Coaches alliance forming? Janelle on Boogie “He’s addicted to relationships with straight males “

POV Holder: ??? Next POV: Aug 4 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon)
Last Evicted Houseguest

9:24pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Janelle wonders if they can get Boogie to throw the POV and side with them. Dan doesn’t think that will happen, it’s not worth even asking him. Janelle asks who Danielle will pick for POV, Dan says Shane he’s got a good chance to win it.

Dan wonders why Boogie was shocked about the nominations. Dan: “If I am Boogie and I see the nominations I start to think why did that happen” Janelle mentions that she would think that Dan was trying to save her. Dan doesn’t think that even was on his radar he thinks Boogie see is as Dan is trying to backdoor him. Janelle: ‘Then we need to talk to him”

Janelle wants them to confront Boogie and tell him to drop Frank and join up with the coaches. Dan saying that Boogie won’t even look at him right now so if Janelle wants to talk to Boogie and set something up she’ll need to spearhead that. Dan: ‘He’s very salty right now.. was he like that on season 7?”

Dan: “Does boogie want to go home?”
Janelle: ‘Yes.. he told me last night he wanted to leave”

Dan: “Maybe I overestimated him as a player.. why didn’t he even come up here to talk to Danielle”

Janelle saying if Frank leaves on Thursday than he can join them and slide back into the game. If Frank and him stay then the entire house will be gunning for them again. The bottom line is he needs to cut Frank loose. Dan: “He’s clearly isolating himself from the rest of the house”

Janelle says that Boogie doesn’t like to ally with females inside and outside the game. Janelle: “He lived with a bunch of guys until he was 40”

Dan: “If Dr.Will was here what would he say to Boogie”
Janelle: “Leave Frank he’s a lost cause”

Wil comes in for a second to grab something. looks pissed at Janelle.
Dan: “I’ve never seen so many emotional players”
Janelle: “at least trixie is normal.. and loyal”
Dan laughs” I won’t say normal but loyal yes”

Janelle: “whatever we tell Boogie goes to Frank than the entire house” Dan knows he thinks Janelle should hint at things to Boogie and let him piece it all together “Say you know the nominations were set for a reason”

Janelle bashes Boogie calling him a shitty player and nothing without Will

Dan wonders why Boogie is so into Frank.
Janelle: “He’s addicted to a relationship with a straight male. “
Dan says the longer those two stay in the game together the tighter they get.
Janelle points out that their chances to win this game goes down drastically if a coach leaves.

Dan wants Janelle, Shane and himself to go into the Power of Veto that way they have the best chance to win it. They decide to talk to Boogie the second he’s not glued to Frank.

10:04pm Cam 1-2 HOH Britney and Janelle

Janelle saying they need to get at least 3 coaches into the Jury that is the only chance they have at winning the money. She wants to pull Boogie in with the other coaches. Janelle asks her if Shane will target the coaches. Britney says no. Janelle wastes no time slamming Boogie calling him a stupid player.

Britney points out they need to get a meeting with all four of them together. The problem is Frank is always with him, “He’s in love with Frank”
Janelle: “He falls in love with Men all the time”

Janelle: “ hate Frank so much.. He’s worst that Cappy because he’s a better game player” (Hate is a pretty strong word to use.. Frank is actually a decent guy He just doesn’t have the HOH so no need to be nice to him. I’m not a big Frank fan but he hasn’t done anything to warrant hate)

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10:20pm Cam 3-4 Britney in Hottub

10:32pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Boogie Storage Room Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan: “what’s up you pissed”
Boogie: “ya I’m a bit perturbed.. you surprised?”
Dan: “ya I am because I hope you can see with the nominations for what they are”
Boogie: “II feel like this is a backdoor attempt”
Dan: “II don’t want to go to the end with Daniele, Britney or Janelle I want to play this game with you and i’ve told you that from the very beginning”
Boogie: “Wait we need to take a back up because You said we were good and working together and I found out you were going to take out the guy I was close to”
Dan wants Boogie in this game not Frank because with Frank in the game Boogie and Frank will get put up every single time.
Boogie says that this smells like a backdoor because his key was in last and the only guy he’s working with is nominated. Boogie cannot understand why Dan doesn’t see the problem here.

Dan tells him all the coaches want to keep him in the game. the coaches want to stay close and protect themselves against the newbies.

