“Jessica doesn’t like me around.. The way she behaves, she wants all the attention”

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10:39am Jason and Paul back yard workout area (Alex out in the pool)
Jason – everyone got to go
Paul – you have to build the team to get far.. That’s why I’m trying to band together good people
Paul – there’s a formula and I know it..
Jason says he’s got to explain it to the group in the HOH.
Paul – I need to make sure I can fully trust you. That comes with actions

They agree actions are all that matter in the game. Talk means nothing.
Paul says there was a person that kept saying he was safe and look what happened.

Paul says he knows why he was nominated by Cody. Explains that because Cody was asked questions in the Diary room he thought that maybe Paul was up to something.
Paul – I was like Fool… they ask everyone those questions and they pick the best reactions.. It’s a TV show (In the Diary room)

Paul to Alex “Jess is a big target”
Alex – she’s running the whole show
Paul – that side of the house is FREAKING OUT
Paul – those people are gunning for Jess and Cody too
Alex laughs, “They f***d everyone”
Paul – I’m telling you my plan is f****g gooold

12:05pm Xmas and Raven Backyard
Christmas says Jessica knows she’s drawn the line with her, “it’s unfortunate she didn’t have to draw that line”
Raven – I don’t understand why
Xmas – insecurity
Talking about how Jessica felt “uncomfortable” with Christmas in the house so she told that to Cody.
Raven doesn’t understand why Jessica would go around lying.
Xmas says Jessica has no other approach, she’s not emotionally old enough.
Raven – she’s 26
Xmas – she’s not old enough

Xmas says Jess’ insecurities are causing all her paranoia.
Xmas says Jessica’s stories are all inconsistent which is indicative of lying.

Xmas calls Cody “Megan but a dude”
Raven says Cody wanted to make a big move but he didn’t have the votes. Raven mentions how Cody should have known that Paul has a huge fan following.
Xmas says her fanbase is loyal as f*** and they know who she is to the core.

Raven doesn’t believe that Jessica had no idea Cody was putting up Paul.
Raven mentions that during the POV ceremony she was holding Jessica’s had. When Cody nominated Paul, Jessica didn’t act surprised but when Paul pulled out the necklace she was shocked and she acted shocked when Christmas was nominated.

They start complaining about Cody..

Xmas – If I stay we have the numbers

12:11pm Cody and Jessica

12:25pm Raven, Matt and Christmas
Raven telling them about Jessica saying the looks of her boyfriend matter.
Xmas mentions that Jessica is trying to mend things with Alex. Points out that Alex won’t buy it she’s too smart.
Matt – I like Alex as a person I don’t want to work with her because she’s unpredictable

Xmas – so just 3 votes against me
Matt says four
Xmas – Jessica, Alex, Ramses, Jason
Xmas is going to talk to Jason saying she owes him at least a vote. She’s going to bring up the medical bills for her foot and how BB isn’t covering it. (She doesn’t know for sure)
Matt adds that Jillian isn’t going to last in the game why does Jason want to help her.
They agree Jillian’s not going the distance in this game and is just worth a vote.

Raven says Ramses is weak.
Xmas – no he’s not
Matt – he won’t be winning comps
Xmas – she sneaks around
Matt – he hops in everywhere.. It’s really ridiculous

Raven leaves..
Xmas says she didn’t want to have to pull “that card” but she will if she has to.
Xmas – you do owe me a f***G solid (to Jason)
Xmas – Cody and I never had a connection.
Matt says he’s not convinced her going up was all Cody
Xmas knows that, she explains why she thinks it was Jessica. The whole “the girls” don’t like her thing..
Xmas – Jessica doesn’t like me around.. The way she behaves you can tell she wants all the attention
xmas explains that she’s a flirty person, she doesn’t flirt with people that have serious relationship.
xmas about Jessica – codependency and insecurity at it’s finest
xmas – I knew days ago she was going to have it for me

Matt brings up how he doesn’t want to go head to head against Paul. Paul’s been in the house for so long he’s got so much experience.
xmas – he (PAUL) could have gone in here and been a BIG D!CK he came in and let us play the way we wanted to play.
Xmas starts complaining about Cody
Xmas – I thought we would have a stand up person represent our Military

12:44pm Christmas and Josh
JOsh says if anyone asks he’s voting for Jillian (he’s keeping Christmas but wants that to be a secret)
Josh – I’m completely alone in this game..
Xmas – you’re in a good position to stay longer

sounds like xmas is giving Josh tips onto how not to creep girls in the house out.
Xmas – I care about you, you’re like my Big Brother. I want what’s the best for you because I see who you are.. you don’t have to tell me you’re a good person I know that.
Xmas – I want to see you do well here

12:54pm Elena and Paul
Elena is worried JEssica is going to blow up
Paul tells her that’s a good thing don’t be worried about it
Paul – most people just want me to have HOH next week.. Literally
Paul – they’re like have it have it
Elena – OK we’re in good shape.
Elena says she’s worried about Jessica and Cody coming after her specifically.
Paul – I’m going to take care of it, It’s not only you lots of people are worried about that.

