“It might not be a bad thing for Rockstar to go ” – Bayleigh

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Rockstar Have Nots Scottie, Rachel, Bayeligh, Kaycee

Big Brother Spoilers Rockstar as of right now is getting evicted.


Winston Shrine.. .

1:05pm Tyler and Kaycee
Talking about getting Kaitlyn out.

Kaycee – if she stays who does she go after.
Tyler doesn’t know, suggest Fes
Kaycee does see that happening.

Tyler – Bayleigh is going to vote her out..
Tyler- Kailtyn already heard that fes is coming after her if she stays
Tyler says Angela already told Kaitlyn she would vote to keep her
Tyler says Kailtyn thinks she has him, Kaycee, RAchel and Fes to stay
Kaycee – if Fes votes for her to stay who does she go after
T – maybe Bayleigh
T – We don’t need her vote
T – or like Brett..
Kaycee – do you think we should keep her for real
T – I dunno

Kaycee – I feel like if we really wanted to we could get Rockstar out..
Kaycee – she is loyal and she won’t win anything.. just Kaitlyn is so flip floppy
T – I’m over it..
K – I know you are close to her.. I talked to Bayleigh she thinks you would put her up
Kaycee tells him Bay thinks Kaitlyn is in his ear
They laugh about he other side thinking that Kaitlyn made the decisions for Tyler.
T – that’s what I wanted them to think
Tyler says KAitlyn doesn’t know what she’s doing “She’s so flippy floppy.. I will vote her out”
Kaycee – if we come up with a decision that is best for us let’s f*ing go for it and I will campaign
T – I’m worried about Rachel
T – Bayleigh wants to be on the right side of the vote
Kaycee – Brett was hoping to get Kaitlyn out too
Tyler says Brett is protected from Rockstar if she wins something
Kaycee – I’ll try and talk to Brett..
Tyler says both Angela and Rachel want Rockstar out
Tyler – JC hardcore wants Kaitlyn to go
Kaycee – I think we should vote Kaitlyn out to
Tyler – yup yup i’m in
Kaycee – me to
T – if she goes and comes back…
Kaycee – it’s a chance it’s not 100%.. she comes back in we kick her back out..

Tyler – I don’t know if I can handle her too much longer.. I was thinking about it
Tyler – she needs to go (Kait)
Tyler mentions they can use Rockstar as the pawn.
Kayceee mentions RS already saying they could.
Tyler – we can’t put Kaitlyn up as a pawn..

Tyler – If Kailtyn is in Jury she’s eventually going to find out all the sh1t we’ve been doing
Tyler – my key priority is me and you vote the same every week
Tyler says Sam wanted Kaitlyn to go home. Tyler brings up Kaitlyn coming to him saying “whatever are you doing to protect me today”
Kaycee – that’s crazy
T – that pisses me off..
Tyler – I can’t wait to do her goodbye message .. when you watch this show.. you’ll be like I’m f**ing savage to Kaitlyn.. I’m a savage when it comes to her
kaycee – really
T – yeah

1:25pm Sam’s mobile

1:46pm Angela, Rachel, Kaycee
A – RS isn’t coming after any of the girls just so you know
Angela tells Kaycee their 3 is solid but she’s playing up acting like a b1tch to Rachel./
Rachel says she needs Tyler, Angela, people to start working on Scottie to make him feel safe so he doesn’t try and win the HOH
Angela – I think Scottie will get Kaitlyn out, 100% she got Swaggy out.. he knows everyone in the house wants her out.. that’s easy without getting blood on his hands,
Rachel – people need to get in his ear
Kaycee mentions how cottie is all about not throwing competitions.
Angela – I don’t think he’ll go for it I really don’t

Kaycee – so Rockstar..
Angela and Rachel say yes.. (to evict)
Rachel – she told me Fes already committed he’s voting for her to stay (Kaitlyn)
Kaycee – I heard otherwise..
Rachel – are you f*ing kidding me .. When
Kaycee – yesterday

Kaycee – I heard that Haleigh and Fes are going to vote to get rid of Kaitlyn ..
Rachel – I know Haleigh is voting to get rid of KAitlyn
Angela – so lets not talk to Haleigh anymore (about the vote)
Rachel – we need JC or Bayleigh.. JC said he will vote with the group

Angela – if we all get on JC he’ll vote with us..
Rachel – we have to tell JC that Kaitlyn isn’t coming after him ..