Boogie asks Dan if he ever thought about taking out Janelle, why target Frank if they were running together in the house why choose to get rid of him.
Dan tries to explain that he knew the twist was coming in and Frank was safe
Boogie says that things really fell into Dan’s lap with the twist because there is no way Dan knew that was going to happen he got lucky.

Boogie: “actions speak louder than words and all I’ve been is lied to in this game by everyone but Frank”
Boogie: “You guys were going to pull a real scumbager on us.. that’s ok it’s game play” Dan says he wants Boogie in the game with the coaches, but he feels like Frank is holding him back.
Boogie: “You are asking me to cut loose the only person that has been true to me for 3 people that lie to me”

Boogie says the exact words Dan told him when he entered the game on Thursday were
“Me and Danielle are rolling with you guys.. In my mind that means Frank, Ian, Jenn, Boogie, Dan and Danielle”
Dan says it was the heat of the moment he was excited by the live show he screwed up.
Boogie says that he knew dan lied to him and he was going to look like he had egg on his face with all of America
Dan says when they got dropped into the Game Boogie told him he hoped Frank was gone. Boogie shakes his head asks him if he really thought he wanted to play the game without Frank, Boogies says dan completely misunderstood him.

Boogie: “why didn’t you put up wil and joe they have said they’re going after the Coaches”
Dan: “The coaches want to come together”
Boogie :”Are you in an alliances with Britney and Janelle”
Dan: “No”

Boogie: “We were exciting to work with you and you really pulled a fast one on us.. hey thats the game”

Boogie: “Do you really want to work with janelle? seriously.. the point here is you can have the same relationship with Frank than I have with frank.. he’s a beast in competitions he’s a great allie”
Boogie: “the HOH wasn’t even over a 30 minutes and Janelle is starting shit with britney she’s a liar”

Dan doesn’t want to work with Janelle he just feels like they need the numbers right now.
Boogie: ‘it sounds like this fast one was your brainchild” (getting Frank out last week)
Dan: “No it wasn’t.. i’m trying to protect you..In hindsight, I should have told you exactly what is going on ”

Boogie: ‘I feel like those are your nominations aren’t they”
Dan: “no she wanted Frank and you up.. With Frank gone i’m hoping that maybe you and I can work together”

Boogie is pissed about being dragged into Big Brother under false pretenses.. if he knew he was coming in he would have played the game much differently. ‘I don’t like this game when things are going good.. when i feel like i’m hunted it’s even worse.. I’m miserable”

Boogie tells him that he’s not going to be party to any scenarios that include getting rid of Frank.

Dan: ‘Do you have any interest in working with the coaches”
Boogie: “Janelle is a big liar.. do you feel like you can trust her.. all three of you lied to me in the last 24 hours” ”

Boogie says the caule of Frank is clear all that flip flopping was never him. They keep Danielle safe last week when everyone was wanting her out, “Did we not forget you guys wouldn’t even be in this game”

Dan asks him if he’ll want to work with the other 3 coaches if they keep Frank in the game. Boogie says he would.

Boogie tells him he has no honest relationship with any of the coaches. Boogie is open to working with Dan because at this point he has no options. Ian doesn’t even know how to play the game and Jenn.. Whose Jenn. Boogie is still pissed but would like to have a conversation after the Power of Veto.

11:51pm Hot tub Jenn, Joe, Wil and Ian

Wil saying that Danielle promised her safety during the HOH competition that is why she dropped. He confronted her in the storage room about it and she told him he would have to wait and see. Joe acts really surprised. Ian says they have so far lived up to their endurance comp promise. Wil mentions that today’s nominations were all Dan and that Danielle is playing Dan’s game.
Wil says that he’s not worried about being nominated if he goes he goes.
Wil: “it was funny no coach was nominate”
Joe: “I personally think this is a back door situation.. but I do not want to see a coach win”

Dan joins them and they start talking about the endurance comp

around midnight Janelle said this to Britney about Frank “why would any women like him he’s a piece of shit” (He must of harmed her in some way off the feeds or she’s just a monster because she hates big time)

12:07am cam 3-4 Boogie and Frank

Boogie explaining his conversation with Dan. (read Above) Boogie basically says he never held anything back on Dan and really stuck it to Dan. Boogie’s recount of the conversation is more or less accurate.

Boogie makes a point to tell him that Dan told him the Coaches are forming a group to take on the other players.

