Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


Shane has used the Power of Veto to take Ashley off the block and nominated Frank as the replacement nominee.

12:30pm When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA… In the kicks room, Mike is talking to Shane about how Shane just nominated Frank. Mike had a reaction during the nomination and is now apologizing for freaking out. Mike says sorry for freaking out. Shane says that he had to secure the votes because of what Ian said the other night. Mike says okay, no one told me what was happening so I thought someone was pulling a fast one on me. Shane and Mike leave the kicks room. Mike, Dan and Frank are in the stereo room talking. Dan says that he needs to talk to Mike later. Mike says but we are alright, right?! Dan says I will talk to you later. Mike says so should we be worried or what?! Dan says that he will talk to him later. Dan leaves. Frank says to Mike that Dan doesn’t know that Shane and I are good.


12:40pm Mike, Frank and Ian go into the kicks room to talk. Mike explains to Ian that it was what he said to Britney last night that caused this because he was so wishy washy with his answers. Ian denies saying that he said Shane isn’t a target for the foreseeable future. Ian starts getting loud. Mike tells him to be quiet. Mike explains that they have Danielle’s vote and it will be fine. They tell Ian that Shane just wanted to secure the votes.

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12:45pm – 1pmUp in the HOH room, Ashley, Britney and Janelle are talking about the veto ceremony. Ashley describes how in the backyard Frank told Mike about what Ian said and then said that Mike freaked out and yelled for Ian to get over here! She says that he then realized he was out of line a bit and started being nicer to Ian. She says that Mike then told Ian about what Britney said about him. She says that Ian then came into the house and told Britney that he would not vote out Shane. Shane comes up to the HOH room and Ashley says thank you, thank you, thank you. Shane says that he has never seen Jenn so pissed, she is down there and won’t look or talk to anyone. Shane tells them that he talked to Boogie and he is okay with it, that he didn’t know he (Shane) and Frank had a deal and had talked about it. They talk about how they just need to make sure Danielle does what she needs to do. Shane tells Janelle to make sure that Joe still acts like he is going home. Britney explains that she talked to Mike too and explained that it was the only option they had to make sure we had the votes. Shane says that what sucks is that I have the POV and HOH … all the blood is on my hands. Just remember that. Ashley says that she knows that and that she has his back. Ashley says that all we need to do is keep it kosh… till we drop the bomb on Thursday. Shane says that he is going to stay close to Danielle. Janelle says that she is so happy about this. Shane tells her that he hopes this shows that they can trust him. Janelle says yes definitely. Ashley says that she is so excited about this, this is what she always wanted. They talk about how mad Ian was. Britney says that she has never seen Wil so happy. Wil then joins them up in the HOH room. He tells them that Ian was about to cry. They continue to talk about what happened and how Mike was staring Shane down. They congratulate Shane on how well he did during his speech and how he handled it. Britney talks about how its rare for people in this house to make big moves like this..


1:10pm Frank and Jenn are in the kicks room talking. Frank explains how it was Ian’s fault because it took three times for Ian to say that Shane was safe. Frank says that then Ian said that Shane was safe for the foreseeable future.. and that they made them uncomfortable. He says that they need to put one of us up to secure the votes, preferably me because then you and Ian would vote to keep me. Where if it was Ian up on the block they might want to get rid of Ian because of how he is acting. Jenn says that she was ready to throw up. Frank says that he and Mike talked to Ian after and said that they told him not to give cryptic answers. Frank says that he is pretty sure he is staying and that there is nothing to worry about. He says that he just needs to make sure he has Danielle’s vote. Jenn says thank you for telling me what was going on. Jenn says that she hope they aren’t trying to back door him. Frank says that he is going to be pissed if he leaves because of what Ian said, but at least it wouldn’t be my fault. They end the conversation and leave the room.

1:30pm – 1:45pm Britney and Ian are sitting on the backyard couch. She tells Ian that he watches the show, he knows that they had to do what they had to do. Ian asks so what do you anticipate happening on Thursday? Britney says that she thinks Frank has the votes. Britney says that what she didn’t want to happen was his team mad at him and bullying him. It’s really not your fault. Ian says that Frank is okay with it, but Jenn hasn’t talked him about it. Britney says that it wasn’t totally her conversation with him last night. That she had already told Boogie that she was worried about the votes. Ian says that if he gives his word it is golden. Britney tells Ian that she thinks he doesn’t like giving his word. Ian says that’s right I hold my cards close to my chest. Meanwhile by the pool, Mike jumps in and says wups don’t wanna splash the swing vote. Mike and Dan are whispering in the pool and its difficult to make out what they are saying because they don’t have their mic’s on and there is a lot of back ground noise.


