Big Brother Spoilers – Are the 3 Amigos Over? Shane: “Joe sounded sincere he almost Cried”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

5:16pm HOH Shane and Dan Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Shane telling him that Joe’s deal sounds promising because Frank is his biggest competitor and he’s got a chance to take him out why not take it. Shane: “He was almost crying”
dan points out that Joe is about to go out the door so if Shane saves him at the last minute Joe will be more indebted to him.
Shane asks him what Dan would do. Dan doesn’t answer Dan: “That’s a good thing about your position you can do whatever the f—- you want
Shane brings up the wedding ring Janelle gave him as a guarantee that she will not backstab him. dan laughs like crazy..

Shane tells Dan that he was thinking about maybe doing a final 2 with Danielle and Frank, but nothing is final. Shane wants to take Danielle to the final 2 that is his plan so whatever he does now must guarantee Danielle’s safety.

Shane: “Do you trust boogie”
Dan: “No I don’t.. people don’t change their stripes in this game”

Shane doesn’t want to screw Dan over so he’s looking for input from Dan. Dan says the pros of keeping Frank is he’s everyone’s target the cons is Shane might not get another chance to take him out.

Dan and Shane both agree that if Frank goes up on the block he has to go home otherwise he’ll have both sides against him.Dan explains to Shane that on his season him and Memphis would try to take out the players that would have a good shot of winning the next competition.

Dan: “What are you most concerned with .. going up next week or an easier path to the end?”
Shane: “I dunno… Keeping Boogie in this game with 3 players.. it’s risky”

Dan asks what Danielle’s relationship with Joe is. Shane has no idea, Shane knows Danielle trusts Frank. They count the votes.. If they take Joe off and leave Ashley they will have Ian and Jenn vote to keep Frank and Wil and Joe to vote out Frank. Danielle stays as the swing vote.

Dan says that Danielle and Joe need Shane to survive but Frank doesn’t so the motivation to keep Shane around isn’t there for Frank. Dan warns that Ian or Jenn could win a HOH there is always a oddball win. Dan says that the path to the end is easier with Frank gone now..

Dan points out one major issue with Shane and Frank being a team. The house will join up against them because they are the strongest pair there will be no way of avoiding that they both go up. Dan: “If it looks like you are with someone people will want to split you up… that’s why i’m harping on you and Danielle all the time” Dan reminds him that during his season no one knew that he was with Memphis. Shane brings up how Frank was freaking out on Janelle because she was against backdooring Shane. Shane: “When Frank gets the chance he will get rid of me regardless if we are aligned I know that”

Dan asks him if Joe has done anything to directly hurt Shane. Shane says no. Dan thinks it always best to pick the person that keeps the most people in the house happy.. but in this case it might be a toss up.

Shane says Jen and Ian haven’t come up to talk to him yet, he would expect them to at least offer him a 1 week deal. Dan: “People are thinking they are pretty safe right now”

If Shane goes ahead with this he’s going to get Janelle’s ring as a guarantee. Dan: “that ring is worth 20 grand at least”

Dan: “If you are going to flip it do not tip your hand to Boogie.. he’s going to be able the smell something is up” Dan wants Boogie to have as little time as possible to work to save Frank.

(Dan wants Frank gone… Shane still on the fence)

Britney comes in asks them what is new with game talk. Shane says he’s thinking about flipping the house. Britney says if Frank gets out of the house than Shane is the only target and Wil is going to put up Shane if he wins HOH.
Shane: “Even if he gives me his word and Janelle gives me her ring?”
Britney: “what if Boogie wins coaches comp and keeps Jenn safe then who is going up?”
Shane: “that’s a lot of what ifs”
Britney points out if Ian or Jenn win HOH next week they will put up Shane if he backdoors Frank.
(Britney wants to take Joe out.. Shane still ont he fence but leaning towards getting rid of Frank )

5:40pm Cam 3-4 Arcade Room AShley, Joe and Janelle
Janelle saying that it’s looking promising that Shane is going to use the POV and take Frank out. Joe adds that Shane wants to talk tonight just the 4 of them (Britney, Janelle, Joe and Shane)

6:20pm HOH Cam 1-2 Britney, Frank, Danielle and Shane There is a bit of speculation about the twist but talk is mostly non game.