Boogie adds that he told him “If my Disk comes out of that Bag I’m playing for keeps and I’m going to use this. and do you really want A guy like Frank to be coming after you.. I woke up mad and I’m going to bed mad but tomorrow i’m going to bring it”

Boogie says if Frank leaves on Thursday he’s not going to join up with Dan. If Dan wants to work with them they need to take Frank off the block. Boogie told Dan to keep Frank out of harms way and they can make a run on the house.

Boogie: “They think I’m going to cut you to roll with them.. FUCK YOU” boogie refuses to work with Britney and Janelle.

12:29am HOH Room Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane
Dan telling them he thinks if they can get rid of Frank it’lll cripple the players and bring Wil in. He thinks if Frank stays he’ll rally Joe and Wil and come after the coaches

Britney points out that Ian didn’t come up and have a bath with them so it’s pretty clear he’s shunned the alliance. Dan says he was outside in the hot tub and he felt like he was breaking up a anti coaches meeting. Ian told him he was suppose to take a bath in the HOH today. Dan puts his hands up I thought it was just a random thing. Dan calls Ian “A little Scum bag” (Dan claims Ian rated out their group to Boogie) Britney says she just doesn’t see Ian as that type of person. Dna does points out that Ian wanted to see what happened after nominations before he agreed to a deal.
Dan gets called into the Diary Room
Britney tells them that Janelle was trying to start a coaches alliance but she just told her downstairs that Boogie won’t do it.

12:45am HOH Danielle and Shane getting closer

12:53pm HOH Britney and Danielle

Britney telling her that Frank, Wil and Joe are coming for her and Dan. Danielle says that Janelle is targeting her. Britney disagrees says that Janelle is targeting Joe and Wil. Britney thinks Janelle has a really good chance of winning the HOH so she recommends Danielle stays off Janelle’s radar. Britney mentions that if Janelle wins HOH she’ll keep the Coaches safe. She think Joe and Wil are going to be nominated or Maybe Shane

Dan comes up tells them that Joe just told him that Wil was telling people how close Danielle and Dan were. (Ahhh eagle eye) Britney: “Why would he tell you that” Dan explains that he gave eagle eye a look when he interrupted their anti coach meeting at the hot tub.

12:59am Cam 3-4 Jenn, Ashley and Wil

Wil telling them that the coaches are working together they need someone who is not scared of the coaches to win HOH and take out Dan.

AShley says something about having to wake up. (lots of whispering about the coaches being an alliance) They still think Shane is close to his britney and Danielle is super close to Dan. Wil mentions he saw Shane and Frank talking to each other. Shane walks in and game talk ends.

1:24AM Cam 1 HOH Janelle, Britney, Danielle and Dan Janelle: “I’ve never been called a floater in my life” (Biam you’re a floater)

They talk about he “Newbie” squad and whose in it. Janelle tells them that Ashley is with then. Britney says that Boogie is a lone wolf they cannot count on him.

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Why Can’t Boogie see Dan is lying to him ? I guess he doesn’t want to believe it. Or Maybe he feels he is the only shot at making it far in the game besides Frank.


I’m not so sure he doesn’t, I listened to the whole convo and the bottom line for Boogie was that actions speak louder than words and he wants Dan to prove himself before he’ll sign up for anything.

Shane's pink Tank

I think he knows he is lying, but he has no other option. Either Frank or him are gonna be gone unless they shake things up


Jenelle talks all this stuff about Boogie yet wants him to work with her. I can’t stop laughing


Boogie is impervious to Dan’s “mist” It’s actually hilarious to watch. Dan was groveling at one point. Like I posted earlier, I’m not a fan of any newbie besides Shane, but I loathe the thought of a coaches alliance. I didn’t think Dan would go this way with Janelle, I thought he was in BSDD and maybe they’d pick up another newbie.


I think that Dan is trying to keep all his options open. If he can bring Boogie to Jury at least, his chances of winning are good. If he can’t he still has has DDBS as a back up.

Karen S

Janelle is so flashing her boobs to distract Dan right now. For REAL!
It’s distracting me and I’m a girl!
Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle… Squirm, Squirm, Squirm!!!!

Janelle's worn out lip

This season is a mess.