12:59pm Mark and Christmas
She thanks him for talking yesterday. Offers up if there’s anytime she wants to talk to not hesitate.
Mark – i’ll be here for you, you’re such a genuine person.. weather it’s about me or you just talking to you makes me feel better

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The houseguests letting Paul have HOH can be good or bad for them!!


Bad only if your name is Jody! Paul has 2 weeks of safety and the house knows his targets. He’ll put up Jess and a pawn then backdoor Cody if possible. The Temp likely goes to Jess simply because I don’t think she is liked by the audience. A lousy reward that ring and she would be ineligible to get another temptation from America. She’ll replace a POV nom with Cody in that scenario thus if Cody is the renom it’s not a true backdoor.
Xmas is counting on votes that I do not think happen. Do not see Matt and Mark saving her for starters. She needs a production miracle IMO.


Matt and Mark are definitely voting her to stay. She has Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, Paul, Don locked… lasts nights feeds they kind of settled it. She just needs one more.


Also Josh


Oh no….This is Tuesday you cannot trust the feeds. Production drums up a miracle every week to save the target but it rarely happens. Matt and Mark in theory are working with Cody so I think by Thursday they’ll be writing down Xmas. I want her to stay but I think it’s still unlikely.

As a rule I never buy the BS from POV ceremony til late Wednesday. Prod just love feeding BS to create interest. Barring her injury I think it was completely unlikely. Now as a non physical threat maybe she can make an argument I have little hope these HG’s are smart enough to see the options.

If Cody only gets “outsiders” to. vote Xmas and she stays what does the dumb azz do next week?


Chill Paul !!!!!!! I’m beginning to see that Paul has already seen found his victor in Christmas because he’s trying to do everything to keep her in the Game At this point i actually wanna see what paul would do if indeed the house flips and votes Christmas Out.


These house guest are so stupid. They are letting Paul and xmas run the house. Cody or Jessica haven’t even tried getting them to do anything. Xmas needs to go. She is beyond annoying and just bitches about the same thing and talks about all her fans.

Club H.O.H

Agreed! It’s funny seeing a girl who looks over 45 and keeps complementing herself calling Jessica (who I think is giving Natalie a run for her money) insecure. Wish Victor was the one they let back in (looking fit lately) he would bring entertainment and physicality. Paul is doing Neda’s game way too hard and as soon as that immunity is gone “He’s Going Home!”. Team Cody all the way! (Hate Josh the flipper more than I hate Raven using her “illness” for pity). Can’t wait for Wednesday’s episode! Who got the punishment and what was it?


So, did Christmas actually tell Jessica to her face that she was coming after her? Or was whatever Christmas said to Jessica being interpreted that way? Like, did Christmas tell her she was going to go for Cody and Jessica took that to mean her as well?
I missed their conversation and both of them are very adamant about exactly what was said. Also, Jessica’s BS is starting to annoy the hell out of me.


This is not really a lovable cast except,surprise surprise, Kevin.


Yes Christmas did say that. Raven has been lying and has embellished conversations putting her own spin on everything. She’s very immature. Christmas definitely has backtracked what was said. I’m not a fan of Jessica but she hasn’t lied. Cody never told her he was putting up Paul. Matts a fool to listen to Raven Elana and Christmas. Paul is way to confident for his own good.


This is ridiculous! Even with an injury, Christmas is showing WHY they need to get her out. I doubt they’ll get many more chances to.

As for Paul…dude just start shutting the f*ck up. Love him, but hes playing the same game as Cody by saying Trust me, even tho I’m not going to tell you my plans. If only this was a master scheme by him!


I’m really enjoying this season so far! I hope it continues like this.

So I’ve been thinking who each houseguest reminds me of, heres the breakdown to me.