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116 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

  1. If MIke thinks that they have DANIELLE of all people for the vote, then he’s going be in for a surprise Thursday

    1. And I get to be the deciding vote. Suddenly, I am so relevant again.

      Too many haters in this site. I feel so alone, but so important. Bye bye, peaches.

    1. I agree its about time someone had the balls to make a big move. Next week Shane must win POV (again) cause. lets be honest he is to big of a target to win it all if he’s not winning POVs or HOHs every week. Shane can’t make any deals with people cause the minute they have the chance to get rid of him they will.

      People think this is a bad move, it’s not! If Frank goes home people will blame Danielle or Ian. Frank is already blaming Ian.

    2. Why you so sure Franks going home Ashley is so wishy washy and has a crush on Frank she votes out Joe/ Frank will be kissing her butt til Thursday so will Boogie 3 votes Joe goes home Danielle can keep her hands clean

    1. No. Brittany and Janielle made up. Janielle told Brittany the coaches are coming into the game and they are together. Shane just got himself out of the game and he doesn’t know it.

  2. Shane…..Bad move! You should kept the nomination a same. If Frank leaves, it’s your fault. Now, they come after you if Frank leaves. Danielle, better vote for Joe out!

    1. the only reason it’s a bad move is because the coaches r coming into the game if it wasn’t for that then he’s making the smartest move because u just can’t trust frank 100% because of boogie and janelle’s entire team owes shane now, obviously if shane knew about the coaches he would keep frank but u can’t make a decision based on something u don’t know is gonna happen.

      1. That would be a stupid move. If Shane wouldn’t listen to their coaches, he could be safe right now. Shane doesn’t trust Joe 100% because he a liar, manipulator, and even a floater. Obviously, Shane knew that Joe cannot be trusted and you can’t make a decision based on your facts. It invalid.

        1. that’s your opinion but alot of people including me would disagree, your comment doesn’t even make any sense to me shane thinks he is safe next week and he would be if the coaches weren’t coming into the game and frank is the one that can’t be trusted 100% he was already talking to boogie about jenn or ian winning hoh and putting shane up and that’s a fact look it up and what the hell do u even mean that u can’t make a decision based on facts, that’s when u do make them, but anyway i’ve noticed from your comments before that no matter what anyhboy else says to u you’re always right and they’re not and that’s fine i know alot of people like that but bottom line is frank is going home so u might as well get used to it.

      2. You are so right, logic and differing opinions are lost on him. Even a broken clock is right more often than he is.

    2. your an idiot blaming ian why would it be his fault.. just another exapmle of the dumb BB fans on this site.

      1. sorry comment was meant for captainwedgie whatever his stupid name is and for some reason it went to you.

        1. You meant Production rigged it! I agree on that one. Production rigged it agrees that Joe is going home

  3. Damn i love this. Next few days are going to be crazy with people switching back and forth. I think Joe will be evicted

    1. I agree, there’s far too much time left for anyone to be certain about the outcome. It will change at least 3 or 4 times between now and Thursday night. I think Shane will eventually tell Danielle to keep Frank and keep the 3 Amigos rolling and get rid of Joe the Douche. But it really could go any way.

      1. Frank will be leaving on Thursday and then they will announce the the coaches are entering the game. Things are setting up nicely for either Dan or Janelle.

  4. This is a win-win…..either Joe goes home and things play as they began the week…..or Frank goes home and it is the first truly BIG move of the season. I am loving this group.

  5. Let the boring Shane Show continue.

    This is getting pathetic. These floaters cannot think for themselves. With Frank gone, this is going to be the worst season ever. Production obviously wants to showcase Shane for ratings.

    I hope Boogie/Frank can somehow pull a vote to go their way. If not, BB just lost a fan…for good!

    1. Of course Production is doing this…..its all for ratings….the Producers do whatever it takes to get the ratings

    2. There is ALWAYS someone that swears off the show. Too funny!!! I don’t think CBS will hurt because you arent going to watch.

