Alex “Why do you want to keep someone who is lame? When a horse is lame, you put it out of its misery.”

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9pm – 10pm Backyard couches. Mark & Christmas.
Mark – I would never tell you I would vote for you if you only stayed working with Cody. I’m not that naive. It was inexcusable. Christmas – I don’t understand why he did what he did. Mark – I could have handled yesterday so much better. The whole thing with me not questioning Cody. I was building a genuine friendship with Cody. So I looked at the friendship more than the game play. Obviously game play I don’t understand at all and that’s where I’m torn. Christmas – so we’re not developing a friendship? Mark – no, no, no we are. We’re creating a friendship and I wasn’t there for you yesterday or today and I am sorry for that. Christmas – thank you. Mark – You mean a lot to me and my actions didn’t show that yesterday and I’m sorry. Christmas – I hope that Cody is as good a friend to you as you are to him. If I get HOH, things are going to change. Christmas – it absolutely made me feel like I was out when you didn’t come talk to me after. I was really, really hurt because I thought we had something. It really hurt my feelings. Christmas starts to cry and Mark hugs her.

Mark – you deserved better yesterday and I’m sorry. I will be there for you. One way or another I am going to make it up to you and show you how much you mean to me. Christmas – I understand it and forgive you. Mark – I miss my Christmas joy. Christmas – I miss my Mark. And I am not ready to leave. Mark – its nice to be able to talk to someone, communicate and just be genuine. I don’t think I’ve ever had that before. I’m finally being real with myself and I like that. I’m going to cry. Christmas – You’re doing a great job. Its okay to mess up. You’re a good person.

9:10pm – 10pm Backyard – Raven, Dom, Paul and Elena.
Elena – he was saying that he f**ked up and why he did what he did. Paul – he said he wanted to be the Maverick. Elena – I gave my word to people and he created a scenario that made it so I can’t keep my words. I don’t like that. That hurts me. Moving forward I am going to vote to keep Christmas because that is best for me. Jessica is a friend to me and feels that I should vote to protect her. This is not her fault. My disagreements with Mark and Jessica come down to this because I am decisive they think I lack emotion and empathy and I don’t. My game is a little f**ked. Christmas is best for my game and best for my moral compass. Dom – I think you should go with your gut feeling. Elena – what is your plan? Paul – its so beautiful .. like butter on a skillet. It’s checkmate! Elena – if Cody goes home Jessica is going to be extremely emotional about that and hopefully she will recover from that and be able to play a level headed game. Maybe with us, maybe not! I have a little bit of doubt in her. Paul – I have a lot of doubt. Elena – I am going to keep my doubt and distrust in the front of my brain until I feel otherwise which I don’t think I will. Dom – do you really think everyone in the group will trust someone that was attached to the very person that totally killed our game.

10:30pm Kevin & Alex talking by the pool.
Kevin notices Mark and Christmas rubbing each others backs. Look, look its a hug fest! Alex – this is getting weird. Isn’t that Elena’s boyfriend? Kevin – scratching his back. What the f**k is going on? We have to get one of the 3 big guys out… I’m telling you. Mark, Matt or Cody. Alex – I think Cody is the one we need to get out. Kevin – okay I’m down. Alex – we have to get the loose f**king canon out of here. Kevin – if they get to the 6, you’ll have 6 people that will vote however we tell them. Then Paul is going to have to jump on. Alex – see he wants to control this .. he can’t he has to jump in. Alex – why do you want to keep someone who is lame? When a horse is lame, you put it out of its misery. Kevin – I can’t wait to get some of the guys. Do they think they’re cool? Alex – I think, they think they’re cool. Kevin – not cooler than me? Alex – oh no they think they’re cool with you. Kevin – oh okay. But they think they control the board right? That they’re just pawns right?! And they’re the king and queen, right? Alex – oh man, Jessica drives me nuts. She’s so fake! She never talks to us and then the other day she came out and tried to talk to us. Kevin – she’s easy to get. They’re easy. Maybe Dom is hard to get. What if we get lucky and Jason wins. Alex – hopefully Jason or I win. We’ll take care of you guys.
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10:40pm Matt – do you have any theories as to why Cody wants Alex and Jason in the jury? Elena – no, I don’t. I think Cody got himself in a pissing contest he couldn’t win. Matt – Absolutely. Elena – I think he wanted to make the maverick move and go down in big brother history. He got a little big for his britches. And I get it sure okay! Matt – but why would he have, what is his motivation. Elena – he thought Paul was coming after him. Matt – which couldn’t be further from the truth. Elena – He got caught with his d**k in his hand. At this point he is reaching for people. So he is reaching for Jason and Alex jut to have numbers on his side. Matt – what did he say to you? Elena – he asks how we could get back on track and I said I don’t think we can. Christmas comes into the room and the conversation ends.