Rachel says they have to keep saying Kaitlyn’s staying kaitlyn’s staying nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the vote this week.
Angela says Brett and Tyler are Rockstars targets that means they are Fes’ target
Rachel wants to get Scottie out, Angela and KAycee want to get Fes out..
Rachel says Bayleigh is after Tyler
They say they have to protect Tyler “He’s done a lot”

Rachel – Scottie has to get out ASAP
Rachel points out it’s good to keep Kailtyn because JC and bayleigh want her out.

Kaycee – we’re doing great lets keep at it..

1:57pm bayleigh and Rachel
Chit chat about posing for pictures…

2:06pm suntanning into pool party..

2:04pm sam’s spiders

2:50pm Brett and Kaycee
They talk about everyone going back and forth on the vote this week.
Kaycee – Angela just had a conversation with Rockstar and she’s going after you and Tyler..
Brett – that’s what makes me nervous .. at first I was like Kaitlyn’s got to go she’s too much of a competitor…
B – we can influence kailtyn, I’m a target with both of them..
B – Kailtyn, I could wiggle my way out of being her target as long as it’s only one of us we have teh votes..
Kaycess agrees says it might be Brett and Sam
B – or Fes
B – I think Rockstar will target two of us that’s why Rockstars gotta go
Kaycee – yeah..
B – it’s a f*ing long shot she’s going to win sh1t
Kaycee – Kaitlyn would benefit us all
Brett – I’m down with it ok…

2:55pm Kaitlyn and Bayeligh
K – I’ve said all girls but truthfully.. if I was HOH I wouldn’t not put Sam
B – of course..
K – she put up three girls..
B – I don’t feel threatened by you
K – do whats best for your game..
Kaitlyn says if RS goes there’s more of a chance she will lose against Swaggy in a battle back
B – the only weird awkward tension I feel in the house is between Tyler and Fes
B – not with each other.. people are like she’s really close to fes now she’s close to tyler which one is it
k – they’re cool
b – they’re cool with it
k – on a personal level Fes till i die
B – like on a friendship level
K – literally friendship till I die .. I’ve never had a friend like him
K – with Tyler I feel
Kaitlyn goes into a long story about camp and how she got attached to a nurse there
K – they were the first one that was there for me..
K – I feel safe with him.. that’s not on a game level either .. he saw me Cry first.. I can’t pick one or the other..
K – what I do know is I will pick a girl over them any day.. my end goal is having a girl win
Kaitlyn says Sam is the only girl she will vote to evict against a guy.
K – I’m holding a grudge against what she did
kailtyn now says she’ll put up Brett and Sam. Sam the target it sounds like.
B – how are you with Brett
Kaitlyn says it’s been ok “I need his f*ing vote.. do I forget what he did to Rockstar no.. to me .. no… ”

Feeds flip to the back yard..

3:20pm pooling it.. difficult to hear them..

3:35pm SCottie and Bayleigh
Scottie says Fes promised Kailtyn his and Haleighs vote
Scottie – that’s two she thinks she has..
Bay – she says the 3 girls on the other side
S – doesn’t surprise me
Bay – brett hasn’t decided .. JC thinks Fes will flip
S – not surprising JC doesn’t trust Fes
Bayleigh says if JC thinks Fes is going to flip he might flip too.
S – he doesn’t want to be talk outside the majority
They agree to pull haleigh in and they can talk about their plan.
B – where are you and Tyler
T – haven’t talk about it yet.. he said he doesn’t have a preference either way I think that is bullsh1t..
Scottie if kaitlyn goes Brett has Tyler all to himself.
Bay thinks Brett will do what the girls are doing.
S – that’s 5 right there..
Bayleigh says Haleigh thinks she can control Fes.
Scottie isn’t convinced, Neither is bay.
S – if Rockstar goes it Kaitlyn our next target or are we moving to Brett or what
B – I think we would be back to BRett .. she’s a target for a lot of people
Scottie says if they are both trying to get closer to the three girls (Kaycee, Rachel, Angela) keeping Kailtyn in the house can be used as a buffer. They can use that time to get to get closer to them.
B – maybe we should get rid of Rockstar then

