Mike says his favourite one of all …ya lied, A LOT, we get it, you leaving!

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


9am – 10am Frank and Boogie are the only house guests awake. They head into the bathroom to shower and get ready. Mike tells Frank that he will tell him a secret once they get outside as it applies to people in here. Mike says his favourite one of all …ya lied, a lot, we get it, you leaving! Mike comments to the camera, normally wacky Wednesday the nominees scramble all day, this is Franks third time on the block and he ain’t scrambling. He’ll be sitting back today watching her scramble. Ya know what’s pathetic, she asked Wil to swear on his dog! Mike tells the viewers to strap on their seat belts because tonight’s episode it going to be off the hook. Frank says it just might be an 8 – 1 vote ya’ll! They talk about if they win HOH they could put up Dan and Shane. If you are so concerned about disguising stuff, that’s why we need to disguise us working together by putting you up. Frank and Mike laugh. Mike talks to the fans saying that he and Frank have never lied, unlike Janelle. Frank says C, G, R! Mike says Clean, Game, Running… sort of. Mike says imagine if we could pop out Joe and Wil in the next few weeks. Mike talks about how they need to shore up their relationship with Jenn. She likes being a free agent. Mike says that it would not be the worst thing in the world for Wil to win HOH.
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Frank talks about how Shane is so worried about a showmance. Frank says that Shane was worried how it looked when Danielle fell asleep on his chest. Frank says that Shane felt like he had to tell him that nothing happened between them when she fell asleep on his chest. Frank says he doesn’t care. Mike laughs, and says we don’t give a fuck, just hold down the votes.

10am – 10:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Mike and Frank talk about Ian and how awkward he is some times. They talk about how they feel bad for him, how he said he used to have a good relationship with his dad and then now his dad just sits on the porch and drinks. Jenn, Britney and Wil join them in the backyard. They talk about how much Joe snores and farts all night long. Wil wonders what his wife is like to put up with that. Mike says let’s just say I am sure she has some flaws. They all star bashing Joe and his cooking. Wil comments on how Joe is always putting his hands on their food. Wil says he called him out for it and he said he just washed his hands. Wil thinks no you didn’t, you just had your hand on the garbage.


10:50am Wil and Jenn talk about how Joe names their alliance Team Diversity, we are all from different walks of life. They laugh about how that was the end of the alliance. Mike asks if Ian was a part of that. They say yes. Mike says he probably liked just being a part of something. Mike brings up how Joe always comments on how he will see his wife in September, like he automatically thinks he is making it past jury. Frank comments on how he has been on the block for 19 days so far. Mike asks him if he has his speech ready yet? Frank says that is part of it. Mike gets called to the diary room. Frank comments on he is going to tinker with his speech more today and tomorrow. Frank says he thought about using the line there are two types of people in this house… guys & girls ..or Ladies and Gentlemen. Jenn heads inside. Britney complains about how Janelle is going to be campaigning all day and talking to me about it. Frank tells Britney about how Janelle made Wil promise on his dog that he would vote for her. What kind of weak sauce is that?! Frank comments on how he and Mike are calling Jenn, Ashley and Wil that Cast-Aways. Britney says that she knows Joe will be nominated this week but that she worries the target will shift. Britney, Frank and Mike guess what this HOH competition will be like. Frank stands up and say I hope Ya’ll at home are listening to me, Janelle is playing a sh*tty a$$ game, every chance she gets she is throwing me under the bus.


11:20am – 11:35am Mike tells Britney his theory about how he doesn’t think Danielle is a teacher, he says he thinks she is either a medical student or a nurse. Britney says yeah not many people call Advil …Neproxen. Mike says yeah right! Mike says that he doesn’t think Danielle is smart enough to be a medical student. Britney asks but why would you lie about being a nurse. Britney starts talking about her medical rep job.


11:40am – 12pm Britney heads up to the HOH room and tells her about how Mike believes she is a nurse or a medical student. Britney tells Danielle all the reasons why he thinks she is a nurse. Calling advil Danielle says oh crap. Britney tells her that if Mike has figured it out, you have to assume he has told Frank, Ian and who knows who else. Danielle tells Britney that Boogie can guess all he wants, I will never tell him, ever. Britney asks Danielle about what happened with her and Shane last night. Danielle tells Britney that Shane is so paranoid about people thinking we are together and his feelings for her and that his way of dealing it with it is he is really mean. She says that he put up this wall and started being mean to me and not even sarcastic, just plain mean. Danielle tells Britney that she told Shane if he can’t be sweet to her to not be mean. Danielle says she is mad because he keeps giving her mixed signals asking her to cuddle, hold hands, kiss… She says that he is the one initiating it. Danielle is starting to get upset. Britney tells her to just be friends and laugh it off and say no when he asks for more than friends. Danielle gets called to the diary room. Britney listens to her cd.


