Janelle tells Britney they’re going into the game Joe: “Band together.. Leave your f’ing coaches”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

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Britney telling her the HOH room has been stuffed all
Britney: “What are you thinking get out Frank?”
Janelle: “We’ll Ya lets get rid of Frank”
Britney: “Well you are the only person that has come up here to tell us that”
Janelle: “REALLY!”

Janelle telling her it’s pretty obvious that the Coaches are going to be dropped in and if they leave Boogie and Frank in the game they are going to run it.

Janelle offers Britney final 4 with her players. She guarantees that Frank will put Shane up next week” Janelle about Boogie: “He’s going to target Shane when he comes in next week because Shane is a threat and he’ll target threats first and take a girl to the end”

Britney asks her if nominations stay the same where is Wil’s vote going to be. Janelle claims she doesn’t know she thinks he’ll keep Joe.

Janelle tells her she knows 100% they are going into the game.. there is no more coaches Competitions and the next HOh will be endurance. Janelle raises her voice: “We are going to play in the HOH endurance competition”

Janelle tells her next week the alliance will be Britney, Janelle, Wil, Shane, and Joe if they backdoor Frank this week.

Britney thinks there might be a slight chance that they will play a coaches HOH.
Janelle says she should throw the HOH to Janelle. Janelle: “We need to work together.. I don’t think going to the end with Boogie is a good idea.. what do you think?” Britney: “NO.. he’s a beast”

Janelle think for sure she’ll have ashley but Wil may be a tough one, They are worried he’ll target Janelle and Britney.
Janelle says there are 2 week until Jury all the noobies will be gunning
Britney: “Do yo think they will really do that for us?”
Janelle: “uhh YA”
Britney think that having the coaches get dropped in will damage the integrity of the game. She brings up that they were safe for 4 weeks it’s not fair to the noobies. Janelle: “They don’t care about fair”

Janelle: “Boogie is going to be a beast to get out of here.. even harder with Frank here”
Britney is worried that Shane might team up with Boogie and Frank. Janelle is worried about that to. Janelle says on thursday they have to take whatever nobbies they can get and go after Boogie. Britney wonders if maybe Dan wants to team up with them. Janelle doesn’t trust Dan.

Britney is unsure that the coaches are going into the game. Janelle says yes they are going in and her and britney better team up.
They break down who they can trust

Janelle: “Ashley for sure.. Shane for Sure.. Danielle will be with Dan..”
Britney: “Joe is not going to work with you.. ”

Britney says that Wil was upstairs telling them to take out Ian. Janelle looks surprised.
9:36pm Cam 1-2 Britney says she doesn’t know a lot of what Janelle is saying sounds like it could be right.
Janelle tells the life feeders sorry she has to whisper something to Britney. Cut to fish..

9:12pm Cam 3-4 joe, Wil and Jenn

I’m going to give you one bit of advice “Band together.. Leave your fucking coaches” Jenn and Wil agree.. Stay true and beat the fu** out of them”

9:40pm Cam 1-2 Boogie, Frank and Britney

Britney saying that Janelle is trying to get the votes to get rid of Ashley. Britney says she’s concerned about Boogie’s players voting out Ashley. Boogie says his people are voting out Joe. Britney says if they nominate Ian both sides will have 2 votes and the swim will be Danielle and that is risky because Janelle is all over her. Boogie thinks it’s weird that Janelle wants to save Joe he would just cut him loose. They all agree that Joe’s stories are getting a little stupid. Britney brings up that Joe is claiming his family owned the land the white house is built on and they sold it for a donkey and a fifth of whiskey.

Boogie tells her Ian and Jenn are Rocks they will not switch up their votes Joe is going home.

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9:58pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Janelle she’s telling him things are looking promising for Joe to stay. Joe tells her he told Shane he would take a bullet for him. Wil joins them Janelle says that she just talked to Britney and she’s understands Frank needs to go.

