Mark is honestly smart in not wanting the next HOH. He’s one of the least likely people to be put up. Dom would potentially go up w/ Matt or Raven if Alex/Jason win HOH.

Kevin is in the best spot of all the HG imo. He and Ramses have been playing the middle, but I’d say Kevin is doing a better job. I didn’t watch the feeds today so I’m not sure where his vote will fall. It would make more sense for Kevin to keep Jillian b/c he could probably beat her in comps down the road if she’s still around. Plus he’d likely survive being on the block w/ her.

Great first week of feeds though!


Jessica is beautiful. Even when she has no makeup on her skin is flawless, She looks like supermodel Adriana Lima. Cody might not win BB but for sure he won the heart of this beauty.


Jessica and Elena’s athlete friend they are likely talking about is hockey player Tyler Seguin (ex Boston Bruin, now with the Dallas Stars). Makes “only” $6 million per year. Google him and you can see why a VIP hostess might go for him and vice versa.


I wish Paul would leave his sordid BB past there…in the past. I’m so sick of him but I’m more floored at these people believing every word out of his mouth. Say what you want about Cody but he is the only one that really understands Paul’s game play/strategy, and he is right. I think to bring him back and give him 4 weeks of guaranteed safety is so incredibly unfair to the rest of this cast. I love this show, love the drama, but I hate the unfair advantage given to some of the players.


Not a Paul fan but he did get the votes for the temptation. He has allot of people that think he should have won last year and are going to give him every chance they can this year.

The Inscrutable Skidd Marks

According to Jessica, Elena is playing the “I’m friends with everybody game”. Meanwhile, Jessica herself is playing the “I’m going to sit on the Alpha Male’s cock and ride it to the final two game.” I think Elena has the better strategy…


Jason – you me Cody and Mark that would be alright
Alex – yeah

These two trying to be in a power position is just so darn funny. They are on another planet, they are living in this kind of imaginary fluffy cloud where they are the popular kidz or where the popular kidz would come to them. It’s sad but really funny.


Kevin playing the dad and supporter role. I predict Kevin goes to final 3 without being on the block at all.


Agh. Jessie girl go home already.