JC “Kaitlyn is f**king bipolar! I don’t trust her. Rockstar is a b***h but I can tell you how she voted”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Rockstar Have Nots Scottie, Rachel, Bayeligh, Kaycee

8:05pm Bedroom. Scottie and Rockstar. Rockstar – what are you thinking? Scottie – right now? Not a lot, I just ran a lot. Rockstar – did you talk to Kaitlyn? Scottie – Yeah she told me that Fes told to take her off, She brought up that I didn’t go home her week, and then she said where my head was. And I said I don’t know where my head is at right now. Rockstar – so nobody is saying how they’re voting. I guess we will just see. Scottie – She said that four people haven’t told her where they’re voting and I’m one of them. I took it with a grain of salt. Rockstar – this is so stress full and so lonely too. Scottie – I can’t even imagine. Scottie – she also said that she wasn’t going to campaign against you just lay out a list of facts. SO at least to me she didn’t do you dirty. Rockstar – I don’t think she is doing me dirty. You know how I feel about counting voites. At this point but… you, Baleigh, Haleigh, JC, Fes … with Sam as the tie breaker. I would appreciate everyone doing what they said they were going to do.

8:15pm Bedroom. Rockstar and Kaitlyn. Rockstar – you know this really f**king sucks! And its lonely and its stupid. Kaitlyn – come hang out! I’m lonely. Rockstar – its like we get treated like the plague. Rockstar – yeah and you feel weird and don’t know what to say to people. Like I want to be here. Kaitlyn – Yeah that’s all I keep saying to people I don’t want to be here with Rockstar ..so like I trust the higher good. Do what’s best for you. You can ask anyone .. I say you deserve to be here just as much as I do. And she is a mom and has kids.. so if you expect me to say all the reasons why I should be here over her .. I am not. If that’s what sends me home.. I don’t give a f**K. I keep thinking that if I go home at least I won’t have to put up with the bullsh*t and shadiness. Like if people don’t want me here, then I don’t want to be here. And if I do stay and we get to start over with a new week. ..how crazy is it that things change so quickly. Rockstar – when I looked at you when I met you I said people don’t put me on the block against this younger version of me. Kaitlyn – I can’t believe we’re on the block together. Like I can because we’re both bada$$ women. What a cop out. Such a cop out. There a way bigger fish to fry! Rockstar – the chance to come back. Kaitlyn – this whole game is chance.

8:30pm Lounge room. Bay and Kaycee. Kaycee – why did he say what he said to you? Bay – he said he doesn’t know what he is doing but that I need to keep my mouth shut. Kaycee – those exact words came out of his mouth? Bay – I swear to the cameras. Kaycee – are you fricken kidding me? Bay – I’m not even close to him. Even if I knew something what make you think I would run and tell Scott .. what makes you think you’re that important. That’s not how the people in my life talk to me. Kaycee – that is not okay. I don’t care who the f**k you are. Bay – Rachel is being really pushy. Kaycee – what do you think would be best for you game. Bay – Fes made me mad so I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of doing what he wants. But at the same time Kailtyn already told me if she stays she is coming after Sam. And Rockstar is getting on my nerves. But neither one of them is coming after me. Which way are you leaning? Kaycee – I’m leaning towards keeping Kaitlyn. Just because she is a competitor. If she was to win something, she would keep us safe. Its looking like we’re going to have five votes and that sixth person she is going to know who it was. Bay – I think its going to be more than six votes.

9pm HOH room Sam and JC. JC – I still want to talk to you. First I want to talk to all the people involved and then I will talk to you. Sam – okay. JC – its not that its bad or game related its just something that is going around that is not okay. I can tell you right now.. instead of using game strategy Kaitlyn is manipulating boys in general. Mostly Tyler and .. She told him that she had feelings for him. Then she told the exact same thing to Fes. Then she told Tyler that she was always on top of Fes because Fes confessed that he had feelings for her. Its just a mess. Sam – if he has feelings for her why didn’t he use the veto on her? JC – because its not true its just what she’s been telling people. Sam – what about Fes and Haleigh? JC – that’s a completely different story. Sam – but do they like each other? Because I think he liked her and she said she didn’t like him. JC – I don’t think it is right that she is playing with people’s feelings. Sam – its not right. JC – its affecting my game. Sam – you do whatever you have to do. JC – she is a liability. You don’t know where he head is at. I would rather know who my enemy than not know who my friends are. With Rockstar we know who she is working with and we know what she is doing. Sam – she is playing a loyal game. JC – at some point she isn’t even a threat because she isn’t good at competitions. And next week we can get her out. JC – I don’t want you to have to break the tie so I need one more vote. Sam – yeah I don’t want to have to break a tie. When it comes down to it, I can ask Bay to vote how I want and she will do it. Or is she already one of your votes? JC – she is going to vote with the house. Sam – when it comes to game stuff, I don’t talk to anybody but you. JC – no matter who comes back we will get them out again right after.