10:16pm Janelle, Joe and Wil agree if Frank gets taken out this week Boogie will pull a Willie. Wil: “I cannot believe Shane we be stupid enough to not take Frank out” Wil: “At least take Ashley down” Janelle disagrees says they have to keep Ashley up on the block. Dan would never wast a vote to take out AShley but he might decided to cu a deal with frank and get rid of Joe.

Wil starts running scenarios that include backdooring Shane next week. Janelle tells him they should not start plotting Shane’s demise just yet he might be useful for them. Janelle explains that Shane is pretty loyal he plays much the same game that Janelle played in season 6. Wil says if Shane doesn’t use the POV he will not get his vote in the Jury.

10:30pm Wil brings up that next week they are going to need to tell Britney to do her own damn dishes. He points out that her dishes were left outside from lunch.

10:58pm Living Room everyone but Frank, Janelle and her team chit chat.. Britney thinking that the stone in ther ring is loose.

11:06pm Cam 1-2 arcade room AShley and Shane Ashley never realized how important alliances and she’s thinking her team is going to get picked off. She doesn’t see Jenn and Ian not sticking with Boogie, Even though Shane tells her they will. Ashley sees the strongest alliance in the house is Boogie’s team. Shane is worried about Backdooring Frank and having Janelle’s and Boogies players after him.. Feeds cut..

11:40pm Shane saying that he feels like this week is the biggest move in the game.

11:44pm HOH Danielle and Dan Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!
Danielle says that Shane is leaning towards taking Frank out but Britney is still pushing Shane to take out Joe. Dan: ‘I need to talk to Shane alone’ Dan asks Danielle what works best for her. Danielle thinks that right now Frank isn’t targeting her so it really doesn’t matter to her right now. Danielle thinks Shane is educated but he’s not very smart.. so her biggest threat is Frank. Danielle: “Shane will never put me up.. he likes me too much”

Danielle says that Janelle is a snake and a liar she’s going around the house talking crap about people. She tells Dan that Janelle was trying to get votes for Joe to stay.
Dan is wanting Frank gone he doesn’t thinks Danielle and Shane will get a third chance to take him out. Apparently Danielle has been throwing all these competitions. Dan suggests she throw the next HOH. Danielle doesn’t want to because she doesn’t feel safe.

12:00AM Hot tub Cam 1-2 Shane telling Wil that voting out Frank is the biggest move in the game he needs Wil to act sketchy and depressed. Shane tries to justify that backdooring Frank this week isn’t going back on his deal with Frank.

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60 thoughts on “Janelle tells Britney they’re going into the game Joe: “Band together.. Leave your f’ing coaches”

  1. I feel like all this game talk is pointless if the coaches end up accepting to go into the game with their players. It’s kind of an unfair advantage too because they basically know everything, about who is aligned with who and whatnot, and who has deals. But I guess if they do decide to enter the game the coaches would have to stick to their teams.

    1. they’re gonna be asked to play by Ms. Julie Chen an they’ll all say no! i say that because they’ll be put on spot.

    2. danielle & ashley has 2 be the most clueless ppl in BB. theirs no loyally in this gm. that why i say Boogie is the best coach because everything that you hearing today or days before he already planned last week

  2. Everyone can hate on Britney all they want, but you have to admit she’s right about the integrity of the game being diminished when the coaches come in.

    And WTF Joe with the White House story? Hahahah!!!!

  3. Here’s the thing; you know what I mean? Here’s the thing; you know what I mean? If you drink every time that she utters those two phrases, you will be in rehab by Friday.

    1. Janelle just seems like one of those people who knows everything & the rest of us are hopeless without her guidance. LOL!! So happy that Britney wasn’t believe the crap she was being fed! LOL!!

  4. Britney: “Do yo think they will really do that for us?”
    Janelle: “uhh YA”
    Britney think that having the coaches get dropped in will damage the integrity of the game. She brings up that they were safe for 4 weeks it’s not fair to the noobies. Janelle: “They don’t care about fair” Britney acts like she doesn’t know the motto of this show is,“Expect the Unexpected”.Even,Jojo said,she knows this is Big Brother,“it’s not supposed to be fair”.Last season the vets were safe for four weeks.Then they were allowed to play the game.So,what Janelle is telling Britney,shouldn’t come as such a big surprise for her.Why is Britney so against the thought of her having to actually play this game?I remember earlier she wanted to read her contract.She said, she didn’t sign up to play this game.I guess Britney knows that she sucks at playing this game and she doesn’t want the viewers to see her be played for a fool again.Lol.I think Boogie had a feeling he might be playing the game again,because he’s been working out a lot.As though he’s getting in shape for the endurance competitions.

