Janelle asks Ashley if she will vote Frank out? Ashley says yes. Janelle says good me too.

POV Holder: ??? Next POV: Aug 4 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon)
Last Evicted Houseguest


12:50pm Up in the HOH room Britney, Dan and Danielle are talking about how Janelle is down there scheming with Frank. They guess what they are scheming about. Britney brings up how much Frank hates Janelle. They talk about not wanting to piss off Janelle because they need her vote. Danielle asks if they should get out Frank or Janelle, she says that everyone will be too scared to put her up. Britney says what if Frank wins the veto, then what? Dan says it’s a one out of six chance he will win. Britney heads down stairs.

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Britney comes back up and tells them that Joe told her that if anyone is telling you I am holding a coaches convention to get the coaches out, and that is a lie. Britney says that Janelle was the one to tell then that. Dan says that is how Janelle plays this game, she lies, so at least you can predict what she will do. She is predictable. Danielle asks do you think Janelle would not go after Shane? Britney says yeah, she absolutely will, she says she would put up Wil and Joe but that is not true. Britney says that Janelle for some reason thinks they have some loyalty. Britney says that we have a good pool for the Power of Veto. Dan says you roll the dice, it is part of the game. Britney says that Shane doesn’t scheme with us, he is asleep. Dan says don’t worry about Shane, he is the most trustworthy in this house. Danielle says thanks Dan! Dan says well, besides you. Dan then thanks Danielle for picking him to host the competition. He says that he is excited about it. They talk about how Janelle asked Danielle if she could be the host, but that Danielle didn’t pick her. They say to tell Janelle if she asks that Britney wanted to host it too so she didn’t want to chose between them so she picked Dan. Britney wonders if the fish are looking for their own poop to eat. Daneille wonder how Britney’s mind works. Britney that people trapped in a building would eat their own poop. She asks Dan if that would happen. Dan says answer C, they would eat each other. Britney heads downstairs. Dan tells Danielle not to feed too much into Britney’s hate of Janelle.


1:40pm – 1:50pm Janelle and Ashley are in bed talking. Janelle tells her that she told Frank that she is all alone and how she said she thinks Trixie isn’t even working with her. Janelle says of course I know you are but I want him to think I am all alone. They talk about how last week was all for nothing and it made her (Janelle) a target for Frank and Boogie. Janelle says that Boogie would never do the same for her. Janelle says that she can’t believe Frank approached her to form an alliance. Janielle says that there is no working with people who lie or stab you in the back. Janelle asks you would obviously vote Frank out this week right? Ashley says yes. Janelle says good me too. Janelle says that she would never vote out Wil. Ashley says even though he is being a sh*t head I wouldn’t vote him out. Janelle says that Ian said he is really going to try and win the POV. Ashley says that she does want to work with Dan, Britney, Danielle and Shane. Ashley says that she always feels indebted to Shane because he used the POV on me.


2pm – 2:15pm Frank and Jenn are talking in the arcade room. Jenn tells Frank that he and Boogie are golden and that all they care about is each other. Jenn say so why would I have your back? Frank says that Boogie spends more time with me because I was the bigger target. Frank says I have been on the block three times, so obviously it’s true, I hope you see that. Frank says that the trade thing is that I was telling Wil whatever I had to. He says that Boogie and I were thinking we were going to pick up a fourth player, but not Wil. Frank says that him and Boogie did not want to burn any bridges, we just wanted to get Janelle out. Frank says that we thought there was an opening because we heard Janelle told Wil that I was trying to back door him. Frank says that he told Janelle he wanted her to trade for me week two, but you know that is not true. Frank tells her that to get Wil’s vote, Boogie and I had to lie to him that we were going to trade to get him. Frank says that Joe is a piece of sh*t, Wil is a piece of shit. And Ashley she will vote the way Janelle votes so that is why I was trying to mend that bridge with Janelle earlier in the bathroom.