Scottie is asking her what the houses perception is with Haleigh
Bay – FEs
Scottie – me
Bay – either Tyler or the dadies (huh)
Bayleigh doesn’t trust Fes not as a person but in the game.
Bayleigh and Scottie think hayleigh will evolve and there’s things they can tell her that she won’t tell Fes
Bayleigh – it might not be a bad thing for Rockstar to go ..
Scottie- they’ll be like we can trust them..
Bayleigh – it’ll be more of a sides thing
Bayleigh would really like to get KAiltyn out especially before Jury

Scottie – we can also pitch it.. if we keep Kaitlyn this week any of the 5 of us win take out Kaitlyn and we sail to jury.. that’s the pitch ..
Bay – mmmhmmm
Scottie – after I won HOH last week she got Kinda flirty  (kaitlyn)

S – initially she had picked out Brett, Tyler and Fes as teh comp beasts that is why she got close to them.. last week I swept comps and that really surprised her
b – that’s weird
S – that is why Sam put Kaitlyn on the block.. she say that.
Scottie has a theory that Sam put haleigh on the block because she say them sharing the HOH bed together
B – I was surprised that they were surprised (about being nominated Kait and Haleigh)
B – this week is good we don’t make anyone mad we don’t make any enemies and we strategically place ourselves moving forwards
She asks him about his standing with Tyler
Scottie says after this week that other side won’t touch him. He doesn’t think he will got up “the only reason would be because of Kaitlyn”
Bayleigh says Kailtyn’s target is Brett and “maybe Fes” (nope Sam)
Scottie – I don’t buy that..She’ll spew whatever horse sh1t outta her mouth..
S – by the way America my word of the week is horseshit
Scottie says Tyler doesn’t tell him a lot.
Bay thought they were close.

Bayleigh – what happened last week
Scottie – I don’t know but my guess is Kaitlyn and Tyler (Flipped)
Ba – that’s my guess too
Bay says Kaitlyn is claiming she doesn’t talk game to Tyler
Scottie – who is the biggest threat..
They agree the three girls are the ones they should work with now that the game is evolving to it’s next stages. They both like the 3 girls “I love them..”

Bay – I think after brett and Kaitlyn are gone that would be the perfect route
Bay – Fes is never going to make up with these three and even though they are cool as nails

They agree Fes shot himself in the foot this week. Scottie says at first Fes didn’t know what to do with teh veto at first.
SCottie says there’s three stories going around about Fes promising people to use teh veto. He promised to use it on Haleigh, Kaitlyn and to JC said he wasn’t going to use it.

4:10pm all is quiet

4:41pm Rachel, Kaycee, Tyler and Angela
Rachel – haleigh is onboard for sure..
Angela tells Tyler – Rockstar is gunning for you and Brett..
Tyler – We keep Kaitlyn
Angela – she went on and one about you (tyler) I was like ohh you are so right
Tyler- I love you

5:08pm Feed leak from Rockstars Diary room “Sorry about the Wait Rockstar I did ask about the request dye” (hair dye)

5:30pm Sam constructing something… no idea what.