    1. I wonder if she has a medical issue with getting worked up emotionally. She has said several times her husband told her not to get worked up. Still a shot at 300k (after taxes) is a shot any rational person would want.

    2. The vets were not safe 4 weeks last year they had the stupid golden keys that would have kept one vet from each pair safe if the noobies would have stuck together but they didn’t and then couldn’t win an hoh to save their lives

    3. “Last season the vets were safe for four weeks.Then they were allowed to play the game.”

      You have a faulty memory. The Vets were not safe for the first for weeks. If your partner was eliminated you got a golden key which granted immunity until the the house was down to 11 players. Dani D got it when Dick left the show, not because she was a vet. Porsche and Adam got one too.

      1. @ggg. Ok.So,I made a mistake.That can happen when a person life doesn’t revolve around all things Big Brother.That still doesn’t change the point I was trying to make in my original post,which is the fact that Big Brother’s motto is,”Expect the Unexpected”.Which should make it clear to Britney,if the producers want to put the coach’s in the game.Then they can do just that.Janelle seems to understand that the words fair and Big Brother don’t mix well with each other.But for some reason Britney is slow to catch on to that fact.

      1. Actually I am thinking Janelle looks like one of the “Who’s” in the Jim Carey version of The Grinch!

    1. Not really, since Boogie would have to FINALLY work with Ian and Jenn and not his Dr. Will 2.0 and if the coaches come in the game, he’d be screwed player wise, since Jenn will back stab him after the $1000 incident, he’s be stuck with Ian who is already on Janelle’s team’s target list, screwing Boogie and causing everyone to avoid Shane for the time-being to the point he makes it to jury

      1. Wow, I’ve never seen a girl with so many daddy issues like Danielle! Everything she says and does resorts back to something her dad did to her. This girl needs serious help and Dan can see it too! He flat out told her you get weird when you kiss Shane. Why would they bring this girl on this show. She’s aching for a relationship, oh wait I just answered my own question. Lol

  5. Shane would be a real dumbass to listen to anything Joes team member tells him. Plus Ashley is one of the weakest players to ever play the game and its evident to everyone in the house.

  6. Janelle and wil was tallking and they said if shane do this for them they will work with him so he should work with them they have the numbers.

  7. If Shane keeps playing at this pace (1 HOH 3 POVS) AND makes it to the final two I think you have to consider him in the top 10 of best BB players of all time

    1. Wow, you finally study my stats. You should check out my stats very often. The record for PoV is 7! Shane needs 3 to tie & 1 to break the record. The magic number is 8!

  8. Danielle: “Shane will never put me on the block, he likes me too much.”
    Dan: Total Silence
    Me: hahahahahahahaha!!!

    This Dan and Danielle conversation makes me wonder if Dani really has low self esteem, cos she sometimes talks like she’s all that. Idk, but I can understand why she’s been punched in the face.

  9. Sometimes it’s painful to watch Danielle talk game and sometimes she actually makes valid points…..it’s like Jekyl and Hyde. Sometimes I’m 100% convinced she is dumb as bricks and sometimes I think she is actually a half decent player or is making progress. Idk what do you guys think about Danielle?

    1. I missed 90 to 95% of BB9, but from what little I know, I think Danielle sounds like the new Natalie. Too bad for Danielle, Shane is no Matty.

      1. Yeah, I saw that season, she’s not anywhere near as bad as Natalie. Watching Natalie on that season was awkward and at some times almost painful.

    2. She makes sense when she talks game and it doesn’t involve Shane.

      Once you throw Shane into game talk, she starts thinking with her panties.