2:30pm Ian is in the have-not room pacing around and around the room. (He is nervous about the competition and when he gets nervous he fidgets or paces around. In the living room, Frank, Joe, Danielle, Britney and Shane are talking about sports mascots.

2:45pm Ian and Jenn join the house guests in the living room and they continue to talk about schools. Everyone is waiting for the Power of Veto Competition to begin. Dan is called to the Diary room. The competition will be happening soon! Big Brother switches the feeds to TRIVIA..

3:30pm TRIVIA…

4:20pm Still TRIVIA…
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104 thoughts on “Janelle asks Ashley if she will vote Frank out? Ashley says yes. Janelle says good me too.

  1. “Janielle says that there is no working with people who lie or stab you in the back.” really janelle? you and joe are the biggest liars and fakes in the house

  2. If Frank Tha Stank dont win he’s in trouble. I think the other side can sway Ian to make a big move and not use it. Jenn would possibly save him though.

  3. did you all just hear frank tell jenn….don’t worry WE weren’t going to trade you……didn’t know he was a coach. this is why my household doesn’t like him …he is a phony….just be who you are…stop trying to be someone you are not. the other people in the house are just who they are…frank is so insecure about his wrestler daddy that he pretends to be more than who he is…..second place is joe

    1. Grodner is going to do everything she can to keep boogie and janelle in the game, the ratings are horrible and she really needs the vets to stay in the house. The only vet I see going home early if Grodner has her way is Britney, she offers nothing to the show and spends all day complaining about Janelle.

      1. Ms. Chen LOVES Brit. Her va-jay-jay talk is just like her 2 PM EST show, “The Talk.” Brit is a Julie choice, and whatever Julie wants, CBS does. She sleeps with the boss.

      2. Reminds me of that movie with Matt Damen and Greg Kinnear, Stuck on You. Just the thought of that makes me laugh.

      3. The ratings are far from horrible. They are either 1 or 2 every night. They may be down A LITTLE from last year but that is to be expected for a show in its 14th season with Olympics on. After they r over I would think ratings will go up a little again, but with 5 – 7 million viewers the show is doing fine. Remember the ratings can be down when compared to last year but that doesn’t. After if they are consistently 1 or 2 with viewers 18-49

      4. Actually, Britney is probably one of the least expendable…Britney was “America’s Favorite Houseguest” (I know she was the only coach eligible for it) but America hates Boogie and if he continues to stay this boring Grodner won’t care if he’s gone.

  4. So janelle can’t tallk to frank or boogie? This house is a mess I want ian to win veto.

  5. How funny would this be… Frank is evicted and while hes hugging everyone goodbye Boogie waits at the door to hug him last then walks through the door with him. If Boogie could keep that quiet imagine Julies face and the crowd when it happened. If my heart wasnt in it and I was missing my kid and not worried about the money it would be a clutch move.

    1. I think Boogie is hoping that BB will throw in a Pandora’s Box (to put some coaches back as coaches). My guess Boogie thinks that BB could switch it back to coaches, but it would have to happen within the next two weeks.

    2. That’d be great, and it’s def better than being used by Dan then tossed aside down the road just to live in the jury house.

    1. I agree with you Paul! This is the big opportunity to get rid of Janelle! There may be no other chance to get her out. Frank can be ousted anytime, because it’s apparent he can’t save himself! Get Janelle out now while you can!!!

  6. Dan is the smartest player in the house. Britney who has no clue is basically wanting janelle out when really she needs janelle. So Dan just sits quiet and then when Britney leaves tells Danielle not to get into the whole bashing janelle. Why? Because Dan knows he needs janelle and janelle needs him. Why would Britney say that janelle would put up Shane when janelle would not do that. Why was Britney even asked to be a coach. She has no strategy what so ever. All she did was hang out in her season and flirt with lane. Then she got totally played. Now she’s totally playing herself by trying to get janelle out way too soon. Shes acting like an ameture along with boogie. Well I guess they really are ametures because the both rode coattails.