9:15pm Hammock – Brett and Haleigh. Brett – I’m in a tough spot right now. Both of them have verbally declared that I’m their target. Like okay sick! Haleigh – think about which one has a better chance at winning first. Brett – true. But that one (Kaitlyn) I feel like I could change her mind more than the other one. Haleigh – that one (Kaitlyn) could change her mind six times and no one would know it. Brett – true. But I know that Rockstar is never going to change her mind. Haleigh – Rockstar said that she respected the game move that you made. You’ll never get game acknowledgement from the other one. Rockstar isn’t a smart game player. Brett – I think a lot more people want to take a shot at one more than the other. You might not get another shot to take her (Rockstar) out but with kaitlyn there are a multitude of people that what to. Haleigh – but will they do it? I don’t know anyone in this house that will do it. Brett – you think Bay won’t? Haleigh – nope. Brett – that bothers me and boggles me! I don’t understand that! Not even Fes? Haleigh – nope. Brett – I didn’t even do anything. I sat in a room and heard a conversation between Scottie and Winston ..HEARD .. that ended up as a result nothing happening and she blows the f**kup on me in front of everyone and I’m the bad guy?! And she (Kaitlyn) flips on her own person (Swaggy) and backdoors them .. and no one says anything. Haleigh – that’s what’s terrifying .. there will not be another shot when someone puts her up soon. Brett – if Rockstar won HOH would she take a shot at Kaitlyn. Haleigh – no. She is a dangerous player and the fact that no one sees it is scary. She has already made the statement – why do I need to pack my bag when I will be unpacking it right after. She is a threat and no one sees it. She also has several allies that are scary too. Brett – so essentially it would go to Sams vote. And she would vote Kaitlyn out. Haleigh – 100%. She (Katilyn) would put you and Fes up and if one of you come off Sam would go up.

9:35pm Outside the HOH room. Kaitlyn and Tyler. Tyler – I know the people that are leaning a certain way right now. Kaitlyn – I can’t believe Haleigh won’t vote to keep me. Tyler – after this if you want to last in this game it is so important you cannot jump back to the same people. Kaitlyn – I know. Tyler – before the power was even revealed and before Rockstar even knew that she was up against you.. she was already campaigning for you to go. Kaitlyn – I really don’t want to go home. Tyler – I’m trying my best. I don’t think you’re going to go. I still have to talk to Bay, Fes and Sam.

Backyard. Sam and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn – I am at the point where I think there might be a tie. Sam – that’s been brought up to me too. Kaitlyn – I want you to realize that one you’re not my target and two .. Sam – there have been a couple people talk to me about this and they said that I am your target. Kaitlyn – you’re not my target. And for the women in the house, they know that because I want a woman to win. You’re not my target and I’ve never said that a day in my life. I am rooting for a woman to win. Sam – Rockstar says the same thing. Kaitlyn – you’re going to do what is best for your game. Once the veto was used all of a sudden Rockstar was your best friend. I’ve been there with you since the beginning. Kaitlyn – our family lost everything a year ago. The vault at our bank was robbed and we lost everything. (Isn’t that what insurance is for?) Sam – but a safety deposit box is insured and backed by the FDIC. Kaitlyn – so when you have vault with jewelry and bonds ..sure he is getting some money back (I thought you just said he lost everything?) but not NEARLY enough. When put your stuff in a vault it clearly states we’re not responsible. Which is not something you ever know. Its f**ked up. Sam – my family has vaults. Kaitlyn – there is a lawsuit and I can’t say more. Sure I’m doing okay but I want to help the people that helped me. Sam – if you stay what is your plan to repair any relationship? Kaitlyn – as far as I know the relationship isn’t damaged.

