POV Holder: Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian ???
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAfE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


Power of Veto Players: Ashley, Joe, Frank, Danielle, Wil and Shane

Host of the Competition: Jenn

10:20am When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA… Ashley is excited because she was given new shoes for the POV competition. She says maybe the competition is something sticky. “Yay, New Kicks” The others go into the storage room to grab their shoes. Shane and Danielle are the last to leave the storage room. She goes to grab him and he tells her to get out of here. Danielle calls him a jerk. He says he is not a jerk and leaves the room.


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Ashley, Janelle and Joe head into the arcade room. They comment on how loud Frank was during the POV picking. Joe says that he just saw Frank and Shane say “We did it!” Joe says that he cant wait to expose Frank and Shane. He says that he can’t wait to expose him to the others that they are working together. Joe says he is going to warn Ian & Jenn that Frank is working with Shane. Joe says that that he is pissed because he was the one that lead the charge to get Frank the votes. Ashley asks who did? Joe says I did! Ashley says oh right. Ashley says that she is so happy that she got to pick Wil as house guest choice. Ashley says TRIXIE RISES FROM THE ASHES AND KILLS THEM ALL!! Janelle says that she feels like this is their time to win this one! Ashley says Frank is just as bad as Willie. She says that she wants to get Frank, Shane and Ian out!

10:45am In the bathroom, Frank is talking to Danielle about Janelle floating to who ever is in power. Ashley comes into the bathroom. Frank asks Ashley why she didn’t pick him for house guests choice? Ash says she has faith in her team. Frank tells Ashley that her team threw her under the bus. Ashley says that she just doesn’t know. She says that she doesn’t know who to trust. Frank asks her why she picked Wil, you know who he is going to use it on if he wins, he is going to use it on Joe.


Frank is talking to Danielle in the bathroom. He tells her that he is not playing with them anymore, he is with Shane now. He says that he is going to do everything he can to make sure Joe and Ashley don’t win the power of veto. Frank says that he is an honest person and that Joe isn’t. He says that he doesn’t trust him. He says that he was talking to Britney and Shane last night and he told them that he would go out on to the balcony and let everyone know he is with them. He talks about how he is going to fight for the veto, but that he would like Shane to win because it puts a bigger target on Shane. Frank says that he trusts Britney and that he hopes he isn’t making a mistake. Danielle says she hopes he trusts her too. Frank says that he doesn’t hold a grudge against her.


11am – 11:10am Mike and Dan are in the stereo room talking about whether or not they will enter the game. Dan wonders if they will get the option to enter the game. Mike says that he isn’t sure what he would do if he would enter the game. He says that if he still has three players then he would. He says that he has to play a little different now, a little more conservative because he has a daughter. The conversation turns to talking about Britney. Dan comments on how Britney is good in competitions, she beat him twice. They talk about how Janelle and Britney don’t like each other very much. Jenn gets called to the diary room and Mike and Dan says that must be it …we’re starting soon. Mike Frank and Dan are now in the bathroom. Mike tells Frank to win this to keep the nominations the same so that we can have a nice relaxing week.

11:35pm They are all sitting around talking and getting ready for the competition. Jenn tells a story about how she was wearing an Erase Racism T-shirt to watch a friend play at a show. She says a skin head came up and cold cocked her in the face. She says that a huge fight broke out and he was beat to a bloody pulp. She says that she was with 20 of her friends, they grabbed him and she punched him twice. She says that they then all went outside… She says that she is not proud of fighting but that she was young. The conversation turns to talking about skin heads and racism.


11:50am Up in the HOH bathroom, Danielle and Britney are talking. Britney says that if we back doored Frank, then Janelle and them will come after Shane. We need to get rid of Ashley. Danielle says that maybe we just need to win it and keep the noms the same. Danielle says that Frank kept saying over and over again that he is done with them. Britney says well maybe he is .. I just don’t know because I keep seeing him sitting and talking to Wil. Britney heads to the diary room. Danielle goes and lies in the bed with Shane. Shane says that they have 3 chances to win the POV today. Shane says that he really thinks he can trust Frank. Danielle tells him that earlier Joe and walked into the bathroom and Frank said to him that he is a straight talking motha fu*cker!
12pm They start talking about the type of power of veto competition it will be and wonder if it will be a spelling comp. Shane says that he already has a few words that he would do like success because it can be unsuccessful, or successfully.