  6. Shane will be pretty pissed when he figures out that he just got rid of a strong and loyal ally when the coaches come in. Frank would have been willing to help him get them out. Shane is being played by Britney and Janelle. They know they’re coming in. This is great for them, but not for Shane. I honestly was against the coaches coming back in, but now I hope Boogie or Ian get HoH. I hope one of them gets it and just refuses to work with Shane or Britney. It would serve them right. I also hope Dan decides to tell Boogie what’s really going on. I used to think Shane was a stand up guy, but he showed his true colors. He’s easily manipulated, disloyal, and a coward. He can’t even come straight out and tell Frank that he’s the target. At least when Frank put up Shane, he told him that was the plan and why. He even gave Shane the opportunity to save himself. Now Shane is just going to lie and get rid of a valuable asset that is actually trustworthy…for Joe, Wil, and ashley. They are floaters and flip flippers. Stupid, stupid, stupid. No longer a Shane fan, and don’t even get me started on Danielle.

    1. I agree, If Shane could keep the nomination a same. This will not happen. Now thanks to Ian, Frank is going home. wtg shane, you show your true colors of get rid of Frank. I though you are stand up guy, but now you been listening to Janelle as word she said. Come on, she using you to get what she wants. You been listening to Janelle’s floaters, they don’t win anything. They just want you out so bad. Shane, wake up and persuade Danielle to evict Joe. He nothing but a floater, a liar, and even manipulator. If Frank leaves, this would be the worst show ever and next year, if it All-Stars. Don’t invite Janelle, she is a ruthless manipulator ever. I’m glad Chilltown screw you.

      1. I think its you who isn’t watching. Frank put Shane up and gave him the chance to play PoV when he could have backdoored him. He gave him the chance to win and take himself down. He didn’t have to. He chose to be straight up with Shane.

        1. Am I remembering wrong?
          Didn’t Frank WANT to backdoor Shane but Boogie and Janelle talked him out of it?
          Wasn’t that why Frank yelled at everyone after Shane won the POV?

          1. They didn’t talk him out of it. Boogie wanted to backdoor Shane, and Frank did consider it. He ultimately chose not to. Boogie’s idea was to put up Ian as a pawn to try to backdoor Shane and if Shane won PoV they would just get rid of Jojo.

  7. Shane is a dolt. Everyone keeps talking about how Frank is the strongest player in the game. I’m pretty sure after Frank is evicted on Thursday and Shane’s HOH is officially over, everyone will realize “wait, hasn’t Shane won pretty much everything in the past two weeks?”

    Frank isn’t the strongest player in the game, it’s Shane. Getting rid of the red herring (Frank) means that Shane is the undisputed alpha male in the house and everyone aside from Danielle will be looking to eliminate him.

    1. I agree. They will look to eliminate Shane. However, unless Dan & Boogie come into the game…no one in that house seems capable of doing it.
      I hope Frank goes home. Boogie and Janelle’s team needs to be shook up these next few weeks (so then HG can wake up…it is like some of them are sleep walking). It will be an exciting Thursday.

    2. This is all about Boogie – not Frank. This puts Boogie in a weaker position. Also, if the coaches DO come back, Boogie won’t have Frank to ally with. If the coaches come back, the noobs will need Shane to battle for them, at least at first, so he is good.

      1. Bad logic. Both Boogie and Janelle’s teams are three strong and Shane had a deal with Frank and felt he could trust Frank more than Janelle’s players. They also don’t know the coaches are coming back in. Even if it plays out that they eliminate Boogie if the coaches come in, Shane is the next target.

        If you’re Frank, you knock Shane out when it’s final five time. You don’t knock him out when the alliance that turned on you week one wants you to do something.

  8. Bye Frank? or Bye “I don’t wash my hands before I cook for others” Joe?

    Boy Oh Boy, gonna be some DRAMA tonight…live on BBAD

  9. is shane saying that ian wouldn’t say for sure that he was voting joe out and so he was afraid ashley would be voted out and so he’s using that as an excuse for putting frank up to make sure joe goes home (yes i know the plan is to backdoor frank)

    1. Yes that’s the reasoning that Shane and Britney are giving to Frank and Mike. Pretty legit excuse to give; props to Shane and Brit.:)

      1. ok that’s what i thought and yes i agree that does sound like a legit excuse so i do give them props.

        1. props for what? Who would think that Ian would vote out his crush over some old man. People need to think sometimes. What really happened was Ian said he couldn’t see voting Shane out in the “forseeable future” and Shane and Britney were to dumb to figure out what that meant and they got paranoid.

          Forseeable future = next 2 weeks

          Britney and Shane interpreted that to mean the next 3 days



          2. Joe is annoying & He got to go! Ian is so stupid right now. I’m disappointed he is the one to blame. Joe is got to go!