Listening to Dan and Janelle, i think they just don’t get it about Boogie. I’m no big Boogie fan but it is easy to figure out, Boogie likes to play this game with someone he actually likes and respects. His first 2 seasons it was Dr. Will and this year he has bonded with Frank and genuinely likes him. He doesn’t like or give a shit about the other coaches so he doesn’t want to go there even if it is the best game move. Not that hard to figure out and i think it is an admirable way to play. He might go home soon because of it but good on him for wanting to play with people he likes instead of being a fake ass like everyone else.


boogie knows dan is lying. his problem is he has no other way to go. he has formed no other relationships outside frank and ian, its just a bad situation for him, hes not prepared, and if he doesnt win the pov, its over for him and for frank this season.

Unfortunately no one is calling out dan, brit and anything on lying because boogie just doesnt have people on his side who would even tell him such things. its at a point where as a strong fan of boogie(and I do agree with him staying strong with frank, hes his only ally, and I respect that) I think its best if he goes this week instead of frank, as frank has a CHANCE at maybe fitting back in if say shane continues to put a target on himself.(coaches will go after him starting next week if he doesnt win HoH) whereas boogie has zero desire to be in this game.

chilltown is definitely not in the building


Dan is hitting Boogie with The Mist! Give him hell Dan. Frank Tha Stank!!!!!!

Janelle's worn out lip

I just figurred out who Boogie remimds me of…Beavis.


I like it. When are the look – a – likes coming?


I actually blame jenn for the downfall of team boogie. as much as boogie’s ego is a problem, jenn is worse. she birngs nothing but a vote to the table, she informs boogie of absolutely nothing that goes on in the house, she floated on her own team if that was even possible. she is like a floaters floater.

its fun on bbad to drink when you SEE jenn on screen. it was great til some nights when you would drink 1 sip when she is spotted in the mirror across the room


boogie does deliver the DR goods, but thats about all hes done this season, sadly.


That’s OK. That’s all Britney did in her season.


Janelle is such a dumb bitch, I’m sorry but I hate her. She constantly talks about how “manipulative” and “vindictive” Frank is, but wtf has he done? He’s been a straight shooter this whole game.


THANK YOU! I am not the only one..Frank has been a straight shooter but hardly anyone else sees that.. BOOGIE/FRANK FTW!

MU Tigers

I like Frank, I just don’t like Boogie. As a result, Frank gets a bad rap by association. I suspect that there are others that feel the same way.


why do i feel like people are forgetting about shane! Team Shane and whoever else is with him, he deserves to win after being screwed over and having to deal with danielle. (even if he does lead her on while wearing girl’s pink tank tops)


Janelle basically just said Frank is a nice guy but he has to go. Of course, she said this after insulting him for about five straight minutes.


frank doesn’t get a bad rap..he’s just disgusting…with or without Boogie.


Add me to the club. I am a Frank fan. Guy hasn’t pulled anything bad on anyone yet. I truely believe Boogie would have played the game differently if he really felt he was going into the game. Janelle did. She played the whole time like she knew she’d be playing in the game. Then she let Brittney in on the “secret” and Brittney tried to follow suit.

Janelle just hates Frank, plain and simple. She talks about Boogie only liking straight males. Where does that come from? Same could be said about her only liking gay males. Each season she aligns herself with one. Only Wil here ins’t buying her crap….which has me laughing.

C’mon Frank and Boogie. Figure out a Way.

Go Blue! Go Dan!

Are we all watching the same show? Shane wanted be loyal to Frank but his intuition told him Frank was not to be trusted. After Frank made many promises to Shane – Frank five minutes later told Boogie “we have to get Shane out next week”, Boogie was the one who said “no, we need to consider working with Shane”. Frank also did this Dani and Will. I believe each player wanted to truly work with Frank including Willie but somehow everyone figures out Frank cannot be trusted. Nothing really happens out right except with Willie but obviously Frank is doing something to let the others know they cannot trust him.

Also, Frank and Boogie are spoiled brats – they want an apology? Serious, really? Frank has not earned the right to complain and if I were Boogie I would start to realize Frank is all talk.


So Dan basically wants Boogie to stay because the target would be off of him right? Or does he really want to play with Boogie? Or a little of both? Someone help me out here


Definitely! If Boogie stays, people won’t see Dan as the master manipulator and I think Boogie knows it, plus he’s emotional and Dan is anti emotional. They’re completely different players. I don’t see them working together after what Boogie percieves Dan has done/is doing, but who knows what the future holds. And I don’t see Boogie ever aligning with Brit and Janelle.