At 6:29pm Wil joins them.. just chit chat.. They do talk about Ian being a member in mensa.

6:57pm Shane, Britney, Wil and Janelle

Wil asks Janelle to please leave so he can talk to them in private. Wil says that sooner or later they have to start getting rid of players on their own team. Britney: “Don’t sacrifice 500K so Janelle can get 100K”

Wil says if Anyone from Boogie’s side win HOH he’s going up possibly with Shane. Wil says Frank and Shane are not his targets, He’s worried about Ian because he feels that Ian has the best chance to win Q&A and Endurance.

Wil says that Joe is useless at comps and sucks at the social game at the very least Wil wants Ashley to stay in the game. Wil: “I Have a suspicion that you and Frank are working together..I want you to know I’m not targeting you guys”

Wil is really nervous about Ian he would feel better if Ian would go sooner than later. Wil’s reasoning is Ian will be unstoppable in mental competitions and they are due for a mental comp seeing as almost all the contests have been physical so far.

Shane: Can I ask you a serious questions.. last week I heard you had a final 2 deal with Frank” Wil explains that Joe came up to him and told him Frank was wanting a final 3 deal with them.

Wil proposes that Shane backdoors Ian. Wil offers Shane a vote if he’s up on the block against Ashley or Joe as long as he doesn’t throw the POV. Wil swears he can be trusted.

Britney: ‘I think Janelle would Crap her pants if she found out you are saying get rid of Ian over Frank” Wil says Janelle told him specifically not to say to put up Ian.

Wil leaves..
Brintey and Shane cringe as they see AShley coming up. Brintey wants him to lock the door.

Ashley comes up says she wants to have a Big BRother Family to take out Boogies team.

LOL Ashley and Wil are both trying to get Shane to Backdoor Ian .. what do you guys think is this a good idea?

7:47pm Cam 1-2 HOH Danielle, Britney and Shane

Danielle tells them that Janelle has been telling her to vote for a Joe to stay.. Danielle: “She’s throwing Ashley under the bus for Joe.. this could be huge” Danielle also mentions that Janelle has really been grilling her about Shane if there is a relationship going on. Danielle tells them not to worry Janelle is off the scent.

Britney asks Shane where his head is at because she’s starting to get worried. Shane: “I’m keeping the nominations the same.. just want to keep all the options open” Britney brings up that Wil saying his main target is Ian is more reason for them to leave Ian in the game. Britney thinks there is no benefit getting rid of Frank.

Danielle points out that Janelle and Boogie do not hate each other and she thinks Frank and Wil have a final 2.

(Shane is now leaning towards keeping the nominations the same)

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92 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Are the 3 Amigos Over? Shane: “Joe sounded sincere he almost Cried”

    1. OMFG, y’all. Why can’t they just stick to one plan y’all. All these flipping make me wanna puke. Either the flipping or my pregnancy is making me dizzy. I need to get some of those meds they gave Ashley on the first week y’all.

      I will ask Joe to concoct e.coli and meds sandwich combo for Shane so I can use my nursing skills to revive him y’all. Leave it me to stick a needle at Shane’s backdoor y’all.

      I hope Joe stays and Ashley goes so we can rid this house of another fat blonde y’all. Lemme hear a shout out if you like me y’all. I hope I’m fan fave this season y’all. Cheers!

    1. The thing that scares me about Shane getting rid of Frank is when the coaches come back into the game (and regardless of what the results are, AG will make sure they come back) it will take both of them as a team to get rid of the coaches. I really, really, really do not want to see a vet win this!!!

        1. Either Shane or Frank, whichever one takes Danielle to the final two. Face it, their best bet is to stick to the 3 Amigos Alliance and carry Danielle to the finals. Winner of the final HOH takes Danielle and wins $500,000.

    2. Not going to happen. Joe will end up going home and Shane is do smartest thing is to keep a nomination a same. Bye Joe!