10:08pm – 10:20pm Lounge room. JC, Angela and Tyler. JC – we literally 100% don’t need her. Tyler – I am telling you right now I am not going to f**king vote for somebody who has said they want me on the block. JC – she doesn’t have any chance at winning. Tyler – true or false or you throw your ball into a number… anyone could win anything. You can’t say that. JC – I’m not telling you how to vote. I’m telling you we’re a team and we have your back. Lets say Kaitlyn wins, who is she going to put up? Angela – she told me three names of people she would put up and its none of us in this room. JC – she wants Fes out unless she is an extra bipolar, extra b***h and changes her mind. Angela – but she won’t put up two of us. JC – who is the other? Haleigh. Tyler – yes, she (Haleigh) is campaigning for Kaitlyn to go. Tyler – you vote how you want to vote. I am not going to hold it against you. We’re a team no matter what. JC – something tells me we need to get her (Kaitlyn) out. She (Kaitlyn) is f**king bipolar! I don’t trust her. Rockstar is a b***h but I can tell you how she voted the first three weeks. The only reason why your name is coming up is because of your association with her (Kailtyn) and once she goes out you won’t be a target any more. Tyler – that’s not true. They think I’m a competition threat.

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10:35pm Lounge room. JC, Angela and Rachel. Angela – lets say that Kaitlyn goes home this week. Who would go up next week? Rockstar? Is that our plan? JC – yeah, I want Rockstar to go up. If Brett wins HOH he will go for blood! Rachel – this isn’t a big decision, they’re both going to go out. Its a waste. Angela – I don’t want to waste a week on Rockstar. JC – Kaitlyn is a vote that we never know which way she is going to go and we don’t know what she would do if she wins HOH. Rockstar we know what she will do. Angela – lets say I win HOH, I don’t want to waste it on Rockstar. I want to get a major threat out. Kaitlyn is not major threat. Rachel – it makes more sense to keep her. JC – you want to keep Kaitlyn and put her in jury? Rachel – I’m able to get in Fes and Kaitlyn’s head now. I can manipulate them. (lol)

10:40pm Havenot room. Kaityn and Bay. Kaitlyn – if it is 6-4 (vote).. and I win HOH WHOA!! That would be so bad! You would be sitting pretty! Lets say it was split and then I come back in .. that’s another thing at least I know where to go. I am glad we’re having this conversation because we are stronger together than not. I feel that you voting to keep me would be like everything. Think about how many other people you’re gaining. You’re gaining me, Angela, Rachel, Kaycee, Tyler. Not that you don’t already have then but you’re showing them your cards. Bay – I don’t think Haleigh’s intentions are bad. I think she is just hurt right now. Kaitlyn – by what? Bay – you were suppose to be Haliegh’s best friend and you confided in Fes and Tyler and not her. Pretty sure she thinks you would choose them over her. Kaitlyn – which isn’t true. I really think that Fes will vote to keep me. Bay – he said that he really wants you both to stay. Kaitlyn – Rockstar’s campaign to her was that she is the older version of me an that the only thing that Kaitlyn can do that she can’t is hop from bed to bed. F**k you! Everyone knows I go from bed to bed! Love you Joe. Like we’re on national tv, you guys actually think that I would do sh*t that I wouldn’t want people to see? People know me.

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Haleigh's Melanoma

My ears were bleeding listening to JC adamantly (Atom Ant ly?) refusing to evict RS. He has a clear hardon for getting rid of Kaitlyn even though the rest of L5 is leaning towards keeping her for another week. He’s talking in circles and nothing he is saying is making sense but he’s sticking to it and I don’t know why. Nobody trusts Kaitlyn, she’s a silly goose. RS is the “brains” of the footsies, whatever that means, she can’t flirt but she has nothing better to do than scheme. If they keep RS until next week they will have some bigger target to deal with and RS will slip through the cracks. I want her gone for nothing more than I won’t have to look at her for the rest of the summer. Isn’t that enough?