Yeah I think that too. In my personal opinion I think (and hope) Dan is rolling with Danielle, Shane and Brit but who knows


Poor Mike and his napolean complex and only child syndrome.waaaa!!!waaaa!!!
That is so butt hurt because someone pulled a fast one on the Great Booger.He doesnt want to like a fool
to all his Hollywood friends.All the bs he pulled during time on BB and he’s gonna catch feelings when don’t go his way, wow.
Butt Hurt Boogie ha ha

Lil’ Ian is buzzin’ in the hot tub (:


you really should look up the napoleon complex. seriously.

mike boogie is an example of a kid who was picked on as a kid, got back at them through big brother and getting thin, and now has a different perspective which makes him a liability in the game of big brother. he is by no means an example of someone with a napoleon complex, hes an example of a guy who has a big ego, doesn’t want to see his “legacy” go to flames outside of his control since he didnt choose to enter this game, and is shutting down because of it. if he had a nap complex, he’d be out there like joe.


As a woman, I can’t tell you how much I hate Boogie. Danielle just outlasted ALL of the men on a seriously difficult endurance competition, yet Boogie says, she’s only along for the ride. He ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Danielle will no longer be throwing competitions. I actually hope that Boogie’s name gets picked for veto and that she smacks both him and Frank down. Boogie can’t even fathom the idea that a woman could play this game better than him. All of this pissy attitude because he was lied to…boo hoo, poor Boogie. Seems to me that is they way this game is generally played. Why should anyone tell him in advance which way anyone is voting? Why should anyone tip their hand? Why would you allow a player time to manipulate (or intimidate in Boogie and Frank’s case) people for votes. SOmeone needs to call Dr. Will and get him to make a house call to take Boogie away.


I so much agree i want Boogie gone he doesnt like playing with woman!!


like the first time he played when he lost because he got caught up liking a *girl* who he proposed to on the finale

in bb all stars, he constantly hooked up with erika, and had an alliance with her and janelle along with will.

hes loyal to his guy friends, thats the difference between mike boogie and others. his true* friends, he wont backstab

he would have just taken will to the finals if he could have not becuase he “loves” him, but because he respects his friend enough to do so

there is some integrity in that.


I don’t know what boogies history is but you can tell by so many things that he has an issue with women…he sexually wants them but can’t have a real relationship with them. we’ll never know the underlying issue he has but you can also see the similarity in frank. he doesn’t have a real relationship with females either and. I think that is why they are draw together unknowingly.


I think Boogie is being completely honest about why he is made. He understands that lying is part of the game. He is mad because he thought he and Frank (his Dr. Will 2.0) were working with Dan and Danielle and then he finds out that they were planning to take out Frank. On top of that they didn’t let him know.

Boogie’s problem in this game is that he thinks of Frank as his new Dr. Will and Frank is not. He may be a nice guy and a good competitor, but he does not have the charm (though he tries) nor the stratigic sense that Dr. Will has. If Dr. Will had been in Franks position, after he was saved from the block, he would have laid low, not won the comp, shmoozed everyone (and in this house it would be easy). What did Frank do? He won HOH and started making enemies: Britany and Shane (and by extension Danielle). Then when Shane was HOH almost all he did was sit with Boogie and chill. He should have been laying it on, sticking to Shane like a Siamese twin, using Ian (and if he could, Jenn) to firm things up with Dan and Danielle so that Britany would never have gone to Ian to make sure they were not going up. No, Frank just went up to Shand and Danielle once to make the 3 Amigos alliance and that was it.

Boogie’s problem is that Frank is no Dr. Will.

Dannie Boy Rocks

No Boogie’s problem is that he is an idiot. How can you completely rely on someone else in this game. It’s like he isn’t even playing for himself. I thought he had better strategy than just having a bromance. Frank is definitely no Dr. Will. We can’t even see what Frank can do because he is so caught up with Boogie. Unfortunately, Frank is irrelevant because he shouldn’t even be there. He was going to get voted out last week. It is only because of production that Frank is still in the house. As far as I am concerned, Boogie has destroyed the legacy of Chilltown. He sucks at this game. Grow some balls, Boogie. Man up. If you can’t do that, then don’t get mad at Dan for trying to play this game. He is offering you the chance to play with him, but you won’t do it because you are so stuck up Frank’s butt.

On a side note, Dan will figure things out and he doesn’t need Boogie to survive in this game.

~Dannie Boy Rocks!