6:08pm JC and Tyler
Tyler says he’s changed his mind a lot.
Tyler – Rockstar threw out me and Brett today..
JC also heard that from RS but told her that Tyler is a puppet to Kaitlyn but Brett is after her she should focus on the people she wants her out.
JC – Fes is straight up going for Brett which is really really good for us
JC goes on about Rachel and BRett being the target of one side and Fes/rockstar being the target of the other side.
JC – the numbers are so balanced right now.. Bayleigh is voting what I tell her to do..
JC goes on how it will benefit him if Rockstar stays and tried to draw a line to how that will benefit Tyler.
Tyler tells her he can’t keep someone in the house that is after him just because JC told her he’s not after her doesn’t mean she won’t put him up.
Tyler – Kaitlyn is not coming after you
JC – Kaitlyn really really needs to go ..
Tyler is adamant that JC won’t be able to get into Rockstars head.
Tyler – I’m not voting for her I can’t
JC – Tyler Tyler .. she’s not coming for you
Tyler – Kaitlyn’s not coming for you

JC says during his talk with Fes he heard some f**ed up things Kailtyn told him
Tyler – Shhhhh
JC says she told Fes he was the best Friend she ever have.. JC calls her manipulative person
Tyler – Rachel flipped this morning too.. (Get rockstar out)

Tyler says if JC votes with the other side everyone will think you are with the other side now.
Tyler tells him Haleigh and Kaitlyn are his number 1 and 2 JC is his number 3

Tyler goes on how Kaitlyn is his puppet he controls her..
Tyler – remember when I got her dumb a$$ to flip on Swaggy remember when I got her dumb a$$ to vote out Steve..
Tyler thinks Kaitlyn will always be the big target JC doesn’t think so.

JC – literally that girl is no good for your game right now I’m talking about people targeting her and you right after..

6:32pm JC, Rockstar and FEs pink room
They tell Fes kailtyn’s flirting with him is part of her game.
JC to Rockstar – I think you are going to be safe this week.. just keep doing what you are doing
JC leaves
FEs about Kaitlyn – just being honest she’s not my type

RS – I love haleigh I don’t like Kaitlyn in this game.. I haven’t since she did what she did.
RS – she thinks she’s so right ..
Fes really hopes this week they can all vote the same way to get Kaitlyn out..
FEs – me, Bayleigh, Hayleigh, JC, Scottie… Tyler..
RS – we can get Tyler and Angela..
RS – I don’t know why she threw me up there.. I trust JC.. he’s always trying to go with the house hopefully everyone is solid.. Haleigh, Scottie I don’t want to count.
RS – me and Scottie have long talks about this game and Strategy..

7:03pm Haleigh and Tyler
Haleigh says 5 people have come to her saying they want to vote out Kaitlyn but they don’t want it to be a tie.
Haleigh says Kaitlyn made people nervous to talk to him about the vote because they all think he’s working with Kaitlyn
H – she’s not a bad person just in this game a lot of people have their eyes on her.
Haleigh says everyone is getting emotionally involved and Kaitlyn is doing a good job campaigning. Haleigh adds that Rockstar isn’t a social or physical threat whereas kaitlyn is.

7:17pm in the have nots bayleigh tells Kailtyn that someone told her today Tyler is tired of being seen as attached to Kaitlyn and he’s wanting to play his own game.

7:35pm Eating, Working out, Talking about Dreams…

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Sam has issues

So Sam put up 2 women she slut shamed and wanted one of them to go, but the mom in a relationship is the one leaving. Sam is such a hypocrite.


Sam has no control over who,goes now unless its a tie?

Sam has issues

She put Rockstar up there in the first place.


What other person would you have rather her put up. She isn’t in level 6 but she is aligned with that side. She put up rockstar because she voted against her week 1

Sam has issues

So did Scottie and the others, but men can’t help themselves.


Not arguing one way or the other, but Sam will vote Kaitlyn out in the event of a tie. That doesn’t make her a hypocrite.


sam’s “opinions” on kaitlyn and hayleigh’s sex lives had nothing to do with why she nominated them. she just said that to try to get them to sever ties with tyler and faysal respectively. if she actually cared about that stuff, she would’ve put up bayleigh.


Join the discussion…I have not liked her from the beginning. I don’t see why people think she is this sweet person. When she was HOH and did her speech to the house It just confirmed my opinion of her and then her nom speech just showed her true colors. She needs to either go back to being a robot or be evicted. I hope H or K (is she stays) gets her out!