  10. I remember last year on one of the episodes on Dick At Night show on RTV Zone, Dick said that a lot of the HG’s make their alliances known because they spend hours up in the HoH room. Now I’m starting to see he was right. People spend way too much time up there. Also, they don’t know what’s going on in the house if they stay up there all the time. Shane hasn’t been staying up there too much though, from what I’ve seen.

    1. That was one of the reasons why Dick rarely stayed in the HOH room when he was HOH. He always wanted to know what was going on at all times.

  11. Are they fucking serious right now? Shane is going to replace Ashley with Frank? How the hell was Shane so easily swayed in ONE day? I’m confused.

  12. was reading the comments and saw janelles limited vocab post about drinking ….which made me wonder has anyone come up with this seasons BB drinking game rules yet ?? if not might be something we has to work on ..

  13. Danielle is pathetic – she is not even playing the game – she is just looking for reasons to stay in the HOH – and being the swing vote???? Just the FCK up – you are so sad – Shane can and will do better than you. She is a teenage idiot. She has this strange idea that she is something incredibly special and tries make everything about her……………..frankly, she lifts right out of the game – and no one would notice….especially Shane….oh and Frank is gay!

  14. so Iam watching the feeds .. and they are all mimicing joe .. wait what .. isnt that what willie did that sentthe house into turmoil isnt that what they called homophobia .. i hope they see what happned there ughhhh man i should gert some sleep .. lol

  15. Oh my gosh……………Danielle continues to make EVERYTHING ABOUT HER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ what is up with this chick? I have a feeling that she got punched in the face for a reason…………………

  16. well, thats it. shane to backdoor frank. big brother get your episode ready. its time for jojo vs kara vs frank in a strength competition.

    oh. whats that? frank is back in the house? boogie is celebrating like he just won the game?


  17. Dear Shane, it has been brought to my attention that you’re not very smart. You’re easily distracted by hypnotist(Dan), story tellers(Joe), and shiny objects(Janelle and her ring). Shane the fog will lift on Thursday 8:40pm est. You will be alone!!!!! There will be no reason for anyone to work with you if Frank is evicted. Janelle’s team hates you. Danielle is riding your coattail. Evict Joe and make sure Danielle wins HOH, she will keep you safe to show her loyalty. P.S.fire your coach she doesn’t motivate or inspire…..

  18. Everyone is interpreting the CBS poll to mean that all four coaches will simply enter the game Thursday. The wording of the poll included the word “chance.” That implies that there is a chance they will not enter as well. What determines that and how many will be allowed to enter is unknown. There are many possible variations and each requires its own strategic considerations. Even if Jani and Britney are convinced it will happen in some form they do not have sufficient information to plan accordingly. Neither do we have sufficient information to predict the ramifications of their decisions.

  19. Dan needs to stop telling her to throw competitions, if she doesn’t win any competitions and doesn’t have a social game, there’s no way she’ll get a vote at the end of the game if she were to make it there somehow.

    1. I agree. Just because that strategy worked for him doesn’t mean it will work for her. Same with all strategies, for example if you’re not as charming as Dr Will you won’t get away with the manipulation and lying like he did. At least Danielle sees this as bad coz she might not be safe.

  20. OMG! Can we get the coaches in this game already?!?! These season is just one long, boring parade of delusional “players” lead by Danielle. Why must there always be a dumb, delusional, nitwitted woman looking for a showmance rather than be ‘game on’ to win the BB prize??? This show’s been on for 14 seasons… You’d think some of these newbies would walk into the BB house with some clues!!!!

  21. Shane, You have to do the right thing and keep the nomination a same. Keep Frank till the Final 2. Frank & Shane (Two All-American Strong Player) will definitely made it to final 2. Get rid of Janelle’s team, starting Joe & Wil be next to go.

  22. I am sick of Janelle’s team. The should have taken Frank out when they had the chance. If they think that the coaches are coming in the game, they need to keep Frank so that he can help get the coaches out. I am sick of all of the coaches. I want all of the newbies to think and play for themselves.

  23. Shane would be a fool to get Frank out. If he take out Frank he will be the biggest target in the house and he will not be able to play in the next HOH.

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