Boogie is pissed because of being a competitor to begin with but it’s bleeding over into every conversation he has. He could have a conversation with a carton of eggs at this point and be pissed about them being jumbo eggs instead of large.


OMG! These stupid noobs need to just all self evict and Dan, Brit, jani can split half a mil….I have lost all respect for Dan, I knew that Brit and Jani are liars and scum but dan is just using Danielle, and Shane…..I am shocked. The sad part is Boogie is the most trustworthy of all…..and is not gonna stab his player in the back. Im sickened over dan using danielles hard earned hoh…..Now how stupid and controlling is willie??? He was right and super right…..good job noobs….keep voting each other out so coaches….and they are clearly still coaches…..can win this frikkin game…..


What Dan needs to do now is reel Boogie in(at least as a backup plan if Frank stays), get brit/danielle/shane in on something that “proves” their loyalty to them, and use them to get Janelle out of the game.


can’t get rid of janelle yet because then Dan and boogie would then run right over brittany


Boogie is such an idiot. I mean Janelle pretty much said the truth on BBAD that Boogie was Robin and Dr. WIll was Batman and his game is pretty much a resemblance to Danielle from last season, where she got screwed over by her own demeanor to get out of her dad’s shadow, became the #1 target around the house and stuck with second-rate HG’s until she got enevitably evicted. Sorry Boogie, unless you or Frank win the POV tomorrow, both of your days are numbered.


Boogie’s ego should be introduced as houseguest #13! What a piece of work! He has a pathetic attitude and all this nasty talk against women…Even calling Shawn the type of guy who goes ‘shopping’ at the mall with his g/f – why is that even necessary – wtf?

We are all used to BB antics and the players trying to deal with the pressure of the BB house, it’s expected But Boogie is such a wuss and thinks so highly of himself that he can’t believe that Dan would snub him. LOL I hope Dan was making fun of him in the DR and they show it on TV. Boogie and Janielle should both check into ego’s anonymous right after the show for long over-due treatment!




self delusion has been running very high with boogie, frank and janelle. it’s weird to watch it.


So when is bb gonna bring the real players into the game……cuz these people are the stand ins right??? Danielle is bout to get her some and frikkin britney blows all that for a frikkin mask…..And Jani is down in the arcade room fattening Ashley up for the kill and she’s eatin it up!!! Yall just go home and play pajama party there….I wanna see some real big brother players please.

pitty party for boogie

Sorry I really haven’t seen boogie be supportive to anyone but frank. I never heard him say anything postive about jenn or Ian. He should know better than to put all his eggs in one basket sooo early on. When he won the 6grand instead of being selfish he should have used it as leverage with another player. He needs to stop trying to make a mini me and either cowboy up or headbutt joe and leave. Team dan, at least he’s trying.


he was also supportive to ian many times. its just now that hes starting to see ian as useless.

but as a coach, boogie was riding frank as the meat shield for ian to the finals.


he has supported ian, its just now that he sees him as useless, as a coach it was ride frank as a meat shield for ian to the finals…

his problem is that jenn was useless, then he shunned everyone else because he thought he was against them the entire time as a coach not a player.

the reset was BS


he has supported ian, its just now that he sees him as useless, as a coach it was ride frank as a meat shield for ian to the finals…

his problem is that jenn was useless, then he shunned everyone else because he thought he was against them the entire time as a coach not a player.

the reset was BS


ha i want someone to headbutt joe again


So this is Dan, Britney, and Jani’s HOH room right???


Okay. What is up with Shane’s hair and why does it look like a really bad toupee?


I think he said he needed hair club for men at some point so I think he’s going bald at an early age


The reason Danielle is not going with the newbies is because she needs to keep Dan safe because Dan will save her. But in order to keep Dan safe she also has to keep the coaches safe. Yes Dan has a lot of influence but Danielle is now a target. She has proven she has a great social game (shes friends with everyone) and she has just proven she’s a beast at endurance comps. I don’t think Dan is in a great place right now. He’s safe for this week but if will or them win HOH then Dan could be gone.


What is really mind boggling about this whole HoH is that instead of trying to take out the vets (even after seeing last season) Danielle puts up two newbies, and the very person that they are trying to backdoor (Boogie) is the only vet that is not trying to use them or screw them over. Poor guy didn’t even want to be in the game.

I was so anti Boogie and Frank and now i’m kind of rooting for them, as well as Shane, I just wish they ( Shane & Danielle ) would open their eyes and see what’s actually going on.

This was Dan’s HoH.