Jason: Hes a total Zach Rance (BB16) he’s just a joker, ok social game but his mouth will get him in trouble.
Elena: Difficult to pick right now, but decent social game, has a meat shield, probably Natalie (BB18)
Matthew: Had so much potential IMO, but seems like he could just be a Lane (BB12), doesn’t want to betray his boys!
Alex: To me, she has the most potential to be a Rachel Reilly (BB13), seems a little annoying but has the potential to be a good competitor
Cody: Really weird start but again has potential, he reminds me of Tom (BBCan 1)
Jessica: She’s Liza (BBcan 1), her and cody are basically as crazy as tom and liza.
Kevin: Hes a total Judd (BB15) funny but has no idea whats going on.
Ramses: Easy, he’s Andy (BB15)
Christmas: Total wild card, she seems pretty close with the guys so maybe Amber (BB16)
Josh: Total crazy, clearly a devin (BB16)
Dominique: Again had so much potential, I feel like she will be basic becky (BB17) and her big plans will get ignored by her allies.
Mark: Such a guys guy, doesn’t wanna betray his buddy, memphis (BB10)
Raven: Not really playing the game, bit irrelevant but a number, hello Julia (BB17)
Jillian: If she survives the vote she’s the next Victoria (BB16)


While Alex is certainly leaning on comp wins to cover for poor social game, it’s hard to call Alex a Rachel when she’s not in a showmance.


This is only the second week. We have awhile before we can start comparing players. That could be Alex’s only win, who knows?


This here granny wants a BB season with strong, confident females unafflicted with “mean girl” syndrome brought on by insecurity and jealousy!

Asking too much?


I dont think CBS wants that..I dont know why.

Big Brother Over the Top had all strong and smart girls.

Bring Back Zac Attack

Oh please, like Christmas is going to have to pay those bills. And even if she does, doesn’t she already have a lot of money from all her stuff? And with her followers/fans, she probably has a ton of PT trainers/doctors who would help her pro bono as long as she advertised them.

I was rooting for her to say until she pulled that crap. You chose to sign waivers and dance with Jason. I hope if she tries to guilt him it backfires. Not a Jillian fan, but she won’t last long and is less annoying than Christmas.


Why isn’t Cody telling Jason that they all wanted him as the replacement…why isn’t he telliing Josh that they all want him out. He needs to be campaigning for Jillian.


I think we’ve established Cody doesn’t know how to play this game.

Happy birthday USA

Best name ever!


As far as Josh goes, it was when he was pissing people off. Basically, after Mark and others told him to “stop it”, he has gotten better so he is currently a non-issue. Cody could be waiting to campaign if he feels the votes are where he wants them. Either that or he is waiting for Christmas’s MRI tomorrow

Wendy Wild

I’m Wendy Wild from 103.5 KTU.

As a Disc Jockey I want to say that Elena doesn’t represent us disc jockeys at all. The radio station that employed her should feel embarrassed that she’s representing them this way. I can ensure you guys that us radio personalities are much better than what Elena is portraying of us.


I wish I knew how Disk Jockeys from your station are different.

Elena wants to follow her moral compass. She didn’t jump into a serious relationship with hunky Mark – wanting to take it ‘slow’. She prays.

Um….. I’m really curious how different YOU are…. so please let us know

Wendy Wild

1) We don’t talk about female parts or men parts (especially on live tv)
2) We are more social and friendly (Having to talk to people on a daily basis)
3) We try to be a joy around and make the world brighter and we also joke a lot.

Please explain how Elena has these things.

Wendy Wild you might have a point

I also didn’t realize that disc jockeys have the lips of a thousand sausages.

Club H.O.H

Well said.


Every season is the same thing with the girls …they all have in their mind that the other girls do not like them… and vice-versa….

I wish they had something else in their mind.


Last night I got confused when Xmas and Mark were on the coach. They are basically making out.
Are they just friends? or there`s something going on there?


Yeah, I wanted to think it was sweet that they were opening up and talking to each other but it was kind of uncomfortable to watch. Mark was all in his feelings last night and Christmas was all in her Percocet, lol.


So at least one person is underestimating Ramses. All he has to do is do good in competitions and let certain other houseguests battle each other without getting involved and he’s at least good until jury


The real Raven is coming out more and more. She’s not what she portrays herself to be. Just wait and see…..

big meech's bald spots

Xmas get your testosterone using hater self up out the house so your people will stop spamming this site.

Jeezus & Nem

Hmmm.. Let me see if I have this straight :
1. Cody’s alliance are pissed at Cody because he didn’t share his game plan (“Just trust me”) before the noms . And are are now jumping ship.. I totally get that.
2. The majority of Cody’s alliance (and most HG) are now teaming up with Paul who refuses to reveal his “golden” game plan (“Just trust me”).. I don’t get that.

I guess sheep will be sheep.


Again, No one held a gun to Xmas’s head to force her to jump on Jasons back and she was laughing 2 secs before he slipped. For her to say he owes her something is laughable.

Bye Xmas. Go home and write another book no one will read.