Janelle says she had a dream where she saw Joe, Ashley, Shane, and Danielle in the final four.

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


12:45am Up in the HOH room, Britney, Shane and Danielle are talking. Danielle is in a bad mood. Britney asks Shane if the next HOH comes down to the two of them, will he throw it to her so that he can play for the next HOH? Shane says he will. Shane goes to the bathroom. Britney tells Danielle not to be pouty. Britney asks Danielle is she wants to be alone? Danielle says she is fine. Shane comes back from the bathroom. Shane asks Britney and Danielle if they need some girl time? Danielle says no. Britney says that she is going to head downstairs.
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Shane tells Danielle that he owes her a back massage. Danielle tells him not to worry about it. Shane says that he thinks people will put them up against each other like what happened to Jeff and Jordan. Danielle says she doesn’t think so, and says that if she goes up it will be against Dan. Danielle asks Shane if at the end of all of this when they are out of the game if he wanted to be together with her, the long distance would not bother her because she travels a lot for something. She tells him that she would travel to him. Shane says that he did not know that. Shane tells her that it sucks, he likes her and if they were outside the house it would be totally different. Danielle says that if he never wants to talk to her again after they leave the house he doesn’t have to, so be it. Shane says that he just knows people talk in this house. Danielle says that she just doesn’t give an F and doesn’t want to hide who she is friends with.


1:15am Out in the backyard Janelle and Joe are talking. Janelle asks Joe if she should stop campaigning. Joe tells Janelle that she should wait until tomorrow and then give one more pitch to stay. Joe says that if Wil is lying to them then they are all lying, Dan, Danielle, and Shane. Joe says that if they are all together then he is fu*ked. Janelle says that people have short memories in this game. Janelle says that she can’t believe that Dan and Shane would want to keep Frank because he is such a threat to their game. Janelle says that if I leave Dan, Danielle Britney and Shane definitely have an alliance. Janelle says that she likes Jenn but that she’s totally scared of her as a player. Janelle says that the longer Frank and Boogie in the house the stronger and closer they become. Janelle says that she doesn’t want to go to jury. Janelle says that she thinks they might get rid of her because they think I’m too likable and they’re scared of me. Janelle says that Joe has to get the schemers and manipulators out of the house. Joe says that he knows who they are. Janelle says that she wonders if she would have done better if she had played on another All-Stars season. Janelle complains that no one in here has even watched her season to realize that she is a loyal player.
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2:30am Janelle Joe and Shane are talking. Shane tells Janelle that as of right now he is voting to keep her. Janelle is surprised and asks you are? Shane says that he is pretty confident that he and Dan are voting to keep her. Janelle says that Frank has been acting like he is staying. Janelle says that Frank told her that he is gunning for Dan. Janelle then tells Shane that he has already been put up on the block by Frank. Shane says that it is better for his game if Frank goes. Janelle tells Shane that she isn’t coming after him. Joe tells Shane that he doesn’t trust Wil anymore. Shane tells them that he has heard that Frank and Wil are working together. Janelle tells them that she had a dream about who will be the final four. She says that in her dream she was watching it on a flat screen so she knows she doesn’t win Big Brother 14. Janelle says that in her dream she saw Joe, Ashley, Shane, and Danielle in the final four. Janelle adds that in All-Stars she had premonitions that came true. Janelle says that Wil swore on his dogs life that he was keeping her. Shane says that it would suck to be in a final three with Boogie and Frank and says that this week will take care of that. Janelle heads inside to go to bed. Shane heads inside soon after.


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3:10am – 3:40am In the bathroom Joe and Janelle are talking as they get ready for bed. Janelle says that it is good to know that Shane and Dan are voting to keep her. Joe says that after she left, Shane told him if anything changes he will keep him posted. Janelle says if I stay, I have to win HOH! Joe says yeah or Ashley or me. Joe says that we are going to kick some a$$. Janelle says that she keeps telling Shane she isn’t coming after him. Janelle says that she thinks Shane will win this game. Janelle comments on how nice Frank has been to her. Joe says that he is nice because he thinks he is staying. Joe says that he thinks Shane has a lot to do with the tide turning to keep her. Janelle says that if Boogie wins HOH this week and she is still here, he will put her up against Shane. Janelle says that she doesn’t understand why Boogie doesn’t like her in the game. She tells Joe that she even voted for Boogie to win in their season. Janelle says that if she stays Danielle will come after her again. Janelle says she isn’t scared of her. Joe tells Janelle that Danielle is just jealous. Janelle says that she doesn’t get why she would be jealous. She says I am married and have a baby. Joe says that is everything Danielle wants. Janelle comments on how much she dislikes Frank and says that she would eat men like him up and spit them out. Joe and Janelle head to bed.