Not exactly rooting for Boogie ( he already has tons of money ) , just want him to cheer up and not be so down. I feel bad for the guy.


I don’t feel bad for boogie at all…..this game is all about expect the unexpected….so when the coaches knew coming in how BB switches things up in every season…especially the later seasons.


Dan and Britney have run every HOH except for Frank’s.


Danielle bugs.


Dan is pathetic, hes calling Ian a scumbag because he isnt getting his way


I coudln’t believe it when he started saying that, he just assumed what he was doing without ever confronting him about it…poor Ian lol, everyone always assumes the worst about him.


when Dan had his chat with Ian yesterday in the hon room I was so surprised that he later told brit an dani that they could trust Ian. I thought it was obvious that Ian wouldn’t give him a straight answer. Dan missed that one.


how can u hate dan for lying? THATS THE GAME!….lol…dan is playing everybody and i love it, that’s how u win 500 k…by playing people in this game, u dont win haf a mill by telling the truth and having feelings…that’s why danielle won’t win…because if danielle was smart she would have put dan on the block…because he obviously is using her…lol….but dan is a pimp , and id be surprisd if he didnt make it to the final two…i honestly think at some point dan is going to backdoor shane, and he will team up with janelle and boogie…dan is the strongest player in the house, plus he has mind cotrol of danielle and shane, shane wins competitions…if anybody puts up dan , he could win POV or one of his flunkies could win it…DAN IS IN THE BEST POSITION RIGHT NOW


im sad with the newbies. get it going guys. cmon, dont let the vets just run the season, at least put up a fight. and danielle…so sad, if she kicks dan to the curb it will only be to place shane in his spot. just weak, why even call her the HoH, julie should just interview the 3 vets not named mike boogie and tell danielle to sit down with the rest of the hg’s.

if wil won hoh, that would shake up the house, but right now everyone is nervous to make a move. I think wil might be the only one outside joe with the backbone to do it.


Simon your calling Janelle A floated What! She has won so many vetos and hoh’s . She only just started to play the game so no is a floated cause the game was reset


Are you kidding me? Janelle is a floater & she was helped & relign on her sovereign 6 alliance member. She been kissing up to HoH’s A$$! That’s why Janelle is a floater.


Boogie is going to go down as one of the worst players in BB. He is proving he is nothing without Dr will. If he had any brains he would continue to try to keep frank safe but at the same time keep the coaches close just in case he does go home. Instead he runs strait to his carrot top boyfiend and tells him everything. I have lost all respect for boogie in this game. If he’s that upset about playing the game then just walk out already. He’s acting worse then chima did when Jeff pulled out the coup de te. Brittney is a little dumb too by telling Danielle that janelle wants to make a coaches alliance. She’s another coattail rider.

Dannie Boy Rocks

I second that. Boogie is pathetic without Dr. Will. I just thought he was better than this. What a waste. I agree, if he wants to leave, then he should leave. This will increase the chances of someone else winning. In particular, it’ll give my boy Dan a better chance.

~Dannie Boy Rocks!


I dont like Janelle….I have never liked Janelle. She is so obvious with her so called game play with floating to whomever is HOH. I find it so hard that her being a new mom of just 7 months that she isnt upset about leaving her child for close to 3 months. All the things she is missing this child do just astounds me. I still recall her going thru the house on her season and calling another player names because that is what Howie did….again sticking with whomever is HOH. She is only purposing a coaches alliance so she has at least 3 gauranteed votes when she goes on the block….which should have been this week. It didnt take her long to ask Danielle if she could sleep in the HOH room….Janelle is not one of the best players of BB history….she will lose this time as well and become a 3 time loser…


Well, well, well…it seems that the majority of the newbies were never that crazy about having coaches and now that they have entered the game why…pray tell me, did Danielle nominate two newbies? If I were Danielle, I would have went to Shane and said “hey handsome, why don’t we get a strong backbone and play this game for all its worth….let’s you and I take control and I’ll nominate Boogie and Janelle, and since we did grow fond of our coaches, we will save them for next week but start with Boogie and Janelle. Call a meeting and try and get all of the rest of the newbies to ally with us and if one of us gets POV we won’t use it and if a coach wins it we still have Dan and Brit to put in their place!! There is no way Dan or Brit would use it to remove Boog or Janelle as they would know that he/she would get put in their chair. In the event a nominee wins POV they simply throw in Brit or Dan. Let it be known that their out to get rid of the coaches…why hide the fact….right now their 8 to 4 and have the numbers to accomplish the goal. Danielle must be somewhat in denial if she thinks Dan really has her back as if she knew how eagerly him and Janelle pushed the button to enter as players she’d realize their out to win and screw all the newbies.