10:50pm Paul & Josh in the storage room.
Paul – do not flip no matter what. Josh – if I get f**ked.. I know you wont to that. Paul – no, I’ve got better things to do than that. Josh – I went in there (DR) and gave them my game plan. And told them I’m voting to keep Christmas. Paul – Its going to be fun. Josh – I can’t f**king wait dude! Josh – I feel like a I got a second chance at this motherf**ker. Paul – you do! And don’t f**k it up. Josh leaves. Paul pretends to shoot himself in the head.
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11:10pm The house guests are in the kitchen making food.

11:25pm HOH room – Cody and Jessica
Cody – do you see that advantage of having the opposite side on our side? Jessica – yeah, until people start showing me that they’re loyal to a fault then I will just use them and I don’t have any loyalty to them because if they want to tell me that they’re going to vote to keep someone (Christmas) who literally looked me in the eye and said I’m coming after you and Cody then that’s not loyalty. Cody – well then we can’t just keep calling them the other side should we just stick with the outsiders? Jessica – its weird how our group split down the middle. Its me, you and Mark. And Raven, Matt and Elena.

11:45pm – 12am
Matt – the last thing I want to do is go against Cody & Jessica. I’m not saying we’re with this side of the house because I’m with Paul. Cody is a maniac dude. Raven – once we keep Christmas, Cody and Jessica will come down on us. Matt – so what are we going to do send both home? Raven – we might have to babe. She was literally so aggressive it was unreal. She said if we keep Christmas.. Matt – Okay lets go! You think coming at people like that coming into a week when your main ally (Cody) can’t compete, you better strap up bro. Why is this happening? Raven – I told you that Jessica was lying and she didn’t know they were going to put Paul up. All those lies she just told me. I can’t trust her. If things don’t go her way, then she doesn’t want to have anything to do with us. Look at what Cody just did, he didn’t consult our opinion and he blew up our game. We are literally starting over. I love her outside of this game but inside this game .. not a fan. Matt – I told Mark the reason he wants Jason in jury is because he could literally not vote you or Jessica out. He wants someone in jury that could. Raven – that makes sense.

12:15am Alex & Jillian. Havenot room.
Jillian – so we just need a tie and then Cody will break it. Alex – if we piss off Paul we are f**ked and Cody isn’t strong enough to take him on. We just need to stay cool and not piss off Kevin. He said he is going to vote for Christmas… he’s not he is voting for you. He gave me his word. Just leave everyone alone. Jillian – what about Mark? Alex – Cody said he would talk to him. We should be good unless someone is lying. Jason and I aren’t. Alex – we have 5 plus Jessica. Jillian – and if we get Mark, that’s seven. Alex – but that’s how important it is, we’re willing to throw our lives for you to keep you in.

12:15am Mark & Elena. In the backyard.
Mark – I don’t feel like I can be open with you. Elena pauses and then says I appreciate you telling me that. You good? I’m going to go to sleep. She then heads inside.