  11. I really wanted Joe to be voted out of the house this week since he is so annoying but I guess waiting another week or two is not that bad if Frank is going home this week.

  12. There’s a whole lot of time between now & evictions – who know how many time things will change between now & then. I almost hope that Joe goes home just to see the faces of Janelle, Joe, Wil & Ashley after being on the block & now feeling like they’re in control…..
    I also can’t wait to see what Dan wants to tell Boogie in private later. Can’t wait for BBAD!!

  13. oh people. now its frank vs jojo vs kara to get back in the house. you think they wont rig it so that frank returns with boogie.

    boogie seems to know what to do to get things to go his way via production. that state=tv time which then means frank’s return=more drama

  14. Here’s a thought:

    Dan knows Shane and Danielle are close. Dan knows that if Final 2 are Shane and Danielle, Shane wins easily.

    Maybe Dan thinks it might benefit his game to work with Boogie by revealing everything to him in secret that has been going on? Moreover, maybe Dan realizes that keeping Frank in the game will take him (and Danielle) further by having Boogie/Frank go after Shane.

    Can Dan convince Danielle to keep Frank for the benefit of their game?

    I think Dan is seeing a big opportunity here *IF* he can pull Danielle AWAY from Shane the coward….

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. it wouldn’t really benefit dan to work with boogie either because danielle wouldn’t beat frank in the final 2 either because janelle said earlier in the game that no girl has ever beat a guy in final 2 so i’m sure dan know this too and knows that danielle’s only shot is against either ashley or jenn, of course none of this really matters with the coaches coming into the game though.

  15. pretty weak to go back on deals. then talk bs about boogie being untrustworthy. please. this is beyond low this early, after a deal was made just the last week.

    shane is an idiot, no one has returned yet. coaches are about to be placed in the game. no coach, including brit, who then becomes a player, is going to want shane around. no one. too many wins.

  16. Knowing the coaches are entering, I think cutting Frank is a great move. Shane can sure up an alliance with Dan and they can carry Danielle to the final 3. Then they can battle between the two of them to see who goes up against her in the end. They would be a great 3-some to beat. Also having a Boogie & Janelle against each other in head to head nominations this week could bring a lot of friction between those two. Another good thing for Shane/Dan before coaches enter. I also hope Shane dumps Britney when she becomes a player.

    I see the alliances, after coaches enter as:
    Shane, Dan & Danielle
    Janelle, Wil, Joe & Ashley
    Boogie, Britney, Ian and Jenn

    1. That’s been kicking in my head as well. If Dan & Shane take Danielle with them to the end then cut her loose. Sure wish BB had better microphones out by the pool & hot tub, but I guess if I were a houseguest that would be the best place to talk w/o your personal mics on.

      Can’t wait for the next update here & BBAD later!

  17. Haha wow Shane clearly trusts people way too one of Janelle’s players win HOH next and then they won’t think twice about backdooring Shane

  18. big question now is what will dan do since he thinks they r coming into the game will he make a deal with boogie to save frank so he will work with them once they enter the game or will he talk danielle into voting joe out so boogie will be pissed and go after shane and then him and janelle can go after boogie i guess time will tell.

    1. That’s so funny. Janelle and Wil go to their room. “Iaaan”. “Ian’s probably somewhere here”. They check under the cover, then under the pillow.

      Everyone’s paranoid that Ian is spying on them.

  19. This was brilliant especially since they pawned the reason for putting up frank on Ian. Shane now has options whoever gives him the best deal stays. Also whoever stays will be loyal to shane because both sides think they have deals with shane maybe julie will mention the coaches option before the eviction that would make things even better, shane would have to give danielle a sign on which way to vote it would be smarter to keep frank and work with him and boogie. But I dislike joe so much it would be great to see him leave.

  20. Im not trusting Dan right about now…what did he want to talk to MIke about so bad later? If dan screw this plan up by having daniell vote to keep frank..Dan would be the biggest puzzy in bb history.

    1. No, He has to do what is going to keep Danielle in the game, and he now knows that Janielle and Brittany are working together again, this will put Danielle in a bad position. They are not going to keep Shane no matter what Janielle and Wil are saying.

    1. with the coaches coming into the game it is a great move and hopefully her dan, danielle and shane can all work together to final 4.