  1. I don’t want the coaches to come back in.. this season is actually pretty good! WAY BETTER THAN LAST SEASON LMAO.

  2. See..this is the thing, Dan says get rid of Frank and the team thing is not a good idea coz the house will team up against them, very good point. Then Britney says if you get rid of Frank you’re alone again as number one target ( I mean a guy who’s won 3 POVs in a row…….come on), another very good point. So that makes everything a gamble, and nobody knows if Frank or Joe mean what they say to Shane. He gets rid of Frank and he’s out in a week or two, or he teams with Frank and makes it far..or not, coz Frank betrays him. Seriously it’s all a gamble. And once the coaches enter the game where does that leave the alliances?
    Well for this week I want Shane to keep the nominations the same and team up with Frank, then we’ll see how things fall. Whatever decision he makes he really won’t know if he did the right thing. For all we know he might decide to trust Joe only to have Joe win HOH and take him out. All a gamble I tell you.

  3. Once they find out the coaches are coming back in, it would be better for Shane. Especially since most of the HG don’t like Boogie and the only people he might have to help him is Ian and Jenn. I don’t really see Jenn winning anything but I could be wrong. Then Boogie could be target and feel the heat just like he has been putting it on everybody else. This how I would like the HG to be booted.

    1. Frank

    2. Boogie

    3. Wil

    4. Janelle

    They don’t have a threat with Britney because she can’t do anything, bless her heart. Ashley seems to be a airhead but I think she could possibility win with the physical task. Everyone in the house thinks Ian can win on both(physical and mental) but I just see mental. I guess next week we will see what these floaters can really do.

    1. Although I like Jenn, she is superfloater. Not that she backstabs, because she doesn’t do ANYTHING. Ian might very well be an endurance beast, but he’s so klutzy. Any thing involving skill (like shooting baskets, aiming, timing or sinking pucks) he’s doomed. There is a difference between athletic and sportive. Athletic is great for endurance and speed and all that, but sportive is what carries you through the skill-based comps. Shane’s got both – he’s proven it already. Frank’s mostly just athletic.

  4. normally i d say: take out a strong player. but in this case i ve the feeling shane can trust frank more than any of janelle players. plus frank has the best shot to win next HOH (shane doesnt know, coaches coming back). so ill take the risk of keeping frank! when coaches coming back they should have a nice team going to start with: dan, frank, brit, shane and danielle for sure.

  5. Let’s all be honest here. Shane’s game play is not very good. Who is so unconfident in their decision making that they wait till they get to the diary room to make it? Why stay on the sunken ship with Willie, and then make the same mistake and stay with JoJo? The only reason I mention him staying with JoJo is because his reasoning for her to stay was so weak, it was like a mother making excuses for her son. Luckily Danielle has low self-esteem, and she is sticking by him.

    1. shane is a b it naive and if it wasn’t for him winning well everything he probably would have been gone by now

  6. yea go head and knock out frank when he is not looking..joe cant win shyte…hes a waste..take out your only comp which is with the other shyte later.

  7. Hope Shane wins but why did it take him so long to understand to take Frank out now. That should be an easy decision since he is Shane’s biggest competitor…… Wake Up Guys!

    1. because with frank gone the whole house will gunning for shane alone (with wil in the lead). i ve the feeling janelles players would vote out frank over shane atm…so if im shane i d take the risk with frank now and fight it out later.

    2. This is one of those decisions, do I keep Frank to take the coaches. Dan wants less competition so he definitely wants Frank evicted. Dan’s smooth.

  8. This is how you win BB ……. Couldn’t agree with Dan the winner more……Dan explains to Shane that on his season him and Memphis would try to take out the players that would have a good shot of winning the next competition.

  9. Shane’s in a no win situation. Dan’s point about who is likely to win next HOH should maybe be primary. Endurance or mental will give the odds to Wil or Ian unless some of the coaches compete.