Kid Rock

He wants to separate KAitlyn n Tyler! He feels Tyler is closer n more loyal to her… He is in the middle and is sharing the middle with Kaitlyn…. he wants that spot to himself…., He already said once KAitlyn is gone he is gonna get in Tylers’s Pants…. Not literally but you get it


RE: JC & SAM wanting Kaitlyn out

They will both make their move on Tyler once Kaitlyn is out. They have both fallen hard for Tyler. It’s not strategy. They just want to get closer to Tyler. JC has described Tyler as a confused homosexual who simply does not talk about girls. He vows to LITERALLY get in Tyler’s pants. He has ALREADY grabbed at Tyler’s crotch over his pants while the girls were massaging Tyler.
The thought of a gay dwarf lothario and a female holier than thou hillbilly making moves on Tyler might make this show STILL worth watching after Kaitlyn’s greatness is no longer with us.


Tyler must have insane charisma so many people have fallen for him both inside and outside the house.


Tyler is just a well rounded good kid with a kind heart. He’s playing a great game too.


Also if he’s real about what he plans on doing with part of the winnings it adds to all this.


I know most of us are guilty of using some very descriptive language to describe hamsters. I think you took it a little too far with JC.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’m watching the scene with JC, Tyler & Angela right now on AD – he gets angry when they won’t come his way LOL. He goes too hard on people and that will eventually be his downfall. He doesn’t listen. Reminds me of Kaitlyn. For an “intuitive” Clairvoyant with Spirit Guides, her self awareness is a hot mess. Accuses Rockstar of being glued to HOH – wasn’t she just spooning Scotty last week?


” Kaitlyn – Our family lost everything a year ago. The vault at our bank was robbed and we lost everything! Sam – But a safety deposit box is insured and backed by the FDIC ” LMAO!!!! Sam Kills Me!!!! She straight up GHOSTED her, saw right through that BS Kaitlyn was tryna sell her.. She didn’t even PRETEND to humor her LOL

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

That was hilarious LOL. Kaitlyn and JC both talk so fast there’s no time to call them on BS because the are already 8 points further down the line before you can catch your breath. I’ve also noticed Kaitlyn can’t keep up with her own lies. “I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I never said that!”. Uhhh, yeah, it’s been recorded.


Kaitlyn is a walking contradiction. She can’t keep the voices in her head straight. She’s all over the place and has zero self control.


The contents of the box are not insured by the FDIC, although you can purchase private insurance or the bank may have a policy you can purchase to cover those assets. I’m not sure what they would store in the box, but any stocks, deeds, titles or anything contract related could generally be replaced. I could imagine not wanting the world to know you had mint-inbox gold edition ET Atari cartridge…Danny Ocean would be all over that!

My Take

JC annoys me. Tyler can’t get a word in. JC knows that when it comes to votes down the line he’ll get Rockstar’s vote over Tyler. Whereas Kaitlin is a vote for Tyler. He’s not stupid. I hope they evict Rockstar.


Don’t you think that all of this scrambling is going to be for nothing? Because of Sam’s power? Sure, whoever goes has to do a challenge, but it’s possible that they will all still be there in the end. Maybe, just maybe RS can’t win a challenge to save herself. So just to get rid of someone should they all vote her out? I think that is the route I would take. I think Kaitlyn could win a challenge…but I hate to think about listening to her for another week!


Most overconfident and therefore likely to be bitten in the *ss: JC and Rachel (tie). Both think they are too powerful and therefore talk too much, to too many people, transparently covering too many bases.

Most delusional: Kaitlyn. Anybody who claims clairvoyance is really just telling you they can convince themselves that any nonsense is true…which makes watching her peddle BS a lot of fun.

Most delicate position: Bayleigh. She’s in a fantastic spot…IF she plays it perfectly. So far, so good, but I think she’s making mistakes by staying semi-loyal. Her alliance is lost and seeing who remains as nothing more than pawns means she could win the game…but ranking those pawns in importance means she’s lost the plot

Most misguided: Haleigh. Her move this week should be to sit back and listen…but instead she’s talking and really being set up to fall as a result.

Most clueless: Fez and Sam (tie): Fez is most concerned about landing a girlfriend and does everything else based on the same desperate emotion. Sam plays with spiders and just says whatever she thinks with ZERO guile. Neither do anything to show anybody they can be relied on, which is vital to going deep.