Omg this going back and forth on who is voting to evict/keep who is getting confusing… Lol
I can’t for this week to be over…


Especially considering some people are trying to trick other people regarding who they’re voting for. They’re trying to use reverse psychology.


Seriously? Everybody is playing, everybody charting their own path forward, everybody talking, information spreading…this is the game and when there comes an inevitable shakeup, it’ll be all that much better.

You really prefer last year where everything was decided before nominations?


This is where summary comes in handy: the house guests are all confused and/or lying about who they’re going to vote to evict. Socially, they’re all still doing the same thing they’ve done all month. Tune in Thursday to see how it all plays out.

Sakura Haruno

Yay, Rachel just said that she will protect Tyler. Rockstar is going out now is interesting. They were dead set on Kaitlyn 5 hours ago. I hope Tyler wont be too mean to Kaitlyn during a goodbye message. It’s will turn a lot of fan off.


The way he is trying to be Boston Rob and get a following of stupid young women who he can put down and control is already a turn off. I hope he treats women in his real life with more respect.


tyler will claim he has no idea what happened in his good-bye message as he’s concerned the evictee will return. this has been how he has responded in every good-bye message they have shown so far.


If there is a possibility of them to return, the evicted houseguest doesn’t get to see the goodbye messages. Tyler told Swaggy that he was in Level 6 in his goodbye message to him.


Bayleigh’s armpit got too much airtime today.


If this blindside does go through I wonder what Sam will think of L6….. the other side of the house may still be fooled but Sam knows the sides well enough to be able to tell who exactly voted where.


I agree in theory but when have you heard Sam counting the votes? I think she is fine either way and just promised to vote out K in a tie to appease her guilt for pretending that she was going to put up JC.


yeah, she’s like scottie in this regard. scottie probably would have preferred brett going, but since he got rid of one of the bros he doesn’t really seem to care that winston went instead.


I think Sam realizes that once she was done with nominations, she has no power about who gets evicted. She has no vested interest in what the house does because either Crazy Cat or Box o Rocks going is fine with her. She’s taking advantage of the time off & chilling. She knows she only gets involved again if the votes are a tie. She promised JC that she’d vote out Crazy Kat if that happens.

Yo Believo

I have zero interest in Angela or Kaycee, particularly Angela. Call it gameplay or whatever but they are just sticks in the mud. They have no obligation to entertain me but I’m just saying. Rather would watch paint dry than to see these two go far into the game.


I get what you are saying but I would expect their game play to shift pretty soon. Consider that Angela was immediately a big target coming into the house. She has had to mitigate that from day one and has done a good job of being non-threatening. Sort of like running from a bear. You don’t have to be the fastest runner; you just need to be faster than the person next to you. They have been letting the house implode while watching from the sidelines but that time will soon be over.




have a good trip will miss u

Sam has issues

For real. A house plant is more interesting than those 2.


Waiting for Granny’s 2 cents!…. my top 3 – #1 Simon #2 Dawg #3 Granny 😉

Teri in Oregon

Couldn’t agree more, Ragin!!


1000 thumbs up!

Gimmie a break

It’s getting good!!! This is turning out to be a good season… Bay is stepping up her game & making a good strategic move trying to get close to the 3 girls (angela, kaycee, & rachel) this is what I like to see if she will follow thru n ditch her alliance she cld go pretty far, scottie on the other hand is a major target for the 3 girls and its not going to help him getting close to the girls unless he can flip them off him onto jc or tyler which will be extremly hard after his hoh week… It’s def gonna be an interesting vote on thurs n I wld hate to be JC if they follow thru with getting rid of Rockstar n keepin Katlin n they dont tell him they have the votes n he votes Katlin out!!! Can’t wait till Thurs!!!


I was waiting for someone to tell Kaitlyn Tyler has made comments about her. Didn’t think it was going to be Bayleigh. Not sure how that benefits Bayleighs game tho. Think that Could very well backfire on her. But if Kaitlyn does what Kaitlyn does. Should be entertaining. Tyler is going to have to pull a rabbit out of his hat for this one I think. But she’s so easily manipulated. Who knows.