  21. I think that was a bad bad move to put Frank up. I really believed that when the coaches entered Frank and Boogie would have worked with Shane. Now pretty much Shane can kiss himself good bye next week. Every single person there will put him up. So bye Frank and bye Shane. And Im calling it that Janelle will win this year. Gag.

  22. And Shane calling Ian a fa**ot is so not cool. I realize he didn’t mean it as a homophobic slur against Ian, but if Willie just mocking Wil was a big deal then this should be too. It *is* a slur, not just an implied one. I’m offended by him even using it,and I’m not even gay. Obviously its not going to get back to the house though. Brit won’t say anything. He just confirmed that he’s an empty-headed jock. He probably called all the nerds terrible names in high school and gave them wedgies.

  23. I would be that if Shane didnt put Frank on the block Frank wouldve got rid of Shane as soon as he had the chance. Great power move by Shane. Even if Shane didnt do this it doesnt matter because once Janelle is in the game she is going to kick some butt! I hope!

  24. why you guys dont understand that shane will not be the targit ?they will have new ones ( the coaches) hellooooooooooo.
    a lot of things will change: new teams,new targitsand new deals .

  25. You people are dumb. This is a smart move that will end up getting Shane evicted next week. Dan and Shane will be like Dan and Memphis and they will pull Danielle and Britney along with him but only if Dan can pull off an HoH next week and taking out Janelle.

    1. I really hope Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Brit work together once the coaches come in but I highly doubt it. I don’t know what Dan is doing talking to Boogie right now I hope he doesn’t ruin it, he was one of the frontrunners convincing Shane to put up Frank in the first place? Like Janelle and Danielle were saying last week in my eyes I think Dan is scared of Boogie.

    2. if it’s a smart move then how is it going to get him evicted next week, if he’s plays his cards right he’s golden because he could make the other newbies think he’s with them in going after the coaches because he could tell them they need him because of all the comps that he’s won and he could also work with dan, danielle and britney who i hope turns on janelle like janelle did her and maybe go to final 4 with them, he’s got options on both sides so we’ll see.

    3. I thought that too. Dan’s been looking for his Memphis to do the dirty work, when the coaches enter, he might use Brit like his Keesha, only cos I don’t know if Danielle can win anything. She says she’s been throwing comps though, so we will see.

      I’m surprised how well Frank is taking this.

  26. Well, I’m looking at this on the bright side: If Frank leaves, it’s gonna be disappointing for me as a fan but it’s gonna be so much fun seeing Boogie and Dan get in the game. I still have hope for this season, Boogie and Dan working together would be a BB legend come true. But just way too much game left to be played. Can’t wait to see how all of this will pan out.

  27. Dan is a genius! From taking the coaches to the party so they couldn’t talk game without him, to talking in the pool where he didn’t have to wear a mic. So brilliant…and sexy…haha

    1. @Jh. Lol. I pointed that out to Simon in an earlier post.Except the part about Dan being sexy(on a side note,I do think Dan is kind of cute).Lol.But Go Dan!

  28. Omg I hope production didn’t screw up Shane’s game! Dan better not make a deal via Danielle’s vote with boogie for when they enter the game. Ugh!

  29. been thinking of getting Frank out alllllllllll week when others on here doubted it….. GOOD MOVE SHANE!

  30. Who’s say that Danielle even needs to be the swing vote Ashley has a small crush on Frank so he’s has the votes Joe’s going home

  31. wait, Shane is getting rid of Frank for what reason? i know why Janelle and Brit want him out- Boogie and Frank are chill town 2.0 and when the coaches come into the game- or whatever “the opportunity to come into the game” means- happens, then Frank would be playing with Boogie. he is – i think – the most vulnerable to be seduced by the vets/coaches. he and boogie already have a great thing going.

    i think the coaches are going to play for the right to come into the game, and only two (maybe 3) will. the other(s) will go home or to jury. even with a double eviction, there is no room for 11 people in week 4, right?



    AND LET’S BE HONEST, I assume everyone here wants to see Shane goin farrrrrrrrrrrrrr, right?

    And Shane helps rating in this season, like A LOT!!!!!

    CBS’s gonna try to keep him for long guys, no worriees!!

    Just like they did Jordan and Rachel last season..

    They could hand him a Coup D’etat like they did to Jeff

    I personally are not worrying at all…..