12:15pm Frank and Wil are talking in the kicks room. Frank tells Wil that he can’t trust Joe because he threw me under the bus not even three hours after Shane won. And when I won HOH last week, he was up there within two hours wanting to work with me. So I can’t trust him. Frank brings up how Joe is also talking about him saying that he (Frank) is the one that said I wanted to get out the floaters like Ashley. Now Ashley is coming up to me telling me that I was the one trying to get rid of her when its not true. Frank tells Wil that if he wins the POV he can’t take Joe off… if he does then they will be coming after you. Wil tells Frank that he wants to work with him. Frank says that if you use the veto to take off Ashley then at least Shane will know that you are willing to play ball. Wil says that he has no intention of voting for Frank or putting him up on the block next week.


Meanwhile up in the HOH room the Showmance continues to grow..
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12:30pm Frank leaves the room. Wil tells Janelle that he basically just got threatened by Frank saying that if he doesn’t take off Ashley they will all be gunning for me. Janelle says that he is a fu*cking idiot. Wil says that he already made a promise to Joe that he will take him off, so I will if I win. Janelle says yeah fu*k them you need to do what you want to do. Wil says can you believe he threatened me, the worse thing we can do is lose Joe. Janelle tells Wil to try to make some deals.


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    1. He can’t be backdoored. He’s playing the POV. He can be a nominee replacement though, so should Ashley or Joe win.

          1. The only ones that could be backdoored this week are Jenn and Ian. But that would be a waste of time and effort. So forget about backdooring anyone this week y’all. What does everyone think of me? This is all about me.

            Production said I will get plenty of air time showmancing Shane. What do y’all guys think? Do I look fat on this, y’all? Is my nose better than Porky Jannelle’s?

            There should be a survey about all these y’all.

    2. It will never happen. Frank will never be backdoored! He will win pov and keep the nomination a same. Joe needs to go! Joe evicted 4-1! Wil is be totally screwed! And lose again and again. Better Luck next time!

  1. Ashley was stupid to pick Wil. He will save Joe if he wins, not Ashley, and she could go home. She should have picked someone else, Ian or Jenn. What a dummy! And ROFLMAO over Joe calling Frank loud. Pot, meet kettle.

    1. It woud be thrilling to watch Wil win POV and use the power to save Joe. Then Jenn goes up and Ashley goes home 5-0. ROFLMAO.

    2. Boogie and Janelle’s teams still aren’t thinking like individual players – they’re still thinking as teams. So if Ashley picked Ian or Jenn and one of them one they’d never use the POV because that would mean one of their “team” was going up. Ashley really has no choice. She’s staying on the block unless she wins the POV herself, or maybe if Danielle wins – she’ll most likely use it. But who are we kidding? Neither of them are likely to win it.

      1. If Daniele wins and uses the veto, that will be the end of her showmance dreams and delusions. She is that stupid though.

  2. Anybody else watch BBAD last night? By far the best one. It was so tense. I don’t care for Britney, but laughed out loud when she told Dan the story about “the mist.”

  3. Ashely pic will so if will win he take joe of then ashely ian go up and wil joe danelle vote ian out duhhhh!!

  4. On the real, if Dani is allowed to float to the end and not put dick in her mouth, something is wrong…. shane pimp that ho she’s wide open

  5. Can wait to see Joe’s face that Frank just screw Joe once again. Team Shanielle & Frank rise again. Good Bye Joe! You threw yourself under the bus!