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so is shane and dan really going to keep her obviously production worked their magic cause tuesday it was 100% sure that janelle would be backdoored now it looks like 70% and theres still a day and a half left to campaign she needs to campaign heavily on britney cause then dan and shane will definitely follow and ashley is easily swayed


No, she is not staying…..they are just telling her that to keep her from blowing up until Thursday. Jannelle is GONE…..can I get an amen.


I love you Janelle, but now it’s time to go home sweet heart.

raymond j

I feel like I am going to miss having Janelle on the show… never been a huge fan but I think she is fun to watch at times…. I literally CANNOT WATCH the interaction with Danielle and Shane… YUK

Janelle is fatter

janelle, dont make s asudden stop, because joe might get his head lodged in your butt….


Janelle thinks that she has Shane votes. As right now, she has no chance of staying at bb house.

Ragin' Cajuns

I hope you’re right! I can’t wait to see her walk out that door tomorrow night, and I would love to see Boogie win HOH tomorrow night. I’m really curious to see if he sticks to this Secret 6 alliance or not. Actually, Jenn would be pretty interesting to watch in the HOH room, I wonder who on earth she’d put up, definitely not the Tits alliance, but still a mind blower as to who she’d nominate.


I almost feel bad for Janelle. Almost. She is getting played hard. I think the whole “JoJo called you fat” thing and turning so cold on Britney after Willie left sealed her fate.


Next year Big Brother 15:Showmance in the air
8 Newbies & 4 Veterans
Houseguest will pair up with male & female
1.Jordan & Jeff
2.Brendon & Rachel
3.Ashley & Ian
4.Shane & Danielle


What I would like to see is an all-stars season, where they bring back arch rivals (enemies) and have them team up and play together for the first few weeks.


Only way I’d want to see any vets in a future BB if it’s for charity. But gut tells me they are all too greedy. I’m sure Boogers restaurants are cleaning up with all this free marketing for him.

Head of Household

I really wish they hadn’t done dynamic duos or even dropped the coaches into the game because we have several people who I doubt BB will bring back for the third time for Allstars.

It could have been;

Jeff and Russel (BB11)

Britney and Rachel (BB12)

Dick and Jameka or Jen lol (BB8)


also ruined any hopes of future chilltown


really disappointed in janelle, I had just watched s6 and s7 for the first time about a month ago, and was impressed

this time around, it just makes me sad how much she has changed for not the good. I REALLY respect how she handled getting evicted in bb all stars, all of that. now its like, wow, she hates boogie so freaking much, let it go!


They should do an all star season or even an all winners season


I was watching the feeds last night and I want to comment on this Shane/Danielle thing. I think that, yes, Danielle is infatuated with Shane. But, I think that Shane feeds this infatuation quite a lot. This past week I have noticed that he comes to her a lot – not the other way around. Regardless of what he says about not being attracted to her, etc., I think that he is finding that there is more and more about her that he likes. I think that he has a number of issues that are causing him problems – some of which are totally unrelated to being in the game and which may be rather deep seated. I get that a showmance is a bad thing for their game, but when they are with the other players around the house you would not know that they are as close as they are – they do not spend every moment together, they do not sit with each other at dinner, they do not hang out in the hammock, etc. I think everyone is aware that they are good friends in the game. I am not so sure that they believe that there is actually a showmance – they may think there might be, but are not sure. Shane has spent a lot of time in the HOH this past week. However, so have Brit and Dan (and Dan has spent time there late at night).