    1. Completely agree with this. Britney is not the most liked person in the house so she actually needs Janelle more than she realizes. Luckily, Dan is thinking enough for the both of them and by keeping Janelle around, he is protecting both Britney and himself. Dan is playing a great game. Boogie is such a waste. Why would you not form an alliance with the coaches. A newbie will not want a coach to win.

      ~Dannie Boy Rocks!

    2. She was picked because Julie LOVES Brit. Brit talked non-stop about Rachel Reilly’s va-jay-jay and Julie found it absolutely hillarious. I just don’t understand why Julie did not have Brit replace Leah Remini. Julie loves a good va-jay-jay conversation.

  7. Jenn clearly sees how expendable she is. I hope she wins POV just for the sheer joy of watching Boogie and Frank kiss her ass. Suddenly Jenn will have more air time in two days than in the whole of last month. And Janelle’s ass-kissing to Jenn will be priceless! Janelle even acknowledges what a sycophant she is, telling her team last week to get up there and kiss some ass. So Jenn for the POV win just for pure entertainment’s sake!

  8. If any of the vets win this game I’ll be sick…They had there turn and frankly I just want a season with all new people that we have not seen yet. All on the same playing feild. They should have kept it coaches for the season. After all that was suppose to be the twist this season. Now it’s vets vs neebies again. BEEN THERE DONE THAT

  9. I don’t even know how Frank plays this game because it’s always what him and Boogie wants. I don’t know what Frank wants. All I know for sure is that Frank would have been gone last week had it not been for production and the twist. I totally understand why Shane and Dan want Frank out because this guy was suppose to be gone already. At some point, Boogie will have to let go of Frank. It may be sooner rather than later. I’m hoping Ian will work with Dan and these two make it to the end. This would be pretty awesome! At the end of the day, I know Dan will survive some way…somehow.

    ~Dannie Boy Rocks!

    1. they had once two years ago (BB12) with all new HGS. But it was so FREAKIN’ BORING!!!! The final 3 were a bunch of FLOATERS who called their alliance THE BEST ALLIANCE EVER… No wonders why they(production) start to bring back former players…

      1. agree. the brigade is the worst alliance ever because of how boring the season was because of it. they ddnt do a THING. they couldnt even take out their top targets for a long freaking time. it was sad.

        I think people just talk too much now, and there isnt enough of people like evel dick who keep others from talking. there isnt enough of people going outside their alliance because it gets back to the other people so darn quickly.

        imo, when you add mike boogie to a game, a guy known for the backstab move, its really tough to get anyone to not be totally paranoid, and resist basically any good deals on the table.

        what annoys me is that dan expects ian to turn on boogie as if thats his best move. it wouldnt have been if boogie was playing in POV, but now, boogie is going home w/ a frank pov win

        1. No they actually kept losing all the comps so noone would see them as a threat. They only started winning when there was about 6 people left. It was a smart move but made for extremely boring TV. The only problem with that kind of play was if lane had any brains at all he would have brought Britney into the final 3 and if Brit had won the last HOH and took lane then maybe lane would have won. He basically was playing for $50k because he would have lost to Enzo or Hayden.

          1. Lane wanted to bring Brit but they lost the final veto to hayden lane said in diary room had he won he would of screwed the brigade for brit

      2. i fail to see how hayden a 3 time hoh winner is a floater or enzo who possibly had one of the best social games ever not to mention matt who was a beast the only floater in that alliance was lane

        1. Hayden wasn’t a floater. He was just there hanging out all summer. He only won the comps at the end when no one was left. As for Matt. You really can’t say he was part of that alliance because they only used him as protection during his 2 HOHs. People see floaters in 2 ways. 1 is they never win and float to whoever has power. And then there’s the other kind of floater. People who just sit there and do nothing. They don’t stir things up they don’t say much. They basically just sit back for the ride. The first one is an original floater. If someone came come up with a name for the other kind then it would be easier to understand what people mean.