  6. i would be glad if wil win it to take joe of the block asheley stuck on stop ……….. hope frank or danille , shane win it …ashely just wants to be apart of that clique but she hates to admitte that she is to the bottom

  7. I’m beginning to think Ashley is stupid or afraid of janelle. Wow get her out of the game no one should believe anything she says. What will be her next reason for siding with her team when will uses pov on joe and they start making deals to send her out the door. Stupid girl

  8. I really want Joe to go home, but if Frank goes, that’s good too. Then I hope Danielle wins HoH, and Shane wins PoV, then Shane wins HoH and PoV then Danielle wins HoH and Shane wins PoV and then Shane wins HoH and PoV then Danielle wins HoH and Shane wins PoV and Shane wins HoH and PoV and so on and so forth! LMAO

  9. Team Janelle is comical.

    They talk about getting rid of people, but they can’t win anything.

    They talk about exposing Frank and Shane, but they’ve floated to them every week (floaters) lol.

    They talk so much crap about other HG’s, but they have yet to be loyal to anyone.

    They’re so mad now when they had the chance to get Frank out week 1. But they didn’t want to get their hands dirty and get Willie out. They can’t be mad at anyone but themselves, and take this week as a loss. Because one of them is going home.

    1. correction, week 1had little to do with willie, they can say what they want, but it had more to do with kara being totally useless if they kept her

      1. That’s kind of the point. If Kara was to stay and they got HoH they would have went after Willie obviously. But instead, they said instead of us having blood on our hands, let’s put Frank and Willie against each other. But yet, they’re crying now, because they think Frank owes them loyalty. They only voted for him for selfish reasons.

  10. Did any of you guys vote on the site for the coaches to enter the game?? I voted no… wanted to see everyones thoughts

  11. Why will frank tell danelle that he hope shane win pov to have a bigger target on his back so dumb to say that to her.

  12. gosh I hope boogie doesnt join the game

    and I am a HUGE boogie fan.

    I totally respect his game and what hes done, his all stars win was perfect…which is why I say DONT DO IT

    you spent the entire summer coaching your team, not talking to the rest of the house, it would be an EPIC failure for boogie unless he just went on some competition run

    there is something to be said about his position tho. he’d come in allies with frank/shane/ian/jenn and possibly dan for awhile. thats pretty beastly.

    I just dont see how any argument other than “you can take me to the end, no one will give me the money, again” can get boogie to f5, let alone f3, let alone f2

    1. Boogie’s Allstar win was handed to him with the coupe te ta. He hid behind will most of that season. Also, make no mistake that America will be voting yes to get the coaches in the game..This is becoming fairly boring. Not as bad as last season yet but getting there. Adding the coaches will spice it up. Not to mention that if they dont “add” the coaches then they will be adding to outher houseguests either way. They need 9 to go to the jury and currently they have only 8 and it will go down to 7 once ashley or joe are evicted so 2 need to come back.

  13. Ashley dosen’t fit in anywhere. She looks like a dopey bitch wandering around the house. Last night she was up in the HOH talking about how she just wants everyone to get along and love eachother or some crap. That dosen’t happen in real life and it certainly does not happen in Big Brother. She’ll probably float to the end cos people forget she’s even there.

  14. i’m watching the feeds right now and jenn is telling a story about getting punched by a guy, and danielle can’t get a word in about herself. i wonder if her head is going to explode or if she’ll just cry (again).

    1. Team Janelle sucks! Who cares! That’s my opinion. Janelle is horrible coach! She is repulsive liar and she coach her floaters team & coast to coast of power! I’m glad Mike Boogie screw her.

        1. Simon, Did you approve this comment? Which I didn’t say that. I did not post that comment. So, can you delete that post? Someone is impersonate as me. Whoever impersonate me needs to stop right now! I’m really pissed off!!

    2. Lol are you delusional? Team Janelle sucks.
      But Janelle sucks more as a coach.
      Buncha floaters, they are.

  15. i’d lol if the coaches went into the game and then mike dan frank shane formed like a “brigade” type deal and then left brit and danielle hangin. i like britney though, i hope she wins.

