Ashley thinks she is playing for 5 million dollars.. Britney says she thinks she’s on the Bachelor..

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


12am Shane and Will are sitting around the hot tub alone. Shane tells Wil that he has to be on board with getting out Frank this week. Wil tells Shane he is 100%! Shane tells Wil act worried though. Wil says he knows. He says that he will. Shane says that this week is the only week we have a swing vote and I think we can get to Danielle before Boogie. Wil says this is the only opportunity we have. Shane says I know, and then it is going to knock Boogie out and he will have no one … he will have Ian. If Ian win HOH we are basically going on the block. Shane says if I put up Frank this week it is going to be really tense in the house .. but I kept my word I didn’t put him up this week. Ian comes out into the backyard and the conversation ends. Janelle joins them. The conversation turns to talking about the events leading up to coming on the show. Janelle says that she is so embarrassed about her tweets, trying to throw her fans off. She says that she wanted to trick the fans and surprise them coming on here. She says that there was a spoiler, but none of the fans believed I would do this again. She says that she just grabbed a google image and used it and the fans figured it out.

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12:20am Ashley and Wil are in the arcade room hugging. They are celebrating quietly saying that each of them are not going home this week. Ashley says this is perfect, she told Shane that if he wastes that POV on Joe you are an idiot. She says that all he (Frank) cares about is keeping his integrity, making big moves and looking like this great BB player. She says that he is getting all of those because technically he had a chance to play for the POV and he didn’t do it. Wil says yup, and it’s 5 against 3 this week. Ashley says that Boogie is going to try and break us up, but we just need to be as thick as thieves. Ashley is super happy. She says it will be way better when it is black and white and the house is divided. She says we did it!! We just need to stick together and be blood brothers, and whatever tomorrow is a great day. Ashley tells Wil that they need him. Wil says that he is totally down, this is great. They leave the room.