12:20am Jesssica and Cody in the backyard. Jessica – when someone betrays me that I don’t care about, I can handle that. When someone I care for betrays me, that hurts. That’s why I was so f**king steamed. Her and I could be like sisters. And her saying that she is going to vote to keep someone that is specifically telling me that she is coming after us blows my f**king mind. And it really hurts. Cody – do you think that Mark has any influence over her? Jessica – I think that if Mark pressures her too much she might walk away from that and start hanging out with other people more. Cody – that’s going to light a fire under Marks a$$. Jessica – but you need numbers in this game. Cody – shakes his head and says you need power. Jessica – you need numbers too. Cody – we have the numbers. Jessica – our numbers will fluctuate week to week if we play both sides. Cody – we have to play week to week. There’s no safety now and I think we have a good grasp on both sides. I am telling you we are the only ones that have a hedge now. I will do whatever you want to do next week. Jessica – I like you more and more day by day. Cody – you stood by me and barely questioned me. You did but I understand it.

12:40am HOH room – Jessica & Mark.
Mark – I talked to Christmas because I hadn’t really talked to her since everything happened and I said this isn’t even game conversation this is a personal conversation. I neglected you the other day, we were friends and I wasn’t with you. I retreated and I’m sorry. And when she broke her foot and came inside I watched and didn’t do anything. I said I am sorry. But she wanted to reiterate to you .. I think Jess got the wrong idea. I am not blaming her for Cody’s actions and that’s what she probably told Elena. The past few days have shown me who is loyal. Paul comes in to use the washroom and then leaves. Mark – she wants to reiterate that she is not coming after you. Jessica – I feel that is just backtracking. I feel pretty set on .. I have people telling me that she is not coming after me … but when she tells he out of her mouth its hard for me not to believe it. Mark – I might be f**ked. I need to have a few other conversations. Next week I might be in a tight spot. With her staying I don’t want that to change things between you and Cody. Jessica – we don’t know if she’s staying. I’m not giving her my vote. She looked me in the eye and made her intentions clear. If she wants to back track, she can back track but she is going to have to do a lot f**king more to convince me she’s changed her mind in the last 24 hours and her delivering messages through other people is not doing that. There is no way in hell I am giving her my vote because I am protecting him (Cody) and myself. Mark – I am not up here to campaign for her. I just had a sit down with her and she wanted me to reiterate that message. Jessica – how brave of her. Lets get something completely straight. I love Christmas as a person. I think her strategy last night was stupid and I don’t whether she thinks I’m a weak person that can strong armed or intimidated but I am not that person and she f**ked up. Cody joins them. Jessica – think about what you want to do. Mark – I am. I already told Jess that on Thursday you will see where my allegiance lies. She (Elena) is very tight with them and I am not. I am tight with you two.

12:45am – 1:05am Paul and Elena in the bedroom. Paul – do you know where Mark is right now? Elena – no. Paul – he’s talking to Jessica upstairs right now. Alone. Like dude she is drawing lines in the sand already proposing … she said to Raven – if you vote for Christmas to stay then that means she is going to come after me and you’re drawing a clear line in the sand. She’s attacking it now with that guilt trip. Paul – Matt and Raven said that they are not going against Christmas. Elena – hopefully Mark is telling her that he isn’t too. Paul – hopefully. But you need to keep tabs on his because he is easily manipulated. Elena – there is something that I want to talk about but I’m not allowed to talk about it. Paul – why? Elena – what are things we’re not allowed to talk about? DR. When ever people (DR) are asking you questions in this house and they are only asking you about certain things it like gets in your head. Paul – I think that’s what happened to him (Cody). I think that is why he felt like you were a target or a threat. Or it was a you against him. Paul – he mentioned that to me in and I was like dude you can’t assume that. That’s why they’ve been dinging everyone so bad because you’re making assumptions off of your own paranoia. They call you into the DR and ask you questions about it, doesn’t mean you’re the only one being asked those questions. They could be asking 6 people those questions and taking the best reactions. He is wrong. He is a fool for thinking that. Paul – Make sure Mark is okay. Keep tabs on people voting for Christmas. Make sure Christmas stays. Have her as a number and get Cody out.

1:55am HOH room – Jessica and Cody sleeping.