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Hoping Brit doesn’t flip and give Janelle her vote. I get the feeling that wouldn’t be good for her since Janelle still goes home. Everyone would know it was her too. She’s been telling people she isn’t sure right and left.

Dark Horse

Brit won’t flip her vote, she knows it won’t be good for her. Janelle is leaving…she should have not turned her back on her week 2, so Brit should not feel so bad.

Plus it got back to Brit that Janelle said she’s 2 faced and hides behind guys…don’t think Brit with give her a vote after that.


I really hope this Thursday is a dbl eviction. It would make Boogie pass out. LOL Now that would be a shocker and raise the ratings.. Let’s see what Boogie would do then.


The only reason ratings are suffering (although its not too bad) is because BB is on the same time as Olympics


Funny how the hg’s keep refering to Janelle’s lies and all of them has and continue to lie to Janelle and Joe and everyone else./


Janelle traps pple like “swear on your dog”, so they avoid cornering and keep her happy. She actually did the same, – with her input of blindsighting Frank. Main reason that she is on the block is that noone wants her in sequester, and it is a great opportunity with a vote count. She is manipulative, and flips to power (she even said it in DR that “who is the puppet master in the house” as everyone is beneath her). She turned her back on Brit., and it was her downfall.


Who are Boogie and Frank planning to target next week? Are they planning to to target one of the Silent Six next week or planning to target Wil/Joe/Ashley/? My guess is they’re gonna take out one of the Silent Six next week because that’s what Chilltown does. What do you all think?


I think Shane is going to flip in the wake of Danielle’s behavior last night, (Stalker!). In doing so, Janelle stands to get not only Eagle Eye and Shane, but Dan, Britney and Ian. If Frank stays, he and Boogie will definitely come straight for Dan and Shane.


Nah, they’ve already agreed to slow play it for next week which means Joe or Wil would be gone.


I agree! He can’t stand Danielle & I have a feeling he wants Dan out. I know Janelle is a threat, but Boogie is a bigger threat. These ppl are so ignorant. I hope either Boogie wins and puts up Shane and Danielle or there is a double eviction and Boogie goes. That would be sweet!!! I don’t like Boogie and I would be targeting him first. I never wanted the Coaches to enter into the game even though I liked Dan and Janelle. Britney can go also. I hope this backfires on Brit, Dan, Danielle, and Shane. I can’t believe Dan.


It seems to me that Brittney is definitely going to vote Janelle out, she is just not saying so that no one can take the information to Janelle. This is her best strategy for keeping her vote secret from Janelle until Janelle is out the door.


I would love to see Janelle sweat it out that she begging for votes. Unfortnately, it does not look for her because she think everybody vote for her to stay but they will screw her easily. However, Frank enjoy himself of not scramble for votes. I can’t wait on Thursday that votes of 8 to 1, she will be leaving out of the door sitting next to Julie Chen.


Do you think frank and boogie stay loyal to secret six?


I don’t think there is a chance they are staying loyal to the six.
They are only loyal to each other. It was a big mistake to not
take out Frank this week. BIG MISTAKE!


I think they will stick the plan & eliminate some other floaters like Joe, Wil & even Ashley. Slient 6 alliance will stay together until the end.


He will knock out the strong players not the week! I have heard him say he is going to go after Dan and Shane. He doesn’t care about the “Silent Six”. What a joke. He loves to steer up things. He wants to make it entertaining for the viewers.

Red Lampshade

Watch there be a double eviction with Ashley winning HoH. Lol. There’d be some serious scrambling then.

Dark Horse

That would be so funny…Ashley is so spacey


if Ashley does win hoh it will be interesting to see who steps in and tries to run her hoh and control her.


That would never happen.


that would be EAGLE EYED Joe … roflmao … he does think he is the brains of this game … just the thought makes me laugh ..

Dark Horse

The Danielle & Shane NON Showmance is getting so funny…I think it will come out that Shane is not wanting her here NOR there…LOL at the ‘long distance relationship’ & ‘I would travel to you’…


@RED LAMPSHADE Are you kidding me? Ashley can’t even win HoH or PoV. She is pretty clueless like Porsche. I say either Dan or Frank! Ashley will be the first jury member.