12:30am Ashley heads up to the HOH room. Britney, Dan, Danielle are talking. Danielle and Dan head down stairs. Ashley and Britney start doing facials. Ashley talks about how she really didn’t want to talk so much game with Shane but whatever it was fine. Ashley says that it is such a big move if he does something with the POV. Ashley says that she offered Shane a deal where if Wil goes against his word she will put him up on the block if she wins HOH. Ashley asks Britney what she thinks. Britney says that we don’t have the votes to get rid of Frank this week. She says all you need this week is 3 votes, Ian and Jenn are going to vote to keep Frank this week and there is one other person that will vote to keep Frank. Ashley says yeah who is that?! Britney says Wil. Ashley says Ahhh.. no …no he won’t that is what I am saying. Britney says yeah he will. Ashley asks how she knows this. Britney says that she doesn’t know it but she suspects it. Ashley says she doesn’t think it’s true, I just spoke to Wil and he is so on board with it because he thinks he is going home next week. Britney says she thinks Wil and Frank have a final 2 deal, and it speaks volumes that Wil came up here trying to convince her not to get rid of Frank. He only wants to get rid of Frank when Janelle isn’t around. Britney says again we don’t have the votes to get rid of Frank this week … we just don’t, Shane doesn’t know that yet but he will when I talk to him. Shane and Danielle join them. Britney asks why Ashley is drinking to cool aid so hard. Shane says that he was just going through option, and that he hasn’t made up his mind. Britney says Wil comes up and who does he want to go home, Ian …why not Frank.. because they are working together, duh! The only way you will get Frank out is if you put him up against one of his alliance members. Ashley starts crying. Britney tells her that she is safe this week don’t worry.
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1am – 2am Britney, Danielle and Shane talk up in the HOH room alone about how brainwashed Ashley is by the other side. Wil comes up and talks to Britney alone. Britney explains that come tomorrow the HOH room will be a ghost town because the HOH doesn’t have power anymore. Meanwhile, Ashley goes and talks to Janelle in the arcade room. She tells Janelle everything. She says that Britney told her that if she wants Frank out so bad she should win HOH and do it. Ashley says that it is fine, she was just having a debate with Britney. Janelle leaves to go talk to Britney. Janelle goes up and says again that she wants to talk to Britney alone. Britney tells Wil that she is worried that if Frank and Joe were on the block Wil would vote out Joe. Wil says why in the hell would I do that. Britney says because Frank will promise you the world. Wil says why would I want to work with Frank, he said he was working with Willie then blew up, then the homophobic thing. He took what Willie joked about and made it homophobic to get the votes. Wil says that Frank is the most dangerous player in this house. Britney tells Wil that she was worried about him because he was pushing to get out Ian and not Frank. Shane joins them. Britney tells Shane that Wil says that he will vote out Frank. Shane tells Wil to tell Frank all the way up till Thursday night that he has his vote. Wil says if you want me to tell him that I will, done! Janelle, Ashley and Danielle join them. They all continue to talk about getting Frank out and about needing to win HOH next week. They talk about how nasty it is going to get in this house. Ashley says that if anyone goes back on their word she will not talk to them… she says I know that doesn’t mean anything in this house because we are playing for 5 million dollars. They all laugh. Britney says Ashley doesn’t even know what the grand prize is. Britney says that Ashley thinks she is on The Bachelor. They talk about how it will be a rough few days. Danielle is uncomfortable with lying and Boogie and Frank coming at her. Britney tells Janelle that she told Frank that you (Janelle) just float to whoever is in power… just so you know if they come to you and say that to you … I did say that. Shane says yeah and I may have agreed. Janelle says that she knows that, and that her team is going to win HOH soon. They continue to laugh and joke around.
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2:35am – 3am Shane goes down to the hot tub and talks to Joe. Shane tells Joe that he is probably going to be kept on the block just for leverage, but that they are going to take Ashley off. Shane says and you won’t say anything, because my life is in your hands, if it plans out Frank will go up and Danielle is the swing vote. He says that Danielle is going to tell Boogie and them that she is going to vote for them, so that if you hear that but Thursday night… Joe tells Shane that he will protect him at all costs, when you need me I will be there. Shane says just remember that I took you off… well took the steps to make you safe. Joe says thank you and you will get loyalty like you have never seen before. Shane says that he thought he could trust Frank, but he just can’t. Getting Boogie out of this game is the best thing. Joe says you need something in this game, come tell me and you’ve got it. You just gained the strongest loyalty in big brother history. They discuss the past events of the house. Joe says you just made the best decision of your life. Shane and Joe shake hands. Shane heads inside.


Joe talks to himself and says thank you, thank you, thank you. Got another shot! Another shot Sarah! We got another life girl. I’ll take care of you Shane, see what we can do! OH man! We did it Sarah, we’re back in the game!

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3:20am Out in the backyard, Wil, Janelle, and Joe are talking about the plan. Janelle says Frank the tank is gone! Joe says that we need to start winning stuff. Wil says that he is ready to get verbal, because Boogie is going to get mad. Meanwhile up in the HOH room Danielle and Shane are wrestling in bed. Back out in the yard, Janelle, Joe and Wil talk about how this will be a big move. Joe says one of the biggest moves in bb history. They talk about how Frank is going to be blindsided tomorrow.

3:50am All the house guests are asleep..

6:55am All the house guests are still sleeping..
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54 thoughts on “Ashley thinks she is playing for 5 million dollars.. Britney says she thinks she’s on the Bachelor..

  1. Joe, you don’t have a clue that Shane will never use the PoV on you. He will keep the nomination a same and you will end up going home. You already lied to JoJo about the cigerettes for votes, and now you want to shake on it to get rid of Frank. It will never happen, he will win HoH next week and put up Wil & Ashley. Also, you & Wil wanted to target Shane next week. Well, Shane will make sure that it will never happen. Have fun going home!

  2. I don’t understand why Shane suddenly doesn’t trust Frank and why he trusts the team that has been floating to power from week to week. Ughhhhh just like the house guests say, Shane isn’t all that bright…

    1. It’s all Janelle’s manipulating & dirty lying scheme. Shane will never trust Janelle’s team & still working with Frank. He will make sure that the nomination a same and get rid of Joe out of door. Frank will never blindside by Shane. He already stay true with Frank and he think he shook Joe Hand but he not that idiot. Joe will be leaving on Thursday.