  33. I hope that Dan is just trying to make Boogie believe that if Frank leaves this week,that Dan didn’t have anything to do with it.(which that has nothing to do with Dan being scared of Boogie.Dan’s just trying to play smart,by covering all angles).Which the people who read the updates on this site,knows good and well,that Dan was one of the main people trying to get Shane to target Frank this week.But one of the differences between Dan and everyone else in the house,is when Dan trys to get people to do what he wants.The person doesn’t notice that when Dan is talking to them. He’s actually planting seeds that will convince them to do his dirty work,with out them realizing what just happened.A perfect example of that,will be if Frank leaves this week.It will cripple Boogie.Which will put Dan in a better position.Dan can’t have Boogie’s puppet(Frank)in this game.Even when the coach’s come in the game,I think Boogie would be able to convince Frank to work with him.If that was to happened,it will be bad for Dan.

  34. Frank was in No way a loyal ally. Ian gave Brittney and Shane the tell, poor kid, or maybe not poor kid.
    I think he knows that Boogie has placed all bets on Frank. This actually puts Ian and Jenn in a bad place.
    I an is quite aware that he is expendable, 8in the eyes of his coach. Today just confirmed it.

    I think Dan is going to switch Danielle over, Shane will not have power, but there is something that could
    hap[pen that no would see coming, it is a long shot, but possible. I depends on the listen Ian learned about Boogie today.

    Wil: evict Frank
    Ashley Frank
    Danielle: Joe
    Jenn: Joe
    Ian: Frank

    If Ian learns that Boogie has swayed Dan and Danielle to evict Joe and it is set in stone.
    Ian may decide that this is his chance to get rid of Frank and make it look like Dan and Danielle
    betrayed Team Boogie and used the swing to take out Frank. He can also go to Brittney feel her out
    and then let Janelle and Brittney know that he voted to evict Frank so any deal they had with Dan and Danielle
    was a lie. Dan and Danielle would be thrown off and go to Boogie and all Ian has to do is tell Boogie, they had to
    have voted to evict Frank, him and Jenn voted to evict Joe, “Do you think I m dumb enough to vote out my own Team
    Member?”. It is possible that he can put Team Boogie, Brittney and Shane ,team Janelle all against Dan and Danielle.
    Create an alliance with Brittney and Shane “The Brain Athletic and Social…BAS Alliance. That is good TV.

    Other vote options involving Ian making a big move:
    Danielle: Frank
    Wil: Frank
    Ashley: Frank
    Jenn: Joe

    Of course I flipped. I am not here to win Frank $500,000, I just need an alliance with an athlete, Shane is better for my purposes.
    Boogie ask yourself “Do I want $100,00 or a good alliance without Frank? Because you have a terrible track record with being trustworthy
    and you are a known manipulator, go against me and I will make sure everyone is kept aware of that.”

    Of course the same can be done by Ashley.

  35. WOW!!!
    Can’t wait to see Boogie’s face on Thursday.
    I wanted to see Joe go but, I love this move.
    Why the hell does Boogie think Franks’s safe and believes Shane? Boogie is going to be pissed at Ian (but, only for a sec before Julie Chen brings the All Stars back in the game.)
    But, i still think it’s a bad move for Shane. If it weren’t for the coaches coming back in everybody would be gunning for him.

  36. You can tell almost everyone who is saying that shane made a mistake is a frank fan. I don’t think shane is screwed. He will probably win POV next week, hes the only one that has won one. Besides this weeks HOH is probably and endurance comp, and frank had a good chance of winning. Mike would manipulate Frank into going after shane.

  37. My opinion it was a bad move. Now if frank goes then Shane is the biggest threat in the house. If frank had won HOH he would not have put Shane up. Now the house doesnt know if the coaches are coming in for sure so lets say they go by what they know and that is the game stays the same And let’s say will or joe wins hoh. I honestly don’t think they will put jenn up because they like her. But let’s say they do and they put up jenn and Ian. And then let’s say boogie boogie wins coaches comp. he will take Ian off and then joe or will will not put Danielle up. They will 100% put Shane up. And joe can use the excuse that he didn’t owe him because he took Ashley down not him. Now Shane will go home. Now if frank had won hoh then he would not put up Shane because he seems to be a smart guy and realizes Shane in the game is a target as well. So if joe went home I think he would put up wil and ashley and then if janelle saved one of her players he would put up daniele and boogie would vote out ashley so this way the 3 coaches would have 1 player left and he would have his 3 So Ok now let’s switch it and let’s say Shane is thinking about the coaches coming in the game. Then the smart thing is to keep frank so they can take out the coaches. So in my opinion Shane made a big mistake either way. But again that’s my opinion

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