I think that what Brit said to them about what they do when they leave the house is up to them. I don’t think either Dani or Shane wants to pull a Brenchel on camera. I think Shane may be concerned that things might escalate out of control. I think that he likes her more than he wants to and sees no future in it. Time will tell. The important thing is that, if he wants to stay secure in his alliance with Danielle, he needs to set a course and stick with it. The worst possible thing he can do is play hot and cold – today I like you, tomorrow I don’t.


ya right.
danielle is getting played like a flute.
if shane liked her at all, he would be all over her in the hoh room when no one else is around.
he tucked tail nicely by saying shes going to alabama and hes going to vermont,. if he really liked her he would never say that.
i dont think he can let her down too hard, cause shed probably slit her wrists if he did(i wish). that broad needs to leave the BB house and go back to her room at the asylum.


REALLY!!?? You WANT Danielle to SLIT HER WRISTS? That is the most dispictable thing ANYONE has posted on this site!

Just because you do not like someone on TV does not mean you should want them DEAD!

Simon. I am disappointed that you would allow this post. I don’t think even JOKING about wanting someone to attempt suicide is appropriate.


its a figure of speech dodo.
she annoys the hell out of me.
lighten up, responses like yours are whats wrong with the ‘politically correct’ society we are living in.


No. That is not a figure of speech, it is wanting someone to commit suicide. I have NEVER heard that in a passing conversation (especially with the words “I wish” right after).

This is the type of bullying that drives kids to kill themselves.

You should be ashamed of yourself.


get a life.


Respect Life.


last word junkie.


I think he is into her a little bit more now than he was. Still don’t see it going anywhere, but I dont think he is playing her.


Shane seems to be giving mixed messages. He said he didn’t like her that way, but I just read that he said he did like her. I agree with the post by WW, in that I think both of them are trying to figure things out. There are many cases of people who didn’t salivate over each other at first site, but over time grew to like each other more. The fact is, if not for BB they probably would have never met, and if they had somewhere else who knows what would have become of it. Maybe they’re keeping it low key like you would when most people would when they begin dating. Something else I happen to notice though is that Britney seems to always be with Shane every time he turns around. She’s not his “coach” anymore, so what’s up with that?

Dark Horse

I dont think Shane is into Danielle the least bit. He made it clear to Brit that he has no attraction to her, only Kara…I think he even made a comment a few days back that Britney has an awesome body…if Kara were never picked for BB, I bet he would have a crush on Britney…but would not act on it of course.

jay marks

Only been watching BB a few years. Question, if Janelle gets voted out, would this be the biggest blind side ever?


No. That would be Season 3 when they blindsided Marcellas.


but that was his own fault for not using the veto on himself and putting the power in someone else’s hands!!!

Franks Blue Water Bottle

Just started to watch season 3, then cbs made youtube take them off. Would of loved to seen that.


Does Janelle actually believe the crap that comes out if her mouth???


This is the second time I have seen that Janelle is complaining that no one in here has even watched her season.

What arrogance.


When you gave your amusing opinion on each of the house guests days ago, you forgot Wil. Did you ever write one and I just missed it?


Hey, Lurker:) I’m flattered you remembered that post, lol!! I forgot both Wil and Ashley, I think. As for Wil, there are two things about him that have me just tired of him: his face. In between constantly picking at his extensions while gossiping about everyone more than a high school ‘mean girl’, not to mention constantly trying to churn out one-liners that sound like 1940’s movie banter, his exit from the BB house ain’t gonna bother me a bit. And I still think he looks like Fabio and Joan Rivers had a love child.


Wil’s extensions were mentioned before. I’ve been trying to see how people know he has them and can’t figure it out. And if Janielle isn’t a natural blond, wouldn’t she be showing roots by this time?

Dr. J

Lurker, go look up her playboy photos to see if she is a natural blonde. Think I read somewhere she dyes her hair but don’t know for sure…


Wil mentioned he’d just gotten a new weave on the first episode (during the player intros I believe). His constant picking at his scalp indicates that he has a weave (extensions) as well.

Between Wil’s Fabio weave, Shane’s comb-over, Frank’s fro, Boogie’s botched orange do, and Eagle Eye’s bleached chin hair – I think this is some of the worst men’s hairstyles I’ve ever seen on one show! I pray that one of the award competitions is a makeover for the men.


I don’t know who is more delusional. Janelle who really thinks everyone loves her and doesn’t even suspect she’s going home, when at this point, she will be lucky to get Joe’s vote, or Danielle who is deluded about everything or Joe who thinks he’s the alliance builder, when he is the only one that is never invited to join up with anyone else.