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1:50am Paul, Mark, Elena, Dom, Mat & Raven.
Paul – let me put this into perspective for you it is day 14, this game goes on for 90 and some sh*t days .. do you think it is meant to be this difficult because its not because only the people that start playing aggressively early get kicked out. And if any of you have seen any big brother episode in your life.. Matt – what did we say about season 16 it went in order until week 7. Mark – that’s crazy dude. Paul – I just don’t want you to be blind to it homie. Mark – no I’ve been up front about it to everyone. That whole thing with Jessica, I didn’t realize she approached everyone the same way. Raven – I said to Jessica – Cody put us in this situation. When did Paul become the target and then when did Christmas become the second target. She said nothing. Elena – if Cody doesn’t go home next week, he can compete in the next HOH. Paul – which is why toss me that sweet a$$ HOH. My f**king A+ game changing move is very minimal chance of failure, very high chance of success and you will see why and you’ll go … ohhhh… They all say lets do it, I’m down. Dom – I don’t want HOH. Paul – give it to me because I am hungry. Someone threw a knife in my back and I’m going to throw it twice as hard. When someone loses my trust and its f**king done. Paul – they’re using you (Mark) because you’re emotional. Raven brings up how Cody said if he was in the final 2 with her he would give it to her because she has a disease. Paul – they (Cody & Jessica) think they have the votes but its only them two. Christmas – lets roll some f**king heads. Mark – I’m down. Paul asks Christmas if she would drop a line and lock eyes with Jessica to rattle her before the HOH comp. Christmas – I will.

2:30am Elena & Mark – Hammock
Elena – you’re 100% with us? Mark – yes, I always have been especially after I talked to Christmas and cleared the air with her. But I am still trying to be civil to those to two. Elena – I was too, until she came at me like that. Mark – I didn’t realize she came at you like that. I didn’t realize she came at anyone like that. Elena – I explained to Cody how I felt because he was able to have a rational conversation at the time. The way Jess is treating me isn’t the same as she is treating everyone else. Mark – she feels closest with you. Elena – I feel closest to Christmas so I am going to vote for Christmas to stay. It the best for my game and my moral compass. If Jess had remained on good terms with me I would have done what I could in the future to protect she as a friend and she ruined that. Cody created the situation where I had to choose and not me. I do not feel bad about it. The conversation turns to Elena explaining how she needs to take getting into a relationship slowly. I don’t trust people too easily.

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Jessica is growing on me. She’s feisty.


Yeah she’s growing on me too

Like fungus


Jessica needs to grow some eyebrows….


She already grew on me….and so did COdy

Butters Mom

These people are all playing way too hard from the get go… and they are all such drama queens… between Mark, Elena and Christmas… wa wa wa… The girls this season love the sound of their own voices and just go on and on and on… shut up and listen. They have talked this whole ordeal to death. Each of them wants to be a victim this season . Cody is HOH…he made a decision… he didnt ask permission… deal with it… get over it… vote and move on. It seems really dumb to me that the “group” would vote to keep Christmas in the game when she cant help them in comps being injured and lose Cody who is a strong competitor. They all are such emotional players this season… have they never seen this show before? Paul is going to slide right through this between these idiots not having a clue and the powers that be giving him safety.


I couldn’t agree with you more!

Had Cody been able to put Paul on the block, I strongly feel Paul would go home. Cody would convince them that having a vet is unfair (because it is! Example: Paul’s protection). That would have been a massive play, and one that few would have been willing to take. Cody is there to play for that $, and I definitely respect that. I believe Jess is, as well. Other true players include Alex, Paul, and Christmas. Yet, I doubt any of those players would have started playing with emotions if Codygate had not happened. Jessica was the one to initially make it personal (via her reaction, as if Cody owed it to her to tell her EVERYTHING). Cody tried to make the move that was completely his own, and it backfired. Personally, I think the others should be grateful they didn’t know his plan. Sometimes you take a shot and miss. I understand why Elena and crew is frustrated….they were all kept in the dark when they had made agreements, and now, the Cody fiasco looks bad on them because many see them all on Cody’s side. Elena has done a great job cleaning up Cody’s mess for her own game. I like that she, as well as Mark, seems to be playing her own game.