I would have Joe Dirt on the block so fast this week just to get the health hazard out of the house.

Dark Horse

Seriously its like he’s trying to poision his way to winning Big Brother…


, when Frank last day wearing a unitard?


@Daniel, It sounds like Chilltown does have their eye on getting rid of some of the Silent Six people. But, they should be careful not to do it too soon. If the Silent Six start putting each other out now, it won’t be long before the Wil-Ashley-Jenn-Ian alliance has more votes and gets rid of all of the remaining Silent Six people.

MU Tigers

Now if Frank or Boogie wins HOH next, we will see the other 4 members of the Silent 6 gathered in a room. they will huddle up, lean in and say…

“Shhhhhit Janelle was right, we can’t trust Boogie.”


What is you’re final 2 predictions this year?


Dan and Boogie :)


shane has to be really careful, if he cuts it off with danielle completely, does the “lets be friends”….she very well may go to dan to get shane out. and dan will go to boogie, and shane will be sent packing. he needs to play it along as much he he has to, but just not over play it


my concern is this secret game they played on monday! did you guys read up about that??


@Junior: I didn’t catch that. What happened?

Dark Horse

This is the 2nd time I saw a comment about this…did this really happen? and what do you know about it?


Pretty sure it was just the veto ceremony. They have that generic “houseguests are playing a game that is secret” line on the trivia.

Dark Horse

Oh ok now THAT makes sense. If they played a “secret game”, I’m sure the houseguests would have talked about it.

Plus I’m sure Simon or Dawg would have mentioned it.


I don’t think CBS will give another twist until the Olympics are done. It’ll be the best chance to hook casual viewers that have been enamored by the Olympics the past few weeks.


plus the last one made so many people made that they might want to take a week off, and do a double eviction instead, and drop janelle and joe from the game


Double eviction was what I was referring to.


Stalker Danielle played her cards and LOST last night. Shane will probably flip his vote to Janelle, allowing Dan and Britney to follow. And, Britney will bring Ian. With Joe, Janelle will have her votes.


LOL. you dont get it. they are all still lying to janelle. its over for her. OVER.


Yup if Dan and Brit are known for anything it’s following Shane blindly.


you’re right it could still totally flip around….especially this season.

Janey Doll

Guys, give it up, she’s done this time. She’s lucky she has one vote right now with how much shit everyone is talking about her.


LOL at the double eviction comments. yes. its likely

and no. boogie wont pass out.

its freaking obvious

joe goes home in that scenario. then, if he somehow won POV instead, they throw wil home. not too tough. if wil wins pov and takes joe off in the dumbest move and never going to happen, ashley goes home.

the alliance WILL stay together in this case because there is no time to switch and flip

Dark Horse

Danielle’s game play is strictly personal…its like if you don’t want to be her best friend or boyfriend then she’s mad at you and wants you out…

Dark Horse

BTW – Who is this Jenn person that gets mentioned about every 3 days…

Are the feeds not focusing on Jenn that much, did they forget she is in the house, she’s even flying under the radar from the feeds…interesting.


WTF is with Janelle, why is she ignoring the DR request., They have called her like 10 times now and she just sits her fat ass down after she did her ugly makeup for an hour…



Dark Horse

Did I miss something?

Did Shane confess that he has ‘real’ feelings for Danielle?

OK now I am getting sick of hearing about Shane won’t kiss me, Shane won’t stand next to me, Shane won’t…

I need Janelle to go and Danielle’s HOH to be over…like yesterday!!!!!


Wondering the same thing? Missed it if so.


Tonight’s BBAD should be a good one if they let the cat out of the bag that Janelle is going home. The Silent Six, so far, has kept to their guns and have made sure to continually talk to each other about the game plan. At this moment, its a 8-1 Vote again Janelle with lone “Eagle Eye” as the sole vote. I do not think there will be a Double Eviction for at least another two weeks, BB doesn’t want to wear out the Twists so quickly. Hopefully Janelle finds out and we can get some quality meltdown on Showtime tonight.

The Shane/Danielle thing is just getting awful to watch and honestly, I see a split happening very soon. Danielle, its hard to hate her honestly, but she just doesn’t get it. She will though when she leaves the house and watches the shows on tape and gets input from people. Stage Five Clinger. If Shane is smart, he will get some movement going to get her out after Janelle and her crew are gone. It might be enough of a distraction to keep the bullseye off of Chilltown (hope Boogie gets Dr. Will to make that official as Frank as a member).

