Janelle “You might be the alpha male, but I am the alpha fu*k!*g female, welcome to the block b*tch!

POV Holder: Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


1:15pm Wil goes and gets Danielle and asks her if she wants to talk. Wil tells Danielle that she is in a sticky situation. Wil tells her that he just got threatened that if he takes Joe off the block I am the target. So Frank threatened you with that? Wil says well it wasn’t really a threat it was just advice. Danielle tells Ashley that she has been acting weird lately. Wil tells Danielle that they hope she works with us instead of them. Danielle asks what Wil will do if he wins. He says that Ashley has a stronger case of staying if she stays on the block. Danielle says that she is the next person in line of fire, so she needs to win it just as much as they do. Wil says that he promised Joe weeks ago that he would help him out if he was ever on the block.. but that it’s more important that the three of us stay. Danielle asks if Wil still has an alliance with Boogie. Wil says no that’s over, they threw us under the bus.
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Janelle joins Wil, Ashley, and Danielle in the arcade room. Janelle tells Danielle that she needs to make sure Shane doesn’t nominate you. Janelle tells Danielle that if she wins it …they would be shitting bricks because they can’t nominate it when you use it to save Joe or Ashley. Janelle says that if they get rid of a girl this week there will only be one left in the game. Danielle says there will be two. Janelle say oh yeah Jenn.

1:30pm Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Dan, Frank and Shane are talking. They try and guess the girl Ian likes back home. Dan says that he doesn’t want say her name but that her name is the same as golf clubs. After a couple guesses they guess her name is Tayor. They start asking him questions about her. He says that she has a pale completion, skinny, 5’2” tall, and her face is a 8 out of 10. Dan tells him that he should have said she is a 10. Ian says oh, yeah …um yeah she’s a 10.

1:45pm Joe tells Janelle that Frank is going to hear it from him in the veto meeting. Janelle tells him no, you can’t you need to understand that this is a social game, you will need votes in the end to win.


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1:50pm In the kitchen, Joe, Janelle, Mike, Wil and Frank are hanging out waiting for the competition to start. Joe says to Frank you saving me right if you win it? Frank says I don’t know my ears have been iching a lot the last few days. Joe say yeah mine too! Janelle looks at Boogie and says oh my god.


2pm Joe, Janelle and WIl are in the kicks room talking. Janelle tells Joe not to start things right now. We don’t need that side to have any more ammunition against us. Janelle says that if Joe does win this she is going to celebrate it just a little bit. Wil says he might make a comment about being an alpha male. Janelle says that if she got up in the HOH she would say “You might be the alpha male, but I am the alpha fu*king female, welcome to the block b*tch! Joe says that he is getting really nervous. Janelle says that she wants to embarrass them. Janelle says that if you win this today, we won two competitions in two days. Coaches comp and POV. Wil says that we can’t get too cocky. Wil says the thing with Shane is that you have to go fast to beat him. There will be some type of smarts in this.


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2pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA … looks like the Power of Veto is finally happening..

3pm Still TRIVIA..
3:34 trivia YO

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81 thoughts on “Janelle “You might be the alpha male, but I am the alpha fu*k!*g female, welcome to the block b*tch!

  1. I’m calling it! Danielle’s odds of going home are exponentially higher than everyone thinks. If a person from Janielle’s group wins it is going to get very tricky because Shane is scared of Boogie, so Danielle could go up as pawn, and then go home because of Boogie and Jan teaming up for just a single week to knock out Dan.

    Not saying it will happen. I would bet against it, in fact, but I could see it occurring. If Jan won and BB didn’t have a hidden agenda to keep the showmance going and keep Dan in the game, I would bet on it happening.

    1. If you watch the feeds no WAY is Shane putting Dani up! No chance….he will rather put up a boogie minion

  2. Have been waiting all day for them to play for POV. Hope it’s a fast game & that Frank, Shane or Danielle win.

  3. It sounds like Shane winning HOH is going to do a lot more than just remove a player from Boogie or Janelle’s side. If things keep going in this direction, Shane and Danielle can just sit back and watch Boogie and Janelle try to take each other out after this week. I hope that’s what happens. I haven’t really picked any sides yet, but that would be a lot more exciting to watch than simply putting Shane and Danielle on the block (assuming Danielle doesn’t win HOH next week).

  4. I wonder if Danielle will throw the POV. Winning it would help Shane keep noms the same, but she then exposes herself to Janelle’s team who thinks she would save one of them.

  5. We ALL know that no mater what the America’s vote is…the coaches will get the choice to return…I am curious if the coaches will have to decide as a group to enter the game..or if they can decide individually?? For instance if Boogie says he wants to stay a coach..but Dan enters the game…I’m just thinking how both scenarios will change the game…and I hope Shane wins the POV..just to have them freak at him winning another POV.

  6. Bet Danielle is safe no matter what. They would be stupid to put her up as a pawn because the pawn goes home. Just hoping that dan gets to come back into the game and try hard to keep chill town 2 from completely running this house.