At least this season has actual players. I do not really like Cody, but can’t fault him for making his play. He told us in the DR that he was going to backdoor Paul, and I strongly believe THAT is why Paul won protection.

Prosucktion is so much more involved in this game than many realize, which is why Cody is so angry about that pendant. While I can’t blame him for being angry, he should have kept his “plan” a secret….even from the DR (from us) because BB is all about making sure you expect the unexpected.

HOH is up for grabs and there are many hungry players. My guess is that Paul or Alex (to bad Christmas is sidelined) will win HOH. It will make for another tasty BB week.

sunny dee

jessica’s jealousy about alex is not working for her. if she was level headed she would see what cody sees, a strong physical person. the last two standing on a physical comp was alex and cody, cody was smart enough to figure that out and try to work with alex a little too late obviously, since he also want his big bro team of matt and mark and their satellites elena and raven. he was Devining it all up to an unweildy alliance too soon in the game, tho of course his main goal was just get out megan, an easy target should have been an easy HOH, and along the way if he could backdoor paul, even better . along with his own bad choices he’s had a heck of a time with his targets slipping away from him.

being so tight with jessica, who is clearly and vocally targetting alex out of spite and nothing else, means no way alex would work with him, and working tight with alex would actually be a good powerhouse team. these bro guys usually shoot themselves in their own feet because they assume a guy looks physical and is male, he’s the one to back. in the meantime, people like christmas (post injury) and alex are actually better at many comps because they are super fit, and underestimated.


“he was Devining it all up to an unwieldy alliance too soon in the game”

Well said! You got that right, Sunny!


Do you think that is why Paul isn’t saying what his awesome plan is, so that production won’t interfere?


You say Christmas can’t help in competitions. Not all competitions are physical and if she just has to wear a boot, she’ll be ok. Also, I don’t understand why players always worry about the strongest players, thinking they are going to win all the comps. If you look at the BB winners, only about a third are big, strong players.


yeah, xmas is still a mental threat (unlike jillian). but people frequently go into the game with poor assumptions like winning the first hoh is bad despite several winners of the first hoh going on to win the game (in fact, it’s arguably one of the best things to do strategy wise).

with op, i agree i don’t like cody, but he’s making the correct game moves in terms of nominations, though his social game, or lack there of, is putting him in a dangerous spot.


While I agree that the HGs are playing too hard, I think it’s foolish for anyone in the game to simply ‘get over’ a game move. Everything needs to be considered, although it’s best if the response is not dramatic. It’s not emotional to consider whether you can rely on someone like Cody, who is unpredictable. What good is he as a strong competitor if he doesn’t take his allies into consideration on major moves? Paul has very logically deducted that Christmas can be useful as a means of taking out Cody. And she can still compete mentally, which is much more than some guests are capable of. It would be emotional to take out Christmas as a means of keeping Cody strong in case he might take out Paul. That would be playing in holding pattern based on fear, given that Paul is safe for three weeks.


Exactly! Why are they calling people selfish? Saying Cody blew up their game? Do they watch BB? This isn’t what blowing up game is. As far as I know they don’t have an “alliance”, Cody hasn’t talked much strategy, it’s his HOH, why can’t he choose whomever he wants?


I love that a conversation about Marks dirty shoes segued into Kevin talking nonchalantly about his brother being in prison serving 3 life sentences for triple murder. The look on Marks face during that convo was pretty great, lol.
We’re 13 days into the season and this is where we are with Kevin’s stories. I can hardly imagine the stories he’ll be telling later in the season.


Does Kevin remind anyone else of Kramer from Seinfeld?


Listening to Paul talk about his beautiful plan is like listening to Trump talk about his beautiful wall.


Jeeeeeez! Please keep the politics out of this!!!


This is a reality show!