Janelle needs to get over her Allstars loss and stop blaming Boogie. She lost the last competition because she wasn’t focused. She lost it before it even got started by taking her hand off. She handed the competition to Erica. That wasn’t Boogie’s fault. He had already thrown the competition. If she had won the competition, she would have taken Erica and won the game. She can’t hold it against Boogie for not taking her instead of Erica. Honestly, she would have done the same. Everyone would want to go to the end against Erica. Boogie may be a lot of negative things, but he has no reason to hate on Janelle. He won. She took out Will, and he must know that he never would have beaten Will. It’s ancient history. I hope nobody tells her anything and she believes she is safe until Julie announces her departure, “By a vote of 8 – 1, Frank …….” up until this point she will think everyone but Boogie gave her the vote, then Julie finishes – “..you are safe…….” Janelle should have quit while she was ahead and people still liked her.


Actually, now that I think of it, Erica took Boogie. So even less reason for Janelle to be pissed at Boogie.

todd the man

No Boogie evicted Janelle.


so much is wrong here.

boogie won the final HoH, boogie GOT janelle to take her hand off, by throwing the comp himself in the first round of the HoH

please stop trying to discredit mike boogie’s win, ask james rhine who the best member of chilltown is


PoV Record Chase
Week 1:Shane
Week 2:Shane
Week 3:Shane
Week 4:Danielle
Week 5-10:??
Shane 3 PoV wins (4 to tie & 5 to break)
Come on Shane, 6 weeks to go!

Thinking man

There sure is going to be a lot of animals and children dead when these house guests go home.


LMAO!!!! So true!!!:)


I understand it may be the respectful thing to do, but if I were them I wod NOT tell Janelle she was leaving. Depending on how early they do it, it gives her more time to campaign. The viewers want to see a genuine reaction to the verdict. Janelle was all about shocking frank/boogie last week. On another note, I expect producers to bring her back. It’s too early to lose their golden child.


For what it’s worth, I found Shane’s CBS BB Profile, it say “What is the accomplishment you are most proud of?” He says “Graduating premed with a 3.8 gpa” Wow! Wonder what Danielle would think of that??


MIA, didn’t know that. I’m still out on the fence with Shane, something is just not right with him. I get the feeling if Danielle left and Wil was still in house he would hook up with him. Just something we don’t don’t about Shane, he is not being on the up and up I feel.


I agree…it’s weird….it’s like he keeps her just close enough to keep him off the block and safe……so he will go lay on her bed and then other times steer clear of her……He’s stringing her along to get further in the game….but its her own fault for falling for this……I wouldn’t put up with it for a second….ok I might he is super hot…..


At this point this season, I’m having the time of my life as a viewer because I’m not only loving the all-over-the-place gameplay, I’m also in it long enough to see the little quirks every HG has that are both annoying and entertaining me. For example, has anyone noticed how Ian seems to be constantly walking on his tippy toes all the time? Britney likes to pick at and eat her own hair, Shane is constantly checking his freaky forward-bangs do in the mirror, if Frank says ‘on the reg’ one more time, I’ll cut my own brain out of my skull, the way Janelle wipes the corners of her eyes when she’s faux ‘crying’, Joe’s borderline psychotic dead-behind-the-eyes stare, Ashley’s constant grinning with that jutted out mouth that’s always reminding me that salmon spawning season is coming up, Boogie’s cavernous nostrils, Danielle’s absolutely pathetic need to be accepted, Jenn’s just about everything, Will’s ‘snarl mouth’ that makes him look as if he’s constantly got something in his mouth that tastes unpleasant…

I’m sorry, but this is the stuff I live for;)


And Dan (my fav)? Not a quirk, but weird to me that his forearms are so hairy and his chest is hairless.


LOL!!! Omg, hadn’t even thought about that with Dan, but it’s true, isn’t it? LOL!!! He also stares into space alot, also asks way too many questions to the other HG’s rather than talk about himself. Somebody in the house should’ve caught on to that by now.