    2. exactly, if Shane wants to make it far, he will need to keep Frank because Frank said he would want to get out Boogie and Dan if the coaches come into the game. They all think Frank would team up with the coaches though

      1. YES!! I just don’t understand why he is being paranoid NOW, even brittney, the most paranoid player EVER, thinks it’s best to get rid of Joe. Does he not realize that by getting rid of Frank, he has made 2 teams angry, with the addition of Boogie and Janelle when they enter the game…smh

      2. Frank wouldn’t get Boogie out. Are you kidding? They’d team up and slaughter everyone. Keeping Frank this week and have Boogie come in is a nightmare scenario for all the other contestants.

      3. That was fascinating to listen to last night. Kept me up to 5am (while I planned to go to sleep at 1, lol). How they finally came to the conclusion Frank needs to go. If you have the feeds, I really advise to rewind and watch.

          1. It was really tense at times, wasn’t it? When Brit and Ash were talking, it sounded like Brit was so stubborn and so… I dunno, just sounded like Brit was talking to Ash like she (Brit) was her mother. Lectured her. I like Brit a lot more this year than in her previous season, but it kind of looks to me like it is an ongoing personal issue for her (in going against Janelle). I hope they work it out because I really liked them teaming up together. Having said that, I do appreciate her position and her trying to be extremely careful, considering Shane is her last player. It was a great relief to me as a listener and fan when they all later came to an understanding and got on the same page, however. It think last night was one of the best all season.

  3. I think it’s kinda hilarious that they say Frank can’t be trusted when Shane makes a bunch of deals and is always considering breaking when the next best deal comes along. Don’t get me wrong, if Shane would band with Boogie and Frank they would run the game. Backdooring Frank will make things interesting for a couple of weeks, either Boogie comes back and runs the show and the line in the sand gets re-drawn because newbies will get scared or Boogie and his team eventually get whiped out. The season has potential to be a decent one, but if Shane backdoors Frank, it’s one less reason for me to watch the show.

    By the way, where the hell is Frank in all this? Seems like everyone is just talking about kicking Frank to the curb and you don’t even hear about him talking game.

  4. Joe, You’re so an idiot. Why would Shane trust you when You lied to JoJo about give a two pack cigerettes for votes? It doesn’t make sense. You just threw yourself in the bus. Your Family can’t help you this one. You will b*tching & whining over what! You are going home and Janelle will be pissed. Go Home Joe! Frank is here to stay. Shane, do the right thing and keep the nomination a same.

    1. Frank needs to spend some quality time with Shane before the POV ceremony! Never has the rule of being the last person to get in HOH’s ear, been so true.

  5. Joe’s goatee, beard, or whatever you want to call it looks so gross!!! It looks like he has a constant drool coming out of his mouth going down his chin. I wish he would cut it off already, like yesterday

  6. Rocket Roger aka Eagle Eye Joe iis still
    in the game!!
    I like Frank as aplayer feel for the dude going out this way.

  7. Great move for Shane getting Frank out. When the coaches come back this week it will be Frank and Boogie running the show. I don’t think the coaches should be allowed to compete in the first HOH.

  8. Shane had potential to become a great BB player. However, backdooring Frank this way shows that Shane is afraid of competition, and that he can’t be trusted. He will also be making himself the #1 target going forward. Moreover, Wil will turn on him in a heartbeat!

    I hope Shane goes home next. If he backdoors Frank, I’ll stop watching the show this season. I don’t like coward moves.

    He’s going to regret making this decision the minute Frank goes home. Watch!

    Shane’s a COWARD!

      1. No, Shane is easily manipulated, whoever has the last words with Shane and makes any decent points at all is who he’ll side with.

    1. Shane is NOT backdooring Frank. Frank is a replacement nominee. Frank played for the POV and lost. This is all about weakening Boogie. I think Frank is the strongest of Boogie’s three, but nowhere near as strong as everyone is making him. If the coaches come back into the game, everything is going to get realigned anyway and the noobs will need Shane in the game.