  10. Stick with Frank, at least one more week…you have to think ahead and if Frank is not around to win the endurance comp…Shane is GONE. Boogie will not want to protect him, Janelle WON’T protect him and Dan can’t. It seems this season, players can only think one week ahead….and that is a GOOD thing for us viewers.
    But for sure…do NOT listen to Joe…he KNOWS he will be the one walking out the door and he will say/promise anything knowing he cannot back it up.

    1. No, getting Frank out is best. When the coaches come in, i feel most everyone will want to see boogie go (Brittney and Janelle included) and he can deflect some of the heat off hiim.

      Shane may find himself on the block next week, but if things stay the way they are now, he’ll for sure be on the block next week!

    2. Not a good idea. I think you get Joe out now. They messed up the first time with Frank & if they let Joe stay you may not get him on the block again. Too many times you hear the arguement that a person can’t win anything & doesn’t have the social game & the worst thing they say is that you can get him out later. Only later never comes. Joe needs to go then let somebody else put up Frank & if Shan is on the block odds are that he’ll win POV anyway…..

      1. That’s how Dr. Will won. He even told them so at the beginning of the season that he was going to throw the comps and lie the whole season.

    3. If you mean take ashee off block and put Ian up no? I want Joe out so shane needs to keep the noms the way they are make sure everyone knows to vote off joe.

    4. I think they’ve figured out that Shane is working with Frank so their only chance to save Joe and keep their team intact is to pitch the backdoor idea about someone else.

      Janelle keeps her 3 and Shane still has Frank. That’s from the POV of Janelle’s team obv.

    5. @Simon. I don’t understand why Ashley&Wil want Ian evicted this week over Frank.That makes no sense.I want Shane to back door Frank.Since,Frank is Boogie’s puppet Shane shouldn’t trust Frank/Boogie.As I said before,Boogie is cutthroat,shady&ruthless.The fact that Boogie&Frank are buddy buddy,Frank will do what Boogie tells him.The only person that I’ve seen Boogie be loyal to is Dr.Will,and since Dr.Will isn’t playing the game,all bets are off.Boogie was just telling Frank lastnight,that he wants to take Shane out.I think production told Shane to act like he’s undecided on who he wants out of the game this week,in order to keep this week interesting.It’s obvious that Shane trust Boogie&Frank,Lol(I put Lol,because Boogie can’t be trusted).I think Shane plans on evicting the guy that isn’t a threat to him(Joe)and he will fight to keep the guy that’s his biggest competition& a huge threat(Frank).On a side note.Dan is on his A -game.The entire conversation Dan had with Shane was awesome,because we see Dan’s strategic mind at work.Go,Dan.Lol.Oh,and Simon.I’m not sure if you watched Big Brother tonight.But,Dan even had a strategic plan for who he picked to come to the sushi party.He said in the DR,that he picked all the coach’s to come,so they(coachs)aren’t left with the players and try to make deals with them(newbies).It’s like Dan,is always thinking strategy.Lol.

    6. I think if Shane is going to change the nominations, he needs to take down Ashley and put up Frank, leaving Joe and Frank on the block. Then he has options, there’s still 4 days left, things can and do change in that amount of time and really those two are the biggest available threats in the house. He’s aligned with Danielle, she’s out. Jenn is useless. Ian isn’t going to win a physical challenge ever, you can take him out a week or two down the line and the next HOH will probably not be mental and POVs are mostly physical so even if he wins one and puts Shane up, Shane can likely get out of it. Ashley isn’t going to win anything, and taking her down might have some benefit down the road. Wil is protected. That leaves Frank, taking him out would really leave Shane as the best physical player in the house by a long shot, but Frank could be a useful ally. Then there’s Joe, who isn’t much of a threat competition wise, but he’s lockstep with Wil so taking him out hurts Wil. If he takes down Joe to put up Frank or Ian, then he has no options because getting rid of Ashley at this point is stupid.

      That said, having the knowledge that the coaches are coming back in, it’s probably best for Shane to keep Frank because he’ll need someone physical to ally with against the coaches. Can’t say what I would prefer there, because I think Dan and Shane are my favorite people in the house.

    7. Shane doesn’t like Wil. I don’t think he’d listen to his advice and he could care less about Ashley one way or the other. I don’t see it happening.