  16. Brit and Danielle are getting paranoid over nothing. Brit infected her team with paranoia first week, and we all know how that ended. Yeah, Frank is talking to Wil. What’s he supposed to do? Wil is deliberately following him around to provoke paranoia about Frank. Brit will never learn.

  17. Simon, I did not post that! This needs to stop. I respect of not using someone Ip. Can you delete it?

  18. I find it funny how players get so paranoid in the house, then rip on those they don’t like, lie, and act so innocent, while the other side does the same thing. Just one of those interesting things to watch on this show.

    If Team Janelle loses the POV, I hope Wil has a meltdown, need another good meltdown just to give this season a pick up after the boring week.

  19. Wil talks about losing Joe like he’ll be losing oxygen. Nooooo, we can’t lose Joe! Why not? Wtf has Joe done besides cook for them with his disgusting sh*t fingers?

  20. Wil is a idiot right now. He still kissing up to Janelle and now he will continue to sucking up. He worst than joe!

  21. Question if the coaches are given an opporturnity to enter the game does that mean the $100,000 is off the table if they become player so they could get nothing in the end or will on coach opt out so they still get a chance at $ 100,000 and pissed off the other coaches who enter the game now to pick on their players Don’t think that Big Brother thought of all the risk unless its an all or nobody entering game.

  22. If shane waste his hoh by getting rid of ashley.,then im done with big brother..dum f**king cast ever..every week they get rid of f**king nobodys.stupid f**ks

    1. @underpresser810. I know right.Just lastnight I read an update,that had Britney making sense.She said if they get rid of Ashley this week.Their HOH will be a waste.Now fast forward a few hours,and it seems like a good idea to get rid of Ashley if they can’t take out Joe this week.How about they forget about taking out Joe or Ashley this week and actually kick the biggest threat out of the game(Frank).But ofcourse it won’t go down like that.They’re going to fight to keep a physical( and since Boogie is pulling Frank strings) player with a decent strategic game,in the house.Lol.I’m starting to think I’m going to have to treat this season like All-Stars(season7).At first I couldn’t believe how stupid people were being for over looking Dr.Will&Boogie(aka Dr.Will’s sidekick).Then I decided to just laugh at the house guests(with the exception of Danielle Reyes,because she figured out what was up.But it was too late,because Boogie had Erika fooled).Since it’s clear that Boogie didn’t even have to break a sweat to convince these idiots(exception of Dan&Danielle,because they want Frank aka carrot top out this week)to keep the biggest physical threat in the house safe this week.I’m just going to enjoy watching these people get played by Boogie&Boogie’s puppet Frank.Lol.

  23. OK. So let me get this straight. Ashley is already feeling on the outs with her team, but she still chose Wil because “she trusted him” to play in the veto and now he’s saying he would take Joe off and not her? Way to get her to vote with the other house Team Janelle. Idiots. They should realize that JOE is the one who has been throwing a wrench in their plans and he is the expendable one and save Ash. But honestly, I really don’t want any of them to win it and for noms to stay the same and Joe goes home. Then next week Wil should be gone, he’s pretty freakin’ catty. Just sayin.

  24. This game is becoming volatile, and it is seeping onto this comment board. Look for a fight very soon, and Simon, good luck censoring comments.

  25. Last season was pretty combative in here. I cant imagine this season it getting worse as the players this season are even more boring than last if thats even possible. Attacks in here are more to stir the pot and not because that person actually has loyalty to any particular player..We need the coaches in to create that atmosphere!!!!

  26. Damn I don’t know what I want more, Shane, Danielle or Frank to win and keep the nominations the same and get rid of Joe the Douche, or Wil to win and take Joe down which will probably mean that Frank goes up and goes home and Ashley will see that she is bottom of the pile among Janelle’s team.

  27. Sounds like a lot of people here need a detailed explanation of what a “TRUE” back-door scenario means. Simon? Please educate them :) Danielle’s constant whining about “having been back-doored” is as pathetic as she is a player…… if you were back-doored stoopid, you were ultimately voted OUT of the game!

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