Day one, I liked Cody because I thought he was the one who’s gonna take out Paul. But at the nomination ceremony day 2, when he flat out told Megan that he’s nominating her because he just doesn’t like her, I didn’t like that because I think that’s mean especially after she had just been attacked by Josh. After that, I couldn’t stand him. My point, we’ve( people on this forum) always wanted players to make big moves and make the game unpredictable. I may not be a fan of Cody, but I do give him credit for nominating Paul. It was unpredictable and a big move, before CBS messed it up with the 3weeks safety for Paul. Paul is a big target and if he’s not taken out early, he may get to the finals again. So, even though the plan backfired, I think it was a big move. I’m so mad at the other ungrateful people he was trying to protect (the couples and Dom). While he was making his side deals with Alex and Jason, he made sure he included them without them being there. And now that it all backfired, they’re acting like he’s the devil and fighting to go against him to keep Christmas. They should be grateful he didn’t nominate them instead they’re campaigning against him, especially Elena and Raven; joining with Paul. They’re really stupid. Paul is going to play them all and go all the way. I wonder if none of them saw his game last season. I don’t care who gets voted out, nor am I fan of cody’s, but his people really are not worth being with. So far, my favorite is Kevin. He just makes me laugh when he talks.



Cody wasn’t trying to protect ANYONE but himself. He was making the alliance with Alex and Jason in order to take out his OWN teammates! He admitted the plan to Matt!

I think you’re a little lost on just what is happening in this game.

You know this comment

“They should be grateful he didn’t nominate them instead they’re campaigning against him, especially Elena and Raven; joining with Paul.”

Is a little like Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy telling Quill that Quill should be grateful that Yondu didn’t allow the other Ravagers to eat Quill.

Normal people don’t go around eating other people!

Normal Big Brother contestants don’t go around nominating their allies!

If you want to understand why Cody’s “allies” have turned on him, think about this quote from Maya Angelou.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

By excluding them from his plans AND nominating TWO people that the other consider allies themselves, Cody made his “allies” feel unvalued. and in Big Brother, if you’re unvalued, you’re expendable.

No Feelings

I love Maya Angelou….. I will ask this though, what is your definition of “normal”? “Expect the unexpected” is why I truly watch Big Bro….there is no “normal” in this game…it is constantly changing and the players being able to drop their own “feelings” and how other people “make” them feel is one of the biggest advantages in this game.

I see Big Bro progressing almost like Survivor did this year (if anyone is familiar with it)…where “large” alliances don’t work anymore…its more about week to week and even more so hour to hour as everything changes. I truly believe we are witnessing the death of “showmances”….I love Alex being straight upfront and saying showmances are first targets. Individual players seem to be smartening up to these showmances and no longer going to be “strung along” by “power couples”.


Telling someone you’re nominating them because you just don’t like them is refreshing as hell. Don’t you get tired of people giving the same bullshit reasons up there?


Unfortunately, some people have been taught to think a douche is refreshing. However most professionals say a douche is not effective and can increase the risk of problems developing.

That should tell you all you need to know about Cody’s “game”.

No Hate

No one in their “right” mind needs dislike another though, sure you may not resonate with someone but disliking them is just lack of self awareness. I love people being refreshing and speaking from their mind/heart, but it also shows how close hearted/minded someone is in the same light. Compassion is an enlightening perspective.


I wonder, as a fellow VET, how Cody will feel when he finds out why Megan left – PTSD. His comment wasn’t necessary. Keep it from personal. He knows she had been ridiculously attacked by Josh. She didn’t deserve any of it. It was WAY too early in the game.

Cody's Ego

Cody saying that is a double edge sword. He jerked his ego off on but also showed his true colours which was the colour of ignorance.

big meech's bald spots

Let’s all find a common enemy and talk shit. Talk is cheap, better win those comps hg’s… Mark was all over xmas so elena could get the scoop. Cody threw the veto for Alex and Jason while everybody else has done nothing for them to this point. That type of loyalty should last for this vote and maybe a week of safety. When Paul mimicked a suicide I couldn’t help but laugh cause that’s how I feel when Paul leaves the room


The over playing right now is ridiculous but such is the case with a bunch of newbs


Wow, some of these people are real dirtbags.