Enjoying the ride: Angela, Scottie, Kaycee (tie) All three are basically floaters, who don’t really have anything solid game-wise as leaders…although Kaycee is by far in the best spot in the game, liked by all. But to get to the end with that popularity, she’ll have to become a veto queen.

Hoping for two players to target each other…or at least their acolytes: Tyler and Brett. I like them both, really do…but both are smart and savvy and them splitting will be an entertaining battle and could send the whole house in disarray


I am still in the “who is Angela”? Has she done anything? Game, competitions, drama? I’m always surprised where she is up on the polls


She’s not caused any Drama other than FOUTTE wanting her out bad week 1.

She’s laid low and stayed with her squad Rachel and Kaycee. She’s also close with Sam. Out of the three girls she has the weakest social game but on the flip side isn’t as big of a target as Rachel but might be bigger than Kaycee.


Angela has gone from being the number one target in the house to just another houseguest. Either Swaggy’s squad greatly misjudged her ability or she caught wind of their fear and purposefully faded into the woodwork, allowing other targets to emerge.

It will be interesting to see how her part plays out. When the chips are down (and the numbers), will she rise to the occasion? Will we see others expressing regret for letting her slip by? When all is said and done, will Angela be seen as a masterful gameplayer or a floater whose name we can’t remember? I’m hoping it’s not the latter.


Ok, I’m just going to go ahead and say this: what makes everyone in that house and in this forum so convinced that Rockstar can’t win a competition? For example, there have been 16 house guests and only 4 HOH winners so far – which leaves 12 who haven’t won that…. so would it be fair to say that the other 12 can’t win a competition either? I mean – I’m just saying – is it the purple hair, the glasses, the fact that her shape is different from the other girls, her mannerisms…? What is is exactly because it’s a little annoying . If you don’t like her personality that’s one thing…but she isn’t a bully, she isn’t a jerk, she isn’t evil…in fact she isn’t any of the rotten things we have hated about past guests. I’m just confused. I feel like it’s a stereotype – because she is different. I am honestly asking opinions – don’t get salty and snide…. just want to know what you all are thinking.


I agree they are being dumb not considering her a threat to win Competitions.

For example… Big Brother 16 almost had Jocasta win the battle back to come in.. https://youtu.be/aHSmhs6fZrs

This game is very hard for older people to succeed in. They can and some of the best players we’ve had are older but Rockstar hasn’t. She wasn’t able to socially get to know more than 1/2 the house.

Now that CBS has stopped casting vets i’m going to start in on my next BB quest. Getting them to cast a few more older people.. … I’m over 30 how many of you are too?


Agreed! Can we also have a season with a cast of only true BB fans. Hopefully they would vote based on best gameplay in lieu of butt hurt feelings. I understand that jury management plays a part in the game but it seems to me that they have just become so bitter, taking things too personally.


I’ve been over 30 longer than several of the house guests have been alive…


I’m wondering if most of the people commenting here are 30+.


I’ve always assumed “Granny” is a 22yr old hottie in real life : )

True Dat

I’m in my mid thirties but have not liked most of the older people they have casted on the show. Not because they are older but it’s like they go out of their way to find the most annoying older people possible.


i agree they find some real annoying folks ..


I’m over 60, and although I love watching the game you could never convince me to play it , even if you promised to cover my Medicare premiums for life! My ego is too fragile, not to mention my body!

But, um

Even Chicken George won HOH in All-Stars!


Maybe it’s because she is showing a lack of confidence in herself and her ability to win competitions. If you take that into consideration along with her performance thus far, I can understand why they would make that assumption. Personally, I would never count anyone out I believe anything can happen, especially on reality TV!

True Dat

For the record, Tyler has said she could win a competition, but it would likely be a luck based one or a question and answer, true or false type situation. Regardless, what the houseguests look at when determining how good someone is at competitions is not just if they’ve won one, but where they have placed when competing. Like Rachel has come in second place in a couple comps so even though she hasn’t won…they can see she has the potential to do so. Brett did well in the cup stacking even though he didn’t take home the win. Rockstar was first off in the tree hanging, didn’t do that great in the true and false hoh, and was almost last in this past veto as well. Just wanted you to know they aren’t judging her based on looks but on how well she has placed in the comps they’ve seen her play in. If the competition to come back into the game is a puzzle, then maybe that’s her thing…no one has had to do a puzzle yet so it could be her secret strength.