      3. thank you, I thought I was the only one who thought it was the worst alliance ever, if you have four members in the alliance and you backstab one, your alliance is over

    2. Hey Simon I’ve got a question, why do you censor the curse words in your synopsis? You bleep out one letter, might as well just write the whole word.

      1. Dammit i do this all the time lol. I click reply, type something out, realize it’s not even worth saying, then come back later to leave a standalone comment and accidentally reply.

            1. Ah ok, I’ve cussed a few times on here now, but I’ll make sure to censor too from now on, this is my favorite BB blog and having even more people on here would be great.

  10. Dan go have to have a tallk with britney about tallking sh*t about janelle infront of danelle and shane.

    1. Janelle needs to be backdoored! She gone anyway! Here lies Janelle! Singled handed by Danielle!

    2. I agree 100%. I have been saying the same thing. For some reason she thinks the newbies are going to keep her. I gues she forgot how totally played she got by the brigade. I guess she wants to go down as a 2 time sucker

  11. Has anyone been watching the “live Feeds” for last 30 min Sat Aug 4th 2:15 to 2:34 at least prob earlier with Ian walking in circles in the have not room making all these weird mouth sounds, hand sounds, talking to himself, talking to the camera but not really :), and pacing in circles ?? I read on other board that many think Ian has Aspersers or whatever its spelled like ? Whatever he has I think its called Crazy !! Pretty sure the guy is a complete nut job !!

    1. Ian is not autistic!

      Ian is artistic, just like Simon. They both like to do drawerings!

      “Can I make a drawing for you?” OR “Would you like to see my drawings?” – Simon OR Ian

    2. yeah he has something, but that doesnt make him a nut job, it just explains why he acts that why. its probably why hes a member of norml, aka legalizaing medical marijuana, he probably needs it to calm tremors etc.

    3. I think he does have aspergers. My twin nephews have it and he shows a LOT of the same signs. In basic terms it is a form of high functioning autism.

    4. Umm…that’s nice. If he did have aspergers which is medically diagnosed why would you make fun of the poor kid like that? People with aspergers, autism, or any other disease are born with it and can’t help it.
      He talks to himself because he is a superfan and wants the feeders to love him. Dan does that too. He even did it last night on BBAD.

    5. I’m pretty sure if he has a syndrome or disorder, it wouldn’t be polite to say he’s nuts, considering it’s not his fault. If not, he’s definitely eccentric, but at the end of the day I don’t think anyone would choose to be that way.

    6. There is no doubt in my mind that Ian has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and what we are seeing with him is called Stimming – see below….

      Stimming is a repetitive body movement that self-stimulates one or more senses in a regulated manner. Stimming is known in psychiatry as a “stereotypy”, a continuous, purposeless movement.
      Stimming is one of the symptoms listed by the DSM IV for autism, although it is observed in about 10 percent of young children without autism. Many children with autism have no stims. Common forms of stimming among people with autism include hand flapping, body spinning or rocking, lining up or spinning toys or other objects, echolalia, perseveration, and repeating rote phrases. [1]

      There are many theories about the function of stimming, and the reasons for its increased incidence in autistic people. For hyposensitive people, it may provide needed nervous system arousal, releasing beta-endorphins. For hypersensitive people, it may provide a “norming” effect, allowing the person to control a specific sense, and is thus a soothing behavior

      1. Just start watching him at the table – he NEEDS to rock and he uses the teddy bear to disguise his impulsive hand movement.

        1. People with Aspergers can also suffer sensory overload at times. They learn to cope by trying to eliminate or minimize something within their environment at that time. This may be why Ian goes into a room alone … too much noise, too much colour etc. can be upsetting.

        2. Ian does not have a condition in the Autism Spectrum. When I get nervous I walk around in circles and talk to myself to calm down. It is soothing. I am a special ed teacher and he doesn’t seem to have the symptoms od Asperbergers. He looks people in the eye and has clear reasoning. He is just a little socually awkward like mkst of us…..