These ppl do know that they’re in the house for 3 mos, right? They’ve watched so much BB that they’re trying to beat the game instead of beating each other. By the end, there will be new strain of Syphilis.


All I can really say is at least it is not predictable so far… I have no idea where a few of these house guests really stand. I am unable to accurately assess if Jillian or Christmas gets evicted but either way, a line will be drawn …. Jessica was right about that.

Not really sure how much of an asset Christmas will be down the road as the extent of her injury is still unknown so keeping her would be merely symbolic. As for Jillian, I think she would be a loyal vote if nothing else to whoever votes to save her. And who knows, maybe Jillian has a memory like an elephant and will win a mental comp or two.

Alex, Jason and Kevin …. I am thinking these 3 have the right ideas and may end up running the house if they play it right.


I’m diggin’ Alex now…I hope Jason and Kevin go along with axing Xmas. I know Kevin will.

Kevin Alex and Jason tight I hope. Jason worries me a little sometimes but I dnt think he will fk Kevin over ever.

Jillian easily manipulated. Xmas is friggin’ a ticking timb bomb. Bye. Never cared.

Also glad Alex and Kevin are growing tired of Paul thinking he runs everything…guess what Paul. You dnt run Kev Al and Jase. And they your only true allies so pipe down and get off ya power trip.



These idiots are going to give Paul the money. They are playing into everything he says. Annoying. I’m rooting for Cody, Jessica and Alex. Voting for Jessica so she can take herself or Cody off the block if needed. And give Cody another temptation.


Wow – Cody and Jessica under the covers in less than a Week.
Alliances blown out of the water in less than a Week.
A walkout within 2 days.
Mark hovering between 2 women already in no less than a Week.
Josh cracks in the 1st 2 days.
And Christmas injures her foot the 1st Week. – Have I missed anything ?!
This is the best BB yet and we’re only 1 Week into it. Say what you want, about all the heavy game playing the 1st Week, but at least it makes it interesting and fun to follow. The only one I really haven’t noticed is Ramses and that could be because he has the Curse and is trying to be low key for now. Which in this house can only be a good thing I am thinking.
Kevin is still my favourite – The other day when he said ” I am going to call Paul over here, Just to Fuck with him ” I thought that was so funny !!! Even a simple thing like that serves a purpose.

Real Marine

Happy 4th of July from BB??! Cody’s raging contempt for trans, getting rocks off at race riots in ferguson, praying for hand-to-hand combat in war with Russia lost most real patriots who value the Constitution. Contempt for the game, social strategies & his own so-called soldiers, while gloating about all his control, wiping out 3 HG’s on his HOH followed by crybaby whining & threats after he destroys his own platoon says it all. He thinks killing everything in sight without intel, playing ww3 general & dictating to troops left in the dark is strength & intelligence? Nope. Refreshing when fueled by unabashed hatred for HG’s? Nope.

Paul doesn’t win comps, not without Vic. He’ll be gone soon enough without the so-called help of self-serving friendly fire from Rambo Couple from h*ll. This isn’t Heart of Darkness or Lord of the Flies it’s BB. To quote Rogue General Cody Hick-son, buh bye, we just don’t like you. Or respect you.


I do like Alex tho. Gotta love a Libertarian. Don’t tread on anyone. Cody is the opposite of that.


Thats a great epitaph

“Buh Bye we just don’t like you”

Leopold Stotch

Don’t forget, he also said that 99% of Marines who stay in longer than 4 years are douchebags. Semper Fi? Apparently not for him…


These people are saying ” Love you”, Mark saying “Love you” Xmas,…Raven saying “love you” Elena.

OMGGG This is pathetic and painful to watch.


For any of you Kevin fans- if you haven’t already seen it, check out Kevin’s twitter feed. It is run by his daughters, and it is hilarious!

Kevin for the win!