I agree with you, finally game time. I voted for the coaches to not enter the game because of what happened last year, they dominated and I thought it very unfair. But I am happy now they entered because they have trained their team and are now playing against them. Daniel is being used by Shane or is using him. Still unsure about their situation…don’t care for Jennail this year and never cared for Boogie, he is just waking up in the game. Frank is a competor and will do well if he stips with his really mean remarks about Ian. Over all finally good game! And yes Jenail I have watched both of your seasons…she just doesn’t seem to bond with anyone this year and that is why she was targeted as a floater..


Janelle belongs at home with her baby anyway. What kind of mother would leave their infant baby like this.


, Do you think Kaysar & Howie is watching right now that There beloved Sovereign 6 alliance member Janelle get backdoored?


Kaysar and howie are probably not watching Big BRother


Shane lied to Janelle to get away from her and Joe! .. But I hope that Shane thinks about it and realize that his Best bet is to send Frank home this week! – duh



Yay!!! A pictorial layout of the 4 alliances in the house. Muchas gracias Simon!!!

Red Lampshade

Great job Simon! Lol at Ashley’s pic and “Joe’s Powerhouse”


ha ha ha!!! poor joe…he needs a better team!!!

thats hilarious…


How come this site isn’t crawling with friends, family and coworkers defending their player? Would make sense to me if Sid Vicious was yelling here that Frank don’t smell. Other than Captain who went to the same school as Jeff, seems no one here knows them personally in this or past seasons. Just seems strange to me.

Barb B

Dan never reveals anything, he avoids answering questions, he visits with everyone, never says bad things about anyone, doesn’t carry tales from one person to another, he is pretty much a straight shooter. I would want him in my corner whether he gets rid of me later on in the game or not, at least I know what kind of a person and player he is.


Simon doesnt allow them to collude the good bashing. If he finds them out he sends a nasty trojan their way.


Perhaps, they have lives.


And just as an aside, I’d love to see Sid rush the set and powerbomb Willie on finale night!


7 hours and no update? Are you houseguests still asleep or is it just the mods?

Barb B

I am so tired of Jenelle this season. What is wrong with her? She is carrying tales, making up lies, backstabbing, instead of playing smart. What kind of a husband would tell his wife it is ok to leave him and their baby and go off and play a game for maybe over 2 months. She may rule in their household but sure isn’t doing a good job in Big Brothers Household.

Danielle, poor pathetic thing….did she ever think that maybe Shane is “gay”, that is why he won’t reciprocate her advances, or that he may have a girlfriend waiting for him. Jenn & Ashley are floaters.

Joe…GO HOME! What an airhead.

Wil….funny person, keeps one watching to see what he will do next…stupid in playing this game.

Mike, can’t stand his arrogance and cockiness, he thinks he is now running the game, with his hook to the hip partner Frank.

“El Stinko” Frank….without Mike he would have been gone long before this. His constant smile is so phony.

Ian “the nerd”, he may be very very intelligent in his field but has a lot of problems as well as no social skills what-so-ever. That is the one to watch out for, he just may make it to the end because others may feel sorry for him. It’s sad his whole life has been wrapped around knowing everything there is to know about all the seasons of Big Brother….he needs to “get a life”.

Britney, she has a good personality, and is playing a good game, but don’t look for her to win.

Shane….Mr Macho, Good looking, and floating in this game on the coattails of Brittney, Danielle & Dan. There is something strange about him, can’t put my finger on it but he seems to be too quiet and doesn’t add to much to the game.

Well that’s my observation on the players, I could be wrong and will accept negative comments which may change my opinion.


Remember everyone…..”Expect the unexpected”. There is still 1.2 days in the BB house. Wil could still have a “Showmance” with Ian, Britney could finish counting the “frizze’s” in her hair, the houseguests could finally find out that Joe is hording the chicken so he can sell it on E-Bay after the show and Janelle could still find a way to stay….. Oh wait, that last one is totally out”rage”ious.


shane is definately playin danielle…if he wanted to be with her he would have said yes after the show….she is so desperate….and when i asked JOJO a question on twitter, she even said she told shane to play into the danielle thing because it will benefit him….anyway enough about that….janelle is a complete lunatic….she is saying she has visions now lol hahahahaha….and the other day they were completely different visions then these ones…lol….she is alunatic…and Joe Eagle Eye needs to go home to kentucky…atleast he represented kentucky well he only has 3 t shirts


if they continue to bring back old hg’s next year, with the chance that hey, maybe we are reaching the end of big brother’s time on CBS(and television),. maybe they go out with a bang

all stars season, mostly from 8-14, but Id LOVE if they also brought a few others, like james rhine, who imo need to get a chance to play without janelle in the house. maybe our of B and R, grab one of them, same with J and J, keep the pairs to zero. don’t invite james big threat, or someone else’s big problem, let these vets form relationships with each other ala 7, just without that season six bias that almost took over the season


There were a few earthquakes in so cal this morning, I wonder if they felt them. 9:33 and 9:51.