i really wanted boogie vs janelle nominations. sbdd though i think is solid-ish. dan can probably beat danielle in the end so no reason not to protect her (shane’s a total liability to everyone in the alliance though, so you want him out in fourth or fifth). i think ian’d be the best replacement if boogie or janelle took themselves off the block (or jenn) as they’d be a pawn anyway and it might wake them up.


Total agreement. Danielle and Shane could have taken control, but instead Danielle made the worst possible move and gave control to Dan. It was their chance to open up the game and truly reset. It was the chance to let everyone play for themselves. Power is a dangerous thing when you don’t have the intelligence to use it wisely, and this is the case with Danielle. She had the power last week (she thought she did until the twist happened) and she almost burned herself (saved by the twist). And she didn’t learn from it. She is like a moth, attracted to the flame. She is quite possibly the stupidest player ever, and Shane needs to distance himself or he will get burned by her stupidity too.


Why are ppl calling Janelle a floater. She was a coach who won two coaches comps and had a team of fucking losers who couldn’t win to save their own lives, so she had to kiss ass tokeep them in the game and guess what it worked. Wil is a Lil bitch whose all bark and no bite. Danielle is a stupid ass whose being played by two guys(dan & Shane). She’s doing all of Dan’s dirty work and last week when Shane was hoh he was rejecting her like a dbad credit card but now he’s kissing and rubbing her. And she’s getting on my nerves thinking everybody’s every move has something to do with her pathetic ass. Britney is playing all sides well but I can’t stand her or the way she bad mouths Janelle then acts buddy with her to her face. Boogie needs to get over his self, if u want to go home self evict already.


Danielle, please don’t pick Janelle. She needs to be backdoored. She is a floater & she really got to go.

mike w

Boogie’s a big baby. It’s Big Brother, dopey. Not everything will go your way. And Janelle’s about as interesting as watching nail polish dry.


.Does Dan really believe Boogie will work with the coachs if they keep Frank in the game?I hope he doesn’t go for that.I think it’s in Dan,Britney&Janelle best interest for Frank to be evicted this Thursday.It seems like they(coachs)have a better chance of Boogie working with them,if they take out the only person he’s close to,which is Frank.If Frank gets evicted,then Wil needs to be their next target.I’m starting to think when it’s time for the jury to vote for the winner,they won’t base their decision on who played the best game,strategically and socially(the way I think the jury should base their decision on).Instead of voting for the person who played the best game,a lot of these newbies seem like they’ll vote for anyone as long as they aren’t a coach.They probably couldn’t careless if a coachs game is top of the notch.They’ll vote for a newbie that has a inferior game than a coach,all because they are mad that the coachs were allowed to play the game.Since the coachs will be dealing with a bunch of babies that don’t care about who played the game the best.I think the coachs should take each other to final 2,that way the newbies won’t have a choice but to vote for a coach.But they probably shouldn’t take Boogie,because the newbies might see him as one of them,since Boogie doesn’t want to work with the coachs.Oh,and I’m fully aware that I’m the only person who isn’t rooting for the newbies.But I’m not exactly rooting for all the coachs.I only like Dan and I want him to win this game again.But,it will further Dan’s game if the coachs can stick together.So,that’s why it may seem like I only want a coach to win,but that’s not the case.I like the way Dan played the game on season10 and I like the way he’s playing the game this season.Therefore,I want Dan to be crown the winner once again.


yes JW, that’s what I wanted to tell you about the newbies voting for their alliance as opposed to
who played the better game.


Danielle and Shane will never be the next Jeff and Jordan. Danielle is gonna wire up like the girl boogie played in all stars


What is that thing on Joe’s back?


One of the better BBAD. Watching Dan speaking, he’s incredibly convincing imo. I didn’t notice it mentioned above, but after the talk with Boogie, Dan was talking to the camera saying that he can’t believe that Boogie is acting the way he is and thought he was coming to play with one of the greats. So it’s hard to tell where Dan actually stands. This conversation should make it to the show Sunday, so it will be interesting to see what he has to say in the DR.

And Britney in that little pink Bikini. Damn.