    1. Not a good idea Simon though it would be funny. Team pig face is trying everything they can to put Boogie a man down and keep themselves 3 strong and 4 strong after coaches roll.

      1. well strong is strong word…ashley can do NOTHING. other than speaking slow and weird stuff. and joe isnt strong at all. even wil isnt that strong. for some reason i dont get everybody likes him. but in comps. i wouldnt bet money on him. i tink in any comp with ian and jen wil will lose.

    1. It’s who does she think she is if you are asking in the present tense It would be who did she think she was in the past tense and who do she think she is is poor uneducated english (ebonics) aka ghetto talk

      1. I hope you know that when you respond the way you do, you seem just as uneducated and “ghetto” as the person you are typing to.

        Seriously, get a life spell checker.

        What happened? Did a black man f your mom? You seem to have a real dislike for “ebonics” as you call it. I find your obvious racially based comments a tad funny for someone who tries to appear educated.

        Perhaps you feel more intelligent arguing with “ghetto” types. I frequently read your posts and there does not seem to be much substance. So for someone with such a low IQ, I suppose being the grammar police is something to strive for.

  11. Nooooo I don’t know why Ashley is turning on Ian all the sudden. I really think of everyone I would be saddest to see him leave. He is so greatful for the experience wish they would cast more players like this instead of dimwits like Brit again and again

  12. Keep Frank in the game for another week but don’t trust him. If anyone but Danielle wins HOH, Shane is going up on the block. Even if Danielle wins, she still might put him up to hide her alliance (not to mention she is a totally weak and a pushover). Shane just has to play like he WILL be going up on the block next week. Everyone tells Shane that they’re not going after him but Shane should realize that they’re obviously lying because who are they going to go after if not him and Frank? Are they gonna be gunning for Jenn and Ashley or something? LOL all the other house guests are like furniture at this point! If Shane goes up on the block next to Frank then at least he has a good shot at staying. If Shane goes up on the block next to Ian, Jenn, Ashley, Joe or Danielle then he will be going home for sure. FOR SURE. lol. Send Joe home and keep Frank.

    1. Danielle for sure — he will stick with her, he’s a loyal guy. He seems like he would work well with Shane, Jenn and Ian too.

        1. He’ll probably align himself with Danielle & Shane at first. If Shane can stick it out he’ll take him all the way.

        2. @Simon.I think Dan will take whoever he thinks the jury won’t vote for.It’s like the people on here,that think Dan will take Shane with him to final 2.Didn’t read what you post.Dan told Shane in his season,he(Dan)took out everyone that he felt could beat him in competitions.Shane has won 4 competitions in just three weeks(people on here,might want to cross Shane off the list.Lol).Unless all of a sudden he stops winning competitions,Dan isn’t taking Shane to final 2.Even if Shane did stop winning competitions,Dan still might think it’s too risky to bring Shane.Dan’s going to need to pay very close attention to how these people in the house think(which it looks like he’s doing just that,with all the questions that he’s asking)that way he will have a good idea how the house guests will vote,when it comes to crowning the winner of this season.Which will help him decide,who he should take to final 2.

        3. Out of the new players.
          I think Jenn is looking good or should I say invisible each week.
          I think Jenn has a shot, she has done nothing to show herself as a competitor, she is a lesbian covered
          in tattoos, but has managed to not stick out, has a good social game, is smart to be content with Frank having the target
          on him and she has not shown she can win a competition but she maybe just hiding the beast.
          So for now I will say Ian and Jenn. The others play way too emotional.

        4. I’m thinking maybe Ian? The house wouldn’t see them being team up together(like he was w/ Memphis) .Ian has the smarts and social game, that him and Dan can get into the other player minds and just have them pick one another off without getting any blood on their hands.
          I think there is no way anyone will put Shane up on the block and give him a chance for another POV win, he’s definitely going to be backdoored. The question is by who & when? Dan knows none of Janelle or her players can be trusted.

    2. Danielle. He’s controlled her game so far anyway and no one in jury would vote for her over him. He’d be the first BB millionaire (before taxes).