          1. I agree that he is probably just socially awkward. If anything, his experience on the show will probably end up making him more open and capable of dealing with others in social situations. Not convinced that he has much chance of winning the game though, despite his encyclopedic knowledge of the show. Seems like a decent enough kid.

          2. Watch him more closely then, he does not sustain eye contact – he does this thing where he lowers his eyes, scans the room and starts again. i respect your opinion as a Special Ed teacher, but I am the parent of a young adult with ASD and I can assure you that a young man in his early 20s with this disorder CAN AND DOES develop some coping skills and perhaps you are more experienced with younger children…………………It does not matter at all, of course, but as as parent I am thrilled that Ian is participating in this major deal and would hope that if he was diagnosed that he would share this with others.

      2. Omg that’s it !! I’d have to agree, and don’t get me wrong, if you heard my tense as I said that he’s a nutjob and was also seeing the feed I was, he looks pretty coo coo, byut I’m not trying to be mean, he literally looks like onbe of the guys in One Flew Over The CooCoo’s Nest !!

        Stimming it is, what a drag, he has no chance of winning this !! Not because of his illness but because it is already affecting his game and he has no alpha in him, very handy attribute in BB game !!

    7. I don’t think Ian is crazy. From “those in the know” he is autistic and thus has social issues, which makes his winning all the more improbable, which makes me root for him.

      Imagine how the others would feel to be beat by an autistic person, especially the arrogant vets who already have an unfair advantage over the newbies. That, to me, would be priceless.

      And as stated before, there couldn’t be a more lovable, endearing underdog than Ian. Perfect casting there. I doubt any of the others would have teared up as Ian did to be given $3,000. True, his strategy right now is less than stellar, but hey, wouldn’t it be awesome to see him take it all away from most of those smug jackasses! Perhaps it’s just me with that dream :)

    8. I find it really offensive that you are associating those with aspergers or any mental illness to be crazy, you should be ashamed of yourself, he can’t help who he is. While I don’t think it would too far fetched to think Ian may have some sore of autism, I’m not so sure, I think he may just be socially awkward, and I occasionally associate myself with being in that group as well, well I’m not nearly as bad as Ian, when I’m nervous I pace around it is just a weird of quirk of mine, and I occasionally have problems deciding what to do with my hands, but I am not and have been looked at and I have no form of autism, so I just think Ian is socially awkward.

    9. The night when Frank won hoh and everyone was up there checking out his pic and food basket
      Ian looked really restless on bbad. He couldn’t keep still. The next day I was reading the updates on another
      site and Ian was saying to himself ‘I’m stimming bad tonight” while he was in tthe backyard alone. It was so bad he moved
      the hammock over from all the heavy swinging he was doing. Its kinda sad when u see him in that state.
      I dig the kid!

      1. Well, Ian would be the one to confirm his condition, and saying, “I’m stimming bad tonight,” and the word “stimming” having a particular meaning within the realm of autism, pretty much confirms it. I read from another poster (can’t remember who) that when Ian would start to talk about his condition BB would change the feeds.

        I dig the kid too! Hope he takes it all.

  12. I find the hatred between Janelle and Frank pretty amusing because their gameplay is very similar.

    They both talk to almost everyone, they both lie a lot, and they will both say anything to anybody at anytime to save their own skin.

    Guess that’s why they don’t trust each other, lol.

  13. I actually think frank would play a lot better without boogie. In my opinion I think he would have been a stand up and trust worthy guy without mike in his ear. But with mike around they just can’t trust frank. All the newbies are horrible this year. Joe has no game and screams in his DRs. Ashley has no game and is just going to go and cry to whoever has power. Jenn is the most boring out of all of them and she has no game either. Ian is afraid and boring as well. Will can sometimes play this game like how he played frank and boogie and if BB would have let them vote last week it would have been the biggest blindside ever. But sometimes he let’s his pride get in the way of $500k. Frank would have been my fav if not for boogie. Danielle does whatever Dan wants and will do whatever Shane wants so she’s not that great. Shane is probably the best player out of the newbies. He wins comps, is friendly to everyone, and only give enough info to keep other close. He knows not to rattle other players. If Shane doesn’t win then I hope it’s a coach because these newbies are boring and don’t have much game.