Yeah, could be a bomb for Tyler. Deny deny deny. He better flip everybody back to keeping Rockslide.


For RaginCajun, Yikes, and Teri I’ll throw in a full buck! (thanks for the compliment)

It’s so exciting when you have a season like this. The HGs are scrambling, votes are bouncing, lots of gameplay and deception for the sake of the game. OBB is here, as always, to host this gathering spot for us to analyze BB and talk game. When many, including myself, feared BB had become too orchestrated, CBS surprises us with a fantastic cast of HGs. Some of them are genuine fans of the show and some of them are recruits with varying degrees of BB knowledge. But they all combine for an intriguing combination. Don’t forget, we are just in week 4….so much more to go.

I still stand by my original vote predictions for now (I shared those after Sam’s renom), but we all know things will bounce around….or appear to bounce….given different agendas and the conversations planned to hide those agendas. I doubt the vote will be a consensus. I feel Kaitlyn will be saved and Rockstar will play in the challenge. It doesn’t really matter if she comes back or not because the targets won’t change and I predict a double eviction isn’t far away.

It’s too early to call any of our HGs “sleepers” in this game. Angela, Kaycee, and Rachel are beautifully playing up their roles in the house. As intel gathers, we have Kaycee with Bayleigh, Rachel with Kaitlyn, and Angela with Haleigh and Rockstar. Those girls aren’t just tanning….they’re planning.

L6 is easy to root for, but I enjoy most of these HGs a lot.

I expect tomorrow Tyler will secure JC’s vote, which will secure Sam’s (it’s been a difficult task for Tyler to get JC to agree with his reasoning…JC will do what he wants to do). If not, that’s okay, too, because this Granny is happy with whatever happens this week. I can’t remember the last time I was glued to the feeds. It’s been THAT good.

If you haven’t fed the tip jar yet, please do (click “support the site” at the top). It takes a lot of personal time and $ for these guys to keep it going. I definitely count on Dawg, SImon, and all the positive contributors on OBB over ANY other website or blog (this one is the best). I appreciate ALL perspectives (when presented in a mature, respectful manner) because it’s interesting to know what others think throughout the season. 🙂

Teri in Oregon

Thanks Granny! You are always missed when you’re gone…this time will not be an exception. Enjoy the time!

Tom A

Great analysis as always Granny. As for Kaitlyn and Rockstar, do you like or dislike them? I’m just curious, because I can’t stand either of them.

Tina Shaw-Waldorf

I cat stand Kat but Rockstar is useless. But I find Kat dangerous. She is playing on Fez and Tyler. Nicole Ritchie wanna be is on my nerves’


I’m not a fan of either, as people, in this game and hope they are different in real life. However,the entertainment value is priceless.


Thanks Granny! I agree….I just love this season! Have a great vacation!


Lmao the one time the vote may be on bayleighs side and she wants to flip. Foutte or the swaggy 7 has to be the dumbest alliance/side of house in history


either way the vote goes this week, bayleigh loses a potential number. it’s pretty much a lose-lose for her unless the evicted houseguest comes back.

meanwhile there have definitely been dumber sides of the house. everyone last season (including paul and his inability to manage the jury), everyone who wasn’t derrick his season, the non bra-gade side of the house that season, and of course, the newbies the season rachel reilly won. you can’t get dumber than vote-me-out lawon. the swaggy 7 are just flighty and indecisive, not specifically dumb.


Lawons move wasn’t even the dumbest move of all time that award goes to marcellas when he decided not to use the veto on himself then got voted out


Bay might lose a number in RS, but if Kaitlin stays, which she has 2 chances to do that and is crazy enough to pull it off, Bay being on the right side of that vote is in her best interest. If she is on the wrong side of RS staying, no big deal, she is weak and has very few allies.

Big Brother Sister

So … did Brett and Kaitlyn have sex?


Whaaaaaaaaattttt?!?! I missed that.

Biff Burns

So … who made Sam ( AKA Jimmy Cricket ) the conscience of the house ? What a shameful judgemental speech at the nomination ceremony…she should go n cut!