    3. Janie. Janie and Shane are the strongest players. If the coaches come into the game Shane is gone next week.

  13. they have the “option” to come in the game. just because americas vote may say yes. the AVote commercial said that they have the “option” to play.they have the “option” to come in the game. just because americas vote may say yes. the AVote commercial said that they have the “option” to play. p.s joe has no social game and Shane falling 4 it. Hey Shane watch the BB show 1st before you participate, cuz u will get backdoored.

  14. “Dan asks him if Joe has done anything to directly hurt Shane. Shane says no.”
    Shane only says no because nobody in the house has realized hat Joe doesn’t wash his hands! LOL!

  15. Jan’s group F’d up. They threw to many ideas at Shane. He’s become befuddled, therefore, inactive in gameplay.

    1. Shane needs to be a little more agressivewith Janelle’s team and Frank. He was not afraid to go against Brit’s wishes to put up Frank.

  16. Watching BBAD, sounds like production told them bout coaches coming back. It seems to be hot topic of conversation all of the sudden (again)

  17. Brit and Janelle are spillin the beans on production…. fuck what WE vote, coaches WILL be unleashed in the game….

  18. I think what you are all forgetting is that the HOH does not decide who goes home, the other HGs do. Shane needs to make the choice that is going to get him the most votes to save him when he is on the block. The fact that Shane was still thinking when he made the nominations goes to the fact that he is taking everything into account. Who to put up on the block from our perspective is easy. We are privilaged to ALL conversations in the house, not just those to which Shane is privy.

    Also he has Britany in his ear trying to control his moves (she does have his best interests in mind).

    Right now Shane only knows that he can trust Danielle and he figures that he can beat her in the finals.

  19. These guys think that the lighter the person is, they will win an endurance challenge. All they need to do is think back to last year. Kalia was there up to the end with the ski endurance challenge and jumped off at the end. Rachel, not the lightest of the women (especially with the boobage) was a beast with endurance comps. They keep talking about Ian and Wil being a threat for endurance. I don’t think either would stand up. I don’t think that Ian has the physical strength required. I really think that endurance comps are geared toward women.

  20. just get out Frank, Franks not gonna go against what Boogie wants, getting Ian out now is a waste, getting Joe out is a waste, Shane needs to disregard anything Britney says I mean really Britney???????

  21. I think Shane should use the PoV, this week. He should take off Ashley and put up Frank.
    I have noticed that Boogies other two team members Jenn and Ian, have been lying low.
    Have they talked game with Shane? Have they tried to make a deal with Shane? Have they
    made any comment that they know they are not Daddy Boogie’s favorites?

    If Shane puts up Frank, what I think might happen is Ian or Jenn will vote top evict Frank or
    if Ashley is kept on the block, Wil or Joe might vote to evict Ashley not Frank.

    The best move for Shane is to put up Frank, none of those players have shown any real loyalty or
    ability to keep a deal. So quite frankly Shane has to ask himself “Who can I beat in an HoH or Pov?”
    Frank is his biggest competition for a physical challenge. If he could possibly take Ian, Jenn and Ashley
    with him, he may possibly have a fighting chance, otherwise he is going to the jury house. I realize Jenn and
    Ian are on Boogies Team, but what has Boogie done for them? nothing.

  22. Someone needs to make janelle laugh really hard during a comp, she will probably pee herself, babies do that lol.

  23. ” Britney thinks there is no benefit getting rid of Frank.”Huh? Before Shane decided on who his nominations would be.Britney was on the same page as Dan&Danielle,on Frank being the target.On tonights show she(Britney)said,she doesn’t trust a single word that Boogie&Frank says.But,now Britney doesn’t see any benefit of getting rid of Frank(the same guy that put her team member on the block,and planned on kicking Shane out the game.But he couldn’t do it,because Shane won the veto).Lol.

  24. Ian is a toss up…on one hand I think if he wins a mental comp it will fuel a fire esp with Boogie pumping him up, but then I feel like he’s gonna be the super fan who did nothing…

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