  14. I’m happy the vets in the game because they would have gone home just because who team they was on like shane puting up joe and ashley just because he don’t trust jani so I’m happy the players can play there own game unlike frank who still up boogie ass.

    1. Not really! Janelle will be leaving on Thursday! Shane will shatter Janelle All-time PoV record!

  15. to be fair, they owe jenn nothing. she has been useless, provided no information, didnt help them at all with comps. I mean really.

  16. What is wrong with Danielle! She takes ANYTHING Janelle says and misconstrues it.

    Jani: hey can we talk
    Dani: sure

    then Dani has the nerve to say Jani backed her into a wall or cornered her or whatever she said on the feeds. I am so sick of her it’s not even funny. Then Britney wants to call Janelle fake. Had Janelle won hoh this week, Britney would’ve been so far up her ass. Forget about getting frank and Boogie out, Dani and Brit need to gtfo.

    1. I agree. Britney is just as fake and lies just as much as Janelle. I do not know why she is not on anyones radar. She isnt even really playing the game. I wish she would actually do more than just sit in the HOH and talk shit. She is putting all her eggs in one basket, like she did in her season and it will bite her in the ass in the end!

    2. I think that Brit and Danielle need to be on the block Brit lies just as much as everyone is saying about janelle then tries to cover up by acting dumb Brit is where the trouble is I think that Dan know it also and see thru her that’s why he wants to keep janelle Brit needs to go home then Danielle right behind her.

  17. i feel for boogie i saw an interview with him and dr will couple years back and they expressed how they had no desire to ever play this game again i for one would not blame boogie if he just walked out of the house i wouldnt be happy either if i was brought to the house under false pretenses that being said i also admirer the fact that he is willing to throw his chil town persona out the window to stay loyal to frank its obvious to see that he could ride dan and janelle to the end like a couple of thourough breads but has chose to keep his integrity which im sure no one thought he would ever do and though i myself would love to see the cutthroat boogie of old i respect the desicions hes making

  18. Okay ; First of all CJ. Your honestly the BEST Person on this website.
    Second: NOBODY Should talk about Dr.Will saying He’d Be ashamed of Mike,I mean lets be honest..Dr. Will MOST LIKELY Has the Live-Feed so He MOST LIKELY Sees Boogie. But. Yes Boogie MAY Get attached to his “Best Man” In the house(Dr.will s.2&&s.7&& Now Frank) BUT if you’d been lied to , Back stabbed, You’d wanna stick with Frank too. That may be part of the Big Brother game ( As Boogie Said This Game you don’t need to Balance checks)
    I PERSONALLY Think EVERYBODY is Pin pointing Things due to Most/Least Favorite HG’S. Frank&& Boogie have kept there word (95%) of the time. && I think (even though I LOVE Janelle )Janelle was ALL About Boogie 2 Weeks ago when Frank had the power.Know shes ALL About Dan cause Danielle has the power. Shes been playing A Dirtier game then Anybody . (except Shane ) Another Thing ; Lets say Dr.Will was Frank. && Lets say we went Back to All-Stars. Lets say SOV.6 Wanted Boogie with them. would YOU GUYS , Be saying “Drop Will” NO , You wouldn’t.So like I said ALL This Game Rules out to be is FAVORITE or LEAST HG’S! But the 1 thing I agree with Everyone saying is “Big Brother is Persuasive to People” Thats true . A 10000000% True. I have gotten in contact /know People Who were on the show && Its true. But Overall I think “Americas ” Vote was Rigged. All Reality TV Needs is Ratings . Janelle is SO STUPID For trusting Ashley KNOWING Shes with The Newbies

    1. She literally brings nothing to the table but a negative attitude and bad ideas. I don’t see her winning any competitions besides a crapshoot, the boat ride was her best chance at winning because the only thing that mattered in that game was height and body weight.