  7. I’d like to see Frank, Danielle, and Shane sit down and actually firm up their alliance. Shane and Danielle have made an alliance. Frank and Shane have made a deal and both have said separately to Danielle that they trust the other. But I’d like the three of them to actually all sit down to together and confirm their alliance.

    1. Wont be firm with Danielle or Brittney. After the merge prepare for chill town squared. Shane, Frank, Boogie, Dan with a chick or two dragging along for $hits and giggles. First order of business… Here piggy piggy piggy Janelle, Bye piggy piggy piggy Janelle.

  8. Remember people, EVERYTHING will change this Thursday when the coaches enter the game or at least some of them. More coaches hate janelle and her team and could potentially team up and go after her, Joe and Wil. No ONE will team up with Janelle, knowing what they know about her in past seasons and this one.

  9. Lol janelle haters on this site tallking about her looks how y’all mamas look? Lol Frank don’t even have a job how sad much.

  10. For me the interesting part of this season is listening to the coaches strategize. Boogie and Dan are my favorite to watch and listen – have to say they are really good. Britney is doing better than I expected and Janielle has been really disappointing. Maybe seeing the POV queen on live feeds for first time kind of ruined the image I had of her. She doesn’t have class and she is so fake, IMHO. I did, however enjoy her coaching last night where she was quizzing her team on possible questions.

    I would like to see Shane and Frank work together and go for final two. I think Ian is such a great fan and want him to stay as long as he can. Maybe final four could be Shane, Frank, Ian and Danielle. Hope Janielle is first coach out so she doesn’t have bragging rights this time – other than 3 time loser. A bit harsh but she has been dishing it out so thick and time for her go down a couple of notches.

    1. She should have quit while she was ahead. She is past her best before date. I hope other BB alumni take Dr. Will’s cue and move on to better things and leave us with good memories. Nobody should play this game 3 times.

    2. Best post I have read, very well said. I am also hoping for the same final 4. Shane and Frank are strong players, and from watching BBAD, I have learned that Danielle really is beginning to play a good social game and she did take second in the last HOH com. As for Ian, what’s not to love about him. I think he will also be able to pull off a win or 2 in HOH comps. The only game Janelle’s team seems to have is trash talking everyone else and they have proven not to be loyal so no one wants to trust them any more. They burned both bridges. Funny I can’t say anything about Jenn except she should win something for flying so low under the radar that viewers actually forget she is in the house.

  11. You know if Janelle loses a team player this week, she will definetly enter the game for a chance and take revenge on Shane or Frank good luck boys at veto This next HOH should be an endurance too “who really wants it” kind of competition especially to keep viewer guessing for awhile who actually wins . 3 day wait if you don’t have Showtime or 24 feeds

    1. Who cares? Janelle is history, getting rid of joe is a smartest thing! Shane will challenge Janelle’s record. Janelle’s face will be priceless. She is a queen of failure and Shane & Frank will ganged up on her.

  12. a lot of people don’t like Joe but wouldn’t that be a reason to bring him further in the game after all you are playing for 500 grand. I think he would be awesome to take to the final 2 and wouldn’t see any chance of him winning against anyone. Especially someone who won HOH’s, Pov’s. Time to play smart not personal….. Go Team DAN!

  13. I still can’t believe the havenots food is cereal and salmon. What happened to the days when it was stuff like snails and licorice sticks or liverwurst and parsnips. BB is being nice to these guys.

    1. I hope Danielle wins because it would make it fun for us to see janelle and her team badger her until the veto meeting (Monday?)

  14. Joe this week and Wil the next. Followed by Joe being arrested for the attempted rape of his daughter and Wil getting aids in a barebacking gangbang.

  15. Lol. At Janelle saying,”welcome to the block b*tch!”Now she’s starting to sound like she did on season’s6&7.”Janelle says that if they get rid of a girl this week there will only be one left in the game. Danielle says there will be two. Janelle say oh yeah Jenn.”I forgot to count Jenn as one of the girls too.Lol.

    1. It does look like Shane has won his THIRD POV comp in a row if I am understanding this convo between him and Brti

    1. Not going to happen! Joe is going Home! PERIOD! Shane is having a secret alliance with Frank! The Nomination will be a same!

  16. I figure Janelle is panicking about Frank staying in house because having him and Shane teamed up if the coaches come back in and being in Boogie’s back pocket is her worst nightmare. Should have been a grown up in week 1 and voted Frank out when they had the chance. Waiting for Joe to implode.

  17. WTF is going on the graphic says Shane won the Veto yet idk if that is accurate?!

    I’d love it if it were true though!

  18. Wil tells her that he just got threatened that if he takes Joe off the block I am the target.

    What in the world does that mean? Who is “I”? This site is SOOOOO hard to read sometimes. Please try to use quotes and not so many pronouns or something. Sometimes I have to read something three times before I even think I know what’s going on.

  19. Simon, Can you please check the comments? Someone is impersonate as me! I did not post that comment! I’m making peace and this must be stop! RIGHT NOW!

  20. Looks like it’s going to be another late night/early morning for me. *Yawn* At least I get to watch on BBAD. I haven’t gotten much sleep this past week.

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