Last week, I think k it was while watching the Live Feeds, Britney and Janelle were talking in bed and Brit ask Janelle if she ever cries?? Janelle replied that, “No, I never ever cry!”. If that cold hearted bitch doesn’t cry, then Britney sure falls for those fake tears she produces and pretends to be dabbing at them with a tissue…..PAH-LEEZE….get a grip Britney and stop saying that Janelle is not or was not coming after you….she’d kick her own mother out on her ass if she needed too. She sure is a cold hearted wench as I’m a man and can’t understand why or how a mother could leave her very young baby at home for the summer…especially her first child. Britney needs to tell everyone that if they see her crying that she is faking it so that all the HG she pretends to cry and sob about how much she loves them can call her fake ass out on those tears!!! (Jmho)


There goes Pignelle again talking about eating Frank again. Do they not have enough food in the house to quench that hefers insatiable appetite!!!!!


What is the estimate on the time it is going to take Dane to flip on Brit?
I know she is her “best friend” and all, but Brit got between her and Shane in bed last night….Oh My!
But seriously, Danielle stares at Brit a lot, and I swear I can hear her thoughts…”Why is she so skinny/pretty/petite and not ME?!?!”.
Just sayin’, I think there is a mini storm a comin’.

Did anyone hear Dani trying to get Shane and Dan to guess where they had seen her before?
Did anyone besides me guess they had seen her in a Budweiser commercial pulling a beer wagon?

OK sorry, I know I hate to be a basher, I just can’t stand her personality.
Love that she is tough in comps, but I think the tough stems from a whole bag of crazy (ala Rachel).


And Dani what the hell, Its like she’s never seen a boy and has been released into the wild. I know she has been slung that Alabama whitesnake before but maybe not. Maybe she is just trollin hard for strange but c’mon man.


I believe boogie/frank stay strong for a long time but the rest

when does dan cut off danielle, when does danielle and shane end, when does brit and dan end? will ian end up being on team boogie all along? so many relationships right now that arent going to last, I just have to wonder where it breaks first, and how that seperates the rest.


janelle is stillt he best no matter what happens


She’s never won it. She has lost all her edge from season’s past. She admitted it herself.


Pignelle was really good back in the day. She isnt that player anymore though. I would have liked to see the ol Janelle play but this one is horrible as a player and a person.

Eric CA

I think there is a chance small chance Janelle may be saved. This season needs a split vote.
I like when you have an outcome no one really sees coming.

Ian: evict Frank
Jen evict Janelle
Wil: Evict Janelle
Boogie: Evict Janelle
Brittney: Evict Frank
Dan: Evict Frank
Shane: Evict Frank
Joe: Evict Frank

Dan really wants the coaches safe. I think he may have worked some magic. The other thing is over confidence always make house guests paranoid. The threat of a Mr Wizard Big Brother Secret Power, freaks them out. So they may vote Frank out, reassuring him that he is safe, so he does not use it to save himself. The last few Seasons it has been all two neat and Orderly.


Now Daniele is acting like JOJO in the house towards shane.

Well Danielle, you might well open your lags and say to Shame cum in my pussy and say here I am the target.


Damn Shane that’s cold-blooded! LOL


Janelle says she had a dream where she saw Joe, Ashley, Shane, and Danielle in the final four.

Is Janelle high on that good?? Ashley and Joe ain’t winning shit…….. Dani will not make it that far. shane might


I know this is silly, but Jenn looked good lastnight on BBAD, had to do a double take, but not bad at all


I would love if julie chen ask janelle why she has such a hatred for frank? because it’s getting to the point where it’s a borderline obssession talking about him.