  9. Getting frank out would be a huge mistake when are players gonna realize the game is either run by the physical players or the floaters and if frank is gone its only floaters left to run the house especially with shane not able to compete for hoh next week. If the coaches come back in then its even dumber to get frank out shane will only have britney to work with and shes useless in comps instead of keeping frank and running the show with him and boggie. Big moves only are good near the end of the game (final five) the beggning is all social and building close alliances to keep you in the house till its down to the end

  10. Having only watched a couple seasons I don’t know a whole lot about previous HG’s.
    I have to ask, is this the most flippin’est house ever? Seems like every week the target switches 2-3 times, not just talk about it, but serious flips.
    I don’t remember people being as waffly in BB12 & BB13, they seemed to pick a victim and pretty much hold to it.
    Is it possible this is coaches influence? Since they know how to work other players so well they know how to get a vote changed.

    1. I do think it is the Coaches Twist that has things like they are. Generally the house quickly devides into 2 camps with maybe 2 to 3 floaters who think they can play both sides. This season you emidiately had 4 sides against each other with the two biggest backstabbers in BB history joining up to eliminate the other two in the first two weeks.

  11. yesss send frank ass home boggie face lol I can’t wait when frank go up on the block hahaha everyone who said joe was gone now what’s #team janelle.

    1. Don’t count your chicken before you hatch! Frank will be safe and Joe is leaving! Period! Shane, Keep the nomination a same. Send Joe packing.

  12. On the one hand, getting rid of Frank is a strong move for the whole house as he is definitely one of the major threats. When you consider the fact that the coaches might be entering the game soon, preventing a Frank/Boogie alliance is even more of a strong move. Finally, it seems that Joe intends to be just as loyal as Frank (for whatever that’s worth), so from the perspective of Shane/Britney, this is definitely a game changer (I’m guessing production offered their advice). At this point, Boogie has the strongest team and he’s definitely the strongest coach.

    All this said, once Frank is gone, Shane is definitely the number one target, and while this week may gain him a week or two of safety, with the exception of Boogie, he’s *always* going to be the number one target, meaning he’s essentially going to have to win competitions every week (and god knows production will prevent that at some point). Of course, being a number one target is a gift and curse in this house.

    As a fan of Britney/Shane, however, I do have two major concerns. 1. If for some reason the coaches, or not all the coaches, enter the game, Boogie is going to have a vendetta for Britney, and might trade Jenn for Shane (all while promising to keep Jenn safe). As much as I like Shane, I enjoy him more with Britney. 2. I seriously hope production doesn’t bring someone back at this point. It seems like production might be working something where Frank goes out this week, then comes back with a vengeance for Shane, thus not only preventing an alliance between them, but staging a feud.

    In any case, this is probably the best move at this point for Shane & Co., so props to them. $20.00 says that Wil wins HOH next week….

    1. You make some valid points. If Frank does exit the game via backdoor, it would be ideal to have production bring him back into the game and begin a battle with Shane. Imagine Shane’s face when he sees Frank come back in the game!

      I still do not believe this is the best move for Shane, however. I think he has a better chance of getting to the final by working with Frank/Boogie than with floaters. It also makes the game less interesting if Frank is backdoored. Shane versus floaters. the rest of the game (Yawwwwwn)? At this point, the game would seem too tilted to one side with no major adversaries for Shane to contend with.

      I hope BB has something in store to make the game more interesting.

      Frank and Boogie are the only two individuals worth watching in this game. Take them out the backdoor and the game becomes BORRRRING! The rest of the season will then become the Shane Show….yawwwwwn…

    2. This is a much smarter move for Shane this week. I’ve not liked Janelle nor her team much the past two weeks ether but I think that Janelle seriously wants to work wth Shane because she knows he’s loyal and stong (even if his head weighs less than her boob…LOL). Did you hear her and Wl talking about that duriing BB After Dark last nght? She said that Shane was playing the game like she did her first season. She know her team is weak (they can’t wn f they ive depended on it) and she needs a strong player to align with even if the coaches come back in. This is what I hoped for when Shane won POV…put two of Janelles players up and backdoor Frank.

      We know Frank and Boogie can’t be trusted and the old Janie is loyal. I hope Britney’s paranoia doens’t effect this bg game changer.