Goodbye Janelle, I hope Boogie’s video to you tomorrow night features phone calls, laughs, and maybe a special video from Dr. Will…and how Boogie can honestly say “I gotcha…again.”


Shane is being mean to her cause her power is running out and also he didn’t like her like that in the first place, makes you wonder what would’ve happened if Kara was around, LOL. I really want the power to shift to Boogie or Frank so Danielle, Shane and Britney see what a stupid move it was to keep Frank around yet again. That would be some amazing TV right there, seeing them squirm for what they’re doing to Janelle, just tell the woman, stop making her look stupid and stop lying to her. OMG!!! She’s a big girl, just hope she doesn’t knock Danielle and Britney’s teeth out even though it would be funny. LMAO!!!


That’s what I am waiting for. Can’t wait to see Danielle and Britney Cry!!! Love it!!


I still think getting Janelle out is the best move for everyone, except maybe Foghorn Leghorn Joe. She will be a threat in competitions as long as she is in the house, and she is great at driving wedges between allies. Boogie has won just 1 competition and Frank also has only won a HOH. I still don’t see them as that big a threat compared to Janelle. I would be surprised if Boogie or Frank wins HOH. It is probably going to be a quiz (something Janelle is good at) and if that is the case, Ian, Jenn or Wil could win it. Maybe Dan will actually try to win this week. I think the most dangerous player in the house right now is Dan. I would like to see Ian win HOH. I have a feeling he would do something huge and unexpected. I also think Jenn would set off a bomb if she was HOH. Don’t let her quiet and harmless act fool you. She might have the balls to do something big, but I thought that about Adam this time last season, so I could be very wrong.

Wils Head Scab

Ummm…OK I soooooo didnt need to see a close up crotch shot of Danielle!! Darn near made me choke on my donut!! After seeing that I dont blame Shane, …run Forrest run


@ Wils head scab~

Stop it. Danielle is a beautiful young lady. Please….

Either you’re a guy that likes guys (nothing wrong with that) or a jealous girl that likes guys, or you’re a for-real hater (something absolutely wrong with that).

Danielle isn’t the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world, but she’s a straight 8 or higher is anyone’s (logically) book. Looks only considered.

YES, I agree, she’s quite the stalker type. However, that has nothing to do with her physical appearance IMO.


Frank should be going home, they stupid

Frank Stinks

Don’t want to be a spoiler, but the big twist in the game will be when Jenn reveals that he is Dick in drag. Just sayin’!




“They talk about if they win HOH they could put up Dan and Shane. If you are so concerned about disguising stuff, that’s why we need to disguise us working together by putting you up. Frank and Mike laugh.”So,I was right all along.I kept saying I knew Boogie had no intentions on working with Dan.Let alone taking him to final 2.But every time I made a comment about how I think Dan made a huge mistake trying to keep Frank in the game.Which will allow Boogie&Frank to stay together.Thus preventing Boogie to have any reason to work with Dan,because he has Frank.People kept saying,“Boogie wants to take Dan to final 2.Boogie respects Dan as a player.”Both of those comments are wrong.If Boogie wanted to work with Dan and take him to final 2,he would’ve cut Frank loose and run the house,like Dan suggested.Earlier in the game Boogie said in the DR that the only reason Dan won his season is because he was playing with amatures.Now,that doesn’t sound like someone who respects Dan as a player.I wanted Dan to win this season.But the moment he decided to do what Boogie wanted.I knew it would be game over,because the bottom line is you can’t trust Boogie.


But Janelle would have done the same. It’s kind of like choosing between the clap and gonorrhoea. With Janelle gone, Team Tits might have a chance to get out of her shadow and do something for themselves.


Well, I’m a bhm fan. I hate this but, Janelle is going home. She should have left her mouth closed when it came to the coaches may enter the game. I’m sure productions did not like that. This is now the Boogie show. Call me a ship jumper, I’m don’t like it but I’m team BF. These folks are suckers…..


When mike said ‘janelle is dangerous, she needs to be taken out. she was one competition away from winning, etc.’ I couldn’t help but laugh at how much of an evil genius this man is and at how dumb Danielle is. Yes, Janelle came in third place, but who won it all? Mike!

Danielle was eating that crap up lol.

I’m rooting for Mike though at the moment. He’s actually really smart when it comes to this game.


Frank absolutely took the words right out of my mouth. WHY does everyone view him as a target when he only won ONE competition so far…… I don’t get it.
He hasnt done anything at all really.

Very happy about Janelle going home!