  19. Lets Be 100000000000000% Honest ; What was everyone’s Favorite Season?
    Season 7 && Season 13.why? Former Players Game Back, Even though we all know The VETS are gonna win,The games gonna be Ridged,&& The Fact we all hate it But . It makes this game SOOOOOOO Much more Interesting. I think The Newbies should think Back to Season 13&& Look how that worked out.Its a Exact repeat of S.13. A vet Winning, The most HATED Vet(Even tho I LOVEEEE HER) Rachael Won witch This season , Boogie is the “Rachael” Just not so many Comp wins (; Janelle no-longer has the title of Comp Queen though

    1. I only rooted for the Vets because the Newbies were HORRIBLE. I rooted AGAINST Adam and Kalia. I was for Shelly until for only 3 weeks or so. Porsche was ok. The other 4 went home too early, but Cassi was too full of herself, Lawon was not actually entertaining to watch, Keith was in the wrong house, and Dom was ok.

      If Janelle or Dr. Will were newbies, would you still be rooting against the veterans?

      Having veterans also makes it difficult for newbies to develop strong personalities that are effective. See Dom.

    2. True, when its Vet vs Noobs, you know production will rig it in favor of the Vets for “entertainment value” we all know Rachel would have been gone had production not protected her and Jordan…… Very happy she won, nobody else deserved to, but I called it how I saw it…. I talk shit about Rachel because it’s the truth, but she does need serious counseling, and distance from that narcissistic Brenda, who only makes her worst, and feeds off her emotions

  20. Maybe I’ve missed something, but why didn’t they put Boogie up?? If he’s such a threat and not trustable, I would’ve put him
    against Frank!

    1. Because Dan controls Danielle, and with the anti-coach sentiment going around the house keeping Boogie in there helps keep the target off of his back a little longer.

  21. I didn’ t really notice last night on BBAD. Is the coaches suite in the HOH still there or did they close that room so they could possibly use it for a Pandora’s Box later?

    1. Yes the coaches room in the HOH is now closed off… so there is a definite possibility of having a Pandora’s Box twist at some time during the season.

  22. I love how Shane has changed his game since the HOH. It seems like he’s turned into Jenn 2.0 and trying to stay out of the public eye. Smart move on is his part!

  23. What have Boogie and Frank done that was so untrustworthy? Everyone keeps saying they don’t trust them, but they’ve all lied to them. I feel like they’re going to be so busy taking each other out, that they’ll let someone like an Ashley, Joe, or a Jen make it to the end.

  24. I really hope that Wil wins the Power of veto, that way Frank stays on the block! I hope he goes home. I really hope they do not try and backdoor Janelle. It is too soon, she is good TV, keep her around!

  25. I’m hoping Frank wins, i think he has gotten a bum wrap so far and is a pretty straight shooter, everyone wants him out because they are scared of his game play and physical threat not because he is a lying sack of shit like most of them. And Boogie, well they all hate him because of reputation not because he has done any back stabbing this season plus i feel bad cause clearly he wants no part of playing the actual game and really embraced his role as coach. He got screwed by Production and I always cheer for the underdog and Frank/Boogie are definitely the underdogs….

  26. Danielle won POV.. I feel a power trip coming on.. and waiting to see if Shane completely sells his soul to her to stay safe LOL

  27. Jenn for the love of all things beautiful play the game, you have done absolutely nothing since you’ve entered house, you seem like a great person and I want to like you but you done nothing game wise.

    1. If Dani would just “woman-up” for a change she could turn the house upside down. She could take either Frank or Will off of the block and put Jani in their place. Janelle knows she has absolutely no one without the other three coaches on her side and is the only hope she has. The newbies have not opened their eyes to see they are being played by the old timers. If Boogie would call a meeting with the newbies to tell them the coaches are trying to suck him into an alliance with them all hell would break loose. One last thought… Who said all 4 coaches have to stick together when they could simply form an alliance with several newbies and sweep the house without the others coaches. Just my two cents for now.

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