      1. FYI, my spelling is much better that that. Some of my keys are sticking so I’ll slow down on the typing….

      1. Rachel said in an interview that the production told her to say certain phrases and say stuff such as “no one comes in between me and my man!” more often. that interferes! LOL

    3. The coaches are going into the game, so it’s pretty much a freebie for this week’s HOH. Everyone is going to be so thrown off balance by the coaches, they’ll barely even remember who got evicted this week. Shane should strike now and get Frank out.

  13. i’m starting 2 wonder if anybody watches this dieheartedly other than Ian & Frank, cuz these other players are like chickens with heads chopped off. In this gm you have to plan ahead not 4 just 1 week. Mike “Boogie” is the man cuz thats what he does. When Mike looks back on this he’ll say that Shane is the great competitor but dumbest strategist looking forward in the gm 2 keep himself safe. he can’t play in the HOH so Wil has better shot than Ian & Frank. p.s Joe is a waste of space he sound like Shelly from BB13 swearing on someone to stay safe LOL worthless

  14. Simon what time have they been holding the POV ceremony? Going to get crazy after it with Frank in the crosshairs.

  15. Janelle still has the power of persuasion, I gotta give her that. Too bad Shane doesn’t know the coaches are coming into the game. Getting Frank out now is great for Janelle’s game, possibly good for Brit’s game (it might make her a target of Boogie’s when she wouldn’t be if Frank stayed) but it is bad for Shane’s game. I was hoping to see if Frank stuck with Boogie or flipped the newbs against them. I wouldn’t trust Wil and Joe to keep any deal. If Frank does go up, the feeds tonight are going to be lots of fun, but I am still hoping Shane leaves the nominations the same. The person that benefits the most from Frank leaving is Janelle. If Frank is gone and Shane can’t play for HOH, it is pretty likely that a vet will win HOH.

    1. I also liked the idea of Frank, Shane & Danielle being loyal and a 3 person team. Two strong guys, with a 3rd vote in Danielle. When the coaches enter, this would be the only alliance that could give the coaches a run for their money.

  16. I swear shane flip flops more then a fish out of water. I hope he keeps noms the same if not he will be dead as a doornail.
    Another one that over thinks everything, I truly believe frank will keep his word, but we shall see
    as far as the coaches entering the game that is wrong, wrong,wrong totally not fair and a new low for big brother, no sense for america to vote it is rigged from the start but u have to give bb credit saying “well, american voted” yes america voted but what WAS the vote

  17. I’ll be glad to see Frank go, Boogie will be livid and thats when he starts playing the game. It’ll definitely be entertainment if Shane has the balls to put up Frank. Game on houseguest.

  18. I think its a great idea to get rid of Frank, Boogie is already talking bout screwing over Shane. Really out both sides who knows who to trust, I hope Shane wins this game

  19. Get over it joe is staying stop hateing and gtf over it ok thank you hahahaha all them joe haters wher y’all at now? Crying much?

    1. How do you know how people are feeling towards others and how they should feel. Just because you worship Janelle and think every one else should does not mean that anyone against her players (who she turned into mini Janelles) hates them, they just have their own opinion (which is better than being a blinded by big boobs and blonde hair, she’s my infalible godess Janelle worshipper that you are).

      1. Hey Bro! Don’t worry about it! Janelle’s Team will be down to 2 players. Joe will be leaving on Thursday. Shane will keep the nomination a same and he is going home.

  20. I think the coaches will be competing to see who will be entered in the game, I dont think they will all enter at once. I wish Jenn and Ian would freaking do something,.

  21. I think its a stupid move for Shane.
    Shane will be the only target in the house after Frank leaves (mabe except for Ian and this is not inclding when the coaches come in which the contestants don’t really know yet).
    Plus, I sincerely think he won’t target Shane for ne week at least.
    But, considering if the coaches come in it may be smart because Boogie won’t have Frank to Will it up with and I don’t think Dan will work with him ( at least not far. He is taking Danielle with him to the end. They have a weird father/daughter/kind of flirtatious relationship even though he’s married.)

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